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Full text of "The oldest register book the parish of Hawkshead in Lancashire. 1568-1704. Ed. by H.S. Cowper ... With introductory chapters and four illustrations"

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cat/am  mdiarem 


lit  ^       \ 






<A       |£ 


i         &)it<b  fig 

Hf's/'COWPER,     , 

Fellow  of  the  Society   of  Antiquaries:    and  Author  of   "  The   Monumental 
Inscriptions  of  Haivkshead"  "  Through  Turkish  Arabia,"  etc. 


[Jnfrobucforg  C^ptetB  dnb  jfout 

Xoitbon : 

BEMROSE   &   SONS,   LIMITED,   23,   OLD   BAILEY  ; 






CHAPTER  IV. — THE    REGISTERS    AND    THEIR   STORY       ..       ..  liii 

THE  REGISTER  OF  HAWKSHEAD,  1568-1704     i 



ARCHBISHOP  SANDYS        Frontispiece. 

HAWKSHEAD  HALL  To  face  p.  xiii 

VIEW   OF  THE  TOWN       To  face  p.  xxxviii 

GEORGE  BLACK  (A   PORTRAIT)          To  face  p.  liii 

IN  1891  the  Editor  first  projected  the  transcription  of  the 
earliest  Register  Book  of  Hawkshead ;  but,  owing  to  a 
variety  of  reasons,  it  had  to  be  abandoned  for  a  time.  In 
1893,  however,  he  was  enabled  to  commence  work,  and  a 
verbatim  and  literatim  transcript  was  proceeded  with  as 
quickly  as  possible,  until  in  October,  1895,  tne  manuscript 
was  placed  in  the  hands  of  the  publishers  and  circulars  sent 
out.  Owing  no  doubt  to  the  rural  character  of  the  district, 
subscribers'  names  came  in  but  slowly,  so  that  it  was  not 
until  the  commencement  of  this  year  that  the  editor  and 
publishers  considered  that  they  were  justified  in  sending  the 
work  to  press.  From  those  whose  names  appear  in  the  list 
of  subscribers,  the  editor  feels  that  he  should  ask  pardon  for 
the  delay  (unavoidable  though  it  was)  in  the  publication  of 
the  present  volume. 

Though  the  labour  of  transcription  and  proof  reading  of 
such  a  work  is  by  no  means  light,  the  editor  does  not  despair 
of  one  day  issuing  the  other  Register  Books  of  Hawkshead, 
down  to  the  end  of  the  eighteenth  century.  These  are 

1.  From  Baptisms,  1705,  to  Baptisms,  1787. 

2.  From  Births  and   Baptisms,  Dec.  9th,  1787,  to 

Death  and  Burials,  1802. 

3.  Marriages,  1754  to  1790. 

4.  Marriages,  1790  to  1812. 

That  these  later  registers  are  well  worthy  of  publication 
may  be  seen  by  the  following  extract,  which  shows  the  large 
amount  of  information  occasionally  gathered  into  a  single 

vii,  PREFACE. 

Christenings  1778. 

"  George  son  of  Robert  Robinson  of  Great  boat  Ferryman 
son  of  Thos  Robinson  of  Bownes  Taylor  by  Marg1  his  wife 
Daughter  of  Geo  Dawson  Millner  The  mothers  name  Jenet 
Daught1"  of  Matthew  Baisbrown  weaver  at  Bowness  By 
Margaret  Daughter  of  John  Gibson 

Born  Octor  ye  2 Ist  Baptised  ye  Ist  of  Novr." 

The  Editor  cannot  conclude  without  acknowledging  his 
gratitude  to  the  Vicar  of  the  Parish,  the  Rev.  E.  W.  OAK, 
who  not  only  took  much  interest  in  the  work,  but  afforded 
every  facility  in  his  power  towards  its  accomplishment.  He 
cannot  help  also  congratulating  himself  on  having  placed  his 
work  in  the  hands  of  his  present  Publishers,  for  it  is  unques- 
tionably the  case  that  without  their  spirited  co-operation 
the  work  might  have  been  longer,  and  perhaps  indefinitely, 

H.     S.     COWPER. 

July,  1897. 



i.  £o  tbe  ^Dissolution  of  tbe  flDonasteries. 

ONE  day  probably  in  the  ninth  or  tenth  centuries,  there 
came  over  the  fells  from  the  sea  a  wild  Norse 
sea-rover,  who,  with  his  companions,  tall  fellows  with  floating 
yellow  hair  and  skins  brown  from  the  sea,  cut  themselves  a 
road  through  the  valley  at  the  head  of  our  lake,  now  called 
Esthwaite  Water,  cleared  themselves  a  broad  "  thwaite  "  at 
the  foot  of  the  fells,  and  there  built  a  long,  rambling 
tenement  of  timber,  and  a  great  hall  of  the  same  make  with 
dab  and  wattle.  Then  he  christened  it  Haukr-setr,  *  the 
habitation  and  farm  of  the  bold  Viking  Haukr.  Thus  sprang 
to  life  our  Hawkshead. 

Probably  he  came  from  Man,  then  a  strong  settlement  of 
these  Norsemen,  and  perhaps  landed  at  Hammerside  or 
Hilpsford  on  Walney,  places  whose  names  bear  evidence  of 
his  fellow  countrymen  ;  but  with  this  we  have  nothing  to  do 
here.  What  we  must  note,  though,  is  this,  that  although  the 
home  of  Haukr  was  destined  eventually  to  give  its  name  to 
a  parish  thirteen  miles  long  and  six  miles  wide,  this  was  but 
an  accident,  for  many  another  Norseman  took  up  land  and 
settled  it  within  the  same  district,  and  their  names  can  with 
great  probability  be  traced  in  the  less  important  place  names 

*  Or  Haukr  =  sida,  or  possibly  as  Mr.  Collingwood  has  suggested,  Hakonar- 
setr,  preserved  it  may  be  in  the  old  form  of  the  place  name  Haukenshead. 


of  the  parish.  It  is  especially  necessary  that  we  should 
understand  what  a  part  this  Norse  settlement  (unrecorded  in 
history,  yet  none  the  less  certain)  played  in  the  formation  of 
the  character  of  the  inhabitants  of  the  district:  that  is,  of 
those  whose  names  are  recorded  in  the  Register  books  of  the 
Parish  of  Hawkshead. 

Originated  thus,  we  have  to  wait  a  long  while  before  we 
get  any  direct  evidence  in  any  form  about  the  place :  not 
that  this  is  of  consequence  at  present,  for  in  this  sketch  we 
only  attempt  to  indicate  the  progress  of  Hawkshead  as  a 
unit  of  population  ;  and  though  we  have  pointed  out  that 
Hawkshead  originated  in  the  ninth  or  tenth  century  in 
a  Norseman's  farm,  it  does  not  follow  that  it  developed  into 
anything  much  more  important  for  some  time  to  come.  The 
name  does  not  occur  in  Doomsday,  but  it  would  certainly  be 
rash  to  conclude  from  this  that  the  place  was  too  insignificant 
for  notice ;  for  the  surveyors  stopped  short  at  the  Fells 
altogether,  believing,  probably,  that  such  a  rugged  country 
must  be  destitute  of  corn-lands  to  be  surveyed,  if  not,  indeed, 
of  inhabitants ;  yet  we  know  that  the  length  and  breadth  of 
the  present  parish  was  occupied  by  a  Norse-speaking  people, 
even  though  sparsely,  for  a  large  proportion  of  the  place- 
names  bear  witness  to  this.  Probably  Haukrset  had  begun  to 
grow  in  a  sort  of  way,  for  the  old  Northern  pirate's  family 
would  have  increased,  scrub  and  forest  round  the  lake  head 
would  have  been  felled,  and  the  younger  branches  of  the 
family  finding  that  better  land  was  not  easily  to  be  got  in 
the  vicinity,  would  build  their  new  "Sets"  close  to  their 
grandsire's  older  house,  and  so  in  this  primitive  timber-built 
hamlet  began  the  growth  of  Hawkshead.  It  should  be  borne 
in  mind,  however,  that  this  was  not  the  only  place  within  the 
limits  of  our  present  parish  where  this  was  going  on :  and  we 
must  guard  against  imagining  Haukrset  at  this  early  period 
to  have  been  the  only  place  of  habitation,  because  it  eventually 
gave  name  to  a  parish— for  this  was  only  an  accident.  Rus- 
land  (the  land  of  Rollo  or  Rolf),  Finsthwaite  (Finni's 
clearing),  Bouth,  Arnside  (Arneset),  Haverthwaite  (oat  lands 


clearing),  Nibthwaite,  *  Satterthwaite  (Setrthwaite),  Grise- 
dalc,  f  Skelwith  fold,  J  Sawrey,  Oxenpark,  Hawkshead  hill, 
and  Outgate,  are  all  places  of  the  same  character,  and  no 
doubt  of  similar  origin  ;  but,  owing  to  its  situation,  Hawkshead 
grew  into  a  market  town,  and  gave  name  to  a  manor  and 
parish ;  while  the  other  hamlets  remained  clusters  of  farms — 
in  origin  the  homes  of  the  first  settlers  and  their  progeny, 
and  even  in  some  cases  until  quite  recent  times  almost 
entirely  owned  and  occupied  respectively  by  people  bearing 
one  family  name. 

So  much  for  the  origin  of  Hawkshead  as  a  centre  of 
population.  Let  us  now  turn  our  attention  to  it  as  an 
ecclesiastical  division. 

In  1127  Furness  Abbey  was  founded  by  Stephen,  Count  of 
Bologne  and  Moreton,  who  endowed  it  with  the  Lordship  of 
Furness,  which  had  belonged  to  Roger  of  Poictou  prior  to 
his  banishment.  In  consequence  of  the  vague  wording  of  the 
foundation  charter,  in  which  no  boundaries  were  mentioned, 
nor  even  High  Furness  alluded  to,  it  was  not  long  before 
diputes  arose  between  the  Abbot  and  William  de  Lancaster, 
first  Baron  of  Kendal,  as  to  the  delimitation  of  Furness  Fells 
(Montanae  de  Fourneis)  and  the  adjacent  Barony.  The 
decision  eventually  arrived  at  determined  the  boundaries  of 
Hawkshead  Parish  and  Manor.  The  dispute  was  settled  by  a 
reference  to  thirty  sworn  men,  and  their  decision,  afterwards 
ratified  by  a  Royal  Charter  of  Henry  II.,  can  be  seen  in  the 
coucher  book  of  Furness  Abbey.  In  this  confirmation  it  is 
stated  first  that  the  mountains  of  Furness  are  divided  from 
Kendal  by  the  boundary  line. 

"  From  where  the  water  descends  from  Wrynose  into  Little 
Langdale,  and  thence  to  Elterwater,  and  from  there  by 
Brathay  into  Windermere,  and  so  by  Windermere  as  far  as 
the  Leven,  and  so  by  the  Leven  even  to  the  sea."  The 
country  between  this  line  and  the  Duddon  was  the  disputed 

*  The  new  burgh  thwait.  f  The  wild  pigs'  dale. 

The  shed's  wood. 



The  Abbot  then  drew  a  division  line  from  North  to  South. 
"From  Elterwater  by  the  valley  to  Tilberthwaite,  and  from 
there  by  Yewdale  beck  to  Coniston,  and  thence  to  the  head 
Thurston  water,  and  by  the  bank  of  the  same  water  as  far 
as  the  Crake,  and  thence  to  the  Leven."  -  The  Abbot  drew  the 
line,  so  the  Baron  chose.  He  elected  as  his  share  the  part 
which  joined  the  Abbot's  line  on  the  west,  i.e.,  the  Coniston 
and  Duddon  side,  to  hold  from  the  Abbot  by  a  yearly  rent 
of  20s.,  and  it  was  arranged  that  the  Baron's  son  was  to  do 
homage  to  the  Abbot.  The  east  division,  forming  the  present 
parishes  of  Hawkshead  and  Colton,  was  to  be  the  Abbot's, 
except  only  the  sporting  rights,  which  the  Baron  reserved.! 
It  appears,  then,  that  the  Abbot's  share  constitutes  Furness 
Fells  proper  (*.*.,  the  Fells  belonging  to  Furness  Abbey),  and 
that  to  apply  the  term  to  the  Coniston  and  Torver  Fells  is 
not,  strictly  speaking,  correct. 

About  the  beginning  of  the  thirteenth  century  we  first  hear 
of  the  Chapelry  of  Hawkshead.  It  appears  that  the  Arch- 
deacon of  Richmond  gave  leave  to  the  Abbot  of  Furness  to 
celebrate  mass  with  wax  candles  at  their  private  altars  when 
the  country  was  lying  under  a  Papal  interdict ;  and  for  this 
purpose  he  assigned  the  Chapelry  of  Hawkshead  with  one 
bovate  of  land,  and  four  tofts  in  Dalton :  in  other  words,  the 
revenues  of  the  chapelry  were  to  be  applied  to  the  purposes 
of  the  Abbey  ritual.J  This  was  most  probably  the  interdict 
in  the  reign  of  King  John  in  the  year  1208.  Now  interdicts 
varied  in  severity,  but  even  in  the  less  severe  ones  all  masses 

*  This  agreement  is  embodied  in  several  deeds  in  the  Furness  coucher  book, 
from  which  the  above  extracts  are  Englished,  and  the  spelling  of  the  place-names 
modernized.  This  spelling  varies  much  in  the  different  deeds,  but  is  of  interest  as 
a  guide  to  the  original  meaning  of  these  place-names. 

t  A  generation  later  these  hunting  rights  were  given  up  by  Gilbert,  son  of 
Roger  Fitz  Reinfred  who  had  married  the  Baron's  heir,  in  exchange  for  holdings 
in  Ulverston. 

\  There  is  a  great  deal  of  difficulty  about  dating  this  transaction  exactly,  owing 
to  an  apparent  contradiction  in  the  documents  in  the  coucher  book.  It  is  discussed 
in  Mr.  Atkinson's  excellent  edition  (Chetham  Society,  vol.  xiv.,  p.  646).  It  is 
sufficient  here  to  state  that  the  date  must  be  between  1198  and  1208. 


were  forbidden  except  on  great  festivals.  But  in  this  par- 
ticular case  we  find  a  curious  piece  of  local  evidence  bearing 
on  this  grant  of  Hawkshead  chapel  to  the  monks.  First,  by 
the  determination  of  the  suit  between  the  Abbot  and  the 
Baron  of  Kendal  their  boundary  was  settled ;  and  then 
the  chapelry  (how  old  at  that  time  we  cannot  guess)  had 
fallen  into  their  hands  :  and  accordingly,  as,  we  may  conclude, 
they  would  be  forced  into  inactivity  to  some  extent  by  the 
interdict,  they  took  the  opportunity  of  erecting  their  manor 
house  of  Hawkshead  Hall,  where  a  few  monks  and  lay 
brethren  could  reside  to  attend  to  both  the  spiritual  and 
civil  business  of  Furness  Fells.  In  support  of  this  we  find  in 
the  old  Court  House  at  Hawkshead  Hall  some  architectural 
work  of  characteristic  thirteen  century  style.* 

Soon  after  this  (1219-20)  we  come  to  some  important 
documents  in  the  coucher  book  bearing  on  the  consecration 
of  a  burial  ground  at  Hawkshead.  It  would  appear  from 
these,  first,  that  the  population  was  rapidly  increasing ;  and 
secondly,  that  the  chapel  had  already  existed  for  some 
time — long  enough,  as  Dr.  Whitaker  remarks,  for  its  rights 
and  dependencies  to  call  for  the  testimony  of  ancient  clerks 
and  laymen,  and  thirdly,  that  although  the  chapelry  was 
immediately  dependent  on  the  mother  church  of  Dalton, 
there  was  also  some  claim  on  it  by  Ulverston. 

In  the  first  place  the  inhabitants  seem  to  have  com- 
plained, and  with  good  reason,  of  the  necessity  of  removing 
their  dead  from  Furness  Fells  to  Dalton,  a  distance  of  about 
twenty  miles.  On  this  it  appears  the  Abbot  attempted  to 
separate  the  chapelry  from  Dalton,  probably  with  the  intention 
of  attaching  it  independently  to  the  Monastery.  But  this 
elicited  opposition  from  the  Vicars  of  Urswick  and  Dalton, 
and  an  appeal  was  then  made  to  the  Papal  Court.  The  Pope 
in  reply  issued  a  commission  appointing  the  Priors  of  St. 
Bees,  Lancaster,  and  Cartmel,  to  enquire  into  the  merits  of 

*  See  the  Editor's  paper  on  Hawkshead  Hall  in  vol.  xi.  of  the  "  Transactions 
of  the  Cumberland  and  Westmorland  Antiquarian  and  Archaeological  Society." 



the  case,  and  to  adjudicate.  In  their  decision  they  state  that 
the  Abbot  and  monks  had  sufficiently  proved  by  witnesses 
and  deeds  that  Hawkshead  Chapel  should  be  free,  and  is 
separate  (that  is,  at  a  distance)  from  Dalton  Church  ;  and 
that  the  Vicar  of  Dalton  had  renounced  his  appeal  in  order 
that  a  burial-ground  might  be  formed  at  Hawkshead.  This 
amounted  to  a  verdict  in  favour  of  the  Abbot.  Yet  in  spite 
of  this,  it  does  not  appear  that  a  formal  division  was  made, 
for  as  late  as  the  Dissolution  we  find  in  the  certificate  of 
Revenues  of  Furness  Abbey  the  Chapelry  of  Hawkshead 
styled  "  parcell  of  the  personage  of  Dalton." 

At  the  same  time  we  find  the  Parson  of  Ulverston 
abandoning  a  claim  which  he  had  before  upheld,  on  the 
Chapelry,  but  which  was  proved  on  the  testimony  of  "ancient 
clerks  and  laymen  "  to  have  been  entirely  without  foundation. 
Yet  for  some  reason  the  document  chronicling  this  ends—"  Yet 
the  aforesaid  Robert  shall  hold  the  chapel  of  Hoxet  from  the 
Church  and  Parson  of  Dalton,  fully  and  quietly  in  all  things, 
except  bodies  (i.e.,  funerals)  which  belong  to  Dalton,  all  his 
life  by  the  acknowledgment  of  half  a  pound  of  incense  at 
the  feast  of  St  Michael." 

After  the  details  of  this  ecclesiastical  wrangle,  we  find  that 
a  bull  of  privilege  was  issued  by  the  same  Pope  for  a 
cemetery  and  chaplain  "  for  our  Chapel  of  Hawkshead." 

It  will  be  useful  to  take  a  glance  at  the  condition  of 
Furness  Fells  under  Monastic  rule.  Hawkshead,  a  chapelry 
of  some  age,  as  we  have  seen,  as  early  as  the  beginning  of 
the  thirteenth  century,  and  dignified  about  the  same  time 
with  a  manor  place,  was  the  capital,  and  no  doubt  it  pre- 
sented in  the  fourteenth  century  a  fair  type  of  a  feudal 
village.  The  tenants  were  at  first  villeins,  serfs,  for  the  most 
part,  though  emancipated  at  a  later  date  by  indulgence  of 
the  Abbots.  Can  we  picture  to  ourselves  the  little  grey 
hamlet  of  cottars'  huts,  all  jumbled  and  tumbled  together 
(more  so  even  than  to-day),  mostly  one-storied,  and  one  or 
two-roomed,  half  of  stone,  half  of  roughly  chopped  timber, 
and  roofed  most  likely  with  ling  and  rushes  rather  than  with 


slate :  on  the  hill  above,  the  chapel,  then  not  very  old,  as 
large  in  area  as  to-day,  but  low  roofed,  and  dark  inside  ?  * 
Above  all,  can  we  call  up  to  mind  the  grim  gibbet  (true 
emblem  of  medievalism)  standing  out  black  and  clear  on 
the  hill  half  way  between  the  town  and  hall,  which  still  men 
call  Gallowbarrow.  South  of  the  town,  and  extending  some 
distance  along  the  margin  of  Esthwaite  lake,  lay  the  com- 
mon fields,  which  the  tenants  were  bound  to  till  for  the 
Abbey,  and  the  grain  from  which  would  be  carried  to  be 
ground  at  the  manor  mill  at  the  hall.  These  fields  would 
originally  be  divided  into  narrow  parallel  strips  of  an  acre 
each,  divided  by  unploughed  divisions  or  balks.  But  these 
divisions  have  long  since  disappeared,  the  holdings  have  been 
amalgamated,  and  the  name  of  Hawkshead  Field,  and  the 
parallelism  of  stone  fences,  are  all  that  remains  to  tell  of  this 
ancient  form  of  agriculture. 

But  the  inhabitants  of  this  hilly  country  were  no  doubt 
always,  as  at  the  present  day,  shepherds  rather  than  agricul- 
turists. The  corn  lands  round  the  vill  were  scanty — sufficient 
indeed  for  their  own  wants  in  good  years,  but  liable  no  doubt 
to  give  short  supplies  in  bad  seasons.  They  would  occupy 
the  original  thwaites  or  clearings  made  by  the  first  Norse 
settler,  but  they  would  extend  farther  in  all  directions.  The 
slopes  of  the  hill  sides  were  still  covered  with  ancient  woods, 
but  the  fell  tops  were  clear,  and  hither  the  tenants  drove 
their  flocks  of  herd  wick  sheep.  It  was  the  face  of  the  country 
that  dictated  the  sites  of  our  picturesque  fell  side  homesteads, 
for  the  population  of  high  Furness  has  never — and  will 
never — draw  together  into  centres  of  any  size  for  this  reason. 
Villeins  as  they  were,  bound  down  in  a  servile  tenure,  and 
fettered  to  drudgery  and  labour,  the  life  of  the  dalesman  in 
these  early  days  was,  as  compared  with  that  of  the  tenant  of  a 
midland  manor,  probably  much  superior.  Fresh  and  sweet  air 

*  I  venture  to  adhere  to  the  old  opinion,  which  of  late  years  has  been 
questioned,  that  the  columns  and  arches  at  Hawkshead  are  of  early  date,  and 
part  of  the  original  church.  This,  however,  is  not  the  place  to  discuss  the 
arguments  for  and  against. 


he  always  breathed,  and  his  diet  of  mountain  mutton,  cheese, 
milk,  oat  bread,  and  porridge,  was  a  diet  from  which  a  race 
of  giants  ought  to  spring. 

But  there  were  other  industries  and  occupations  which 
employed  the  inhabitants  of  the  parish  besides  agriculture  and 
herding.  In  Stephen's  original  charter  of  foundation  Furness 
is  mentioned  as  a  forest,  and  this  in  all  likelihood  applied 
especially  to  the  high  ground,  for  in  Furness  Fells  many  of 
the  valleys  are  still  thickly  grown  with  coppice  :  and  it  was 
this  growth  that  led  to  a  special  industry. 

At  what  period  the  smelting  of  iron  began  in  Furness  is 
unknown,  but  from  the  numerous  traces  of  smelting  forges 
(bloomeries)  still  to  be  found  in  High  Furness,  it  is  probable 
that  the  industry  had  an  early  origin.  Mounds  of  scoriae  are 
numerous,  and  place-names  often  reveal  a  site  when  no  other 
evidence  is  to  be  found.  Very  probably  they  are  of  different 
date,  and  some  may  be  of  remote  antiquity,  but  at  any  rate 
the  industry  was  one  of  the  sources  of  revenue  to  the  Abbot 
of  Furness.  It  appears  that  the  ore,  mined  in  Low  Furness, 
was  conveyed  to  the  Fells,  because  the  plentiful  supply  of 
wood  fuel  made  it  worth  while.  The  method  of  transport 
would  be  partly  by  pack-horses  and  partly  by  the  great  water- 
ways of  Coniston  and  Windermere.  After  the  Dissolution  of 
the  Monasteries  these  forges  were  suppressed  at  the  request 
of  the  inhabitants,  as  they  were  so  destructive  to  their  woods, 
the  croppings  of  which  were  required  for  cattle. 

Another  important  industry  during  the  days  of  the  Abbey 
must  have  been  the  fisheries.  These  consisted  at  one  time 
of  Windermere  and  Thurston  water  (Coniston),  Esthwaite 
water  and  Blelham  Tarn ;  *  and  the  Priest's  Pot,  at  the  head 
of  Esthwaite,  was  no  doubt  a  private  fishpond  for  the  hall. 
The  right  to  have  a  fishing  boat  with  twenty  nets,  and  a  large 
one  for  carriage  of  goods  on  each  of  the  large  lakes,  was 
granted  to  the  Abbot  about  1240,  but  the  fishing  right  on 

*  Fisheries  at  Haverthwaite  and  Finsthwaite  are  also  mentioned  in  the  Certi- 
ficate of  the  Revenues  of  the  Abbey,  1537. 


Windermere  was  afterwards  lost*  The  fisheries  in  the 
Hawkshead  manor  had  no  doubt  to  supply  not  only  the 
modest  board  at  Hawkshead  Hall,  and  the  granges  in  the 
fells,  but  also  the  refectory  tables  at  the  Abbey  itself.  These 
two  great  waterways  of  Coniston  and  Windermere  no  doubt 
took  the  place  of  wagon  and  pack-horse  roads,  and  were 
of  great  use  in  facilitating  traffic  and  commerce  in  early 

In  the  same  way  huntsmen  and  hawkers  would  be  main- 
tained in  the  fells  to  supply  the  Abbey  with  game.  This  had 
become  the  right  of  the  Abbey  by  exchange  with  Gilbert,  son 
of  Roger  Fitz  Reinfred,  in  1196,  and  this  was  afterwards  con- 
firmed by  a  grant  of  free  warren  from  Edward  III.  The 
buck,  doe,  and  falcon  mentioned  in  the  early  charters  give  a 
clue  to  what  some  of  the  most  prized  game  was.  The  first 
two  were  probably  the  red  deer,  and  the  falcon  (ancipiter) 
must  refer  to  a  breed  domesticated  and  trained  for  hawking — 
perhaps  similar  to  the  highly  valued  Manx  breed.  The  wild 
boar  must  have  still  abounded,  and  the  black  and  red  grouse 
still  remain. 

Of  the  land  tenure  under  the  Abbey  we  find  traces  in  the 
farm  names.  Dotted  about  in  Furness  Fells,  and  chiefly  at 
the  northern  end,  are  numerous  farms  called  "  grounds,"  which 
have,  in  every  case  a  family  name  prefixed — as  Sawrey  Ground 
or  Thompson  Ground.  I  have  collected  a  total  of  no  less 
than  fifty-three  names  of  this  sort,  of  which  thirty-six  are  in 
Furness,  and  no  doubt  the  list  is  not  complete.  In  nearly 
every  case  these  farms  are  upon  what  was  formerly  Abbey 
land,  and  we  may  take  it  that  each  instance  records  the  en- 
closure of  a  piece  of  land  to  a  farm  by  a  tenant  of  the  Abbey. 
West,  indeed,  says :  "  The  Abbots  permitted  the  inhabitants 
to  enclose  quillets  to  their  houses,  for  which  they  paid 
encroachment  rent,"  but  he  does  not  quote  his  authority 
nor  suggest  a  date. 

Another  trace  of  monastic  rule  to  be  found   in   place  names 

*  Beck:  "Annales  Furnesienses,"  p.  204. 


is  the  word  "Park,"  which  is  common  in  Furness  Fells,  and 
signifies  nothing  more  than  an  enclosure  of  fell  or  woodland 
larger  and  more  important  than  the  «  Ground."  '  Some  writers 
state  that  an  Abbot  in  the  time  of  Edward  I.  obtained  a  license 
from  the  King  to  enclose  large  tracts  in  Furness  Fells,  but 
can  find  no  authority  for  thisjt  in  the  Coucher  book,  however, 
there  is  a  license  from  the  third  Edward  (1338)  for  parks  to  be 
made  at  Clayf,  Furness  Fell,  and  other  places. 

But  the  days  of  the  Abbey  were  numbered,  and  in  its  old 
age,  in  those  days  of  confusion  which  heralded  the  impending 
Dissolution,  the  management  of  secular  matters  became  lax, 
and  the  tenants  of  the  distant  chapelry  of  Hawkshead  and 
Furness  Fells  took  advantage  of  the  condition  of  affairs,  and 
made  greater  enclosures  to  their  farms  than  they  had  a  right 
to.  Accordingly,  two  agreements  were  made,  one  between 
the  Abbot  and  Convent  and  the  tenants  of  Furness  Fells 
(1509),  and  the  other  between  the  same  authorities  and  the 
tenants  of  Hawkshead  (1532).  These  agreements,  which 
have  been  printed  by  West  and  Beck,  limited,  on  behalf  of 
the  Convent,  the  size  of  the  enclosures  according  to  the 
annual  rental  of  the  tenants,  who,  on  their  part,  undertook  not 
to  exceed  these  limits,  to  fence  their  enclosures,  and  to 
forfeit  their  tenant  right  if  they  broke  their  agreement. 

At  the  date  of  the  Dissolution  the  Chapelry  of  Hawkshead 
was  the  richest  of  all  the  spiritualities  in  the  possession  of 
the  Abbey ;  for  it  yielded  between  two  and  three  times 
the  value  of  Dalton,  although  it  was  but  a  chapelry  under 
it,  and  four  times  the  amount  of  the  ancient  parish  of 
Urswick.  This  sufficiently  accounts  for  the  fact  that  evidence 

*  The  principal  "  parks  "  are  Oxen,  Abbot,  Hell,  Stot,  Dale,  Elterwater,  Water- 
side, Lawson  or  Lowson,  and  Robert  Bank  Parks,  also  Park-a-moor.  All  these 
are  enumerated  in  Abbot  Rogers'  Rental  (Beck's  "Annales  Furnesienses, "  p.  329) 
among  the  Granges  of  Furness  Fells.  There  are  also  Hawkshead  Hall  Parks.  In 
1516  it  appears  that  Abbot  Banks  made  a  real  deer  park  five  miles  in  circum- 
ference in  Grisedale  "of  the  tenements  of  Richard  Myellner  and  others."  "Duchy 
of  Lancaster  Pleadings  and  Depositions,"  quoted  by  Dr.  T.  K.  Fell ;  and  by  Mr. 
W.  G.  Collingwood,  in  his  "Book  of  Coniston,  1897." 

f  West,  and  his  copyists,  but  I  cannot  find  the  authority. 


is  not  wanting  that  before  the  break-up  the  King  conde- 
scended to  beg  of  the  Abbot  the  presentation.  A  slavish 
letter  from  this  dignitary  has  been  preserved  and  published 
by  Beck,  which  well  illustrates  the  relations  then  existing 
between  King  and  Abbot.  In  this  letter,  which  is  addressed 
to  Cromwell,  Roger  Pele  sticks  neither  at  fulsome  adulation 
nor  even  at  bribes,  for  he  sends  him  "ten  Ryalles  for  one 
token,"  and  complaining  that  the  King  has  desired  him  to 
send  "  our  letters  of  presentacione  under  our  convent  sealle," 
he  invokes  Cromwell's  intervention,  arguing  that  Hawkshead 
never  was  "ony  personage  or  benefice,  bott  of  long  tyme 
haithe  been  one  chapelle  of  ease  within  the  perochene  of 
Dalton  ; "  further,  that  in  consequence  of  its  distance  from 
the  mother  church,  license  had  been  given  to  celebrate  sacra- 
ments within  the  chapel ;  and,  "  if  it  shulde  fortune  that  ony 
suche  presentacione  be  had  to  the  seid  Hawkeshed  both  I  and 
my  brethren  be  utterly  undone,  and  thereby  shulde  be  com- 
pelled to  leve  of  such  power  hospytalite  as  we  have  heretofore 
kept  in  the  seid  monastery." 



2.  Gbe  Siyteentb  anfc  Seventeentb  Centimes, 

THE  Dissolution  of  the  Monasteries  must  have  been  a 
blow  severely  felt  in  all  the  ecclesiastical  districts,  and 
trade  and  agriculture  throughout  Furness  was  probably  para- 
lyzed for  the  moment.  The  Abbey  was  the  market  for  all 
the  produce  of  the  fells.  Mountain  mutton,  wool,  raw  and 
spun,  smelted  iron,  crates  of  trout  and  char,  all  were  con- 
veyed, we  may  feel  sure,  by  pack-horse  and  barge  to  supply 
the  necessities  of  the  Abbey,  or  of  the  town  of  Dalton,  which 
had  grown  under  her  wing.  Grain  was  supplied  by  the 
tenants  of  plain  Furness,  for  the  hill  men  grew  no  grain  but 
what  was  sufficient  for  themselves. 

Thus,  as  their  old  market  was  gone,  so  their  life  changed, 
and  new  outlets  for  their  produce  must  be  found.  As  Dalton 
fell  to  decay,  Ulverston  rose  to  importance,  which  helped 
Hawkshead,  as  Ulverston  wanted  mutton  and  wool  like  the 
Abbey,  and  access  was  handier  than  to  Dalton.  Kendal  was  the 
great  centre  of  the  weaving  industry,  and  its  traders  wanted 
the  fleeces  from  the  sheep  farms  of  Furness,  so  that  Hawks- 
head  became  a  wool  market.  But  the  inhabitants  were  not 
content  with  selling  wool  and  yarn,  so  they  started  weaving 
themselves.  Looms  existed  in  various  parts  of  the  parish, 
and  old  people  will  yet  tell  you  where  they  formerly  stood — 
as  at  Hannikin,  Hawkshead  Hill,  and  elsewhere. 

Very  old  people  can  still  tell  us  also  something  about 
these  industries,  as  they  were  still  practised  at  the  com- 
mencement of  this  century,  and  remember  more  from  the  talk 
of  their  fore-elders ;  for  the  ways  and  methods  in  use  in  the 
eighteenth  century  probably  differed  but  in  a  few  details  from 


those  of  the  seventeenth.  In  the  first  place  the  yarn  was 
always  spun  at  home  by  the  farmers'  wives  and  daughters, 
with  distaff  and  wheel,  or  even  in  the  most  out  of  the  way 
places  in  the  older  days  with  the  spindle  and  whorl  only.* 
The  yarn  thus  spun  was  either  sold  in  open  market  in 
Hawkshead,  or  in  the  shops,!  or  was  bought  by  wool  badgers 
who  came  round  from  Kendal  and  elsewhere  for  this  purpose. 
Flax,  to  some  extent,  was  also  spun.  The  local  weavers  who 
bought  the  yarn  manufactured  chiefly  linsey  petticoats  of 
various  colours,  and  this  and  woven  web  was  taken  by  carrier 
to  be  disposed  of  to  the  Kendal  merchants  and  shearmen 
dyers.  J  The  introduction  of  machinery  towards  the  end  of 
the  eighteenth  century,  and  the  consequent  selling  of  the 
wool  in  the  fleece,  caused  the  death  blow  of  the  local 
spinning  and  weaving,  and  the  market  began  to  sink  in 

But  as  the  extinction  of  the  weaving  trade  had  much  to 
do  with  the  downfall  of  the  market,  so  probably  its  rise 
did,  in  the  first  case,  create  it.  In  the  days  of  the  Abbey 
the  market  was,  as  we  have  shown,  the  town  of  Dalton,  but 
when  this  was  all  over,  and  our  dalesmen  had  to  shift  for 
themselves,  the  advantages  of  a  central  depot  of  their  own, 
which  would  be  easily  accessible  for  the  inhabitants  of  Amble- 
side,  Kendal,  Ulverston,  and  Broughton,  became  at  once 
apparent.  Accordingly  we  find  that  letters  patent  were 
granted,  in  the  time  of  James  I.,  for  a  weekly  Monday 
market  and  two  fairs  in  the  year ;  one  on  the  feast  day  of 

*  Miss  Pepper,  manageress  of  the  revived  linen  industry  at  Langdale,  has  a 
spindle  of  this  primitive  form,  which  is  a  replica  of  one  that  originally  belonged 
to  her  family  in  Borrowdale.  It  is  all  of  wood,  and  is  believed  to  have  been 
used  some  three  or  four  generations  ago. 

f  Shop  windows  for  the  display  of  goods  did  not  probably  exist.  But  produce 
of  all  sorts  was  exposed  on  market  day,  under  pent  houses,  which  were  numerous, 
or  in  the  recessed  front  of  certain  buildings  which  were  built  on  pillars. 

%  Linsey  woolsey  (coarse  cloth  of  mixed  linen  and  wool),  kersey  and  duffel 
(both  coarse  woollen  cloths)  are  mentioned  in  the  Churchwardens'  Accounts  of 



St.  Matthias  and  the  day  following,*  and  the  other  on  the 
feast  of  the  Ascension  and  the  day  following;  with  all  tolls, 
customs,  privileges,  and  free  customs  belonging  to  such  fairs 
and  markets,  with  a  pie  powder  court,  etc.,  for  the  relief  of 
the  poor  of  Hawkshead.  For  the  obtaining  of  these  privileges 
the  town  was  indebted  to  Adam  Sandys,  one  of  the  family 
of  Graythwaite  to  whom  Hawkshead  owes  so  much,  and 
nephew  to  the  Archbishop  whose  pious  work  at  Hawkshead 
we  shall  have  occasion  to  notice  further  on. 

We    have    already    noticed    the    iron   smelting    industry   in 
Furness  Fells.     There  is  every  reason  to  believe  that  during  the 
existence  of  the  Monastery  this  was  of  a  valuable  and  important 
character,  for  not  only  is  there  evidence  of  this  in  the  Furness 
Coucher  book,  which,  though  somewhat   meagre,  is  eminently 
suggestive,    and    of    considerable     value,!    but  the    numerous 
existing  traces  of  "bloomeries"    all  point    to    this    conclusion. 
We     find,    indeed,    by    the     certificate     of    the    revenues    of 
Furness    Abbey     in     1537,    that    the    King's    Commissioners 
were    able    to    lease    three    bloomsmithies    only    to    William 
Sandes     and      John     Sawrey      for     no     less     a     sum     than 
£20—  a    considerable     sum    in    those     days.       It    is     evident 
that    the    lessees     in    this    case    took     up     the    manufacture 
of   iron     with     the     laudable     intention     of    supplying     the 
forged     metal     to     the     tenants    of     the     Manors     of    the 
Abbey,  the  needs   of  the  tenants    in  this   respect  having  been 
satisfied,  at   any  rate   to   some  extent,  direct  from   the  Abbey 
itself  prior  to  the  Dissolution.    But  the  concern  or  speculation 
was  not   destined   to   be  a  success,  for  in  the   n  Eliz.  (1560) 
the   smithies  were  put  an   end   to   by  a  royal  decree,  in   con- 
sequence of  the  destruction  of  the  woods,  which  were  required 
for  the  flocks  of  High  Furness.     That    there  was    much  truth 
in   this  we   need   not  doubt,  but   it   is  also   probable   that  the 

*  The  fairs  are  now  nominally  on  Easter  Monday  (cattle,  sheep,  and  hiring)  ; 
Hallow  Monday,  that  is  the  Monday  before  Ascension  day  (sheep  and  cattle),  and 
October  2nd  (sheep  and  cattle). 

f  This  is  well  discussed  by  Mr.  Atkinson  in  his  preface  to  his  valuable  edition 
of  the  Coucher  book  (Chetham  Society,  vol.  xiv.) 


tenants  were  naturally  somewhat  aggrieved  at  finding  them- 
selves compelled  to  buy  from  a  private  firm  what  up  to 
that  date  they  had  probably  received  freely  from  their  feudal 
lords  in  payment  for  their  services.  As  long  as  the  destruc- 
tion of  the  woods  entailed  by  the  manufacture  directly 
benefited  the  Abbey,  and  indirectly  themselves,  as  part  and 
parcel  of  that  institution,  it  had  never  occurred  to  them  to 
grumble,  but  their  case  they  naturally  felt  to  be  different 
when  the  profits  were  passing  into  the  purse  of  a  private 
firm.  In  that  interesting  document,  "  A  Decree  for  abolish- 
ing the  Bloomeries  in  High  Furness,"  printed  by  West,  we 
find  that  the  rent  of  the  smithies  to  be  abolished  was  to  be 
paid  by  the  tenants  of  Hawkshead  and  Colton  to  the  Crown, 
and  other  regulations  with  reference  to  musters  and  fines 
were  enacted  at  the  same  time.  And  also  as  after  the 
abolishment  of  the  smithies  the  tenants  "  shall  hardly  come 
by  iron,  by  reason  that  seldom  any  is  brought  from  the 
partes  beyond  the  seas,  into  any  of  the  coasts  near  adjoin- 
ing   and  when  any  shall  happen  to  be  brought .... 

yet   the   same   cannot  ....  be    carried because    that 

the  ways be   so   strait  and   dangerous,  and  do  ly  over 

such  high  mountains  and  stoney  rocks,  that  no  carriage  of 
any  weight  can  there  pass  ; "  it  was  also  further  enacted  that 
the  tenants  themselves  were  at  liberty  to  make  iron  for 
themselves,  using  only  the  "  shreadings,  tops,  lops,  crops, 
underwood,"  but  not  the  timber.  It  was  this  decree  that 
gave  rise  to  the  bloomsmithy  rent,  which  was  paid  by  the 
tenants  of  High  Furness  until  quite  recently;  and  is  so  still 
in  some  townships. 

At  the  end  of  the  I7th  century  we  find  that  charcoal 
smelting  furnaces  .were  re-introduced  into  the  district  as 
private  ventures,  and  wood  for  charcoal  becoming  valuable, 
the  tenants  enclosed  portions  of  their  woods  to  preserve 
them  for  this  purpose.  Ironworks  were  commenced  at  Force 
Forge  by  Captain  William  Rawlinson,  who  died  in  1680, 
and  furnaces  were  erected  by  Myles  Sandys  of  Graithwaite, 
probably  on  the  site  of  the  old  ones  abolished  by  the 



above   mentioned  decree,  and   also   at  Backbarrow   and    Low- 

Although  an  account  of  the  manorial  system  would 
out  of  place  here,  some  mention  is  necessary  of  the  pro- 
cess by  which  the  people  of  Furness  Fells  attained  the 
position  they  held  during  the  i;th  and  i8th  centuries.  The 
tenure  by  which  the  land  was  mostly  held  was  of  the  kind 
called  "customary  freehold,"  which  was  in  origin  nothing 
more  than  a  species  of  villenage.  A  military  service,  besides 
rents  and  payments,  was  required  of  these  tenants  by  the 
lord— in  this  case,  the  Abbey— rendered  necessary  in  these 
parts,  as  well  as  Cumberland  and  Westmorland,  by  the 
proximity  to  the  Scottish  Border.  Thus  we  find  that  in 
1553.  tne  following  numbers  of  armed  men  were  upon  the 
general  muster  roll  for  Lancashire  : — 

Ballewicke  of  Hawkeshead  ...  ...  xvij 

„             Nybthwaite  ...  ...  viij 

„             Grisdall  ...  ...  vij 

Gythwt  ...  ...  x 

„            Claife  ...  ...  vij 

in  all  49  men.t  And  in  the  decree  for  abolishing  the  Bloom- 
eries  (1560)  the  tenants  are  ordered  to  furnish  at  their  own 
cost  "  forty  able  men  horsed  harnised  and  weaponed "  to 
serve  in  war  for  the  defence  of  the  Peel  of  Fondray  or 
otherwise  on  that  coast,  "without  allowance  of  wages  cost,  or 
conduct  money,"  or  elsewhere  if  necessary  with  these  allow- 
ances "  as  inland  men  have."  And  in  the  muster  of  1608,  we 
ct  a  more  detailed  account : — 

*  In  the  Report  on  the  Manuscripts  at  Rydal  Hall  by  the  Historical  MSS. 
Commission  is  the  following,  being  an  entry  in  Sir  Daniel  Fleming's  account 

"  1674-5.  Mar.  24.  Given  as  earnest  unto  Charles  Russell,  hammer-man  now 
at  Conswick,  to  be  hammer-man  at  Coniston  Forge,  for  355.  per  tun,  to  have  grease 
only  for  the  bellows,  and  leave  for  some  sheep  to  go  on  the  Fell.  .£00  5.05  d.oo." 

f  Harl.  MS.  2219;  but  Baines  (Hist,  of  Lanes.,  I.  506)  quoting  another  MS. 
gives  also  Colton,  8. 


Bills.     Archers.     Shott.     Muskett.     Pyke.     Unfur. 

Hawkesheade  ...     n         i  o  o          o         84 

Graythwaite    ...         ...     10         2  i  o  o         67 

w    .  f  Nibthwaite  baliffe      50  i  o  o         33 

^  g  }  Hawthwaite*  baliffe  30  i  o  o         70 

£  ^  (Coulton  baliffe  40  o  o  o         60 

or  a  total  of  39  armed  men  and  314  unarmed.f  Now,  in 
the  certificate  of  the  revenues  of  Furness  Abbey  we  find  a 
list  of  forty-three  farms  and  hamlets,  with  their  various 
rentals,  and  we  may  conclude  that  it  was  these  that  supplied 
the  men-at-arms.  The  fact  is,  that  each  of  these  hamlets 
had  grown  up  from  a  single  tenement,  some  founded  in  the 
old  Viking  days,  and  some  later,  but  all  in  the  same  manner. 
Sons  and  sons'  sons  had  built  their  houses  by  the  parent 
homestead,  and  so  many  of  these  hamlets  presented  a  type 
of  the  patriarchal  system,  inhabited  almost  entirely  by  people 
of  the  same  name  and  blood,  united  by  the  same  interests, 
following  the  same  employments,  and  rendering  suit  and 
service  at  the  same  court.  Now,  the  customary  tenure  by 
which  the  greatest  part  of  the  land  was  held  in  Furness 
Fells  became  in  course  of  time  very  little  inferior  to  an 
ordinary  freehold.f  Certain  rents  the  tenants  had  to  pay,  and 
certain  rights  of  minerals  and  timber  were  held  by  the  lord, 
but  the  estate,  by  custom,  passed  from  father  to  son,  and  a 
right  (not  often  exercised  till  after  the  I7th  century)  grew  up 
to  convey  the  estate,  subject  to  certain  fines  due  to  the  lord 
on  such  an  occasion.§  Thus  we  find  that  from  the  end  of 

*  Haverthwaite. 

f  Harl.  MS.  2219. 

J  The  bailiwicks  of  Nibthwaite,  Colton,  Haverthwaite,  Satterthwaite,  Sawrey 
(i.e.,  Claife),  and  Graythwaite,  were  bought  free  n  James  I.  The  remainder  of 
the  parish,  Hawkshead,  Monk  Coniston,  and  Skelwith,  remain  customary. 

§  These  rights  were  confirmed  by  a  code  of  customs  and  bye-laws  27  Eliz. 
The  tenure  was,  of  course,  closely  akin  to  the  tenant-right  of  Westmorland  and 
Cumberland,  but  it  does  not  appear  that  Hawkshead  took  any  part  in  the  struggle 
between  James  II.  and  the  northern  tenants.  This  dispute,  which  was  bravely 
fought  by  the  statesmen  of  the  crown  manors  of  Cumberland  and  Westmorland, 
ended  eventually  in  a  confirmation  of  their  rights.  For  details  the  reader  should 
refer  to  "Elton's  Custom  and  Tenant-right,"  1882,  p.  32-40. 



the  1 6th  century  till  the  beginning  of  the  present  one,  our 
parish  was  inhabited  by,  and,  with  the  exception  of  one  or 
two  squirearchal  families,  owned  by  a  numerous  class  of  small 
proprietors,  whose  interest  lay  entirely  in  their  land  and  flocks, 
and  whose  pride  it  was  long  to  keep  intact  the  little  demesnes 
they  had  inherited.  These  were  the  Furness  statesmen,  a  class, 
alas !  which  has  now,  as  nearly  as  possible,  disappeared.  The 
clan  system— the  living  together  of  many  folks  of  the  same 
name — will  be  further  discussed  in  the  part  of  the  introduc- 
tion treating  of  the  Registers  themselves,  but  it  is  necessary 
to  make  a  brief  mention  of  it  here.  West  in  his  "Antiquities 
of  Furness,"  has  noted  that  it  appears  from  the  Court  Rolls 
of  the  time  of  Henry  VIII.,  that  Braithwaites  then  lived 
about  Brathay,  Sawreys  at  Sawrey,  Hirdsons  at  Bowith 
(Bouth),  Rawlinsons  at  Haverthwaite,  Turners  at  Oxenpark, 
Rigges  at  Hawkshead.  Tomlinsons  were  found  at  Grisedale, 
Redheads  at  Nibthwaite,  Taylors  at  Finsthwaite,  and  Satter- 
thwaites  at  Colthouse.  On  examining  the  register  we  find 
that  out  of  nearly  four  hundred  surnames,  a  very  small  pro- 
portion, some  thirty,  occupy  by  far  the  most  important  place, 
and  were  borne  by  a  very  large  percentage  of  the  people. 
The  commonest  of  these  thirty  are  to  be  found  in  twelve 
surnames,  each  of  which  occur  over  four  hundred  times. 
Thus  we  find  the  Bensons  cropping  up  in  dozens  in  the  Skelwith 
district,  the  Braithwaites  by  scores  all  over  the  northern  half 
of  the  parish,  but  especially  at  Sawrey,  and  the  Dodgsons  in 
considerable  numbers  in  various  parts.  The  Holmes  were  a 
clan  about  Tilberthwaite  and  Oxenfell,  and  the  Knipes  spread 
widely  in  the  north-west  of  the  parish.  The  Mackereths  were 
abundant  at  Skelwith  and  elsewhere,  while  the  Rigges  clus- 
tered in  multitudes  round  Hawkshead.  The  name  of  Sandys, 
as  might  be  expected,  abounded  in  the  south-east,  while  the 
Satterthwaites,  springing  from  Satterthwaite  itself,  occupied  the 
more  central  district.  The  Sawreys,  rather  less  prolific  than 
the  Satterthwaites,  had  spread  to  Graythwaite,  Sawrey  ground, 
and  the  Monk  Coniston  side,  while  the  Taylors  swarmed  in 
the  lower  ground,  about  Finsthwaite,  Colton,  and  Penny 


Bridge.  The  Walkers,  a  largish  clan,  were  spread  widely,  but 
occur  most  commonly  in  the  north.* 

Although  I  have  called  this  the  clan  system,  it  must  be 
distinctly  understood  that  it  went  no  further  than  the  co- 
habitation of  a  district  or  hamlet  by  a  group  of  families  of 
the  same  name  and  of  a  common  origin.  There  was,  as  far 
as  we  know,  nothing  akin  to  the  Scottish  clan  system  in  it, 
and  the  term  is  only  used  here  for  want  of  a  better.  The 
families  were  mostly  statesmen  of  greater  or  less  degree, 
equal  in  rank,  and  owning  no  allegiance  to  any  chief,  other 
than  the  ancient  rents  and  services  due  to  the  lord  of  the 
manor.  Each  little  farmer  landowner  tilled  his  little  holding 
and  shepherded  his  flocks,  with  the  aid  of  his  sons  and  his 
herd,  and  on  market  day  he  met  his  fellow  dalesman  on  an 
equal  footing  to  haggle  with  him  on  the  price  of  herdwicks,  or 
on  the  wrestling  green  to  throw  his  man  or  to  be  cross- 
buttocked,  as  the  case  might  be,  without  any  feeling  of 
spleen,  whether  his  adversary  was  richer  or  poorer  than 
himself.  It  is  probable  that  in  some  of  the  more  secluded 
parts  where  all  the  families  were  of  one  name,  the  states- 
men were  known  by  the  name  of  their  homes  instead 
of  by  their  patronymics,  as  was  the  case  till  comparatively 
recently  about  the  head  of  Langdale  and  Seathwaite,  where 
all  were  Tysons,  and  where,  in  consequence,  the  different 
members  were  distinguished  by  such  names  as  "Daniel  of 
Cockley  Beck,"  "  Harry  o'  t'  Hinging  House,"  etc.f 

What  the  home  life  of  these  fell  folks  was  prior  to  the 
Dissolution  we  have  little  evidence  to  show.  There  is  indeed 
very  little  to  tell  us  what  the  farms  and  cottages  themselves 
were  like  earlier  than  the  end  of  the  i/th  century,  for 
although  there  are  few  modern  tenements}:  even  yet  in  the 
parish,  there  are  hardly  any  older  than  that  date.  Here  and 
there  you  will  find  a  barn  or  farm  house  varying  but  little 

*  There   were   probably  other   groups  of  families  in   Colton ;    but  although  the 
Register  of  the  Parish  has  been  published,  it  is  not  indexed, 
f  See  Dr.  Gibson's  "The  Old  Man,"  1849,  p.  45. 
£  Excepting  gentlemen's  houses. 


externally  from  the  others,  but  differing  in  construction  from 
the  usual  type.  In  these,  the  principal  beams  which  support 
the  roof  are  not  supported  by  the  wall  plate  in  the  ordinary 
way,  but  spring  from  a  footing  in  the  wall,  two  or  three  feet, 
or  even  less,  from  the  ground.  They  are  always  of  massive 
oak,  and  curved,  so  as  to  meet  at  the  ridge  of  the  roof  and 
form  a  wide  arch.  The  framework  of  these  houses  would 
stand  if  the  side  walls  were  pulled  down  to  the  footing  the 
beams  rest  on,  and  it  would  then  look  something  like  the 
ribs  of  an  inverted  and  dismantled  ship.* 

In  this,  the  ancient  type  of  tenement,  the  walls  may  have 
been  often  constructed  of  timber,  or  dab  and  wattle,  or  of 
stone ;  but  the  last  would  not  be  quarried,  but  picked  from 
the  beds  of  the  streams.  The  cottars'  huts  would  be  even 
less  pretentious.  The  roofs  would  at  one  time  be  thatched. 

But  the  position  of  the  tenant  was  established  by  the  Code 
of  Customs  and  Bye-laws  of  27  Eliz.,  and  from  that  date  his 
prosperity  steadily  increased,  so  that  about  1650  a  fashion  for 
rebuilding  set  in  with  such  vigour  that  during  the  ensuing 
sixty  years  nearly  every  homestead  appears  to  have  been 
rebuilt,  or  adapted  to  the  new  fashion,  and  furnished 
throughout.  Till  of  recent  years,  when  the  craze  for  col- 
lecting old  oak,  china,  and  bric-a-bac  generally  became 
fashionable,  there  were  few  fell  farms  which  did  not  contain 
heirlooms  in  the  shape  of  rudely  carved  oaken  chairs,  tables, 
settles,  and  kists.  Thanks  to  the  fact  that  one  piece  of 
furniture — the  great  oaken  bread  cupboard — was  generally 
fixed  in  the  wall,  or  partition  opposite  the  fire-place,  not  a 
few  of  them  have  escaped  the  rapacity  of  the  Semite.  When- 
ever these  pieces  of  furniture  are  dated,  which  is  generally 

•  Of  course  this  account  applies  only  to  the  architecture  of  the  farms  which 
were  originally  the  holdings  of  the  villeins.  In  the  manor  house  of  Hawkshead 
Hall  we  have  work  earlier  than  the  Dissolution,  of  a  different  and  more  pretentious 
sort.  See  a  paper  on  Hawkshead  Hall  by  the  present  writer  in  Vol.  xi.  "  Cumber- 
land and  Westmorland  Antiquarian  and  Archaeological  Society."  Examples  of  the 
early  work  above  described  may  be  seen  in  a  house  and  barn  at  Hawkshead  Hill, 
l*rns  at  Fieldhead  and  Sawrey  Ground,  and  elsewhere. 


the  case,  the   date,  in  nine   cases  out  of  ten,  is  between   1650 
and  1710. 

The  reasons  for  all  this  are  not  far  to  seek.  In  the  first 
place,  the  Border  warfare  smouldering  for  a  long  while,  and 
fanned  to  a  flame  by  Henry  VIII.  and  Wolsey,  was  destined 
at  last  to  die  out.  While  "  The  Troubles  "  and  the  Civil  War 
held  the  country  in  agitation  and  distress,  no  small  landowner 
could  put  his  hand  to  the  improvement  of  his  estate  or  the 
building  of  a  homestead  ;  but  the  pacification  of  the  Border 
had  commenced  at  the  end  of  the  i6th  century,  and  the 
reduction  of  Scotland  by  General  Monk,  followed  by  the 
Restoration  of  Charles  II.  in  1660,  opened  up  to  the  dales- 
man a  prospect  more  peaceful  and  encouraging  than  he  had 
ever  yet  known.  Added  to  this  was  the  spread  of  education, 
consequent  on  the  founding  of  the  Grammar  School  by 
Archbishop  Edwin  Sandys  nearly  a  hundred  years  earlier, 
which  we  may  be  sure  had  by  this  time  told  its  tale 
upon  the  residents  of  the  parish. 

At  the  end  of  the  i/th  century,  then,  the  men  of  Furness 
Fells  with  one  accord  pulled  down  their  old  low,  dark,  and 
ill-built  houses,  and  built  them  new  ones,  always  two  stories 
high,  well  made  of  stone,  strongly  roofed  with  heavy  slates, 
and  .snug  internally  with  rude  panelling  and  cumbersome 
oaken  furniture.  They  as  often  as  not  faced  them  to  the 
fell  instead  of  to  the  smiling  landscape,  for  the  winter  storms 
would  drive  through  the  chinks  of  the  solid  but  ill-fitting 
doors  and  window-frames,  and  to  men  whose  life  was  on  the 
fells,  a  snug  fireside  was  better  than  a  view  from  the  parlour 
window.  Little  as  we  know  of  the  home  life  of  the  dales- 
man prior  to  these  changes,  we  can,  to  some  extent,  realise 
what  it  was  in  these  new  homes.  The  low,  dark  house  place, 
so  low  that  the  large-boned  dalesmen  must  stoop  beneath  the 
beams  ;  the  heavy  carved  oaken  chairs,  and  bread  cupboard, 
on  whose  well  polished  surface  the  gleam  of  the  great  turf 
fire,  and  flicker  of  the  tiny  rush  candle  fell  intermittingly ; 
the  rows  of  hanging  mutton  hams ;  the  groan  of  the  malt 
mill,  and  the  ceaseless  whirr  of  the  spinning-wheel :  is  it 


difficult  to  picture  all  this?  The  home  life  was  simple 
enough.  Abroad,  on  the  fells  and  meadows  by  day,  the 
men  shepherded,  tilled  the  lands,  graved  peats,  or  cleared 
the  intack  of  ling  and  gale  with  the  push  plough.  At  the 
steading,  the  women  spun  thread,  pressed  cheeses,  churned> 
ground  the  malt  mill,  and,  as  the  evening  came  on,  tended 
and  milked  the  cattle.  In  the  long  winter  evenings  all 
collected  in  the  dark  parlour  to  simple  fare  and  simpler 
amusements.  In  these  days,  when  books  were  little  read,  for 
recreation  at  any  rate,  in  such  society  as  we  are  now  con- 
sidering, tales  and  gossip  were  the  chief  forms  of  pastime, 
and  we  may  rest  assured  that  they  formed  no  inconsiderable 
feature  in  the  long  evenings  of  our  farm  houses.  An  occa- 
sional ghost  would  enliven  proceedings  in  a  particular  hamlet, 
and  certain  forms  of  "  dobbies "  were  not  uncommon ;  but 
superstitious  the  dalesmen  never  were,  that  is  when  compared 
with  many  other  districts."  Market  day  came  round  every 
week,  and  thither  went  everyone  who  could.  Many  got 
drunk,  but  as  now,  in  an  innocent  sort  of  way,  and  since  they 
were  too  much  of  gentlemen  to  beat  their  wives  (as  is  now 
the  fashion  in  civilised  towns),  and  since  it  was  only  on 
rare  occasions  that  they  even  "lamed"  their  equals  in 
strength,  little  harm  was  done.  For  recreation  they  had  their 
wrestlings  (as  capital  a  sport  as  ever  existed,  until  the  tide 
of  tourists  filled  the  ring  with  professionals  instead  of  ama- 
teurs), their  foxhunting,  their  cockfights,  their  fairs,  merry 
nights,  and  latings.  Sometimes  an  occasional  badger  baiting 
was  held. 

Hawkshead,  the  market  town,  is  a  place  which  has  moved 
so  slowly  that  we  need  not  find  it  difficult  to  picture  it  in 
the  i  ;th  century.  The  houses  were  probably  all  two-storied 
rough-cast  as  now,  and  the  streets  were  for  the  most  part 
coarsely  paved  with  cobbles,  which  must  have  caused  a  fine 
clatter  under  the  feet  of  the  pack-horses  or  the  clogs  of 

•  See  the  Editor's  paper  on   "Superstition,  Charms,  and  Witchcraft  in  Hawks- 
.sh'>  in   Vol.    xiv.  of  the   "Cumberland   and   Westmorland   Antiquarian 
and  Archaeological  Society's  Transactions." 


the  Grammar  School  boys.  Through  the  Square  ran  the 
Vicarage  Beck  (uncovered  and  smelly,  for  sewage  systems 
are  a  iQth  century  nicety),  spanned  here  and  there  with 
bridges  for  transit.  The  Market-house  was  not  rebuilt ;  and 
the  Institute  and  Police-station  did  not  strike  the  eye 
with  their  glaring  incongruity.  All  was  harmonious,  primi- 
tive, and  perhaps  insanitary.  Shops  there  were  none  as 
we  understand  them,  but  penthouses,  projecting  from  the 
walls  of  some  of  the  houses,  served  the  double  purpose 
of  hanging  up  yarn  to  dry  in,  and  on  market  day 
to  stack  the  farm  produce,  and  that  of  the  spinning 
wheel  and  loom,  for  the  inspection  of  would-be  purchasers. 
For  the  same  reason  some  of  the  houses  were  built  with 
the  groundfloor  recessed,  and  the  upper  part  supported  by 
rough  stone  pillars,  the  recess  here  forming  the  primitive 
market  day  shop :  *  for  market  day  in  former  times  was 
not  as  now  in  Hawkshead.  The  little  town  was  then  a 
centre  for  a  large  pastoral  district,  and  great-boned  states- 
men and  buxom  farm  wenches  thronged  in  from  far  and 
near.  Inns  were  then,  as  now,  a  feature  in  Hawkshead,  and 
good  cheer  was  plentiful,  and,  in  a  word,  times  were  better 
in  this  out-of-the-way  corner  of  Lancashire  in  the  i/th  cen 
tury,  before  the  civilising  power  of  steam  and  Free  Trade 
had  made  their  appearance. 

But  quiet  enough  was  the  town  during  the  rest  of  the 
week — quieter  even  than  now,  when  in  the  season  every  mor- 
ning brings  in  its  char-a-banc  loads  of  tourists  on  their  way 
from  Windermere  to  Coniston.  Little  there  was  to  wake  it 
up,  except  the  strings  of  pack-horses,  which  came  jangling 
their  bells  twice  a  week  past  the  school  into  the  town  on 
their  way  from  Kendal.  Others,  no  doubt,  from  Ulverston, 
Ambleside,  Broughton,  and  even,  perhaps,  from  Ravenglass.* 

*  Such  a  building  still   exists  on   the   Church   hill,  on   the   right  of  the   visitor 
approaching  the  Church.     The  house  which  the  Institute  replaced  was  of  the  same 

*  Before    1752    there   were    six    pack-horses    twice    a  week    from  Hawkshead  to 
Kendal,  and   eighteen     a    week    from    Whitehaven ;     but    the     latter    town   only 
sprang  into  importance    at   the    end    of    the     iyth    century.      The  old    port   was 


Coaches  there  were  none,  for  not  even  in  later  days,  when 
the  coaching  system  became  fully  developed,  did  a  coach 
road  pass  through  Hawkshead,  and  such  as  made  a  journey 
to  Kendal,  Lancaster,  or  Ravenglass,  did  it  a-horse  back, 
with  their  women-folk  on  a  pillion,  if  they  were  a-mind  to 

go  with  them. 

3  As  for  roads,  they  did  not  exist  in  the  sense  we  know  them, 
for  wheeled  conveyances  of  any  sort  were  probably  unknown 
in  these  parts  till  a  comparatively  modern  time.  The  best 
of  them,  those  that  were  the  lines  of  traffic,  were  no  better 
than  our  roughest  fell  roads  in  the  high  ground,  while  in  the 
valleys  they  became  spongy,  miry  tracks,  along  which  the 
traveller  and  his  steed  floundered,  and  occasionally  perhaps 
stuck  fast. 

An  exception  possibly  existed  in  parts  of  the  road  from 
Ambleside  to  Hawkshead,  and  thence,  via  Dale  Park  and  Rus- 
land,  to  Spark  and  Lowick  Bridges,  for  although  this  is  now 
anything  but  the  best  road  in  the  parish,  it  is  the  oldest — 
possibly,  indeed,  originally  laid  out  by  the  Romans,  as  a  con- 
nection between  the  fort  at  Dalton  and  the  camp  at 
Ambleside.  It  is  not  suggested  that  the  present  road  follows 
throughout  the  old  line,  or  that  the  original  road  was  a 
military  way  and  elaborately  engineered ;  but  the  Romans, 
even  when  making  their  vicinal  or  branch  roads,  followed  the 
best,  driest,  and  most  practical  routes,  clearing  obstacles  where 
necessary,  draining  bogs  where  they  intercepted  them ;  and 
paving  and  bridging,  perhaps,  here  and  there,  where  abso- 
lutely necessary.  But  the  Norse  settlers,  with  their  innate 
independence,  struck  out  from  the  old  line  of  road,  and 
squatted  wherever  their  fancy  dictated,  and  gradually  tracks 
of  communication  were  formed  between  their  thwaites,  and 
tuns,  and  sets,  which  are  now  represented  by  our  modern 
bridle  paths  and  cross  roads. 

Another  Roman  road,  that  from  Roman  Ravenglass  to 
Ambleside,  by  Hardknott,  Wrynose,  and  the  Little  Langdale 
Valley,  probably  skirted  through  a  corner  of  the  parish  at 
Skelwith,  but  it  had  no  importance  as  regards  the  history 


of  Hawkshead.  The  pack-horse  route  to  Kendal  followed 
the  modern  road,  crossing  Windermere  by  the  Ferry,  an  in- 
stitution in  itself,  perhaps,  Roman.  Another  old  track  led  by 
Esthwaite  and  Graithwaite  to  Newby  Bridge,  and  the  ancient 
town  of  Cartmel.  It  was  most  probably  by  this  and  the 
ancient  road  from  Ulverston  which  entered  the  old  parish  at 
Penny  Bridge  and  went  by  Bouth  to  Newby  Bridge,  that  the 
ore  from  Low  Furness  was  brought  on  pack-horses,  to  the 
furnace  at  Cunsey.  Another  road,  now  little  used,  and  only 
just  passable  by  a  two-wheeled  trap,  leaves  the  old  Amble- 
side-Coniston  road  at  Berwick-ground,  and  winds  over  Bor- 
wick-ground  Fell  to  Oxenfell,  and  thence  goes  to  Little 
Langdale.  This  road  is  built  up  and  constructed  in  a  way 
that  shows  it  had  once  more  importance  than  now,  and  was 
probably  the  pack-horse  road  from  Raven  glass  (and  after- 
wards from  Whitehaven)  to  Hawkshead  and  Kendal.  For  a 
caravan  of  pack  animals,  with  no  wheels  to  consider,  a 
considerable  saving  of  distance  was  thus  made.  Most  other 
roads  which  now  are  important  are  in  origin  easements, 
which  from  their  convenience  and  adaptability  have  ousted 
the  older  lines  of  traffic.  Thus,  the  features  of  the  ground 
on  the  eastern  margin  of  Coniston  soon  led  to  a  track 
which  gradually  caused  the  partial  abandoment  of  the  Dale 
Park  Road.*  The  tracks  leading  to  the  old  chapelry  of  Satter- 
thwaite  had  the  same  tendency.  In  like  manner,  in  quite 
modern  times,  the  formation  of  the  Yewdale  road,  leading  from 
Coniston  to  Ambleside,  took  much  of  the  tourist  traffic  from 
the  road  over  High  Cross,  the  ancient  line  of  communication 
between  Broughton  and  Ambleside. 

The  dalesmen  then,  as  now,  found  little  need  to  go  long 
journeys,  and  even  the  roads  that  existed  saw  few  passengers 
except  the  pack-horse  caravans  and  the  local  people.  An 

*  The  bloomeries  which  we  find  on  both  sides  of  Coniston  at  the  beck  mouths, 
prove  that  tracks  must  have  existed  from  the  ore  country  since  those  bloomeries  were 
made.  Taking  into  consideration  the  difficulty  of  navigating  heavily  laden  vessels  on 
these  lakes  in  ill-weather,  we  may  feel  sure  that  some  portion  of  the  ore  for  the 
bloomeries  in  Coniston  and  Windermere  was  brought  by  land, 



occasional  journey  to  Kendal,  Ulverston,  and  Ambleside,  and 
still  more  rarely  to  Keswick  or  Lancaster,  was  the  furthest 
afield  the  statesman  stirred.  Most  of  these  he  would  tramp, 
and  think  little  of  it ;  and  for  the  longer  journeys  his  horse 
and  small  leather  saddle-bag  were  all  he  wanted.  Yet  the 
roads  had  then  a  romance.  Sometimes,  as  in  1686,  a  storm 
would  come  on  that  cut  the  roads  to  pieces,  and  carried 
away  the  bridges,  so  that  nothing  could  pass  along  them.  On 
one  occasion  the  ferry  boat  upset,  and  about  fifty  people  and 
several  horses  were  all  drowned  at  the  same  time.-  There 
were  no  highwaymen,  for  there  were  few  travellers  worth 
robbing ;  but  the  roads  were  so  universally  bad,  so  ill- 
marked,  and  so  devious,  that  easy  it  was  at  night  to  lose  the 
way,  and  then  woe  betide  the  luckless  traveller  on  the  Fells, 
without  compass,  guide  book,  or  ordnance  map. 

Crime  of  any  sort  was  rare,  as  it  is  now,  through  all  the 
dales  of  Cumberland,  Westmorland,  and  Furness.  Certain 
sorts  of  misdemeanours,  especially  those  which  were  partly 
done  in  the  spirit  of  bravado,  such  as  illicit  spirit  making, 
poaching,  etc.,  were  well  known  in  later  days,  and  were  no 
doubt  common  enough  in  earlier  times.  Immorality,  as  evi- 
denced by  the  birth  of  illegitimate  children,  was  common, 
but  the  fault  was  sanctioned  by  immemorial  custom ;  but 
crime,  brutal,  savage,  and  blackguardly,  was  most  scarce  in  the 
dalesman.  Murder  was  but  little  known,  but  very  occasionally, 
when  instigated  by  drink  or  excessive  hatred,  was  committed 
with  great  ferocity.  This  is  a  trace  of  the  Norse  Berserking 
Viking,  half  of  whose  time  was  spent  in  domestic  happiness 
and  the  peaceful  crafts  of  agriculture,  but  who  when  raiding 
a  village  thought  it  but  sport  to  toss,  in  devilish  play,  the 
babes  of  his  enemy  from  spear-point  to  spear-point. t  Suicides 
appear  to  have  been  fairly  common. 

•  These  incidents  will  be  further  referred  to  in  the  Introductory  chapter  relating 
to  the  Registers. 

fBeck  in  his  »  Annales  Furnesienses »  gives  an  account  of  a  quarrel  between 
two  yeomen  of  Finsthwaite,  which  ended  in  the  barbarous  murder  of  one  by  the 
other.  It  took  place  shortly  before  the  dissolution  of  the  abbey. 


But  though  in  these  old  days  the  life  of  the  Hawkshead 
statesman  and  villager  was  rustic  and  simple  in  the  extreme, 
it  must  not  be  supposed  that  there  was  no  illuminating  ray 
of  learning — no  striving  after  better  things,  among  them. 
During  the  time  of  Edward  VI.  and  Elizabeth  there  was 
throughout  Westmorland  and  the  neighbourhood  a  great  ten- 
dency towards  the  advancement  of  knowledge,  by  the  founda- 
tion of  rural  grammar  schools,  at  which  the  elements  of  the 
Latin  and  Greek  tongues  could  be  learnt.  This  fashion  spread 
rapidly,  and  Mr.  Hodgson  in  his  "  Description  of  the  County . 
of  Westmorland  "  tells  us  that, 

"Before  the  conclusion  of  the  I7th  century,  seminaries  of 
this  kind  were  commenced  in  every  parish,  and  almost  in 
every  considerable  village  in  Westmorland  ;  and  education  to 
learned  professions,  especially  to  the  pulpit,  continued  the 
favourite  method  of  the  Westmorland  yeomanry  of  bringing 
up  their  younger  sons,  till  about  the  year  1760,  when  com- 
merce became  the  high  road  to  wealth,  and  Greek  and  Latin 
began  reluctantly  and  by  slow  gradation  to  give  way  to  an 
education  consisting  chiefly  of  reading,  writing,  and  arith- 

In  this  movement  our  little  town  was  not  behindhand,  for 
in  the  loth  year  of  Queen  Elizabeth  (1584-5),  Edwin  Sandys, 
Archbishop  of  York,  sprung  from  the  ancient  family  of  that 
name,  still  resident  at  Graithwaite,  and  himself  probably  a 
native  of  the  parish,  obtained  letters  patent  for  a  grammar 
school  to  be  established  at  Hawkshead.  The  foundation 
charter  and  statutes,  which  are  dated  three  years  later,  show 
well  what  was  considered  a  good  education  in  those  days, 
and  contain  many  other  points  of  interest.  We  note  that 
the  education  was  to  consist  of  "  Grammar  and  the  Principles 
of  the  Greek  Tongue,  with  other  sciences  necessary  to  be 
taught  in  a  Grammar  School ; "  and  that  nothing  was  to  be 
charged  for  these  advantages.  We  see  also,  what  long  hard 
hours  of  work  were  considered  necessary,  for  between  the 
Annunciation  of  the  Blessed  Virgin  Mary  and  St.  Michael 
the  Archangel,  it  was  ordained  that  work  on  every  work  day 


should  commence  "at  6   of  the  Clock   in   the  Morning,  or  at 
furthest,  within   one  Half  Hour    after,   and  to   continue   until 
Eleven   of  the  Clock   in   the    Forenoon ;   and  to  begin   again 
at   one   of  the   Clocke   in    the    Afternoon,    and    so    continue 
until  Five  of  the   Clocke   at   Night."     And,  between  Michael- 
mas and  the    Annunciation    of  the    Virgin  Mary,    the  hours 
were    from     seven     or     half-past    seven     till     eleven    in    the 
morning,    and   then   from    half-past    twelve   till    four    in    the 
afternoon.     Special  prayers  were  composed  to  be  read  before 
and    after    work,    and     before    sitting    down    to    dinner    the 
scholars  had  to  "  Sing  a  Psalm  in  metre  in  the  said  School." 
Holidays  were  few  and   far  between.     The   first  was   from    a 
week   before    Christmas   to    the  next   working    day   after   the 
Twelfth  day  of  Christmas  ;  and  the  other  was  a  fortnight   at 
Easter.     Also   it  was   ordained   that  at   the   breaking-up  time 
"The  chiefest  Scholars   of    the  said  School    shall  make   Ora- 
tions, Epistles,  Verses  in  Latin,   or    Greek  ....  that   thereby 
the  said   Schoolmaster  may  see   how   the   said  Scholars   have 
profited."     Provision    was    made    to    keep    the    wilder    spirits 
among  the   Scholars  within   bounds,  for  we   read  that,   "  Also 
they  shall  use  no  weapons  in   the  School,  as  Sword,  Dagger, 
Waster,    or    other    like,    to    fight    or    brawl   withal,   nor   any 
unlawful    gaming     in    the    School.      They    shall    not    haunt 
Taverns,  Alehouses,   or    playing   at   any    unlawful   Games,    as 
Cards,  Dice,  Tables,  or  such  like."* 

Thus  we  see  that  by  the  pious  act  of  the  good  Arch- 
bishop, the  path  to  knowledge  was  first  laid  open  to  the 
ignorant  dalesmen  and  inhabitants  of  this  retired  corner  of 
Lancashire.  During  the  iyth  and  great  part  of  the  i8th 
centuries,  the  School  flourished,!  for  those  were  the  days 
when  the  classic  tongues  were  esteemed,  and  "good  mercan- 
tile educations  "  were  unknown.  The  old  monkish  tradition  of 
reading  and  writing  in  Latin  was  not  yet  extinct.  Rome 

*  The  Foundation  Charter  and  Statutes  are  printed  in  full  in  Abingdon's 
"Antiquities  of  the  Cathedral  Church  of  Worcester,"  1717. 

f  Mr.  Beck,  in  an  unpublished  MS.,  observes  that  the  most  flourishing  time  of 
the  Grammar  School  was  about  1785,  when  there  were  over  100  Scholars. 


yet  lived  in  a  way,  even  here  in  the  far  North.  Boys 
scribbled  in  Latin  on  the  first  page  of  their  task  books ; 
parsons  kept  their  parish  registers  in  Latin  ;  even  auctioneers' 
sale  schedules  were  partly  made  out  in  the  same  tongue.  To 
patter  Latin  was,  in  the  local  vernacular,  "  collership,"  and 
the  father  whose  son  possessed  this  accomplishment  was  a 
proud  and  happy  man.  But  the  system  came  too  late,  for 
it  came  just  before  that  great  trade  stimulus  which  was  to 
stir  the  English  people  from  end  to  end,  and  through  which 
England  was  destined  to  climb  to  that  mercantile  supremacy 
which  she  now  holds,  or  which,  must  it  be  said,  she  has 
hitherto  held.  For  this  new  life  the  dead  tongues  were  not 
wanted,  and  so  Hawkshead,  and  other  Grammar  Schools 
founded  on  similar  principles,  lost,  to  a  great  extent,  the 
reputations  they  had  gained,  and  were  ultimately  com- 
pelled to  seek  re-organisation  on  newer  and  more  modern 



WE  have  already  seen  that  early  in  the  I3th  century 
there  was  a  dispute  about  the  Chapelry  of  Hawks- 
head  between  the  Abbot  of  Furness  and  the  Vicars  of 
Urswick  and  Dalton,  which  was  referred  to  the  Papal  Court, 
with  the  result  that  a  decision  was  given  which  to  all 
appearance  freed  the  Chapelry  from  any  dependence  on  the 
mother  Church  of  Dalton.  For  some  reason,  of  which  all 
evidence  has  disappeared,  this  severance  was  never  made 
absolute,  and  we  find  from  various  sources  that  Hawkshead 
was  indeed,  even  at  the  Dissolution,  still  a  Chapelry  under 
that  Church.  Roger  Pele  himself,  in  the  letter  we  have 
quoted  at  the  end  of  Chapter  I.,  especially  states  that  it 
never  was  "ony  personage  or  benefice,  bott  of  long  tyme 
haithe  been  one  chapelle  of  ease  within  the  perochene  of 

The  Chapelry,  then,  up  to  this  date  was  large,  and,  as  we 
have  already  seen,  valuable.  It  was  conterminate  with  the 
Manor,  and  was,  in  fact,  the  Abbot's  share,  as  settled  by  the 
controversy  between  him  and  William  de  Lancaster.  It  there- 
fore included  the  whole  of  the  old  parish  of  Hawkshead  and 
the  present  parish  of  Colton,  which  fills  up  the  triangle  be- 
tween the  foot  of  Coniston  Lake  and  Windermere,  and  has 
its  apex  at  the  junction  of  the  Crake  and  Leven  at 

Now  the  first  step,  in  what  may  be  called  the  modern 
history  of  the  Parish,  was  made  in  1578,  when  Archbishop 
Sandys  (who  afterwards  founded  the  School)  constituted 
Hawkshead  an  independent  parish  by  an  act  of  Metropolitan 
power.  At  the  same  time  he  made  Colton  parochial  and 
consecrated  the  Chapel. 

THE    PARISH.  xxxix 

Now  this  parochial  Chapelry  of  Colton  was  destined  to 
become  an  independent  parish  in  1676,  and  it  is  necessary  to 
say  here  a  few  words  about  it  and  the  minor  chapelries 
within  the  parish  before  we  proceed. 

As  regards  Colton,  there  appears  to  be  little  doubt  that  a 
chapel  existed  here  in  the  time  of  the  Abbey — "  a  mean  un- 
consecrated  chapel,"  Bishop  Gastrell  calls  it,  and  as  such  it  is 
mentioned  as  early  as  1531.  There  is,  however,  some 
evidence  that  its  antiquity  is  greater  than  this.*  At  the  Dis- 
solution it  was  placed  under  Dalton,  that  is,  we  may  presume, 
in  conjunction  with  Hawkshead,  for  when  the  latter  place  was 
made  a  parish  the  Colton  Chapelry  was  undoubtedly  con- 
sidered a  dependency.  The  Chapelry  of  Satterthwaite  is  sup- 
posed to  have  been  consecrated  about  the  time  of  the 
Reformation  ;  and  as  an  unconsecrated  Chapelry  may  be  older.f 
It  certainly  existed  in  1650,  for  in  the  Parliamentary  Surveys 
of  Church  Lands  of  that  year  (Inquisition  June  19,  1650)  we 
find  the  inhabitants  praying  that  "  Saturthwaite  Chapel  may 
be  made  a  Parish  Church,  and  that  Graisdale,  Daleparke, 
Graithwaite,  and  Risland,  consisting  of  100  families,  or  there- 
abouts, and  four  miles  distant  from  the  Parish  Church,  may 
be  added  thereunto."  This  petition  was  ignored,  as  is  evi- 
dent from  the  fact  that  the  inhabitants  continued  to  register 
till  1766  at  Hawkshead. 

Another  ancient  chapel,  of  which  nothing  but  the  most 
meagre  record  remains,  existed  at  Graithwaite.  Bishop  Gas- 
trell, in  his  "  Notitia  Cestriensis,"  has  preserved  the  follow- 
ing (our  only)  memorial  of  it : — 

"This  was  formerly  a  chapel,  but  not  made  use  of  in  ye 
memory  of  man.  One  Rob.  Saterthwaite,  w'n  a  Boy  heard 
his  Grandf.  say  he  had  been  sev.  times  at  Worship  there. 
Certif.  by  Min.  An.  1722.  A  poor  mean  building,  about  12 
yards  long,  not  six  within.  The  walls  made  use  of  for  a 

*  See  "The  Rural  Deanery  of  Cartmel,  its  Churches  and  Endowments,"  1892, 
p.  83.  There  is,  among  other  things,  a  pre-Reformation  Bell  at  Colton. 

fSee  Gastrell's  "Notitia  Cestriensis,"  ed.  by  F.  R.  Raines  for  the  Chetham 
Society,  vol.  xxii.;  also  Tweddell's  "  Furness,  Past  and  Present,"  vol.  i.,  p.  107. 

^  THE    PARISH. 

Maltkiln  and  Turf  room,  by  a  Quaker  in  whose  possession  it 
now  is.  An.  1722." 

It  is  unknown  when,  or  for  what  reason,  Graithwaite  Chapel 
was  abandoned ;  nor,  indeed,  can  the  present  writer  point  out 
its  site.  Not  improbably  it  also  owed  its  origin  to  the  Arch- 

It  is  difficult  to  tell  at  what  period  the  Parish  was  broken  up 
into  the  quarters,  townships,  or  divisions,  as  they  existed  through- 
out the  1 8th  century,  for  no  Parish  account  book  is  extant  earlier 
than  1696.  It  is  possible  that  prior  to  the  separation  of  Colton 
no  further  subdivision  was  considered  necessary  than  that  of 
the  old  Chapelries ;  but  it  was  probably  at  that  date  that  the 
quarters  were  formed  for  the  organising  of  parochial  business, 
as  we  find  that  both  Hawkshead  and  Colton  Parishes  were 
each  constituted  of  four  quarters. 

The  divisions  in  Hawkshead  were  as  follows  : — 

1.  Hawkshead,    which     included    Hawkshead    Field    and 


2.  Monk  Coniston   and  Skelwith. 

3.  Claife,   including   Colthouse  and  the   Sawreys. 

4.  Satterthwaite,  which  included  Dalepark,  Grizedale,  and 

In   Colton  the   four   divisions  were : — 

1.  Coulton,    or    Colton    East    side    of    Colton    Beck,    or 

Colton  East. 

2.  Colton  West  side   of  Colton  Beck,   or  Colton  West. 

3.  Haverthwaite,   Finsthwaite,   and  Rusland. 

4.  Nibthwaite,  which    includes   parts  of  Bethecar  Moor. 
To   the   actual  use  of  these   divisions  we   shall  revert  later. 

The   following  are  the  officials  in  whose  hands  the  conduct 
of  parochial  affairs   rested   at  Hawkshead  : — 

*  The  other  Ecclesiastical  Establishments  are  of  modern  date,  and  do  not  enter 
into  the  scope  of  this  introduction.    They  are  as  follows  :— 

Finsthwaite,  erected  1724. 

Rusland  „       1745. 

Haverthwaite      ,,        1826. 
The  Churches  of  Brathay,  Wray  (in  Claife),  and  Sawrey,  are  of  quite  recent  date. 

THE    PARISH.  xli 

The    Minister   or   Curate. 

The   four   Churchwardens. 

The  twenty-four  Sidesmen. 

The   Overseers  of  the  Poor. 

The   Overseers   of  the    Highways. 

The  Parish  Clerk. 

The  Incumbent  was  a  stipendiary  Minister  or  Curate,  for 
no  Rectory  or  Vicarage  was  ever  ordained.  His  stipend 
during  the  i/th  century  depended  on  various  bequests  of 
money  and  the  rents  of  some  land  and  houses  in  London.* 
No  parsonage  house  appears  to  have  existed  prior  to  about 
1650,  when  Dr.  Walker,  Incumbent  of  St.  John  the  Evangelist, 
in  Watling  Street,  a  native  of  Hawkshead,  and  an  eminent 
Puritan  divine,  gave  the  house  called  Walker  ground  for  this 
purpose.  The  present  vicarage  is  probably  the  same  building. 
Dr.  Walker  also  made  an  allowance  of  £20  annually  to  the 
minister  then  in  charge.f 

The  twenty-four  Sidesmen  were  a  sort  of  committee  ap- 
pointed by  the  vestry  for  the  management  of  parochial  affairs. 
It  has  been  conjectured  that  "  Sidesman "  was  originally 
"  Synodsman,"  because  these  officials  had  the  power  of  pre- 
senting any  offender  against  religion  at  the  Episcopal  Synod. 
Though  no  list  of  the  twenty-four  at  Hawkshead  remains, 
earlier  than  1694,  I  suspect  they  were  appointed  before 
Hawkshead  and  Colton  were  separated,  and  not  improbably, 
before  Hawkshead  was  constituted  a  Parish.  They  were 
chosen  from  the  most  responsible  men,  gentle  and  simple, 

*  These  were,    1625 — £200,    left   by    Henry   Banister,   for    maintenance   of  a 

preaching  minister  at  Hawkshead. 
1640 — ,£200   left    by  Martha   Hindley   for    same  purpose,  with 

^140  of  which,  property  in  London  was  bought. 
1669 — Mr.  Dan  Rawlinson,  interest  of  £ioo>  the  third  year  in 

every  five  to  the  Minister. 

1677 — Mr.  Dan  Rawlinson  £7  per  annum,  six  of  which  were 
to  go  to  the  Minister  for  reading  service  on  Monday 
(Market-day)  and  one  to  the  Clerk. 

f  For  a  brief  biographical  sketch  of  Dr.    Walker,   see   Mr.    Raine's  edition  of 
Bishop  Gabtrell's  "  Notitia  Cestriensis." 

jHi  THE    PARISH. 

within  the  Parish,  and  were  portioned  out  six  to  each  quarter. 
Their  duties  were  manifold.  They  were  to  help  the  Church- 
wardens generally,  and  to  advise  them  in  all  matters  relating 
to  the  well-being  of  the  Parish.  They  presented  Parish  officers 
who  neglected  their  duty,  and  fined  themselves  for  non- 
attendance  at  their  meetings.-  Charities  and  endowments 
seem,  to  some  extent,  to  have  passed  under  their  hands— 
and,  to  put  it  in  a  nutshell,  they  constituted  a  sort  of 
Parish  Council  of  those  days. 

The  Churchwardens  were  four  in  number,  one  for  each 
division  or  quarter.  They  were  elected  annually  at  Easter, 
and  most  resident  statesmen  came  in  sooner  or  later  for 
his  term  at  the  office.  Owing  to  the  fact  that  no  Church- 
wardens' accounts  exist  prior  to  1696,  we  are  in  ignorance 
what  the  precise  arrangements  were  prior  to  the  division  of 
Hawkshead  and  Colton,  but  the  probability  is  that  before 
that  date  the  latter  place  had  its  own  chapelwarden,  and 
that  Churchwardens  were  appointed  for  the  less  distant  parts 
of  the  Parish.! 

Although  the  first  book  of  Churchwardens'  accounts  com- 
mences in  1696,  they  are  most  meagre  in  detail  till  about 
1720,  and  it  is  perhaps  doubtful  if  earlier  books  were  kept. 
We  have,  therefore,  no  contemporary  records  from  which  we 
can  ascertain  the  duties  of  these  officials,  and  we  can  only 
judge  from  those  of  the  i8th  century.  There  can,  however, 
be  little  doubt  that  in  most  matters,  the  duties  of  the 
Churchwardens  in  a  rural  parish  in  the  iyth  and  i8th  cen- 
turies were  but  little  different.  The  account  book  of  the 
1 8th  century  includes  general  expenses,  bread  and  wine  at 
Christmas,  Easter,  and  Whitsuntide,  mending  the  clock, 
flagging  and  strawing  the  Church,  new  ropes  for  the  bells, 
seeing  to  the  steeple,  mossing  the  leads  to  keep  out  the 

*  The  general  Parish  meetings  were  held  on  St.  Stephen's  Day,  and  Tuesday 
in  Easter-week. 

f  The  first  actual  mention  of  the  Churchwardens  I  have  noted  is  in  1683,  in 
an  order  of  the  Kirkbys  to  the  Churchwardens  to  fine  parishioners  for  non- 
attendance  of  Church. 

THE    PARISH.  xliii 

damp,  ringing  the  bells  at  festivals,  whipping  dogs  out  of 
Church,  glazing  the  windows,  general  repairs,  paying  for  the 
destruction  of  foxes  and  ravens,  washing  the  Church  linen, 
buying  Books  of  Articles  and  Forms  of  Prayer,  mending  the 
surplices,  leathering  the  bell  tongue,  smithy  work,  lime  and 
carriage,  loads  of  sand,  journeys  to  the  Sessions  at  the  end 
of  the  Wardens'  term  of  office,  cleaning  the  Church  plate,  making 
and  mending  the  Communion  cloth,  and  cushions,  and  pews. 
Much  ale  was  charged  for  ringing  at  festivals  and  on  other 
occasions.  The  dues  payable  for  burials  within  the  Church 
are  continually  mentioned.  It  was  also  the  duty  of  the 
Churchwardens  to  collect  fines  imposed  for  non-attendance 
at  Church,  to  aid  in  the  suppression  of  Quaker  conventicles, 
and  probably  also  to  see  that  all  shops  were  closed  during 
Divine  service,  and  to  herd  any  idlers  from  the  public-houses 
or  churchyard  into  the  Church  at  the  commencement  of 
the  service,  and  of  the  sermon. 

The  Overseers  of  the  Poor  were  four  in  number,  and  were 
elected,  like  the  Churchwardens,  at  Easter.  There  are,  as  in 
the  case  of  the  Churchwardens,  no  accounts  extant  earlier 
than  the  i8th  century.  Through  their  hands  went  the 
various  little  charitable  bequests  which  had  at  different  times 
been  left  to  the  poor.  Their  accounts  were  examined  at 
the  Easter  Vestry,  and  probably  passed  at  the  same  time  as 
the  Churchwardens  at  the  Sessions. 

Their  duties  were  to  provide  relief  for  the  poor  in  the 
shape  of  clothing,  clogs,  and  sometimes  meat.  Old  and 
destitute  females  were  furnished  with  spinning  wheels  to  give 
them  a  chance  for  earning  their  living ;  treatment  for  the 
sick  ;  *  lying-in  and  midwife  expenses  ;  boarding  poor  people, 
and  conducting  them  to  their  homes ;  funeral  expenses ;  shifts, 
coffins,  arval,  etc.f 

*  Though  the  Parish  accounts  commence  1696,  I  have  found  no  mention  of  a 
doctor  prior  to  1769. 

f  In  1732  a  woman's  coffin  cost  4/9,  her  winding-sheet  3/-,  the  expenses  of 
winding  1/6,  Arvall  was  6/2,  the  sale  of  her  clothes  6d.,  Church  dues  i/io. 
— "  Hawkshead  Poor  Account." 

xliv  THE    PARISH. 

The  Overseers  of  the  Highways,  sometimes  called  Surveyors, 
were  always  elected  the  26th  of  December,  and  were  probably 
originally  four  in  number,  one  for  each  ward.  During  the 
1 8th  century  their  number  was  increased,  and  they  were 
elected  to  represent  hamlets  instead  of  divisions,  and  some- 
times even  private  estates.  It  is  an  office  of  no  great  anti- 
quity, and  one  no  doubt  very  loosely  administered  in  former 
days.  Their  chief  duties  would  be  to  see  that  the  pack-horse 
tracks  were  kept  in  some  sort  of  repair. 

The  duties  of  the  Parish  Clerk  at  Hawkshead  seem  to 
have  been  of  a  varied  description.  The  registers  appear  to 
have  been  sometimes  kept  by  him  ;  he  blew  the  pitch-pipe  to 
give  the  keynote  to  the  Psalms  ;*  he  cleaned  the  Church,  and 
no  doubt  dug  the  graves.  A  special  allowance  of  £i  a  year 
was  left  him  in  1677,  under  the  will  of  Mr.  Daniel  Rawlinson, 
to  attend  at  the  Monday  (Market  day)  service,  which  was 
instituted  under  the  same  bequest.  No  list  of  Parish  Clerks 
exists  for  the  I7th  century,  but  we  find  that  George  Rigg 
registered  off  and  on  from  1640  till  close  to  the  end  of  the 
century.  This  faithful  old  servant  of  the  Church  deserves  to 
be  remembered  by  the  people  of  Hawkshead,  for  by  his  will 
in  1706  he  left  a  sum  of  ^100,  the  interest  of  which  was  to 
go  to  the  poor  of  the  Parish.  What  an  example  of  humble 
industry  and  rare  charity!  Further  mention  of  him  will  be 
made  in  the  ensuing  chapter. 

A  word  should  be  said  here  about  the  tithes.  At  the 
time  of  the  Dissolution,  we  have  two  valuations,  one  in 
Abbot  Rogers'  rental,  and  the  other  in  the  Commissioners' 
Certificate  of  the  Abbey  revenues  in  1537.  The  first  gives 
their  value  as  ^87  odd,  and  the  other  ^90,  and  they  con- 
sisted of  lambs'  wool,  corn,  Lenten  tithes,  offerings,  etc.  After 
the  Dissolution  they  were  impropriated  and  leased  to  various 
persons.  About  the  29th  Eliz.  they  were  let  to  Adam  and 
Edwin  Sandys  for  thirty-one  years,  they  paying  £go  per  annum 
for  the  first  thirteen  years,  and  ^100  per  annum  for  the 

*The  last  pitch  pipe  was  made  in  1764,   and  still  exists.     There  is  no  record 
of  the  earlier  one. 

THE    PARISH.  xlv 

remainder  of  the  term.  In  the  3rd  Jas.  I.  they  surren- 
dered their  lease,  with  a  fine,  and  obtained  a  new  one  for 
forty  years  at  the  rent  of  ;£ioo  per  annum :  but  before  the  ter- 
mination of  this  lease  the  tithes  changed  hands,  for  in  16  Jas.  I. 
we  find  Francis  Moris  and  Edmund  Sawyer,  citizens  of 
London,  disposing  of  them  by  indenture  to  Roger  Kirkby  of 
Kirkby  Hall  for  .£1,550.  In  that  family  they  remained  for 
some  time,  so  that  in  1650  the  Parliamentary  Inquisitors 
reported  that  "  Hawkshead  hath  neither  Vicarage  nor  Par- 
sonage, only  some  tithes  of  wool,  lamb,  and  other  small  tithes 
the  value  of  which  is  unknown.  Profits  to  the  Minister  are 
nothing  worth,  but  only  what  the  people  please  to  contribute, 
save  £20  p.  an.  paid  by  Rev.  Mr.  Walker."  In  1689  Roger 
Kirkby,  great-grandson  of  the  last-named,  mortgaged  the 
tithes  for  ,£2,000,  and  the  mortgage  being  foreclosed,  they 
passed  into  the  hands  of  London  bankers,  who  disposed  of  a 
portion  of  them  in  1719  to  some  of  the  inhabitants  of  the 
Parish.  Thus  we  see  that  the  Curate  in  charge  of  the 
Parish  never  received  the  tithe,  which  was  simply  bandied 
about  from  squire  to  money-lender  as  a  sort  of  speculation.* 
In  Colton  the  inhabitants  purchased  the  tithes  from  the 
Impropriator  about  the  end  of  the  I7th  century,  t 

In  the  1 7th  century  the  inhabitants  made  an  abortive 
attempt  to  prove  that  they  had  no  liability  to  pay  tithe  on 
two  technical  points,  one  of  which  was  the  supposition  that 
all  lands  held  of  the  Cistercian  Abbeys  were  exempt  from 
that  charge.  This  opposition  was  not  confined  to  High 
Furness,  for  many  fruitless  and  vain  attempts  to  prove  the 
exemption  were  made  in  various  districts  where  the  inhabitants 
held  what  had  been  Abbey  land.  West,  in  his  "  Antiquities 
of  Furness,"  has  much  interesting  information  on  this  subject, 
including  the  statement  of  the  case  of  Hawkshead,  and  the 
opinion  of  Sir  Matthew  Hales,  who  was  made  Chief  Baron  of 

*  The    writer   is    partly  indebted  to   an    unpublished    MS.    by    the    author    of 
"  Annales  Furnesienses,"  for  some  of  the  details  about  the  tithe. 

t  Rev.  A.  A.  Williams,  in  "  The  Rural  Deanery  of  Cartmel  (Parish  of  Colton)  " 

and  elsewhere, 

xlvi  THE    PARISH. 

the   Exchequer*   soon   after  the   Restoration,    and   afterwards 
Chief  Justice  of  the  King's  Bench. 

Hawkshead  played  a  small  part  in  the  futile  rising  of  1537, 
called  "  The  Holy  Pilgrimage,"  or  the  "  Pilgrimage  of  Grace," 
which  followed  on  the  dissolution  of  the  smaller  monasteries, 
being  no  doubt  fomented  by  many  of  the  lately  dispossessed 
clergy.  As  the  history  of  this  rising  can  be  found  in  our 
histories,  and  as  the  local  connection  with  it  has  been  treated 
at  length  already  in  two  local  works,  the  briefest  mention  is 
only  necessary  here.t  The  leader  of  this  revolt,  in  which 
40,000  took  part,  was  one  Robert  Aske,  by  some  called  a 
gentleman  of  Yorkshire,  and  by  others  a  man  of  low 
parentage.  Their  object  was  to  bring  before  the  King  a 
series  of  vague  and  ill-considered  charges.  To  the  contingents 
raised  at  various  places,  Aske  issued  proclamations,  and 
that  despatched  to  Hawkshead  is  still  preserved,  and  although 
it  has  already  been  more  than  once  printed,  we  venture  to 
again  reproduce  it. 

"  To  the  Commyns  of  Hawkeside  Parish,  Bailiffs,  or  Con- 
stables, with  all  the  Hamletts  of  the  same 
"  Well  beloved,  we  greet  you  well ;  and  whereas  our 
brother  Poverty  and  our  brother  Roger  goith  forward,  is 
openly  for  the  aide  and  assistance  of  your  faith  and  holy 
church,  and  for  the  reformation  of  such  abbeys  and 
monasteries  now  dissolved  and  subpressed  without  any 
just  cause.  Wherefore  gudde  brethers  forasmuch  as  our 
sayd  brederyn  hath  sende  to  us  for  ayde  and  helpe,  wee 
do  not  only  effectualy  desire  you,  but  also  under  the 
paine  of  deadly  sinne  we  comaunde  you,  and  eury  of 
you,  to  be  at  the  stoke  Greene  beside  Hawkeside  Kirke, 
the  Saturday  next  being  the  xxviii  day  of  October,  by 
xi  of  the  clock  in  your  best  array  ;  as  you  will  make 

*See  West's  "Antiquities  of  Furness,"  ist  ed.,  p.  75  et  seq. 

f  Clarke's  "Survey  of  the  Lakes,"  1789,  p.  149.  Tweddell's  "Furness,  Past 
and  Present,"  i.  p.  75.  See  also  "Aske's  Rebellion,"  1536-7,  by  George  Watson, 
"Transactions  Cumberland  and  Westmorland  Arch,  and  Antiq.  Soc.,"  Vol  xiv. 
p.  335  et  seq. 

THE    PARISH.  xlvii 

answer   before   the   heigh  judge   at   the   dreadfull   day  of 
dome,  and   in  payne   of  pulling  doune   your   houses,   and 
leasing   of  your   gudds,   and   your   bodies    to   be    at   the 
Capteyn's  will :  for  at  the  place  aforesaid,  then  and  there, 
yee  and  wee  shall  take   further  directions  concerning  our 
faith,    so    farre    decayed,    and    for    gudde    and    laudable 
customes  of  the  country,  and  such  naughty  inventions  and 
strange   articles  now  accepted   and  admitted,  so   that  our 
said  brother  bee  subdued,  they  are  lyke  to  goe  furthwards 
to  utter  undoing  of  the  Comynwealth." 
"  Our  brother  Roger,"  mentioned  in  this  queer  document,  has 
been  conjectured  to  be  the  last  Abbot  of  Furness,  while  "our 
brother  Poverty,"    is    said    to    have  been  a  Hawkshead  fisher- 
man.*    The  rioters    eventually  met    the  Duke   of   Norfolk    at 
Doncaster,  and  through  him  a  long  list   of  demands  was  laid 
before  Henry  VIII.     The  King    replied  by  a    somewhat  deri- 
sive   letter,   but    pardoned    the    rioters,    who    dispersed.     Aske 
and   the  Lords  Darcy  and   Hussy   were    afterwards   beheaded, 
and   so  also,   according   to    Clarke's    "  Survey   of   the   Lakes," 
"  the    Abbot   and    Prior   of   Sawrey,   near    Hawkshead."     This 
must   surely  be  an  error    for  Salley,  the  last  Abbot  of  which, 
as  well  as  of  the   neighbouring  Abbey    of  Whalley,    suffered 
capital   punishment. 

Let  us  leave  Hawkshead,  with  its  smouldering  memories  of 
Popery  in  1537,  and  turn  to  it  as  a  centre  of  Nonconformity 
in  the  i/th  century.  During  the  period  which  had  elapsed 
between  these  two  dates,  Popery  had  again  for  a  brief 
period  replaced  Protestant  Episcopacy,  and  had  again  given 
way  to  it.  In  the  time  of  Charles  I.  a  new  religious  change 
had  taken  place,  and  Presbyterianism  had  superseded  Pro- 
testant Episcopacy.  Through  the  agency  of  the  "  Westminster 
Assembly  of  Divines,"  t  the  Parliament  in  1646  divided 

*  According  to  Mr.  A.  Craig  Gibson,  in  the  "  North  Lonsdale  Magazine," 
1866,  p.  259.  More  probably,  however,  "  our  brother  Poverty "  was  one  of  the 
four  Penrith  captains  (Hutton,  Beck,  Whelpdale,  and  Burbeck),  known  respectively 
as  Charity,  Faith,  Poverty,  and  Pity.  See  Mr.  Watson's  Paper,  already  cited. 

f  Dr.  George  Walker  before  mentioned  was  a  member. 


Lancashire  into  nine  classical  Presbyteries,  the  ninth  of  which 
consisted  of  Aldingham,  Urswick,  Ulverston,  Hawkshead, 
Colton,  Dalton,  Cartmel,  Kirkby,  and  Pennington.  With 
Charles  II.  Protestant  Episcopacy  once  more  became  the 
state  religion,  and  at  this  date  also  commenced  the  history 
of  modern  dissent. 

The  earliest  evidence  of  Nonconformity  is  thus  chronicled 
in  the  Register: — 

"  Burials  1658.  ffeb  xth.  Agnes  the  wife  of  Edward  Rigge  de 
Hye  wray  a  Quaker  which  was  buryed  at  Coulthouse  in 
George  Braithwt  packe  (parrock)  the  same  beinge  an  intended 
buryinge  place  for  that  sect,  and  shee  the  first  Corpse  which 
was  layde  therein." 

Now  George  Fox  did  not  make  his  first  visit  to  Furness 
till  1652,  and  his  own  chapel  was  not  built  at  Swarthmoor 
till  1688.  Yet,  although  the  above  entry  shows  how  rapidly 
the  earnest  doctrines  of  this  remarkable  man  took  root  in 
High  Furness,  it  is  no  proof  that  the  Hawkshead  meeting- 
house is  older  than  that  at  Swarthmoor.  The  deeds,  which 
are  kept  at  Kendal,  do  not  actually  state  the  date  of  erection, 
but  they  prove  that  while  the  land  for  the  burial-ground  was 
acquired  in  1658,*  that  for  the  meeting-house  was  not  pur- 
chased until  1688  :  and  also  that  previous  to  1698  most  of 
the  meetings  were  held  in  Hawkshead,  while  in  1698-9  they 
were  at  Coulthouse.  t  It  may  be  that  it  was  in  one  of  these 
years  that  the  meeting-house  was  first  completed  and  used. 
The  necessity  for  a  burial-ground  was  in  all  cases  more 
urgent  than  that  for  a  special  meeting-house,  for  in  these 
early  days  the  Friends  generally  gathered  in  the  private 
house  of  one  of  the  more  prominent  of  their  number. 

*The  conveyance  is  dated  4  March,  1658. 

fThe  old  meeting-house,  an  interesting  structure,  is  still  in  use.  Baines  says 
it  was  erected  in  1653,  probably  a  clerical  error  for  1658,  which  we  have  seen 
was  only  the  date  of  the  formation  of  the  burial-ground.  It  is  curious  to  note 
that  in  the  conveyance  of  the  land  for  this  purpose,  it  is  stated  that  the  parcel 
of  ground  was  then  known  as  the  "  Buriall  place,"  although  the  first  interment 
had  only  taken  place  less  than  one  month  before. 

THE    PARISH.  xlix 

It  was  in  1664  that  there  began  the  persecution  of  Non- 
conformists by  the  "  Conventicle  Act,"  which  ordained  that 
every  person  above  sixteen  attending  any  dissenting  meeting 
after  that  date  was  liable  to  imprisonment  for  three  months 
or  a  fine  of  £$  for  the  first  offence,  double  for  the  second 
offence,  and  for  a  third,  a  fine  of  ^100,  or  seven  years'  trans- 
portation to  the  American  Plantations,  from  which  escape  was 
death.  That  this  tyrannical  Act  was  no  dead-letter  at  Hawks- 
head,  a  warrant  for  the  suppression  of  such  a  meeting  at  High- 
wray,  which  is  now  in  Kendal  Museum,  well  illustrates.  This 
warrant  is  dated  i6th  January,  1684,  and  is  signed  by  Roger 
Kirkby  of  Kirkby  Hall,  the  lay  impropriator  of  the  Hawks- 
head  tithes,  and  the  son  of  that  Colonel  Kirkby  who  was  the 
relentless  persecutor  of  George  Fox  and  Margaret  Fell.  The 
meeting  took  place  on  the  3<Dth  day  of  the  previous  November 
at  the  "  mansion  house  of  George  Braithwaite,"  who  is  de- 
scribed in  the  warrant  as  "husbandman,"  which  then  meant 
farmer.  The  following  were  the  convictions  and  fines : — 

"George  Braitewaite  for  suffering  the  con- 
venticle above  mentioned  to  bee  kept  in 
his  said  house  the  sume  of  ...  ...  £20  oo  oo 

William  Atkinson,  of  Monke  Coniston, 
tanner,  for  his  being  present  at  the  con- 
venticle aforesaid,  and  for  his  having 
before  committed  (and  been  duly  con- 
victed of)  the  like  offence  ...  ...  oo  10  oo 

William    Satterthwaite,   Coulthouse,    mercer, 

for   the   like  ...  ...  ...  ...     oo     10    oo 

Edward  Satterthwaite,  of  Town  end,  tanner, 

for   the  like   offence     ...  ...  ...     oo     10     oo 

Charles  Satterthwaite,  of  Greene  end,  hus- 
bandman, for  the  like...  ...  ...  oo  10  oo 

Thomas  Rawlinson  of  Graithwaite,  gen., 
for  his  beinge  present  at  the  conventicle 
aforesaid,  being  his  first  offence  ...  oo  05  oo 

John    Park,  of  Skelwith,  hatter,  for  the  like     oo     05     oo 


John   Birkett,   of  the    same,    carpenter,    for 

the  like         ...  ...£00    05     oo 

Myles  Birkett,  of  Cartmelfell,  yeoman,  for 

the  like  ...  -  °°  °5  o° 

Agnes  Satterthwaite,  wife  of  the  said 

Edward  Satterthwaite,  for  the  like  ...  oo  05  oo 
Barbary  Satterthwaite,  wife  of  the  said 

Charles   Satterthwaite,    for   the   like        ...     oo    05     oo 

And  because  the  said  Agnes  Satterthwaite,  and  Barbary 
Satterthwaite,  are  feme  coverts  severally  cohabiting  with 
their  said  husbands,  I  have  therefore  adjudged  the  said 
severall  ffines  of  five  shillings  (imposed  on  each  of  them 
the  said  Agnes  Satterthwaite  and  Barbary  Satterthwaite) 
to  bee  levied  of  the  severall  goods  and  chatells  of  their 
said  husbands  respectively. 

A  certaine  man,  unknowne,  for  his  teachinge  and  preach- 
inge  in  the  conventicle  aforesaid,  hath  forfeited  (by  virtue  of 
the  said  statute)  the  sume  of  twenty  pounds,  and  because 
the  same  man  is  a  stranger,  and  his  name  and  habita- 
tion unknowne,  soe  that  the  said  sume  of  twenty  pounds 
by  him  soe  forfeited  cannot  bee  levied  of  his  goods  and 
chattells,  I  have  therefore  (by  my  discretion)  adjudged  the 
same  twenty  pounds  to  be  levied  of  the  severall  goods  and 
chattells  of  the  respective  persons  (who  were  also  present 
at  the  same  conventicle)  whose  names  are  hereunder  next 
mentioned,  in  manner  following  (that  is  to  say) 

The     said     William     Atkinson,     of    Monke 

Coniston  (in  parte  of  the   same   £20)  the 

sume  of  ...  ...  £05     oo     oo 

The  said  William  Satterthwaite  of  Coult- 

house  (in  further  parte  thereof)  other  ...  05  oo  oo 
The  said  Thomas  Rawlinson,  of  Graithwaite 

(in  further  parte  thereof)  other  ...  05  oo  oo 

The  said  Myles  Birkett  of  Cartmell  (the 

residue  thereof)  other...  ...  ...     o       Oo     oo" 

THE    PARISH.  li 

Even  earlier  than  this  date  fines  were  imposed  for  non- 
attendance  of  Church,  for  it  was  presumed  that  noncon- 
formity was  the  cause  of  such  neglect.  Fifteen  months  earlier 
we  find  the  following  : — 

"  This  is  to  the  Churchwardens  of  Hawkshead  to  fine  the 
persons  named  within  for  not  attending  Church  3  Sundays. 

"  17  Oct  .   1683. 

"Com.  Lanes. 

Foreasmuch  as  the  several  persons  hereunder  named  did 
not  upon  Sunday  the  sixteenth  of  September  last  past 
nor  upon  Sunday  then  next  following,  nor  upon  Sunday 
then  next  following,  resort  or  repair  to  any  church, 
chappell  or  any  other  place  appointed  for  common 
prayer,  and  there  heare  divine  service  according  to 
the  form  of  the  statute  in  that  behalfe  (made)  and 
being  called  before  us  did  not  make  sufficient  excuse 
for  their  said  defaulte  to  our  satisfaction  these  are 

therefore to  will  and  require  you  or    one  of  you 

doe  levye  by  distresse  and  sale  of  the  goods  of  their 
several  persons  hereunder  named  respectively  three 
shillings  for  their  defaulte  aforesaid  to  be  employed 
to  and  for  the  use  of  the  poor  of  your  parish  (ren- 
dering to  every  of  them  the  overplus  of  the  money) 
raised  of  the  goods  aforesaid  respectively  soe  to  be 
sould.  And  in  defaulte  of  such  distresse  that  you  doe 
certify  us  or  one  of  us  thereof  with  all  convenient  speed 
to  the  end  we  may  further  proceed  therein  as  to  Justice 
do  appertayne.  Hereof  fail  not  at  your  perils. 

"  Give'd  under  our  hands  and  seals  ye  seventeenth  day 
of  October  Ann°  Regni  Regis  Caroli  Secundi  vicesimo 
quinto  Anno  Domini  1683." 

This  mandate  is  signed  by  Roger  and  William  Kirkby,  and 
bears  two  impressions  in  wax  of  the  Kirkby  coat  of  arms. 
The  list  of  names  of  the  delinquents  numbers  about  sixty- 
one,  many  of  them  married  couples ;  and  we  recognise  among 
them  several  who  appear  at  the  High  Wray  Conventicle,  viz. : 



John    Birket,  William  Atkinson,   George  Braithwaite,  William 
Satterthwait,  Edward  Satterthwaite  and  his  wife,  and  Thomas 


The  next  oldest  Nonconformist  establishment  in  the  dis- 
trict is  the  Baptist  church  or  chapel  at  Tottlebank  in  Colton. 
This  was  established  at  the  house  of  one  William  Rawlinson 
"on  the  i8th  day  of  ye  sixth  month  called  Augst  1669,"  and 
among  the  members  joining  at  that  time  were  the  Reverend 
Gabriel  Camelford  or  Camerford,  who  had  already  been  ejected 
from  Stavely  chapelry  by  the  Act  of  Uniformity,  and  Roger 
Sawrey  of  Broughton  Torver,  an  old  Cromwellian  officer 
already  nicknamed  "  Praying  Sawrey."  Camelford  became  the 
first  Pastor,  and  during  his  time  the  place  was  visited  by 
George  Fox. 

In  1678  a  small  Baptist  Chapel  was  founded  at  Hawks- 
head  hill,  and  about  the  same  time  and  in  connection  with 
it,  one  at  Sunnybank  in  Torver.  The  one  at  Hawkshead  hill, 
recently  re-edified,  appears  to  have  been  formed  out  of  an 
old  cottage.  Its  old  records  are  unfortunately  entirely  lost. 
Its  small  graveyard  can  still  be  seen,  but  contains  no  inscrip- 
tion prior  to  1750. 

The  most  recent  of  the  old  Nonconformist  Chapels  is  that 
of  the  Friends  at  Rook  How  in  Colton,  which  was  founded 
in  1721.*  It  was  erected  as  a  convenient  centre  for  monthly 
meetings  :  and  it  is  believed  that  there  were  at  that  date  but 
few,  if  any,  resident  Quakers  in  this  immediate  vicinity. 

*The  Rook  How  Meeting  House  is  also  called  Abbot  Oak,  in  which  name 
we  can  trace,  as  in  the  neighbouring  "  Abbot  Park,"  a  relic  of  the  Monastic  rule. 
It  is  interesting  to  note  that  in  all  the  Quaker  Meeting  Houses  in  this  part  of  the 
world  the  same  plan  of  building  is  universal,  although  their  dates  are  often 
considerably  apart.  These  in  our  own  parish,  Colthouse  and  Rookhow,  are  exactly 
of  the  same  structural  design  as  that  at  Swarthmoor  and  the  one  at  the  "  Height" 
in  Cartmel.  The  Baptist  Chapel  at  Hawkshead  hill  and  the  Church  at  Tottlebank 
are,  however,  totally  different  from  them  and  from  each  other,  and  both  have 
probably  been  altered  from  dwelling-houses. 


IRegiatera  anJ>  tbeir  Stor?. 

r  I  "HE  oldest  Register  Book  of  Hawkshead  consists  of 
ninety-eight  pages  of  parchment,  bound  in  a  modern 
leather  binding,  and  measuring  with  this  binding  twenty-one 
inches  by  seven  inches :  the  actual  skins  being  about  one  inch 
less  in  each  direction.  Within,  on  a  modern  paper  leaf,  is 
written : — 

This  book  was  rebound  in  the  year  1836 
Thos  Alcock  Beck     \ 

Henry  Forrest  I 

_  ,  >  Churchwardens. 

John  Inman 

John  Creighton  / 

It  is  probably  to  the  first-named  of  these — the  industrious 
compiler  of  "  Annales  Furnesienses " — that  we  may  attribute 
the  present  excellent  condition  of  the  volume. 

The  skins  upon  which  the  register  is  written  vary  some- 
what in  character  in  different  parts  of  the  book.  Thus,  from 
the  commencement  to  Burials  1599,  the  handwriting  is  un- 
changed and  the  skins  bear  a  certain  glaze,  having  evidently 
been  prepared  in  the  same  way,  and  being  of  the  same 
period.  In  the  centre  of  the  book  the  character  of  the  skins 
is  somewhat  different,  and  they  are  in  general  somewhat 
thinner  and  whiter.  After  about  1680,  the  quality  deteriorates, 
and  the  inferiority  is  shown  by  the  way  they  have  frayed  at 
the  edges  in  use,  while  they  also  lack  the  glaze  of  the  older 
skins.  From  all  this  it  is  evident  that  the  book  is  a  com- 
position of  several  old  registers,  which  have  been  bound  up 
together.  The  enactments  on  the  subject  of  Parish  Registers, 
which  will  be  hereafter  referred  to,  bear  this  out. 

liv         THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY. 

Without  going  deeply  into  the  history  of  Parish  Registers, 
a  subject  that  has  been  ably  treated  in  more  than  one  work  * 
it  is  necessary  to  mention  the  chief  Acts  and  enactments,  and 
see  in  what  way  they  are  illustrated  in  the  book  before  us. 

The  first  injunction  for  regular  registration  was  made 
in  1536,  and  was  the  occasion  of  much  foolish  alarm  on  the 
part  of  the  people,  who  ignorantly  assumed  it  to  be  a  novel 
method  of  taxation.  It  even  became  one  of  the  grievances 
of  the  Pilgrimage  of  Grace  "that  no  infant  shall  receiue  the 
blessed  Sacrament  of  Baptisme,  bott  onlesse  an  trybett  to  be 
payd  to  the  King."  This  injunction  was,  nevertheless,  fol- 
lowed up  by  a  second  in  1538,  ordering  every  minister  to 
keep  a  book  in  which  he  should  write  the  day  and  year  of 
every  wedding,  christening,  and  burial,  and  that  the  book 
should  be  kept  "in  one  sure  coffer,  with  two  locks  and  keys," 
one  for  the  minister  and  one  for  the  wardens:  and  "which 
Book,"  the  injunction  proceeds,  "ye  shall  every  Sunday  take 
forth,  and  in  the  presence  of  the  said  Wardens  or  one  of 
them,  write  and  record  in  the  same,  all  weddings  christen- 
ings and  burials,  made  the  whole  week  afore,  and  that  done 
to  lay  up  the  Book  in  the  said  coffer  as  afore." 

From  this  date,  1538,  no  less  than  812  Parish  Registers 
begin,  and  no  doubt  many  others  did,  but  the  earlier  parts 
have  been  lost.  In  other  cases,  however,  it  is  extremely 
doubtful  if  the  injunction  was  properly  complied  with.  In 
1597  a  constitution  was  made  by  the  Archbishop,  Bishops, 
and  Clergy  of  Canterbury,  with  the  intent  of  the  better  pre- 
servation of  these  documents,  and  this  was  embodied  in  an 
ecclesiastical  mandate  of  1603.  By  this  canon  it  was  enacted 
that  a  parchment  book  should  be  provided  in  each  parish, 
and  the  old  register,  which  had  hitherto  been  kept  on  paper, 
was  to  be  transcribed  therein,  and  that  every  page  was  to  be 
signed  by  the  minister  and  churchwardens.  Furthermore  it 

*  "  The  History  of  Parish  Registers  in  England,"  by  John  Southerden  Burns 
(London,  1862),  and  "Parish  Registers  in  England,  their  History  and  Contents," 
by  R.  E.  Chester  Waters.  To  both  of  these  authors  I  am  much  indebted  for  use- 
ful information. 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY.          Iv 

was  ordained  that  the  book  should  be  kept  in  a  coffer  with 
three  locks,  the  minister  and  churchwardens  each  holding  a 
key,  and  that  yearly  transcripts  were  to  be  made  and  sent  to 
the  Bishop  or  to  bis  Chancellor. 

The  first  part  of  the  Hawkshead  volume,  that  from  1568 
to  1599,  is  accordingly  the  transcript  made  in  accordance 
with  these  enactments,  and  as  there  is  a  somewhat  important 
heading  to  begin  with,  it  is  a  question  whether  an  earlier 
register  had  been  kept.  It  is  worth  notice  also  that  Hawks- 
head  was  not  made  into  a  parish  until  ten  years  after  this 
date.  A  rather  interesting  feature  is  also  found  in  the  word- 
ing of  the  heading,  which  is  evidently  a  copy  of  one  on  the 
older  paper  register,  and  also  shows  that  the  register  from 
that  date  was  kept  in  a  book,  and  not  on  mere  paper  slips. 
Of  the  two  remaining  enactments  in  these  orders  we  find 
that  one  was  observed  and  the  other  neglected  at  Hawks- 
head.  The  coffer  with  three  locks  still  remains  in  the  church 
tower,  though  the  registers  are  of  course  no  longer  kept  there. 
The  signing  of  the  registers  on  each  page  by  minister 
and  churchwardens  was  never  done  at  Hawkshead  until  1722, 
in  the  ministry  of  the  Reverend  William  Bordley. 

The  episcopal  transcripts  of  the  Hawkshead  register  are 
now  at  Lancaster,  as  Hawkshead  was  in  the  old  archdeaconry 
of  Richmond  and  diocese  of  Chester.  They  commence  in 

At  the  beginning  of  this  first  section  of  the  Hawkshead 
register  are  several  memoranda  of  later  date,  some  of  which 
are  interesting.  The  first  is  an  order  with  reference  to 
Church  dues,  in  consequence  of  an  Act  of  1694.  This  entry 
is  now  somewhat  difficult  to  read,  but  fortunately  it  was 
printed  in  Thomas  Hearne's  "  Antiquities  of  Glastonbury."* 
The  parts  in  italics  are  supplied  from  that  work,  and  are  not 
now  legible.  Hearne  also  notes  that  the  entry  was  then  at 
the  end  of  the  register,  so  that  it  was  probably  inserted  in 
its  present  place  in  1836. 

*  Octavo,  Oxford,  1722,  p.  282.  The  entry  was  communicated  to  the  Editor 
of  this  work  by  Thomas  Rawlinson,  Esq. 

Ivi         THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY. 

"  October  ji  1694. 

"  Whereas    There     hath     beene     of    late     some     difference 
(concerninge)*  the    Church    dues    due    within    the   pparish    of 

"  It  is  this  day  for  the  ascertaneng  the  said  dispute  for  the 
future   by  the   consent   of  Roger   Kirkby   Esqre    Impropriator 
there,    and    of    the    four    and    twenty    of    the    said    pparish : 
Ordered   that   the  dues   ^following   Shall   be   paid   to   the  said 
Roger   Kirkby   and   his   Successors    in  manner   and    forme   as 
formerly  they  have  beene  paid  time  out  of  mind 

That  is  to  say 

ffor  every  marriage  of  fforeiners  by  lycence    ...       i       A& 
ffor  every  Buriall  in  the  chancell  ...         ...       6       8d 

ffor   every   Churchinge   of  wives    livinge    within) 

the  Bailliwicke  of  Hawkshead 

ffor   every   Buriall    in    any   part   of    the   church\ 

(except    in   the   chancell)   and   alsoe   in  the  I 

churchyard  of  all  persons  dyinge  within  the  F 

Bailiwicke  of  Hawkshead  J 

ffor  every  marriage  when  either  the  man  or  the) 

woman  lives  within   Hawkshead  Bayliwicke' 

(The    Chancell  belonging    to    Mr    Sandys    Quire) 

Southinge  I  burialls  excepted  > 

Alsoe  all  ffreeholds  to  pay  as  usually  for  reges- 

teringe  for  every  churching  %  ...         ...  ^ 

ffor  every  marriage  ...          -;  ^d 

ffor  regesteringe  every  Buriall      4d 

Roger  Kirkby 
Sam  Sandys 
Myles  Sandys 
Thomas  Sandys 
William  Braithwaite 
William  Sawrey 
Adam  Rigge 

*  Hearne  reads  "  touchinge." 
f  Hearne  reads  "  touching." 
I  Hearne  reads  "  christeninge. " 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY.        Ivii 

Henery  Sawrey  +  mke 
George  Kirkby  +  mke 
William  Benson 
Robt  Braithwait* 
Willm  Sawrey  f 
James  Taylor  mrke  + 
John  Braithwaite 
Robt  Benson 
James  Braithwaite 
(illegible)  t 
Myles  Sands 
.  .  yles  Strickland 
Thomas  Braithwt 
George  (?)  Banks 
William  Satterthwaite 
John  Sawrey 
Richard  Harrison 
Gawin  Braithwait " 

On  the  same  page  is  the  following  list  of  sidesmen  for 

"The  names  of  the  twenty  foure  of  the  Parish  of  Hawks- 
head  aforesaid  §  and  made  up  the  7th  day  Aprill  1702 

Myles  Sandys  Esqre 
Mr  Thomas  Sandys 
John  Sarey 
William  Braithwaite 
Robert  Satterthwaite 
Adam  Rigge 
Robert  Benson 
William  Sarey 
(illegible)  || 

*  Hearne  reads  "Setterthwaite." 

f  Hearne  reads  "  Caures,"  evidently  wrongly. 

J  Omitted  altogether  by  Hearne. 

§  This  list  is  also  in  Hearne,  and  reads  here  "  appointed." 

||  Omitted  by  Hearne. 

Iviii       THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY. 

Will  Benson 

Richard  Harrison 

Oliver  Sandys 

Willia  Sarey 

William  Mackereth 

George  Banks 

William  Satterthwaite 

William  Knipe 

George  Borwicke 

Anthony  Atkinson 

James  Braithwaite 

Robert  Robinson 

George  Braithwait 

William  Mackereth  (of  Browe) 

xxiiij  die  Isabell  Sands  of  Fowlyete  Affidavit 

Dinah  Knipe  ? 
Myles  Sandys  ? 

April  ye  ioth  1704  The  names  of  ye  24  of  the  of 


Sattrthwaite  divition 

Myles  Sandys  Esq 

Rob1  Sattrtwhaite 

Wm  Sawrey 

Wm  Knipe 

Rob*  Tayler 

Wm  Townson 
Claife  divition 

Wm  Braythw1 

Wm  Sawrey 

Olivr  Sandys 

Wra  Satterthw1 

James  Braythw1 

Wm  Satterthw* 
Hauxhead  Baylewick 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY.         lix 

Field  head  Quarts 

Thomas  Sandys  gent 

Adam  Rigg 

Wm  Benson 

George  Berwick 

Rob4  Robinson 

Wm  Mackereth? 
Skelwith  Quartr 

Wm  Mackreth 

Rob1  Benson 

Gawen  Braythw1 

George  (?)  Banke 

John  Sawrey 

Richard  Harrison  * 

After  which  is  the  following  half-destroyed  entry  : 
To  wch  nomination  the  24  have  agree  .... 

day  above  written  &  Likewise  .... 
.  .  .  animouse  consent  agree  yl  a  fine 

shall  be  Imposed 

by  every  .  .  . 

upon  notice  .  .  . 

On  the  third  page  is  the  following  curious  entry  about  a 
man  servant,  in  which  Dr.  Craig  Gibson  has  suggested  that 
we  see  a  faint  trace  of  serfdom.! 

"M°  That  the  13th  day  of  June  1664  James  ffisher  of 
Ambleside  yeoman,  came  to  mee,  with  a  certificate  under 
the  hands  of  Thomas  Braithwaite  of  Hawkshead  sadl  .... 
Richard  Knype  of  Coniston  constable  and  Balth(azar)  Puth 
parker  and  George  Kirkby  of  Conistone  affores(aid)  which 
declared  unto  mee  that  James  Nicolson  late  servante  to 
William  Sawrey  of  Conistone  Waterhead  hadd  the  free  con- 
sente  of  her  sayd  master  to  departe  out  of  his  service 
Ita  test 

*  In  the  Parish  Account  Books  there  are  other  lists  for  1716,   1751,  and  1766. 
t  "The  North  Lonsdale  Magazine,"  1866-7,  P-   260. 

Ix          THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY. 

Christoph  Edmonson 
pastor  Emx 

June  24th  1664" 

The  next  entry  shows  how  the  volume  was  added  to  by 
new  leaves  in  the  i;th  century. 

"M.    That   us  foure   churchwardens   did   add   to  this  booke 
34  leaves  and  covered  it  this  prsent  yeare  An0  Dom  1664 
Robert   Satterthwait     \ 

John  Braythwait  / 

'    .     ,_.  >  Churchwardens." 

Robert  Rigge  I 

Richard  Walker 

Then  follows  one  of  the  most  interesting  entries  in  all  the 
register — a  most  graphic  account  of  a  terrible  storm  : 

"  *  Bee  it  remembered  that  upon  the  Tenth  day  of  June 
att  nighte  in  the  yeare  of  our  lord  the  one  thousand  sixxe 
hundred  eighty  and  sixxe  there  was  such  a  fearefull  Thunder 
with  fyre  and  rayne  which  occasioned  such  a  terrible  flood 
as  the  like  of  it  was  never  scene  in  these  parts  by  noe  man 
liveinge ;  for  it  did  throwe  downe  some  houses  and  milles 
and  tooke  Away  seuerall  briggs  ;  yea  the  water  did  run 
through  houses  and  did  much  hurte  to  houses  ;  besydes  the 
water  wasn't  upp  greate  trees  by  the  roots  and  the  becks  and 
gills  carried  them  with  other  greate  trees  stocks  and  greate 
stones  a  greate  way  off  and  layd  them  on  men's  ground  ;  yea 
further  the  water  did  soe  fiercely  run  doun  the  hye-ways  and 
made  such  deepe  holes  and  ditches  in  them  that  att  seuerall 
places  neither  horse  nor  foote  coulde  passe ;  and  besydes  the 
becks  and  rivers  did  soe  breake  out  of  their  races  as  they 

*  The  writer  of  this  account  was  not  romancing,  for  in  a  small  MS.  volume 
containing  an  account  of  the  disbursement  of  a  Claife  Charity,  occurs  the  following 
note : — 

"1686  The  great  thunder  lightening  and  flood  The  IO  day  of  June  betwixt 

6  and  10  in  the  afternoone." 

This  little  volume,  which  is  in  the  possession  of  Miss  Hodgson,  of  Green-end, 
had  been  used  as  a  private  account  book  before  any  entries  were  made  of  the 
charity.  The  earliest  of  the  latter  is  dated  1697-8. 


THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY.        Ixi 

broughte  exceedinge  greate  sand  beds  into  men's  ground  att 
many  places  which  did  great  hurte  the  neuer  like  was 
knowne ;  I  pray  God  of  his  greate  mercy  graunte  that  none 
which  is  now  liveinge  can  never  see  the  like  againe." 

Such  terrible  devastation  from  a  thunder  storm  has  never 
been  recorded  before  or  since  in  the  annals  of  the  parish, 
although  the  tremendous  gale  of  December  the  22nd,  1894, 
almost  equalled  it  in  its  destructive  effects.  Such  an  entry 
as  this  well  illustrates  the  value  of  our  old  parish  registers, 
and  makes  us  regret  that  no  similar  manner  of  recording 
extraordinary  events  exists  at  the  present  day.  Our  news- 
papers, printed  as  they  are  on  paper  which  will  probably 
last  but  a  comparatively  short  period,  and  which  are  not  filed 
in  any  local  depository  for  permanent  preservation,  and  future 
information,  can  but  poorly  supply  the  place  of  the  old  vellum 

The  first  section  of  the  register,  that  from  1568  to  Burials 
1599,  is  written  in  a  most  careful  and  beautiful  hand  of  the 
end  of  the  i6th  century.  Omissions  of  any  sort  are  ex- 
tremely scarce,  and  corrections  are  almost  unknown.  The 
names  are  written  in  their  English  form,  but  the  headings 
are  in  Latin,  as  : 

"  Baptizationes  Infantiu  Ano  Domi  1568" 

The  days  of  the  month  are  generally  shown  in  Roman 
numerals,  although  occasionally  Arabic  figures  are  used.  The 
contraction  used  in  these  cases  is  always  "th,"  even  if  they  be 
1st,  2nd,  or  3rd,  these  being  written  ith,  ijth,  and  iijth.  Occa- 
sionally we  get  Firste  instead  of  ith. 

Down  to  1580,  we  get  no  further  information  than  the 
names  of  the  persons  baptised,  buried,  or  married,  with  the 
exception  of  a  plague  year  in  1577,  which  will  be  further 
noticed.  In  1580,  however,  the  system  of  giving  the  residence 

*  On  the  formation  of  Parish  Councils  it  was  decided,  on  the  suggestion  of  the 
present  writer  (then  on  the  Council),  to  keep  an  historical  record  of  matters  of 
general  interest  occurring  in  the  parish.  The  writer  was  elected  the  first  Parish 
Historian.  The  keeping  of  it  is  now  in  the  hands  of  a  small  committee  of  the 
Council,  and  it  is  intended  to  continue  the  work  from  year  to  year. 

Ixii        THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY. 

of   the   person    buried   is   first    found,   although    only   in    one 
instance — 

May  viijth  Wm  Rigge  de  Churchfield 

and  in  the  same  year  we  find  the  occupation  of  the  deceased 
given  in  one  case — 

June  xxviijth  Thomas  Satterthwaite  scolarus 

In  the  following  year  we  find  the  name  of  the  father  of  the 
baptised  frequently  inserted,  and  this  becomes  general  in  1582. 
Soon  after,  it  is  found,  though  not  universally,  in  the  burials. 
The  placing  of  the  residence  of  the  deceased  after  his  name 
is,  however,  very  unusual  until  1597,  when  there  are  several 
examples.  After  that  date  it  is  often  found  both  in  burials 
and  baptisms. 

Although  it  was  not  until  the  Act  of  1653  that  lay  regis- 
trars (or  registers  as  they  were  called)  were  ordered  to  be 
appointed,  we  find  a  notification  in  the  Hawkshead  register 
at  the  beginning  of  1640,  "  Registered  by  George  Rigg  as 
followeth,"  and  the  handwriting  accordingly  appears  to  change 
here.  At  January,  1653,  there  is  a  marginal  note,  "  New 
Register  begins,"  but  as  the  handwriting  does  not  change,  it 
would  seem  that  this  was  but  a  little  subterfuge,  a  precaution 
against  any  examination  of  the  book,  and  that  a  new  register 
did  not  begin  then,  George  Rigg  having  apparently  had  that 
duty  relegated  to  him  in  1640.  This  George  Rigg  was  for 
many  years  the  parish  clerk,  who  by  his  will,  1706,  left  a 
considerable  sum  to  the  parish.  It  appears  that  he  also 
acted  for  a  long  period  as  registrar,  for  in  1668  we  find  under 
burials  an  entry,  "  Jan  3Oth  Agnes  Rigge  my  ant."  And  as 
late  as  1697  we  find  two  marriages  inserted  in  a  strange 
hand,  with  a  memorandum  that  "  Geo  Rigg  forgot  these." 

It  is  not  improbable  that  when  by  the  Act  of  1653  lay 
registers  were  appointed,  Rigg  obtained  the  appointment,  and 
on  the  death  of  the  clerk,  John  Satterthwaite,  in  1656,  suc- 
ceeded him  : 

"  November  vth  John  Satterthw1  Clarke  of  the  parish." 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY.       Ixiii 

Thus  he  might  register  both  before  and  after  the  restoration  : 
but  as  we  find  him  registering  as  early  as  1640,  he  may  also 
have  been  clerk  before  as  well  as  after  Satterthwaite.* 

At  this  date,  i.e.,  between  the  Act  of  1653  and  the 
restoration,  marriages  were  celebrated  by  a  civil  form  before 
a  Justice,  and  accordingly  we  find  them  omitted  in  the 
Hawkshead  volume  from  1653  to  1655. 

In  1644  The  Directory  of  Public  Worship  was  substituted 
for  the  Book  of  Common  Prayer,  and  on  the  same  occasion 
it  was  enacted  that,  besides  the  names  of  the  children  baptised, 
there  should  be  entered  in  the  register  the  names  of  the 
parents  and  also  the  time  of  birth  and  baptism.  The  times 
of  marriages,  deaths,  and  burials,  were  also  ordered  to  be 
inserted.  In  the  Act  of  1653,  births  only,  and  not  baptisms, 
are  mentioned,  and  consequently  at  this  date  the  registers 
often  contain  the  former  instead  of  the  latter.  This  is, 
however,  not  the  case  at  Hawkshead,  and  this  lends  colour  to 
the  supposition  that  here  this  Act  was  partly  shirked.  At 
the  Restoration,  1660,  the  registration  devolved  on  the  clergy 
again :  and  about  this  date  the  handwriting  changes  in  a 
somewhat  puzzling  way. 

In  1679  was  passed  the  curious  Act  enforcing  the  burial  of 
all  bodies  in  woolen.  Originally  enacted  in  1666,  with  the 
ridiculous  object  of  encouraging  and  protecting  the  woolen 
trade,  it  had  been  generally  disregarded.  Accordingly,  by  the 
new  and  more  strict  regulation,  it  was  ordered  that  an 
affidavit  was  to  be  produced  within  eight  days  of  the  burial. 
Fortunately  a  large  number  of  these  affidavits  have  been 
preserved  at  Hawkshead,  and  the  present  writer  himself 
rescued  from  the  old  parish  chest  no  less  than  ninety,  which 
were  all  more  or  less  decaying  from  the  damp  and  inroads 
of  mice.  They  are  of  great  interest  as  they  serve  to  check 
the  register  itself  and  enable  the  student  to  fill  up  all  gaps 
where  the  register  is  damaged  or  unreadable.  The  one 

*  There  are,  however,  numerous  changes  in  handwriting  in  the   latter  half  of 
the  book,  all  of  which  are  notified  in  their  proper  places  by  footnotes. 

Ixiv       THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY. 

hundred  and  ninety-four  which  still  exist  all  belong  to  the 
years  1680  to  1696  inclusive.  An  abstract  of  them  will  be 
found  printed  as  an  appendix. 

It  is  supposed  that  a  much  larger  number  of  these 
certificates  were  in  existence  at  Hawkshead  until  a  com- 
paratively late  date.  It  is  said  that  some  years  ago,  on  the 
occasion  of  some  alterations  or  restorations  at  the  Church, 
the  old  chest  was  moved  or  opened,  and  many  of  those 
documents  got  loose  and  were  blown  about  the  roads  leading 
to  Hawkshead  and  lost  in  the  mud.  This  story  is  apparently 
not  without  foundation,  as  the  present  writer  has  seen 
examples  of  woolen  certificates  in  houses  in  the  town. 

Although  certificates  exist  for  the  years  1680-1,  1683-91, 
and  1693-6,  there  is  no  alteration  in  the  form  of  burial 
entries  in  the  register  itself,  except  in  the  years  1681-3, 
during  which  the  names  of  the  parties  making  affidavit  is 
added  to  the  name  of  the  deceased. 

In  1694  an  Act  was  passed  imposing  a  scale  of  dues  to  be 
paid  for  five  years  on  all  births,  deaths,  and  marriages,  "  for 
carrying  on  the  war  against  France  with  vigour."  In 
consequence  of  this  we  find  the  list  of  dues  already  quoted, 
which  is  written  at  the  beginning  of  the  register  book.*  The 
original  scale  as  provided  for  by  the  Act  is  given  in  Burns' 
"  Parish  Registers,"  p.  30.,  and  provides  a  separate  rate  for 
burials,  births,  and  marriages,  of  the  different  degrees  of 
nobility,  as  Duke,  Marquis,  and  Earl.  This  is,  of  couse,  all 
omitted  in  the  scale  of  dues  at  Hawkshead  and  it  varies 
considerably  otherwise.  In  the  following  year,  1695,  it  was 
enacted  that  all  births  were  to  be  registered  in  a  distinct 
Register ;  but  this  was  no  more  noticed  at  Hawkshead  than 
elsewhere,  and  the  register  of  births  is  neither  found  in  the 
Parish  register  or  separately.  This  Act  was  allowed  to  expire, 
and  the  system  was  not  revived  until  civil  registration  was 
started  in  1836. 

As    it    is    of    some    interest    to    compare    the    numbers    of 

*See  p.  Ivi. 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY.        Ixv 

baptisms,  marriages,  and  burials  during  the  years  over  which 
this  volume  of  the  register  extends,  a  table  showing  the 
figures  is  here  given.  Bishop  Gastrell  says  that  Colton 
continued  to  bury  at  Hawkshead  till  1722,  but  the  register 
of  that  parish  commences  with  burials  1623,  and  I  suspect  it 
was  about  that  date  when  they  commenced  to  bury  there. 
The  year  1623  was  a  plague  year,  and  in  the  Colton  register 
the  minister  of  the  parish  Sr  Willm  Greenupp  forms  the  first 
entry.  Probably  the  residents  of  Colton  parish  buried  their 
dead  wherever  it  was  most  convenient  for  them,  for  Colton 
Church  was  somewhat  inacessible  to  those  residing  in  the 
north-east  part  of  the  parish,  and  the  roads  were  steep  and 

Baptisms.  Marriages.  Burials. 

1568  ...  52  14  45 

1569  41  7  42 

1570  47  9  56 

1571  ...  51  14  38 

1572  ...  38  14  60 

1573  ...  52  16  67 

1574  .-  34  8  42 

1575  ...  57  H  49 

Note  that  this  year  the  order  of  the  entries  changes,  and 
the  burials  are  placed  after  the  baptisms  instead  of  the 

1576  ...  34  16  38 

1577  46  14  86 

This  is  noted  in  the  register  as  the  year  of  a  "  pestelent 

1578  41  7  44 

1579  .-  35  5  35 

Note  that  this  year  the  order  changes,  and  becomes  burials, 
baptisms,  marriages. 

*  The  Colton  register  seems  fairly  complete  from  1623  to  1643.  The  years 
1644-50  have  lost  a  good  many  entries.  And  then  there  is  a  complete  gap  to 

Ixvi       THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY. 

Baptisms.  Marriages.  Burials. 


1581    ... 



1588    ... 









































































































This    year    the    order    is     changed     to     baptisms,    burials, 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY.      Ixvii 
























































































This  year  the  order 

reverts  to 

baptisms,  marriages,  burials. 









1636    ... 








































































Ixviii     THE  REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY. 



The  marriage  entered  in  another  hand,  but  none  in  the 
ordinary  course.  Space  for  marriages  has  been  left  for  1653, 
1654  and  1655. 

1655  ...  29  31 

1656  35  5  48 

1657  21  14  35 

1658  33  7  37 

1659  ...  26  8  50 

1660  ...  31  8  34 

1661  ...  30  9  51 

1662  32  15  37 

1663  45  8  38 

1664  36  16  28 

1665  35  13  32 

1666  ...  32  1 6  40 

1667  31  12  41 

1668  ...  19  6  60 

1669  ...  30  12  65 

1670  ...  24  10  63 

1671  22  7  54 
J672  ...       21  10  69 

1673  40  5  36 

1674  24  3  44 

1675  ...  13  3  35 
I(576  1 8  5  26 

1677  .-  25  9  26 

1678  3o  Ir  23 

1679  ...  15  8  23 

1680  27  „  23 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY.       Ixix 




















The   order   of  this  year  is :    marriages,  burials,   christenings. 
Four  christenings  were  at  Satterthwaite. 

1685  ...                 28                     21  32 
Order — baptisms,  burials,  marriages. 

1686  ...                 27                     12  34 
Reverts  to  the  old  order,  baptisms,  marriages,  burials. 

The  order  here  becomes  baptisms,  burials,  marriages. 

1701  ...  23  14  29 
The  order  reverts  to  baptisms,  marriages,  burials. 

1702  33  13  24 

1703  ...  22  II  28 

1704  ...  14+7  =  21         9  21 













































From  this  table  we  can  deduce  the  following  averages  :- 

Average  No.      Average  No.  Years  in  which  the 

of  Baptisms 

of  Burials 

Burials  were  10 



per  year. 

per  year. 

the  average 


...    45* 


1573      .•• 


1577      ... 



...     34* 


1580      ... 


(1583      ... 



...     37TV 


1591       ... 


1597      ... 



...     361*0 


1598      ... 


1607      ... 



Births  1610 

1612     ... 


missing,  average  for  9  years 

1613      ... 


...     42* 



(1624  missing 


1622      ... 


...     47T3o 


1623      ... 



...     481^0 


1630      ... 


I636      ... 



...     44 


1640      ... 


1648      ... 



...     32 


1652      ... 


1656      ... 



...     3i* 


1661     ... 


1668     ... 



...     24! 


1669     ... 


1670     ... 


1671     ... 


1672     ... 



...     271 


1681     ... 


1682     ... 



...     27^5- 


1696     ... 


1699-1704     ...     25!            271 

1699     ... 


It  thus  appears  that  from  1568  to  1704,  the  ten  years  of 
highest  mortality  were:  1573,  67;  1577,  86;  1591,  67;  1597, 
84;  1598,  66;  1613,  65  ;  1623,  97  ;  1636,  67  ;  1669,  65  ;  1672, 
69,  and  that  the  averages  fluctuate  in  a  very  remarkable 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY.       Ixxi 

manner,  for  if  we  take  the  average  mortality  of  the  years 
1669  to  1678  we  find  it  only  48^,  while  for  the  five  years 
from  1668  to  1672  we  get  an  average  of  no  less  than  62^,  and 
in  the  following  eight  years  it  drops  to  33!. 

These  years  of  excessive  mortality  show  that  Hawkshead 
escaped  the  plague  no  more  than  other  northern  parishes.  This 
fearful  scourge  was,  indeed,  never  absent  in  these  counties  from 
1570  to  1598,  and  did  not  finally  disappear  from  the  English 
bills  of  mortality  till  1679.*  It  was  bad  at  Newcastle  in  1570 
and  is  supposed  to  have  come  to  Cumberland  from  there. 
The  mortality  shown  in  the  above  table  at  Hawkshead 
proves  that  in  1572  and  1573  it  reached  Furness,  although 
there  is  no  mention  of  it  in  the  register.  The  following  three 
years— 1574-5-6 — were  healthy  at  Hawkshead,  although  in  the 
last  year  it  was  again  at  Newcastle.  Apparently,  it  spread 
south  through  Cumberland  in  the  same  way,  for  the  next 
year  we  find  the  heavy  mortality  of  86  at  Hawkshead,  against 
38  of  the  previous  year.  It  broke  out  in  November,  when 
we  find  the  following  entry  in  the  register : — 

"  *  In  this    monthe  begane  the  pestelent  sicknes  in  or  pishe 

wch  was  brought   in    by  one    George  Barwicke    wherof  is 

depted  all  those  yl  are  thus  marked  *  " 

Thirty-eight  names  are  accordingly  starred  as  victims.  The 
first  plague  burial  was  on  the  I9th  November,  the  last  on 
the  25th  February.  There  were  two  deaths  in  November, 
sixteen  in  December,  sixteen  in  January,  and  four  in  February. 
The  thirty-eight  deaths  were  in  but  eight  families,  or  at  any- 
rate  among  only  eight  surnames,  and  we  may  therefore  con- 
clude that  the  pestilence  was  confined  to  a  few  households. 
The  greatest  sufferers  were  the  Tomlinsons,  of  whom  no  less 
than  twelve  succumbed,  two  being  buried  on  December  i8th, 
and  three  on  January  I7th.  Among  the  Hodgsons  there  were 
eight  deaths.  The  Barwicks,  who  had  brought  it  in,  got  off 

*  I  am  indebted  to  a  paper  on  "  Visitations  of  the  Plague  in  Cumberland 
and  Westmorland,"  by  Henry  Barnes,  M.D.,  F.R.S.E.,  in  vol.  xi.  "Transactions 
of  the  Cumberland  and  Westmorland  Antiquarian  Society,"  p.  158,  for  much  useful 
information  on  this  subject. 

Ixxii      THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY. 

with  six,   the    Kirkbys   with  five,  the   Wattersons   with    three, 
the  Walkers  with  two,  and   the  Rigges    and  Dixons  with  one 


From  the  i8th  December  to  the  3ist  there  were  twelve 
burials  from  the  plague  in  thirteen  days.  There  was  then  a 
pause  of  four  days  without  a  burial,  and  then  from  January  5th 
to  1 7th  the  burials  averaged  one  per  day.  On  the  last-named 
day  there  were  no  less  than  four  burials,  of  whom  three  were 

After  the  13th  February  there  is  only  one  name  starred 
(also  a  Tomlinson)  on  the  25th.  The  next  year  the  mortality 
was  normal. 

A  curious  entry  during  this  plague  year  is  on  January 
viiith :  "  *  Anthony  Dixson  buried  in  Langdall  the  last  day  of 
December  and  taken  up  agayne  and  brought  to  Hauxhead 
the  xjth  day  of  January."  Perhaps  Dixson  was  a  Hawkshead 
man  who  died  at  Langdale  of  the  plague,  and  the  Langdale 
people  rinding  the  ravages  the  plague  was  making  at  Hawks- 
head,  thought  that  a  plague-stricken  corpse  should  not  remain 
in  their  parish.  It  looks,  in  fact,  as  if  the  plague  had  not 
attacked  that  valley  at  that  date. 

In  1580  and  1583  the  mortality  was  again  considerably 
above  normal,  and  in  1591  it  attained  to  67;  and  although 
there  is  in  no  part  of  the  book  any  special  memoranda 
referring  to  the  causes  of  this,  there  need  be  no  doubt  as  to 
what  they  were,  even  if  it  were  only  by  the  number  of 
individuals  of  one  surname  who  succumbed. 

In  1597  the  mortality  suddenly  jumped  to  84,  only  two 
less  than  the  plague  year  of  1577.  This  year  is  known  as 
a  plague  year,  for  the  disease  raged  with  disastrous  results 
at  Newcastle,  Carlisle,  Penrith,  Appleby,  and  in  fact  all  over 
Cumberland  and  Westmorland.*  At  Hawkshead  the  deaths 
were  more  numerous  in  the  early  part  of  the  year,  being  ten 
in  April,  twelve  in  May,  and  ten  in  June ;  but  it  seems  to 

•For  many  details  of  this  disastrous  visitation  see  Dr.  Barnes'  paper  already 
alluded  to. 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY.     Ixxiii 

have   remained   throughout  the   year  and  into  the   next   year, 
when  there  were  also  sixty-six  burials. 

This  plague  of  1597  broke  out  in  September,  at  Penrith, 
where  it  was  brought  by  a  "  foreigner,"  and  it  has  been  said 
that  its  route  was  Newcastle,  Kirkoswald,  Penrith,  Appleby, 
Kendal.  The  mortality  being  heavier  at  Hawkshead  in  the 
earlier  months  of  the  year,  it  would  however  appear  to  have 
reached  Furness  by  some  other  line. 

These  days  of  calamity  told  their  tale  in  another  way  in 
the  register.  The  average  number  of  marriages  recorded  per 
year  from  1570  to  1599  inclusive,  is  just  under  twelve.  But 
it  is  curious  to  find  the  effect  of  the  epidemics.  The  years 
in  which  the  mortality  was  above  normal,  the  number  of 
weddings  were  also  above  normal,  but  the  ensuing  years  in 
each  case  were  the  reverse.  Thus  in  1572  and  1573  the 
marriages  were  fourteen  and  sixteen,  but  in  1574  they 
dropped  to  eight.  In  1577  they  were  fourteen,  in  1578  only 
seven.  In  1580  they  were  fourteen,  in  the  following  year 
only  six.  In  1583,  sixteen,  and  in  1584  only  seven.  While 
in  1597  we  find  sixteen,  and  in  1598  only  eight. 

Of  course  the  month  of  the  year  in  which  the  epidemic 
commenced  sometimes  influenced  this.  The  visitation  of  1577 
broke  out  in  November,  and  the  first  plague  burial  took 
place  on  the  I9th  of  that  month.  The  number  of  marriages 
in  that  year  were  already  above  the  average,  but  no  more 
were  celebrated  until  September  in  the  ensuing  year,  although 
the  plague  had  ceased. 

The  plague  of  1597  was  more  general  throughout  the  year, 
and  at  Penrith,  where  the  population  was  infinitely  larger,  no 
wedding  was  celebrated  during  the  summer.  At  Hawkshead, 
no  one  ventured  on  matrimony,  except  three  couples,  until 
October,  yet  by  the  end  of  the  year  there  had  been  sixteen. 

The  plague  had  not  yet  completed  its  work.  Although 
there  is  no  regular  record  of  another  visitation  until  1623, 
there  is  no  doubt  that  it  lingered  in  the  district ;  indeed, 
Bishop  Henry  Robinson  died  of  it  at  Rose  Castle  in  1616. 
Before  this,  however,  we  notice  the  high  rate  of  mortality 

Ixxiv     THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY. 

evinced  by  the  Hawkshead  register  in  1612  and  1613, 
which  were  most  probably  less  virulent  outbreaks.  In  1623, 
however,  the  burials  numbered  97,  much  more  than  double 
the  average  of  the  years  1618-1628.  This  epidemic  was 
common  all  over  Cumberland,  Westmorland,  and  even  the 
South  of  Scotland.  Dr.  Barnes,  in  a  paper  already  referred 
to,  has  published  a  tabular  statement  of  the  mortality  at 
certain  places  in  the  district,  during  the  various  plague  years, 
and  from  this  it  appears  that  many  spots  were  even  worse 
off  than  Hawkshead,  the  mortality  at  Greystoke,  for  instance, 
being  more  than  five  times  the  average  in  that  year.*  The 
year  preceding  had  been  much  above  the  average,  but  it  was 
from  August  to  December,  1623,  when  the  visitation  was  at 
its  worst  at  Hawkshead.  The  following  shows  the  burials 
for  each  month  : — 

March  ...  I  October           .  9 

April  ...  3  November  ...  13 

May  ...  7  December  ...  7 

June  ...  5  January  ...  i 

July  ...  7  February  ...  n 

August  ...  21  March  ...  2 

September     ...  10 

As  there  is  no  special  note  in  the  register,  or  mark  showing 
which  individuals  died  by  the  plague,  it  is  not  easy  to  say 
much  about  this  epidemic  locally,  severe  as  it  was.  It  does 
not,  however,  appear  to  have  been  so  confined  to  certain 
households  as  that  of  1577,  though  there  seems  to  be  six  or 
seven  examples  of  both  husband  and  wife  succumbing.  It  is 
curious  that  the  following  year  is  omitted  from  the  register, 
except  four  or  five  entries  which  are  inserted  in  the  space 
for  1624,  which  is  left  blank.  These  are  in  different  hands. 
In  1625  the  register  is  resumed  in  the  usual  hand.  Perhaps 
the  Registrar  himself  was  a  sufferer.  In  1625  there  were, 

*  In  1623  there  were  no  less  than  270  burials  at  Lancaster,  although  the  plague 
ceased  a  month  before  the  end  of  the  year.— J.  S.  Slinger,  in  "  Lancaster  Guardian," 
April  ilth,  1896. 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY.      Ixxv 

however,  only  six  marriages,  from  which  it  is  possible  that 
1624  as  well  as  1623  was  a  bad  year  at  Hawkshead.  Of  the 
other  years  of  high  mortality,  I  have  at  present  no  means 
at  hand  for  comparing  Hawkshead  with  other  parishes.  The 
year  1636  was  isolated,  the  mortality  being  normal  in  the 
years  preceding  and  following.  In  1656,  a  year,  however,  of 
average  mortality,  we  find  the  following  entry  : — 

March  xxth    Barbary  Braithw1 
xxjth  Jane    Braithwaite 
and  Sybell  Braithwaite 

All  three  children  of 
Will™  Braithw1  of  Narr 
Sawrey  and  dyed  of 
the  Pocks. 

After  this  the  mortality  remained  fairly  equable  until  1668, 
when  there  were  a  series  of  bad  years,  the  average  mortality 
from  that  to  1672  inclusive,  being,  as  already  noted,  no  less 
than  62!,  and  the  highest  of  the  five  being  69  in  1672. 
That  these  years  were  plague  years  seems  to  be  proved  by 
the  three  entries  in  1668. 

September  11  :    George    Attkinson    fil    Thomas    de    Keene 

ground  in   ye  Church 
22  :    uxr   Joseph  Keene  de  Keene  ground 
eod  die :    Thomas     Keene     fil     Leonard     de     Keene 

The  same  year: 

Marche    5 :    Charles    Wilson    of  Arnesyde    found    dead    at 
Eltarwater  parke 

In  the  following  year,  in  September,  three  Braithwaites 
of  Sawrey  extra  were  buried  on  the  I3th,  1 4th,  and  1 7th,  two 
of  them  being  man  and  wife. 

In  1670,  on  September  i6th  and  i8th,  Henry  and  Margaret 
Williamson,  father  and  daughter. 

In  1671,  June  I7th  and  July  i5th,  a  son  and  daughter 
of  William  Braithwaite  of  Brathay. 

February  i3th  and  I5th  the  same  year,  Ellen  and  Mar- 
garet Knype  of  Keeneground. 

In     1672     we    find    no    less     than    four    deaths    in    April, 

Ixxvi      THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY. 

May,   June,    and    July,    at    the    isolated    farm    of  Thompson 

These  entries  are  picked  out  without  any  special  search, 
but  are  sufficient  to  show  that  it  was  a  true  epidemic. 

Again,  it  is  noticeable  that  although  the  marriages  went 
on  as  usual  in  these  years  of  sickness,  they  dropped  in  num- 
bers when  the  mortality  lessened.  Thus— 

1668     1669     1670     1671      1672     1673     1674     1675      1676 
6         12         10          7          I0         5  3  3  5 

Dr.  Barnes  gives  no  details  of  a  visitation  during  these  years 
in  the  north,  but  the  prolonged  period  over  which  it  lasted 
makes  it  more  important  than  some  of  the  shorter  but  more 
acute  plague  years.  It  will  be  noticed  that  it  followed  pretty 
soon  the  great  visitation  of  London  in  1665.  As  that  was 
practically  the  last  of  the  epidemic  in  the  capital,  so  these 
years  were  practically  the  last  in  the  I7th  century  at  Hawks- 
head,  for  a  much  lower  average  mortality  followed. 

During  the  I7th  century  it  was  usual  to  bury  in  the  church 
as  well  as  in  the  churchyard.  This  is  always  notified  in  the 
register  after  1607,  but  only  in  a  few  instances  earlier, 
although  no  doubt  burials  in  church  were  as  common  before 
that  date.  Before  1630  these  entries  were  in  English,  "  buried 
in  the  Church,"  or  "  in  the  Church,"  but  at  that  date  we 
find  "in  templo,"  which  is  often  used  afterwards. 

From  1 60 1  to  1704  inclusive,  1,109  persons  are  notified  in 
the  register  as  buried  in  the  church,  giving  an  average  of 
about  n£  per  year. 

We  find  by  the  table  of  duties  at  the  beginning  of  the 
book,  the  date  of  which  is  1694,  that  no  extra  due  was  then 
payable  for  interment  in  the  church,  excepting  in  the  chan- 
cel, where  the  due  was  6s.  8d.  Here  many  representatives 
of  the  squirarchal  families,  and  one  or  two  of  the  better-to- 
do  statesmen,  were  interred.  There  are  altogether  forty-nine 
burials  specially  noted  as  having  taken  place  in  the  east  end 
of  the  church  in  the  whole  book.  Amongst  these  the  greater 
number  are  representatives  of  the  Sandys  family  of  Grath- 
waite,  who  are  generally  entered  in  the  register  as  buried  in 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY.     Ixxvii 

the    "  Sands   quire,"  or   sometimes   in   the   "  litle   chancell "  or 

"litle  quire."     We  find  in  all- 
Sandys            ...         ...         ...  27 

Bensons          ...         ...         ...  6 

Nicholsons      ...         ...         ...  4 

Edmondsons  ...         ...         ...  3 

Rawlinsons     ...         ...         ...  2 

Gilpins            ...         ...         ...  2 

Sawrey            ...         ...         ...  i 

Fleming          ...         ...         ...  i 

Copley            i 

Bordley           I 

Sadler             i 

The  Bensons  were  an  old  and  very  well-to-do  family  of 
statesmen  settled  in  this  parish  chiefly  at  Skelwith  fold,  but 
the  family  was  somewhat  widespread  and  owned  the  manor 
of  Baysbrown  in  Westmorland.  The  Nicholsons  were  of 
Hawkshead  Hall  for  about  six  generations,  and  members  of 
the  family  were  well-to-do  merchant  adventurers  in  New- 
castle. The  Gilpins  were  of  course  of  the  Kentmere  stock, 
and  were  connected  by  marriage  with  the  Nicholsons.  The 
Copleys  were  a  West  Cumberland  family  who  came  into  the 
Hawkshead  Hall  property  by  marriage.  "Jane  fleeminge  de 
Amblesyde,"  buried  in  1683,  was  no  doubt  one  of  the  Rydal 
family.  Mr.  William  Bordley,  1669,  was  the  head-master  of  the 
Grammar  School  and  was  perhaps  father  of  William  Bordley 
who  was  head-master  of  Lancaster  Grammar  School  1690  to 
1708,  who  again  was  probably  identical  with  William  Bordley 
incumbent  at  Hawkshead  after  1720.  Christopher  Edmundson 
was  also  one  of  the  incumbents  from  1664  to  1675.  The 
Sawreys  were  a  widespread  family.  Mr.  John  Sadler  (1691) 
was  another  of  the  schoolmasters  appointed  1672.  The 
Rawlinsons  were  the  Graythwaite  family,  neighbours  of  the 

Marriages  by  license  are  often  noted  in  the  latter  part  of 
the  book.  The  first  entry  of  this  sort  is  November  4th,  1662. 

Ixxviii     THE   REGISTERS   AND    THEIR    STORY. 

There  are  a  few  entries  of  marriages  celebrated  elsewhere 
than  at  the  Parish  Church,  as  the  following: 

1582.  Septemb  :  Received  for  ye  weddinge  of  John  Croud- 
son  of  ye  pishe  of  Kirkby  &  Margaret  Christall 
of  this  pishe  married  at  Torver  ye  xixth  of  Sep- 

1695  September  9:  Mr  Thomas   Sands   &   Mrs   Ann  Sands 

married  att  Crostwaite  Church 

November  21 :  William   Braithwait   and   Mary  Cooke- 
son  married  att  Grassmyre. 

1701  September  30:  Wm  Braithw1  &  Margaret  Harrison 
married  at  Cartmell  Church 

In  the  same  way  we  sometimes  find  baptisms  out  of  the 
parish  recorded.  Thus  in  1684  and  1697  we  find  short  lists 
of  infants  baptised  at  Satterthwait  Chapel.  It  should  be 
remembered  that  the  regular  register  book  of  this  chapelry 
does  not  begin  till  1766. 

Occasionally  baptisms  are  recorded  as  having  taken  place 
at  home  instead  of  the  Church. 

1682  June  5  Samuell  Sands         jfil  Samuell   de    Haukeshead 
and  Bridgett  Sands  >     hall  chrisned  at  home 

There  is  one  other  case  the  same  year,  and  four  cases  in 
1685.  In  1681  "Christenings"  and  "Weddings"  are  substi- 
tuted for  the  words  "  Baptisms  "  and  "  Marriages,"  or  "  Bapti- 
zationes "  and  "  Nuptiae  " ;  but  the  old  fashion  is  immediately 
reverted  to. 

Illegitimacy  is  noted  in  the  register  in  a  variety  of  ways  : 
Bapt  1575  May  xijth  Agnes  Rigge  susceptor 

June    xjth  puer   Rowlandi   Strickland   susceptus 

1629    March    xxijth    William    Asheburner   fil    Adam 

base  begotten 

1674  Jannuary  17 :  James  the  base  begotten  son 
of  Dorothy  Dodgson  suposed  to  bee  the 
son  of  one  James  Martin  a  Scotchman. 

THE    REGISTERS    AND    THEIR    STORY.      Ixxix 

1632    June  xjth  Lament  Banke  the  supposed  daughter 

of  Geo  : 
Burd  1634    March  xxjth  puer  abort,  sine  patre  noto. 

1703    February:    28:    William    fil    of   Agnes    Sarey 

without  any  known  fathr  a  bastard. 

Bapt  1656    January  viijth  George  the  base  childe  of  Doro- 
thye  Nicolson. 

Triplets   are   occasionally  recorded  in  Baptisms — 

1589     January  xxvjth   Jenatt  Braithwaite\  ,., 

eode  die   Cathren  Braithw1    •        Ni  h  1  i 
code  die   Margaret  Braithw1 

1594     Decemb  :  xxijth  Elsabeth   fflemingej     omnes  filiae 
eode  die  Margaret  ffleminge  I          .  , 
eode  die  Mary  ffleminge        ) 

After  1599  omissions  and  alterations  are  much  commoner 
than  in  the  earlier  part  of  the  book.  Sometimes  the  Chris- 
tian name  is  omitted,  and  occasionally  the  surname.  Inser- 
tions are  now  and  then  found  added,  in  another  hand,  in 
the  margin ;  and,  in  the  same  way,  omitted  names  are 
sometimes  found  filled  up  in  a  different  writing. 

This  carelessness  is   shown    in    Marriages    1635 — 

July  xxijth  John    Holme   and   John  Woodburne, 

and  in  1590,  where  we  get  the  heading,  "  Sepulturae 
Infantii."  About  1580  it  became  usual  in  registering  the 
burial  of  married  women,  to  use  this  form  (omitting  the 
Christian  name  of  the  deceased) — 

1616     Aprill  ijth  uxr  Jo:  Braithwt. 

Earlier  than  1580  this  method  was  very  seldom  used,  the  full 
name  of  the  deceased  woman  being  simply  entered. 

Occasionally  we  get  glimpses  of  the  trades  and  occupa- 
tions of  the  inhabitants  in  the  register — 

Burials  1599 

Septemb:   xix   Jenatt  Braithw1  Badger  wif.  (A  Badger  is 
a  pedlar.) 

Ixxx        THE    REGISTERS   AND    THEIR    STORY. 

Burials    1613 

March  xxiijth    Wm  Braithwait,  Sheareman. 
He  would  probably  be  a  member  of  the  Guild  of  Shearemen 
Dyers  at  Kendal,   an    important   and   influential  body  at   that 

Burials    1618 
June   xxth    uxr  Ric  Tailor  Cowp 

"  Cowp  "  is  here  a  contraction  of  "  Cowper,"  probably  meaning 
a  horse   cowper  or  dealer. 
Burials    1623 

May  iijth    Jo  :  Tailor   thrower. 

A  "thrower"  is  a  turner  of  wood.  Thus  in  a  sale  schedule 
of  a  Grasmere  farmer,  in  1710,  I  find  "A  thro  wen  chair," 
meaning  evidently  a  chair  in  which  the  balusters,  and 
perhaps  back,  were  "  thrown  "  or  turned  on  the  lathe,  instead 
of  being  roughly  cut  or  chopped  out  of  wood. 

Burials  1636 

July  xxiiijth    George  Holme   miller. 
Baptisms    1631 

June  xixth     Barbaric     Braythwait    fil    :    Wm    de    Sawrey 

Burials   1654 

ffebruary  xxvijth  William  Hyrdson  pyper. 
Burials    1660 

Aprill  xth    Elisabeth  Rigge  ye  daughter   of  Rigge  pipper 

who  dyed  at   Consay. 
Burials  1691 

May  1 6  :   Agnes  Holme   fil  George  Holme   fidler. 
These  were   no   doubt   the   village   musicians. 

In   the  days  when  most   of  the   people's  apparel  was  home 
made   Hawkshead  boasted  a  hatter. 

Burials  1668 

September  9 :  Issabell   the   wife   of  Wm   Braithw1   hatter   in 
the  church* 

*Hats   were  made  at   Hawkshead   Hill   till  a  comparatively  late  date. 

THE    REGISTERS   AND    THEIR    STORY.      Ixxxi 

The  making  of  swills  or  baskets  of  laths  of  wood  is  not 
yet  extinct. 

Burials  1673 
May  13  :  John  Harrison  Swiller  who  dyed  at  Grysdall 

A  record  of  smuggling  days  is  seen  in  the  following  : 

Baptisms  1694 
July  firste.    Elsabeth    the   base   begotten    childe    of  Edward 

Hall  gaiger 
Baptisms  1700 

ffebruary   23 :  Thomas   son   of  Thomas    Daniell  of  Hawks- 
head  gauger 
*695     Jannuary     14    Thomasin    Twentyman     fil :     Thomas 

a  whitesmyth. 
A  charcoal  burner  was  a  "  colier." 


1701     December  10     Clement  Holm  colier  de  Deal  park. 
Paupers,     mendicants,     cripples,     and     insane     people     are 
occasionally  mentioned. 

Burials  1680. 
October    3 :    Issabel    the   wife   of   John    Penyson    a    poore 

woman  that  beg(ged)  her  meate 
Burials  1661 
Aprill  xixth  W™  Browne  a  poore  criple  borne  at  Newcastle 

upon  Tine 
Burials  1655. 
June  xvth  Margrett  Townson  fil  .  Willm  Ideot. 

We  only  get  one  allusion  to  that  hardly  used  race  of 
nomads,  the  gipsies. 

Baptisms  1632 
January  xiijth  Thomas   Washington   fil   Henry  an    Egiptian. 

Quakers  are  occasionally  alluded  to,  but  the  interesting 
entry  in  the  Burials  1658  has  already  been  quoted  in  the 
chapter  on  the  Parish.  We  find  also  : 

Christenings  1695 

Jannuary  6  :  Wm  Atkinson  quaker  chrisned  his  son  William 

Ixxxii      THE    REGISTERS   AND    THEIR    STORY. 

Burials  1690 
September  6  :  Robert  Pennington  fil  .  Thomas  buried  att 

buryinge   place. 
The  bailiff  was  a  manorial  officer. 

Burials    1587 
Aprill  vijth    uxr  Robte    Tayler  baylif. 

Baptisms    1599 
January  xvjth    Agnes   Tomlinson  Thomae   filia  de  bailifes. 

Burials    1672 
Jully  ii  William    Sawrey  balife   in    the   Church 

In  the  Commissioners'  Survey  of  the  Lordship  of  Furness, 
1649,  printed  in  West's  "Antiquities  of  Furness,"  1774 
(p.  170  et  seq.},  we  find  : — 

"  To  William  Sawry  2/.  1 33.  4d.  as  did  appear  unto  us 
by  a  patent,  bearing  date  9°  Feb.  Anno  8°  Car.  whereby  he 
was  made  bailiff  of  Hawkshead,  with  Hill  Hawkshead, 
Robert,  Water  Park,  and  divers  other  hamlets  thereunto 
belonging  durante  bene  placito." 

Burials    1672 
Jully    29  :  Myles    Sawrey  schoole   master   at    Haukeshead 

in  church. 
Burials    1656 

November  vth   John   Satterthvvt  Clarke   of  the   Parish. 
The  Register  contains  a  long    "chapter    of  accidents,"   and 
as  the   entries    are    often     curious    and    interesting,    they  are 
reproduced  here  to  save   the   reader  the   trouble   of  searching 
them   out. 

1596     January   Ith  Edward  Robinson  interfectus  est  5  die 

ante  sepult .... 

No   other   details   are  known   of  this    murder. 
1599     March  xth  John  Braithwt  :  dround 
1623     ffebruary  iiijth   uxr   Robert  Braithu1    slayne    in   her 
owne  house   buried  in   the  church 
xxiijth  a    wench    found   at    the    Bracken- 

The  latter  perhaps   a   plague  death. 

THE    REGISTERS    AND    THEIR    STORY.    Ixxxiii 

1629     ffebruarie  vth    Edward  Vickars  wch  was  drouned  at 

1631     Januarie    xvth    Edward    Satterthw1    de    Coulthouse 

drowned  beneath  Poole   stong 

Pool  stong  (or  stang)  is  the  place  where  the  road  from 
Hawkshead  to  Colthouse  crosses  the  beck.  In  1836  some- 
thing like  an  ancient  wooden  causeway,  apparently  constructed 
to  cross  what  was  once  a  bog,  was  discovered  near  here. 

1633  Aprill  xxixth  Leonard  Oxenhouse  whoe  hanged 
himselfe  in  Nathaniell  Nicolsons 

Nathaniel  Nicolson  was   of  Hawkshead  Hall. 

1636  July  xvth  James   Taylior    fil    Richard    de    Lending 

drowned  by    a    boate   in    Windermere 

1637  July    xxvijth     Uxr     George     Taylior     de     Plowme 

greene  in   the   Church  killed  by  a 

1639     October    xxvth     Elsabeth     the     wife     of     George 

Braithwt     de    Tockhowe     killd 
with   the    fall   of  a   horses. 

March  xijth  1640  Robert  Parke  of  Torver  drowned 
hard  beneath  Ambleside  and  found 
at  Windermer  Watterhead  and 
brought  to  Hawkeshead  to  be 
buryed  the  Ith  day  of  May  1641. 

The  year,  of  course,  began  the  25th  of  March,  and  fifty 
days  elapsed  between  the  death  and  burial.  From  the 
words,  "  hard  beneath  Ambleside,"  it  seems  probable  that  the 
deceased  was  drowned  in  the  Rothay  in  flood  time. 

1645     Aprill  iiijth  George  Satterthwaite  wife  whoe  hanged 

herselfe  in  her  owne  house 
ffebruary  xxiijth  uxor  John  Robinson  found  dead  betwixt 

Graythw1  and  Dalepke. 

1647     ffebruary    iijth    John    Satterthwaite    fil    Clement 

drowned  in  the  Thirse  Gill 

Ixxxiv     THE    REGISTERS   AND    THEIR    STORY. 

ffebruary  vjth  Thomas  Townson  fil  Peter  killed  with  the 
fale  of  a  greate  stone  and  buried  in  the 

1649  March  xxjth  John  Jackson  found  att  Consey   nabb 

drowned  in  Windermeere  watter. 

1650  May    xxiiijth    Agnes    Rownson    uxor   Willm    found 

dead  at  Estwhaite  intacke  yeat   & 
buryed  in  ye  church 

1653  July  iith    George    Braithw1    son    of    Willm    of  the 

fould  supposed    to   be    Slaine   by    they 
fale  of  a  horse  Backe. 

1654  Md.     That    William    Braithwaite    of   Skellwith   de- 

parted from  his  owne  house  in  Skellwith 
on  Wednesdaie  the  5th  of  Aprill  and  was 
found  drowned  in  the  water  att  Arthure 
Benson  field  foote  neare  or  aboute  the 
Dubb :  Ings  :  and  was  brought  to  be  Buried 
at  Hauxheade  on  friday  the  28th  of  this 
present  Aprill  1654 :  as  above. 

1655  August  viijth  Agnes   Braithwt  fil   Edward   drowned 

betweene  Sawreys. 

This  is  between  near  and  far  Sawrey. 
The  next  is  a  most  pathetic  record — 

1657  March  xxjth  Elisabeth  the  Daughter  of  Willm 
Hodgshon  of  ffieldhead  a  younge  childe  under 
three  yeares  ould  whoe  went  with  her  brother 
from  Borwicke  ground  where  they  lived  till 
Willm  Mackreths  house :  And  as  shee  was 
gooinge  home  againe  by  herselfe  shee  lost  her 
way  and  wandered  to  the  Hye  greene  and 
their  was  stervd  to  Death  :  And  could  not  be 
found  though  sought  by  many  untill  foure 
days  after  that  shee  was  lost,  the  day  first 
menconed  beinge  the  day  on  which  shee  was 
found  and  Buried. 

Where  the  "Hye  greene"  is,  I  am  not  able  to    ascertain. 

THE    REGISTERS    AND    THEIR    STORY.     Ixxxv 

1658  November  viijth  Jennett  the  wife  of  Willm  Benson 
of  Brow  in  Church  whoe  lived  but  six  weeks 
&  three  days  after  shee  was  married. 

1660  Aprill  iijth  John  Robinson  son  of  Henery  a 
poore  younge  child  who  dyed  by  the  highway 
side  in  Claife  in  his  mother's  armes 

Aprill  ye  4th  1664:  Md  That  their  was  a  man  drownd 
in  Thurston  =  water  which  was  found  casten 
upp  att  the  water = head  neare  to  the  yeate  in 
the  High  =  way  who  hadd  layde  soe  long  in 
the  sayd  water  untill  the  haire  was  comd  of 
his  head  and  his  face  was  sore  eaten  and 
disvigered  with  fishes :  hee  beinge  a  stranger 
and  not  knowne  by  any  was  broughte  to 
Haukeshead  Church  by  a  horse  in  a  Carr  and 
buried  in  his  Close  (clothes?)  in  the  Church  = 
yard  att  the  north  syde  of  the  Steeple  the  day 
and  yeare  firste  mentioned  and  expressed : 

1665  Jannuary  25th  Charles  Satterthwaite  of  Coulthouse 

drowned  in  the  pool  as  hee  was  goeinge  home 
from  Hawkesheade  and  buried  in  the  Church. 

The    "  pool "    is    the    beck    running    into    Esthwaite    at    its 
North  end. 

1666  {February  11  :  Thomas  Rooke   who  hanged   himself 

in  a  hollinge  (holly)  in  Robert  Satterthwaite 
Allan  Ryddinge. 

i.e.,  in  Robert  Satterthwaite's  (field  called)  Allan    Ryddinge. 

1668  Marche  5  .  Charles  Wilson  of  Arnesyde  found  dead 

att  Elterwater  pke. 

1669  Aprill  22  :  Ann    Braithwaite    the    Relict  of  George 

Braithwt  (de  ?)  Bristoe  found  drowned  in  the 
Oas  in  the  foote  of  Easthwaite  water  where 
the  fford  lyes  betweene  Esthwaite  and  nearer 

In  this  entry  the  "  de  "  is   supplied,  the   presumption    being 
that  it  has  been  frayed  away  with  the  edge  of  the  page,  which 

Ixxxvi     THE    REGISTERS    AND    THEIR    STORY. 

is  here  much  worn.  I  know,  however,  of  no  place  in  the 
parish  called  Bristoe.  "  Oas "  is  now  called  Ees  bridge,  being 
the  place  where  the  stream  runs  out  of  Esthwaite  to  Out 
Dubs  and  is  crossed  by  the  road  to  Sawrey. 

1672  Aprill  8:  Thomas  Lancaster  who  for  poysonninge 
his  owne  family  was  Adjudgt  at  the  Assizes 
att  Lancaster  to  bee  carried  backe  to  his  owne 
house  att  Hye=wrey  where  hee  liv'd :  and  was 
there  hang'd  before  his  owne  doore  till  hee 
was  dead,  for  that  very  facte  then  was  brought 
with  a  horse  and  a  carr  into  the  Coulthouse 
meadows  and  forthwith  hunge  upp  in  iron 
Chaynes  on  a  gibbet  which  was  sett  for  that 
very  purpose  on  the  south  =  syde  of  Sawrey 
Casey  neare  unto  the  Pooll  =  stang:  and  there 
continued  untill  such  tymes  as  hee  rotted 
everye?  bone  from  other.  .  .  . 

The  perpetrator  of  this  crime  was  first  brought  up  before 
Sir  Daniel  Fleming,  of  Rydal  Hall,  and  afterwards  was  tried 
and  sentenced  at  Lancaster  Assizes.  The  following  interesting 
letters  on  the  subject  were  published  some  years  ago  in  the 
Twelfth  Report  of  the  Historical  MSS.  Commission,  Appendix 
Part  vii,  devoted  to  the  Rydal  Hall  Manuscripts. 

Extract  of  letter  from  Sir  Daniel  Fleming,  of  Rydal,  to  Sir 
Joseph  Williamson,  in  London,  November  24th,  1671  : 

"  Being  lately  in  Lancashire  I  received  there — as  a  justice 
of  the  peace  of  that  county — an  information  against  one 
Thomas  Lancaster,  late  of  Threlkeld  in  Cumberland,  who,  it 
is  very  probable,  hath  committed  the  most  horrid  act  that 
hath  been  heard  of  in  this  countrey.  He  marryed  the  3Oth  of 
January  last  a  wife  in  Lancashire,  who  was  agreed  to  be 
marryed  that  very  day,  or  soon  after,  to  another ;  and  her 
father  afterwards  conveyed  all  his  reall  estate  to  this  Lan- 
caster upon  him  giveing  security  to  pay  severall  sums  of 
money  to  himselfe  and  his  daughters.  And  through 
covetousness  to  save  these  and  other  payments  it  is  very 

THE    REGISTERS    AND    THEIR    STORY.   Ixxxvii 

probable  that  Lancaster  hath  lately  poysoned — with  white 
arsenic — his  wife,  her  father,  her  three  sisters,  her  aunt,  her 
cosingerman,  and  a  servant  boy,  besides  poyson  given  to 
severall  of  his  neighbours — who  are  and  have  been  sick — that 
people — as  it  is  presumed — might  think  the  rest  dyed  of  a 
violent  fever.  I  have  committed  him  prisoner  unto  Lancaster 
Castle,  and  shall  take  what  more  evidence  I  can  meet  with 
or  discover  against  the  next  assizes  that  he  may  there  have 
a  fair  triall,  and — if  he  be  found  guilty — such  a  punishment 
as  the  law  shall  inflict  on  such  like  offenders." 

On  April  3,  1672,  Sir  Daniel  Fleming,  writing  to  Sir 
George  Fletcher,  at  Hutton,  mentioned  that  at  Lancaster 
Assizes  Thos.  Lancaster  had  been  found  guilty  of  poisoning 
eight  persons,  and  was  to  be  hanged  in  chains. 

Writing  on  April  24,  1672,  to  Sir  William  Wilde,  Justice 
of  the  Common  Pleas,  Sir  Daniel  Fleming  intimated  that 
Thomas  Lancaster  had  confessed  that  he  poisoned  "  the  old 
woman "  with  arsenic,  for  a  bribe  of  £24  from  the  heir  to  her 
estate,  worth  £16  per  annum. 

The  place  where  the  gibbet  stood  at  Pool  Stang  is  still 
sometimes  called  Gibbet  Moss,  and  elderly  people  remember 
the  stump  of  the  gibbet  still  standing.  Folklorists  will  be 
interested  to  know  that  a  portion  of  the  stump  placed  in  a 
bad  tooth  was  formerly  considered  at  Hawkshead,  a  "  maist 
terrible  sure  thing  for  t'toothwarke "  (toothache). 

1674 :  October  19  :  William  Dixeson  who  hang'd  himself  in 
his  dwellinge  house  att  Braithey  and  did  lye  three 
days  dead  in  the  sayd  house  before  that  hee  was 

1682  :  August  17  :  Willm  Hyrdson  of  Dale  pke  slayne  with 
a  stone  which  fell  on  his  head  out  of  the  higer 
end  of  that  house  in  Hawkshead  in  which  Rosa- 
mond Knype  lately  dwelled. 

Aff  (Mary  Taylor  j 

^Dorothv  Satterthwt     ) 

Dorothy  Satterthw1 
1689     December    16 :    Bernard    Swaineson    who    was    Edward 

Ixxxviii    THE    REGISTERS   AND    THEIR    STORY. 

Braithwaite  Apprentice  went  with  William  Stamper 
a  greate  while  within  nighte  into  William  Braith- 
waite shopp  in  Haukeshead  for  to  beare  him  Com- 
pany a  little,  and  att  there  meeteinge  these  three 
younge  youths  were  all  very  sober  and  in  good 
health :  and  Aboute  twelve  o'th  Clocke  o'th  nighte ; 
they  made  a  Bett ;  that  if  this  Bernard  Swaineson 
coulde  drinke  of  nyne  noggins  of  brandy :  then 
William  Braithwaite  and  William  Stamper  was 
to  pay  for  them  ;  but  if  Bernard  fayld  and  coulde 
not  drinke  of  nyne  noggins  of  brandy  then  hee 
was  to  pay  of  his  owne  Charges  for  that  hee  had 
drunke  ;  now  this  Bernard  drunke  of  those  nyne 
noggins  of  brandy  quickly :  and  shortly  after  that 
fell  doune  upon  the  floore :  and  was  straightway 
carried  to  his  bed  where  hee  layde  two  and 
Twenty  hours :  dureinge  which  tyme  hee  coulde 
never  speake ;  noe  nor  never  did  knowe  any  body 
though  many  Came  to  see  him  and  soe  he  dyed. 

1691  May    15  :    Clement    Holme    who    was    cuttinge   downe 

a  tree  att  Coniston  water-head  &  slayne  by  the 
fall  of  it 

1692  March   n:    John  Mackereth  of  Skellwith  was  drownd 

in  Skellwith  dubs  and  a  boate  was  fetcht  from 
Bownas  and  putt  on  the  sayd  dubs  for  men  to 
seeke  him  ;  and  when  he  was  found  he  was 
draune  out  of  the  water  into  Gawine  Braithwait 
lyifee(?)  Knott 

*693  June  30  :  Michaell  Nolon  a  workeman  which  wrought  in 
the  mynds  on  Coniston  fell  that  was  slayne  when 
hee  was  burstinge  a  cragg  with  Gun  pouder. 

1697  September  16:  James  Braithwait  late  of  Crofthead  did 
goe  to  the  waterfoote  for  a  boate  load  of  lyme 
stones  for  WTilliam  Braithwait  of  briers,  and  as  hee 
was  comenge  backe  Againe  was  drownd  in  Winder- 
mere  water :  and  three  men  that  was  with  him 
by  Gods  greate  mercy  gott  all  out  of  the  water 

THE    REGISTERS    AND    THEIR    STORY.    Ixxxix 

and  sav'd  there  lives  ;  the  boate  which  they  were 
in  beinge  loaden  with  lyme  stones  was  lost  &  did 
sinke  into  the  bottom  of  the  sayd  water  :  and  hee 
was  buried  the  day  of  the  moneth  first  mentioned. 

"  Briers,"  formerly  a  farm-house  at  Sawrey,  but  transformed 
into  the  residence  called  "  Brierswood."  The  "  lyme  stones " 
were  no  doubt  quarried  in  the  Cartmel  district  and  carted  to 
Lake  side  ("  the  waterfoote  "). 

1699    July  9  :  John  Satterthwait  de  Sawrey  extra  who  hang'd 
himselfe  in  his  own  house. 

Out  of  this  record  we  find : 

Drowning  accidents      ...  ...  ...  14 

Suicides  by  hanging     ...  ...  ...  5 

Murders           ...             ...  ...  ...  I 

Deaths  from  various  accidents  ...  ...  7 

From  excessive  drinking  ...  ...  i 

Found  dead    ...             ...  ...  ...  5 

Executed  for  murder   ...  ...  ...  I 

Various            ...             ...  ...  ...  3 

The  large  number  of  deaths  by  drowning  is  remarkable :  it 
is  very  probable  that  some  of  them  were  also  suicides. 

While  on  the  subject  of  drowning  accidents,  it  is  curious 
to  remark  that  no  notice  is  taken  in  the  Hawkshead  register 
of  the  serious  fatality  that  took  place  on  Windermere  in 
!635,  when  nearly  fifty  people  perished.  The  occasion, 
according  to  local  tradition,  was  a  wedding  at  Hawkshead 
Church,  and  the  victims  the  entire  wedding  party ;  but  in 
Burn  and  Nicholson's  "Westmorland"  they  are  only  alluded 
to  as  returning  from  Hawkshead  market.  Curiously  we  have 
information  on  the  subject  from  more  than  one  source, 
although  our  register  book  ignores  it.  The  most  authentic 
of  these  is  an  entry  in  the  Grasmere  parish  register,  which 
has  been  most  courteously  copied  and  supplied  me  by  the 
vicar  of  that  parish,  Mr.  Jennings.  It  runs  as  follows  : 

;<  The    sixth    of    Octob.    1635    these   were    all    drowned    in 


Windermer   Water   in    one   boate    coming   over   from    Hawks- 

Mr  George  Wilson  of  Kendall 

John  Beck,  his  wife,  his  son,  and  a  servant  maide  of 

Thomas  Powe  of  Kendall 

Randall  Noble  of  Kendall 

John  Kitchins  son  of  Strickland  feild 

John  Pearson  and  his  wife  of  Skelsmore 

Christofer   Phillipson  of   Ashes 

Gervis  (sic)  Stricklands  wife  of  Staveley 

Mary  daughter  of  John  Phillipson 

Thomas  Milner  boateman  and  his  2  daughters 

Henry  Pearson  and  Dorothie  his  sister 

Tho :  Bateman  of  Crooke 

James  Warriner  of  the  same 

John  Satterthwayte  of  the  same 

Christopher  Willans  wife' 

Rolland  Strickland 

Myles  Powe 

Anthony  Sewart 

Anthony  Elleray 

Richard   Robinson 

Thomas  Parke  son  of  Rolland 

Willrh  Park  of  Colgarth 

James  Sewart 

Myles  Birkehead — son  of  Myles 

Willrh  Roberts  son  of  Thomas 

Christoph:  Parke  of  Colgarth  Willrhs  brother 

Willrh  Rawes 

Thomas  Woods  wife 

Nicholas  Bell  wife 

George  Baxter  and  his  wife 

John  Rowanson 

Willrh  Holme 

Richard   Robinson 

Willm    Sewarts  wife 

THE    REGISTERS    AND    THEIR    STORY.          xci 

Richard  Scills  daughter 

Marke  Harrinsons  wife 

Arthur  Ellis 

Myles  Rigge 

and  2  more  or  3  and  7  horses  and  one  that  escaped." 

Amongst  the  verses  of  Thomas  Hoggart  of  Troutbeck, 
commonly  called  "  Aid  Hoggart,"  we  find  the  following  on 
this  subject : 

"  Upon  the  19th  day  of  October  1630  (sic)  the  great  Boat 
upon  Windermeer  water  sunck  about  sun  setting,  when  was 
drowned  fforty  seaven  persons  and  eleaven  (sic)  horses :  ffrom 
suden  Death  Libera  nos. 


Weepe  not  sweet  friends,  but  wipe  away  all  teares, 
We  are  delivered   from  all  human  feares ; 
Let  no  man  rashly  judge  of  this  our  fall, 
But  rather  let't  a  warning  be  to  all, 
And  let  none  censure  what  we  did 
Our  thoughts   were  known  to  God,  to  mortals  hid  ; 
And  though  our  bodyes  sunk  into  the  deepe ; 
Our  soules  did  mount,  and  therefore  do  not  weepe."* 

The  "  great  Boat "  was  the  public  ferry-boat  of  that  date, 
perhaps  so  called  in  distinction  to  a  ferry-boat  for  foot 
passengers  at  Millerground,  which  formerly  existed,  and  which 
may  have  been  generally  known  as  "  little  boat." 

Lastly,  in  the  "English  Topographer,"  published  in  1720,  I 
find  the  following  curious  reference  to  the  catastrophe.  The 
book  or  pamphlet  mentioned  must  be  very  rare,  as  after 
many  enquiries  I  have  absolutely  failed  to  see  or  hear  of  a 
copy,  even  at  our  National  Library,  t 

"Of  Hawkshead  we  have  some  short  account  in  the  Preface 

*  From  "  Remnants  of  Rhyme,  by  Thomas  Hoggart,  of  Troutbeck,  selected 
from  an  old  MS.  collection  of  his  writings  preserved  by  his  descendants."  Kendal, 


f  I  would  esteem  it  a  great  favour  if  any  reader  who  knows  of  a  copy  would 
communicate  with  me. 



to  a  Book  entitled,  '  The  Fatal  Nuptiall ;  or  the  mournefull 
Marriage.  Relating  the  heavy  and  lamentable  Accident 
lately  occurring  by  the  drowning  of  47  Persons,  and  some  of 
these  of  Especiall  Quality,  in  the  water  of  Windermere  in 
the  North,  October  19  1635.  Lond.  1636.  12™.' "  * 

Here  and  there  in  the  register  entries  give  the  old  spellings 
of  place  names   or  preserve  names  now  otherwise  lost. 

Burials  1668 

August  12:  Richard  Asshburner  de  Annykin  Syke 


The  present  spelling  of  this  place,  which  is  on  the  west  side 
of  Esthwaite,  is  Hannikin,  and  the  Syke  must  be  some 
covered-in  beck.  There  does  not  appear  to  be  any  house 
now  specially  known  as  Hannikin-syke. 

Baptisms  1670 

Aprill  17  :  Ester  Sawrey  fil  Anthony  de  Robert  Banke  Pke. 

Robert  Bank  park,  besides  being  several  times  mentioned  in 
the  register,  occurs  in  the  certificate  of  the  Revenues  of 
Furness  Abbey,  1537:  and  as  we  know  from  Abbot  Roger's 
Rental  (Beck's  "  Annales  Furnesienses,"  p.  329)  it  was  an 
Abbey  Grange.  As  a  place  name  it  is  not  now  known  :  but  it 
was  no  doubt  the  Park  attached  to  Bank  (i.e.,  Bank's)  ground 
in  Monk  Coniston. 

*  In  a  common  place  book,  kept  by  the  late  Mr.  Thos.  Taylor,  of  Sawrey,  I 
find  further  confirmation  on  the  subject.  He  gives  a  transcript  of  the  Grasmere 
entry  with  the  date  xxth  instead  of  sixth,  which  latter  is  probably  incorrect.  He 
also  says  that  traditionally  the  couple  whose  marriage  was  being  celebrated  were 
Thomas  Benson  and  Elizabeth  Sawrey,  who  were  married  at  Hawkshead,  Oct.  I5th, 
the  first  being  a  Bowness  yeoman,  the  latter  of  Sawrey.  Traditionally  also  he 
tells  us  that  the  unfortunate  couple  were  buried  under  the  yews  in  Bowness 
Church :  but  as  the  names  do  not  occur  among  the  Grasmere  list,  we  may  doubt 
the  truth  of  this  part  of  the  story.  The  writer  further  notes  that  Burn  &  Nicholson 
call  the  victims  a  market  party,  and  that  the  iQth  October,  1635  (old  style),  w 
a  Monday,  which  was  market  day,  which  leaves  the  balance  of  evidence  in  favour 
of  a  market  rather  than  of  a  wedding  party.  The  same  storm,  however,  is  referred 
to  by  Wharton,  the  Chronologist  of  Kendal,  who  says  :  "  Eighteenth  of  October, 
1635,  the  river  Kent  came  into  the  vestry.  And  iQth  Thomas  Miller  boatman, 
and  47  men  and  women  were  drowned  in  Windermere  water,  with  9  or  10  horses, 
having  been  at  a  wedding." 

THE    REGISTERS   AND    THEIR    STORY.       xciii 

Baptisms  1682 

Jully  23  :  Mary  Hugill  fil  James  de  Pull-Barne 
Pull   Barne   was  most   probably   a  cottage   or   farm   near    Pull 
Wyke  on  Windermere,  and  it  may  now  be  incorporated  in  the 
buildings   of  one   or   other  of  the  modern    residences   in    that 

"  Crosse,"  which  occurs  in  a  solitary  entry,  is  also  unknown 
to  the  writer.  There  is  Crosslands  near  Rusland,  and  High 
Cross  on  the  road  from  Hawkshead  to  Coniston,  but  there  is 
no  house  at  the  latter  place. 

The  reader  who  is  interested  in  the  distribution  and  origin 
of  surnames  can  make  his  own  deductions  from  this  volume 
and  its  index.  There  are,  however,  certain  points  which  may 
be  noticed  here. 

In  examining  the  index,  what  is  most  noticeable  is  the 
extreme  commonness  of  a  few  names,  which  monopolise,  indeed, 
a  large  portion  of  the  register.  Something  has  already  been 
said  about  this  and  the  cause  of  it  in  the  Historical 
Chapter,  and  it  needs  only  to  point  out  here  the  evidence 
of  it. 

Thus  we  find  by  the  following  table  that  there  are  thirty- 
three  families  of  members  of  which  there  are  over  one  hundred 
mentions,  out  of  which  there  are  fourteen  with  between  two 
and  four  hundred  ;  twelve  over  four  hundred  ;  and  eight  over 
six  hundred.  Three  families  alone  are  mentioned  over  a 
thousand  times,  and  of  these  Braithwaite  is  easily  first  as  the 
most  numerous  clan,  being  mentioned  no  less  than  two 
thousand  five  hundred  and  thirteen  times,  while  the  Rigges, 
who  come  next,  have  but  one  thousand  six  hundred  and 

Clans  of  which   there  are  more  than  100   mentions : 

Ashburner     ...         ...         ...         ...         ...  209 

Atkinson       ...         ...         ...         ...         ...  269 

Bank,  Banks  272 

•-Benson  489 

Berwick  133 

* Braithwaite 2>5i3 

xciv        THE    REGISTERS   AND    THEIR    STORY. 

Dickson         284 

*Dodgson        433 

ffisher            ...  205 

ffrearson        *99      ' 

Harrison       I27 

Hodgson       247 

*Holm,  Holmes         789 

Jackson         •••  254 

Keen,  Keene  294 

Kirkby          289 

*Knipe            •••  4^2 

*Mackereth ....  796 

Rawlinson ...  213 

*Rigge,  Rigg                                                •••  1,631 

Robinson      ...  125 

*  Sandys          761 

*  Satterthwaite           1,539 

*Sawrey          830 

Scale,  Scales  274 

Strickland 190 

*Taylor  649 

Tomlinson  ...         ...         ...         ...         ...  190 

Townson 363 

Turner  241 

*  Walker         432 

Watterson  ...         ...         ...         ...         ...  108 

Wilson  283 

This  paucity  of  surnames  is  well  shown  in  the  marriages 
for  the  year  1570,  where  out  of  nine  marriages  there  are  four 
in  which  husband  and  wife  have  the  same  surname.  The 
names  are  Walker,  Hodgson  (twice),  and  Rigge.  In  1577 
there  are  fourteen  marriages  registered :  of  these  there  are  four 
consecutive  brides  bearing  the  name  of  Braithwaite  (two  being 
Isabels)  ;  there  are  two  bridegrooms  Braithwaites  ;  three  brides 

*  Those  starred  in  italics  are  mentioned  over  400  times. 

THE    REGISTERS    AND    THEIR    STORY.        xcv 

and  one  bridegroom  are  Walkers  ;    and  there  are  three  bride- 
grooms of  the  name  of  Rigge. 

The  following   notes  -about   the   widespread   families   in  the 
above  list  may  have  some  interest : 

Ashburner. — The  home  of  this  family  is  further  south  in 
Furness  out  of  the  parish.  The  name  has  been  con- 
jectured to  be  derived  from  the  occupation  of  working 
the  bloomeries.  It  appears,  however,  more  probable  that 
it  is  the  representative  of  the  old  Norse  personal  name 
Asbiorn  (Asbiornr,  the  divine  bear). 

Atkinson. — Widely  spread  over  the  parish.  Elterwater  Park, 
Monk  Coniston,  Stottpark,  Outgate,  Eel  House,  etc. 
Atkin  is  a  short  form  of  Adam. 

Bank,  Banks. — This  family  is  perhaps  of  purely  local  origin. 
It  left  its  name  at  Bank-ground  in  Coniston.  The 
name  may  possibly  be  originally  Bankhouse. 

Benson. — This  was  an  old  stock  of  statesmen  seated  chiefly 
at  Skelwith  fold,  Bull  close,  and  Stang  end  in  Hawks- 
head,  but  extending  into  Westmorland,  where  they  owned 
Baysbrown  Manor,  and  estates  at  Loughrigg  and  Hugill 
near  Windermere.  Some  branches  of  them  were  con- 
nected with  the  important  local  families  of  Braithwaite 
of  Ambleside,  Gilpin  of  Kentmere,  Sandys  of  Grathwaite, 
Preston  of  Holker,  Rawlinson,  etc.,  and  in  all  the  older 
documents  concerning  Hawkshead,  members  of  the  family 
figure  conspicuously.  Foster,  in  his  Lancashire  pedigrees, 
deduces  their  descent  from  a  Yorkshire  family  who 
were  Lords  of  Ryssup  in  the  twelfth  century ;  but  I 
have  never  come  across  any  evidence  of  this  descent, 
and  from  their  mumbers  would  rather  consider  them  a 
purely  local  growth.  There  was  also  a  family  of  the 
name  at  Blackbeck  in  Colton.  Benson  may  originally 
have  been  Bennetson,  Furness  Abbey  having  been  at 
first  Benedictine  i.e.,  of  the  order  of  St.  Benedict  or  St. 

xcvi        THE    REGISTERS    AND    THEIR    STORY. 

Berwick. — This  family  probably  sprang  from  Berwick  near 
Lancaster.  In  the  parish  they  existed  at  Monk  Coniston, 
Hawkshead,  and  Fieldhead,  and  they  left  their  name  at 

Braithwaite. — This,  the  most  numerous  and  characteristic  of 
our  surnames,  did  not  probably,  however,  originate  in 
the  parish,  but  must  have  sprung  from  one  of  the  north 
country  villages  of  the  name.  The  supposition  that  they 
took  their  name  from  the  river  Brathay  is  ridiculous. 
The  most  important  stock  of  this  name  was  the  family 
of  Ambleside  Hall  just  outside  the  limits  of  our  parish, 
who,  with  collateral  branches,  became  large  landowners 
in  Westmorland.  But  the  name  was  so  widely  spread 
in  Hawkshead,  that  it  would  appear  that  these 
squirearchal  families  were  but  branches  of  the  Hawks- 
head  stock  who  had  risen  to  affluence. 

A  good  idea  of  the  geographical  distribution  of  this 
family  within  the  parish  can  be  got  from  the  Calendar 
of  Wills,  proved  within  the  Archdeaconry  of  Richmond 
from  1457  to  1748,  published  by  the  Record  Society. 
By  this,  we  find  that  out  of  about  one  hundred  and 
seventy-seven  wills  of  Braithwaites,  about  one  hundred 
and  twenty-four  are  those  of  members  of  the  family 
residing  in  Hawkshead  Parish.  There  are  no  less  than 
thirty-five  which  can  be  identified  as  inhabitants  of 
Sawrey,  nine  of  Wray,  six  of  Skelwith  and  the  vicinity, 
four  of  Brathay  and  the  vicinity,  and  of  the  remaining 
seventy,  a  considerable  portion  are  not  identified  as 
belonging  to  any  special  part  of  the  parish,  and  would 
probably  belong  to  the  Sawrey  clan.  The  Skelwith  Wray 
and  Brathay  groups  are  perhaps,  to  some  extent,  offshoots 
of  the  Ambleside  stock  ;  but  the  Sawrey  group  is 
probably  distinct,  or,  to  speak  more  accurately,  were 
probably  branched  off  at  an  earlier  date. 

Dickson  or  Dixon. — This  is  a  widespread  name  found  at 
Sattcrthwaite,  Keen-ground,  and  out  of  the  parish  at 
Tilbcrthwaite.  The  name  of  Richard  would  no  doubt 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY,     xcvii 

give  rise  to  several  stocks  of  Dicksons.  They  left  their 
name  at  three  places  called  Dixon-ground.  One  in 
Hawkshead  (afterwards  called  High  house  and  the 
Castle,  the  writer's  own  home),  Coniston  and  Dalton. 

Dodgson.  About  half  of  the  wills  under  this  name  in  the 
Richmond  Calendar  are  from  this  parish.  They  left  their 
name  at  Dodgson-ground  between  Sand-ground  and 
Sawrey-ground.  They  were  also  of  Hawkshead  Hill, 
Hawkshead,  Nibthwaite,  and  elsewhere. 

Dodgson,  like  Hodgson,  was  originally  Rogersson. 

Fisher. — Although  fairly  numerous  in  the  parish,  there  are 
but  few  local  wills  of  this  family,  and  they  probably 
came  from  the  banks  of  the  Morecambe  Bay,  where  they 
obtained  their  name. 

Frearson. — There  are  but  a  few  wills  extant  of  this  name, 
and  most  of  the  earlier  are  from  this  parish.  The  name 
may  be  originally  Friarsson. 

Harrison. — Like  Dickson  the  name  is  common  throughout  the 
Archdeaconry.  In  Hawkshead  they  belonged  to  Colinpit, 
Low  Wray,  Howhead,  Tarnhows,  Waterhead,  etc. 

Hodgson. — Another  name  common  in  the  Archdeaconry. 
Found  locally  at  Tarnhows,  Bouth  in  Colton,  Gallow- 
barrow,  Hollinbank,  Watterson  ground,  Tilberthwaite, 
Oxenfell,  etc.  See  Dodgson. 

Holm,  Holmes. — Holme-ground,  in  the  fell  at  the  north-west 
corner  of  the  parish,  was  the  chief  settlement  of  this 
family  in  the  parish  :  and  they  are  found  rather  thickly 
within  and  without  the  parish  boundary  in  that  quarter, 
at  Oxenfell,  Hodgeclose,  Tilberthwaite,  and  Yewtree,  and 
elsewhere  at  Claife,  Outgate,  and  Colton.  The  name 
signifies  an  island,  or  a  piece  of  ground  liable  to  be 
flooded  into  an  island,  and  not  improbably  their  original 
home  is  near  the  coast. 

Jackson    is    so   common   everywhere    that    it   needs    no    com- 

xcviii      THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY. 

Keen,  Keene.—This  name  seems  almost  peculiar  to  Hawkshead 
in  the  Archdeaconry.  They  were  chiefly  settled  close  to 
Hawkshead,  at  Keene-ground,  Thompson-ground,  etc., 
but  also  occur  at  Yewtree,  Cowpark,  and  Oxenpark.  The 
name  is  probably  Norse. 

Kirkby,  Kirby—  These  were  all  branches  of  the  ancient  stock 
of  Kirkby  of  Kirkby  Hall,  who  strayed  north-east.  They 
are  found  at  Holling  bank,  Monk  Coniston,  Sawrey- 
ground,  Rusland,  etc. 

A»/>*.— -This  name  belongs  to  the  parishes  of  Cartmel  and 
Hawkshead,  and  it  has  been  derived  from  old  Norse 
hnipr,  Suio-Goth.  Knip,  a  sharp  or  narrow  ridge."  In 
Hawkshead  they  are  found  in  Monk  Coniston,  Grize- 
dale,  and  elsewhere.  Gnype  occurs  as  a  name  in  the 
Furness  Coucher-book  (temp.  Ric.  II.),  and  there  is  a 
place  of  the  name  in  Broughton. 

Mackercth. — This  is  a  very  characteristic  local  name,  about 
twenty-six  out  of  thirty  wills  proved  in  the  Archdeaconry 
being  in  Hawkshead.  They  were  chiefly  of  Sawrey, 
Skclwith,  Outgate,  and  Thompson-ground.  The  meaning 
of  the  name  is  obscure,  but  the  family  may  well  be 

Rawlinson. — This  was  a  very  strong  high  Furness  clan,  who 
are  still  represented  as  landowners  in  the  district.  They 
existed  as  an  armigerous  family  at  Grathwaite,  where 
they  supplanted  the  Sawreys,  and  at  Carke  Hall  in  Cart- 
mel. Besides  these  places  the  name  was  scattered  all 
over  the  parish,  but  was  especially  strong  in  Colton, 
where  they  were  to  be  found  at  Greenhead  and  Rui 
land.  Grizedale  Hall  belonged  also  to  them  at  one  tim< 
and  in  Monk  Coniston  they  left  their  name  at  Rawlinson 
ground.  They  are  probably  of  purely  local  origin.  Raw- 
lin  is  a  form  of  Rawland  or  Rowland. 

*  Robert  Ferguson:  "Northmen  in  Cumberland  and  Westmorland"  (London, 
1856).  Mr.  W.  G.  Collingwood,  in  a  paper  on  "Some  Manx  Names  in  Cumbria" 
(in  Vol.  XIII.  "Transactions  Cumb.  &  Westm.  Arch,  and  Antiq.  Soc."),  gives 
"  gnipa,"— a  peak. 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY,      xcix 

Rigge. — This  is  the  second  strongest  of  all  the  families  in 
Hawkshead  in  point  of  numbers,  and  out  of  one  hundred 
and  forty-four  wills  proved  in  the  Archdeaconry  ninety- 
seven  are  of  Hawkshead.  They  were  chiefly  located 
about  Hawkshead  itself,  where  in  fact  there  appear  to  be 
few  farms  which  was  not  at  one  period  or  another 
inhabited  by  a  Rigge.  Further  afield  they  were  found 
at  Satterthwaite,  Sawrey,  Haverthwaite,  Watterson-ground, 
Penny  Bridge,  etc.  They  strayed  to  Bouth  and  Nib- 
thwaite,  but  seldom  got  out  of  the  old  parish.  Keen- 
ground,  at  the  beginning  of  the  last  century,  belonged  to 
a  family  of  the  name,  which  is  now  represented  by  the 
Rigges  of  Woodbroughton  in  Cartmcl.  The  family  pro- 
bably grew  upon  the  land,  and  took  their  name  from 
some  local  feature. 

A  place  called  "  rig "  occurs  in  the  boundary  of 
Furness  Fells,  as  set  out  in  the  agreement  of  1196, 
between  the  head  of  Thurston  water  and  Crake  river  ; 
but  it  is  also  found  elsewhere. 

Robinson. — Not  specially  belonging  to  the  parish.  Robin  is, 
of  course,  a  diminutive  of  Robert. 

Sandys. — This  ancient  family  migrated  from  St.  Bees  in  Cum- 
berland, and  settled  at  Grathwaite  about  the  i$th  century, 
where  they  are  still  represented.  The  name  occurs  also 
at  Bouth,  Hawkshead,  Grizedale,  and  Finsthwaite,  and  no 
doubt  all  are  of  the  same  stock. 

Satterthwaite. — This,  the  third  strongest  family  in  Hawks- 
head,  is  one  of  the  few  which  evidently  takes  its  name 
from  a  place  in  the  parish  :  and  is,  of  course,  of  purely 
local  origin.  The  meaning  of  the  place  name  is,  without 
doubt,  the  setr  or  settlement  in  the  thveit  or  woodland 
clearing.  This  name  seems  to  have  spread  less  than  the 
other  great  stocks,  and  out  of  eighty  wills  in  the 
Archdeaconry  seventy  are  of  this  parish.  They  were 
found  at  Satterthwaite  itself  (where,  however,  they  were 
less  strong  than  at  other  places),  Sawrey,  Colthouse, 


Parkamoor,  Roger-ground,  etc.  Colthouse  was  the  main 
stronghold  of  the  name,  and  the  family,  which  is  still 
represented  there,  have  long  been  members  of  the  Society 
of  Friends. 

Sawrey. — Is  another  purely  indigenous  stock,  but  not  so 
prolific  as  Satterthwaite  and  Rigge,  and  now  unfortunately 
nearly  extinct.  In  the  time  of  Henry  VIII.  there  was 
an  armigerous  family  of  this  name  at  Low  Grathwaite, 
who  migrated  to  Plumpton  Hall  near  Ulverston,  and 
were  supplanted  at  Grathwaite  by  the  Rawlinsons. 
Originally,  of  course,  they  were  of  Sawrey,  but  out  of 
forty-three  wills  of  Sawreys  within  the  parish,  but  five 
are  of  that  place.  On  the  other  hand  they  did  not 
stray  out  of  the  parish,  for  there  are  but  sixty-one 
wills  of  the  name  between  1457  and  1748.  In  the 
north  of  the  parish  they  left  their  name  at  Sawrey- 
ground,  where  they  disappeared  about  1700.  The  name 
was  also  widely  spread  elsewhere  in  the  parish. 

The  origin  of  the  place  name  is  doubtful.  It  may 
be  Saur-a,  the  Sour  or  Muddywater — a  derivation  not 
peculiarly  applicable ;  or  possibly  South  Wray,  in  dis- 
tinction to  Wray  proper  at  the  north  end  of  Claife. 

Sourer  and  Sourei  are  among  the  old  forms  of  the 

Scale,  Scales. — The  Scales  family  no  doubt  migrated  from 
Scales  in  Aldingham.  They  are  mostly  found  in  the 
south  part  of  the  parish  at  Colton  and  Grizedale. 

Strickland. — There    was   a    colony    of   Stricklands  in    Colton 

chiefly    at    Iconthwaite,    Rusland,    etc.      They  may    well 

have    been    a    branch    from    the   distinguished  family    of 

Taylors. — This  was  a  very  prolific  stock  over  the  south  part 
of  the  old  parish  at  Finsthwaite,  Nibthwaite,  Thwaite- 
head,  Colton,  Penny  Bridge,  etc.  The  name  is  of  course 
by  no  means  confined  to  the  district. 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY.          ci 

Tomlinson. — The  name  is  numerous  outside  the  parish. 
Within  it  they  were  found  at  Grizedale,  Hawkshead, 
Roger-ground,  etc. 

Townson. — This  name  is  probably  originally  a  contraction  of 
the  last.  They  left  their  name  at  Townson-ground  in 
Monk  Coniston.  This  house  probably  stood  where  the 
present  Tent  cottage  is. 

Turner. — Belongs  chiefly  to  the  south  part  of  the  parish,  being 
found  at  Colton,  Rusland,  Satterthwaite,  Nibthwaite,  and 
Haverthwaite,  and  further  north  at  Outgate  and  Knipe 
fold.  This  is  an  occupation  name,  and  in  the  Certificate 
of  the  Revenues  of  the  Abbey  (37  Hen.  VIII.),  there  is 
mentioned  the  industry  of  making  "  sadeltrees,  cartwheles, 
cuppes,  etc.,  wrought  by  Cowpers  and  Turners." 

Walker. — This  name  is  widely  spread.  There  is  Walker- 
ground  near  the  town. 

Watterson. — This  name,  the  first  stage  in  the  process  of  con- 
traction from  Walterson  to  Watson,  seems  peculiar  in  the 
Archdeaconry  to  Hawkshead,  as  three  out  of  the  four 
wills  under  this  name  belong  to  the  parish.  Although 
the  stock  was  not  very  prolific,  we  find  Watterson-ground 
near  Outgate. 

Wilson. — This  name  is  common  in  Westmorland  and  Furness. 
In  Hawkshead  they  existed  at  Colton,  Crosslands,  Rusland, 
Oxenfell,  Fieldhead,  Skelwith,  etc.  The  family  of  Wilson, 
who  have  now  been  for  many  generations  at  High  Wray, 
originally  came  from  Langdale.* 

Among  the  many  other  names  to  be  seen  in  the  index,  the 
one  or  two  occurrences  of  the  name  of  Besbrown  may  be 
noticed,  as  the  stock,  which  must  have  sprung  from  Baisbrown, 
in  Great  Langdale,  appears  to  be  practically  extinct  now.  The 
name  Blealelme,  which  occurs  once  (1606),  is  interesting,  as  it 
appears  to  be  the  same  as  Blelham,  the  small  sheet  of  water 

*  The  name  Blumer  is  always  spelled  with  a  mark  of  contraction  above  the  u  ; 
for  what  reason  I  am  at  a  loss  to  say. 

cii         THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR     STORY. 

near  Wray.  This  name  Blelham  is  of  some  interest  as  being 
one  of  the  very  few  place  names  in  High  Furness  bearing 
the  Saxon  suffix  ham.  It  is  of  course  possible  that  the  tarn 
received  its  name  from  some  family  early  extinct  of  the  name 
of  Blelham,  or,  as  we  have  it  here,  Blealelme,  instead  of  having 
given  its  name  to  that  family. 

Another  series  of  names  will  strike  the  reader  as  curious, 
differing  as  they  do  in  every  way  from  the  rest.  These  are 
Godmunt  (or  Godmunte),  Moser  (or  Mozer),  Phemcke,  Puthpker 
(Pughpker  or  Poughpker),  and  Raylesley  (or  Relsle).  These 
are  names  brought  into  the  lake  district  in  the  i6th  century 
by  the  German  copper-mining  colonies  at  Keswick,  and  per- 
haps also  at  Coniston.  The  names  got  sadly  mauled  and 
altered  in  the  lakes,  and  many  and  curious  were  the  variations 
they  went  through  in  the  hands  of  the  keepers  of  the  parish 
registers : — * 

Baptisms,  1608. 

Aprill  Ith    Hans  Mozer  fil :  Martini 

Burials,  1609. 

December  xxvth   Michaell  Suckmantle  a  Dutchman 

Entries  in  the  following  form  occur  occasionally,  and  pro- 
bably denote  illegitimacy : — 

Baptisms  1635. 

August  iijth   Rowland  ffleemeing  alias  Rawlinson 

Amongst  the  less  common  Christian  names  we  find  Abraham, 
Ambrose,  Balthazar  (Pughpker),  Barnard,  Bartle  and  Bartho- 
lemew,  Cornelius,  Ferdinando,  Gawen,  Hopkin,  Huan,  Jenkin, 
Jepthah,  Jeremiah,  Johnathan,  Joell,  Josuah,  Lament,  Nathan, 
Oswald,  Renald,  Sander,  and  Theophilus.  Amongst  the  women, 
Barbary,  Bathsheba,  Christibel,  Deborah,  Dinah,  Ealse,  Emmas, 
Emmott,  Gebaye,  Gilliane,  Judeth,  Luck,  Magdalen,  Naamah, 
Obedience,  Prudence,  Rachel,  Radagunga,  Rebecca,  Rosamond, 
Tomalin,  Towsy,  and  Zuriall. 

*See  "The  German  Miners  at  Keswick,"  by  J.  Fisher  Crosthwaite,  F.S.A. 
("Transactions  Cumb.  and  Westm.  Arch,  and  Antiq.  Soc.,"  Vol.  VI.,  p.  344). 

THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY.        ciii 

Elizabeth  in  the  early  registers  is  always  Elsabeth,  but  an 
early  example  of  the  modern  spelling  occurs  in  1600. 

An  early  example  of  the  use  of  a  surname  for  baptismal 
name  is  found  in  1703: — 


June  :  8  :  Wilkinson  Braithw1  fil  Gaun  de  Braithway 

We  find  a  few  instances  of  nicknames,  but  they  are  not 
common : — 

Burials,  1604. 

Marche  viijth  Christopher  Satterthwt  called  Toy 

Burials,  1673. 

May  25th  Issabell  Rigge  who  dyed  att  fieldhead  called 
greate  I  bee  .... 

Christenings,  1695. 

March     1 5  :    Agnes    ffisher    fil    John    bright    Anthony 
daughters  bastard. 

Burials,  1696. 

March  30 :    Agnes   ffisher  alias    Rigge   bright    Anthony 
daughters  bastard. 

The  next  is  evidently  a  foundling : — 

Burials,  1608. 

November  xvijth  John  wch  God  sent  us. 

Burials,  1620. 

Aprill  xxixth  ffearful  Allen  fil.  Geo  :  Sands 

The  next  curious  entry  may  possibly  have  some  such 
meaning  as  the  titles  given  to  prominent  statesmen  in  the 
Westmorland  fells,  viz.,  King  of  Mardale  and  King  of 
Patterdale  :— 

Burials,    1638. 

January  ijth  Queene  of  Clappersgate 

The  last  is  even  more  difficult  of  explanation  : — 
Burials,  1699. 

ffcbruary  xxvijth  Jo  :  Rigg  lord. 

civ        THE    REGISTERS    AND     THEIR    STORY. 

With  regard  to  the  foregoing,  I  can  only  state  the  following 
curious  facts,  which  may  throw  some  light  on  it.  As  late  as 
a  generation  ago  there  was  held  at  the  hamlet  of  Outgate, 
within  this  parish,  a  curious  mock  Court,  which  may  possibly 
have  been  of  great  antiquity,  although  in  the  belief  of  those 
who  are  now  living  and  have  heard  of  it,  it  was  not  so. 
Certain  residents  of  the  little  hamlet  were  elected  to  the 
following  posts : — 

*John  Martin The  Bishop. 

William  Warriner  of  Birkwray     Lord  Short  ot  Birkwray. 

tjohn  Rigg         Justice. 

Rowley  Scales ...  Parson. 

This  quorum  sat  upon  and  really  adjudicated  minor  offences, 
imposing  (as  far  as  I  can  ascertain)  small  fines  on  cases  of 
drunkenness,  etc.  The  Court  did  not,  it  appears,  sit  on  any 
special  day  of  the  year,  and  those  who  remember  it  regard 
it  as  a  sort  of  frolic.  It  may  really,  however,  have  acted  as 
a  slight  check  on  the  behaviour  of  the  wilder  spirits,  in  the 
days  when  Petty  Sessions  were  held  no  nearer  then  Ulver- 
ston  on  Lake  Side.  The  above  entry,  however,  may  refer 
to  something  of  the  sort  two  hundred  and  sixty  years  ago, 
and  the  whole  thing  may  have  some  analogy  to  the  mock 
Mayors  formerly  elected  in  various  parts  of  the  country. 

*  His  son,  Thomas  Martin,  of  Fieldhead,  only  died  in  1895  at  an  advanced  age. 
By  the  death  of  "Tommy,"  as  he  was  generally  called,  the  parish  lost  one  whose 
simple  and  honest  nature  made  him  beloved  by  all  who  knew  him.  Thomas  Martin 
in  earlier  years  was  a  man  of  great  personal  strength  ;  and  the  upright  massive  form 
and  handsome  head  of  the  old  labourer,  as  we  last  knew  him  in  his  old  age,  will 
remain  long  in  the  memories  of  all  who  were  acquainted  with  him. 

f  Father  to  the  present  Mr.  James  Rigg,  of  Outgate. 

Register  Booke  for  the  pishe  of  haukeshead  Intended 
for  the  Registeringe  of  all  such  Marri(ages)  Chrisinings 
and  Burialls  as  shall  hereafter  happen  within  the  sayd  pishe 
made  the  Twenty  fifte  day  of  March  in  the  tenth  yeare  of 
the  Raigne  of  our  most  gratious  Soueraigne  Lady  Elizabeth 
by  the  grace  of  God  Queen  of  England  Scotland  ffrance 
and  Ireland  defender  of  the  ffaith  &c  Ano  Domi  1568 

Inpr*  BAPTIZATIONES  INFANTIU  Ano  Domi  1568 

March  xxvth  Jane  Banks 

eode  die  Elsabeth  Satterthwaite 
Aprill  iiijth  James  Sawrey 
eode  die  Margarett  Braithwaite 

vth  William  Rawlinsone 
vijth  Clement  Townesone 
xxiijth  Margrett  Banke 
xxiiijth  Ellinoer  Braithwaite 
xxviijth  Ann  Jacksone 
May    firste  Myles  Mackareth 
iiijth  John  Rigge 
xiijth  William  Rigge 
xviijth  Issabell  Mackareth 
June   firste  John  Rigge 

xiiijth  William  Rigge 
Jully  second  John  Mackareth 

vth  Robert  Braithwaite 


xjth  Symond  Kirkby 
xxjth  Grace  Townesone 
August  vjth  Dorothy  Satterthwaite 

vijth  Ann  Braithwaite 
September  viijth  Margrett  Satterthwaite 
code  die  Richard  Rigge 

xth  Margrett  ffell 
xvjth  Margrett  Braithwaite 
October  iijth  Jennett  Benson 

vijth  Agnes  Satterthwaite 
xth  Sybell  Satterthwaite 
xxiiijth  Margrett  ffisher 
November  iijth  George  Braithwaite 
vijth  Clement  Towneson 
xixth  George  Berwick 
december  vijth  Robert  Walker 
xiijth  Clement  Rigge 
xixth  Margrett  Braithwaite 
January  vth  John  Knype 

vijth  Issabell  Braithwaite 
xxxth  Christofor  Kirkby 
ffebruary  iiijth  Katherine  Holme 

xjth  Agnes  Walker 
code  die  Bernard  dixeson 
xiiijth  Issabell  Braithwaite 
xvjth  Sybell  Walker 
xxiijth  Elsabeth  Townesone 
xxjiijth  Issabell  Satterthwaite 
March  iijth  George  Rooke 
vijth  George  Holme 
xiijth  Margrett  Braithwaite 
xviijth  Jennett  Mackereth 
xxjth  Agnes  Tyson 
xxiijth  Margrett  Braithwaite 
xxiiijth  Ellinor  Satterthwaite 



July  iijth  Robert  Greave  &  Jennett  Braithwaite 

code  John  Greave  &  Issabell  Braithwaite 
August  2d  Anthony  Dixeson  &  Jennett  Borwicke 
vijth  William  Rigge  &  Issabell  Rigge 
eode  John  Taylor  and  Jennett  Ashburner 
xivth  Richard  Rigge  &  Jennett  Robinson 
xxijto  Bryam  Satterthwaite  &  Ellinor  Walker 
Septembr  xixth  James  Braithwaite  &  Mary  Garnett 
October  xth  Rowland  Turner  &  Elsabeth  Kirkby 

xxiiijth  George  Rigge  &  Alice  dodgson 
November  vijth  William  Banke  &  Elsabeth  Hodgson 
xiiijth  Willm  holme  &  Jennett  Walker 
xxjth  Allan  Pennington  &  Issabell  Scale 
ffebruary  vth  Thomas  Grigge  and  Margrett  Rigge 


Aprill  iiijth  Jennett  Benson 
eode  die  Jennett  Rigge 

xth  James  Scale 
xviiijth  William  hyrdson 
May  iith  Margrett  Johnson 

.  .  .  Robert  Kirkby 
viiith  Agnes     .... 
xiijth  Willim  Ashburner 
eode  die  Jane  dodgson 

xvth  Roberte  Rawlinsone 
xvijth  Steven  Watterson 
June  iiijth  Sibell  Rigge 

xixth  John  Hirdson 
xxviijth  Mabell  Rigge 
July  firste  Elsabeth  Satterthwaite 
iijth  Issabell  Walker 
iiijth  Margaret  hirdson 
ixth  Mabell  Rowlinson 
xxth  Walter  Willson 
Auguste  ith  Roberte  Blumer 


iijth  John  Tayler 
viijth  Hughe   Braithwaite 
xxijth  Margaret  Banke 
Sept  vijth  Myles  Sands 
code  die  John  Turner 
xxviijth  Alice  Holme 
Novemb:  iiijth  Elsabeth  Tayler 
Decemb:  iijth  Willme  Dracke 
January   xth  Roberte  Rigge 
code  die  Emmas  Pennington 

xijth  Margarett  Satterthwte 
xiiijth  Antonie  Dodgson 
xvijth  Oswald  Keen 
February  ijth  Elsabeth  Knype 

vth  John  Rigge 
xxth  Robert  Tailer 
xxiijth  Jenatt  Tompson 
March  vjth  Jenatt  Holme 
viijth  Willme  Hirdson 
xth  Agnes  Watterson 
xjth  Alice  Pennington 
xijth  Wm  Braithwaite 
xiijth  Roberte  Walker 
xiiijth  Richard  Holme 
xviijth  Elsabeth  Rawlinson 
xixth  Thomas  Keen  finis 


March  xxvjth  Issabell  Holme 
xxviijth  John  Hodgson 
Aprill  iiij^  Roberte  Taylor 
xxiijth  George  Braithw1 
xxvth  Willme  Satterthwaite 
xxixth  Ann  Sawrey 
May  ixth  Margaret  Macrethe 

xjth  George  Dixson 
xixth  Clement  Rigge 


xxvjth  Roberta  Ashburner 
xxviijth  Jenatt  Tow(nesone) 
xxxth  Elliner  Braithwaite 
July  xjth  Margaret  ffisher 
xiijth  James  Sattertwt 
xxth  Sibell  Rigge 
xxiijth  Thomas  Holme 
code  die  Agnes  Rigge 

xxvth  xpofer  Nicholson 
code  die  Rowland  ffrearson 
Auguste  xxviijth  xpofer  Walker 
September  vijth  George  Dodgson 

ixth  Isabell  Rigge 
xiiijth  Ealse.  Banke 
xvjth  Wm  Satterthwaite 
xixth  Issabell  Ashburner 
October  xiiijth  Willme  Macrethe 

xviijth(?)  John  Tailer 
Novemb:   iiijth  Cuthberte  Rigge 

xvjth  Ellinor  Tayler 
Decemb:  xxjjth  Jenatt  Banke 

xxiiijth  Jenatt  Satterthwte 
eodem  die  Jenatt  Macrethe 
January  xxixth  Rowland  Pennington 
code  die  Leonard  Dodgson 

xxxth  Margaret  Tayler 
ffebruary    xxth  Mabell  Jackson 
Marche  vth  Margaret  Banke 
code  die  Issabell  Dodgson 
viijth  Roberte  Tompson 
xiiijth  Williame  Walker 
xvijth  George  Benson 


Auguste  vijth  Hughe  Jackson  &  Margaret  Walker 

xxjth  Thomas  Macrethe  &  Issabell  Hirdson 
xxviijth  John  Braithwaite  &  Elline  Braithwaite, 


Septembe  xith  Anthonie  Satterthwaite  &  Mabell  Jackson 
Octob:  xvith  Roberta  Tayler  &  Mabell  Walker 

xxiijth  John  Braithwaite  &  Issabell  Braithwaite 
xxxth  Bryam   Benson  &  Mabell   Benson 


Aprill  ixth  John  Macrethe 
xth  Willme  Sands 
xixth  Mabell  Rigge 
code  die  Williame  Turner 

xxiijth  Jenatt  Satterthwte 
xxviijth  Roberte  Hirdson 
eodem  die  Agnes  Macrethe 
May  ijth  Thomas  Dodgson 
xiijth  Issabell   Holme 
xixth  George  Dodgson 
xxjth  Elsabethe  Keen 
xxvth  Issabell  Rigge 
xxviijth  Cathren  Rawlinson 
xxixth  Richard  ffleminge 
June  xvth  James  Brathwaite 

xxjth  Holme  (sic) 
July    ixth  Alice  Willson 
xiiijth  John  Stamforthe 
xviijth  Robert  Hobson 
Auguste  xijth  Clement  Banks 
xiiijth  Agnes  Benson 
xvijth  Elsabeth  Towers 
Septemb:  ith  Issabell  Rigge 

iijth  Rowland  Walker 
xviijth  Hughe  Blurher 
Octobr:  ith  Agnes  Tayler 

viijth  Margaret  Braithw1 
xxxth  Renald  Macrethe 
Novemb:  viijth  Margarett  Towenson 
xth  Cathren  Pennington 
xxth  John  Tayler 


xxviijth  Charles  Macrethe 
Decemb:  xvijth  James  Satterthw1 
January  ixth  Allice  Kellatte 
xijth  John  Ashburner 
xvth  Richard  Ashburner 
xvijth  Roberte  Davide 
xviijth  Margarett  ffleminge 
ffebruary  xijth  Agnes  Hirdson 
xviijth  Mabell  Dodgson 
xxvijth  Rowland    Pennington 
March  iiijth  Margaret  Tyson  finis 


March  xxviijth  Agnes  Tayler 
Aprill  xxiijth  Leonard  Dodgson 

xxvjth  Thomas  Scale 
May  xxixth  Elsabeth  Tyson 
June  ijth  Margarett  Braithwaite 

vjth  Agnes  Scale 
code  die  Issabell  sine  patre  note 

xxxth  Sibell  Walker 
July  xvijth  Issabell  Braithwaite 
Auguste  ith  Robert  Banks 
vth  James  Benson 
xxixth  Roberte  Rigge 
Octob :  xxijth  Agnes  Macrethe 

xxviijth  Willrhe  Sawrey 
eode  die  Willrhe  Walker 
Novemb :  ijth  George  Braithwaite 
xijth  Issabell  Braithwaite 
xiijth  Agnes  Braithwaite 
xixth  Myles  Howson 
xxvjth  Mabell  Parke 
xxvijth  Issabell  Rigge 
Decemb  iith  Willme  Satterthwaite 
vth  Margarett  Benson 
ixth  Cathren  Holme 


xxiiijth  Agnes  Hodgson 
xxvjth  Alice  Macrethe 
January  iijth  Elsabeth  Towenson 

xth  Emmas  Tayler 
xiijth  Margarett  Braithwaite 
xxiiijth  Ellinor  Pepper 
xxvjth  James  Satterthwait 
xxvijth  Williame  Satterthwaite 
xxviijth  Thomas  Satterthwaite 
ffebruary  ijth  Clement  Holme 
iijth  George   Macrethe 
iiijth  James  Braithwaite 
xiijth  Edward  Bownes 
xvjth  Thomas  Braithwaite 
xixth  Michaell  Benson 
code  die  Jenatt  Jackson 

xxvth  Margarett  Tomson 
xxvijth  Margarett  Braithwaite 
code  die  Henery  Sawrey 
March  iith  George  Satterthwaite 
xjth  Charles  Satterthwaite 
Williame  Sands 


July  ijth  John  Benson  &  Margaret  Sands 
xvjth  Mathewe  Joppson  &  Alice  Rigge 
Auguste  xiijth  George  Harrison  &  Elline  Banke 
Septemb.  iijth  Richard  Rigge  &  Agnes  Holme 
xlh  Edward  Walker  &  Ann  Walker 
Octob:  ith  Anthonie  Kirkby  &  Issabell  Rigge 
xxijth  wm  Hodgson  &  Cathren  Hodgson 
xxix'h  W™  Rigge  &  Elline  Rigge 
January  xxviijth  Roberte  &  Agnes  Hodgson 


Marche  xxvijth  Rowland  Tayler 
Aprill  iiijth  Richard  Rawlinson 


code  die  Agnes  Rigge 
code  die  Agnes  Dixson 
vth  Thomas  Sands 
vjth  Issabell  Readheade 
ixth  John  Braithwaite 
xxiijth  Sibell  Rigge 
xxvijth  John  Hodgson 
May  ijth  William  Towers 

vth  Elsabethe  Hodgson 
vijth  Agnes  Holme 
xth  Roberte  Satterthwaite 
code  die  Agnes  Hodgson 
xiiijth  Jenatt  wreighte 
xvijth  Elsabethe  Willson 
June  vijth  Elsabethe  Hodgson 
xjth  ux  Willme  Hirdson 
July  xviijth  Jenatt  Hobson 
code  die  Leonard  Dodgson 

xxvjth  Catherine  Rigge 
Auguste  ixth  Margaret  Towenson 
xvth  Rowland  Strickland 
Septemb  :  xvijth  Issabell  ffisher 
xxvijth  Myles  Walker 
Octob :  xth  Margaret  Turner 
Novemb  :  iiijth  Jenatt  Hirdson 
vjth  xpofer  Hodgson 
xjth  Charles  Benson 
xviijth  Johne  Rawlinson 
xixth  Alice  Hobson 
xxxth  Myles  Howson 
Decemb :  iijth  Rowland  Ashburner 
iiijth  Leonard  Knype 
ixth  Thomas  Willson 
xth  Thomas  Jackson 
xvth  Agnes  ffleminge 
xixth  Mabell  ffrearson 
xxvjth  Jenatt  Walker 


January  vijth  Xpoper  Scotson 
jxth  Agnes  Scale 
xth  Robte  Rawlinson 
xvth  Issabell  Rigge 
xviijth  Roberte  Benson 
xxiijth  Margaret  Sands 
ffebruary  viijth  Margaret  Tayler 

code  die  Elsabeth  Towenson 
ixth  Jenatt  Braithwaite 
xxth  Margaret  Tayler 
xxjth  Jenatt  Scale 
xxiijth  Agnes  Macrethe 
xxvth  George  Macrethe 
Marche  ith  Margaret  Jackson 
vth  Elsabethe  Tayler 
xvth  Xpofer  Hirdson 
xvijth  Williame  Jackson 
finis  hujus  Ann 


Aprill  xjth  George  Rigge 
xvth  John  Towenson 
xvjth  Roberte  Barwicke 
xxijth  Robte  Hodgson 
xxvijth  George  Benson 
May  jth  Rowland  Braithwaite 

iiijth  Myles  Willson 
code  die  Issabell  Tayler 

xxth  Issabell  Braithwaite 
xxvth  Elline  Kirkby 
xxxth  Margarett  Tayler 
xxxjth  Edmund  Walker 
June  iijth  Robte  Dixson 

xth  Gyles  Dodgson 
xxth  Richard  Kirkby 
July  vth  Elsabeth  Macrethe 
xiiijth  Emmas  Holme 


xxiijth  John   Willson 
xxixth  Rowland  Braithwaite 
Auguste  xvjth  Agnes  Satterthwaite 
xixth  Renalde  Satterthwaite 
xxijth  Agnes  Newby 
xxvjth  Robte  ffisher 
Septemb :  iijth  Edward  Blurher 
xijth  Wm  Braithwaite 
xvjth  Margaret  Dodgson 
Octob :  vjth  George  Banke 

ixth  Margaret  Braithwaite 
xth  Elsabeth  Dodgson 
xxith  Jenatt  Rigge 
Novemb :  xith  James  Watterson 
code  die  Richard  Keene 

xxth  James  Satterthwaite 
Decemb :  xvjth  Jenatt  Braithwaite 
code  die  Elsabeth  Braithw1 
xxjth  Sibell  Rigge 
xxxth  Roberte  rfrearson 
January  vjth  Bryame  Satterthwaite 

xvth  Thomas  Knype 
xvijth  Richard  Crosfielde 
eode  die  Willme  Crosfielde 
xviijth  Emmas  Macrethe 
xixth  Agnes  Tayler 
ffebruary  xxijth  Issabell  Braithwaite 
Marche  vth  Roger  Satterthwaite 
eode  die  George  Satterthw1 
vjth  Cathren   Rigge 
vijth  Leonard  ffell 
xvjth  Elsabeth  Rigge 
xxijth  Elsabeth  Dodgson 
xxiijth  John  Tomson 



July  xxviijth  Thomas  Satterthw1  &  Sibell  Rigge 
Auguste  iijth  Renald   Braithw4  &  Issabell  Sands 
xijth  Richard  Satterthw4  &  Alice  Walker 
xixth  John  Keen  &  Agnes  Rigge 
Septemb:  ijth  John  Watterson  &  Margaret  Sawrey 

ixth  Barnard  Walker  &  Margaret  Stainbank 
xvjth  John  Tonson  &  Cathren  Tayler 
xxxth  John  Grave  &  Agnes  Dodgson 
code  die  Robte  Dixson  &  Agnes  Braithwaite 
Octob:  xiiijth  Edward    Rawes  &  Agnes  Sands 
Novemb:  xjth  Richard  Keene  &  Issabell  Sands 
xxvth  Wm  Turner  &  Sibell  Walker 
xxvjth  Renald  Bateman  &  Agnes  Braithwaite 
Decemb :  ith  John  Watterson  &  Mabell    Pennington 


Aprill  viijth  Issabell  Rawlinson 
xiijth  Margaret  Turner 
xxjth  Myles  Dixson 
xxiijth  Margaret   Stricklande 
May  xjth  Wm  Satterthwaite 
xviijth  Issabell  Rawlinson 
xxiiijth  Agnes  Braithwaite 
June  xxijth  Cathren  Turner 
July  ith  Anthonie  Satterthwaite 

xiiijth  Agnes   Holme 
xx  ....  Issabell  Kellate 
xxviijth  John  Willson 
Auguste  iijth  Jenatt  Blurher 
code  die  Ealse  Pennington 
code  die  Emmas  Holme 
xvijth  Issabell  Rigge 

xth  Margaret  Pennington 
xiijth  Jenatt  Watterson 
xiiijth  Agnes   Sands 


Septemb :  xvijth  Agnes  Braithwaite 
Octob:  xvth  Richard  Tayler 

xxixth  Mabell  Pennington 
Novemb :  xvjth  Edward  Blumer 

xxvjth  Wm  Dodgson 
Decemb  ith  Robte  Kellatte 

iijth  John  Braithwaite 
code  die  Mabell  Pennington 
xxixth  Jenatt  Braithwaite 
January  vijth  William   Dodgson 

xth  John  Robinson 
xiiijth  Cathren   Dodgson 
xxijth  Margaret  Pennington 
xxiijth  John  Turner 
ffebruary  xxijth  Margaret  Satterthwaite 

xxvth  Willrhe  Pennington 
Marche  ith  Elsabethe   Partrigge 
code  die  pd  for  Edmund  Blumer 
vijth  Mabell  Robinson 

finis  hujus  anni 


Aprill  ijth  Alice  Hobson 
ixth  Margaret  Rigge 
xth  Dorathy  Dodgson 
xviijth  Jenatt  Tayler 
xxth  Barnard  Benson 
xxvth  Grace  ffrearson 
May  viijth  Margaret  Tayler 

xxijth  Thomas  Banke 
June  ijth  Elsabeth  Holme 

iijth  Barnard  Macrethe 
xvjth  Dorathy  ffleminge 
xxiijth  Issabell    Macrethe 
July  xvijth  Issabell    Holme 
iiijth  Mabell  Braithw1 
Septemb.  xxijth  Issabell  Walker 


xxiijth  Charles  Braithwaite 
xxvjth  Arthure  Macrethe 
xxviijth  Roberte  Willson 
Octob :  vth  Margaret  Macrethe 

xxjth  Issabell  Walker 
xxvjth  Clement  Turner 
Novembr.  xxviijth  Adame  Walker 
Decemb  :  iijth  Ellinor  Sands 

vth  Elline  Satterthwaite 
xiijth  Anthonie  Dodgson 
xxijth  Willme  Nicholson 
xxiijth  Issabell  Kirkby 
January  xth  Richard  Walker 

xijth  Agnes  Rigge 
xxijth  George  Rigge 
ffebruary  ith  George  Tayler 

vth  Margarett  Nicholson 
xjth  Henery  Banke 
xijth  Barnard   Benson 
xiiijth  Issabell  Tonson 
xviijtb  Dorathy  Blumer 
xxiiijth  James  Rigge 
Marche  xxvijth  Jenatt  Braithwaite 


July  xiijth  Leonard  Towenson  &  Emmas  Blurher 
code  die  Cuthberte  Blurher  &  Jenatt  Ashburner 
xxth  Thomas  Bownes  &  Elsabeth  Barwicke 
xxvijth  Rowland  Pennington  &  Elsabeth  Walker 
August :  iijth  Edward  Holme  &  Jenatt  Holme 

xth  Edward  Sawrey  &  Jennatt  Braithwaite 
xvijtb  Rger  ffisher  &  Agnes  Prette 

Octob :  vth  George  Ashburner  ?  &  Margaret  B 

xijth  Gyles  Walker  &  Isabell 

xxxi'b  Wra  Satterthw*  & 

Novemb:  ijth  John  Walker  &  Margaret  Scale 

xxixth  John  ffrearson  &  Elsabeth  ffrearson 


January  xviijth  Symond  Rigge  &  Mabell  Tayler 
xixth  Wm  Sawrey  &  Jenatt  Braithwaite 


Marche  xxxth  Elsabeth  Banks 
Aprill  viijth  Willrhe  Keene 
code  die  Issabell   Macrethe 
xijth  Williame  Howson 
June  xxth  Elsabethe  Dodgson 
July  viijth  Rowland  Scale 

xxith  John  Turner 
Auguste  ijth  Elsabeth  Rigge 
vth  Alice  Braithwaite 
xith  Jenatt   Braithwaite 
xiijth  Jenatt  Strickland 
xxijlh  Leonard  Rigge 
code  die  Wm  Tayler 

xxxith  Clement  Holme 
Septemb  ith  Margaret  Braithwaite 
code  die  John  Tayler 

vth  Margaret   Hirdson 
Octob  :  vth  Grace  ffrearson 
xxijth  Agnes  Sawrey 
xxvijth  John  Watterson 
Novemb  :  xixth  Jenatt  Rigge 

xxjth  Margaret  Braithwaite 
xxiijth  Lawrence  Rigge 
xxvjth  Agnes  Chamney 
xxxth  George  Sands 
Decemb :  iijth  Elsabethe  Dodgson 
iiijth  Margaret  Todde 
xijth  James  Braithwaite 
code  die  Agnes   Chamney 

xviijth  Agnes  Scale 
code  die  ux  Wm  Rawlinson 

xxijth  Agnes  Rigge 
code  die  Margaret  Macrethe 


xxiijth  Williame  Robinson 
xxvjth  Jenatt  Chamney 
xxixth  Issabell  Willson 
xxxth  James  Rawlinson 
xxxjth  Alice  Kirkby 
January  jth  Agnes  Newby 
xth  Myles  Holme 
xjth  Agnes  Tonson 
xiiijth  Rowland  Pennington 
xviijth  Issabell  Satterthwaite 

xxth  John  Scale 
xxiijth  Wm  Nicholson 
code  die  Jenatt  Brockbanke 

xxviijth  George  Rigge 
ffebruary  vth  George  Chamney 

ixth  Cathren  Turner 
xxvth  Jenatte  Walker 
code  die  Jenatt   Dodgson 
xxvjth  Alice  Strickland 
Marche  viith  John  Braithwaite 

xiiijth  Cathren  Braithwaite 
xvth  Edward  Pennington 
xviijth  Margaret  Braithwaite 
code  die  Issabell  Dodgson 
xixth  Richard  Walker 
xxijth  Agnes  Blumer 
xxiijth  John  Atkinson 

finis  hujus  Anni 

Marche  xxixth  Leonard  Knype 
Aprill  jth  Thomas  Satterthwaite 
xth  James  Pepper 
xvth  Symond  Blumer 
code  die  Thomas  Scale 

xvjth  Elsabeth  Satterthwt 
xxjth  George  Braithwaite 


May  iijth  Willme  Kirkby 
xvjth  Nicholas  Tayler 
xxjth  George   Braithwaite 
xxiiijth  George  Dixson 
June  xxvth  Barnard  Benson 
May  vijth  John  Pennington 
xijth  Robte   Walker 
xiijth  Issabell  Watterson 
xixth  Margaret  Banks 
Auguste  xviijth  George  Rigge 

xxjth  Willme  Benson 
xxixth  David  Rooke 
Septemb :    ixth  Dorothy  Ashburner 

xiijth  Bryame  Macrethe 
code  die  Elsabethe  Satterthw1 

xxth  Issabell  Braithwaite 
code  die  Myles  Parke 
xxiiith  Jenatt  ffrearson 
xxxth  Elsabethe   Ashburner 
Octob :  jth  Roberte  Borowe 

xvjth  Brigett  Satterthwaite 
eode  die  Sibell   Holme 

xviijth  Margaret  Satterthwaite 
xixth  Xpofer  Willson 
xxvijth  Issabell  Benson 
Novemb :  iijth  Willme  Sawrey 

iiijth  Margaret  Satterthwaite 
xith  Rowland  Gregge 
Decemb:  xvjth  Issabell  Holme 

xixth  Issabell  Satterthwaite 
xxth  Myles  Braithwaite 
eode  die  Issabell  Tonson 
xxiijth  Issabell  Braithwaite 
xxvth  Elsabethe  Knype 
xxxth  Elsabethe  Rigge 
January  xth  ffrancis  Banke 
xvijth  Percivell  Holme 


xxixth  Mabell  Scale 
ffebruary  xiijth  Roger  Tomson 
xxvith  Mabell  Dodgson 
xxvijth  Henery  Rigge 
March  jth  Elsabethe  Macrethe 
ixth  John   ffisher 
xijth  xpofer   Tayler 
code  die  Rowland  Tailer 
xvijth  Willme  Satterthw1 


July  xixth  Wm  Hirdson  &  Elsabethe  Blurher 
code  die  Robte  Jackson  &  Agnes  Braithwaite 

xxvjth  Thomas  Robinson  &  Elsabethe  Tonsone 
Auguste  ijth  Jefferay  Braithw1  &  Mabell  Watterson 
code  die  Robte  Tonson  &  Jenatt  Atkinsone 

xvjth  Willme  Braithw*  &  Margaret  Sawrey 
code  die  Cuthberte  Birkheade  &  Jenatt  Sands 
xxiijth  Brya  Braithwaite  &  Issabell  Tonson 
eode  die  Thomas  Howie  &  Issabell  Sawrey 
Septemb:  vjth  Roberte  Tayler  &  Cathren  Rigge 

xth  Richard  Jackson  &  Jenatt  coke 
xxth  John  Hodgson  &  Jenatt  Benson 
xxvijth  Wm  Rigge  &  Alice  Keene 
Octob:  xvijth  Rowland  dodgson  &  Mabell  Dodgson 
Novemb :  xvth  James  Braithw1  &  Jenatt  Rigge 
ffebruary  xiijth  Renalde  Holme  &  Issabell  Dixson 


March  xxviijth  Leonard  Braithwaite 

xxxjth  Elsabeth  ffleminge 
April  ith  James   Rigge 

iijth  Margaret  nill 

vjth  Agnes  Tonson 

viijth  Margaret  Parkinson 

xijth  Mabell  Holme 

xvth  Elsabeth  Hodgson 


code  die  Jenatt  Dodgson 
code  die  Margarete  Dodgson 
xv{th  Allexander  Holme 
xxijth  Thomas  Willson 
xxiijth  Williame  Satterthwaite 
xxxth  Issabell  Satterthwaite 
May  iijth  Thomas  Benson 

ixth  Robte  Rigge 
xiijth  Thomas   Hodgson 
xvjth  John  Tayler 
xxth  John  Nicholson  • 

xxvjth  George  Braithwaite 
xxviijth  Leonard  Holme 
xxxjth  Willme  Kirkby 
June  ith  Edward  Rawlinson 
viith  Mabell  Blumer 
xvth  Willme  Hodgson 
xxjth  Jenatt  keene 
xxijth  John  Birkhead 
xxiiijth  Robert  Holme 
xxxth  John  Hirdson 
July  xth  Alice  Rooke 

xiijth  Gilbert  Pennington 
code  die  George  Dixson 
xiiijth  Jenatt  Sawrey 
xxth  Jenatt  Tayler 
Auguste  iiijth  Myles  Keen 

xijth  John  Pennington 
xiijth  Cathren  Holme 
xxviijth  Issabell  ffleminge 
Septemb :  iiijth  Emmas  Ashburner 

viijth  Issabell  Robinson 
code  die  Elsabeth  Turner 

xxiijth  Cathren  Braithwaite 
Octob:  iiijth  Jenatt  Walker 
xijth  Wm  Hodgson 
xxth  Roberte  Walker 



xxvjth  Alice  Towers 
Novemb :  jth  Myles  Rigge 
xvth  John  Willson 
xxvth  Wm  Sawrey 
Decemb :  vjth  Alice  Braithwaite 

xith  Emmas  Tayler 
xvijth  Alice  Tayler 
xxxth  Issabell  Hirdson 
January    iijth  Issabell  Braithwaite 
iiijth  Jenatt  Macrethe 
vijth  Sibell  Brockbanke 
xxvijth  Elsabethe  Braithwaite 

xxxth  Elsabeth  Knype 
ffebruary  xxth  Margaret  Walker 

xxijth  James  Braithwaite 
code  die  Agnes  Dodgson 
xxvijth  Mariane  Moore 
Marche  iijth  Mabell  Pole 
iiijth  \vm  Tayler 
xvijth  Jenatt  Turner 
xxijth  Myles    Braithwaite 
finis  hujus  Anni 


Aprill  vijth  Xpofer  Sands 
xviijth  Sibell  Tayler 
eode  die  Robte  Braithwaite 

xxxth  Elline  Rigge 
May  iiijth  Jenatt  Tonson 

xth  Anthonie  Sawrey 
xxijth  Agnes  rfisher 
June  vijth  Dorathy   Holme 

xth  wm  Walker 
eode  die  Clement  Hirdson 

xxth  Elline  Tayler 
xxiiijth  John  ffleminge 
July  xxiijth  Willme  Braithwaite 


Auguste  xxiiijth  Bartholemewe  Rigge 
Septemb :  vijth  James  Braithwaite 

xijth  George  Satterthwaite 
xxvjth  Elsabethe  Tonson 
xxixth  Thomas  Hawe 
Octob :  jfc  Robte  Walker 
xiijth  Mabell  Sadler 
Novemb:  viijtb  Richard  Rigge 
Decemb :  xiijth  Mabell  Hodgson 
January  itb  John   Sawrey 

xth  James  Braithwaite 
xiiijth  Wm  Tayler 
xviijth  Wm  Walker 
code  die  Agnes  Nicholson 

xiijth  Edward   Satterthwaite 
xxvth  Margaret  Walker 
xxviijth  Edmund  Sands 
code  die  George  Walker 
ffebruary  xiijth  Margaret  Benson 
Marche  xth  Willme  Benson 

xjth  Elsabeth  Braithwaite 


July  viijtb  Robte  Willson  &  Elsabethe  Satterthwaite 
code  die  George  Atkinson  &  Agnes  Satterthwaite 

xviijth  John  Bowes  &  Agnes  Holme 
Auguste  ith  Edwine  Rigge  &  Jenatt  Rigge 
Septemb:  vth  Myles  Braithw*  &  Elline  Rigge 
Octob:  xvijth  Wm  Watterson  &  Jenatt  Holme 
Novemb :  vijth  Wm  Macrethe  &  Agnes  Rigge 
ffebruary  xiijtb  George  Macrethe  &  Jenatt  Satterthwaite 


Marche  xxvth  George  Readheade 
Aprill  ixth  Mabell  Macrethe 
xvijth  George  Willson 


xxvjth  Elsabeth  Turner 
May  xxxtb  Issabell  Hirdson 
June  viijth  Jenatt  Walker 

xvijth  ux  Thomas  Walker 
xxvjth  Roger  Tayler 
code  die  Elline  Satterthw1 
July  xxvth  Williame  Burnes 
xxixth  Robte  Dodgson 
Auguste  xiiijth  Anthonie  Sawrey 
Septemb :  ith  Jenatt  Turner 

xviiijth  Mathewe  Tayler 
Octob:  iiijth  Jenatt  Walker 

xvth  Mabell  Braithwaite 
Novemb :  iijth  Richard  Rigge 
xjth  Sibell    Newton 
xxijth  Edward  Rawlinson 
Decemb :  vijth  Issabell  Turner 
xth  John  Readhead 
xixth  Robte  Holme 
xxiijth  Alexander  Pennington 
xxvijth  John  Benson 
code  die  Arthure  Benson 
xxixth  Margaret  Burnes 
January  iiith  Jenatt  Banke 

vjth  Rowland  Scale 
xvijth  Issabell  Holme 
xxvth  Alice  Scotson 
xxxith  Jenatt  Holme 
ffebruary  ith  James  Walker 
xiijth  Jenatt  Walker 
xvth  Thomas  Benson 
xxijth  Williame  Keen 
xxviijth  Elsabeth  Walker 
Marche  xijth  Jenatt  Dodgson 
xviijth  Agnes  Walker 
xvth  Wm  Rigge 
xvjlh  John  Turner 


xviith  Jenatt  Ashburner 
xxth  Edward  Satterthwaite 
finis  hujus  Anni 


Aprill  vith  Elline  Sawrey 

xviith  George  Walker 
code  die  George  Macrethe 
xviijth  John  Scale 
xixth  James  Satterthwaite 
xxth  Margaret  Sands 
xxvjth  Roger  Rigge 
May  xijth  Agnes  Rigge  susceptor 

xxiiijth  George  Crosfielde 
code  die  Rowland  Crosfielde 

xxvth  Elsabeth  Tayler 
xxvijth  Edward  Satterthwaite 
June  xth  Elsabethe  Dodgson 

xjth  puer  Rowlandi  Strickland  susceptus  est 
xxith  Elsabeth  Macrethe 
xxixth  Wm  Barwicke 
July  vth  Margaret  Rigge  susceptor 
xiiith  ffrancis  Dodgson 
xvijth  Margaret  Braithwaite 
Auguste  xjth  Wm   Rigge 

xxiijth  Thomas  ffleminge 
xxiiijth  Myles  Sands 
Septemb :  viijth  ffardenando  Sawrey 

ixth  John  Turner 
xxith  Elsabeth   Sawrey 
xxiiijth  Margaret  Watterson 
xxvth  Cathren  Braithw1 
xxixth  Ann  Walker 
Octob:  vith  Wm  Sands 

ixth  Margaret  Benson 
xviijth  Issabell  Satterthwaite 
xxth  Henery  Kirkby 


xxiiijth  Barnard  Braithwaite 
Novemb:  iith  Margaret  Benson 

xth  Issabell  Braithwaite 
Decemb :  iiijth  James  Satterthwaite 
xxjth  Mabell  Benson 
xxijth  George  Dodgson 
code  die  Issabell  Rigge 

xxiijlh  Elsabethe  Macrethe 
January  ijth  George  Brockbanke 
vjth  Mabell  ffisher 
xijth  Wm  Walker 
code  die  Agnes  Rigge 

xvth  Mabell  Braithwaite 
code  die  John  Ashburner 
code  die  John  Walker 

xxvijth  Margaret  Rigge 
ffebruary  vth  Margaret  Pepper 
viijth  Xpofer  Tayler 
ixth  Elsabethe  Macrethe 
xth  Wm  Satterthwaite 
xxiijth  Agnes  Rigge 
xxvth  Edward  Satterthwaite 
code  die  Margaret  Holme 

xxvjth  Mabell  Willson 
Marche  iiijth  George  Dodgson 
xijth  George  Dodgson 


Marche  xxxjth  Issabell  Tayler 
Aprill  xxiiijth  George  Ashburner 

xxixth  Symond  Blumer 
May  xjth  Charles  Braithwaite 

xijth  Rowland  Hirdson 
code  die  Margaret  Knype 
xvth  Margaret  Tayler 
xvjth  Cathren  Scale 
xxiijth  George  Knype 


xxvth  Jenatt  Tompson 
xxixth  John    Scale 
xxxith  Issabell  Braithwaite 
June  ijth  Richard  Walker 
code  die  James  Brockbanke 
eode  die  George  Walker 
iijth  Jenatt  Braithwaite 
xvth  Elsabeth  Satterthwaite 
xxviiith  Jenatt  Braithwaite 
July  ith  Margaret  Sands 
iiijth  John  Turner 
xijth  WilTme   Satterthw1 
xxiiijth  Willime  Benson 
Auguste  xviijth  Clement  Hirdson 
xxvjth  John  Harrington 
Septemb :  vth  Margaret  Rigge 

xijth  Ealse  Rooke 
eode  die  filia  eius 
Octob  :  vijth  Edward  Roundson 
xiiijth  Mariane  Ashburner 
xviijth  Jenatt  Rigge 
xixth  Myles  Sands 
xxth  Renald   Blumer 
Novemb :  iijth  Elsabethe  Willson 
xiiijth  Elsabethe  Benson 
xviijth  Jenatt   Turner 
xxvijth  Jane  Rigge 
Decemb :  xxijth  Elsabethe  Dodgson 
xxvijth  Rowland  Dodgson 
January  viijth  Sibell  Walker 
xith  Wm  Pennington 
xvth  Agnes  ffisher 
xvjth  Elsabeth  Hirdson 
xixth  Jefferay  Hodgson 
xxixth  Mabell  Braithwaite 
ffebruary  xxvth  Jenatt  Blumer 
Marche  iijth  Elsabeth  Ashburner 


vjth  Agnes  Rigge 

ixth  Jenatt  Tayler 

xxiijth  Wm  Hirdson 


July  xxiijth  Wm  Sands  &  Margaret  Rigge 

xxxjth  Richard  Holme  &  Margaret  Rigge 
Auguste  vij  Brya  Braithwaite  &  Elsabeth  Braithwaite 
xiiijth  Myles  Aashburner  &  Ealse   Banks 
xxith  Edward  Braithw1  &  Margaret  Satterthw1 
code  die  Edward  Walker  &  Margaret  Hodgson 
xxviijth  James  Rigge  &  Issabell  Satterthwaite 
Septemb :  xxvth  Richard  Tonson  &  Margarett  Rigge 
Octob :  jth  Myles  Walker  &  Agnes  Rawlinson 
code  die  Wm  Walker  &  Jenatt  Rawlinson 

ixth  Renald  Blumer  &  Jenatt  Hodgson 
xvjth  Edwine  Borwicke  &  Mabell  Kirkby 
xxiijth  Wm  Satterthw1  &  Agnes  Walker 
Novemb :  xiijth  Anthonie  Atkinson  &  Agnes  Satterthwait< 
finis  hujus  Anni 


Aprill  xjth  Ann  Tompson 

xvijth  Xpofer  Satterthwaite 
May  iijth  Jane  Sawrey 

vjth  Wm  Benson 
xiijth  Agnes  Kirkby 
xvth  Agnes  Tayler 
xxiijth  Wm  Satterthwaite 
xxvjth  John  Jackson 
xxvijth  Thomas  Braithwaite 
code  die  Elsabeth  Rigge 
June  xth  Robte  Boutkinge 

xvijth  Willme  Penny 
code  die  Margaret  Atkinson 
August  xiijth  Elsabeth  Satterthwaite 
xixth  Thomas  Tyson 


xxiith  Issabell  Walker 
xxvjth  wm  Walker 
Septemb :  ijth  Issabell   Rigge 

iijth  Elsabeth  Satterthwaite 
iiijth  Agnes    Blurher 
xvjth  puella  Mabelli  Tompson 
xviijth  Myles  Rigge 
xxixth  Ann  Banke 

jth  Wm  Atkinson :  code  die  Margaret  Holme 
*Octob :  xxxilh  Leonard   Rigge 
Novemb :  xxvth  Issabell  Tayler 
January  vith  Myles  Macrethe 
ffebruary  iith  Ealse  Keen 

xvith  Cathren  Braithwaite 
xxiith  Wm  Rigge 
eode  die  Jenatt  Satterthwaite 
Marche  vijth   Issabell  Satterthwaite 

xixth  Rowland    Strickland 
xxiiijth  Edward  Watterson 


Marche  xxxth  James  Satterthwaite 
Aprill  ijth  Issabell  Benson 
xxvth  Elizabethe  Turner 

xth  Jenatt  Rawlinson 
xvth  Agnes  Willson 
xxvijth  Wm  Kellatte 
June  xxviijth  Wm  Strickland 
eode  die  John  Rooke 
eode  die  Agnes  Kirkby 
July  ith  John  Swainson 
Auguste  vth  Margaret  Kellatte 

xiiijth  Edward  Satterthwaite 
xvjth  Elsabeth  Satterthwaite 
xxth  Margaret  ffell 

*  "Octob:"  probably  should  have  been  inscribed  opposite  the  preceding  entry 
marked  ith 


Septemb  :  xxith  Edward   Ashburner 

xxix  Mabell  Holme 
Octob :  xij  Elsabeth  Satterthwaite 

xth  Myles  Rigge 
code  die  Margaret   Pennington 
xvjth  Jenatt  Roundson 
xxijth  John  Champney 
Novemb:  vth  Elsabeth  Barwicke 

xxjth  Wm  Walker 
Decemb  :  ith  Agnes  Hartley 
xxijth  Wm  Taylor 
xxvjth  Edward  Robinson 
January  iiijth  Elline  Tyson 
viijth  George  Rigge 
xxiijth  Sibell  Hodgson 
xxvijth  Jenatt   Rawlinson 
xxviijth  Leonard   Hirdson 
xxxith  Agnes   Readhead 
ffebruary  iith   Xpofer  Satterthwaite 
code  die  Issabell  Benson 
iiijth  Agnes  Hirdson 
xjth  Richard  Ashburner 
Marche  vth  Elsabethe  Willson 


July  xvth  Oswold  Keen  &  Issabell  Keen 
code  die  Jefferay  Hodgson  &  Jenatt  Penny 

xxijth  Wm  Rigge  &  Elsabeth   Sands 
Auguste  vth  George  Tonson  &  Margaret  Atkinson 
code  die  Anthonie  Holme  &  Issabell  Holme 
code  die  Hughe  Jackson  &  Agnes  Braithwaite 

xixth  Robte  Satterthwaite  &  Elsabeth  Braithwaite 
xxvjth  Wm  Braithwaite  &  Cathren  Braithwaite 
Septemb :  iith  John  Braithw1  &  Gilliane  Kirkby 

xvjth  Richard  Dodgson  &  Agnes  Hodgson 
xxxth  Thomas  Sands  &  Agnes  Scotson 
code  die  Roger  ffisrier  &  Margaret  Sands 


October  vijth  Robte  Satterthw*  &  Margaret  Macrethe 
January  xxvijth  Adame  Stonbanke  &  Jenatt  Rigge 
xxviijth  Leonard  Hirdson  &  Agnes  Hirdson 
ffebruary  iijth  Richard  ffell  &  Jenatt  Knype 
finis  hujus  Anni 


March  xxvijth  Ann  Braithwaite 

xxixth  Jenatt  Braithwaite 
Aprill  vth  Adame  Tomlinson 

xth  Rowland  Scale 
May  vth  Robte  Walker 

xiith  Ann  Satterthwaite 
xxiiijth  Agnes   Holme 
June  xxixth  Clement  Rigge 
July  vth  Xpofer  Tayler 

xvth  Wm    Banks 
Auguste  xvj  Xpofer  Sands 

xxvth  Bartholomewe  Rigge 
xxxith  Richard  Satterthwaite 
Septemb  :  ith  Margaret  Braithwaite 

vjth  Wm  Braithwaite  susceptor 
viijth  Mary  ffleminge 
xiijth  Elsabeth  Tomlinson 
xxjth  Agnes  Holme 
xxvij  Agnes  Satterthwaite 
eode  die  Jane   Benson 
Octob:  xxvjth  Charles  Walker 

xxvij th  Edward  Satterthwaite 
eode  die  Elsabeth  Tompson 
eode  die  Xpofer  Banks 
Novemb  :  viijth  Xpofer  Rigge 

xiijth  Issabell    Braithwaite 
xixth  George  ffell 
Decemb  :  viijth  Myles  Sawrey 
xxiijth  Wm  Blumer 
xxvith  Margaret  Birkheade 


January  xxiiijth  James  Braithwaite 

xxvjth  Adame  Sawrey 
code  die  Barnard  Benson 

xxxth  Willme  Rigge 
ffebruary  ith  Mabell  Rigge 

xviiith  Wm  Satterthwaite 
xxiith  Wm  Readhead 
xxiiijth  Edwine  Nicholson 
code  die  Leonard  Hirdson 
March  ijth  Mabell  Walker 

iiijth  Agnes  Braithwaite 
vjth  Elsabeth  Braithwaite 
viijth  Clement  Rigge 
code  die  Agnes  Walker 

xviijth  Mabell  Braithwaite 
code  die  Mabell  Holme 


March  xxviijth  Wm  Pennington 
iijth  Mariane  Sawrey 
iiijth  Myles  Macrethe 
xviijth  Margaret  Borowe 
xixth  Alice  ffisher 
xxth  Leonard  Rigge 
xxiijtb  Elsabeth  Blumer 
xxvth  Anthonie  Sawrey 
xxxth  Margaret  Rigge 
May  ith  Agnes  Rigge 

xiith  Cathren  Rigge 
xvijth  Margaret  Pennington 
code  die  puer  eius 
xxiiijth  Edward  Rawlinson 
June  itb  Rowland  Strickland 

vth  Elsabeth  Tayler 
July  iith  Agnes  Braithwaite 

vith  Bryam  Tayler 
xiijth  Issabell  Rawlinson 


xxth  Richard  Scale 
xxijth  Ann  Satterthwaite 
Auguste  vith  Clement  Rigge 
viijth  John  Strickland 

ixth  Elsabeth   Braithw1 


xjth  Alice  Hirdson 
xvth  Agnes  Prett  alias  Holme 
Septemb:  viijth  Margaret  Howson 

xijth  Edward  Scale 
xxijth  Agnes  Holme 
Novemb :  xvijth  Edward  Braithwaite 

*  In  this  monthe  begane  the  pestelent  sicknes  in  or  pishe 
wch  was  brought  in  by  one  George  Barwicke  whereof  is  depted 
all  those  yl  are  thus  marked  * 

*  xixth  Elsabeth   Barwicke 

*  xxiiijth   Richard  Barwicke 

xxvth  Issabell  Tayler 
xxxth  Jenatt  Rigge 

Decemb :  *  iiijth  Lathren  (sic)  Hodgson 
xith  John    Dodgson 

*  code  die  Edwine  Barwicke 

*  xvth  Richard  Barwicke 
code  die  Allan  Pennington 

*  xvijth  Agnes  Hodgson 
code  die  Agnes  Tayler 

*  xviijth  Myles  Tomlinson 

*  code  die  Jenatt  his  wif 

*  code  die  Agnes  Rigge 

*  xixth  Adame  Tomlinson 
code  die  Thomas  Satterthwaite 

*  xxiijth  Wm  Hodgson 
xxiiijth  Elsabethe  Scale 

*  xxvjth  James  Watterson 

*  xxvijth  Jenatt  Walker 

*  code  die  George    Barwicke    wch    brought   in    the 


*  xxviijth  Cathren  Hodgson 


*  eode  die  Sibell  Kirkby 

*  xxixth  Elsabethe  Kirkby 

xxxth  Hughe  Rawlinson 

*  xxxith  Rowland  Walker 
January  *  vth  Robte  Tomlinson 

*  vjth  John  Tomlinson 

*  viijth  Clement  Tomlinson 

*  code  die  Edmund  Hodgson 

*  code  die  Margaret  Barwicke 

*  Anthony  Dixson  buried  in  Langdall  the 
last  day  of  December  &  taken  up 
agayne  &  brought  to  Hauxhead  the 
xjth  day  of  January 

*  xijth  Edmund  Kirkby 
xiijth  Cathren  Tayler 

*  xiiijth  Anthonie  Watterson 

*  eode  die  Margaret  his  daughter 

*  xvijth  Margaret  Kirkby 

*  eode  die  George  Tomlinson 

*  eode  die  Margaret  Tomlinson 

*  eode  die  Elsabeth  Tomlinson 

*  xxvth  Jenatt  Tomlinson 
*  xxviith  Issabell  Kirkby 

xxviijth  Myles  Borwicke 

*  eode  die  Elsabeth  Hodgson 
ffebruary  *  ith  John  Tomlinson 

*  xith  Cathren  Hodgson 
*  xiijth  Agnes  Hodgson 

xxith  Elsabeth  Tomlinson 
xxiijth  Agnes  Rigge 
eode  die  puer  Georgis  Macrethe 
eode  die  Mabell  ffisher 

*  xxvth  George  Tomlinson 
xxvijth  Jenatt  Rawlinson 

March  xiijth  Issabell  Tayler 
xth  Issabell  Canny 
xvijth  Elsabeth  Hyrdson 



May  xxvj  Xpofer  Braithw1  &  Alice  Macrethe 
July  xvjth  Richard  Johnson  &  Jenatt  Howson 
Auguste  iiijth  Thomas  Tomlinson  &  Agnes  ffrearson 

xjth  \\Tm  Sawrey  &  Jenatt  Robinson 
xvjth  \vm  Rigge  &  Mabell  Walker 
xxvth  Edwine  Walker  &  Agnes  Satterthwaite 
code  die  Nicholas  Benson  &  Issabell  Holme 
Septemb:  itb  Richard  Dixson  &  Issabell  Braithwaite 
code  die  Leonard  Hirdson  &  Jenatt  Braithwaite 

viijth  James  Rigge  &  Issabell  Braithwaite 
Octob:  xxth  John  Walker  &  Issabell  Braithwaite 

xxviith  Thomas  Braithw*  &  Margaret  Walker 
Novemb :  iiijth  John  Blumer  &  Issabell  Rigge 
xvijth  John  Rigge  &  Sibell  Walker 
finis  hujus  Anni 


Aprill  xxixth  James  Ashburner 
May  viijth  Elsabeth  Sawrey 

xiijth  Agnes  Kirkby 
June  iijth  Alice  Watterson 
ixth  Roger  Barwicke 
xxvth  Elline  Benson 
July  iith  Margaret  Dixson 

xvth  Robte  Jackson 
code  die  Robte  Satterthwaite 
code  die  Elsabeth  Braithwaite 
xxijth  John  Braithwaite 
xxvjtb  Agnes  Holme 
xxviijth  puer  Nicholai  Tayler 
August  ith  Agnes  Braithwaite 

xth  Issabell  Walker 
xxiiijth  Agnes  Satterthwaite 
Septemb  :  xvijth  Agnes  Braithwaite 
Octob  :  vth  Cathren    Hodgson 


code  die  Edward  Walker 

xijth  Thomas  Keen 
xviijth  Robte  Dodgson 
xxvjth  Wm  Sawrey 
code  die  George  ffisher 
Decemb :  ijth  Rowland  Walker 
xiiijth  Clement    Rigge 
xxth  Wm  Turner 
xxjth  Margaret  Braithwaite 
xxvijth  Ellinor  Rawlinson 
code  die  Grace  Macrethe 
xxxjth  George  Walker 
January  vjth  Elsabeth  Satterthwaite 

xviijth  Wm  Kirkby 
ffebruary  ijth  Elsabethe  Benson 
viijth  Clement  Dodgson 
xvjth  Agnes  Dodgson 
Marche  vijth  Elsabeth  Pepper 

xxixth  Agnes  Braithwaite 
Aprill  iith  .Wm  Benson 

xth  Alexander   Tomlinson 
xxijth  Wm  Dodgson 
May  xvijth  Jefferay  Hodgson 


ffebruary  xxiijth  puer  Georgii  Macreth 
eode  die  Mabell  ffisher 

xxvijth  Jenatt  Rawlinson 
March  xth  Issabell  Canny 

xviijth  Elsabeth  Hirdson 
xxviijth  Margaret  Dodgson 

xxxth  puer  Richardi  Dodgson 
Aprill  iiijth  Margaret  Bland 
xxijth  John  Scale 
xxvijth  Margaret   Robinson 
May  xxvjth  Jenatt  Saddler 
June  iijth  John  Hirdson 


xth  John  Powe 
July  iijth  Agnes  Braithwaite 
viijth  Issabell  ffleminge 
xijth  Elsabeth  Barwicke 
xxiiijth  Issabell  Tayler 
xxvth  John  Hirdson 
xxvij  Margaret  Strickland 
Auguste  ith  Elsabethe  Rollinson 
Septemb :  iiiith  Robte  Braithwaite 

vijth  Issabell  Braithwaite 
xiiiith  Agnes  Braithwaite 
xvijth  Myles  Macrethe 
xxiith  Myles  Hirdson 
xxixth  Elsabethe  Braithwaite 
Octob:  iiiith  Robte  Walker 

xvth  Jenatt  Pennington 
xxijlh  Elsabeth  Hobson 
Novemb :  viijth  Agnes  Tayler 

xth  Elsabeth  Sawrey 
xiiijth  puer  Jacobi  Crosfielde 
Decemb :  xiiijth  Margaret   Braithwaite 

code  die  Leonard  Robinson 
January  xxiijth  Richard  Rigge 
ffebruary  viiith  Jenatt  Rigge 

ixth  Elsabeth  Macreth 
Marche  vith  Wm  Rigge 

xiith  Agnes  Banke 
xxvth  John  Scale 
Aprill  xvith  Robte  Walker 
xxvjth  Agnes  Hirdson 
xxvij th  Jenatt  Rigge 
May  iiijth  Cathren  Braithwaite 


Septemb :  xvijth  Henery  Ayrey  &  Mabell  Barwicke 

xxviijth  Cuthberte  Dodgson  &  Jenatt  Tayler 
code  die  George  Townson  &  Issabell  Tayler 


Octob:  xijth  Brya  Harrison  &  Alice  Braithwaite 

xviijth  Leonard  Rigge  &  Issabell  Holme 
Decemb  vijth  Richard  Walker  &  Mabell  Holme 

Xpofer  Braithwaite  &  Agnes  Braithwaite* 
finis  hujus  Anni 

SEPULTURE    ANNO    DOI     1579 

March  xxvth  John  Scale 

xxvith  Agnes   Hirdson 
xxvijth  Jenatt  Rigge 
May  iiijth  Cathren  Braithwaite 
June  xijth  John  Walker 

xxixth  Willme  Braithwaite 
July  xth  Thomas  Burnes 
Auguste  ith  Leonard  Rigge 
vijth  Margaret  Rigge 
xiijth  Jenatt  Knype 
xviijth  Cuthberte  Dodgson 
code  die  Robte  Tayler 

xxvith  puer  Rowlandi  Nicholson 
xxvijth  Margaret  Nicholson 
xxxth  Margaret  Tayler 
eode  die  Ellice  Rigge 
Septemb :  xviijth  Brya  Macrethe 

xxiiijth  puer  Nicholai  Holme 
Octob  :  ijth  Elsabeth  Holme 

eode  die  Wm  ffleminge 
Novemb :  vjth  puer  Adami  Stonbanke 

eode  die  puer  Wm  Holme 
Decemb :  ixth  Sibell  fforeste 

xxith  Richard  Braithwaite 
January  vith  Xp5fer  Taylor 

xixth  John  Turner 
xxviijth  puer  Leonardi  Rigge 
xxix^  Mabell  Walker 

*  No  day  given  to  this  marriage. 


ffebruary  vjth  puer  Brya  Benson 
xijth  Robte   Watterson 
xiiijth  Robte  Dodgson 
xvth  George  Braithwaite 
xxth  Margaret  Dodgson 
xxiiith  Jenatt  Towenson 
eode  die  Agnes  Holme 

Marche  viith  Elsabeth  Pepper 

xixth  Agnes  Braithwaite 
Aprill  ijth  Wm  Benson 

xth  Alexander  Towenson 
xxijth  Willme  Dodgson 
May  xvijth  Jefferay  Hodgson 
June  iiijth  Elsabeth   Satterthwaite 

xxij  ffrancis  Sawrey 
xxviijth  Margaret  Banke 
July  xixth  Elsabeth  Macrethe 

xxijth  George  Sands 
Auguste  xvjth  Isabell  Dodgson 
xxij  John  Braithwaite 
xxxth  Xpofer  Walker 
eode  die  Mabell  Watterson 
Septemb:  vjth  Xp5fer  Holme 

eode  die  Howson  (sic) 
October  xxviiith  Robert  Sands 

eode  die  James  Braithwaite 
eode  die  Thomas  Satterthwaite 
Novemb:  ith  James  Towenson 
Decemb :  vjth  Thomas  Rigge 

eode  die  Edward  Satterthwaite 
eode  die  Mabell  Dixson 

xiiijth  Margaret  ffell 
xxviijth  George  Rigge 
January  iiijth  Wm  Satterthwaite 
xiiijth  Wm  Walker 


xxiiijth  Barbary  Braithwaite 
code  die  Leonard  Holme 

xxxth  Ellice  Kirkby 
code  die  Elsabeth  Braithwaite 
code  die  John  Rigge 
ffebruary  xvth  Mabell  Holme 
xxviijth  Sibell  Rigge 


June  xxvijth  Arthure  Askew  &  Agnes  Holme 
July  vijth  Edward  Tayler  &  Elsabethe  Benson 
Septemb  :  vjth  George  Macreth  &  Issabell  Barwicke 
January  xxiijth  Thomas  Bragge  &  Agnes  Braithwaite 
ffebruary  ixth  Clement  Rigge  &  Elsabeth  Braithwaite 
finis  hujus  Anni 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOI     1580 

Marche  viijth  Allice  Rawlinson 
xth  Jenatt  Goodbarne 
xvjth  Lawrence  Tayler 
xvijth  Elsabeth  Pennington 
xxijth  Wm  Braithwaite 
xxiiijth  Xp5fer  Tayler 
xxvjth  Ellice  Dodgson 
Aprill  ijth  Jenatt  Hodgson 
vth  Edmund  Holme 
xxxth  Ellinor  Willson 
May  ith  Adame  Readheade 

ijth  Jenatt  Sands 
viijth  wm  Rigge  de  Churchfield 
xxxth  John  Towenson 
June    viijth  Robte  Braithwaite 
xijth  Leonard  Dodgson 
xvijth  Jenatt  Braithwaite 
xxith  Adame  Atkinson 
xxviijth  Thomas  Satterthwaite  scolarus 
July  viiith  Agnes  Benson 


xxiijth  Mabell  Watterson 
Septemb  :  ijth  Margaret  Braithwaite 

vth  Myles  Rigge  Clarke 
xiijth  Elline  Benson 
xixth  James  Tompson 
xxiiij  ux  Milonis  Walker 
Octob:  xviijth  Thomas  ffleminge 
Novemb  :  iith  puer  Richard  Readhead 

xith  John  Parke 
xiiijth  Henery  Hobson 
xvijth  Richard  Howson 
code  die  John  Knype 

xxvijth  ux  Georgii  Dixson 
Decemb :  iijth  ux  Myles  Braithwaite 

vth  Anthonie  Dixson 
viijth  ux  Robte  Braithwaite 
January  ith  ux  Wm  Johnson 

iiijth  ux  Brya  Satterthwaite 
vjth  Brya  Satterthwaite 
xjth  John  Holme 
xijth  Elsabeth  Walker 
xiijth  Xpofer  Burnes 
xvth  Elsabeth  Kitchinge 
xxth  Barnard  Walker 
xxith  ux  George  Tyson 
xxviijth  John  Ashburner  & 

Joan  Ashburner 
ffebruary  iith  Wm  Scale 

vijth  Anthonie  Atkinson 
xvijth  ux  Robte  Tayler 
Marche  ith  George  Rooke 

xjth  Genatt  Rollingson 


Marche  viith  John  Braithwaite 

xth  Elsabeth  Towenson 
xvth  Wm  Macrethe 


xxvijth  Mabell  Benson 
xxxith  Margaret  Macrethe 
code  die  Richard  Rigge 
Aprill  ith  Charles  Braithwaite 
ijth  Issabell  Birkhead 
xth  James  Rigge 
xvjth  Isabell  Walker 
May  ith  Adame  Atkinson 

xxijth  James  Tompson 
July  iijth  Wm  Johnson 

xth  Rowland  ffisher 
xxiiijth  Elsabeth  Rigge 
xxxith  Xpofer  Magson 
August  vijth  Wm   Walker 
Septemb :  xth  Agnes  Satterthwaite 
code  die  Jenatt  Holme 
code  die  Elsabeth  Shacklocke 

*  xith  John  Rigge 
January  vjth  Thomas  Keen 
code  die  Wm  Braithwaite 


July  xxxith  George  Rigge  &  Elsabeth  Ashburner 

code  die  Wm  Swaynson  &  Mabell  Macreth 
Auguste  ijth  Thomas  Braithwaite  &  Agnes  Atkinson 

vijth  Richard  Satterthwaite  &  Jenatt  Bland 
xxviijth  John  Partrigge  &  Agnes  Holme 
Septemb :  xiijth  Thomas  Satterthw1    &  Margaret  Satterthw1 
Octob  :  ijth  James  Jackson  &  Mabell  Benson 

ixth  John  Watterson  &  Elsabeth  Rigge 
xvjth  Myles  Watterson  &  Jane  Dodgson 
Novemb  :  xijth  Rowland  Nicholson  &  Elsabeth  Rigge 
xxth  Oliver  Knype  &  Jenatt  Jackson 

*  Opposite  this  entry  is  written  in  a  different,  but   apparently  nearly  contem- 
porary, hand : 

J.  R.  \  \  his  armes. 


Decemb  :  ijth  Clement  Barwicke  &  Elsabeth  Rigge 
iiijth  Richard  Dodgson  &  Elsabeth   Banke 
ffebruary  vijth  Wm  Dodgson  &  Elsabeth  Satterthwaite 
finis  hujus  Anni 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOI     1581. 

March  xxvij  Agnes  Holme 
Aprill  ith  James  Braithwaite 
vith  Richard  Dodgson 
viijth  Richard  Horsfall 
xxjth  Issabell   Sands 
xxvth  Wm  Holme 
May  ixth  George  Dodgson 
xjth  Elsabeth  Holme 
June  xvijth  Issabell  Readhead 
xviijth  George  Dodgson 
xxxth  Elline  Walker 
July  iijth  Rowland  Braithwaite 

xxth  Issabell  Townson 
xxxth  Margaret  Braithwaite 
Auguste  xijth  John  Kirkby 

xxxjth  Richard  Hobson 
Octob:  xjth  John  Green 

xixth  John  Smaythwaite 
Novemb  :  xxth  Wm  fHeminge 

xxiijth  John  Leyce 
Decemb:  xjth  Thomas  Dodgson 
xixth  Thomas  Howson 
January  ijth  Myles  Tomson 
xxiijth  uxr  John  Turner 
xxiiijth  puer  George  Holme 
xxvijth  Wm  Rawes 
ffebruary  xviiith  uxr  Oliver  Borrow 
Marche  vjth  George  Satterthwaite 
vijth  uxr  Symond  Sands 
xjth  Thomas  Rawlinson  fil  :  Robte 
xiijth  Agnes  Macreth 



Aprill  xvjth  John  Blumer 

code  die  Elsabeth  Townson 
xxiijth  Michaell  Benson 
xxvth  Anna  Borwicke 
May  viijth  James  Braithwaite 
ixth  Agnes  Staynbank 
xth  Wm  Braithwaite 
xxviij  John  Watterson 
June  vijth  Rowland  Braithwaite 
xijth  George  Dodgson 
xixth  Issabell  Holme 
July  xixth  Jenatt  Jackson 

xxxth  Willme  Satterthwaite 
Auguste  xxth  Anthonie  Atkinson 
Septemb :  iijth  Richard  Braithwaite 

xth  Wm  Satterthwaite 
code  die  John  Walker 
code  die  Wm  Pepper 

xvijth  Sibell  Satterthwaite 
eode  die  Anna  Borwicke 

xxth  George  Tyson 
xxvijth  Margaret  Townson 
xxixth  John  Banke 
Octob :  xvth  Margaret  Readhead 

xxixth  Issabell  Rigge  fil  :  Johannis 
November  vth  Edward  Braithwaite  fil  Ric. 
xijth  Agnes  Rigge  fil  Guliel : 
xixth  Elsabeth  Sands 
eode  die  Richard  Rigge 
eode  die  Margaret  Braithwaite 
eode  die  Edward  Braithw1  fil  Joh  : 

xxvjth  Thomas  Dodgson 
eode  die  Elline  Holme 

xxxth  Myles  Dodgson 
eode  die  Elsabeth  Dodgson 


code  die  George  Satterthwaite 
Decemb :          Richard  Walker  films  Edw. 
code  die  James  Sands  fil.  Cha. 
xxiiijth  Thomas  Macreth  fil.  Tho. 
xxvjth  Jenatt  Braithw1  fil  :  Ro~bte 
January  vith  Mathewe  Braithw1  fil :  Brya 

vijth  Jenatt  Rigge  filia  Symond 
xxijth  Robte  Braithw1  films  Wm 
xxviij*  Issabell  Tompson  fil.  Wm 
ffebruary  xiA  Margaret  Satterthw1  fil  :  Richard 

xviijth  ffrancis  Magson 
code  die  Anna  Dixson  fil  :  Ric. 
Marche  iiijth  George  Ashburnef  fil  :  Geo 


June  xviijth  Wm  Braithw*  &  Issabell  Dodgson 
July  ixth  Charles  Rigge  &  Agnes  ffisher 
xvjth  John  Birkhead  &  Elline  Rigge 
August  xxixth  Adame  ffleminge  &  Elsabeth  Dodgson 
Octob:  viijth  Myles  Walker  &  Issabell  Tayler 
ffebruary  ixth  Xpofer  Sands  &  Jenatt  Burgoase 
finis  hujus  Anni 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOI     1582. 

March  xxxth  puer  Nicholai  Benson 
Aprill  ijth  Sander  Dodgson 
iijth  John  Walker 
xth  Cathren  Rigge 
May  iijth  uxr  Edward  Rollinson 
iiijth  uxr  Thomas  Dodgson 

Xth  John  ffisher 
xij*  Issabell  Birkhead 
xvijth  Oliver  Knype 
July   vjth  Agnes  Blumer 

xxth  uxr  Robte  Tyson 
xxvjth  Margaret  Walker 


code  die  filia  Rowland!  Nicholson  ex 

secunda  uxore 
Auguste  xiiijth  puer  Jefferay  Hodgson 

xxvijth  uxr  John  Atkinson 
Septemb :  vth  James  Braithwaite 
xxiiijth  Myles  Tayler 
xxxth  uxr  Wm  Satterthwaite 
Octob  :  xiiijth  Roberte  Walker 
Novemb  :  iijth  Agnes  Rigge 

xvijth  uxr  Edward  Robinson 
xxijth  Issabell  Watterson 
xxixth  uxr  Robte  Grane 
Decemb :  ixth  Robte  Dodgson 

xjth  Clement   Atkinson 
xiijth  uxr  Robte  Holme 
code  die  Edmund  Holme 
xxth  Agnes  Dodgson 
xxviijth  Edward  Tayler 
January  xxxth  Lawrence   Keen 

eode  die  Wm  ffisher 
ffebruary  ixth  uxr   Richard   Rigge 
xviijth  Thomas   Braithw4 

Aprill   ith  Myles    Macrethe   fil :   Geo  : 
iiijth  Jenatt   Tompson   fil :   Geo : 
May   xiijth  John    Hodgson  filius  Cuthberti 

XXth  John   Knype   fil   Jacobi 
xxiiijth  James   Braithwaite   fil :    Milonis 
xxvijth  George   Watterson   fil.    Johis 
June   xvijth   Henery   Kirkby  filius   Anthonii 

xxiiijth  Elline   Rigge   et   Agnes   filiae   Char : 
July   viijth  ffrancis    Sands   fil :   Geo : 

xvth  Mabell   Sawrey  filia   Heneri 
xviijth  George   Dodgson   fil :   Richardi 
xxvjth  John   Towenson   fil :   Geo : 
August   vth  Xpofer   Tayler   fil  :        il 


Septemb  :   xvjth  Margaret   Tomlinson   filia   Thomae 

xxxth  John   Towenson   fil  :    Tho  : 
code   die   Elsabeth   Banke   fil  :   Xp5feri 
Octob:   vijth  George   Walker   fil:    Edw  : 
eode   die   Adame   Banke   fil  :   Geo  : 

xxxith  Agnes    Satterthwt   fil  :    Robte  : 
Novemb  :   iiijth  Myles   Sands   fil  :   Adami 
eode   die   Edward    Hirdson   fil  :   Wm 

XIth  Margaret   Braithw1  :   filia   Thomae 
xviij^  Cathren    Holme   fil  :   Geo  : 
XXVth  John   Shacklocke  fil  :   Johis 
xxxth  Cathren    Sands   filia   Oliveri 
Decemb  :   xxvjth  George   Braithwt   fil.   Geo  : 

xxxth  Xpofer   Tayler   fil.   Geo  : 
January   ith  John   Walker   fil  :   Robti 
eode  die   Myles   Rigge   fil:   Wm 
eode  die  Agnes  Walker  filia   Gyles 
vith  Thomas   Dodgson   fil  :   Wm 
eode  die   Elsabeth   Ashburner   fil  :    Milo  : 
xiijth  Wm  -'  Braithwaite  fil:  Johis 
xxth  ffrancis   Walker   fil  :    Ric  : 
eode  die   Elline   Rigge   fil  :   Xpofri 

xxvijth  Wm   Kirkby   fil  :   Wm 
eode  die   Rowland   ffrearson   fil  :   Jacobi 
ffebruary   ij*  Myles    Braithwt  :   fil  :    Edw  : 


July   xxixth  Thomas    Sands   &    Elsabeth    Walker 

Auguste   xijth  John   Pepper   &   Elline   Rigge 
xxvjth  Wm  Rigge   &   Agnes   Kirkby 

Septemb  :   xijth  George   Robinson   &   Margaret   Rowes 

Received  for  ye  weddinge  of  John  Croudson 
of  ye  pishe  of  Kirkby  &  Margaret  Christall 
of  this  pishe  married  at  Torver  ye  xixth  of 

Octob  :    xiiijth  Wm   Satterthw1   &   Elline   Braithwaite 
xxjth   Myles    Braithw1   &    Elsabeth    Rigge 


xxviijth  Wm  Braithw1   &    Margaret    Macrethe 
Novemb :   iiijth  John   Rigge   &    Issabell    Satterthwaite 
xviijth  Adame   Atkinson   &    Cathren    Holme 
finis   hujus   Anni 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DO  I     1583 
Marche   iijth  uxr    Henery   Braithwaite 
code   die    Myles    Braithw1 

viiith  Cathren   Watterson 
xijth  puer   Gulielmi    Scale 
xiijth  George    Strickland 
xxxth  Elsabeth   Rollinson 
Aprill   ith  Edward    Burnes 
vith  Leonard    Hobson 
vijth  uxr  Edw  :    Burnes 
xijth  Xpofer   Braithw4 
xxiijth  uxr   George    Sands 
.  xxvith  uxr   John   ffleminge 

xxxth  puer   Leonard    Rigge 
May   ijth  Thomas   Willson 

viijth  uxr   John    Smaythwaite 
xvijth  puer   Nicholai    Braithw1 
xviijth  Agnes    Rawlinson 
xxvijth  uxr  Robte   fforest 
xxviijth   Myles   Tayler 
June   iiijth  puer   Symond    Rigge 
xvij    Sibell    Braithwaite 
xxjth  John    Hodgson 
xxxith  Margaret   Ashburner 
July   iith  Wm    Sands 

vijth  Richard    Rigge 
viijth   Myles    Braithwaite 

ixth  uxr   Wm  Kirkby 
xxvjth  Robte   Robinson 
Auguste   iiijth  Bryam   Rigge 
vth  Xpofer   Rigge 


ixth  Mr   ffrancis   Sands* 
code   die   uxr   Thomas   Sands 

xvjth  Barnard   Macrethe 
xxiiijth  Jenatt   Atkinson 
Septemb :   vijth  Leonard   Atkinson 
xjth  uxr   Johis    Rooke 
Octob :   ijth  Elsabeth   Willson 
XIXth  Emas   Partrige 
xxxth  uxr   Xpofer   Willson 
Novemb :   vth  Rowland   fforeste 

xvijth  puer   Xpoferi  Sands   abortus 
xviijth  uxr   Xpoferi    Tayler 
xxvjth  uxr   Gulielmi    Hirdson 
Decemb :   xijth   Robte   Walker 
xxijth  Jefferay   Kirkby 
xxxth  John   Willson 
January   xvijth  uxr   Robte   Braithw1 

xxxth  Jenatt   Pennington 
{February  viijth  John    Harrison 
xviijth  George   Holme 
xxth  Robte   Walker 

March   ith  Anthony   Watterson   fil :    Milonis 

xiijth  Richard   Johnson   fil :    Ric : 
code   die   Thomas   Satterthw   fil :   James 

code   die   WilTme   Braithwaite)  _, 

>filh   Xpoferi 
code   die   Tho :    Braithwaite     j 

xxiiijth  Robte   Dodgson   fil :    Ric : 
Aprill    ith  Charles    Satterthwt   fil :   Wm 

xxvth  John    Birkhead   fil:   Cuthberti 
xxviijth  James    Rigge   fil :   Wm 
May   ixth  Richard    Banke   fil :   Geo : 
June   ijth  Mabell   Walker   fil:    Wm 
code  die  Cathren  Rigge  fil :  Mathewe 

*  This  is  the  first  entry  to  which  is  prefixed  any  title. 


xvijth  Roger   ffisher   fil  :   Rogeri 
July   iiijth  James   Walker   fil :   John 

vijth  Myles   Rigge   fil :   John 
eode  die  Margaret   Holme  fil  :    Henerici 
xxviijth  Agnes   Dodgson   fil :   Tho : 
xxxith  George   Sands 

&  Margaret   Sands 
August   iiijth  Richard    Hodgson   fil   Jefferay 
Septemb :    xvth  Ann    Banke   fil  :    ffrancisci 
Octob :   xiijth  Agnes    Pepper   fil :   John 

xxth   Margaret   Rigge   fil  :    Clem  : 
xxvijth  Jane   Rigge   fil :   John 
xxxth   Dorathy   Benson   fil :    Brya 
Novemb  :  ixth   Issabell   Watterson   fil :   Wm 
eode  die  Issabell    Satterthwt   fil  :  Tho 
eode  die  Jane  Dodgson  fil :  Ric  : 

xxxth  Margaret    Holme   fil :    Rich : 
Decemb:   vth  Cicly    Satterthw1   fil:    Char: 
January   xxijth   Mabell    Braithwt   fil :   Wm 
ffebruary   xth  George    Satterthwt   fil :    Wm 

xxiijth   Wm  Sands   fil  :    George 
eode  die  Agnes  Dodgson  fil :  Ric  : 


June   ijth   Myles  Sawrey  &  Elsabeth  Satterthwaite 

iijth  Ric  :  Radclif  &  Elsabeth  Towenson 
July   vijth  Thomas  Jackson  &  Jenatt  Knype 

xiiijth  Xpofer  Braithwaite  &  Elsabethe  Sands 
xxjth  Xpofer  Taylor  &  Margaret  Tayler 
xxvijth  John  Holme  &  Margaret  Tayler 
August   iiijth  Ric  Dodgson  &  Margaret  Keen 

xjth  Robte  Satterthw1  &  Elline  Braithw' 
eode  die  Anthonie  Rigge  &  Agnes  Braithwt 
xviijth  Renald  Holme  £  Cathren  Satterthw1 
xxvth  Wm  Braithw1  &  Cathren  Braithwaite 
Septemb  :   ith  Edward  Robinson  &  Elsabeth  Tompson 
xxixth  James  Jopson  &  Agnes  Rigge 


Octob  :  vith  Richard  Keen  &  Elsabeth  Walker 
ffebruary  vth  Xpofer  Burnes  &  Elline  Walker 

xvjth  Thomas  Troughton  &  Issabell  Rigge 
finis  hujus  Anni 

SEPULTURE    ANNO    DOI    1584. 


March  xjth  uxr  Robte  Satterthwaite 

xvjth  Brya  Borrowe 
xxiiijth  Oliver  Borrowe 
Aprill  xijth  uxr  Leonard  Holme 
code  die  George  Sands  fil :   Tho : 

xvth  uxr  Rowland  Walker 
xviijth  John  Braithwaite 
code  die  Anthonie  Satterthw1 

xxvjth  Margaret  ffleminge 
May     XVth  Xpofer  Blumer 

xviijth  Nicholas  Borrowe 
code  die  Edwine  Rigge 

xxvijth  puer  Renaldi  Holme 
June  vjth  John  Turner 

ixth  puer  Jenetta  Tompson 
xxvth  uxr  Robte  Walker 
July  viijth  uxr  Xpoferi  Tayler 
xvjth  James  Rigge 
xvijth  Wm   Turner 
xviijth  Wm    Kirkby 
xxiiijth  uxr  John  Readhead 

xxxth  uxr  John  Sawrey 
Auguste  xth  puer  Gulielmi  Holme 
Septemb :  jth  uxr  Thomas  Benson 

viijth  Thomas  Holme 
xviijth  John  Towenson 
Octob :  ixth   Nicholas  Tayler 

xxixth   Wm    Macreth 
Novemb:  iijth  uxr  Percivell  Holme 

ixth  John  Hirdson 
xiijth  Sibell  Walker 


xixth  Agnes  Atkinson 

xxjth  uxr  Xpoferi  Rigge 

xxijth  Wm    Turner 

xxvth  puer  Georgii  Holme 

xxvjth  Myles  Braithwaite 
Decemb :  xvijth  Margaret  Holme 
January  xiijth  Wm    Walker 
ffebruary  xxth  uxr  Myles  ffleminge 


Aprill  xijth  Grace  Magson  filia  Petri 
code  die  Agnes   Braithw*    fil :    Edw : 
xvth  Brya  Macreth   fil:    Wm 
xxth  Agnes  Pepper  fil :   Milo : 
xxviijth  Wm    Braithw1    fil:    Robte 
code  die  Cathren  Jackson  fil :    Hugh 
May  jth  Elsabeth   Holme  fil :    Edw : 
June  xxjth  Michaell  Hobson  fil:    Edmudi 

code  die  Agnes  Dixon  fil :   John 
July  xxth  James   Keen   fil :    Ric : 
August  xvjth  Agnes  Atkinson  fil :    Geo : 
Septemb:  xvjth   Elline   Braithw'    fil:    Tho : 

code  die  George  Banke  fil :   Geo : 
Novemb :  jth  Clement  Rigge  fil :    Symondi 
xxvjth  Arthure  Benson  fil :    Brya 
xxvijth  Ann   Hodgson   fil :    Ric : 
xxixth  Elsabeth  Keen  fil :    Oliver  (?) 
January  jth   Margaret  Rigge  fil :    Wm 

iiijth   Issabell   Braithw1    fil:    Wm 
ffebruary  xiijth   Richard  Tompson  fil  :    Thomae 

xxjth  Thomas  Benson  fil :    Wm 
code  die  James  Satterthwaite  fil :    Robte 
code  die  Elsabeth  Watterson  fil :    Milo 
code  die  James  Rigge  fil :    Wm 
code  die  Renald  Braithw1    fil :    Bryami 
xxviijth    Edward  Braithw1    fil  :    Wm 
code  die  Edward  Satterthw*    fil :    Tho  : 


March  iijth  Thomas  Holme  fil :    Renald 

code  die  Mabell  Tayler  fil:    Xpoferi 

vijth  Agnes  Knype  fil :    Jacobi 

xiijth  Leonard  Rigg  fil :    Milonis 

xxvth  Margaret  Braithw*    fil :    Edw : 


July  xxvth   Thomas  Sands  &  Elsabeth  Tayler 
Auguste  ixth   Xpofer  Tayler  &  Margarett  Rigge 

xvjth   Thomas  Birkhead  &   Elsabeth  Braithwaite 
xxxth   Rowland  ffisher  &  Agnes  Sawrey 
Septemb :    xxvijth   Nicholas   Bell   &  Margaret  Rigge 
Octob :  iiijth  George  Rigge  &   Agnes  Holme 
xxvth  Leonard  Keen  &  Elsabeth  Sands 
finis  hujus  Anni. 

SEPULTURE    ANNO    DO  I    1585. 

March  iiijth   George  Ruke 

viijth   Edward  Satterthwaite 
Aprill    ixth  uxr  Anthonii    Banke 

XVth  uxr  Robte  Satterthwaite 
xxiiijth  uxr  James  Tompson 
code  die  puer  Leonardi   Hirdson 
May    xiijth  Robte  Harrison 

xxth  George  Ruke 
xxixth   George   Sands  fil :    Tho : 
June  iiijth  uxr  Xpoferi  Holme 

vth  uxr  Milonis  Atkinson 
xjth   Edward  Scale  fil  :    John 
xxijth   Elsabeth  Willson 
July  viijth  Jefferay  Holme 

jxth  Wm    Walker 
Auguste  vijth   Richard  Tompson 
Septemb :  iiijth  George  Tyson 

xiijth  Edward  Walker 
xviijth  puer  Renaldi   Macrethe 
Octob  :    xxiijth  uxr  Johis  Rigge 


Novemb:   xxith   Margaret  Macrethe 

xxiijth  Richard  Satterthwaite 
xxvth  uxr  Johis  Towenson 
xxviijth  Cathren  Howson 
Decemb :   vth  Xpofer  Braithwaite 
xxth  uxr  George  Walker 
xxvjth  uxr  Anthonii   Banke 
xxviijth  John  Satterthw1 

xxxth  uxr  Johis  Satterthw1 
January  iij*  uxr  Jacobi  Chamney 
fifebruary  vj*  Henery  Braithwaite 

xijth  uxr  James  Rigge 
xviijth  uxr  Xpofer  Rigge 

xxth  Wm    Blurher 
xxixth  John  ffleminge 
Marche  iijth  Jenatt  Cooke 
code  die  Margaret  Walker 
vjth  John  ffleminge 
ixth  Arthure  Ashburner 
xxiijth  puer   Henery  Holme 
xxvijth  puer  Jacobi  Gurnell 


Aprill  ixth  Anthonie  Sands  films  Adami 

xviijth  Thomas  Readhead  fil :    Ric : 
code  die   Issabell  Rigge  fil :    Charlsi 
xxviijth  John  Satterthw1    fil:    Wm 
May  j*  John  Walker  fil :   Edw  : 
code  die   Anne  Satterthw1    fil :    Ric : 

xvjth  vy™    Braithw1     fil:   Geo : 
July  xxxth  Cathren  Stonbank  fil :  Adami 

code  die  Jenatt  Rigge  fil :  Wm 
Auguste  xvth  Elsabeth  Tayler  fil :  Geo  : 
Septemb  Vth  Agnes  Rigge  fil :  Edwini : 

xijth  James  Keen  fil :  Ric  : 
code  die  Agnes  Towenson  fil :  Tho  : 
Octob  xiijth  Arthur  Ashburner  fil :  Geo  : 


xviijth  Robte  Satterthw1  fdius  Wm 
Novemb :  xvth  Anthonie  Walker  fil  :  Gyles 

code  die  Anthonie  Banke  fil :  ffranc5. 

code  die  Margaret  Dodgson  fil :  Wm 

code  die  Arthure  Rigge  fil :  Xpoferi 
Decemb :  viijth  Jenatt  Tayler  fil :  Leonardi 
January  ixth  Wm  Keen  fil :  Leonardi 

xxiiijth  Wm  Sands  fil :  Myles 
code  die  Elsabeth  Satterthw1 :  fil :  Robte 
^February  xiijth   Myles  Sawrey  fil :  Henerici 
March  xiijth  Wm  Rigge  fil :  Clementi 

xxvjth  Ric  :  Rigge  fil :  Geo  : 


May  xxixth  James  Gurnell  &  Agnes  Birkhead 
June  XXth  Arthure  Sands  &  Barbary  Braithwaite 
July  iijth  Robte  Walker  &  Agnes  Rigge 
September  xixth  Wm  Wayles  &  Agnes  Turner 
Octob:  xxxth  Renalde  Macrethe  &  Elsabeth  Vayrey 
Novemb  :  xxviijth  Edward  Macreth  &  Margaret  Satterthwaite 
Decemb :  xijth  Anthony  Banke  &  Issabell  Walker 
January  XXXth  Richard  Penny  &  Elsabeth  Rigge 
ffebruary  xiijth  James  Rigge  &  Elline  ffrearson 
finis  hujus  Anni  1585 

SEPULTURE    ANNO    DOI     1586 

Aprill  vith  uxr  Rolland  fforeste 
eode  die  uxr  Johis  Scale 

xjth  uxr  Robte  Knype 
xvjth  puer  Cuthbert  Birkhead 
May  iijth  Wm  filius  Willirhe* 
eode  die  uxr  Robte  Walker 
xix^  uxr  Johis  Tayler 
xxxth   Clement  Rigge 

*  No  surname  given. 


June  ijth  Thomas  Harrison 
iijth  Issabell  Scale 
xjth   uxr  Wm  Walker 
xijth  uxr  Anthonii  Rigge 
July   vth  John  Dixson 

vjth  Agnes  Satterthw1 
xviijth  uxr  Tho  :  Dodgson  yonger 
August  xth  puer  Wm  Watterson 
xiiijth  puer  Wm  Braithwaite 

xxth   Wm  Johnson 

xxiiijth   Richard   Borwicke  fil  :    Clem : 
Septemb :  iiijth  puer  George   Sands 

vijth   Margaret  Sands  fil :    Tho : 
xijth  wm    Rigge  fil:    Wm 
code  die    Margaret  Benson  fil :    Wm 

xvth   puer  Edwini   Benson  abort : 
xxijth   Edmund  Rigge 
Octob :  ixth    Issabell   Braithwaite 

xth  Agnes  Turner 
xvjth  puer  Wm    Braithw1    abort : 
Novemb :    xjth  puer  Xpoferi  Tayler  abort : 
Decemb  :    ijth  puer  Leonardi   Rigge  abort : 

xixth    Issabell   Rawlinson 
xxiiijth  uxr  Richardi   Rigge 
code  die  John  Ashburner 
xxviijth  Robte  Willson 

xxixth  uxr  Xpoferi   Braithw* 
January  vijth  Agnes  Rigge 
viijth  Thomas  Scale 
xxiijth  uxr  Wm  Blumer 
ffebruary  xxviijth  Cathren  Partridge 
March  xvijth  puer  Thomae  Turner  abort : 
xxiiijth  Margaret  Towenson  fil :  Tho  : 
xxviijth  Issabell  Blumer 



Aprill  xvijth  Elline  Watterson  fil  :  Willme 
xxiiijth   George  Braithw1  fil  :  Milonis 
eode  die  Issabell  Satterthw* :  fil  :  Wm 
May  jth  Agnes  Braithw1 :  fil :  Wm 

iiijth  wm  Braithw1:  fil:   Milonis 
eode  die  Margaret  ffisher  fil :  Rogeri 
June  vth  Xpofer  Grindall  fil :  Johis 
eode  die  Renald  Holme  fil  Edw  : 

ixth  Agnes  Rigge  fil :  Symondi 
xixth  Charles  Satterthw' :  fil :  Tho  : 
eode  die  Robte  Johnson  fil :  Ric : 

xxth  George  Kirkby  fil :  Anthonii 
eode  die  Wm  Macreth  fil :  Wm 
July  xth  Margaret  Benson  fil  Wm 
eode  die  Barnard  Braithwaite  filius  Renaldi 
August  viith  Myles  Sands  fil :  Geo  : 

eode  die  Barbary  Sands  fil :  Geo :  de  foulyeat 

xxjth  Xpofer  Atkinson  fil :    Geo : 
eode  die   Jenatt  Wayles   fil :    Wm 
Septemb:   ijth   Cathren  Braithw*    fil:    Wm 
Decemb :   xxxth  John  Towenson  fil :    Ric  : 
January  ixth  Agnes  Rigge  fil :    Johis 
xvth  Robte  Walker  fil:    Johis 
eode  die  Margaret  Penny  fil :   Ric : 

xxixth   Mary  Magson  fil :    Petri 
ffebruary  vjth  Elsabeth  Sawrey  fil :    Milonis 

xiijth  Elsabeth   Braithwaite  fil:    Robti 
Marche  xth  Mabell  Towenson  fil :   Geo : 
xvth  Robte  Rigge  fil :   Charoli 
xixth  Robte   Hodgson  fil :   Cuthberti 
xxvth   John   Hodgson  filius  Jefferay 


June  xxvjth  Alexander  Towenson  &  Jenatt  Towenson 
July  xth  Edmund  Blumer  &  Agnes  Braithwaite 


xxxth  Rowland  Pennington  &  Elline  Kirkby 
August  xxjth  George  Holme  &   Ann   Sawrey 
Septemb:    vth  Randall   Ward   &   Issabell   Braithwaite 
Octob:    ixth  Wm   Addison  &  Margaret   Rawlinson 
xvijth   Roger  Walker  &   Issabell   Holme 
xxvth   Robte  Walker  &  Agnes  Braithwaite 
finis  hujus  Anni   1586 

SEPULTURE     ANNO     DOI     1587 

Aprill  iijth  puer  Milonis  Sawrey 
iiijth  Richard    Blumer 
vijth  uxr  Robte  Tayler  baylif 
May    xvth  uxr  Cuthbert  Birkhead 

xxijth   Issabell  Willson 
June  ijth  uxr  Wm  Keen 
xxijth  Wm   Rigge 
xxvth  Agnes  Keen 
July  xviijth  James  Borrowe 
Auguste  iiijth  Robte  Satterthw1 
xiiijth   Michaell   Braithw* 
xvjth  Cuthbert  Rigge 
xxvijth  uxr   John  Leese 
Septemb :  iiijth  Xpofer  Rigge 

xjth  uxr    George  Macreth  de  Outyeat 
xiijth  John  Jackson 
Octob:  ijth  Christopher  Willson 
iiijth  Issabell  Barwicke 
vth  Elsabeth  Penny 
vjth  Agnas  Keen 
xvijth  uxr    Richard  Tompson 
xviijth  puer  Adame  Atkinson 
code  die  puer  Thomae  Tompson 
xxiijth  puer  Clement    Barwicke 
Novemb :  iiijth  James   Tayler 
vth  Myles  Walker 

xvjth  uxr   George   Macreth  of  Skellwth 
code  die  puer  Robte  Walker 


xviijth  uxr    Myles  Burnes 
xxvth  uxr   John   Tompson 
Decemb :    iiijth  uxr    Barnard   Benson 
ixth  puer  George  Holme 
xvjth   Renald   Holme 
xvijth  uxr    Ric :    Braithw1 
xxjth   Ric    Braithw* 
January  xijth  uxr    Nicholas   Macreth 

xvth  George  Brockbanke 
xvijth  John   Tayler 
xviijth  uxr   Gawen   Holme 
xxth  uxr   Johis  Braithw1 
xxviijth  Elline  Ashburner 
ffebruary  iiijth  Dorathy  ffisher 
vjth  Edward  Rawes 
xxijth  George  Holme 
code  die  James  Brocksbanke 

xxiijth  Hugh  Grigge 
March  iijth  puer  Edwardi  Willson 

xvth  Wm  Walker 
xxiijth  Robte  Benson 


Aprill  iijth  Margaret  Macrethe  fil :  Edwardi 

code  die  Elsabeth  Braithw' :  fil :  Wm 
May  viijth  Mabell  Braithw1 :  fil :  Geo : 

xvth  Xpofer  Rigge  fil :  Johis 
code  die  Agnes  Rigge  fil :  Wm 

xxiiijth  Robte  Satterthw1 :  fil  :  Wm 
June  ixth  Agnes  Rigge  fil :  Johis 

xvjth  George  Holme  fil :  Renaldi 
code  die  Cuthberte  Rigge  fil :  Xpoferi 
July  vijth  George  Rigge  fil  Anthonii 

xiiijth  Elline  Satterthwaite 
Auguste  xijth   Issabell  Braithw1 :  fil  :  Robte 
xxth  John  Rigge  fil :  Johis 


Septemb :  iiijth  Anthony  Sands  fil :  Geo  : 

xijth  James  Satterthw* :  fil  Robte 
Novemb  :  xvth   Xpofer  Garner 

xxth   Richard  Barwicke  fil :   Clem  : 
xxvijth  Wm  Blurher  fil :  Edmundi 
code  die  John  Satterthw1 :  fil :  Wm 
Decemb :  iiijth  Robte  Walker  fil  :  Robte 
xijth  Edward  Holme  fil  :  Geo : 
code  die  Agnes  Tayler  fil :  Robte 

xixth  George  Macrethe  fil :  Geo  : 
xxvjth  Agnes  Dixson  fil :  Ric  : 
January  xvth   Richard  Dodgson  fil :  Ric : 
xxiijth  Leonard  Rigge  fil :  Leo  : 
xxxth   Wm  Braithw* :  fil  Edw : 
March  xth  Wm  Walker  fil :  Rogeri 

xxiiijth  Agnes  Satterthw1 :  fil :  Charoli 
xxxith  Clement  Towenson  fil :  Thomae 


June  iijth  Thomas  Tomlinson  &  Mabell  Taylor 
xxvth  Robert  Vayrey  &  Ann  Satterthwaite 
July  xvjth  John  Kirkby  &  Agnes  Braithwaite 
xxiijth  Wm  Jackson  &  Margaret  Macrethe 
code  die  Robte  Partridge  &  Margaret  Braithw* 

xxxth  John  Slee  &  Elline  Keen 
code  die  James  Gurnell  &  Elsabeth  ffrearson 
code  die  John   ffrearson   &    Margaret  Satterthw* 
Auguste  vith  Edward    Macreth   &    Mabell   Benson 
xiijth  Richard    Holme   &    Mabell   Walker 
xxvijth  John   Towenson  &   Agnes  Braithwaite 
Septemb:  xvijth  Barnard  Macreth  &  Cicly  Rigge 

xxiiijth    Myles  Braithw1  &  Issabell  Macrethe 
Octob  :  jth  Adame  Rigge  &  Issabell  Macrethe 
viijth  John  Satterthw1  &  Jenatt  Greegge 
xvth  Abrahame  Rigge  &  Jenatt  Cowper 
xxijth  Edward  Robinson  &  Agnes  Rigge 
Novemb:  vth  George   Satterthw1  &  Elsabeth  Dodgson 


January  xxvjth   Thomas  Dodgson  &    Elsabeth  Rigge 
ffebruary  vjth   Robte  Dodgson  &  Issabell  Holme 
xxth   Richard  Willson  &  Agnes   Rigge 
finis   hujus    Anni    1587 

SEPULTURE    ANNO    DOI    1588. 

Aprill  xvth  Christopher    Sands 

xxth  uxr   Thomas   Rigge 
xxvjth  John   Tayler   fil :    Robte 
xxxth   Anthony    Sands   fil  :    Adami 
May  ijth  Thomas  Rigge 
June   ith  uxr    Bryami  Satterthw1 
xijth  John   ffrearson 
xiijth   Myles  Tayler 
July  xvijth  uxr    Robte   Satterthw1  : 
xixth  puer  Georgii  Braithw1  : 
xxjth  uxr   Johis  Watterson 
xxijth  uxr   George  Braithw1 
code  die  uxr   Ric :   Towenson 
xxviijth  uxr   James  Satterthw1 
xxixth  John  Satterthw1  :    films    Wm 
Auguste  xiijth  Gilliane   Batemane 

xiiijth  puer  Adame  Sands  abort : 
xxjth  uxr   John    Willson 
xxxth  uxr    Xpofer  Tayler 
Septemb:  iijth  uxr   Wm   Turner 

xxjth  Robte  Rigge 
Octob:   viijth  uxr   George    Macrethe 

xjth  Margaret   Rigge   fil :    Symondi 
Novemb :  ijth  uxr   Wm  Towenson 

xijth  Leonard  Walker 
xxijth  puer  Edwardi  Macrethe 
xxixth  Agnes  Tayler 
Decemb :  vijth  uxr   Leonard  Walker 
viijth  uxr   Milonis  Tayler 
xxth  uxr   Robte    Tayler 
January     vijth  uxr   Clement  Towenson 


xvth  puer  Renaldi    Braithw1 
xvijth   Elsabeth   Satterthw1  fil :    Jacobi 
xxiiijth  Thomas  Kirkby 
xxvjth   Robte   Walker   fil :    Milonis 
ffebruary  xviijth  puer  Richardi   Dodgson 


May  xxvjth  John  ffisher  fil   Milonis 
June  xxiijth   Margaret  Braithw*    fil :    Wm 
Auguste  xiijth   Margaret    Braithw1    fil :    Johis 
Septemb :    xvth   Myles  Rigge  fil :   Johis 

code  die  Margaret  Rigge  fil :    Symondi 
code  die  Xpofer    Braithw1    fil :    Xp5fer 

xixth   Wm  ffrearson  fil  Johis 
xxixth  Thomas  Towenson  fil :   Johis 
Octob :   vjth  Thomas  Sands  fil :    Milonis 
code  die  Mabell  Macreth  fil :   Barnardi 
viijth  Wm    Braithw*    fil:   Wm 
xiijth  George  Barwicke  fil   Clement 
xxth  Gyles   Holme  fil :    Ric : 
code  die  Jenatt   Braithw1   fil   Wm 
eode  die   Issabell  Rigge  fil :   Jacobi 
xxviijth  Agnes  Taylor  fil  George 
Novemb :  xxxth  Xpofer   Braithw1   fil :   Xpofer 
Decemb :   xxvth  Michaell  Holme  fil :   Geo : 
January :  jth   Michaell   Braithw1    fil :    Milo 
xxxth  Margaret  Hodgson  fil :   Ric : 
ffebruary  xijth  James  Borwicke  fil :   Geo : 
eode  die  Issabell  Holme  fil :    Renaldi 

xvjth   Robte  ffisher  fil:    Rogeri 
eode   die  Xpofer  Sands  fil :    Thomae 

xixth   Wm    Rigge  filius   Wra 
eode   die  James   Rigge  fil:   Jacobi 

xxviijth  Jane   Watterson   fil :    Milonis 
Marche  ixth  Elline  Towenson   fil :    Georgii 
xxixth  Agnes   Rigge   fil :   Johis 
xxxjth   Agnes    Dodgson    fil :   Wm 



June  vijth  John    Holme   &   Jenatt    Tompson 
July  xxjth  Edward  Jackson   &   Jenatt   Dixson 
Auguste  xxvth  Wm  Satterthw1  &  Ann  Braithw1 
Septemb  :  xvth  Nicholas  Macrethe  &  Issabell  Blumer 

xxixth  Wm  Macrethe  &  Margaret  Jackson 
Novemb  :  xvjth  Robte  Satterthw1  &  Agnes  Rawes 
xxiijth  John  Walker  &  Cathren  Holme 
xxxth  John  Hobson  &  Issabell  Keen 
finis   hujus   Anni    1588 

SEPULTURE    ANNO    DOI     1589 

Aprill  xxvth  puer  Wm  Satterthw1 
May  xviijth   Robte  Johnson  fil :  Ric  : 

xxxjth  Wm  Ashburner  fil :  Wm 
June  iiijth  puer  Leonardi  Rigge 
xxiijth  Cathren    Blande 
xxixth  puer  Bryami   Benson 
July  xjth  WilTme  Rigge 

xvth  Wm  Braithwaite 
code  die  Robte  Rigge  fil :  Char : 

xxjth  puer  Wm  Ashburner 
August  vijth  RoFte  Braithw1 

code  die  Margaret  Rawlinson  fil  Robte 

xviijth  Ric  Kirkby 
code  die  Anthony  Sands  fil :  Geo  : 
xxiijth  Renald  Sands  fil :  Xpofer 
xxvith  puer  Milonis  Sands 
xxvijth  uxr    Hugh   ffisher 
Septemb :  jth  Wm  Dodgson  fil :  Ric  : 

iiijth  James   Rigge  fil :   Jacobi 
xviiijth  Renald    Macreth 
xxvijth  uxr   Lawrence    Braithw1 
xxxth  Myles   Rigge   fil :    Edwini 
Octob :   viijth  puer   Johis   Scale   abortive 

xxiiijth  Agnes    Macreth   fil :    Renaldi 
Novemb:   xxixth  Richard    Rigge 


January   iijth   Renald   Stonbanke 
vth  uxr   Robte   Tayler 
xxxth  uxr   Wm    Willson 
ffebruary  xxjth  John  Dixson 

xxiijth  uxr   George  Rigge 
March  xvjth  Dorathy  Dodgson  fil :    Wm 
xvijth  Renald  Macreth  senior 


Aprill   ixth  Wm    Macreth   fil:    Edwardi 
xxth   Myles   Rigge   fil :    Clementi 
code  die  Agnes  Gurnell  fil :   Jacobi 
May  jth   Mabell    Rigge   fil :    Charoli 
code   die  Elsabeth   Rigge  fil :   Wm 

xviij111  Agnes    Satterthw1    fil   Wm 
code   die  Thomas    Robinson   fil :    Edw : 

xixth  Clement   Rigge   fil :    Geo : 
June  jth   Myles   Rigge   fil :   Edwine 
July  vjth  Ann   Magson   Petri   filia 
xvjth  James    Braithw1   fil  :    Robte 

eode   die  Agnes    Macreth   fil :    Renaldi 
xxvth  John    Holme   fil :    Edwardi 
Octob :   xxviijth   Mabell    Rigge   fil :    Xpoferi 

eode  die  Clement   Satterthw1   fil :   Geo 
Novemb :    viijth  Wm   Walker   fil :   Johis 

eode   die  Elsabeth    Scale    fil :    Ric : 
Decemb :   vijth  Margaret   Satterthw1   fil  :    Robte 

xth  Elsabeth    Dixson    fil:    Ric: 
xiiijth  Agnes   Dixson    fil :   Johis 
January  jth   Issabell    Braithw1   fil :    Milonis 

xxvth  Robte   ffrearson   fil :   Johis 
eode   die   Mabell    Macreth   fil :    Nicho : 

xxvjth  Jenatt    Braithwaite    ) 

eode  die  Cathren    Braithw1       j-  omnes  fil :    Nicholai 
eode  die  Margaret    Braithw1    ' 
ffebruary  jth  John   Macreth   fil  :    Wm 

eode   die    Margaret    Braithw1    fil :    Milo : 


ixth  George   Walker  fil :   Edw : 

xvth  Wm    Satterthw1   fil:   Charoli 

code   die  Edward   Braithw1   fil :   Wm 

xxijth  Agnes   Penny   fil :   Ric 

Marche    jth  James   Walker   fil :    Milonis 

code  die  Ann    Banke   fil :    Geo : 

vjyth  wm  Braithw*    fil :    Ric : 

code  die  Dorathy  Dodgson   fil :   Wm 

xxxth  Margaret    Macreth   fil :    Geo : 


June  xvjth  Anthonie   Banke   &   Elsabeth   Watterson 
July    xijth  John    Scale   &   Agnes   Willson 

xixth  John    Pepper   &    Margaret    Braithw1 
Auguste   ijth  Renald   Walker   &    Issabell    Macrethe 
Octob :    xvijth   Edwarde   Brockbanke   &   Jenatt  Satterthw1 

xxjth   James   Pressy   &   Sibell   Walker 
Novemb:  viijth   Edward    Satterthw1   &   Agnes    Banke 
ffebruary   xxijth   Thomas   Walker   &   Agnes   Satterthw1 
Marche   ijth   Miles  Strickland   &   Elsabeth   Tayler 
finis   hujus   Anni    1589 

*   SEPULTURE     INFANTIU     A°    DOI     1590 
Aprill  xiijth   puer   Milonis   Braithw1 
xixth    uxr   Ric:    Rigge 
xxvjth    Wm    Dodgson 
xxixth    puer   Agnes   Knype 
May  jth  Robte  Dodgson 
code  die  Elsabeth   Dodgson   fil  :    Ric : 
ijth  Elsabeth   Scale   fil:    Tho : 
vth  Thomas   Dodgson 
xixth  John    Braithw1: 
June   ixth  Rowland    Nicholson 
xxvth  uxr    Petter   Tayler 
July   xvijth  John    Braithwaite 
xviiith  puer   Wm  Braithw1 

Sepulturse  Infantiu :  a  queer  slip  on  the  part  of  our  usually  careful  calligraphist. 


Auguste   xvijth  uxr    Leonard!    Holme 

xxxth  puer   Wm    Dodgson 
Septemb :   vth  James    Satterthwaite 
xiiijth  fil :   Johis   Watterson 
Octob :  jth  uxr   Jacobi    Braithw* 
code  die  puer   Wm    Macreth 
viijth  uxr    Nicholas   Borrowe 

xth  uxr    George   Rigge 
xxiiijth  Michaell    Dodgson 
xxixth  Wm    Turner   de   Rusland 

xvjth  puer   Robte   Dodgson 
ffebruary   iijth  uxr    Robte   Rigge 

vjth  fil :   Johis   Rigge 
xxth  Renald    Towenson   fil :    Row : 
Marche   xxviijth  Charles   Satterthwaite   elder 


Aprill   xxiith  Robte   Dodgson      ) 

j     j-     T-I    i_  ^i     T^  j         f*"11   RIC: 
eode  die   Elsabeth   Dodgson' 

May   vjth   Rowland    Braithw1    fil :   Tho : 

xxviijth  James    Watterson   fil :    Wm 
June   iiijth  Elsabeth   Ashburner   fil :    Geo : 

xxiiij    Wm    Braithwaite   fil :   Wm 
eode  die  Margaret   Rigge   fil :   Ric : 
July   xvjth  Robte   Rigge   fil:   Wm 
Auguste  xvijth   Issabell   Satterthw1  fil :   Geo : 
Septemb  :  xxth  Agnes    Braithw1 :   fil :   Johis 
eode  die  Jenatt  Towenson  fil :  Tho : 
xxiijth  ffranceis  Benson  filia  Wm  : 
Octob  :  iiijth  Jenatt  Holme  fil :  Renaldi 

xxvth  Christabell   Sands  fil :  Geo  : 
Novemb :  viijth  John  Walker  fil :  Rogeri 
eode  die  Wm  Satterthw1:  fil:    Edw : 
eode  die  Thomas  Strickland  fil :  Milo  : 
eode  die  Margaret  Rigge  fil :  Antho  : 
eode  die  Robte  Blumer  fil :   Edmundi 
xjth   Mabell   Macreth  fil  Wm 


xviijth  Clement    Banke   fil    Adami 
xxvth  Jenatt  Towenson  fil :  Tho  : 
Decemb  :  ixth  Wm  Towenson  fil  :  Sander 
code  die  Elline  Holme  fil :  Johis 

xiijth  George  Braithw1 :  fil  Xpoferi 
xxth  Edward  Macrethe  fil  :  Wm 
xxvth  Robte  Tayler  fil :   Geo : 
January  ith  George  Macreth  fil :  Renaldi 
code  die  Agnes  Rigge  fil  :  Wm 
code  die  Issabell  Holme  fil  :  Ric 

vth  George  Satterthw1  fil  :  Robte 
xiijth  Elsabeth  Towenson  fil :  Johis 
xvijth   Issabell  Rigge  fil :  Jacob :  de  Sawrey 
xxxjth   Wm  Sawrey  fil  :  Milonis 
fTebruary  xiiijth  John  Holme  fil :  Renaldi 

xvijth  Willrhe  Atkinson  fil  :  Geo : 
code  die  Ann  Sands  fil :  Milonis 

xxviijth  Anthony  Macreth  fil :  Edw  : 
eode  die  George  Dodgson  fil :   Robti 
Marche  xxjth  Jane  Banke  fil :  ffrancisci 


July  vijth  Lawrence  Braithw1  &  Mabell  Saddler 

xiijth  yjm  Towensen  &  Margaret  Knype 
eode  die  John  Benson  &  Elsabeth  Holme 
xixlh  Robte  Jopson  &  Mabell  Sawrey 
Auguste  ixth  Robte  Mitchell  &  Elsabeth  Knype 

xxxth  John  Macreth  &  Agnes  Blurher 
eode  die  Robte  Willson  &  Agnes  Scale 
Septemb :  vjth   Myles  ffrearson  &  Issabell  Macrethe 

xxvijth  Wm  Braithw*  &  Jenatt  Macrethe 
Octob:  xviijth   Wm  Braithw*  &  Elsabeth  Sands 

xxvth   Michaell   Dodgson  &  Mabell  Tayler 
Novemb :  jth  Wm  Braithw1  &  Margaret  Braithwaite 

xvth  Edward  Walker  &  Issabell  Holme 
Decemb  :  xxth  Clement  Towenson  &  Margaret  ffrearson 


January  xvijth  Clement  Rigge  &  Margaret  Braithw1 

xxxth  James  Dixson  &  Margaret  Ashburner 
ffebruary  vii  Richard  Rigge  &  Issabell  Satterthw1 
finis  hujus  Anni  1590 

SEPULTURE    ANNO    DO  I     1591 

April  ith  uxr   Wm   Braithwaite 

xjth  Xpofer   Braithwaite 
code  die  George  Macrethe 

xiiijth  uxr   Charles   Satterthw1 
code  die  John    Braithwaite 
xviijth  uxr    Wm   Sawrey 
code  die  uxr   Lawrence   Keen 
xixth  uxr   Johis    Braithw* 
xxxth  puer   Georgii   Holme 
May  iijth  uxr   Georgii   Dodgson 
vjth  Thomas   Holme 
xijth  Thomas   Macrethe 
xvjth  Issabell   Holme 
xxiijth  Arthure   Sands 
code  die   puer   Thomae   Walker 
June   ijth    Richard   Dodgson 

iijth   uxr   George   Satterthw* 
xvijth    Wm    Howson 
xxijth   Wm    Dodgson 
xxviijth    Richard    Rigge 
xxixth    puer   Georgii   Macreth 
July  iiij111    Clement    Turner 
code   die   puer   Wm    Dodgson 

vith   uxr    Thomae   Dodgson 
viith   uxr    Richard    Howson 
Auguste   xiijth    Agnes   Braithw1 
xvjth    Edmund   Blumer 
xxvth   uxr    Leonard    Braithw1 
xxvjth    Richard    Satterthw1 
Septemb :  jth   Anthonie   Satterthw1 
code  die   uxr    Xpofer   Satterthw1 


eode  die   Mabelle   Scale 

code  die   uxr     Anthony   Satterthw1 

xixth    Symond   Sands 
xxiiijth    puer   Jacobi   Jackson    abort  : 
xxixth   uxr    Jacobi   Scale 
Octob  :     iiijth    Jane    Sawrey 

vjth    uxr     Wm    Braithw1 
xvjth    Wm   Macreth 
xviijth   uxr    Leonardi  Knype 
xxiiijth   John   Sands 
xxvjth    Nicholas   Hatfeilde 
Novemb  :  xth    Renald   Blurher 
xiijth    Anthony   Sands 
xxth    Richard   Rigge 
xxijth    George   Rigge 
xxvijth    Wm    Leester   fil  :   Sam  : 
Decemb  :  vjth    puer   Richardi   Rigge 
xiijth    Robte    Rigge   fil:   Wm 
xxxjth    Olliver   Sands 
January   xvth   James   ffrearson 

xxth    uxr    Richard   Dodgson 
xxjth   John   Dodson   fil  :   Ric  : 
xxiiijth    Thomas   Rawlinson 

xxvth    Elline   Tayler 
ffebruary   vijth    George   Tayler 

eode   die   uxr    Rowlandi   ffisher 
eode   die   James    Rigge 
xxijth    ux    Johis   ffisher 
xxiijth    uxr    Richard    Lowson 
xxvth    uxr    Milonis   Tompson 
xxvijth   uxr    Leonardi   Tayler 
Marche   xth   Leonard   Tayler 

xxth    uxr    Edwardi   Walker 
xxvijth    uxr    Georgii    Turner 
eode   die   puer   Johns   Walker 
finis   Sepulturae 


Aprill  xjth  Margaret  Braithw4    fil :    Wm 
code  die  George  Walker  fil :    Thomae 

xviijth  Robte  Walker  fil:    Wm 
May   xvjth  Dorathy  Braithw1    fil :    Milonis 

xixth   Issabell  Braithw1    fil:   Wm 
eode  die   Margaret  Rigge  fil :    Jacobi 
July  xjth  Elline  Gurnell  fil :   Jacobi 
Auguste  ith  George  Macrethe  fil :    Barnardi 

xvijth  Jenatt  Dixson  fil :    Edwardi 
Septemb :  ijth  George  Benson  fil :    Arthure 

vth   Issabell  ffleminge  fil :    Adami 
eode  die  Elline  Rigge  fil  :   Jacobi 
xixth  Agnes  Towenson  fil :   Wm 
xxijth  Wm    Braithw1    fil:    Wm 
eode  die  Alee  Sands  fil :    Milo : 
October  xviijth  Wm    Braithw1    fil :   Wm 

xxviijth   Agnes  Walker  fil :    Ric : 
Decemb  :   xvth  Mabell  Towenson  fil  :    Clem  : 
January  jth  Edward  Walker  fil :   Johis 
vjth  Thomas   Dixson  fil :    Ric : 
xxiijth  Wm   Tayler  fil :  Xpoferi 
xxiiijth   Issabell  Pepper   fil :    Johis 
ffebruary  vjth  Wm    Rigge   fil  :    Clementi 

eode  die  Myles  Sands  fil :    Geo  : 
March  jth   Margaret  Satterthw1    fil :  Xpoferi 
xth   Dorathy  Barwicke  fil  :    Clementi 


May  xviith   Robte  Buttler  &  Grace  Magson 
June  xxvijth   Myles  Robinson  &  Mabell  Braithw1 
July  iiijth   Richard  Bateman  &  Margaret  Braithw1 

xjth   Edward  Dixson  &  Elsabeth  Penny 
xviijth   Lanclett  Walker  &  Margaret  Knype 
Auguste  ith   Rowland  Towenson  &  Elsabeth  Kitchinge 
viijth   Arthure  Chamney  &  Margaret  Newton 
xxijth   Thomas  Harrison  &  Margaret  Strickland 


xxixth   Renald  ffrearson  &  Elline  Sattherw1 
Septemb :  xxvth   John  Tayler  &  Elline  Ashburner 

xxvjth   Bryam  Satterthw1    &  Cathren  Macreth 
Octob :  iijth  Robte  Ashburner  &  Margaret  Tayler 
Novemb :  vijth  Wm  Braithw4    &   Margaret  Tayler 
January  ixth   Robte  Tayler  &  Margaret  Walker 
finis  hujus  Anni  1591 

SEPULTURES     ANNO     DOI     1592 

Aprill  viijth   George  Walker 

xjth  uxr    Henery   Rigge 
xvth  uxr    Edwardi  Braithw1 
xviijth  John  Tayler 
xxxth   puer  Georgii  Sands 
May  ijth  uxr   Johis  Pepp 
xjth  Robte  Tayler 

xijth  Elline  uxr   Wm    Macreth  et  puer  eius 
June  xvjth  uxr   Robte  Rigge 

xxiijth  Edward  Sawrey 
code  die  Brya  Rigge 
July  ith  puer  Bryami  Satterthw1 
code  die  uxr   Robte  Dodgson 

xviijth  Mary  Rawlinson  fil  Robte 
eode  die  Jenatt  Benson 
code  die  uxr    Barnard  Macreth 
Auguste  xxixth  puer  Robte  Braithw1 
xxxth  Agnes  Macreth 
xxxith  uxr    Robte  Macreth 
Septemb :   iijth  uxr    George  Satterthw1 
eode  die  puer  Richardi  Keen 
eode  die  puer  Georgii  Rigge 
xxvjth   Robte  Walker 
xxixth   Ric :    Scale  fil :    Thomae 
Octob  :  vijth  uxr    Leonardi  Rigge 

xxth  George  puer  Milonis  Braithw1  : 
Novemb :  ith  Jenatt  fil :   Jacobi  Knype 
xvijth  Xpofer  Banke  fil :    Adami 


xxvijth  Brya  Braithw'    fil :    Wm 
xxxth  Jenatt  the  wif  of  Richard  Braithw1 
Decemb :  xth  uxr   Willme   Dodgscn 

xvjth  Robte  Tayler  fil:    Geo : 
January  xvjth  Fetter  Leester  fil :    Samueli 
ffebruary  vijth  Rowland  Tayler 

eodc  die  Elsabeth  ffrearson  fil :    Renaldi 

xjth  puer  Xpoferi  Tayler 
xvijth  puer  Johis  ffrearson 
eode  die  Willme  Braithw1 
March  viijth  Edward  Braithw* 

xjth  W'n  Willson 

xxvijth   Renald  ffrearson  fil  Milo  : 
xxxth  John  Satterthw1  :   de  Sawrey 


Aprill  xth  Renald  Holme  fil  :   Johis 

xvjth  Thomas   Satterthw1    fil :   Char : 
eode  die  George  Holme  fil  :  George 
May  xxjth  Sarai  Magson  fil :    Petri 

xxvijth  Agnes  Towenson  fil  :    Rowlandi 
xxviijth  Alee  Dodgson  fil :    Richardi 

xxxth   Brya  Braithw1    fil :   Wm 
June    iiijth  Abrahame  Rigge  fil  :    Milonis 
eode  die  Wm    Keen  fil :    Richardi 

xjth   George  Braithw1    fil :    Milonis 
July  ixth   Rowland    Walker   fil :   Thomae 

xixth  Jenatt  Knype  fil :   Jacobi 
Auguste  vjth  Thomas  Braithw1    fil :    Lawrence 
eode  die  Margaret  Towenson  fil :    Geo : 
ixth  Margaret  Satterthw1    fil :    Geo  : 
xxth   Issabell  Rigge  fil :  Geo  : 
xxiiijth  Renald  Tomlinson  fil  Geo  : 
Septemb :  iijth  Thomas  Dodgson  fil :   Wm 
xth   Mabell  Jackson  fil :   Jacobi 
eode  die  Ann  Keen  fil :   Elsabeth 
xvijth   Margaret  Towenson  fil  Geo  : 


xxxjth  Gaytby  filia  Mariae  * 

Novemb  :  ith  Agnes  Wayles  fil :  Willme 
vth   Myles  Braithw1    fil:   Johis 
xijth  Fetter  Leester  fil :   Samuell 
code  die  George  Holme  fil :   Edwardi 

xixth   Robte  Rigge  fil :   Johis 
xxvjth  Wm    Penny  fil:    Richardi 
Decemb :  vjth  Xpofer  Tayler  fil :    Robte 

xiijth   Margaret  Macreth  fil :   Wm 
January  vjth  Elsabeth  Satterthw1  fil :   Wm 

xth  Elline  Rigge  fil:    Richardi 
xiiijth  Robte  Troughton  fil:    Tho : 
ffebruary  iiijth  Elsabeth  ffrearson  fil :  Renaldi 

vijth  James  ffrearson  fil :   Johis 
xiiijth  James  Strickland  fil :   Milonis 
code  die  Agnes  Towenson  fil :   Alexandri 
xxiiijth  Wm    Dodgson  fil :    Robte 
xxviijth   Issabell  Rigge  fil :  Wm 
Marche  iiijth  Hester  Sands  filia  Adami 

vijth  Thomas  Satterthw1  fil :   Edwardi 
xjth  Robte  Shacklocke  fil:   Johis 
code  die  Thomas  Dodgson  fil :   Ric : 
xviij*  Myles  Walker  fil :   Milonis 
code  die  Renald  ffrearson  fil:   Milo: 
xxvth  Elline  Rigge  fil :   Wm 


Aprill  iiijth  Stephen  Ellarey  &  Margaret  Threlked 
July    xvjth  George  Walker  &  Elsabeth  Holme 
xxiij^  George  Dodgson  &  Issabell   Braithw1 
xxxth  Wm   Dodgson  &  Agnes  Towenson 
Auguste  xiijth  Robte  Hodgson  &  Cathren  Benson 

xxvjth  Charles  Satterthw1  &  Margaret  Braithw1 
Septemb :    xth  Oliver  Benson  &  Margaret  Benson 
xxiiijth  John  Askewe  &  Mabell  Benson 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


Octob  :  ith  Roger  Dodgson  &  Cathren  Otlay 
code  die  John  Parke  &  Ann  Sawrey 

viijth  WH  Askewe  &  Ellinor  Satterthw1 : 
xvth  Rowland  ffisher  &  Margaret  Robinson 
xxixth  George  Dodgson  &  Mabell  Braithw* 
Novemb:  jth   Wm    Braithw'  &  Dorathy  Satterthw1 
Decemb:  iijth   Robte  Bell  &  Elsabeth  Kirkby 
ffebruary  xjth  George  Rigge  &  Agnes  Blumer 

xxvjth   Henery  Rigge  &  Cathren   Howson 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DO  I     1593 

Aprillijth  Lanclett  Walker 
vjth  Thomas  Tomlinson 
vijth   Wm    Rigge  fil  Symondi 
xith  Jane  Birkhead  fil  :    Cuthberti 
May  xiijth  Thomas  Robinson  fil  Johis 
xviijth  Willme  Sawrey 
xxiiijth   Myles   Braithw1 
June  ith  Thomas  Satterthw*  fil:    Charl 

xvijth  Thomas  Dodgson  fil  :    Richardi 
xxiiijth  uxr  James  Scale 
xxixth   Agnes  Turner 

July  xvth   puer  Thomae  Satterthw1 :   abort : 
Auguste  vijth   Percivell  Holme 

code  die  Agnes  the  wif  of  Robte  Willson 
xijth  uxr  Johis  Satterthwaite 
xxth   Margaret  Macreth 
Septemb :   ith  Agnes  Readhead 

xijth    Myles  Tayler 
xiiijth  Elsabeth  Stagge 
xvth   Sibell  the  wif  of  Myles  Tayler 
xvjth  James  Towenson 
xviijth   Leonard  Rigge 
Octob:  xijth  puer  Rowlandi  ffisher 

xxxith  Alee  Dodgson  fil  :    Ric  : 
Novemb  :  ijth    Issabell  Knype  fil  :   Jacobi 
vjth   Edward  Walker  fil  :   Johis 


xxviijth  puer  Bryami  Satterthw1 
Decemb  :  xvjth  puer  Thomae  Braithw1 

xxvth   George  Macreth 
January  vii;th  uxr    Wm    Tompson 
xixth   Wm    Hirdson 
xxth  George  Tomlinson 
code  die  Xpoferi  Braithw1 

xxiiijth  Wm    Walker 
ffebruary    iith  puer  Edwardi  Walker 

vth  uxr  Xp5fer  Braithw1  de  Consay 
xiiijth  Xpofer  Braithw1  de  Skellwth 
xvjth   Robte  Sawrey 
xxvjth   Renald  fil  :    Milonis    Braithw1 
Marche  xth  Cathren  uxr   Robte  Hodgson 
xijth  puella  Johis  Watterson 
xvjth  uxr   Johis  Watterson 
xxvth  puer  Richardi  Borrowe 
xxxth  puer  Robte   Hodgson 


Aprill  ith   Edward  Towenson  fil :   Thomae 
code  die  Dorathy  Braithw1  fil :    Robti 
iiijth  Jane  Birkhead  fil  :    Cuthberti 
vijth   wm  Rigge  fil :    Symondi 
May   vjth   Edward  Rigge  fil :    Richardi 

xxvijth   Arthure  Tayler 
eode  die  Cathren  Holme  fil :   Geo : 
June  iijth  Xp5fer  Sands  fil :    Geo : 
xxth  Wm  Rawlinson  fil  :   Wm 
July  xvth   Robte  Satterthw1 :   fil :    Geo : 
Auguste  vth  Thomas  Keen  fil  :    Richardi 

xvth   Margaret  Macreth  fil :    Michaell 
xixth   Mary  Tomlinson  fil :    Thomae 
Septemb :  ith   Barbary  Ashburner  fil :    Geo  : 

ixth   Issabell  Braithw1  fil  :    Milo : 
xvjth   Issabell  Knype  fil :    Jacobi 
xxxth   Wm    Hodson  fil:    Robte 


Octob  :     iijth  Margaret  Sands  fil :   Geo  : 
xviijth  Issabell  Braithw1  fil :   Wm 
Novemb :  viith  Wm    Macreth  fil :    Edwardi 
xiiijth  George  Rigge  fil :   Clementi 
xxjth  Elsabeth  Holme   fil :    Johis 
xxvth  Adame  Benson  fil :   Arthure 
code  die  John  Sands  fil :    Milonis 
code  die  Elsabeth  Robinson  filia  Johis 
Decemb :     ijth  Myles  Braithw1  fil :   Xpoferi 
_.  code  die  John  Rigge  fil :   Geo : 

iiijth  Edward  Satterthw*  fil :   Wm 
ixth  Ann  Dalton  fil:    Cuthberti 
xixth  Agnes  Braithw1 :   fil :   Wm 
January  xiijth  Agnes  Rigge  fil :    Geo  : 

xvjth   Henery  Walker   fil :    Rogeri 
xxth  Robte  Tomlinson  fil :   Johis 
eode  die  Elsabeth  Holme  fil :    Ric : 
code  die  Mabell  Holme  fil :    Renaldi 
ffebruary   iijth  Agnes  Rigge  fil :   Anthonii 
eode  die  Elsabethe  Jopson  fil :    Robte 

xjth  Renald    Braithw* :    fil :   Milonis 
xvijth  Ann  Rawlinson  filia  Robte 
eode  die   Margaret  Walker  filia  Renaldi 
eode  die   Agnes  Macrethe  fil :    Renaldi 

xxth  John  Braithw1  fil :    Wm 
xxvth  Edward  Sawrey  fil :    Milonis 
eode  die  Margaret  Banke  fil :    ffrancisci 
Marche  iijth   Issabell  Dixson  fil :    Ric : 

xvijth  Elline  Satterthw1  fil :    Ric  : 
xxiiijth  Thomas  Dodson  fil  :    Rogeri 
eode  die  Elsabeth  Holme  fil :   Geo : 

xxvijth  Robte  Chamney  fil  :    Arthure 
eode  die  Wm    Braithw' :   fil :    Renaldi 
xxixth  Elsabeth   Satterthw1 :   fil:    Geo: 



May  xxvijth   Thomas  Sawrey  &  Margaret  Hodgson 
June     xvijth  Percivell  Preston  &  Issabell  Walker 

code  die  Wm    Robinson  &  Elsabethe   Braithw1 : 
July  viijth  Leonard  Knype  &  Jenatt  Jopson 

xvth  James  Satterthw1 :  &  Alee   Ashburner 
xxijth   Leonard  Rigge  &  Margaret  Satterthw1 
Auguste  vth   James  Dodgson  &  Issabell  Dodgson 
xijth   Thomas  Dixson  &  Elsabeth  Braithw1 
Septemb:  xxiijth    Richard  Hodson  &  Elline  Sawrey 

xxvth   John  Robinson  &  Margaret  Hirdson 
Octob  :     xxviijth   Wm    Sands  &  Elsabeth   Macrethe 
Decemb  :     xvijth   Wm    Rawlinson  &  Issabell   Rawlinson 
finis  hujus  Anni    1593 

SEPULTURE     ANNO     DO  I     1594 

Aprill  jth   WilTme  Banke 

code  die  Anthonie  fil :    Milonis  Watterson 

viijth   Agnes  Benson 
code  die  Thomas  fil :    Rogeri    Dodgson 

xijth   uxr   Jacobi  Tomlinson 
code  die  puer  Georgii   Holme  abort : 

xxth  John   Turner  fil :   Johis 
May  xjth   Mabell   Holme  fil:    Renaldi 
xijth   Elline  Rigge 
xvth   Issabell  Scale  fil:   Richardi 
June  ixth  Edward  Sawrey  fil :    Milonis 

xiiijth  Xpofer  Rigge 
code  die   Elsabeth  ffrearson  fil :    Milonis 

xxth  uxr    Thomae  Kirkby 
xxixth  Leonard  Willson 
July  ixth  uxr    George  Satterthw1 
xxiiijth   Richard  Dodgson 
xxvjth   Richard  Holme 
xxxjth   Xpofer  Rigge 
Auguste  iijth  George  Turner 

viith   Wm  Braithw1  fil :    Renaldi 


eode  die  Agnes  Hodgson  fil  :    Ric  : 
xiijth  puer  Cuthbert  Birkhead 
xxvth  puer  Milonis  Braithw1 : 
Septemb :  xviijth  Elsabeth  puella  Tho  :    Scale 

xxth  Thomas  ffbrest  fil :   Johis 
xxvjth  Edward  Walker 
Octob :  xiijth   Rowland  Turner 

xvth  Elline  puella  Wm  Rigge 
xixth   uxr    Milonis  Braithw1 
Novemb :  iiijth    Issabell  Rigge 

xxvijth   Edward  Strickland 

Decemb:  xxvijth    Mary  ffleminge)   t 

i     j-     T-I    L  ^  c  wise  Adami 

eode  die  Elsabeth     —     ) 

iiijth   puella  Richardi  Turner 
January  xxiijth   puella  Bryami  Satterthw1: 

xxixth   Henery  Parke 
ffebruary  iiijth   Agnes  Dodgson 

xxviijth   Margaret  Rawlinson  uxr    Tho :  Rawlinson 
Marche  vijth   Wm  Willson 

xth   Richard  Willson 
xjth   uxr    Leonard  Willson 


Aprill  xiiijth   Alee  Dodgson  fil :    Richardi 

xvijth    Henery  Kirkby  sine  patre  noto 
xxjth   George  Rigge  fil :   Charoli 
xxviijth   Myles  Macreth  fil :    Bernardi 
eode  die  Elsabeth  ffrearson  fil :    Milonis 
May  xijth   Dorathy  Rigge   fil :    Leonardi 
eode  die  Jenatt  Braithw1 
June  xxxth   Margaret  Holme  fil :  Anthonii 
July  iijth   Wm  Dodgson  fil  :   Wm 
eode  die   Issabell  Rigge  fil :    Abrahami 

xxjth  Edward  Rigge  fil :  Jacobi 
xxixth  Agnes  Hodgson  fil :  Ric  : 
xxxjth  Margaret  Satterthw*  fil  :  Tho : 

f  filiae  Johis 


Auguste  iiijth   Fetter  Magson  fil :    Petri 
xviijth   George  Walker  fil :   Tho  : 
Septemb :   jth   Symond  Sands  fil :   Wm 

viijth   Thomas  Banke  fil :   Adami 
Octob :   xiijth   Renald  Sands  fil :    Milonis 

code  die  Ann  Satterthw1    fil :    Charoli 
Novemb :  vjth   Elsabeth  Walker  fil :    Richardi 
Decemb :  xxijth    Margaret  Dodgson  fil :   Geo  : 
code   die  Elsabeth  ffleminge  \ 
eode   die  Margaret  ffleminge  I  omnes  filise  Adami 
code   die  Mary  ffleminge 
January  vith   Elsabeth  Macreth  fil :    Edwardi 

xijth   Margaret  Jackson  fil :   Jacobi 
ffebruary  xijth   Dorathy  Satterthw1   fil:    Geo: 

xxiiijth   Elline  Rigge 
eode  die  Margaret  Rigge 

xxvth   Thomas  Thomlinson  fil :   Geo : 
Marche    xixth   Ann  ffisher  fil :   Rowlandi 
xxiijth  John  Penny  fil :    Ric : 


May    xxth   Wm   Rawlinson  &  Agnes  Dixson 
at  Kendall  xiiijth   John  Hodgson  &  Issabell  Satterthw1  : 
July     vijth   Renald  Braithw1    &    Issabell  Braithw1  : 

eode  die  John   Boronskell  &  Margaret  Jackson 
Auguste  iiijth   Thomas  Knype  &  Elsabeth  Rigge 

xjth   Edward  Braithw1    &    Agnes   Hodgson 
xviijth   Renald  Braithwt    &    Margaret  Tompson 
xxvth   Robte  Hodgson  &  Margaret  Borwicke 
eode  die  John  Tubman  &  Elsabeth  ffisher 
Septemb  :  xvth  Wm  Dodgson  &  Agnes  Bleamoore 
xxijth  John  Holme  &  Margaret  Atkinson 
Octob :  xiijth  Henery  Banke  &  Margaret  Braithw1 : 
eode  die  Thomas  Braithw1  &  Margaret  Banke 
xxvijth  Thomas  Satterthw1  &  Jenatt  Satfthw1 : 
finis  hujus  Anni   1594 


SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOI     1595 
May  vth  Elsabeth  Holme 

vjth  Agnes  Gurnell  Jacobi  fil : 
xviijth  Mabell  Rigge  fil :  Johis 
xxijth  puer  Edwardi  Willson 
July  vjth  puer  Richardi  Hodgson 

xjth  puer  Milonis  Braithw1 
xiiijth  Wm  Banke  fil :  George 
xxjth  Arthure  Tayler  fil  :  Robte 
Auguste  vjth  Elline  Readhead 

xth  Puer  Leonard!  Knype 
xxth  uxr  Robte  Readhead 
xxiijth  uxr  Leonard!  Knype 
Septemb :  vjth  Thomas  Nicholson 
xiiijth  puer  Johis  Braithw1 
xxvth  Edward  Tomlinson  fil  :  Tho  : 
Decemb  :  xiiijth  Roger  Dodgson  fil :  Ric  : 
xvijth  puer  Richardi  Burrey 
xixth  Agnes  uxr  Johis  Scale 
January  ith  George  Robinson  fil :  Johis 
iijth  puella  eiusde  Johis 
vijth  Thomas  Rigge 
code  die  puer  Georgii  Kirkby 

xxjth  Jenatt   Holme 
xxiijth  Margaret  uxr  Robt  Sattethw1 : 
ffebruary  vjth  Elsabeth  Sands  fil :  Adami 
code  die  Margaret  uxr  Wm  Towenson 
eode  die  puer  Cuthberti  Birkhead 

xth  Gregory  filius  eiusde  Cuthberti 
xxvjth  Henery  ffisher 
Marche  xxxjth  George  Braithw1  de  Sawrey 


Aprill  ixth  Issabell  Sands  fil:  Xpoferi 
eode  die  James  Braithw1  fil :  Tho : 
eode  die  Kathren  Yorke  fil :  Georgii 


May  ith  Myles  Rigge  fil :  Johis 

xvth  Margaret  Satterthw1  fil  :  Geo  : 
xxixth  Elsabeth  Sawrey  fil :  Milonis 
June  itb  Wm  Holme  fil :  Georgii 
July  xjth  Wm  Braithw1  fil :  Milonis 
Auguste  iijth  ffrancis  Strickland  Milonis  fil : 
code  die  Margaret  Braithw1  fil :  Milonis 

xiijth  Xpofer  Tayler  fil :  Edwardi 
xxiiijth  George  Rigge  fil  Ric : 
xxxth  Wm  Hollme  fil :  Johis 
eode  die  Elsabeth  Rigge  Jacobi  fil : 
Septemb :  vijlh  Mabell  Tubman  fil :  Johis 

xth  Roger  Dodgson  fil :  Richardi 
eode  die  Mary  Borwick  fil :  Clementi 
xiiijth  James  Braithw1  :  fil :  Wm 
xxjth  Jenatt  Holme  fil :  Edwardi 
Octob  :  vth  Margaret  Braithw1  :  fil :   Edwardi 

xxviijth  Wm  Rigge  fil :  Johis 
Novemb  :  xvjth  James  Braithw1  :  fil  Renaldi 
xixth  Issabell  Tomlinson  fil :  Tho  : 
xxiijth  Thomas  Dodgson  fil :  Rogeri 
xxxth  Thomas  Towenson  fil :  Alexandri 
eode  die  Agnes  Hodgson  fil :  Robte 
Decemb :  xxjth  Dorathy  Dodgson  fil :  Wm 

xxiiijth  Elsabeth  firearson  fil :  Johis 
eode  die  Wm  Satterthw1  fil :  Jacobi 
xxvth  Issabell  Macreth  fil :  Wm 
xxixth  George  et  Ann  Robinson  filiae  Johis 
January  vjth  John   Knype  fil :  Thomae 
eode  die  Wm  Keen  fil :  Richardi 

xviijth  Robte  ffrearson  fil :  Milonis 
eode  die  Elline  Rawlinson  fil :  Wm 

xxvth  Elsabeth  Sands  fil :  Adami 
eode  die  George  Satterthw1  fil :  Geo  : 
ffebruary  ith  Edward  Walker  fil :    Renaldi 
ijth  John  Walker   fil :    Milonis 
vjth  Gregory  Birkhead  fil :   Cuthb : 


viijth  James  Dodgson  fil :  Robte 
xxvth  Margaret  Sands  filia  Wm 
xxvijth  Wm  Dodgson  fil :   Jacobi 
Marche    vth  Elline  Sands  fil :    Milonis 

vijth  Margaret  Satterthw1 :   fil :    Wm 

xth  Margaret  Braithw1  fil :   Johis 
xxviijth  Wm  Braithw1    fil :    Wm 


July    xxvjth  Percivell  Hollme  &  Margaret  Walker 
Auguste  xth  Robte  ffisher  &  Elline  ffrearson 
xvijth  Jeremy  Walker  &  Issabell  Keen 
code  die  Willme  Walker  &  Issabell  Holme 
Novemb :  ijth  Rowland  Willson  &  Jenatt  Tayler 

xxxth  Richard  Tayler  &  Agnes  Rigge 
ffebruary  xxjth  Wm  Rigge  &  Jenatt  Rigge 

xxvijth  Alexander  Readhead  &  Ellice  Readhead 
finis  hujus  Anni  1595 

SEPULTURE    ANNO    DOI     1596 

Aprill  ijth  uxr  Wm    ffrearson 

xijth  George  Rigge 
May  vijth  uxr    Edwine  Walker 

xjth  Elsabeth  Creaskell 
June    ijth  Wm  Dodgson  fil :   Jacobi 
code  die  Elsabeth  ffrearson  fil :  Johis 
July     ijth  Agnes  Macreth  fil :    Michaelli^ 
vth  Elsabeth  Rawlinson  fil:    Robte 
xviijth  uxr    Bryami   Braithw1 
xxvth  Mabell  fil :    George   Tomlinson 
Auguste  vth  Edward  Knype 

xxijth  Mabell  Holme  fil :    Edw : 
xxiiij  Ellinor  the  wife  of  Xpofer  Burnes 
Septemb:  vijth  puella  George  Macreth  de  Sawrey 

xiijth  Richard  Rigge  fil :   Geo : 
xxiiijth  Agnes  Rigge 


eode  die  Renald  Holme 
xxvth  John  Braithw1 
Octob:  xijth  James  Dodgson 
Novemb  :  xth  Agnes  Rigge  fil :   Jacobi 

xviijth  Agnes  Holme  puell  Johis 
eode  die  puer  Wm    Walker 

xxvijth  Jenatt  uxr   Johis  Kitchinge 
Decemb :  xth  Nicholas  Holme 

xxth  Wm    ffrearson 

xxixth  uxr    Johis  Rigge  fil :  Xpofer  de  Satfthw4 
xxxth  Charles  Benson  fil  :    Barnardi 
January      jth  Elsabeth  Braithw4    fil :    Geo : 

eode  die   Edward   Robinson  interfectus  5  die 

ante  Supul .... 
ixth  Edwine  Walker 
xjth  \Vm   Tayler 
eode  die  uxr    Robte  Satterthw1 
xvijth  Rowland  ffrearson  fil :  Wm 
xixth  Robte  Satterthw4 
xxijth  John  Braithw1  :   fil :    Xpoferi 
ffebruary  viijth  Elsabeth  Sands  fil :    Geo : 
xiijth  Ellinor   uxr    Xpoferi  Sands 
xiiijth  Elsabeth  Croudson 
xixth  John  Dodgson  de  hill 
xxvijth  Agnes  Braithw4    fil :    Geo 
Marche  iijth  Elline  Satterthw4    fil:    Ric : 

vijth  Jenatt  uxr   Richardi  Satterthw4 
eode  die  uxr    Milonis  Rigge  de  Churchsteel 

viijth  \y«n    Satterthw4  \ 

eode  die  Dorathy  Satterthw4    J 

xth  Jane  Green  alias  Satterthw4 
xiijth  uxr    Oswold  Keen 
eode  die  Myles  Pepper 
eode  die  Wm    fil :  Jacobi  Satterthw 
xxvijth  uxr    Richard  Kirkby 




Aprill  iiijtb  Agnes  Macreth  fil :   Michaell 
ixth  Elsabeth  Satterthw1    fil   Wm 
xth  Charles  Satterthw1 
code  die  Elsabeth  Rigge 

xviijth  Robte  Rigge  fil :  Charoli 
May    xvjth  Richard  Rigge  fil :    Abrahami 

xxxth  Elsabeth  Sawrey  fil :    Tho : 
code  die  Elsabeth  Sands  fil :    Geo  : 
June    xxth  Elsabeth  Rawlinson  fil :   Johis 
Auguste  iiijth  Wm    Braithw1   fil :   Tho  : 

viijth  \vm    Satterthw1    fil:    Robte 
Septemb :  xijth  Elsabeth  Hodgson  fil :   Ric : 

xixth  Agnes  Holme  fil :   JoTTis 
Octob :  xxviijth  Christopher  Sands  fil :  Xpoferi 

xxxth  James  Braithw1  fil :  Wm 
Novemb :  vijth  Myles  Taylor  fil :  Ric : 
eode  die  James  Banke  fil :  Geo  : 
eode  die  John  Walker  et  George  filii* 

xiiijth  James  Braithw1  fil :  Willmi 
eode  die  Elsabeth  Rigge  fil :  Wm 

xxjth  John  Macreth  fil :  Edwardi 
eode  die  Richard  Banke  fil :  flfrancisci 
eode  die  Elsabeth  Kirkby  fil :  Geo : 
Decemb  :  xijth  Thomas  Dodgson  fil :  Geo  : 
eode  die  Wm  Troughton  fil :  Tho : 

xxth  Agnes  Tomlinson  alias  Sawrey 
January  xijth  Grace  Dodgson  fil :  Ric : 

xxxth  Thomas  Satterthw1  fil :  Tho  : 
ffebruary  xiijth  Willme  Walker  fil :  Tho : 
eode  die  Margaret  Gibson  fil :  Wm 

xxth  Mary  Dixson  fil :  Ric  : 
xxvth  Thomas  Braithw1  fil :  Ro"bte 
Marche  vith  ffranceis  Sands  filia  Adami 
ixth  Jane  Rigge  fil :  dementi 

*  Name  of  father  not  given. 


xvjth  John  Atkinson  Tho :  fil :  porchiae  de 

Torver  * 
xxth  Ann  Bateman  fil :  Ric 


Aprill  xiijth  Edmund  Sands  &  Margaret  Braithw1 
June  xiijth  Robte  Satterthw*  &  Agnes  Sands 
July  xxvlh  Myles  Bateman  &  Elsabethe  Braithw1  : 
Auguste  viijth  Wm  Tomlinson  &  Elsabeth  Tomlinson 

xvth  David  Tyson  &  Elsabeth  Sawrey 
xxijth  Leonard  Knype  &  Elsabeth  Rigge 
eode  die  John  Suerte  &  Issabell  ffisher 
Septemb  :  xixth  Robte  Boonas  &  Elsabeth  Dodgson 

xxvjth  Richard  Braithw1  :  &  Issabell  Willson 
Octob:  xxxth  Wm  Benson  &  Agnes  Knype 
Novemb:  vijth  John  Watterson  &  Alee  Wood 
January  xxxth  Clement  Holme  &  Agnes  Macrethe 

vjth  \ym  Tompson  &  Barbary  Boonson 
Memorandu  quod  circiter  Augusti  decimu 
hujus  anni  secundo  nupti  fuerant  Willm  Raw- 
linson  et  Isabella  Rawlinson 

finis  hujus  Anni     1596. 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOI     1597 

Aprill  ith  puer  Charoli  Satterthw1  : 
iiijth  puer  Bryami  Satterthw1  : 
eode  die  Margaret  uxr  Renaldi  Macrethe 
vjth  Issabell  uxr  Edwardi  Knype 
xth  Edmunde  Holme  fil  :  Johis 
xjth  Issabell  uxr  Renaldi  Holme 
xvth  Gilliane  uxr  Milonis  Keen 
xvjth  Barbary  uxr  Wm  Tompson 
xxth  Thomas  filius  Tho  :  Satterthwl 
xxjth  Margaret  fil :  Geo  Holme 

*  The  date  has  been  written  xxvjth  but  the  first  x  seems  to  have  been  intentionally 
smeared  out. 


May  ijth  Elsabeth  uxr  Rowland  Walker 
code  die  puer  Rowlandi  Tomlinson 
code  die  Thomas  fil :  Rowlandi  * 
iijth  Edward  Holme 
vith  John  puer  Wm  Walker 
code  die  puer  Edwardi  Braithw1  : 

ixth  uxr  Johis  Satterthw1  :  de  Sawrey 
xjth  uxr   Thomas  Tompson  de  Satterthw1  : 
xiijth  Grace  Dodgson  puella  Ric :   de    Satterthw1 
xvth  Margaret  puella  Wm    Gibson 
xxxjth  puer  Rowlandi  Willson 
code  die  Elsabeth  uxr    Row  :    ffrearson 
June  iiijth  Jenatt  uxr    Rowlandi  Willson 

vjth  Xpofer  Rigge  fil :    Henerici 
viijth  Jenatt  Christallson 
xijth  Issabell  uxr    Robte   Braithw1  : 
xiijth  Richard  Satterthw*   de  Newhouse 
code  die  Wm  Benson  fil :    Brya 
xviijth  puer  Johis  Holme  abort : 
xxvth  Jenatt  Burney  fil :    Ric  : 
xxvijth  John  Braithw1  :    fil :    Wm  de   Satterhowe 
xxviijth  James  Willson 
July    vjth  Elsabeth   fil:    Geo :    Kirkby 

viijth  Mabell  uxr    Ric  :    Holme 
xxiijth  puer  Georgii  Macrethe 
Auguste  ith  Cathren  uxr    Wm   Braithw* 
vjth  Agnes  Braithw*  :    fil :    Ric  : 
xjth  Xpofer  Braithw*  :    fil  Xpofer 
xvth  Jenatt  uxr   Xpoferi  Holme 
xvijth  Anthony  Banke 
xixth  uxr    Adami  Atkinson 
xxth  Wm  Sawrey 

code  die  Wm  Braithw1    de    Satterhowe 
Septemb  ith  Richard  Threshe 

ijth  Margaret  Stonbanke 

*  No  surname  given. 


viijth  Thomas  Sands 
xth  Margaret  uxr   Tho :  Rigge 
xjth  Issabell  uxr    Ric :    Braithw1  : 
xijth  Agnes  Atkinson  fill :    Adami 
xiiijth  Clement  Rigge  fil :    Tho  :    de  fieldhead 

xxth  W'n    Holme  fil :    Ric  : 
xxvth  Jenatt  uxr    Jacobi  Macreth 
xxixth  Geo  :    Pepper  otherwise  Sands 
Octob :  vijth  Issabell  fil  :   Cuthbert   Birkhead 
xxjth  Wm  Braithw1  fil :    Bryami 
xxvth  Thomas   Satterthw1 
code  die  James  Gurnell 

xxvijth  Issabell  uxr    Wm    Walker 
code  die  Ann    uxr    Robti    Rigge 
Novemb :  ith  Richard  ,Dodgson  de  Satterthw1 
vth  James  Rigge  de  Sawrey 
ixth  Issabell  uxr   Johis  Blurher 
xth  Agnes  fToreste 
xith  Margaret  Satterthw* 
code  die  Leonard   Hirdson 
xiiijth  puer  Ric :   Penny 

xxth  Jenatt  uxr    Anthony  Banke  de  Coniston 
Decemb:  vth  Issabell  Macreth  fil:    Wm 

xth  Margaret  ffisher  fil  :    Rogeri 
xiijth  puer  Milonis  Braithw1 
xiiijth  Robte  ffisher 
xvijth  Wm  Walker  de  Satterthw1 
code  die  uxr    Xpofer  Rigge  de  fieldhead 
January  xxjth  Thomas  Braithw1    de  Bray  they 
xxvjth  Agnes  Tayler  fil :   Jacobi 
xxxth  Alee  Burges  uxr   Jacobi 
ffebruary      ith  Ann  ffisher  fil :    Roger 

viijth  Margaret  uxr    George  Macreth 
xiijth  Issabell   Tailer 
xviith  uxr   Johis  Dodgson  de   Hill 
xxvth  George  Macreth 
Marche       ijth  Agnes  uxr    Xpofer  Tayler  elder 


vth  Dorathy  Braithw1  :   fil :    Milonis 
xxijth  Robte  Rigge  Charoli  fil : 
xxxjth  Jane   ffoxe   of   Skelton   pochus   de 
Lamplay  * 


Aprill  xth  Barbary  Tomlinson  Rowlandi  fil  : 
code  die  Ann  Tomlinson  Richardi  fil : 
May      ith  John  Rigge  Milonis  fil : 
June  viijth  Robte  Rigge  Gulielmi  fil : 

xixth  Agnes  Braithw'  :    Richardi  fil : 

July  xxxth  Dorathy  Brait de  breares 

Auguste  vijth  Nathaniell  Ni(cholson)  filius  Allani 
code  die  Gilliane  Rawlinson  Robte  filius 
code  die  George  Pepper  suscepter 

xxjth  Elline  Holme  fil :   Perciveli 
xxxjth  Cathren  Ashburner  fil :    Geo : 
Septemb  :  vijth  Ann  Ward  fil :   Johis 

xxiijth  Thomas  Macreth  fil :   Barnardi 
Octob  :  vth  Issabell  et 


xxvjth  Renald  Braithw1 :  fil :  Renaldi 
Novemb:  xiijth  Margaret  Sands  Gulielmi  filia 
code  die  Leonard  Benson  fil :  Wm 
xxiijth  Myles  Walker  fil :  Rogeri 
Decemb  :  iiijth  Edward  Braithw1 :  fil :  Edw  : 
January  xvth  Michaell  Jackson  fil :  Jacobi 
xxixth  Susanna  Magson  Petri  filia 
ffebruary  ijth  Agnes  Braithw1 :  fil :  Johis 
Marche  xxvth  James  fTrearson  fil :  Renaldi 


June  xxviijth  Thomas  Tompson  &  Issabell  Macreth 
Auguste  xxjth  Clement  Towenson  &  Issabell  Crosfield 
Septemb  :  iiijth  Xpofer  Burnes  &  Issabell  Tayler 

*  z.e.t  Parish  of  Lamplugh  (Cumberland). 

I   filae  Cuthberti  Birkhead 


Octob:  ijth  John  Dixson  &  Margaret  Rigge 
viijth  RobTe  Crosfielde  &  Mabell  Scale 
xxiiijth  Henery  Locke  &  Margaret  Sattethw1  : 
code  die  John  Watterson  &  Elsabeth  Robinson 

xxxth  w>  Satterthw*  &  Ellinor  Braithw1 
code  die  Wm  Braithw1  &  Cathren   Hodgson 
Novemb  :  vjth  John  Warrinar  &  Issabell  Atkinson 
January  viijth  George  Sands  &  Margaret  Rigge 
xvth  Jefferay  Tyson  &  Elline  Holme 
code  die  Rowland  Killner  &  Elline  ffrearson 
ffebruary  vth  Thomas  Tomlinson  &  Agnes  Walker 
xijth  Xpofer  Harrison  &  Issabell  Braithw1 
xxvijth  Leonard  Towenson  &  Issabell  Braithw* 
finis  hujus  Anni  1597, 

SEPULTURE     ANNO     DOI     1598 

Aprill  ijth  Issabell  Holme 

iijth  Emas  uxr  Leonard  Towenson 
code  die  Elline  uxr  Ric  :  Scale 
viijtb  John  Rigge  fil :  Milo : 
xijth  Jenatt  Atkinson 
xiiijth  Agnes  Walker  uxr  Wm 
xvijth  Cathren  uxr  Johis  Holme 
May  iijth  puer  Georgii  Tomlinson  de  browe 

vijth  Elsabeth  uxr  Clem :  Rigge  de  roger  ground 
xiijth  James  Scale 
xvth  Arthure  Chamney 
code  die  Margaret  Dixson 
xviijth  Clement  Satterthw* 
xixth  Wm  Rigge  de  Wray 
xxxth  Agnes  Sattthw1  :  fil :  Charoli 
June  ijth  Thomas  Holme  fil  Wm  : 

vjth  Edward  Satterthw1  :  fil :  Jacobi 
vijth  Issabell  uxr  Wm  Dodgson  de  fieldhead 
ixth  Ann  Dodgson  Ric :  fil : 
xijth  Xpofer  Sands  Geo :  fil :  de  fieldhead 
code  die  James  ffrearson  fil :  Renaldi 


July  xth  Richard  Dodgson  fil :  Ric :  de  Sattthw1  : 

xijth  Anthonie  Banke  fil  ffrancis 
xiiijth  Agnes  Holme 
xixth  Susanna  Magson  fil :  Petri 
xxiij  Agnes  uxr  Wm  Turner 
xxiiijth  puer  Leonardi  Knype  abort: 
August :  vjth  Mabell  uxr  Jefferay   Braithw1  :   de   fould 

xxvjth  James  Tailer  de  finsthwaite 
Septemb :  vth  Edward  Tailer  de  finsyke 

code  die  Richard  Walker  de  Tarnhouse 

xvijth  James  Macreth 
Octob  :  ixth  George  Sattthw1  :  fil  :  Wm  de  Sattthw1 

xxiiijth  Wm  Watterson 
Novemb:  ith  Agnes  uxr    Bryami  Rigge 

ijth  Xpofer  Holme 
vijth  Robte  Chamney  fil :    ArthtiF 
xiijth  Issabell  uxr   Geo :   Rigge  de  Sattrthwl  : 
Decemb :  ijth  Margaret  uxr    Wm  Walker  de  Sattrthwl  : 

ixth Rigge  de  Sattthw1  : 

Braithw1  :   de   Lonthwt. 

xxijth  ....    Braithw1  :   fil  Renaldi  de  Sattrhow 
xxviijth  Lawrence   Braithw1  de  Bray  they 
xxixth  George  Tayler 

xxxth  Jenatt  Braith :  fil :  Wm :  de  Sattrhowe 
January  ith  Issabell  the  wif  of  Richard   Rigge 
vijth  Willrhe   Satterthw1  :   de   Coulthouse 
viijth  Margaret  Tayler  de  finstott 
ixth  John  Tomlinson  fil :    Thomae 
xiiijth  George  Jackson  Michaelli  filius 
xviijth  Issabell  uxr    Allani  Pennington 
xxvijth  Elsabeth  uxr    Wm    Sands  de  foulyeat 
xxixth  Leonard   Braithw1  :    de    Sawrey 
ffebruary  viijth  George   Ashburner 

code  die  Elsabeth  uxr    Thomae  Tompson 
xiiijth  Thomas  Hall 

xvijth  Agnes  Rigge  fil :  Milonis  de  Churchsteel 
xxjth  Allan  Pennington 


xxijth  puer  Wm    Satterthw1  :   de    Cragge 
xxvjth  Elsabeth    Knype  fil :    Edw : 
xxviijth  Edward  Willson 
code  die   Cuthberte  Birkhead 
March     iijth  Mabell   Birkhead   fil :   prdict   Cuthberti 

viijth  Elsabeth  uxr    Wm    Braithw1 :    de  breares 
xixth  Issabell   uxr    Renaldi   Strickland 
xxth  Wm    Braithw*  :    de   Hauxhead   field 
xxvth  Robte  Scale 


Aprill   ijth   Richard   Dodgson   fil :    Ric  : 
code  die   Robte   Sands  fil :    Geo : 
code  die   Edwine  Sands  fil :    Wm  : 
May    viith  Henery  Rigge  fil :    Johis 
code  die  El  line   Tayler  fil :    Jacobi 
xxvth  Agnes   Kirkby  fil :    Geo : 
June  viijth   Agnes  Bateman  fil :   Milonis 

xjth  Thomas  ffrearson  fil :    Renaldi 
July   xvjth  Margaret  Rigge  fil :  Geo :   de   Churchsteel 

code  die   Robte  Rigge  fil:    Anthonii 
Auguste  vjth  Rowland  Towenson  fil :    Thomse 

code  die   Elsabeth   Rigge  fil :   Johis 
Septemb :  iijth  Susanna  Rawlinson   Robte  filia 
code  die   Agnes   Braithw1  :   fil :    Edw : 

xxjth   Susanna  Sattrthwl  :   fil :    Georgii 
code  die   Margaret  Sattertw1   fil :    Thomae 

xxixth  Elsabeth   Sands  fil :    Xpoferi 

code   die  Jenatt  Towenson   Gulielmi   fil: 

Octob :  viijth   Ann    Rawlinson   fil  :   Thomas 

ixth  Margaret  Suerte  fil :   Johis 
Novemb :  vth  Margaret  Braithw1  fil :    Renaldi 
viijth  Margaret  Macreth  fil :    Georgii 
xijth  James   Sattrthwl    fil :    Charoli 
Decemb :  ijth   Myles  Watters  fil  :    Rowlandi 
vjth  John  Tomlinson  fil :    Thomae 
code   die  Agnes   Holme  fil  :   Johis 


x*   Nathane  Keen  fil :    Ric : 
xvth   Mabell   Sattthw1  fil :   Jacobi 
xvijth   Elsabeth   Sattthw1  :    fil :   Wm 

xxjth   Elsabeth) 

,  \  Dodgson  fil  :    Wm  de   Pkamoore 

xxiiijth  George   Holme   fil :   Johis 
xxvijth  George  Dodgson   alias   Jackson 
January  xiiijth  Gyles  Walker  fil :  Geo : 

xxiiijth  Dorathy 

*          rr>  filiae   Milonis 

f  Sawrey 

et   Margaret 
xxvijth  Renald  Macreth  fil  :  Edwardi 
xxviijth  Elsabeth  Dodgson  fil :   Geo : 
ffebruary   xxviijth    Edmund   Sattrthwl  :   fil    Robti   de 

prk  (?)  * 

March  xjth  John   Holme  fil :  Geo  :  de  Oxenfell 
xviijth  Margaret  Towenson  fil :  Clem : 
xxvth  George  Tayler  fil :  Ric  de  Lendine 
code  die  Elsabeth  Penny  fil :  Ric : 
code  die  Margaret  Rigge  fil  Milonis  de  Saw(?)  t 


July  xxiijth  John   Blumer  &  Agnes  Knype 
Octob :  ith  Wm  Braithw1  :  &  Ealse  Braithw1  : 
viijth  Thomas  Benson  &  Mabell  Benson 
xvth  George  Braithw1  &  Elsabeth  Sawrey 
Novemb :  xijth  Wm  Roberts  &  Margaret  Rigge 
Decemb:  xijth  John  Towenson  &  Agnes  Tayler 
ffebruary  vijth  Wm  Dixson  &  Agnes  Braithw1 

xvth  Michaell  Jackson  &   Issabell  Dodgson 
finis  hujus  Anni  1598 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOI     1599 
Aprill  iijth  Thomas  Keen 

vijth  Elsabeth  uxr  Rowlandi  Turner 
xth  Mabell  Sattthwt :   fil:   Wm 

*  This  word  is  so  bound  in  that  its  identification  is  difficult, 
t  Ditto. 


May  jth  Barnard  Benson  de  Bulcloose 

ijth  Margaret  uxr  Wm  Rigge  de  Wray 
xiiijth  Agnes  uxr  Rowland   Tomlinson 
xxjth  \ym  Dodgson  de  Parkamoore 
xxiijth  Clement  Tomlinson 
June  xvijth  Alexander   Towenson 

xxvijth  Wm  filius  Thomae  Troughton 
July  iijth  Elline  uxr  Robte  Rigge  de  Wray 

xvth  Wm  Braithw1  de  Tockhowe 
xxiiijth  Cathren  uxr  Bryami  Walker 
xxvijth  Jenatt  uxr  Wra  Scale 
Auguste  xiiijth  Elsabeth  Braithwt :   fil :    Milonis 
xvth  Margaret  uxr  Rowlandi  Turner 
xvijth  Gilliane  Rawlinson  Robte  filia 
Septemb:  xixth  Jenatt  Braithw1  Badger  wif 

xxxth  Jenatt  uxr  Richardi  Sattthw1  : 
Octob :     xxixth  Richard  Rigge  de  Sattthw1  : 
Decemb:  iiijth  abortivus  Gulielmi  Turner 
January  ith  George  Crosfield  Jacobi  filius 
iiijfc  Xpofer  Kirkby  fil :   W"> : 
xxjth  Cuthbert  Dalton 
xxvjth  Issabell  Macreth  Edw.   fil : 
fTebruary  xixth  puer  Mabell  Braithwt :   abort : 
March  xth  John  Braithw1:   dround 

xjto  Robte  Readhead  de  Nibthw1 
xvth  fil :  Johis  Blurher  abort : 


Aprill  ith  Agnes  Walker  Jeromy  filia 
vijth  Georg    Borrwicke  Robte  filius 
ixth  Elsabeth  Satterthwait  Caroli  filia 
xvth  Issabell  Strickland  Mylonis  filia 

eode   die  Elsabeth  Braithwait  Mylonis  filia 
xxijth  Christopher  Rawlinson  fil :    WilTm 

*   A  new  hand   takes   up   the   registers   here,  and  the  skin  is  of  a  different  and 
inferior  quality. 


eode   die  Clement  Tomlinson  fil :    Georgii 
May  ixth  Elsabeth  Hodgson  Robte  filia 
xxiijth  Ellen  Towenson  Johis  filia 
xxvijlh  Agnes  Dodgson  filia  Robte 
xxixth  William   Braithwait  filia  Reynaldi 
June  xvijth  Alles  Studdert  Gulielmi  filia 
xxviijth  Katherin  Hall  alias  Willson 
August :  vijth  Dorathy  Sands  Mylonis  filia 

xijth  Dorathy  Satterthw1  Georgii  filia 
code  die  Arthure  Knype  leonardi  filius 

xvth  ffrancis  Sands  fil :   Georgii  de  fieldhead 
xxviijth  Bryam  Mackereth  Gulielmi  filius 
September  ijth  John  Braithwait  Gulielmi  filius 
vijth  John  Magson  Petri  fil : 
xijth  Margaret   Bateman  Milonis  fil: 
xvjth  Anthony   Rigge   Ric :   filius 
code  die  Wm  Rigge  Johis  filius  de  Satterthw  .  . 
code  die  Ealse  Rigg  Clementi  filia 
eode  die  Agnes  Braithw1  Robte  filia 

xixth  Wm   Hodgson   Ric  :   filius 
eode  die  Margaret   Braithw1  Georgii  filia 

xxiijth  Arthure  Dixson   Ric :   filius 
eode  die  Elsabeth    Rigg   Johis  filia 

xxxth  Edward   Keene  leonardi  filius 
October  vijth  Issabell   Benson   Gulielmi  filia 
November  iiijth  Margaret   Benson   Thomae  filia 

xjth  Agnes   Walker   Mylonis  filia 
xviijth  John  ffisher  Rowlandi  filius 
xxvth  Edward   Macereth  Georgii  filius 
December  xijth  Barbary  Rigg  Gulielmi  filia 
xvjth  Georg  Dodgson  Georgii  filius 
xixth  Daniel  Nicolson  Allani  filius 
xxvjth  Issabell  Braithwait  Jacobi  filia 
January  ixth  William  Knype  Jacobi  filius 
xiijth  James  Crosfield  Robte  filius 
xvjth  Agnes  Tomlinson  Thomae  filia  de  bailifes 
xxth  John  Banke  Henrici  filius 


code  die  Barbary  Braithw1  Gulielmi  filia 
code  die  Issabell   Makereth  Edwardi  filia 
ffebruary  ijth  Agnes  Rigge  Abrahami  filia 

ixth  Margaret  Braithwait  Johis  filia 
March  ijth  Elsabeth  Braithw1  Edwardi  filia 
code  die  Ellen  Towenson  Johis  filia 
code  die  Jenatt  ffrearson  Mylonis  filia 
vijth  Robert  Braithw1  Thomae  filius 
ixth  Wm  Tompson  filius  Gulielmi 
code  die  Susanna  Satterthw*  Gulielmi  filia 

xjth  Margaret  Readhead  Johis  filia 
xxjth  Wm  Rooke  Mylonis  filius 
xxiiijth  Mabell  Holme  Georgii  filia 
xxxth  Elsabeth  Satterthw1  Edwardi  filia 


July  ith  Willius  Sands  and  Issabell  Walker 
code  die  Adam  Robinson  and  Margaret  Braithw  .  . 

xxixth  Georg  Macereth  and  Ellen  Macereth 
August  xixth  Edward  Robinson  and  Elsabeth   Rigge 
September  ijth  Edward  Scale  and  Ellen  Walker 

xvjth  Anthony  Borwicke  &  Agnes  Strickland 
xxxth  Thomas  Walker  &  Ann  Walker 
November  iiijth  ffrancis  Sawrey  &  Barbary  Wright 
December  ijth  Georg  Satterthw1  &  Margaret  Holme 
January  xiijth  John  Poole  &   Margaret  Walker 
finis  hujus  Anni   1599 

SEPULTURE     ANNO     DOI     1600 

Aprill  xiijth  Elsabeth  Dodgson  Gulielmi  filia  de 

Parkamo  .  . 
xxxth  Margaret  the  wif  of  Richard  Holme 

de  f 

May  xxjth  Cuthbert  Holme  de  Tilberth(wl) 
June  iijth  Mabell  the  wif  of  Richard   Rigge 
viijth  Katherin  the  wif  of  Hugh(?)  Benson 


August  xiiijth  Issabell  Tubman  Johis  filia 

xxxth  Elizabeth  Sands  Adami  filia* 
September  iijth  Robert  Jacksone   Michael  films 
viijlh  Barnard  Braithw1  de  Skellwth 
xiijth  \Vm  Hodgson  Ric :  filius 
October  vjth  Agnes  Braithw1  Edward i  filia 

xxxth  Rowland  ffisher 
code  die  Edmund  Satterthw1  Robte  filius 
November  ith  Wm  Braithw1  yonger  de  brears 
xjth  Elsabeth  Willson  Roberti  filia 
December  xxjth  John  Rigg  de  Satterthw1 
Januarie  xxjth  Xpofer  Braithw1  de  Tockehow 
February  vth  Abraham  Willson  Roberti  filius 

xxth  Michaell  Holme 

March  xjth  Margaret  Rawlinson  Thomae  filia 
xvijth  John  Rigge  de  Roger  ground 
xxijth  Clement  Tailore 


Aprill  ijth  Issabell  Ward  Johis  filia 
vjth  Anna  Sands  Gulielmi  filia 
xxth  John  Suerte  JohTs  filius 
code  die  Margaret  Holme  Johis  filia 

xxvijth  Wm  Sands  Georgii  filius  de  Satterthw1 
May  xviijth  John  Rigg  Gulielmi  filius  de  Satterthw1 
code  die  Issabell  Satterthw1  Georgii  filia 

xxvth  Georg  Holme  Percivell  filius 
June  ith  ffrancis  Arbure  fil  Hugh 

iiijth  Robert  Jackson  Michaeli  filius 
xixth  Issabell  Knyppe  Thomae  filia  t 
xxiiijth  John  Tubman  } 

et  Issabell  Tubman   ) 
July  xiijth  Ann  Macereth  Johis  filia 

*  The  first  spelling  of  Elizabeth  in  the  modern  way. 

f  The    date   has   been    xxixth,  but   the    first    x   has   apparently   l)een    purposely 


August  xiijth  Alexander  ffrearsone  Johis  filius 

xvijth  Elsabeth  Sands  Adami  filia 
xxxjth  Agnes  Braithwait  Jacobi  filia 
code  die  Agnes  Braithw1  Wm  fil :  de  Howend 
September  xiiijth  Katherin  Rawlinson  Willmi  filia 

xxvijth  Agnes  Sands  Georgii  filia 
October  jth  Elsabeth  Tailore  Jacobi  filia 

iiijth  Margaret  Rawlinson  Thomae  filia 

xijth  Margaret  Mackereth  alias  Braithw1  Ric  : 


xvth  Jane  Sawrey  ffrancisci  filia 
xxvjth  Wm  Kirkby  Georgii  filius 
xxviijth  Renald  Braithw1  Gulielmi  filius 
November  ixth  John  Robinson  Edwardi  filius 
Januarie  vjth  Dorathie  Dodgson  Georgii  filia 

xxvth  Robert  Jackson  Jacobi  filius 
ffebruarie  ijth  Issabell  Satterthw1  Caroli  filia 
xviijth  Thomas  Borrwicke  Robte  fil : 
code  die  Issabell  Rigg  Anthon  :  fil : 
code  die  Elsabeth  Tomlinson  Thomae  fil : 
March  xxith  Elsabeth  Birkhead  alias  Walker 
xxvth  Mabell  Walker  Renaldi  fil : 


Aprill  xxth  Edw:  Satterthw1  &  Elsabeth  Satterthw1 

July     xiijth  Myles  Willson  &  Margaret  Tomlinson 
xxiijth  Bryam  Braithw1  &  Ealse  Braithw1 
xxvijth  Wm   Atkinson  &  Ellen  Holme 

August  iiijlh  John  Sawrey  &   Margaret   Braithw1 
xxiiijth  James  Scotson  &  Issabell  Satterthw1 

October  xxvjth  Robert  Rigg  &  Margaret  Bensone 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOI     1601 

Aprill  xijth  uxr  Georg  Satterthw1  de  Skinerhow 
xvth  puer  Milonis  Rigg  de  Satterthw1 
xxjth  Georg  Satterthw1  de  Skinerhow 
xxiiijth  Jenett  Holme  uxr  Cuthberti 


xxvth  Jefferey  Braithw1  de    fould 
May  vth  Geo  :  Satterthw1  elder  de  Skinerhow 
code  die  Geo  :  Walker  Thomae  filius 

vijth  Elsabeth   uxr   Rowland!  Nicolson 
xxjth  Jenett  uxr  Xpdferi  Braithw* 
June  xxth  Mabell  Walker  Renaldi  filia 

xxijth  Adam  Stonebanke  de  Churchsteele 
xxxth  John  Braithwait 

July     xth  Wm  Ashburner  Yonger  de  Stotpke 
August  ijth  Robert  Readhead 

xxvijth  John  Tailor  de  ffinsthw1  buried  in  the  church 
October  xxth  Wm  Braithw1  de   breares  elder 
November  xviijth  Jenett  uxr  Jacobi  Satterthw1 
December  viijth  Jenett  uxr  Leonardi  Rigge 
xvijth  Ric :  Rigg  Edwini  filius 
xixth  Margaret  Holme  Geo :  fil :  de  Oxenfell 
xxth  uxr  John  Knype  de  Conistone 
Januarie  xvjth  Willm  Walker  Willmi  filius 

xxx     Leonard  Benson 
ffebruarie  iijth  puer  Thomae  Strickland 

xxiijth  Elsabeth  Moser  Thomae  filia 
March  vith  uxr  George  Ashburner 

xiiijth  Katherin  Ashburner  fil :    Eiusde  Geo : 
xviijth  Katherin  uxr  Jo  :    Sawrey  de  Graithw1 
xxvth  puer  Geo :  Dodgson  de  hill  elder  abort : 
xxxjth  George  Satterthw1  Georgii  filius 
May  xlh  Susanna  Godmunt  Mylonis  filia 
eode  die  Katherin  Sands  Xpoferi  filia 
code  die  John  Tubman  Johis  filius 


Aprill  vth  Agnes  Satterthw1  fil  Geo : 

eode  die  Ellen  Tomlinson  fil :    Wm 

xxixth  Margaret  Braithw1  fil  :  Johis  de  Braith  .  .  . 

May    iijth  Thomas  Walker  fil  Thomae 

eode  die  Dorathy  Boonson  alias  Ashburner 

Xth  Anthony  Atkinson  fil :   Wm 


xvijth  Agnes  Macereth  fil :    Edwardi 
xxjth  Agnes  Braithw1  fil :    Ric : 
June  xvijth  Margaret   Satterthw1  fil:    Geo : 

xxixth  Margaret  Holme  fil:    Geo  de  Oxenfell 
July  vth  Agnes  Tailore  fil:  Jacobi 

xxijth  Susanna  Godmunt  fil :    Mylonis 
xxvjth  Ann    Mozer  fil  Martin 

August  xxiijth  Bartholemew  Macereth  fil :    Barnard 
September  vjth  Issabell  Satterthw1  :    fil :    Robte   de 

Parkam  .... 

code  die  Agnes  Hodgson  fil :   Ric : 
xiij  Susanna  Studdert  fil :   Wm 
xxth  Ann   Braithw1  :   fil :    Renaldi 
xxiijth  Bartholemew  Rigg  fil  :  Geo :  de  Church- 


code  die  Wm  :  Braithw'  :  fil  :  Wm 
October  iiijth  Katherin  Satterthw'  fil :  Geo  : 
December  iiijth  Issabell  Tompson  fil :  Thomae 

xj'h  Elsabeth  Sands  fil :  Wm  : 
xxijth  Leonard  Benson  fil :  Thomas 
December  xijth  Elsabeth  Mozer  fil :  Thomae 
xvth  John  Rawlinson  fil :  Thomae 
xxjth  \vm  :  Satterthw1  fil :  Jacobi 
January  vjth  Myles  Rigg  fil :  Clementi 
xth  Agnes  Braithw1  fil :  Geo  : 
xxiijth  Anne  Tomlinson  fil :  Geo :  de  brow 
xxxth  John  Braithw1  fil :  Robte  de  Skellwth 
ffebruarie  xvth  John  Ashburner  alias  Sawrey 
xvijth  Elsabeth  Braithw1  :    fil :    Wm 
xviijth  Thomas  Jackson  fil :  Michaell 
xixth  \Ym  Hodgson  fil :  Robte 
xxth  Anthony  Sawrey  fil :  Mylonis 
code  die  Georg  Rigg  fil :  Ric  : 
code  die  Issabell  Tomlinson  fil :  Clemen  .  . 

xxvijth  Katherin  Sands  fil :  Xpoferi 
March  vijth  Geo  :  Braithw1  fil :  Edwardi 
xth  David  Sands  fil :  Mylonis 



Aprill  ixth  James  Tailor  &  Margaret  Chamney 
July  vth  Michaell  Benson  &  Agnes  Kirkby 
xixth  James  Dodgson  &  Elsabeth  Dodgson 
xxvjth  Wm :  Dodgson  &  Issabell  Dodgson 
August  ijth  Symond  Pughpker  &  Agnes  Holme 
xvjth  ffrancis  Benson  and  Mabell  Benson 
xxiijth  Wm  Jackson  and  Agnes  Holme 
code  die  Clement  Holme  and  Jenatt  Jackson 
September  vjth  John  Blighe  &  Margaret  Scale 
October  xjth  John  Penington  &  Agnes  Penington 
xxixth  Henry  Sawrey  &  Elsabeth  Tomlinson 
finis  hujus  Anni  1601 

SEPULTURE    ANNO    DOI     1602 

March  xxxjth  Geo :  Satterthw1  :  fil :  Geo  : 
May  ixth  Agnes  uxr  Tho :  Holme 

xth  Susanna  fil :  Mylonis  Godmunte 
code  die  Katherin  Sands  fil :  Xpoferi 

xvijth  Wm :  Hodgson  fil  :  Robte 
June  vijth  Wm  Walker  elder  de  Dalepke 

ixth  Issabell  ffisher  fil :  Jasonis 
xxixth  Rowland  Willsone 
July  vijth  Elsabeth  uxr  John  Wattersone 
xxvth  Ann  Sands  fil :  Edwyni 
xxxth  Margaret  uxr  Rogeri  Braithw1 
September  xxiijth  Margaret  Macereth  fil  :  Wm 

xxviijth  Wm  :  Satterthw1  fil  :  Robt 
October  vth  Georg  Dodgson  de  Satterthwait 

xxth  Elsabeth  Satterthw1  fil :    Clement 
xxviijth  John  Satterthw1  fil :  Caroli 
Januarie  vith  Mary  Rigg  uxr  Mylonis 
xxiijth  Nicholas  Benson 
xxiiijth  Issabell  Ward  uxr  Randall 
xxxjto  Edward  Robinsone  fil :  Edwardi 
ffebruary  ijth  Agnes  uxr  James  Willson 


vijth  Elsabeth  uxr  Xpoferi  Braithw1 
xijth  Christopher  Scale  fil :  Johis 
xxijth  Dorathie  Boonson 
March  xvjth  John  Asheburner  alias  Sawrey 

xxjth  Barbary  Suckmantle 
xxiiijth  Roger  ffisher 


Aprill  xvth  Issabell  Braithwait  fil :   Bryan 
May  ijth  Margaret  Dodgson  fil :   Jacobi 
xxiijth  Katherin  Jackson  fil :   Wmi 
xxvjth  Issabell  fifisher  fil :   Jasonis 
xxxth  John  Watters  fil :    Row : 
June  vjth  Thos  allias  Tysone  (sic) 

xxvijth  Robert  Rawlinson  fil :  Robert 
July  xviijth  Margaret  Peney  fil :    Ric  : 

xxiijth  Ann  Sands  fil  Edwini 
August  iiijth  Barbary  Sawrey  fil :    Henric 
September  xxvjth  Geo :   Braithw1  fil :  Jacobi 

eode  die  Issabell  Holme  fil :   Georgii 
October  xvijth  John   Satterthw1  fil :  Caroli 

xxviijth  Katherin   Satterthw*  fil:   Wm 
November  xth  Agnes  Sawrey  fil :   Johis 

xiiijth  Hester  Arture  fil :    Hugonis 
xxxth  Christopher  Nicolson  fil :    Allani 
eode  die  Anne  Dodgson  fil :   Geo  : 
December  xjlh  Elsabeth  Rigge  fil :   Bartholemew 
xixth  Katherin   Holme  fil :    Geo : 
xxjth  Edward  Benson  fil :   Wm 
January  ixth  Mabell  Satterthw1  fil:    Wm 
eode  die  Mabell  Towenson  fil :   Johis 
xijlh  John  Rigg  fil :   Robte 
xvjth  Mabell  Holme  fil :   Clement 
ffebruarie  vith  Dorathie  Ward  fil :   Johis 

xvjth  Tho  :  Dodgson  fil :   Geo  :    Smithe 
eode  die  Ric :  Rigge  fil  :   Johis 


March  ijth  Charles  Satterthwait  fil :  Edwardi 
ixth   Robert  Satterthw1  fil  :    Edwardi 
xxth  Robert  fTrearson  fil :    Renaldi 
code  die  Edward  Garnett  alias  Geldert 


July  iijth  Christopher   Holme  &  Ann  Dodgson 
code  die  Tho :    Holme  &  Elsabeth   Holme 

xjth  Willm  Richardson  &  Elsabeth  Holme 
August  vth  Christofer  Rigge  &  Agnes  Braithwait 
viijth  Edward    Satterthw1  &  Agnes  Walker 
xxijth  James  Rigg  &  Margaret    Douthwaite 
xxixth  Wm  Braithw1  &   Issabell  Braithw' 
October  xvijth  Richard  Knype  and  Jenett  Tomlinson 
ffebruary  xxth   Henry   Holme  &  Elsabeth  Atkinson 
finis  hujus    Anni    1602 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOI     1603 

Aprill  iiijth  Mabell  Satterthw1  fil:   Wm 

vjth  Ellin  the  wif  of  John  Turner 
vijth  Elsabeth  Rigge  fil :    Bartholemew 

xth  Ann  uxr  Georg  Sands  de  fieldhead 
code  die  Elline  uxr  Barnard  Benson 
May  xth  Georg  Holme  de  Waterhead 
xvjth  Edwyne  Tailor  de  ffinsthwait 
June  iijth  George  Rigge  de  Churchsteele 

xiiijth  Xpofer  Willson  fil :    Row : 
xxiiijth  uxr  Anthony   Atkinson 
xxvijth  Margaret  Towenson  uxr  Geo  de  Crosse 
July    ijth  Thomas    Braithw1  fil :    Geo  : 

xiijth  Mary  Turner  fil  :    Wm 
xxiijth  Elsabeth  uxr  Thomas  Dodgson  Junior 
August  ith  Margaret  Rigge  uxr  Richi : 

iijth  Willim  Kirkby  de  Hollinbanke 
xjth  Jenett  ffrearson  fil:    Mylo : 
xxjth  ffranceis   Sands  Adami  filia 
xxxth  Anne  Towenson  fil :   Geo  : 


September  ixth  Georg :    Braithw*  fil :   Jacob! 
October  vjth  Elsabeth  uxr  Thomas  Holme 

xxvjth  John   Sawrey  de  Graithwait 
November  ith  Myles  Walker  fil :  Rogeri 

vth  Wm:  Satterthwait 
vijth  Elsabeth  uxr  Johis  Tompson 
xxijth  John   Braithwait  fil :  Renaldi 
December  viijth  William   Hollad 

xjth  John  Walker  de  Dalepke 
xxijth  Agnes  Rigg  fil :  Clementi 
January  xvijth  Christopher  Bateman 
xixth  Wm  Turner  fil  :  Johis 
ffebruarie  ith  Wm  Satterthw1  de  Satterthw1 

ixth  Regnald  Braithwait  de   Satterhow 
xvjth  George   Mackereth  fil :  Edwardi 
xxiiijth  Richard  Crosfield  de  Satterthw1 
March  xxiiijth  puer  Georgii   Macereth 


March  xxviijth  John  Holme  fil :  Percivell 
Aprill  xth  Georg  Holme  fil :  Johis 

xxijth  Richard  Hodgson  fil :  Roberte 
May  viijth  ffrancis  Knype  fil :  Richi 
June  ixtb  John   Dodgson  fil :  Robte 
August  iijth  Mary  Banke  alias  Willan 

xth  Hester  Sawrey  filia  ffrancisci 
xxviijth  Dorathie  Walker  fil  Jeromy 
September  iiijth  Agnes  Colker  fil :  Thomae 

xxvth  Xpofer  Bateman  fil :  Mylonis 
xxixth  Clement  Rigg  fil :  Xpoferi 
October  vth  John  Asheburner  fil  :  Roberti 
November  ixth  Elsabeth   Braithw1  fil :  Edw  : 
xxjth  Issabell  Tomlinson  fil :  Wm 
December  xjth  Robert  Scale  fil  :    Richi 

xiiijth  Hester  Dodgson  fil :    Rogeri 
code  die  Xpofer  Borrwicke  fil :    Robte 
January  ith  Margaret  Benson  fil :    Michael 


xvth  Myles  Bateman  fil :    Mylo : 
code  die  Margaret  Braithwait  fil :   Wm 

xxijth  Edward  Satterthw1 :   fil :    Caroli 
{February  ixth  Dorathie  Rigge  fil :    Anthony 
xijtb  Georg  Macereth  fil :    Edwardi 
eode  die  John  Braithwait  fil  Reginaldi 

xxvjth  Geo  Rigg  fil  Wm  de  Satterthw1 
xxviijth  Georg  Satterthwait  fil :   Wm 
xxixth  John  Godmane   fil :    Mylonis 
eode  die  Georg  Atkinsone  fil :   Wm 
eode  die  Margaret  Holme  fil :  Xpoferi 
March  xjtn  Mabell  Sawrey  fil :    Henrici   Junior 
eode  die  Hester  Sands  fil :    Xpoferi 
xxvth  Jenatt  Satterthw1  fil :    Georgii : 


August  vijth  Thomas  Sands  and  Margaret  Walker 

xxijth  John  Turner  and  Issabell  Moone 
September  xxvth  Bartholemew  Rigg  &   Dorathie  Ashe- 

November  xixth  Xpofer  ffisher  and  Margaret  Atkinsone 

xxvijth  Willrh  Middlefell  and  Ann  Holme 
January  xvijth  Richard  Bleamore  &  Christibell  Cookes 
finis  hujus  Anni  1603 

SEPULTURE    ANNO    DOI     1604 

April  xxiiijth  Georg  Rigge  de  ffieldhead 

eode  die  Margaret  uxr  leonard   Braithwait 
xxvth  Elsabeth  Rigge  fil :   Jacobi 
xxixth  Issabell  uxr  John  Rigg  de  Sawrey 
May  xxvijth  Myles  fifrearson  fil  :   Jacob 

xxviijth  Issabell  fil :    Thomae   Knype 
June  iiijth  Issabell  uxr  Gyles  Walker 

ixth  Bryam  Braithwait  de   Sawrey 
xiijth  Georg  Sands  de  fouleyeate 
xvjth  puer  Johis  ffisher  abort 


July      ijth  Katherin  uxr  Wm  Jackson 

xxiijth  Leonard  Knype 
September  vth  Henry  Rigge  de  Rogerground 

xvjth  Jane  Pedlay 

October  xxiiijth  Emas  uxr   JohTs  Pepp 
November  xxjth  Georg  Jackson  fil :   Jacob! 
December  vjth  Oswould    Keene 

xiiijth  Georg  Macereth  fil :    Wm 
xxviijth  Rowland  Scale  de  Whaitehead 
January  vjth  Issabell  uxr  Regnald  Walker 

xvth  Issabell  uxr  Jo  :    Braithw1  de  Braithey 
xxijth  Jenett  uxr  Wm   Sawrey 
ffebruarie  iiijth  Margaret  fTell   fil :   Ric 

viijth   Margaret  uxr  Edward   Scale 
xiijth  Agnes   Peney   fil :    Ric 
Marche  vth  puer  Adami  Sands  abort 

xijth  Thomas  Rigge  de  Satterthw1 
viijth  Christofer  Satterthw1  called  Toy 
xvth  Agnes  uxr  Tho  Rigge  de  Satterthw1 


Aprill  xth  Agnes    Sands  fil :   Thomae 
xjth  Issabell    Holme   fil :   Johis 
xvth  wm    Satterthw1  fil:    Caroli 
May   ith  Robert  Satterthw1  fil:  Geo  : 

xxth  Elsabeth  Bateman  fil :    Mylonis 
June  xth  Georg  Macereth  fil :  William 

xxiiijth  John  Sands  fil :  Wm 
code  die  Thomae  (sic)  Rooke  fil :  Mylonis 
code  die  Elsabeth  Walker  fil  :  Thomae 
July  xijth*  Robert  Tailor  fil :  Jacobi 

xxixth  Hester  Braithw1  fil :  Jacobi 
August  vth  Georg  Knype  fil :  Thomae 

xijth  William  Rigg  fil :  Bartholomew 
xixth  Georg  Jackson  fil :  Jacobi 
xxvjth  Elsabeth  Braithwait  fil :  Johis 

*  Or  xxijth. 


September  ijth  Mathew  Banke  fil  Henrici 

ixth  Margaret  Satterthw1  fil :  Edw : 
October  vijth  Leonard  Rawlinson  fil:  Thomae 
code  die  Wm   Braithw1  fil:  Robte 
code  die  Mabell  Benson  fil :  Thomse 
code  die  Issabell  Braithw1  fil :  Geo : 

xiiijth  Agnes   Braithw1  fil  :  Wm 
eode  die  John  Ryley  alias  Brooke  ye  child 

of  Ales  Brooke 

xxiiijth  James  Satterthwait  fil :  Jacobi 
November :  vijth  David  Sands  fil :  Geo  :  de  Satterthw1 

xjth  Richard  Crosfield  fil:  Roberti : 
December  ijth  Richard  Tubman  fil :  Johis 
eode  die  Henry  Tailor  fil  Johis 

xvjth  John  Hodgson  fil :  Ric  : 
xxiijth  Agnes  Braithw1  fil :  Thomae 
xxxth  Wnl  Dodgson  fil :  Georgii  Junior 
January  xxvijth  Jenett  Poughpker  fil :  Symond 

xxxth  Wm  Dodgson  fil :  Jacobi 
fTebruary  xth  Nicholas  Benson  fil  Georgii 

xvijth  Gaspyre  Clocker  fil :  Xpoferi 
eode  die  Leonard  Towenson  fil  :  dementi 
eode  die  Wm  :  Braithwait  fil  :  Edw : 
eode  die  Susanna  et 

March  xth  Elsabeth  Mozer  fil :  Martin 

Aprill  xvth  Thomas  Bell  &  Margaret  ffisher 
June  ith  Thomas  HawkRigg  &  Ellen  Kirkby 
July  xvth  John  Towenson  &  Issabell   Satterthw1 
August  vth  Allexander  Garnet  &  Elsabeth  Satterthw1 

xixth  Roger  Borrwicke  &  Agnes  Sawrey 
September  ijth  Michaell  Benson  &  Mabell  Sawrey 
October  xvth  Gyles  Walker  &   Margaret  Satterthw1 
November  iiijth  John   Rigg  &  Jenett  Sawrey 
fifebruarie  xjth  Barnard  Macereth  &  Issabell  Braithw1 
finis  hujus  Anni   1604 

£  filiae   Hugh  Arture 


SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOI     1605 

June  vijth  James  Satterthw1  fil :  Jacobi 
xixth  Jenett  Braithw1  de  Sawrey 
xxjth  Elsabeth   Braithw1  fil:  W™ 
July  ijth  Hester  uxr  Edwini   Sands 

xxvjth  uxr  Johis  Tailor  in  the  church 
September  vth  Abortivus  Allan   Nicolson  in  the 

xixth  Robte  Satterthw1  de  Sawrey  in  the 


October  xxixth  uxr  James  Jackson   in  the  church 
December  xxixth  Willm   Dodgson  de  fieldhead 
Januarie  iijth  Issabell  Tailor 

xviijth  uxr  Edwardi    Macereth 
ffebruarie  xvjth  puella  Michaell  Jackson 

xxijth  Wm  Braithwte  de  Braithey 
xxviijth  Edw  :  Tailor  de  Plowmegreene  in  the 

March  xth  Ellin  uxr  Richard  Willson 

xvlh  Myles   Borrwicke  fil :   Rogeri 
xixtb  Elsabeth  uxr  Wm  Tomlinson  in  the  church 
Aprill  xth  David   Sands  fil :  Geo : 

xixth  Myles  ffisher  de  Dalepke 
xxvjth  Clement  Rigge 
xxviijth  uxr  Johis  Tailore 
May  ilh  Thomas  Knype 


Aprill  xxjth  Georg  Knype  fil :  Ric 

xxvth  Agnes  Macereth  fil :   Edwardi 
xxviijth  Willim  Ward  fil  :  Johis 
code  die  Wm   Macereth  fil:  Wm 
May  ith  Issabell  Holme  fil:  Johis 
June  xvjth  Robert  Benson  fil :  Wm 

xxiiijth  Ann  ffrearson  fil :  Regnaldi 
code  die  Myles  Sands  fil :  Edw : 


July  viijth  Georg  Satterthw1  fil :  Wm 
code  die  Barbary  Sawrey  fil :  Wm 

ixth  John  ffisher  fil  :   JohTs 
xiiijth  James  Keene  fil :  leonardi 

xvth  Ann   Sands  fil :  Thomae 
xxjth  Dorathie  Rigge  alias   Bensone 
xxijth  Robert  Tailor  fil  :   Jacobi 
August  xjtb  Bartholomew  Rigg  fil  Clement 
September  xxiijth  Agnes  Walker  fil  :  Roberti 

xxixth  Jenatt  Holme  fil :  Geo : 
October  iijth  Wm  Satterthw*  fil  :   Edw  : 
October  vjth  Daniel  ffisher  fil :  Jasonis 
eode  die  James  Braithw1  fil  :  Johis 
xiijth  wm  Holme  fil  :   Perciuell 
eode  die  Elsabeth   Sawrey  fil :   Johis 
xxvijth  Adam   Rigge  fil :   Bartle 


July  xiiijth  Barnard  Grigg  &  Katherin  Jacksone 

xxviijth  ffrancis  Walker  &  Katherin   Sands 
eode  die  Xpofer  Bleamore  &  Agnes  Rigge 
August  xjth  Richard  Bell  &  Agnes  Rigge 
September  vijth  huen   Tailore  &  Agnes  Walker 

xvth  Georg  Rigg  &  Agnes  Sawrey 
xxixth  John  Watterson  &  Jenett  Bensone 
finis   hujus   Anni    1605. 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOI     1606. 

July  xth  Hester  Sands  fil  Xpoferi 

xvth  Clement  Rigge 
eode  die  Ann  Sands  fil :  Geo  : 
August  xxjth  Margaret  Braithw1  fil :  Wm 

xxiijth  John   Rawlinson 
eode  die  Mabell  uxr  Thomas  Tomlinson 
September  vth  Edward  Willsonne 

xijth  wm  Rigge  fil   Bartle 
xiijth  Robert  Rigge 


code  die  Edward   Hirdson  fil :  Wm 

xiiijth  Leonard   Rawlinsone  fil   Thomse 
October  vjth  Ann  uxr  Adam   Sands 

xvjth  Dorathie  fil :  Thomae  Sands 
December  xxvth  Katherin   Willsonne 

xxixth  John   Boonas  fil  :  Robte 
Januarie  xijth  Jenatt  Leese 

xxiijth  Margaret  Walker  uxr  Gyles 
xxvth  Henry   Sands  fil :  Xpoferi 
ffebruarie  xth  Issabell  Rigge  fil :  Wm 

xijth  Katherin  uxr  Georg  Braithw1 
xvijth  Robert  Tailore 

xxth  Margaret   Macereth 
March  xxiiijth  Elsabeth  Turner 


May  xviijth  Thomas  Sands  fil :  Geo  : 
September  xvth  Wm  Satterthw1  fil  :  Thomae 
xxjth  Susanna   Holme  fil :  Geo : 
xxxth  Georg  the  supposed  son  of  Edwyne 

October  ith  Thomas  Satterthwt 

,    fil :  Caroli 
Grace  Satterthw1 

vth  Robert  Scale  fil :  Ric : 
xixth  Agnes  Walker  fil :  fTranc : 
xxvjth  Dorathy  Holme  fil :  Clement 
November  ijth  Issabell   Browne  fil : 

xvijth  Michaell   Holme  fil :  Xpoferi 
code  die  Wm  Satterthw1  fil :  Geo : 

xxiiijth  Wm  Satterthw1  fil  :   Jacobi 
December  ith  Georg  Dodgson  fil :  Wm 

xiijth  Katherin   Dodgson  fil :   Geo : 
xxvjth  Margaret  Satterthw1  fil  Caroli 
Januarie  ith  Issabell  Braithwait  alias  Holme 
iiijth  Elsabeth  Nicolson   fil  :   Allani 

*  No  name  given. 


code  die  Jenatt   Blumer   fil :  Wm 
xixth  Wm  Rawlinson  fil :    Thomse 
xxvth  Wm   Rigg  fil:   Xpoferi 
{February  xvth  John  Bensone  fil :  Geo  : 
xvjth  Geo  :  Walker  fil :  Thomae 
xxjth  Margaret  Macereth  alias  Dodgson 
March  ith  James  Borrwicke  fil :   Rogeri 

viijth  \\/m  Kirkby  fil :  Henrici 
code  die  Issabell  Walker  fil :  Jeromy 

xvth  Henry  Sawrey  fil :  Wnl 
xxvth  WTm  Satterthw1  fil:  Wm 


June  xiiijth  John  Grave  &  Issabell  Browne 

xxixth  Henry   Bateman   &  Ann   Borrwicke 
July  xiijth  Richard   Hodgson  &   Margaret  Braithw1 
code  die  Robert  Seatle  &  Jenatt  ffrearsone 

xxth  Thomas  Keene  &  Issabell  Towensone 
xxvijth  Leonard   Rigge  &  Agnes  Tailore 
August  vijth  Robert  Browne  &   Issabell   Rigge 

xxxjth  Edwine  Macereth  &   Margaret  Wattersone 
code  die  Edward   Blealelme  &  Agnes  Ashburner 
September  xiiijth  Wm  Braithwait  &   Issabell   Braithw1 

xxvjth  Edward   Macereth  &  Elsabeth  Rigge 
October  iijth  Anthony  Sawrey  &  Mary  Bleamore 
xth  John  Atkinsone  &  Elsabeth   Holme 
finis  hujus  Anni  1606 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOI     1607 

March  xxiiijth  Elsabeth  Turner  fil  :  Joliis 
Aprill  viijth  Xpofer  Scale  fil :  Richardi 

xijth  uxr  Wm  Hirdsone 
May  xijth  uxr  Christofer  Sands  de  Rusland 

xiijth   Mabell  uxr  Symond  Rigge  in  the  church 
xxijth  Anne   Sawrey  fil :  ffrancisci 
xxvjth  uxr  Rowland  Willsone 
code  die  Elsabeth  Braithw1  fil :  Edw : 


June  vjth  Elsabeth  Hodgson  in  the  church 
code  die  Margaret  Willson  fil :   Wm 
July  iijth  uxr  Johis  Turner 

vth   Nicholas   Benson  fil  :   Geo  : 
*vjth  (?)  uxr  Jefferay  Kirkby  in  the  church 

xvjth  John  Scale  de  Whaitehead 
August  ixth  John   Benson  fil :  Geo : 
September  xiijth  Jenatt  ux1   Geo :  Rigg  de  Churchsteele 
October  iiijth  Edward  Wallas 

xjth  uxr  Michaell   Holme  in  the  church 
xxijth   Elsabeth  uxr  Thomas  Tompsone 
November  ixth  uxr  Bryan  Satterthwait 
code  die  puer  Johis  Braithw1 
eode  die  Issabell  uxr  Regnald  Walker  in  the 


xxvj*  puer  Rowland  Scale 
xxixth   Roger  Walker  in  the  church 
eode  die  uxr  Wm  Macereth  in  the  church 
December  vth  Jane  uxr  Robte   Boonas  in  the  church 

xjth   Margaret  Tompson  fil  :  Thomae 
xxvjth   Rowland  ffisher  in  the  church 
January   xxijth   Geo :    Satterw1   de   Newhouse   in   the 

xxiijth  Elsabeth   Satterthw'   fil   Wm   in   the 

xxiiijth   Mabell   uxr   Myles   ffisher   in   the 


xxvth  James  Dodgson  de  ffieldhead 
ffebruarie  vijth   Robt  ffisher  fil :  Myles  in  the  church 

xvth   Agnes  uxr  Richard  Tailore 
xxviijth   Georg  Tomlinson   in  the  church 
March  ijth  Barnard   Benson  de  Skellwth  in  the  church 

vth  Elsabeth  Dodgson  uxr  Georgii 
xijth  Xpofer  ffisher 
xiijth  Charles  Rigg  de  Outyeate 

*  Or  xvjth. 


May  xth  Georg  Holme  alias  Bensone 

xjth  leonard  Towensone 

the  first  of  July  was  Georg  the  son  of  Georg  Rigg 



March  xxviijth  Susanna  Sawrey  fil :  ffrancisci 
May  iijth  Bartholomew  Dodgson  fil :  Geo 

xxjth  Rowland  Tomlinson  fil :  Johis 
June  xxjth  Adam  Sands  fil :    Xpoferi 
July  xxvth  Myles  Rawlinson  fil  :    Richardi 
August  ijth  Dorathie  Braithw1  fil  :  Jacobi 

ixth  Wm :    Sawrey  fil :    Anthonii 
code  die   Mabell  Dodgson  fil :    Georgii 

xvjth   Margaret   Holme  alias  Bensone 
xxiijth   Issabell   Braithw1  fil  :    Wm 
September  xxviijth  Geo :    Satterthw1    fil :    Edw 
code  die  James  Seatle  fil :    Robte 
xxxth  Agnes  Braithw'  fil:    Wm 
code  die   Issabell  Atkinson  fil :   Johis 
October  iiijth  John  Dixson  fil  Gawen  * 

xjth  Dorathie  Benson  fil :    Thomae 
November  ith  ffrancis  Sands  fil :    Thomae 
code  die  Elsabeth  Rigge  fil  Anthonii 

xvjth  Daniell  Godmunte  fil  :    Mylonis 
code  die  John  Ward  fil  :   Johis 

xxiijth  William  Rigge  fil :    Bartholomew 
code  die  Bernard   Boonas  fil  :    Robte 
December  xxth  Agnes  Braithw1  fil  :    Edwardi 

xxvijth  Rebecka  Arture  fil :   Hugh 
Januarie  ith  Thomas  Satterw*  fil:   Geo: 
iiijth  Dorathie  Braithw1  fil:   Robte 

xth  Elsabeth  Braithw1  fil:    Thomae 
xxxth  John  Satterthwait  fil :    Edwardi 
code  die  Margaret  Knype  fil:    Ric : 

*  The  name  "John"   has   been    begun,   and   then    Gawen   substituted. 


ffebruarie  vijth  Braithw1  fil:   Geo:* 

viijth   Issabell  Holme  fil :    Geo : 
code  die  Elsabeth  Asheburner  fil :   Jacobi 

xxjth  Katherin  Rigge  fil :    Thomae 
March  ijth   Margaret  Holme  fil :    Percivell 

iijth   Margaret  Godmunte  fil :    Anthony 
xixth   John   Hodgson  fil :    Georg  : 


May  xxvjth  John  Holme  &  Elsabeth  Knype 
June  vjth  John  Sawrey  &  Jane  Dodgsone 

xxviijth  Gawen  Dixson  &  Anne  Hodgsone 
July    vth  Wm  Walker  &  Cicly  Satterthw1 

vijth  Geo  :    Braithw1  &  Agnes  Satterthw1 
xijth  John  Ward  &   Issabell  Wattersone 
xixth  James  Braithw1  &  Agnes  Satterthw1 
code  die  Wm  Walker  &  Margaret  Tomlinsone 

xxvjth  John  Satterthw1  &  Issabell  rfisher 
August  ijth   Wm  Holme  &  Dorathie  Holme 
eode  die  Anthony  Higgin  &  Grace  Macereth 

xxiijth  Wm  Hirdsone  &  Agnes  Creakall 
September  xiijth  George  Dixson  &  Mabell  Macereth 
xxth   Edw :   Satterthw1  &  Siball  Satterthw1 
October  xxvth  Wm  Satterthw1   &  Agnes  Satterthw1 
November  ith  James  Keen  &  Dorathie  Braithw* 
December  ijth  James  Asheburner  &  Issabell  Towers 
xiiijth   Anthony  Godmunte  &  Ann  Kirkby 
finis  hujus  Anni   1607 

SEPULTURE    ANNO    DOI     1608 

Aprill  iijth  James  Rigg  of  Sawrey 

xijth  Richard  Rawlinson 
xiiijth   Nicholas  Braithw1    in  the  church 
May  ixth  Regnald  Strickland 

xvijth  Myles  Walker  in  the  church 
xviijth  James  Knype 

*  NO  Christian  rmme  given. 


June    ijth  Adam  Sands  of  Graithw1    Hall  * 
iiijth    Issabell  uxr  Geo :    Banke 
xixth  uxr  James  Walker  in  the  church 
July   iijth   Henry  Dixson 

xiijth  vVm  Hodgson  fil :    Ric : 
xviijth   Issabell  Walker  fil  :    Jeromy 
code  die  Elsabeth  Satter :    fil :    Wm  de  Satterth  : 

xxvjth  Wm  Dodgson  fil  :   James 
August  ith   Georg  Rigg  de  Satterthw1 
ijth  Ann  Dodgson  fil :   Jacob : 
iijth  Katherin   Dodgson  fil :   Jacob  : 
code  die  Susanna  Rigg   fil :   Jacob 

xxjth  puer  Arturi  Benson  abort   in    the   church 
xxiijth  uxr  Wm  Satterthw1    in  the  church 
September  xvjth   Elsabeth   Braithw1    alias   Macereth 
October  iijth   Wm   Poole  fil  :    Johis 

xvijth   Issabell  uxr   Oswould    Keene 
xviijth  Ric :    Satterthw4    in   the  church 

xxth  puer  Caroli   Satterthw*  abort 
November  xvijth  John  wch  god  sent  us 

xviijth   Edw :    Willsone 
xxviijth  Ellino1'  uxr  Ric:    Readhead 
xxixth  Robte  Rawlinson  of  Grisdall  in  the 

December  iijth  Georg   Borrwicke 

vjth   Geo    Satterthw1   de    Sawrey   in    the 

xixth  Ellinor   uxr   Wm    Satterthw1   in   the 


xxixth   Barbary  Rigge   de  Sawrey 
Januarie  iijth  Geo  Dodgson  de  ffieldhead 
vijth   Gyles  Walker 

}xth  wm  Satterthw1   fil :   Geo :  in  the  church 
xjth   Margaret  Holme  fil :    Percivell 
xxixth  Elsabeth  Boonas 
xxxjth  John  Scale  fil :    Johis 

*   The  word  "Hall"  is  added  in  a  different  hand  and  at  a  later    period. 


ffebruarie  iiijth  fllia   Thomae  Rawlinson  de  Graithw'   in 

the  church 

viijth  Agnes  Rigg  uxr  Johis 
xvth  Jane   uxr  Thomae   Rawlinson   in   the 


xxth  Wm  Braithw1   fil  Wm 
March  ijth  Agnes  Rigge  de  Sawrey 
code  die  Thomas    Walker   de   Hauerthw1    in   the 


iijth  Robert  Tailer  de  Dalepke  in  the  church 
xjth   Margaret  Sands  uxr  Wm 
xxiijth  Robte   Satterthw1    de   Parkeamore   in   the 


Aprill  ith  Hans  Mozer  fil :   Martini 

iiijth  Katherin  Dodgson  fil :  Rogeri 
ixth  Susanna  Rigg  fil :  Jacob 
xijth  Margaret  Macereth  fil  :  Geo : 
xxiiijth  Gyles  Walker  fil :  Wm 
code  die  Wm :  Hodgson  fil  Ric  : 
code  die  Elline  Colker  fil :  Thomas 
code  die  John  Walker  fil :  Xpoferi 
May  viijth  Georg  Jackson 

xvjth  Mabell  Holme  fil:  Wm 
June  xjth  Wm  Sawrey  fil:  ffranc : 
xijth  Arture  Macereth  fil :  Geo  : 
xixth  Mathew  Braithw1  fil :  Regnaldi 
July  xvth   Elsabeth  Braithw1    alias  Macereth 

xvijth  Jane  Braithw'    fil:    Wm : 
August  xxjth  Elline    Braithw1    fil:   Wm : 
xxiiijth  Issabell  Keene   fil :   Jacob 
September  xjth   Issabell   Benson   fil :    Geo : 
October  vijth   Mabell  Benson  fil  :    Michaell 

xxxth   Issabell  ffrearson  fil :    Regnaldi 
November  vith  Elsabeth  Banke  fil :    Henric 
xvjth   Anthony  Sands  fil :    Edwini 


xxth  Margaret  Crosfield  fil :    Roberti 
December  iiijth  Edward  Braithw1    fil :   Jacob 

xjth  John  Dodgson  fil:  Wm : 
Januarie  ith  Dorathie  Sands  fil :    Wm 
xxijth  Agnes  Knype  fil :    Wm 
xxixth  Margaret  Sawrey  fil  :   Johis 
ffebruarie  vth  Wm  Satterthw1    fil  :    Johis 
March  xjth   Margaret  ffisher  fil :   Johis 
code  die  Sibell  Seatle  fil :    Robti 
xixth  James  Braithw1    fil  :   Johis 


May    xvijth  Thomas  Rawlinson  &  Susanna  Stonepker 
July    xxijth  Thomas  Wattson  &  Dorathie  Jackson 
xxiiijth  Rowland  Robinson  &  Issabell  Braithw1 

xxxth  Geo :    Robinsone  &  Katherin  Stonebanke 
code  die  Tho :    Satterthw'   &    Elsabeth   Tomlinso  .  .  . 
August  vijth  Anthony  Pattison  &  Agnes  Rigge 
code  die  Geo  :   Dodgson  &  Margaret  Willson 
xiiijth  Wm  Braithw1  &  Margaret  Braithw1 
xxjth  Adam  Banke  &  Ellin  Rigge 
code  die  John  Rigge  &  Agnes  Braithw1 
September  iiijth  Georg  Sands  &  Issabell  Walker 
November  xvijth  Wm  Walker  &  Elsabeth  Keene 
ffebruarie     xixth   Hugh  Huthw1  &  Marian  Rawlinson 
xxiiijth  Wm  Readhead  &  Jenett  Tomlinson 
finis  hujus  Anni  1608 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOI     1609 

March  xxxjth  Wm  Satterthw1  de  Sawrey  in  the  church 
Aprill  ixth  John  Jackson  fil:   Wm 

xxth  John  Scale 

xxiijth  Edward  Braithwait  in  the  church 
May  viijth  Thomas  Satterthwait  in  the  church 

xxjth  Margaret  Crosfield  fil:    Robti 
September  xxvijth  Wm  Tailore  de  ffinstw1 : 

xxviijth  puer  Georgii  Dixson  abort: 


October  vijth  Edward  Walker  de  Walker  ground 

xxixth  puer  ffrancis  Walker  abort : 
November  ith  Margaret  Satterthw1  fil :   Caroli 

xxviijth  Jane  Braithw* :   fil:   Wra 
December  ixth  Wra :   Macereth 

xijth  Agnes  Holme  fil :   Geo  : 
xxvth  Michaell  Suckmantle  a  Dutchman 
Januarie    iiijth  Elsabeth    Sawrey  fil :   Johis   in  the  church 
viijth  Richard    Higgin 
xxth  Jenatt  uxr  Abraham  Rigge 
ffebruarie  xxth   Issabell  uxr  Geo :    Sandes  in  the  church 

xxiijth  Christofer  Banke  in  the  church 
xxviijth   Robert  Rigge  in  the  churche 
March  ijth  Jenett  uxr  Edwyne  Rigge 
Aprill  ixth  Jenett  Braithw1  fil :    Barnardi  in  the  church 

xxxth  Adam  Braithw1  fil :    Mylonis 
June    ixth  Mabell  Rigge 
code  die  John  Blumer  films  * 


March  xxvjth  Wm  Sawrey  fil :  Wm 

code  die  Ann  Borrwicke  fil :  Rogeri 
xxvijth   Xpofer  Tailore  fil :  Edw : 
Aprill  ijth  John  Jackson  fil :  Wm 
code  die  Ann  Kirkby  fil :  Henrici 

vth  Thomas  Pattisson  fil :  Anthonii 
xvijth  Margaret  Braithw1 :  fil :  Ric  : 
May  vijth  Sibell  Macereth  fil  :  Edw : 

xxjth  Elsabeth  Tomlinson  fil :  Rowlandi 
xxviijth   Hester  Sands  fil :  Wm  : 
June  iiijth  Elsabeth  Holme  fil :  Geo : 
xxviijth   Ann   Holme  fil :  Xpoferi 
code  die  Edward  Holme  fil :  Wm  ; 
July  ixth  Elsabeth  Rawlinson  fil :  Thomae 
xth  Thomas  Satterthw'  fil :  Thomae 

*  Christian  name  of  parent  omitted. 


xvjth  Agnes  Holme  fil :  Thomae 
Auguste  vjth  Dorathie  Benson  fil :  Michaeli 

xiijth  ffrancis  Dodgson  fil  :  Geo  : 
xxiiijth  Elsabeth  Barrow  fil :  Edw  : 
code  die  Issabell  Braithw1  fil :  Wm  : 
September  iijth  Wm  Sands  fil :  Thomae 

code  die  Margaret  Satterthw1 :  fil :  Wm 

xth  Cuthbert  Hodgson  fil :  Ric  : 
code  die  Xpofer  Satterthw*  fil :  Jacob 
October  ith  Geo :  Tomlinson  fil :  Johis 
xxixth  Agnes  Sawrey  fil :  Anthonii 
xxxth    Elsabeth  Sawrey  fil :  Johis 
November  viijth  Wm  Sands  fil :  Arthuri 

xxvjth  Adam  Rigg  fil:  Roberti 
December  xjth  James   Braithw1  fil:  James 
code  die  Agnes  Holme  fil :  Geo : 

xviijth    Adam   Braithw1  fil :  Mylonis 
code  die  Jenatt  Walker  fil :  Wm 

xixth  Xpofer  Sands  fil :  Edwini 
January  xxjth  John   Sands  fil :  Geo  : 
iTebruary  iijth   Geo :  Holme  fil  :  Geo : 

xviijth  Georg  Dixson  fil :  Gawini 
March  iiijth  John  Hodgson  fil :  Robti : 
code  die  Mabell  Bensone  fil :  Geo  : 
xjth  wm  Crosfield  fil:  Roberti 
xiijth  Edward  Walker  fil :  Wm 
xiiijth  Geo  :  Atkinson  fil :  Johis 


July  xvjth  Rowland  Willson  and  Agnes  ffisher 
xvijth  Robert  Braithw1  &  Agnes  Braithw1 
xxiijth  Myles  Macereth  &  Agnes  Lancaster 
August  vjth  Myles  ffisher  &  Agnes   Satterthw1 

xiijth  Alex  Tomlinson  &  Margaret  Satterthw1 
code  die  John  Smithson  &  Agnes  Scale 

xxth  Robert  Knype  &  Issabell  Rigge 
code  die  Alex :  Rigge  &  Jane  Sawrey 


code  die  Thomas  Holme  &  Elline   Holme 
September  xth  Arthure  Sands  &  Mabell  Tailore 

xvjth  Robert  Jackson  &  Elsabeth   Shacklocke 
xxviijth  Anthony  Walker  &  Elsabeth  Watterson 
October  viijth   Bryam   Macereth  &  Elsabeth   Rigge 
December  xth  Jo  :  Townson  &  Agnes  Satterthw1 
ffebruarie  vth  (?)  Geo :   Braithw1  &   Margaret   Satterthw1 

xjth  Wm  Walker  &   Barbary  Banke 
xviijth  Tho  Rigge  &  Agnes  Rigge 
finis  hujus  Anni  1609. 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOI     1610 

March  xxvjth  Wm  Satterthw1  fil :    Caroli  in  ye  church 

xxxth  Agnes  Rigg  fil :   Jacob 
Aprill    xviijth  Xp5fer  Sands  fil :    Edwini 
code  die  uxr   Xpoferi  Rigg 

xxiiijth  Roger  Sands  de  ffieldhead 
May  iiijth  Edward  Turner  fil :   Johis 
vjth  Elsabeth  Willson  fil:   RobTi 
xth  Rowland  Turner  fil :   John 
xvjth  Jenett  Rigg  de  Churchsteel 
xxvijth  Jo :   Rawlinson  fil :   Thomae  in  ye  church 
June    ijth  Xpofer  Tailor  eldest  in  ye  church 

xth  Edwine  Tailore  de  briggend 
August  xijth  puer  Caroli  Satterthw1  abort 
September   xviijth  Thomas  Dodgson  Junior  in  the  church 

xxiijth  Margaret  Pattison 
October  vjth  uxr  JohTs  Tubman 

ixth  Cuthbert  Hodgson  in  the  church 
xxth  puer  Willm  Willson  abort 
November  xvijth   Issabell  uxr  Ric :   Keene 
December  ith  Jo :   Tailor  de  Sinderhill  in  the  church 
ffebruarie  ijth  Wm  Rigge  in  the  church 
iiijth  Agnes  Scales  fil :   Ric : 
xth  puer  Wm  Bensone  de  brow  abort. 
xjth  Geo  Dodgson  Smith  in  the  church 


March  vth  Agnes  Tailor  de  ffinstw1 
eode  die  Mathew   Turner 

xjth  Robert  Turner  fil  Johls 
xxth  Elsabeth  Turner  in  the  church 

SEPULTURE    ANNO    DO  I     1611 

Aprill  xiijth  Wm  Benson  de  Skellwth 

xxth   Myles  Sawrey  in  the  church 
xxixth  puer  ffrancis  Sawrey 
May  iijth  puer  Georgii  Macereth 

iiijth  uxr  Mylonis  Strickland  in  the  church 
September  xvth  Robert  Holme  fil :  Percivell 

xvjth  Edward  Satterthw*  in  the  church 
November  iijtn  Adam  Rigge  in  the  church 
December  viijth  Geo :  Sands  fil :  Arthuri 

xth  Richard  Keene  de  Cowpke 
Januarie  iiijth  puella  Jacob  Turner 

viijth  Bryam  Benson  in  the  church 
ffebruarie  xxvth  uxr  Wm  Asheburner  in  the  church 
xxvijth  Xpofer  Braithw1 
xxviijth  Thomas  Keene  fil:  Jacob 


Aprill  vijth    Wm  Barrow  fil:  Edw: 

eode  die  James  ffrearson  fil:  Regnaldi 
ixth  Agnes  Asheburner  fil :   Johis 
xiiijth  Agnes  Boner  fil:  Wm 
eode  die  Margaret   Macereth  fil  :  Bryan 
eode  die  Margaret  Satterthw1  fil  :  Edw : 
xvth  Geo  :  Dodgson  fil  :  Rogeri 
xxjth  yjm  Benson  fil:  Wm 
eode  die  Elsabeth  Rigg  fil:  Alex 
code  die  Barbary  Rigg  fil :  Anthonii 
eode  die  Issabell   Braithw1  fil :  Johis 
xxviijth  Elsabeth  Sands  fil :  Edwini 
eode  die  John  Gurnall  fil :  Allani 
eode  die  Nicholas  Holme  fil :  Jeffcrey 


May  xixth  Wm  Braithw1  fil :  Edw : 
June  ixth  Agnes  Arture   fil :    Hugonis 

xth  Thomas  Braithw1  fil :    Xpoferi 
July  iiijth   Oliver  Sands  fil  :    Thomae 
xjth  Xpofer    Holme  fil :    Geo : 
code  die  Wm :    Borrwicke  fil :    Rogeri 
August  xxvth  James  Braithw*  fil :   Jacob 

code  die  Elsabeth  Benson  fil :    Michael : 
September  xxiijth   Mabell  Blurher  fil :    Wm 

xxixth  Xpofer  Tailor  fil :    Xp5feri 
code  die  Wm  Braithw11   fil :    Wm  :   de  fould 
October  vjth  Elsabeth  et 

.   filiae  Xpoferi  * 

xiijth  Xpofer  Rigg  fil :   Clement 
xxth  Margaret  Walker  fil :   Anthonii 
code  die  Agnes  Dodgsonf  fil :   Robte 
code  die  Margaret  Dodgson  fil :   Mylo 
November  iiijth  Geo :  Holme  fil :  Geo :   de  Johus 
December  viijth  Tho :    Braithw1    fil :   Thomae 
code  die  Elsabeth   Atkinson   fil :   Wm 

xvjth  Wm  Braithw1   fil:   Wm  de  breares 
xxijth  Ann  Sands  fil :   Daniel 
xxvth  Huan   Pattison  fil :   Anthonii 
January  xijth  Margaret  Satterthw1   fil :   Caroli 

xxvjth  John  Sawrey  fil :   Wm 
ffebruarie  IXth  Dorathy  Kirkby  fil :    Henrici 

xvijth  John  Walker  fil :   John 
code  die   Myles  ffisher  fil :   Mylonis 
eode  die  Agnes  Poole  fil :   Petri 

xxiijth  Thomas  Keene  fil :   Jacob 
eode  die  Tho  :    Holme  fil :   Tho : 
March      viijth  Robert  Benson  fil :   Wm 
eode  die  Ann  Braithw1   fil :   Ric : 
xvth  John   Braithw1   fil:    Robti 

*  No  surname  given, 
f  This  name  is  apparently  Hodgson  changed  by  the  scribe  to  Dodgson, 


xvjth  Dorathy  Braithw1   fil :    Wm 
xxijth  Georg  Rigg  fil :   Jacob 
code  die   Margaret  Tailor  fil :    Xpoferi 


July  iiijth   Bryam   Harrison  &   Margaret  Asheburner 

vijth  Richard  Braithw1   &  Agnes  Towensone 
xxviijth  John   Benson  &   Issabell    Borrwicke 
code  die  Wm  ffrearson   &   Issabell   Rigge 
August  iiijth  John  Rigg  &  Agnes   Braithwait 

xviijth  Xpofer  Tailor  &   Margaret  Walker 
xxvth  Xpofer  Walker  &   Ealse  Sands 
September  ith  Geo :    Braithw1   &   Issabell   Blumer 
November  xviijth  Wm  Sands  &  Issabell  Macereth 

xxiijth  Wm   Braithw1    &  Emas  Asheburner 
xxvth  Robert   Banke  &  Jenatt  Towensone 
December  vijth  Wm  Towenson  &  Elsabeth  Tompsone 
ffebruary  xth  Clement  Rigg  &  Margaret  Rigge 
xxiijth  Richard  Rigge  &   Issabell  Dodgson 
finis  hujus  Anni   1611. 


March  xxvth  Joseph  Sands   fil :   Xpo : 

xxxth  Margaret   Harrison  fil :    Bryan 
code  die   Issabell   Braithw1    fil :    Ric : 
Aprill  xxvjth  Jane  Sawrey  fil :   Johis 
code  die  Agnes  Benson  fil :    Michael 

xxixth   Margaret  Tompson  fil :   Edw : 
May    xviijth  James  Rigge  fil :   Johis 
June  xixth  Jenett  Towenson  alias  Magson 

xxjth  Henry  Sawrey  fil :  Anthonii 
xxiiijth   Barbary  Braithw1  fil :  Jacob 
July  xiiijth  Samuell  Sands  fil :  Edwyni 
xxjth  ffrancis  Ward  fil:  Johis 
xxij111  Wm  Dodgson  fil:  Wm 
August  xxiijth  Jo :  Rigg  fil :   Mylo : 

xxxth  Wm  Rigg  fil :  Alexander 


September  xiiijth   Margaret  Towenson  fil :  Wm 
xxth  Catherin   Rigge  fil :  Thomae 
xxviijth  Geo  :  Braithw1  fil :  Geo  : 
October  iiijth  Grace  Walker  fil :  Jeromy 
xjth  Elsabeth   Benson  fil  :  Geo : 
November  viijth  John  ffrearson  fil :  Wm 
code  die  Edward   Rigg  fil :  Geo : 
code  die   Barbary  Braithw1  fil :  Wm 
xvth  Geo :   Macereth  fil :  Myles 
code  die  Jefferey  Hodgson  fil :  Ric 
xxxth   Anthony  Banke  fil :   Adami 
xxxjth  James  Walker  fil:  Wm 
code  die  Gyles  Holme  fil  :   Percivell 
December  xiijth  Elsabeth   Macereth  fil :  Geo  : 

*xxth   Geo   Satterthw1  fil :  Edw  : 
code  die  John   Sawrey  fil :  ffrancisci 
January  xxxjth  Wm  Asheburner  fil :  Jacob 
ffebruary  xiiijth   Symond  Rigg  fil :  Xpo 
xxjth  John  Rigg  fil  Clement 
code  die  Ann  Walker  fil  Xpo 
code  die  John   Sawrey  fil :  John 
March  viijth  Wm  Rigg  fil :  Johis 

xth  Robert  Rawlinson  fil :  Tho : 
eode  die  Margaret  Walker  fil :   Tho : 
xiiijth  Myles   Sands   fil :    Wm 
xxjth  Geo  :   Satterthw1   fil  Johis 
eode  die  Wm  Rigg   fil :  Wm 
eode  die  Wm   Holme   fil :   Jefferey 
xxiiijth  Margaret  Rigge  fil :   Wm 


March  xxvth  John  Scale  in  the  church 
Aprill  xixth  James   Walker  fil  :    Mylonis 

xxth   Wra :   Satterthw1   de   berke  in  the  church 
xxiiijth  John  Sawrey  fil :  Wm 
xxvjth  Jo:    Tailor   de   plowmegreene   in    the  church 

*  This  has  been  written  xxxth  but  the  first  x  is  erased  apparently  intentionally. 


May  ith  uxr  Jenkin   Knypp  in  the   church 
iiijth   Edward   Scale 
vth  Ellin   Banke 
ixth   Margaret  Tailor  fil :    Xpo 
xxth  Tho  Tailor  fil :  Edw  : 
xxiiijth   Mabell   Bensone  fil :   Jo : 
xxvijth   Margaret  fforest  ux  :    Jo 
xxxth   Edward   Macereth  in  the   church 
June  xxvjth   Ealse   Magson  uxr  Petri  in   the  church 
July  ijth  uxr  John   ffrearson 

xxth  Wra   Holme  in  the  church 
xxviijth   uxr  Edmundi  Holme  in  the  church 
August  xth  Jenett  Rawlinson  uxr  Ric 

xjth  Joseph   Sands  fil :    Xpo  in  the  church 
xijth   Rowland  ffrearson 
xvth   Margaret  Tompson  fil   Edw 
xxiijth  Catherin  uxr  Clement   Satterthw* 

in  the  church 
September  vijth  Agnes  Rigge 

code  die  puella  Michael  Atkinson  abort 

xiiijth  Wm  Tailor  fil :    Hugonis 
October  viijth  Margaret  uxr  Charles  Satterthw1    in  the 


xiiijth  Jenett   Towenson 
xxiijth  uxr  James  ffrearson 
code  die  puer  Jo  :   Turner  abort 
November  ijth  Isaac  leester 

vjth  ffrancis  ward  fil :  Johis 
xiijth  John   Blurher 
xiiijth  John  Towenson  fil  T   ... 
xxijth   Rowland  Turner 
xxvijth  Richard   ffell 
December    ith  Jenkin  Knyppe  in  the   church 

xth  Wm  Macereth 

xxijth  John  Walker  fil:   Jo:   in  the  church 
January  ith  Grace  Sands  uxr    Edwyne 

ixth  the  daughter  of  Wm  Sands  de  fouleyeate 


xxvth  Ealse  uxr  James   Satterthwait 
xxviijth  puer  Wm  Satterthw1    abortiu. 
ffebruary  iijth  Robert  Tailore  fil  :    Xpo  : 

xjth  Bryam   Satterthw*    in  the  church 
xiijth  Abortu  Rowland  Willsone 
xviijth  uxr  Robert  Braithw1 
eode  die  uxr  Edw.  Tailore  in  the  church 
xxijth  uxr  John  Tailore 
xxiijth  Wm   Bensone  in  the  church 
xxiiijth  uxr  Jo :    Shacklocke  in  the  church 
March  ijth  Jenett  Purte 

iijth  uxr  leo  :    Benson  in  the  church 
eode  die  Jo :    Rigge  fil :    Cle :   in  the  church 
vth  John  Willson  in  the  church 
xth  Edwyne  Sands  fil :   Wm 
eode  die  puer  Tho  :   Walker  abort 
xijth  Jefferey   Hodgson 
xiiijth  uxr  Tho :   Walker 
xixth  uxr  John  Rigge 
xxijth  uxr  Myles  Gurnall 
xxiiijth  uxr  Row :    ffrearson 


May  xvijth   Henry  Jackson  &  Elsabeth  Turner 
July  vth  Row  :  Braithw1  &  Katherin   Braithw1 
August  xvjth  John  Turner  &  Mabell  Willson 
xxijth  John  Turner  &  Jenett  Rigge 
xxxth  Richard  Rigg  &  Ellinor  Satterthw1 
October  vijth  Edwyne  Rigge  &  Elsabeth  Rigge 

iiijth  Myles  Sawrey  &   Margaret   Dodgson 
November  xvth  Edw  :  Watterson  &  Margaret  Watterson 
xxvjth  Tho  :  Rawlinson  &   Hester  Sands 
xxixth  John   Bancke  &  Margaret  Satterthw* 
finis  hujus  Anni  1612 


BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOI     1613 

Aprill  vth   Samuell   Sands  fil  .  Tho 

vjth  Jane  Townson  fil :  Alexander 
code  die  James  Keene  fil :  Jacobi 

xjth   Margaret  Braithw1  :  fil :  Wm 
code  die  Jenett  Walker  fil :  Wm 
May  ijth    Myles   Rigg  fil:  Bartle 
code  die  Tho :  Willson  fil  :  Tho 
June  xiijth  Wm  Dixson  fil  Gawine 
xxiiijth   Issabell  Phemcke  fil :  Jo : 
xxixth   Xpo  :   Atkinson   fil :  John 
July  xxvth  Regnald   Walker  fil  Regnald 
August  vth   Margaret  ffisher  fil  Jo : 

viijth  Jo :  Knype  fil   Ric 
August  viijth  Margaret  Waterson  fil :  Edw : 
September  ith  Wm  Rigg  fil  :  Ric : 

vth   Margaret   Braithw*  fil:  Wra 
xijth  John   Borrwicke  fil :   Roger 
xiiijth  Jane  Rawlinson  fil :  Tho : 
xxjth  Braithw*  fil  :  Richard  * 

October  xth  Tho :  Braithw1  fil :  Row  : 
code  die  Elsabeth  Satterthw1  fil :  Edw  : 
eode  die  Margaret  Knyppe  fil :  ffrancisci 
xxvth  Agnes  Macereth  fil :  Bryam 
xxxjth   Margaret  Bra :  fil :  Wm :  de  Satterhow 
November  ith  Dodgson  fil :  Geo  :  Smith* 

xiiijth  Ann  Borrwicke  fil :   Robte 
xvth  Tailer  fil :  Ric  :  * 

xxjth  Geo  :  Tailer  fil :  Hugo 
xxiiijth  Anne  Walker  fil :  Johis 
xxviijth  Xpo  :  Holme  fil :  Tho : 
January  xvjth  Susanna  Dodgson  fil :  Rogeri 
eode  die  Ellin  Tailor  fil :  Xpo : 
xxiijtb  Susana  Tompson  fil :  Edw : 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


code  die  Elsabeth  Sawrey  fil :  Wm : 

xxxjth  Anthony  Sawrey  fil :  Myles 
ffebruary  xiijth  Hester  Sands  fil  David 

xxth  Regnald  Townson  fil :  John 
xxviijth  John  Hodgson  fil :  Geo : 


March  xxvjth  Edward  Macereth 
xxviijth   Myles  Willson 
xxxth  uxr  Myles  Braithw1 
xxxjth   Myles  Gurnall 
Aprill  jth  John  Holme  in  the  church 
code  die  uxr  Barnard  Braithw1  in  the  church 
code  die  Agnes  Willson 

iiijth  Dorathie  Benson  fil :   Arthure  in  the  church 
vijth  uxr  Bryam   Braithw1 
viijth   Issabell   Tailor  fil :   Xpo :   in  the  church 
ixth  Elsabeth  Sands  fil  .    Edwyne 
xiijth  uxr  Wm  Braithw1  in  the  church 
xvth  uxr  James  Tailore  in  the  church 
xvijth  uxr  Edw :    Satterthw1  in  the  church 
xviijth  Anne  Dodgson  fil :   Rogeri 
code  die  Jo  :   Sawrey  fil :   Jo :    in  the  church 
xixth   Agnes  Scale  fil  :    Tho  : 
xxijth  Wm  Townsone 
code  die  Rowland  Scale  fil :  Row 
xxiiijth  Agnes  Bateman  fil :   Myles 
xxvjth  Wm  Scale  fil :    Row : 
May  vth  Wm  Sands  fil :    Tho : 

vijth   Dorathie  Kirkby  fil  :    Henrici 
viijth   Margaret  Braithw1 
xviijth  Elsabeth  Braithw1  fil:    Wm 
xxijth  Jo  :    Braithw1  de  foulde 
xxiijth  Bryam  Braithw1  de  lonthw1 
June  jth  Wm  Sands  of  Graithw1 
code  die   Susanna  Studdert 
code  die   Issabell    Braithw1 


ijth  uxr  Christofer  Banke  de  Coniston 
ixth  Ric .  Rigge  de  Wray 
xvijth  Agnes  Walker  fil :  Xpo : 
xxjth  Christopher  Banke  de  Coniston 
xxiiijth   uxr   Wm   Banke 
code  die  Elsabeth  Walker  fil :  Tho  : 

xxvth  Geo  :    Satterthw1  in  the  church 
July  xxvijth   uxr  John  Sawrey  in  the  church 
August  vth   Samuell  Sands  fil :    Tho  : 
September  xijth  Grace  Walker  fil :   Jeromy 
October  ixth  puer  Clement  Satterthw1  abort. 
xjth  Jefferey  Holme 
xijth  Myles   Sawrey  in  the  church 
code  die  uxr  Clem  :    Satterthw1  in  the  church 
code  die   Xp5fer  Willson  fil :  Johne 

xxvjth  John  Braithw1  de  further  Sawrey 
xxviijth  Wm  Kirkby  de   Rusland 
November  xiiijth  Clem :   Rigge  de  Wrey 

xvth  uxr  Xpo :   Tailore  in  the  church 
xviijth  Wm  Scale 
xxiiijth   Ann  fil  :   Jo :    Walker 
xxvjth  uxr  Stephen  Cowpthw1 
xxxth_John  Kirkby  fil:    W™ 
December  vth  Xpo :   Willson  in  the  church 
January  vth  John  Kirkby  de  Rusland 

vjth  Abort .  W™  :   Satterthw1  de  Newhouse 
xjth  Margaret  Braithw1  fil :    Wm 
xxiijth  John  Kitching  in  the  church 
xxviijth  Robert   Braithw1  fil:    Wm 

ffebruary  vijth  Jane  Rawlinson  fil :    Tho :    in  the  church 
xixth  Ann  uxr  xpo :   Holme  in  the  church 
xxijth   Tho :   Banke  fil :    Xpo  : 
xxiiijth  uxr  Robert  Knypp  in  the  church 
xxvijth  Symond  Rigg  in  the  church 
March  xxiijth  Wm  Braithwait  Sheareman 


May  iijth   Wm  Braithw1  and  Jenett  Jackson 
xvjth  James  Willson  &  Ann  Troughton 
June  xxvijth  Wm  Tailor  &  Elsabeth  Tailor 
July  viijth  Clem   Satterthw1  &   Margaret   Braithw1 
xviijth  Wm  Rigge  &  Margaret  Rigge 
xxvth  Jo :    Harrison   &  Ellin   Rigge 
August  ith  Regnald  Holme  &  Elsabeth  Holme 
code  die  leo  :  Holme  &  Margaret  Walker 
xvth  Edw :  Tailor  &  Margaret  Rigge 
xxijth  Tho  Dodgson  &  Margaret  Satterthw1 
September  iiijth   Ric.  Burrey  &  Agnes  Holme 
October  iijth  Robert  Satterthw1  &  Margaret  Braithw1 

xth  Peter  Townson  &  Jenett  Townsone 
xvijth  James  Walker  &  Ann  Sands 
code  die  Tho :  Hodgson  &  Mabell  Holme 
ffebruarie  xxijth  Wm  Satterthw1  &  Issabell  Rigge 
xxiijth   Myles  Tailor  &  Margaret  Rigge 
finis  hujus  Anni  1613 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOI     1614 

March  xxvijth  Margaret  Braithw1  fil  Jacob 
Aprill  iijth  Jo :  Higgin  fil :  Anthony 
vjth  yjm .  Atkinson  fil  :  Wm 
xxth  Ealse  Holme  fil :  Geo : 
May  ith   Henry  Ward  fil :  Jo : 
code  die  Anthony  Sawrey  fil :  Jo : 
viijth  YVm  Braithw1  fil  Jo  : 
xvth  Dorathie  Sands  fil :  Tho : 
xxijth  Agnes  Gurnall  fil :  Allan 
July  iijth  Jo  :  Shacklocke  fil  :  Tho : 
xth  Elsabeth  Rigg  fil  Wm 
xvijth  Geo  Walker  fil  Antho  : 
xxiiijth  Alice  Banke  fil :  Jo 
August  ijth  Agnes  Walker  fil :  Wm 
xiiij  John  Walker  fil :  Jacob 
code  die  Tho :  Townsone  fil :  Petri 


code  die  Dorathie  Braithw1  fil :  Wm 

xxviijth  Tho  Townson  fil  Jo  : 
September  xxv  Wm  Turner  fil :  Jo  : 
October  ith   Michaell  Grigg  fil:  Regnald 

ijth  Willm  Braithw1  fil  :  Wm  :  de  Satterhow 
ixth   Issabell  Holme  fil :  leonard 
xvjth  Elsabeth  Rigg  fil :  leonard 
code  die  Agnes  Braithw1  fil  Wm  de  brears 
November  xxth   Margaret  Tailor  fil :  Xpo 
xxviijth  Jane  Dodgson  alias  Marr  : 

xxxth  John  Dodgson  fil  Myles 
December  xixth  Braithw1  fil  Tho  * 

xxvjth   Myles  Rigge  fil :  Alexander 
January  viijth   Daniell  Rawlinson  fil :  Tho : 

xvth  Wm  Rigg  fil  :  Ric : 
xxiijth  Charles  Macereth  alias  Rigge 
xxvijth   Mary  et 

f  Walker  fil :  Jeromy 
Elsabeth   ) 

xxxth  Wm  Braithw1  fil :  James 
ffebruarie  vth   Michaell  Holme  fil :  Clement 
vjth   Issabell  Dodgson  fil  :  Robert 
xth   Bryam  Benson  fil  :  Michaell 
xxth   Clement  Rigg  fil  :  Tho : 
March  ith   Issabell  Sands  fil  :  Arthure 
xixth   Issabell  Satterthw1  fil :  Wm 


March  xxxjth  Abort  Tho  :  Benson 
Aprill  ijth   Wm  Rigg  fil:  Ric. 

vjth  John  Higgin  fil :  Anthony 
xxxth   Geo  :  Townson  fil  :  Jo  : 
May   iiijth  Myles  Denyson 

xxth   Richard  Readhead 
xxjth  Geo  :  Macereth  fil  :  Myles 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


June  vjth  uxr  Geo  Rigge  de  Satterth  : 

xth  Jo  :  Tailor  fil :  Xpo  in  the  church 
xvjth  wm  Walker  de  dalepke 
xxiijth   Michaell  Holme  fil :  Johis  in  the  church 
August  xiijth   Tho  :  Holme  fil  :  Tho  : 
xvth  John  Walker  fil :  James 
xviijth   Henry  Ward  fil  :  Jo : 
xxxth   Margaret  uxr  Ric  :  Satterthw1  in  the 

October  vijth  uxr  Wm  Satterthw1  de  Coulthouse 

xjth  Xpo :  Satterthw4  in  the  church 
xxvijth  Geo  :  Walker  fil :  Antho  : 
code  die  Issabell  Holme  fil :  Geo  in  the  church 
November  xvth  uxr  Rowland  Crosfield 
xxiijth  Abort  Anthony  Higgin 
xxviijth  uxr  Wm  :  Walker 
December  iijth   Tho  :  Strickland 

vth   uxr  Jo  :  Walker  in  the  church 
xvijth   Cuthbert  Tailor  in  the  church 
xxviijth   Tho  :  Walker 

January   xiij111  uxr  Ric :  Scale  in  the  church 
xviijth  uxr  Jo:  Turner 
xxijth  Rowland  Willson 
ffebruarie   vjth  uxr  Robert  Atkinson  elder 

xjth  James  Braithw1  fil :  Regnald 
xiiijth  uxr  Robert   Braithw1  in   the   church 
xvijth  uxr  Nicholas  (?)  Benson  in  the  church 
xxth  Xpo    Tailor  (?)  fil :  Robert 
xxjth  uxr  Roger   Sands   in   the   church 
xxvijth  Leonard  Rigge  de  Satterthw1 
xxviijth  uxr  Xpo  :  Willson 
March  ith   Robert  Tailor  fil :  Wm  : 
code  die  uxr  Henry   Holme 

viijth  uxr  Wm  Satterthw1  de   Cragge 
xiijth  uxr  Richard  Walker  in  the  church 




July  iijth  Charles  Middlefell  &  Ellin  Satterthw1 

xth  Jo:    Gilpin  &  Jenett  Satterthw1 
code  die  Tho  Willson  &  Ann  Borrwicke 

xvijth  Nichol :    Besbrowne   &   Margaret   Rigge 
code  die  Robert  Satterthw1  &  Ellin  Braithw* 

xxjth  Clement  Satterthw1  &  Issabell  Braithw* 
xxiiijth  ffrancis  Banke  &  Elsabeth  Ashburner 
August  xiiijth  Xpo :    Chamney  &  Agnes  Knype 
September  xxiijth  Geo  :   Holme  &  Elsabeth   Banke 
October  xvjth   Robert  Knype  &  Agnes  Townsone 

xxvijth  Robert  Braithwait  &  Issabell   Braithw1 
ffebruary  xvjth  Wm  Rigge  &  Jenett  Jopson 

xxth  Geo  Rigge  &  Jenett  Tomlinson 
finis  hujus   Anni   1614 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOI     1615 

March  xxvjth   Tho :    Benson  fil :    Geo : 
eode   die  John  Crosfield  fil  :    Robert 
eode   die  Wm :    Sands   fil:    Xpo: 
Aprill  ixth  Jo  :    Willson  fil :    Tho  : 
xxijth  Agnes  Tailor  fil :  Edw : 
May  xviijth  Tho  Sawrey  fil :   Jo : 

xxijth  Charles  Boonas  fil :    Robert  de  langdall 
xxviijth  Dorathie   Braithw1  :  fil :   Geo  : 
June  xjth  ffrancis  Macereth  fil  :    Myles 
xxixth  Edw :   Braithw1  fil  :    Regnald 
eode  die  Wm  Holme  fil:    Geo: 
July  xth  Jo  Sawrey  fil :    Antho  : 
xvijth   Margaret  Rigg  fil :   Ric : 
xxiijth  Walker  fil :    Anthony  * 

xxxjth  Wm   Braithw1  fil :    Robte 
August  xxth  Geo :   Satterthw1  fil :    Clem  : 

xxvijth  Wm  Watterson  fil:   Edw: 
September  xth   Tho :    Braithw1  fil :    Ric  : 
xjth  Robert  Benson  fil:    Tho: 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


October  ith   Henry  Holme  fil :   Regnald 

code  die  leo  :   Rawlinson  fil :   Tho : 
November  iiijth  holme   fil :   Jefferey  * 

eode  die  Margaret  Dodgson  fil :  Wm 
viijth  Jo :   Walker  fil :   James 
xvth  Dorathy  Borrwicke  fil :    Rogeri 
xix*11  Dorathy  Dodgson  fil :   Tho : 
xxjth  Agnes  Banke  fil :  Clem : 
xxijth  Margaret  Banke  fil :   Adam 
December  iiijth  Anthony  Higgin   fil :   Antho  : 
eode  die   Margaret  Rigg  fil :  Xpo  : 
xjth  Agnes  Satterthw1  fil :   Jo : 
xvijth  Mary  Braithw1  fil:   Wm 
xxviijth   Issabell  Walker  fil :    Xpo : 
Januarie  xxjth  Wm  Sawrey  fil :    Myles 
March  iijth  Elsabeth  Rigg  fil :    Tho : 

xvijth  Elsabeth  Macereth  fil :    Bryam 
eode  die  Elsabeth  Asheburner  fil :   Ja : 


xxvth  uxr  Tho  Troughton 
June  xjth  John  Walker  in  the  church 
xvijth  Wm  Rigg  abort 
xxvjth  Ellin  Walker  fil  ffrancisci 
July  xiiijth  uxr  Edward  Walker 
August  ith  abort  Robert  Knyppe 
iiijth  Myles  Rigg  fil:    Alex 
viijth  Agnes  Benson  fil :   Michaell  in  the  church 
August  xxiiijth  John  Rigg  fil :   leonard 
Sept  iiijth  Tho  :   Sawrey  fil :   Jo :   in  the  church 
Novemb  iijth  Sibell  Scale 

xjth  uxr  Geo  :   Tailor 
November  xxth  Jo  Scale  fil :   Row  : 

xxviijth  Wra  Satterthw1  de  Cragg 
December    ixth  Robert  Willson  fil  Robte 
xjth  Wm  Walker  fil :    Wm 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


xvth  Jo :   Braithw1  fil :    Tho  : 
xxiijth   uxr  Jo:   Watterson  in  the  church 
xxiiijth  Wm  Jackson 
January  viijth   Hugh  Jackson  in  the  church 

xvth  Grace  Tomlinson  in  the  church 
xxvth  Robert  Barrow  in  the  church 
ffebruary  ith   uxr  Row  :   Willson 

vijth    Robert  Braithw1  in  the  church 
xiiij      Ellin  Strickland  fil :    Tho  : 
xviijth   Adam  Rigg  fil:    Bartle 
xxviijth   Geo :    Braithw1  in  the  church 
March  xvjth   Agnes    Braithw1  fil :    Wm 
xxiijth  James  Crosfield 
xxxjth   uxr    Xpb  Tailor  in  the  church 
Aprill  xiijth   Issabell  Braithw*  fil:    Regnaldi 
xxvjth   Margaret  rBsher  fil :   Jo : 
xxixth   Geo  :   Tailor  fil :    Hugonis 
xxxth    Issabell  Satterthw'  fil:    Wm 
May  viijth   Myles  Watterson  in  the  church 
code  die  Issabell  Dodgson  fil :   Robte 
xjth  Myles  Rigg  fil:    Bartle 


May  iiijth  Thomas  Satterthw1  &  Mabell  Denyson 

vjth  David    Rooke   &    Margaret    Holme 
June  xxixth  John  Sawrey  &  Margaret  Willson 
July  xxxth   James  Keene  &   Margaret  Keene 

code  die  Geo  :  Dickson  &  Dorathy  Borrwicke 
August  xiijth   Jo  :  Braithw1  &   Dorathy  Satterthw1 

xxth  Jo :    Tomlinson   &   Agnes   Satterthw1 
xxvijth   Ric :  Johnson  &  Issabell  fHeming 
eode  die  Robert   Hirdson   &   Elsabeth  Crowdson 
September  xvijth   Xpo  :  Dawson  &  Margaret  Sands 

xxiiijth   Wm  Jackson  &  Dorathie  Benson 
October   ith   Wm :    Braithw1  &    Elsabeth   Dodgson 
xvijth   Myles   ffleming   &   Issabell   Holme 
xxixth  Row:  Crosfield  &  Elsabeth  Rigg 


code  die  Geo :  Dixson   &   Elsabeth    Hodgson 
November  vijth  Charles   Satterthw1  &   Mabell   Walker 

xixth  Wm  Sands  &  Katherin   Braithw1 
xxiijth  Robert  Braithw'  &  Elline  Rigg 
January  vth   Geo  :  Rigg  &  Elsabeth  Tomlinson 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOI     1616 
March   xxvth  Dickson  fil :  Gawin* 

code  die  Ward   fil :  Jo  :  * 

xxxjth   Issabell  Rigg  fil :  Ric  : 
Aprill   ith   Agnes    Satterthw1  fil  :  Edw : 
xiiijth   Elsabeth  fil :  f 

xxiiijth   Issabell  et  \ 

J      -.  \  fil:  Wm  Atkinson 

Margaret     ) 

May   xixth   Wm  Rigg  fil :  Geo  : 
eode  die  Margaret   Rigg  fil  :   Jo  : 
xxvjth   Agnes   Holme   fil :   Geo : 
June   ijth  Sara :   Dodgson   fil :   Rogeri 
July  ijth  ffraunces  Sands  fil:   Dauid 

viijth  Jo  :    Turner  fil :    Nichol : 
August  vth  Dorathie  Braithw1  fil :   Wm 
xviijth   Margaret  Tomlinson  fil :   Jo  : 
XXVth  Margaret  Sands  fil :   Geo  : 
September  ith   Ann  Benson  fil :    Michael 
viijth   Issabell  Johnson  fil :   Ric : 
September  XVth  Wm   Hirdson  fil:   Robte 
xvjth   Edward  Sawrey  fil :   Jo : 
xxixth  Hester  Sands  fil :   Wm 
eode  die  Agnes  Rigg  fil :   Geo : 
October  vij*   Robert  Rigg  fil :   Clem : 
eode  die  Geo :  Braithw*  :  fil :   W™ 

xiiijth  wm.  Braithw1  fil  Wm 
November  xth   Robte  Tomlinson  fil :   Alexr 
eode  die   Barbary  Sawrey  fil :   Wm 
eode  die  Agnes  Dodgson  fil :   Geo  : 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 

f  No  Christian  or  surname  given. 


xjth  Tho:  Sands  fil :  Xpo : 
xviijth   Elsabeth  Banke  fil :   ffranc 
code  die  Elsabeth  Braithw1  fil :  Mathew 
code  die  Margaret  Holme  fil :   leo 

xxiijth   Jo  Braithw1   fil :   Wm  * 
code  die   Dorathie  Braithw1   fil :   Ja :  * 
December  ith   Geo  :    Braithw1  fil :   Wm 
code  die  James  Rigg  fil :   Wm  t 
xxvjth   Elsabeth  Tyson  fil :   Wm  t 
xxvth   Tho  : .  Keene  fil :   James 
xxvjth   Hester  Sands  fil :   Wm 
code  die  Mabell   Rooke  fil :   Dauid 
January  xijth   Geo  :    Satterthw1 :   fil :   Edw  : 
code  die   James  Keene  fil :   Wm 

xxvjth  Elsabeth  Tyson  fil :   Wm : 
code  die  Robert  Braithw*  fil:   Robte 
code  die  Agnes  Braithw1  fil :   Row : 
ffebruary  xth  Jo:  Braithw1  fil:    Wm 
code  die  Agnes  Braithw1  fil :   Edw : 
code  die  Margaret  Rigg  fil :   Jo  : 

xvjth  Margaret  Holme  fil :    Tho : 
code  die  Elsabeth  Braithw1  fil :   Wm 

xxiijth  Ric  :    Hodgson  fil :    Ric  : 
March  vijth  Wm :  Rigg  fil   Myles 

xxiijth  Dorathie  Rigge  fil :   Geo : 
xxiiijth  fil :   Jacob  t 


Aprill  ijth   uxr  Jo:    Braithw1 
eode  die  uxr  Anthony  Watterson 

*  Opposite  these  two  entries,  in  another  hand  : 

No  :  xxxth   Sa  :    Sands  fil :   Tho  : 

f  These  two  entries  have  been  faint,  and  have  been  touched  up  by  a  later 
hand.  I  am  not  sure  if  they  have  not  been  erased  by  the  first  writer  after 
entered.  It  is  to  be  noticed  that  the  date  of  the  next  entry  is  not  consecutive,  as 
is  usual. 

J  Neither  Christian  or  surname  given. 


xvth  Tho  :  Sands 

xvjth  uxr  Cuthbert  Hodgson  in  the  church 
xxvth  Jason  ffisher 
xxxth  Katherin   Hodgson 
May  xvth  puer   Jo  :    Braithw1   abort 

xixth  Robte  Shacklocke  alias  Johnson 
xxth  Agnes  Braithw1 
xxixth  uxr  Robert  Tailor  in  the  church 
June  xiiijth  uxr  Jacobe  Sawrey 
xxiiijth  Ric :    Turner 
xxvjth  Elsabeth  Satterthw1  fil :    Wm 
July  ith  uxr  Wm :  Bensone 

xxvjth  Jo  :  Braithwt  fil :  Robte 
xxviijth  uxr  Robert  Walker 
August  xiiijth  uxr  Jo :  Braithw1  in  the  church 
xvijth  Wm :  Atkinson  fil  :  Jo : 
xxijth  puer  ffrancis  Walker  abort 
xxiiijth  John  Tubman 

September  xxth  Peter  Magson  in  the  church  * 
October  vijth  Allan    Nicolson 
November  iiijth  Tho  Townesone  in  the  church 

xiiijth  Wm  Kirkby  fil :  Geo  :  in  the  church 
xixth  uxr  :  Wm  Kirkby 
xxxth  Tho:    Willson 
December  xixth  uxr  Row  :  Scale  in  the  church 

xxviijth  Elsabeth  Tomlinson 
January  xvijth  uxr  leonard  Keene 

xixth  uxr  Nicholas  Macereth 
xxth  Margaret  Turner 
January  xxvjth  abort  Wm  Tyson 
ffebruary  ixth  Geo  :  Benson  in  the  church 
xvth  leonard  Keene 
xvjth  uxr  Jerome  Walker 
xxjth  uxr  Tho  :  Scale 
xxiijth  uxr  Geo  :  Dodgson  in  the  church 

*  The  first  master  of  the  grammar  school,  appointed   1585. 


xxvth  Ric:  Holme  in  the  church 
code  die  Jo  :  Turner 

March  xvth  uxr  Geo  :  Braithw1  in  the  church 
xixth  uxr  Wm  Satterthw1  in  the  church 


June  ixth  Xpo  Sands  &  Margaret  Satterthw1 
July  ijth  Jo  :  Rawlinson  &  Elsabeth  Rawlinson 

xth  Jo  :  Cornen  &  Margaret  Satterthw1 
xiiijth   Henry  Holme  &  Ealse  Macereth 
xxjth  yjm  Sawrey  &  Elsabeth  Mackereth 
xxviijth  Wm  Rigg  &  Agnes  Bateman 
August  iiijth  Barnard   Dixson  &  Margaret  Banks 

xjth  Edw  :  Braithw1 :  &  Margaret  Dodgson 
xviijth  Geo  :  Satterthw1  &  Margaret  Macereth 
September  viiith  Geo  :  Satterthw1  &  Mabell  Tailore 
xvijth  James  Satterthw1  &  Agnes  Blumer 
finis  hujus  Anni   1616 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANO     DOI     1617 

Aprill  vjth   Barbary  Tomlinson  fil :  Jo : 
xxth  Jo :  Borrwicke  fil :  Robert 
xxjth   Robert  Asheburner  fil :  Ja 
May  xxvth  Susana  Rawlinson  fil :  Tho : 

xxixth  Edw :  Rigg  fil :  Alex. 
June  vth  Adam  ffisher  fil:  Jo: 

vijth  Elsabeth  Satterthw1  fil :  Charles 
xxijth  Jo :  Braithw1  fil  :  Wm 
August  xvijth  Tho  :  Rigg  fil :   Ric  : 

xxxjth  Robte  Tailor  fil :  Xpo  : 
September  vijth   Elsabeth  Satterthw1  fil :  Edw  : 

xxxth  Elsabeth  Satterthw1  fil:  Wm 
code  die  Margrett  Rigg  fil :  Clem  * 
October  vth  John  Walker  fil  :  Wm 
code  die  Ealse  Holme  fil :  Regnaldi 

*  The  name  "Margrett"  is  filled  in  by  another  hand. 


xijth  Elsabeth  Troughton  fil :  ffranc  : 
November  ijth  John  Sawrey  fil :  Wm 

ixth  leonard  Knype  fil :  ffranc  : 
xvjth  Tho  :  Huntor  fil :  Robti 
xxiijth  Ric :  Walker  fil :  ffranc 
code  die  Issabell  Rigg  fil :  Ric 
xxviijth   Ellinor  Benson  fil :  Wm 
December  xxjth   Tho  :  Atkinson  fil :  Jo : 
code  die  Wm  Rigg  fil :  Wm 
code  die  Emas  Kirkby  fil :  Henrici 
xxviijth  Jo :  Macereth  fil :  Wm  : 
xxixth  Tho  :  Benson  fil :  Jo  : 
January  ith  Xpo  :  Borrwicke  fil :  Rogeri 
code  die  Agnes  Tomlinson  fil :  Petri 
iiijth   Margaret  Braithw*  fil :  Edw : 
xjth  Edmund  Turner  fil :  Jo  : 
xviijth  James  Jackson  fil :  Wm 

xxth  Geo  :  Tompson  fil :  Edw  : 
ffebruary  ijth  James  Watterson  fil :  Edw : 

iijth  Dorathie  Satterthw1  fil :  Clem : 
viijth  Mary  Satterthw1  fil :  James 
xvijth  Tho:  Satterthw1  fil:  Geo: 
code  die  Elsabeth  Sawrey  fil :  Anthony 
March  ith  Robert  ffrearson  fil :  Wm  : 

viijth   Nathan  Keene  fil :  Ja  : 
code  die  Agnes  Holme  fil  Geo  : 
code  die  Margaret  Tomlinson  fil :  Jo  : 
xvth  ffisher  fil :  Myles  * 

xvjth  Elsabeth  Sawrey  fil :  ffranc 


March  xxvjth   Mabell   Walker 

xxviijth  Michaell  Benson  in  the  church 

xxxth  Geo :  Dodgson  in  the  church 
Aprill  xth   Richard  Johnson 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


May  xvjth  uxr  Edw :    Satterthw1  in  the  church 
xixth  Ric  :   Knyppe  in  the  church 
xxjth  Jo:    Braithw1  de  Croftehead 
xxxth  W1*  Rigg  fil  Alex 
June    vijth  Wm  Braithw1  fil  :   Jo : 
July    vijth  Geo :    Satterthw1   fil  :    Edw 

xixth   Dorathie  Braithw1  fil :    Geo  :    in  the  church 
xxiiijth  Elsabeth  Satterthw1  fil :    Edw : 
August  xth   Issabell  Johnson 
September  ith  Susana  Rawlinson  in  the  church 
October  vjth  puer  Jefferey  Holme  abort. 

xvjth  Adam  ffisher  fil :   Jo : 
November  xxvjth  uxr  Jo  :    ffisher 

xxxth   Gyles  Walker   fil  :    Geo  : 
December    xxxth   Robert  Asheburner  fil:    Jo: 

xxxjth  Robert  Dodgson  de  Arnesyde 
January  iiijth  puer  Wm  Braithw1  abort 
vth  Elsabeth  Watterson 
ixth  uxr  Geo  Rigg  de  Churchsteele 
xiijth  puer  Willm   Rigg  abort 
ffebruary  iiijth  puer  Edward  Watterson 
xvijth  puer  Agnes  Otleye 
xviijth  Xpo  Borrwicke  fil :    Rogeri 
xxijth  David  Rooke  in  the  church 
xxvijth  uxr  Tho  Sands 
March  xvijth  Xpo  ffisher  fil :    Myles 
code  die  Tho  Tompson 


July  vjth  Anthony  Sawrey  &  Elsabeth  Holme 
xiijth  Geo :   Dixson  &  Issabell  Tyson 
xxijth  James  Strickland  &  Margaret  Braithw1 
xxvijth  Jacob  Sawrey  &  Issabell   Braithw1 
xxixth  Tho:  MedcalfTe  &  Ann  Rawlinson 
August  iijth  Xpo  Jackson  &  Mabell  Rigge 

xth  Edw:  Satterthw1  &  Issabell   Holme 
xvijth  Geo  :  Dodgson  &  Jenett  Holme 


October  vth  Wm  Ellerey  &  Elsabeth  Rigge 

xxvjth  Wm  Dodgson  &  Jenatt  Tomlinson 
finis  hujus  Anni   1617 


Aprill  vijth  Geo  :   Braithw*  fil  Ja  : 

xxth  Wm   Braithw1  fil:  Geo: 
May  xth  Ric  :   Banke  fil  Jo  : 
code  die  Agnes  Crosfield  fil  :   Row  : 
code  die  Margaret  Rigg  fil :  Clem  : 

xvijth  Wm  Scale  fil  Edw : 
xxiiij*  Wm   Willson  fil:   Tho : 
xxvth  Agnes  Sawrey  fil :   Wm 
xxvjth  Satterthw1  fil  Jo:* 

xxxjth  Wm   Harrison  fil :   Bryan 
June  vijth   Robert  Braithw1  fil:  Ric. 

xxjth   Myles  Sawrey  fil  :  Antho  : 
xxviijth  Wm  Macereth  fil :  Bryam 
code  die  Edmund  Walker  fil  Henric 
August  ixth  Mary  Ward  fil :  Jo  : 

xvijth  Agnes  Holme  fil :  Jefferey 
xxiijth  Margaret  Banke  fil :  Clem  : 
September  xiijth  Ann  Walker  fil :  James 
October  xviijth  Radagunga  Rawlinson  fil :  Tho : 
code  die  Hester  Rawlinson  fil :  Thomae 
xixth  Geo :  Tailor  fil :  Xpo 
xxth  Ellin  Satterthw1  fil:  Robte 
xxvjth  Agnes  Tyson  fil :  Wm 
November  vth  Margaret  Sands  fil :  Tho : 
December  ixth  Michaell  Holme  fil :  Geo : 

xiiijth  Agnes  Rigg  fil :  Xpo  : 
xxiiijth  Wm  Banke  fil :  ffranc 

xxvth   Issabell   Blumer  fil :  Wm 
December  xxviijth   Myles  Walker  fil :  Xpo  : 
January  iiijth  Ellin  Townson  fil  :  Jo : 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


code  die  Margaret  Rigg  fil :  Wm 
xvijth  Dorathy  Braithw1  fil :  Wm 

xxvth  John  et    ) 

'       _ .       :    Dickson  fil  :   Ric 
Xpofer    ) 

ffebruary  ith  Myles  Bra  :  fil :  Wm  de  tockhow 

vijth  Issabell   Higgin  fil :  Anthony 
code  die  Issabell  Troughton  fil :  firanc 

xiiijth  Ric  :  Keene  fil :  James 
code  die  Agnes  Rigg  fil :  Geo  : 
code  die  Elsabeth  Dodgson  fil :  Tho : 
xxijth  Dorathy  Wright  fil  :  Willm 
xxviijth  Wm  Braithw1  fil :  Robert 
March  vijth   Myles   Asheburner  fil :  James 

viijth  ffrauncis  Sawrey  fil :  Jo  : 
code  die  Rebecka  Sands  fil :  Dauid 

xvth  James  Braithw1  fil :  Wm  de  breares  . 
code  die  Edw  :   Braithw1  fil :  Wm  de  Satterhow 
code  die  Jenett  Rigg  alias  Walker 


Aprill  xxiijth  uxr  Myles  Macereth 

vth  uxr  Geo  :  Holme  in  the  church 
vijth  wm  Braithw1  de  buske 
xixth  uxr  Jo  :  Braithw1 
June  vijth  Jo  :  Holme  fil :  Geo  : 

viijth  Nathan  Keene  fil :  James 
xxth  uxr  Ric  Tailor  Cowp* 
code  die  Myles  Strickland  fil :  James 
xxvth  Geo :  Braithw1  in  the  church 
code  die  leonard  Knype  fil :  ffranc 
July  xxvijth  John   Walker 
August  vth  Barbary  Townson  fil :  John 
code  die  Wm :  Bra :  fil :  Geo  : 

xijth  Agnes  Crosfield  fil :  Row : 
xxiiijth  Issabell  Rigge  fil :  Ric  : 

*  "  Cowp,"  i.e.  cowper,  probably  a  horse-cowper  or  dealer. 


September  ijth  Wm  Willson 

viijth  uxr  Jo :    Willson  de  Crosslands 
xxjth  Elsabeth  Rigg  fil :  Xpo 
xxvth  Margaret  Braithw'  fil :  Wm 
xxvijth  Jo  :  Scale  fil :  Jo : 
November  xxvjth  uxr  Adam  Stonebanke 
December  ith  Xpo  Tailor  de  ffinsthwt 

vjth  Agnes  Holme  fil :  Jefiferey 
xth  Agnes  Tomlinson  fil :  Petri 
xjth  uxr  Tho :  Satterthw1  in  the  church 
xxth  Towsy  Wright  in  the  church 
ffebruary  xvijth  Ric :  Keene  fil :  James 
xixth  Jenatt  Parke 
xxvjth  puer  leo  :   Holme 
xxviijtb  Jo :  Banke  in  the  church 
March  xixth  puer  Xpo  Willson 


May  xxjth  Edw  :  Rigg  &  Mabell  Bensonne 
June  ijth  Robert  Braithw1  &  Issabell   Boonas 

xxjth  John  Ellison  &  Agnes  Braithw1 
July  xijth  Richard  Kirkby  &  Ellin  ffrearson 
xixth  Edw  Braithw1  &  Margaret  Braithw1 

xxvjlh  Wm  Pepp  &  Katherin  Tomlinson 
September  xxth  Wm  Keene  &  Jenatt  Tomlinsone 
October  iiijth  Geo  :    Rigg  &  Margaret  Satterthw1 
November  xxixth  Ric  :    Tailor  &  Issabell   Holme 
December  vjth  James   Satterthw1  &  Ellin  Rigg 
January  xxvjth  Wm  lindow  &  Jenatt  Braithw1 
ffebruary  iiijth  Wm   Barbon   &  Agnes  Braithw* 
finis  hujus  Anni   1618 


March  xxviijth  Tho :    Banke  fil  :    Adam 

xxixth  Bryam  Braithw1  fil :    Mathew 
code  die  Geo :  Jackson  fil   Xpo 


Aprill  xviijth  Geo  Holme  fil  :   leonard 
code  die  Issabell  Braithw*  fil:   Wm 
code  die  Elsabeth  Borrwicke  fil  :    Roger 
May  ijth  Wm  :    Seamer    fil  :    Xpo  : 

ixth  Robert    Barrow  fil  :    Edw  : 
code  die  Jenett  Grigg  alias  Walker 

xth  Issabell  ffisher  fil:    Myles 
xiiijth  Johnathan  Sands  fil  :    Arthure 
xxiiijth  Elsabeth  Tailor  fil  :  Myles 

xxvth  Issabell  Satterthw1  fil:    Edw: 
xxviijth  Elsabeth  Walker  fil  :  Antho  : 
code  die  Agnes  Knyppe  fil  :   John 
June  xiijth  James   Braithw1  fil  :    Edw  : 
xxixth  Agnes  Braithwait  fil  :    Wm  : 
xxxth  Agnes  Rigge  fil  :    Clem  : 
July  vth  Elsabeth  Satterthw1  fil  :    Wm 

xjth  Robert  Rigg  fil:    Ric  : 
eode  die  leo  :    Keene  fil:   Wm  : 
code  die  Tho  :    Atkinson  fil  :    Wm  : 

xxvth  Robert  Braithw1  fil  :   Row  : 
eode  die  Issabell  Rigg  fil  :   Jo  : 
August  ith  Dorathy  Pennington  fil  :  Jo  : 

ixth  Ric  :  Keene  fil  :  James 
eode  die  Ealse  Gurnall  alias  sine  patre  noto 
xvth  Elsabeth  Rigg  fil  :  Edw  : 
xvjth  Anthony  Braithw1  fil  :  Ric  : 
xxijth  Issabell  Tomlinson  fil  :  Alex 
xxixth  Wm  Kirkby  fil  :  Ric  : 
September  xxijth  Wm  Braithw1  fil  :  Edw  : 

eode  die  Issabell  Strickland  fil  :  James 
October  iijth  Ann  Braithw1  fil  :  Geo  :  de  Windermer 

iiijth  Jo  :  Banke  fil  :  Jo  : 
xxiiijth  Margaret  Willson  fil  :  Tho  : 
November  ith  Margaret  Rigg  fil  :  Geo  : 

*  No  Christian  name  given, 


xvth  Robert  Tomlinson  fil  :  Petri 
xxixth  Agnes  Braithw1  fil :  Wm  : 
December  vjth  Wm  :  Sands  fil :  Xpo 

xixth  Robert  Satterthw1  fil  :  Wm  : 
code  die  Wm  Braithw1  fil :  James 
January  ijth  Wm :  Pepper  fil:  Wm 

xiiijth  Thomas  Satterthw1  fil :  Wm  : 
xvijth  Richard  Rigg  fil  :  Geo : 
code  die  Jo  :  Braithw1  fil  :  Wm  : 
code  die  Agnes  Rigg  fil :  Ric : 

xviijth  Beniamine  Dodgson  fil  :  Tho  : 
xxiijth  Agnes  Holme  fil :  Clem  : 
eode  die  Margaret  Tyson  fil :  Wm : 
ffebruary  vijth  Issabell  Rigg  fil :  Clem  : 

xiijth  Margaret  Walker  fil  :   Xpo  : 
xiiijth  Issabell  Readhead  fil:  Allan 

xxth  Wm  :  Sawrey  fil :  Antho : 
eode  die  Geo:  Benson  fil  Wm : 
eode  die  Robert  Satterthw1  fil :  James 
March  vth  Susana  Keene  fil :  James 
vjth  Dorathy  Rigg  fil :  Geo : 
vijth  Ellin  Satterthw1  fil :  Wm 


March  xxvjth  Wm :  Asheburner  in  the  church 

xxxth  uxr  Henry  Sawrey  in  the  church 
Aprill  xxxth  Jo  :  Walker  fil  :  Robert 
May  xxvjth  Myles  Bateman 
June  xxvth  Wm  Braithw1  fil  :  Robert 
July  ijth  puer  Jo  :  Sawrey  abort. 

iijth  Myles  Gurnall 
July  xviijth  ffraunces  Sawrey  fil :  Jo :  in  the  church 

xxviijth  Myles  Tailore  fil :  Xpo : 
August  ijth  Issabell  Braithw1  fil  :  Robert 

xxth  Elsabeth  Sawrey  fil :  Jo :  in  the  church 
eode  die  puer  Ric :  Tailor  abort 


September  ijth  Issabell  Strickland  fil :  Myles  in  the 


xvjth  uxr  Jo  :  Tailore  in  the  church 
xxvjth  Robert   Braithw1  fil :  Row : 
October  iijth  Issabell  Satterthw1  fil  :   Edw : 

xjth  uxr  John  Suert 
November  xijth  Wm  Hirdson  de  bowkerstead 

xiijth  uxr  Row :  Crosfield 
xxviijth  Charles  Middlefell  fil :  Jo :  de  langdall  in 

the  church 
December  iiijth  Anthony  Braithw1  fil :  Ric : 

xth  Issabell  Johnson  fil :  Ric : 
January  ijth  uxr  Jo :    Tailor  in  the  church 

ixth  uxr  Edward  Walker  de  Collwth 
xvijth  uxr  Robert  Benson  in  the  church 
xviijth  uxr  Tho :    Dodgson  in  the  church 
xxxjth  Agnes   Braithw1  fil:    Wm : 
eode  die  uxr  Row  :   ffisher 

ffebruary  iiijth  Agnes  Satterthw1  uxr  Wm :  in  the  church 
xvijth  Barnard  Bensone  de  pke  in  the  church 
xviijth  Ric :   Peney  in  the  church 
xxvijth  Jo  :    Rigg  lord 
March  ijth  puer  Wm  Satterthw1 


July  xxvth  Thomas   Satterthw1   &  Margaret  Asheburner 
August  ijth  Tho :   Willson  &  Jenatt  Tomlinson 

xvth  Edw  :   Satterthw1  &  Agnes  Braithw1 
eode  die  Roger  Dawson  &  Jane  Birkett 

xxixth  Anthony  Tailor  &  Margaret  Holme 
November  xxjth  James  Askew  &  Margaret  ffrearson 
December  xijth  Geo :   Holme  &  Margaret  Rooke 
ffebruary  xxixth  Henry  Walker  &  Elsabeth  Tomlinson 
finis  hujus  Anni  1619 


BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOI     1620 

March  xxvjth   Geo  :    Rigg   fil  :    Xpo  : 
Aprill  xxiiijth  Margaret  Sawrey  fil :   Wm 
May  iiijth  Elsabeth  Macereth  fil :    Mylo : 
vth  Margaret  Rigg  fil :   Tho : 
viij  Edwyne  Satterthw1  fil :   Jo : 
xxjth  Jane  Macereth  fil  :    Brya 
code  die  Jane  Braithw1  fil :    Robte 
code  die  Margaret  Troughton  fil :    ffranc 
xxiijth  ffrancis  Magson  fil :    ffranc 
xxixth  Myles  ffisher  fil :   Jo : 
xxxth  Margaret  Satterthw1  fil :   Geo  : 
June  xxvijth  Margaret  Braithw1  fil :   Johis 
July  ixth  Agnes  Tomlinson  fil :    Jo : 

xvijth  Robert  Rigg  fil  Clem : 
code  die  Agnes  Braithw1  fil :    Robte 

xxvth  James  Sawrey  fil :  Jo  : 
August  vjth  Elsabeth  Macereth  fil :   Geo : 

xxth  Katherin  Holme  fil :    Tho  : 
xxvijth  Ric  :    Satterthw1  fil :   Edw : 
September  iijth  Anne  Askew  fil :  James 
code  die  Wm :   Jackson  fil :   Xpo 
October  ith  Margaret   Benson  fil :   Jo  : 

xxijth  Margaret  Satterthw1    fil :    Clem  : 
November  xijth  Agnes  Rigg  fil :    Mylo : 
December  iijth  Wm :    Gilpin   fil  :    Geo : 
code  die  Anne  Sands  fil :   Wm 

xxvth  Ric :    Holme  fil :    Jefferay 
January  viijth  Samuell  Ward  fil :   Jo  : 
January  xvjth  Margaret  Rigg  fil :   Wm 

xxviijth  Margaret  Tailor  fil :    Xpo : 
ffebruary  vth  John   Braithwt  fil :    Ric : 
xijth  Myles  ffrearson  fil :    Wm 
xviijth  Margaret  Sawrey  fil :    Antho : 
March  iiijth  Ellinor  Kirkby  fil :    Henric : 

code  die  Issabell  Sands  fil  :    Tho  : 


xjth  Margaret    Braithw1  :   fil :    Geo : 
xijth  Ric  :   Johnson  fil  :    Ric  : 
xviijth  Ric  :    Tomlinson  fil :   Jo  : 
code  die  Henry  Sawrey  fil :    Mylo  : 

March  xxvjth  John  Watterson 

xxvijth  uxr  Geo  :  Banke  in  the  church 
Aprill  xxixtb  ffearfull  Allan  *  fil  Geo  :  Sands 
May  ith  Geo  Tomlinson  fil  :  Jo 

xxth  uxr  Jo  :  Clarke 
xxijth  Tho  :  Turner  fil  :  Nichol : 
xxviijth  Tymothy  Sands  fil  :  Arthure 
June  xxixth  Robert  Rigg  fil :   Ric : 
August  xxviijth  Jo  :  Rigg  fil  :  Geo  : 
September  viijth  Robert  Tomlinson  fil :  Petri 

ixth  Tyson  fil  :  Wm  :  t 

xxvth  Susanna  Keene  fil :  Ja  : 
October  ith  Agnes  Townson  fil :  Jo  : 

xxijth  uxr  Tho :  Satterthw1  de  How 
code  die  Johnathan  Sands  fil  Arthure 
November  xixth  Myles  Sands  fil :  Tho :  in  the  church 

xxth  Agnes  Braithw*  fil:  Robert 
xxviijth  Geo :  Atkinson  in  the  church 
December  xxvth  Robert  Braithw1  fil :  Ric  : 
January  vjth  James  Wiggame 

xvjth  Jo  :  Dodgson  fil :  Mylo : 
xxiijth  uxr  Wm  :  Satterthw1  in  the  church 
xxixth  James  Holme  of  Blawith 
ffebruary  viijth  Geo :  Readhead  fil :  Jo : 

ixth  Jo  :   Pilkington  in  the  church 
xxijth  Elsabeth  Satterthw1  fil :  Charles 
xxvjth  puer  Jo :  Sawrey  abort 
xxviijth  leesse  t 

*  This  curious  name  is  inserted  in  another  hand, 
f  No  Christian  name  given. 


March  ith  Jo :    Macereth  fil :    Myles 
xijth  Issabell  Rigg  fil:    Clem: 
xiijth  uxr  James  Rigge 
code  die  Elsabeth  Rigg  fil :   Jo : 
xxijth  uxr  Jo :    Rigg  de  Sawrey 


May  xxjth  Tho :    Dodgson  &  Elsabeth  Satterthw1 
July  xixth  Geo :    Satterthw1  &  Margaret  Braithw1 
code  die  Myles  Walker  &  Katherin  Holme 
xxiijth  Ric  :    Rooke  &  Elsabeth   Dodgson 
xxxth  Geo  :    ffell  &  Agnes   Rigge 
eode  die  Myles  ffleming  &  Agnes  Holme 
August  xiijth  Row  :   Strickland  &  Mabell    Hodgson 

xxxjth  John  Dixson  &  Ann  Benson 
September  xth  Ric  Rigg  &  Mabell  Macereth 

xxiiijth  Jo  :    Willson  &  Issabell  Braithw1 
October  ith  Jo:    Dodgson  &  Mabell   Jackson 

viijth  Wm :    Townson    &    Margaret    Braithw1 
xvth  Edward  Robinson  &  Emas  Tailore 
xxiiijth  Tho  :    Braithw1  &   Ann  Bateman 
xxixth  Jo :    Addison  &  Dorathy  Sands 
November  x     Jo :    Birkehead  &  Katherin  Keene 
xijth  Wra  ;    Macereth  &  Agnes  Braithw1 
December  xth  Jo :    Macereth  &  Elsabeth  Braithw1 
finis  hujus  Anni  1620 


March  xxvth  Margaret  Braithw1  fil :  Wra 
Aprill  ijth  Margaret  Asheburner  fil :   Jo : 
ixth  Tho  :    Rawlinson  fil :    Tho  : 
xvth  James  Satterthw1  fil :   James 
xxth  Wm  :  Satterthw1    fil:  Geo: 
xxijth  \ym :  Walker  fil :   W™ 
eode  die  Clem  :    Turner  fil  :   Jo : 
eode  die  Mabell   Rigg  fil  :   Ric : 
xxiijth  Geo :    Braithw1   fil :    Wm  : 


xxvth  Tho  :    Knype  fil :    Jo  : 
May  xxijth  Adam  Sands  fil :    Dauid 
June  iiijth  Richard  Dodgson  fil :    Myles 

xth  Issabell  Wright  fil:   Wm 
code  die  Elsabeth  Walker  fil :   ffranc : 

xjth  ffrancis  Braithw1  fil:    Wm : 
July  xvth  Wra  :  Braithw1  fil :    Edw : 
xxijth  Elsabeth  Holme  fil :   Geo : 
xxixth  James  Rigg  fil :   James 
xxxth  Ric  :    Dixson   fil :    Ric : 
August  xijth  Mary  Braithw'  fil:  Tho: 
code  die  Agnes  ffisher  fil :    Myles 

xxjth  Samuell  Rawlinson  fil :  Tho  : 
September  ijth  Geo  Braithw1  fil  :    Wm  : 

code  die  Tho :    Turner  fil :    Nichol : 
ixth  Elline  Penington  fil :   Wm 
xxiijth  Elsabeth  Greenvpp  fil :   Jo : 
October  vijth  Tho  :    Dodgson  fil :    Tho  : 
xiiijth  Myles  Tomlinson  fil :    Petri 
xviijth  W™  :    Satterthw1  fil :    Edw  : 
xxijth  Agnes  Dodgson  fil :   Tho : 
xxiijth  James  Watterson  fil :    Edw : 
November  vth  Daniell  Magson  fil :  ffranc  : 
code  die  Jo  :  Turner  fil :  Geo  : 

xxvth  Joseph  Keene  fil :  James 
code  die  Katherin  Braithw1  fil :  Edw  : 
eode  die  Tho  :  Borrwicke  fil :  Roger 
code  die  Jo  :  Sawrey  fil :  Antho  : 
eode  die  Adam  Ashburner  fil :  Ja : 
December  ixth  Myles  Walker  fil :  Mylo  : 
January  * 

xvjth  Wm  :  Sawrey  fil :  Jo : 

*  After  "January"  the  following  entry  has  been  written  and  then  lined  out: 

xiijth  Geo :  Macereth  fil  :  Bryam 

but  the  word    "  January  "   should  also  have  been  erased,  as  that  month  begins  ten 
entries  lower  down. 


code  die  Geo  :  Rigg  fil :  Clem  : 
code  die  Edw :  Macereth  fil :  Jo : 
xxiijth  Elsabeth  Hirdson  fil:  Robti 
xxiiijth  Issabell  Townson  fil :  Jo : 
xxvijth  James  Braithw1  fil :  Robti 
xxviijth  Ann  Pepp  fil :  Wm : 
code  die  Agnes  Kirkby  fil :  Ric : 
code  die  Dorathie  Rigg  fil :  Ric  : 
January  ith  Barnard  Benson  fil :  Wm 

vijth  Cuthbert  Hodgson  fil :  Robti 
xiijth  Geo  :  Macereth  fil :  Bryam 
xx'h  Elsabeth  Rigg  fil :  Clem  : 
xxvijth  Nathan  Keene  fil :  James 
(February  viijth  Antho  :  Banke  fil :  Ric : 
xth  Agnes  Townson  fil :  Wm : 
xjth  Elsabeth  Rigg  fil :  Wra 
xvijth  Dorathy  Braithw1  fil:  Robti 
code  die  Jo :  Barrow  fil :  Edw : 
code  die  Jane  Milner  fil  :  Tho  : 
xxiiijth  Tho  :  Satterthw1  fil :  Ja  : 

xxvth  Jo  :  Rigg  fil :  Geo  : 
eode  die  Wm :  Sawrey  fil :  Wm : 
March  iijth  Agnes  Pennington  fil :  James 
viijth  Wm :  Banke  fil :  James 
xjth  Tho :  Banke  fil :  Clem  : 


March  xxvth  Issabell  Rigg  fil :  Wm  : 
xxxth  uxr  Regnald  Braithw1 
Aprill  viijth  uxr  ffrancis  Sawrey  in  the  church 

xiijth  uxr  Geo  :  Tomlinson 
Aprill    xxth  Margaret  Asheburner  fil :  James 
xxvjth  uxr  Myles  Macereth  de  Outeyeate 
xxxth  uxr  Jo  :  Tomlinson 

May  xxvth  uxr  Tho :  Tomlinson  in  the  church 
xxxth  uxr  Clement  Tailore  in  the  church 
June  ijth  uxr  Regnald  Macereth 


xxixth  Wm  :  Hirdson  fil  :  Ric  : 
August  xxjth  Clem  :  Turner  fil :  Jo  : 

xxxth  Daniell  Nicolson 
October  xiiijth  puella  Wm :  Sawrey 

xxvjth  Edwyne  Rigg  de  Churchsteele 
xxxjth  Row :  Tomlinson  in  the  church 
November  ith  Geo :   Braithw1  fil  :  Wm : 

vjth  ffrancis   Braithw1  fil :  Wm : 
code  die  uxr  leo :  Holme 

ixth  uxr  Jo :  Midlefell  in  the  church 
xth  Elsabeth  Bateman 
xviijth  Margaret  Macereth  fil :  Michaell 
xxijth  uxr  Robert  Dodgson 
xxvjth  Jo :  Atkinson  in  the  church 
December  xiiijth  Margaret  uxr  Edw :   Macereth  in  the 


xvijth  uxr  Wm  Rigge 
xxjth  uxr  Myles  Asheburner 
xxixth  Sara  Willson 

January  xxiijth  uxr  Ric :  Tailor  de  lending  in  the  church 
ffebruary  xiiijth  Ealse  Dodgson  fil :  Geo : 
xxijth  Jo :  Townson 
xxiijth  Myles  Saw  :  fil :  Antho  : 
March  iijth  Tho :  Satterthw1  fil:  James 
viijth  uxr  Wm :  Turner 
xvijth  Agnes   Sawrey  fil :  Wm : 
xxjth  Jo :  Barrow  fil  :  Edw  : 
eode  die  Issabell  Tomlinson  fil :  Jo : 


May  xvth  Ric:  Banke  &  Ellin  Studdert 

xxviijth  Geo :  Greenup  &    Margaret  Rigge 
July   xvth  Wm :  Willson  &  Katherin  Holme 
xxijth  Wni:  Dickson  &  Agnes  Macereth 
xxvth  Nicholas  Rayselay  &  Agnes  Kirkby 
August  vth  Mathew  Kirkby  &  Ellen  Towenson 
xijth  Jo:  Boonas  &  Agnes  Rigg 


xixth  Geo:  Bowes  &  Agnes  Walker 
xxixth  Anthony  Macereth  &  Dorathy  Dodgson 
September  ixth  Wm :  Sawrey  &  Ellinor  Sands 

xvjth  Wm:  Dodgson  &  Katherin  Robinson 
October  xvth  Ja:   Hodgson  &  Margaret  Dodgson 
xxjth  Regnald   Holme  &  Elsabeth  Peney 
November  iiijth  Clement  Satterthw4  &  Margaret  Satter- 


code  die  James  Penington  &  Anne  Banke 
finis   hujus   Anni   1621 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOI     1622 

March  xxvth  Wm    Braithw1  fil  :  Jo  : 

code  die  Anne  Troughton  fil :  ffranc 
Aprill  vijth  Myles   Harrison  fil :  Myles 

viijth  Tho  :  Braithw1  fil  :  Wm : 
May   vjth  Agnes  ffisher  fil :  Jo : 
eode  die  Margaret  Satterthw1  fil :  Clem  : 

xiijth  Jo  :  Braithw1  fil :  Edw  : 
eode  die  Agnes  Tailor  fil :  Mylo : 
xixth  wm  :  Braithw1  fil :  Geo : 
June  xth  W" :  Walker  fil :  Ja  : 
eode  die  Margaret  Macereth  fil :  Wm 

xvijth  Geo  Braithw4  fil  :  Wm :  de  fould 
xxiiijth  Agnes  Braithw1  fil :  Mathew 
eode  die  Margarett  ffell  fil :  Geo : 
xxvjth  Jo  :  Satterthw*  fil :  Wm  : 
July   ith  Robert    Satterthw1  :   fil :   Jo : 
eode  die  Wm  :  Troughton  alias  sine  patre  noto 

viijth  James  Keene  fil :  Wm : 
xxixth  Geo  :  Walker  fil :  Anthony 
August   xjth  Agnes   Walker   fil:   Edw: 
August   xviijth  Agnes  Satterthw1  fil  :  Tho : 

xxvth  Dorathy  Sawrey  fil :  Jo : 
September  viijth  Wm  Greenvpp  fil  :  Jo : 

xvth  Agnes  Wright  fil :  Wm  : 
xxjth  Geo:  Braithw1  fil:  Wm : 


eode  die  Barnard  Grigge  fil :  Regnald 
October  vjth  Jo  :  Holm  fil :  Regnald 

eode  die  Elsabeth  Tomlinson  fil :  Alex : 
eode  die  Myles  Sawrey  fil :  Wm : 

xiijth  Wm  :  Askew  fil :  James 

eode  die  Ric  et 

Dixson  fil  Ric : 


November  xviijth  Tomalin  Rigge  *  fil  Edw  :  Rigge 
December  xvth  Katherin  Towers  fil :  Jo  : 

xvjth  Edward  Dixson  alias  Partrigge 
xviijth  Margaret  Atkinson  fil :  Antho : 
Januarie  ith  Barnard  Macereth  fil  :  Myles 

xijth  Elsabeth  Benson  fil  :  Tho : 
ffebruary  ixth  Jo :  Macereth  fil  :  Bryan 

eode  die  Jo  :  Rigg  fil :  Jo : 
xxiiijth  Robert  Barbon  fil:  Wm : 
March  ij*h  Elsabeth    Rigge  fil:  Ric: 
xxiiijth  Margaret  Rigg  fil  Richard 


March  xxvth  Wm :  Banke  fil  :  James 
Aprill  vth  uxr  Ric :  Braithw1  in  the  church 
eode  die  Geo  :  Holme  fil :  Percivell 
viijth  Tho :  Banke  fil :   Adam 
xjth  Ric  Keene  fil :  James 
xiijth  Katherin  Penington 
xvijth  Ric :  Braithw1  in  the  church 
xviijth  uxr  Wm  Kirkby 
xxvijth  Samuell  Dodgson  fil :  Tho  : 
xxviijth  Nathan  Keene  fil:  James 
May  vth  uxr  Clem  :  Satterthw1  in  the  church 
xvth  Margaret  uxr  Robert  Banke 
xxth  uxr  Jo  :  Braithw1  in  the  church 
xxixth  Mabell  Rigg  fil :  Ric  : 
June  vth  Wm  :  Sawrey  fil :  Jo  :  in  the  church 
xxvjth  Wm  Braithw4  fil :  Jo : 

*  "  Tomalin  Rigge "  in  another  hand. 


July  ith  Wm  Tailore  fil  :  Xpo 
xxvjlh  Robert  Dodgson  de  Hill 
xxxth  Ellinor  Banke  fil :  Adam 
August  xvjth  Jo  :  Braithw1  fil :  Edw  : 
xxxth  Wm  :  Hirdson  fil :  Wm : 
September  xviijth  Robert  Atkinson  de  finstwait 

xxixth  Wm:  Sands  de  Satterthw1 
October  xjth  uxr  Regnald  Holme  in  the  church 

xvjth  Jo  :  Holme  fil  :  Jo  : 
xxviijth  Jo  :  Tompson 
November  vth  Tho :   Bullfull  de  Wythburne 

xth  Dorathy  Sawrey  fil :  Jo : 
December  ith  Wm :  Troughton 

vjth  uxr  Jo  :  Walker  de  Dalepke 
ixth  uxr  Lawrence  Braithw1 
xvth  Jo  :  Braithw1  in  the  church 
xxjth  uxr  Ric  :  Penington 
xxiiijth  Ric  :  Dixson  fil :  Ric : 
January  ith  Wm  :  Dixson  fil :  Ric  : 
code  die  abort  Jo  :  Knype 
vjth  Xpo  Banke 
xjth  abor1  Wm  :  Satterthw1 
xijth  Regnald  Braithw1 
xxijth  puer  Ric :  Tailor 
xxiijth  uxr  Edw :  Satterthw1  de  Cragg 
xxviijth  uxr  Wm  :  Watterson 

xxxtb  uxr  Edw  :  Willson 
ffebruary  iiijth  uxr  Jo  :  Braithw1 

ixth  uxr  Michaell  Macereth 
xxiiijth  uxr  Ric:  Braithw1 
code  die  uxr  leonard  Knype 

xxviiith  John  Tomlinson  de  Satterthw1  : 
March  vjth  uxr  John   Willson 
xiiijth  uxr  Tho :  Hodgson 
xvth  Tho  :  Dodgson  elder 
xvjth  uxr  Wm :  Rigg 
eode  die  uxr  Tho  :  Scale 


code  die  Jo  :  Rigg  de  Satterthw1 
code  die  uxr  Ric :  Johnson 
xxxiijth  Xp5  Bateman 


Aprill  xxviijth  Edw  :  Turner  &  Ellin   Postlethwait 
June  xxxth  Myles  Harrison  &  Barbary  Braithw1 

code  die  Anthony  Atkinson  &  Katherin  Jackson 
July  xxjth  Roger  Birkhead  &  Agnes  Braithw1 
code  die  Barnard  Grigg  &  Margaret  Rigg 

xxviijth  Tho :  Rowlandson  and  Issabell   Sands 
September  xxijth  Wm  Banke  and  Agnes  Walker 

code  die  Edw :  Harrison  &  Ann  Braithw1 
October  vjth  Myles  ffleming  and  Mary  Borrwicke 

xvth  Charles  Braithw4  &  Jenatt  Tyson 
xviijth  John  Braithw1  &  Margaret  Benson 
xxvijth  Xpo  Kellatt  &  Margaret  Satterthw1 
ffebruary  xviijth  Wm :  Braithw1  &    Issabell  Rigge 

code  die  John  Robinson  and  Mary  Tomlinson 
finis   hujus   Anni    1622 


Aprill  xiijth  Ann  Kellatt  fil :  Xpo: 

xiiijth  Geo  Braithw1  fil :  James 
May  vth  Issabell  Braithw1  fil :  Jo : 
xviijth  Willim  Mackereth  fil :  Antho : 
xxijth  Susanna  Magson  fil :  ffrancisci 
June  xxiiijth  John  Braithw1  fil :  Jo : 
July  vijth  Tho :  Keene  fil :   James 
xxth  Myles  Sawrey  fil :  John 

xxiith  Grace  et     ) 

...  \   filiae  Adami  Banke 

Mary         ) 

August  xth  Tho .  Braithw1 .  fil :   Wm 

xxviijth  Margaret  Satterthw1  fil  :  James 
October  xijth  Agnes  Hodgson  fil :  Jo : 
code  die  Jenatt  Tomlinson  fil :  Wm : 
Wm  Vickers  fil  :   Robert 


November  ixth  Jenatt  Braithw1  fil :  Wm  : 
xvjth  Jane  Satterthw1  fil:  Tho : 
January  xxth  Wm :  Satterthw'  fil :  Clem  : 
ffebruarie  xxiiijth  Wm :  Braithw1  fil :  Geo  : 
xxixth  Issabell  ffisher  fil  Jo  : 


March  xxxjth  Wm  Kilner  fil :    Wm 
Aprill  xjth  Geo:    Watterson  fil:   Jo: 

xijth  Ric  :    Dixson 
xiiijth  uxr  James  Crosfield 
May  iijth  Jo  Tailor  thrower 
vijth  uxr  lanclott  Walker 
xjth  Agnes  Braithw1   fil  :    Ric 
xijth  uxr  Ric  Higgin 
eode  die  Tho :    Scale  de  whaitemosse 
xviijth  Mary  Magson 
xxjth  Myles  Rooke 
June  ijth  Geo :    Kirkby  in  the  church 

viijth  Charles  Satterthw1   in  the  church 
xiijth  Agnes  Walker  fil :    Edw :    in  the  church 
xvjth  uxr  Geo :  Dodgson  de  Hill 
xviijth  James  Tailore  in  the  church 
July    vth  Bridget  Tailor  fil :    Wm 

xth  Agnes  Hodgson  fil:   Jo:   de  Stotpke 
July  xiijth  Tho:    Rawlinson  de  Graithw1  in  the  church 
xviijth  Elsabeth  Tomlinson  fil :   Clem  : 
xxijth  Tho:    Turner  de  Rusland 
xxvjth  Agnes  Braithw1  fil :   Jo : 
eode  die  Geo :  Dodgson  fil :  Robti 
August  ith  Siball  Woods 

ijth  Robert  Atkinson  in  the  church 
viijth  uxr  Geo :    Rigg  in  the  church 
ixth  uxr  Tho  :   Willson 
xijth  \\fm  Benson  in  the  church 
xvth  Jo  :    Holme  de   Hodgclose 
xvijth  Wm  Satterthw1    in  the  church 


eode  die  Geo  :    Braithw1  til :   James 
xixth  Geo:    Rigg  de  Wrey 
xxth  uxr   James  Braithw1 
eode  die  Tho  Tompson 

xxjth  \ym  Braithw1  in  the  church 
xxijth  Tho  :    Willson 
xxvth  uxr   Geo  Atkinson  in  the  church 
xxvijth  Margaret  Benson  in  the  church 
eode  die  Tho  :    Sawrey 
xxviijth  Wm  Dodgson  de  Hill  in  the  church 

xxxth  Nicholas    Macereth 
eode  die  uxr   Clem  :  Tomlinson 

xxxjth  Mabell  Bensone  fil :    Michaell 
eode  die  uxr    James  Braithw1  de  braithey 
September  ijth  Robert  Borrwicke 

vijth  uxr   Myles  Watterson 
viiith  Katherin  Holme 
ixth  James  Braithw1  de  braithey 
xvijth  Ric  Johnson 

xviijth  uxr  Wm  Dodgson  in  the  church 
xixth  Tho :   Troughton 
eode  die  Geo  :    Macereth 

xxth  uxr  Geo :    Macereth 
xxviijth  abort  Tho :   Willson 
October    iiijth  uxr  Myles  ffrearson 
vjth  Margaret  Johnson 
ixth  Edward  Barrow 
xiiijth  uxr  Myles  Bateman 
xxjth  Issabell  Braithw1   fil:    Ric: 
xxiijth  Row :    Tomlinson  fil :   Jo  : 
xxvth  Henry  Holme 
xxvijth  Elsabeth  Satterthw1 
xxxjth  Wm  Barrow  fil :    Edw  : 
November  iijth  uxr  Percivell   Holme 
iiijth  leonard  Benson 
vijth  Ellin  Troughton 
xth  Robert  Benson  fil  Wm 


xjth  uxr   Jo  .  Scale 

xiijth  Samuell  Rawlinson  fil :  Tho :  in  the  church 
xvth  uxr   Wm :    Benson 
xxiijth  Anthony   Sands  fil :    Edw  : 
code  die  James  Satterthw1 
code  die  uxr  Robert  Borrwicke 
xxvth  abort  Tho  :    Rawlinson 
xxixth  a  Criple  from  fieldhead 
xxxth  Tho :   ffisher 
December  ith  James  Satterthw1 

vjth  a  child  of  Wm  Blurhers 
vijth  Xpo  Tailor  in  the  church 
code  die  uxr  Ric :    Burrey 
xijth  uxr  Anthony  Holme 
xxth  Robert  Dodgson   de  Arnesyde 
xxijth  Edw:    Braithw1  in  the  church 
January  xxvjth  Tho   Holme  de  Hodgclose 
ffebruarie  ith  Willson  fil :    Robte  * 

ffebruary  ijth  uxr  Barnard   Macereth 

iiijth  uxr  Robert  Braithw1  slayne  in  her  owne  house 

buried  in  the  church 
viijth  uxr  Tho:    Holme 
xijth  uxr  Jo :   Tomlinson 
xvth  \ym  .  Satterthw1   fil  :    Wm  : 
xviijth  Agnes  Borrwicke  in  the  church 
xxiijth  a  wench  found  at  the  Braikenthwait 
xxiiijth  Ellin  Willson  fil :   Jo : 
code  die  Wm  :   Banke  fil  Robte 

xxixth  uxr  Tho  :    Satterthw1  in  the  church 
March  vth  Geo :    Holme  Tanner  in  the  church 
xth  uxr  Wm  Dixson 


Aprill   xxixth  Michaell  Macereth  &   Margaret  Braithw1 
June  iijlh  Geo  Browne  &  Susanna  Rawlinson 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


xth  John  Dobson  &  Issabell  Burnes 
July  xxth  Jo  ffisher  &  Elsabeth  Rigge 
code  die  Geo  :  Dixson  &  Agnes  Rigg 
August  xvijth  Edw:  Braithw'  &  Jenatt  Tailor 
October  xixth  Wm  :  Rigg  &  Issabell  Braithw1 
xxviijth  Henry  Kirkby  &  Agnes  Holme 
January   xxth  Tho  :  Barrow  &  Dorathie  Holme 
finis   hujus  Anni    1623. 

[The  year  1624  is  entirely  omitted  with  the  exception 
of  the  following  five  entries,  which  are  written  in  different 
hands.  The  full  space  was,  however,  left  blank  for  inser- 
tion of  this  year.  The  old  handwriting  is  resumed  in 


July  the  xth  1624  was  William  Magson  son  of  ffrancis 

Magson  baptized 
ffebruary    xvth    Anno    Dom    1624    was  James   Askewe 

son  of  James  Baptized 
ffebruary  xxijth  Ano  Dom   1624  was  Alexander  Wright 

son  of  William  Baptized 
code   die    Issabell    Banke   fil    William   de    Easthwaite 


August   iiijth    1625    Thomas    Greenvppe   son    of  John 
was  baptized  * 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOI     1625 

Aprill  xijth  James  Kirkby  fil  :  Henric : 

xvijth  Wm  :  Keene  fil :  Wm : 
code  die  Thomas  Rigg  fil :  Clem  : 
code  die  Jane  Dodgson  fil :  Tho  : 
xxiijth  Issabell  Rigg  fil :  Geo  : 
May  ijth  Wm :  Turner  fil :   Nichol 
code  die  Thomas  Strickland  fil :  James 

*  As  this  entry  does  not  occur  in  its  proper  place  in  1625,  it  should  probably 
be  dated  like  those  above,  1624. 


xjth  Elsabeth   Sands  fil :  David 
xvth  Geo  :  Dodgson  fil :  Tho  : 
code  die  Wm :  Hodgson  fil :  Robert 

xvjth  Wm:   Rigg  fil  Wm 
June  vth  Tho  :  Braithw1  fil  :  Wnl  de  breares 

xiijth  Rowland  Hirdson  fil :  Robert 
code  die  a  base  gotten  child  of  Regnald   Holme 

xxvjth  Samuell  Keene  fil  :  James 
July  iijth  Elsabeth  Harrison  fil  :  Myles 

iiij*  Issabell  Tailor  fil  :  Xpo  fil  :  Robt 
August  ilh  Geo  :  Braithw1  fil  :  Edward 

xvth  Geo  :  Tomlinson  fil :  John 
xxijth  Geo  :  Pepp  fil  :  Wm 
code  die  Jo  :  Braithw1  fil :  Robte 

xxvth  Agnes  Satterthw1  fil :  Jo  : 
eode  die  Agnes  Braithw1  fil :  Geo  : 
September  iiijth  Robert  Walker  fil :  James 
eode  die  Braithw1  fil  :  Jo  :  * 

vijth  Myles  Walker  fil :  Willim 
xixth  Agnes  Sands  fil :  Wm 
October  iijth  Geo:  Rigg  fil:  Clement 

eode  die  Margaret  Satterthw1  fil :  Geo  : 

x»h  Adam  Rigg  fil :  Ric : 
xixth  Mary  Turner  fil :  Jo : 
eode  die  Issabell  Macereth  fil :  Bryan 
November  iiijth  Geo :   Braithw1  fil :   Jo  : 
Emas  Walker  fil  Myles 
Susana  Busher  fil :   lanclot 
Geo  Kirkby  fil  .  Henrici 
Jenett  Braithw1  fil :  Wm 
Elsabeth  Walker  fil :   Edw :  t 
xxth  Anthony  Dodgson  fil :    Myl : 
eode  die  Agnes  Dixson  fil :    Ric  : 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 

t  There  is  neither  a  date  nor   "  eode  die "  put   before   this  entry  or  the  four 
immediately  preceding  it. 


January  ith  Robert  Asheburner  fil :   Jo : 
xviijth  Elsabeth  Tomlinson  fil :    Petri 

xixth  Ellinor  Satterthw1  fil:    Geo : 
code  die  Elsabeth  Satterthw*  fil :    Tho : 

xxxth  Jo :    Robinson  fil :    Thomas 
code  die  Agnes  Rigg  fil :    Ric : 
ffebruarie  xijth  Michaell  Macereth  fil  :    Geo  : 
xiiijth  Elsabeth  Borrwicke  fil :    Geo : 
xixth  Elsabeth  Magson  fil  .  ffranc 
code  die  Dorathy  ffrearson  fil  .  Wm 

xxviijth  Tho  :    Braithw1   fil  :    Wm 
March  vth  Jane  Braithw1  fil :    Wm 

code  die  Elsabeth  Sawrey  fil:   Wm 
March  vjth  Elsabeth  Tailor  fil :    Wm 

xixth  Elsabeth  Rawlinson  fil :    Tho 
code  die  Elsabeth  Holme  fil :    Regnald 

xxvth  Agnes  Kirkby  fil :    Mathew 
code  die  Margaret  Sawrey  fil :    Myles 


May  xviij      Wm  Pepp.  .  .  in  the  church 

xxvjth  uxr  Myles  Sands  in  the  church 
xxxth  uxr  Jo :    Sawrey  in  the  church 
June  xvjth  Edwyne  Sands  in  the  quire 

xxvth  Issabell  Knypp  fill  .  Jo  : 
xxvijth  uxr  Myles  Tailore  de  lendinge 
July  ixth  Margaret  Holme  fil :    Regnald 

xxvjth  Tho  :   Rigg  elder 
August  xxijth  leonard  Banke 
xxixth  Jo  :    Watterson 
xxxth  Richard  Rigge 
October  xxijth  Jo  :    Sawrey  fil :    Wm 

code  die  Agnes  Pepper 

November  iijth  Elsabeth  Braithw1  in  the  church 
ixth  John  Greenvpp  in  the  church 
xth  uxr  Nicholas  Braithw1  in  the  church 
xjth  Mary  Turner  fil :   Jo  : 


xxiiijth  uxr    Willim    Barbon 
xxviijth  puer  Jo :    Braithw1   Junior 
December  xxviijth  Nicholas  Tailor  de  ffinstw1 
ffebruary  xth  Myles  Rigge 

xjth  Agnes  Dixson 
March  viijth  Agnes  Noble 
code  die  Tho  :    Braithw* 
xvth  ffrancis  arture 
xxjth  Ric :    Tailore 
xxvth  Jenett  Willson 


May  xvjth  John  Kendall  &  Nailer  * 

June  xvjth  Wm  Peney  &  Ellinor  Atkinson 
July   xixth  Jo :  Ellis  &  Alice  Holme 

xxjth  Tho :   Holme  &  Ellinor  Holme 
August  vijth  Wm :    Boonas  &  Susana   Holme 
xxvtb  Jo :   Rigg  &  Dorathy  Rigge 
finis  hujus  Anni  1625 


Aprill  xth  Hester  Dodgson  fil :   Jo  : 
xiiijth  Margaret  ffisher  fil :    Jo  : 
xxiiijth  Rebecha  Richardson  fil :   Barnard 
May  viijth  John  Walker  fil :    Antho : 
code  die  Dorathie  Braithw1  fil :   Ric : 
xxijth  Geo  :    Borrwicke  fil  :    Rogeri 
code  die  Elsabeth  Knyppe  fil :   Johis 
June  iiijth  David  Keene  fil :  James 
xxvth  Geo  Tomlinson  fil  Alex 
code  die  Mary  Satterthw1  fil :  Tho  : 
July  vjth  Magdalen  Sands  fil :  Mylo :  de  Grayth(wt) 

xvjth  Katherin  Benson  fil :  Tho  : 
code  die  Barnard  Benson  fil :  Jo : 

*  No  Christian  name  given, 


August  xiijtb  Gawine  Jackson  fil :  Xpo 
xxvijth  Xpofer  Holme  fil :  Geo  : 
September  xjth  Samuell   Braithw1  fil :  Wm 
code  die  Dorathy  Braithw1  fil :  Geo  : 

r  xvjith  Edward  Rigg  fil :  Jo :  * 

xxiiijth  Daniel  Nicholson  fil   Nathanielis 

er  xijth  Willm  Atkinson  fil :  Antho : 

code  die  Margaret  Satterthw1  fil :  Jo  : 
xxvijth  Jane  Tompson  alias  Tomlinson 

mber  iijth  Henry  Sawrey  fil :  Antho  : 

code  die  Margaret  Braithw1  fil :  Willm 

xth  Tho :  Banke  fil :  Adami 
code  die  Tho  Harrison  fil :  Edw  : 

xjth  Tho  :   Braithw1  fil :  Jo  : 
xvijth  John  Braithw1  fil :  Edward 
xviijth  Myles   Sawrey  fil :  Willm 
xxvjth  Samuell  Dodgson  fil :  Tho : 
(Januar)y  xvjth  Geo  Braithw1  fil :  James 

xxixth  John  Satterthw1  fil :    Clem  : 
(ffebru)ary  iiijth  Geo :  Towenson  fil  :  Willim 
eode  die  Tho  :  Braithw1  fil :  Tho  : 
xviijth  Edward  Tailore  fil :  Willim 
xxvjth  James  Satterthw1  fil  :  James 
(Mar)ch  ijth  Mary  Bousher  fil :  lanclot 
xjth  Wm .  Braithw1   fil :   James 
eode  die  Issabell  Turner  fil :  Jo  : 


Aprill  ith  Dorathy  ffrearson 

vjth  uxr  Jo :  Tailore 
viijth  uxr  Jason  ffisher 

*  At  this  entry  a  new  page  is  commenced,  but  the  leaves  are  so  tightly  bound 
in  that  the  terminal  letters  of  the  month  names  only  can  be  read.  As  it  was  usual 
to  repeat  the  month  name  on  a  new  page  if  the  month  was  not  completed,  the 
"  .  .  .  .  r "  opposite  this  entry  may  be  either  September  or  October,  and  they 
remain  equally  uncertain  to  the  fourteenth  entry  lower,  where  the  "  y  "  shows  the 
month  January. 


ixth  Willim    Tailor   de    Roger   Ridding    in    the 


xjth  puer  abort  Willim  Satterthw1 
xiijth  Richard  Hodgson 
xviijth  Thomas  Rawlinson  in  the  church 
xixth  uxr  Willim  Tailor  in  the  church 
xxviijth  uxr  Edwyne  Sands  in  the  quire 

xxxth  Henry  Sawrey  in  the  church 
May  xviijth  puer  Ric :  Tailor 
June  vijth  uxr  Xpo  :  Walker  in  the  church 
viijth  puer  leo :  Holme  abort 
xixth  Willim  Rigg  fil :  Geo  : 
xxvjth  uxr  John  Walker  in  the  church 
xxxth  uxr  Willim  Rigg  de  Sawrey 
July  ixth  Dorathy  Rigg  fil :  WilTm 

xvjth  puer  Robert  Hirdson  abort 
August  xijth  Edw  :  Tailore  de  Plownegreene  in  the 

xiijth  Robfe    Braithw1    de    Skellwth    in    the 


xxijth  uxr  James  Tailore  de  Satterthw1 
September  xjth  Clement  Holme  drowned  at  Consay 

December  vjth  uxr  Nichol :  Tailore  in  the  church 

xijth  Edward  Macereth  in  the  church 
January  xxjth  Elsabeth  Walker  in  the  church 

xxixth  puer  Willim   Braithw1  abort 
ffebruary    xjth  puella  Ric  :  Tailor  abort 

xviijth  Edward  Tailor 
March  xixth  Jo  :  Braithw1  de  Sawrey 


May  xxixth  Jo  :  Nicolson  &  Elsabeth  Dixson 
June  iiijth  Geo :  Macereth  &  Margaret  Grigg 

xxth  Regnald  Braith :  &  Margaret  Macereth 
July  ijth  Jo :  Turner  &  Anne  Sands 

xvjth  Wm  :  Knype  &  Elsabeth  Townson 


xxiijth  Wm:  Braithwt  &  Issabell   Braithw* 
code  die  Jo  :  Harrison  &  Jenatt  Scale 

xxxth  Xpo  Atkinson  &  Agnes  Pughpker 
August  vjth  Robert  Braithw1  &  Jenatt  Rigge 
xxth  James  Satterthw1  &  Anne  Sands 
code  die  Clement  Rigg  &  Agnes  Atkinson 
October  ith  Willim  Bateman  &  Issabell   Bateman 
November  vth  Regnald  Macereth  &  Dorathie  Braithw1 

xxviijth  Edward  Turner  &  Jane  Sawrey 
January    xxth  Nicholas  Braithw1  &  Margaret  Braithw1 
xxxth  Clement  Satterthw1  &   Margaret  Holme 
ffebruary    iijth  Peter  Knyppe  &  Margaret  Satterthw1 
finis   hujus   Anni    1626 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOI     1627 

Aprill  xth  Elsabeth  Sands  fil :  Dauid 

xxiijth  Myles  Sands  fil :  Dauid 
May  iijth  Isabell   Dodgson  fil :  Georgii 
vijth  Wm  Braithw1  fil:  WilTim 
xiijth  Geo  :  Kirkby  fil  :  Henrici 
eode  die  Margaret  Dixson  fil :  Ric  : 
xiiijth  Bryan  Macereth  fil :  Bryan 
June  ith  Jenett  Macereth  fil :    Michael 

vijth  Agnes  Knypp  fil :    Willim 
xviijth  Myles  Walker  fil  :    James 
eode  die  fTrancis  Sawrey  fil :   Jacobe 

xxvth  Agnes  Macereth  fil :    Willim  de   Sawrey 
July  ith  Margaret  Townson  fil :    Willim  de  Grysdall 
xvth  Charles   Satterthw1  fil :   James  de  Greenend 
eode  die   Barnard  Macereth  fil :    Geo  :   de   Outyeat 
xxijth  Margaret  Braithw1   fil :   Robert 
xxiijth  Jane  ffrearson  fil :    Row : 
eode  die   Margaret  Satterthw1  fil :    Wm  de  Sawrey 
xxvth  Margaret  Macereth  fil :    Geo : 
xxixth  Geo  .  Walker  fil :    ffrancisci 
August  vth  Jo  .   Holme  fil  .  Tho : 

xixth  Mary  Turner  fil :    Nichol. 


September  xiijth  Mary  Holme  fil :    Geo :  de  Waterhead 
xviijth  Willim   Atkinson   fil :    Xpo :    de  Coniston 
xxiij      Willim  Tailore  fil :    Xpo :   de  Dalepke 
xxiiij      Mary  Askewe  fil :   James 

xxvth  Agnes  Vickars  fil :    Robte  de  langdall 
xxvijth  Agnes  Rigg  fil :    Clem  de  fieldhead 

xxxth  Willim  Braithw1  fil :    Edw  :   de  Sawrey 
October  ijth  Dorathy  Magson   fil :  ffranc 

xiiijth  Issabell   Braithw1  fil :    Mathew  de  lonthw1 
xvjth  Hester  Sands  fil :    Mylo :   de  Graithw1 
xxjth  Agnes  Kirkby  fil :    Henrici  de  hollinbank 
xxixth  Margaret  Holme  fil :  Regnald 
November  vth  Willim  Walker  fil :  Edwardi  de  Dalepke 

xjth  Robert  Kellatt  fel :    Xpo  : 
xviijth  Dorathie   Braithw1  fil :   Wm   de  breares 
xixth  Mary  Dodgson  fil  :    Tho  :   de  pkeamore 
December  ixth  Wm  Macereth  fil :    Regnald 

xxvth  Bryam  Macereth  fil  Bryam  de  Haukeshead 

field  (?) 
xxviijth  Anthony    Banke   fil :    Wm    de    Haukeshead 

field  (?)* 

January  xiijth  Geo :    Robinson  fil :   Tho  : 
xiiijth  Tho    Keene   fil :   Willim 

xxth  Geo :    Holme  fil :   Jefferey 
xxviijth  Mary  Keene  fil :   Jacobi 
ffebruary  iijth  Elsabeth  Walker  fil:   Ric 

iiijth  Willim  Tailore  fil :   Henrici 
xjth  Jane  Allatson  alias  Rigge 
code  die   Agnes  Knyppe  fil :   Petri 
March  ijth  Tho :    Rawlinson   fil :   Willim 
code  die  Dorathie   Strickland  fil :   James 
xvjth  Robert  Harrison  fil :    Myles 
xxjth  Agnes  Sawrey  fil :    Mylonis 

*  Leaf  bound  in. 



March  xxvth  Xpo :    Banke  fil :    Robert 
Aprill  viijth  Bartholomew  Macereth 
code  die  Issabell  Willson 

xixth  uxr  Wm  Sands  in  the  quire 
xxvth  Myles  Sands  fil :   Jo  : 
Aprill  xxixth  uxr  Dauid  Sands 
May  iijth  uxr  Robert  Satterthw1  in  the  church 

iiijth  James    Satterthw1  de  Parkeamoore 
xvijth  Magdalen  Sands   fil :    Myl  :   in  the  quire 
xixth  uxr  Jo :    Robinson 
xxth  uxr  Edward  Walker 
June  ith  Geo  :    Townson  fil :    Willim 

xvjth  Elsabeth   Sands  fil :    Dauid  in  the  little  quire 
xviij      uxr  Edward  Willson 
July  xxith  Roger  Dodgson 

xxxvijth  Margaret  Dixson 
August  xxijth  Geo :    Kirkby  fil :    Henrici 
Septemb  xxixth  Margaret  Townson  fil  :   Willirhi 

code  die  puer  abort  Jenett  Satterthw1  de  Cragg 
October  vth  leonard   Braithw1  in  the  church 
November  xxvjth  uxr  Robert  Rawlinson  in  the  church 

xxviijth  Jane  ffrearson  fil :    Row : 
December  xxjth  Elsabeth  Magson  in  the  church 
January  vjth  Richard  Tomlinson 

xvth  Clement   Borrwicke  in  the  church 
xxvth  Issabell  Rigge 
xxvijth  puer  Ric :    Burrey  abortiu 
ffebruary  xiijth  Anthony  Banke  in  the  church 
xxth  puer  Tho :    Strickland  abortiu 
xxvth  Elsabeth  Willson  fil  .  John 
xxvijth  Hopkin   Kellatt  * 
March  iijth  John  Turner  in  the  church 

xxiiijth  uxr  Robert  Satterthw1  de  Parkeam(oor)  in 
the  church 

*  "  Hopkin "  is  added  in  a  later  hand. 



May  ith  Willim  Rigg  &  Agnes   Harrison 
July  xxijth  Willim   Sawrey  &   Hester  Braithw1 

xxixth  Richard    Asheburner  &  Agnes  Penington 
code  die  Robert  Tailor  &   Margaret  Braithw1 
eode  die  Willim  Rigg  &  Katherin(P)    Braithw* 
August  iijth  Richard  Keene  &  Elsabeth   Hobson 

xth   Geo  .  Satterthw1  &   Margaret  Robinson 
eode  die  James   Braithw1  &  Agnes  Braithw1 

xiiijth   Michaell   Holme  &  Agnes   Macereth 
September  ijth   Henry  Willson  &  Margaret  Birkhead 
October  xxiijth   Robert  Satterthw4   &   Elsabeth   Knyppe 

xxxth  Willim  Kilner  &  Agnes  Townson 
January  xxvijth   Henry  Tailor  &  Agnes  Kilner 
ffebruary  iijth  Willim  Braithw1   &   Dorathy  Rigge 
vth   Myles   Tomlinson  &  Issabell  Rigg 
finis  hujus  Anni  1627 

March  xxxth   Xpofer  Peares  alias  Satterthw1 
Aprill  ixth  James  Braithw1  fil :    Willim  de  Satterhow 
xxvth  Margaret  Holme  fil :    Michael 
xxvjth  Jenett  Borrwicke  fil :    Geo  :   de    Hill 
May  iiijth  Jane  Hirdson  fil :   Robti 
June  ith  Edward  Braithw1  fil:    Wm 
ixth  Robert  Rigg  fil:   Geo: 
xvjth  Mary  Rigg  fil  Geo : 
xxixth  Jane  Kilner  fil  Wm 
July  vijth  Willm  Scale   fil:    Roberti 

xijth  Dorathie  Macereth  fil :  Johis 
xvijth  Agnes  Bateman  fil:   Willim 
xxviijth   Issabell  Rigge  fil :   Ric : 
eode  die  Susana  Kirkby  fil :    Henric : 
August  xvijth  Elsabeth  Nicolson  fil :    Nathaniel 

xxiiijth  Elsabeth    Holme  fil :    Georg  de  Grysdall 
xxvijth   Elsabeth  Birkhead  fil :    Xpo  de  Troutbecke 
base  begotten 


September  iijth  Willus  et 

v     f      ,  Sands  fil :  Dan 

vijth   Margaret  Braithw1  fil:    Willrh 
code  die  Margaret  Asheburner  fil :    Ric :  * 
September  vijth   Margaret  Holme  alias  Rigg 
xiiijth   Mabell  ffisher  fil:   Johis 
xvijth  Dorathie  Bensone  fil :    Tho :   of  Skellwth 
xxjth  YVm :   Tomlinson   fil :   Johis 
code  die  Elizabeth  Tomlinson  fil :   Wm  : 
xxijth  James  Walker  fil :    Mylonis 
xxixth   Margaret  Braithw1  fil :   James 
October  xiijth  John  Braithw1   fil :    Geo : 

xxvijth  Michaell   Holme  fil :    Geo  : 
November  ijth  James  Walker  fil :   James 

ixth  Margaret  Satterthw4   fil:    Robert 
xxxth  Elsabeth  Satterthw1  fil :  Wm  :  de  Croftehead 
December  vijth  Wm  Rigg  fil :    Clement  de  Churchsteele 

xxvjth  Tho :    Hodgson  fil :   Johis 
Januarie  iijth  Margaret  Tailore  fil :    Roberti 

xijth  Wm  Sawrey  fil :    Wm  de  Sawrey 
xviijth  Elsabeth  Keene  fil :  James 
xxvjth  James   Strickland   fil :    Thomae 
ffebruary  xxvjth  f  John  Kellatt  fil :   Xpo 

xxiijth   James  Braithw1   fil :    George 
March  ijth  Regnald  Braythwait  fil :  John 
code  die  Agnes  Holme  fil :    Thomae 

vjth   Edward  Mackereth  fil :    Barnard 
viijth   Edward  Rigg  fil :  Clement 
code  die  Geo :    Braithwait  fil :    Edward 
ixth  Henry  Borrwicke  fil :  Rogeri 
xvjth  James  Taylor  fil :   Willimi : 
code  die  Jane   Tomlinson  fil :    Mylonis 

xxijth  Mary  Sawrey   fil :   Anthony 
code  die  Agnes  Satterthwait  fil :    Thomae 

*  Throughout  this  page  the  ink  is  much  perished. 

t  The  first  x  has  some  appearance  of  having  been  smeared,  with  the  intention 
to  erase  it.     It  is,  however,  quite  clear. 



March  xxvijth  Margaret  Atkinson 

Aprill  ith  Georg  Banke 

code  die   Barbaric  the  wif  of  Myles  Harison  in  the 

iiijth  Katherin    Satterthw1    fil :    Willim    in    the 

June  xxjth  puer  Edw  :  Braithw1  abort : 

xxiijth  Robert  Hunter 
August  vth  Jane  Hirdsone 

xjth  Geo :  Rigg  fil :  James  in  the  church  slayne 

wth  a  horse  leading  hay 
xvjth   Margaret  Holme  fil  :  Michaell 
September  xiiijth  uxr  Michaell   Bensone  in  the  church 

xxth   Mary  Rigg 
xxvijth  Agnes  Bateman 
October  xxvth  Margaret  Borrwicke 
November  vijth  uxr  Edward  Robinson 

xiijth  Elizabeth    Dodgson    uxr    Ric :    in    the 


xiiijth  uxr  Willim  Satterthw1  in  the  church 
code  die  puella  Geo :  Satterthw1  abort 

xxixth   Mabell  ffisher  fil :  John 

December  xxviijth   Margaret  the  wif  of  Thomas  Sands 
Januarie  ith  Elsabeth  Mackereth 

xxxth  puer  John  Knype  abort 
xxxjth  Xpo  Sandys  fil :  Dauid  in  the  litle  quire 
ffebruarie  iijth   Margaret  the  wif  of  Hugh  Jackson  in 

the  church 

vjth   Myles  ffisher  of  dalepke 
xxjth  Alexander  Readhead 
March  xijth  John  Wattersone 
xviijth  Agnes   Holme 



June  iijth  Robert  Place  &  Margaret  Dodgson 

xxijth  leonard  Bensone  &  Jane  lindow 
July  iijth  Anthony  Bensone  &  Agnes  Mackereth 

xth  Willim  Taylore  &  Jenett  Pughpker 
August  vth  John   Stephenson  &  Agme  Tomlinsone 

xth  Geo  :  Knype  &  Margaret   Holme 
xxiiijth  John  Holme  &  Issabell  Tomlinsone 
October  vth  WilTm  Robinson  &  Agnes  ffell 
code  die  John  Dixson  &  Jenett  Braythw1 
xiiijth  Wm  Banke  &  Anne  ?  Wilkinson 
November  iiijth  John   Hodgson  &  Elizabeth  Atkinson 
xxiijth  Edward  Satterthw1  &  Jenett  Rigg 
xxxth  John  Rigg  &   Margaret  Jacksone 
finis   hujus    Anni    1628 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOI     1629 

March  xxixth  John  Rawlinsone  fil  :  Wm  de  Graythwait 

xxxth  Isabell  Harrison  fil :  Edwardi 
Aprill  iijth  Alice  Banke  fil  :  Adam 

vth  George  Atkinson  fil :  Anthony 
xijth  Nathan  Keene  fil :  Willim 
xxth  Willim  Tomlinson  fil :  John 
xxvjth  Agnes  Rigg  fil :  Willim  de  Wrey 
May  xth   Margaret  Borrwicke  fil :  George 

xiijth   Margaret  Satterthwait  fil :  James  de  Greenend 
xxvth  Willim   Braythwait  fil:  Ric : 
xxxjth  Margaret  Busher  fil :  Lanclott 
June  viijth  Robert  Rigg  fil :  Ric  : 
code  die  Isabell  Walker  fil :  Ric 

xxijth  Elsabeth  Satterthwait  fil:  Clement 
xxvjth  John   Magson  fil :  ffranc 
xxviijth  Thomas  Knype  fil :  Geo  : 
July  xijth  Elsabeth  Kirkby  fil :  Ric  : 

xixth  Elsabeth  Hodgson  fil :  Roberti 
xxiiijth  Wm :  Dawsone  fil :  Nichol 


August  iijth  Agnes  Ward  fil :  Robert  de  Hackett 

iiijth   Elizabeth   Sands  fil  :  Mylonis  de  Graythw1 

xth  Willlm  Braythwait  fil :  Johis  de  foulde 
September  xxvijth   Thomas  Suert  fil :  John 

code  die   Elsabeth  Rigg  fil :  Robert 

xxviijth   Adam  Banke  fil :  Willm  paup 
October    iiijth   Margaret   Mackereth    fil :    George   de 


xxijth   Margaret  Macereth  fil  :  Bryam 
November  ixth  Richard  Dixsone  fil :  Jo  : 

xvjth   Mary  Walker  fil:  Edwardi 
December  vijth   Margaret   Banke  fil :   Ric : 
xiijth   Agnes   Hodgson  fil :   Tho : 
xxxjth  Jo  :  Satterthwait  fil :  Jo  : 
January  ijth  Margaret  Harrisone  fil :  Ric 

xjth   Mabell  Holme  fil :  Tho : 
xxiiijth   Robte   Braythw1  fil:   Willim 
xxxjth   Isabell  Braythwait  fil:  Myles 
ffebruary  xvth  Elsabeth   Rigg  fil  :  Clement 

xxijth  Jenett  Rigg  fil :  Geo : 
March  jth   Isabell   Satterthwait  fil :  Clement 
viijth  Edward   Braythwait  fil :  Edw : 
xvth  Elsabeth   Mackereth  fil :  Willim 
xxijth   Willim  Asheburner  fil :  Adam   base  begotten 
code  die  Jenett  Stubb  fil  :  Jo  : 


Aprill  xvjth   Margaret   Satterthwait  fil :  Robert 
May  ith  Elsabeth   Satterthwait 
iijth   Isabell   Braythwait 
iiijth  uxr  Jo  :   Holme  in  the  church 

vth   Mabell   Satterthwait 
viijth  uxr  WillTm  Jacksone 
xxiiijth  uxr  Thomas   Hodgson  in  the  church 
July  xxvijth  Agnes  Rigg  fil :  Willim 
August  xjth  Thomas  Knype 

xxxth  Robert   Braythwait 


October    xth  Barnard  Benson  fil :   Michaell  in  the  church 
November  ith  Willim  Rigg  fil :  Clement 
xxvth  ffrancis  Sawrey  fil :  Jacob 
December  ixth  Myles  Sands  fil :  Adam  in  the  quire 
xxjth  Richard  Kirkby  de  Grysdall 
xxvjth  Thomas  Parke 
xxxth  Elsabeth  Bateman 
Januarie  xjth   Margaret  Harrison 

xvjth  Willim   Sands  fil  Xpo  :   in  the  church 
fTebruarie  vth  Edward   Vickars   wch   was   drowned   at 


xiiijth  Jo  :  Satterthw1 

xvth  Jo  :  Taylore  de  fftnssyke  in  the   church 
xvjth  Katherin  the  wif  of  Roger  Dodgson 
xxiijth  Regnald   Holme  de   Oxenfell 
March  vth   Margaret   the  wife  of  Robert  Place 

xviijth  Jenett   Braythwait  fil  :  Willim   de   Sawrey 
xxjth  uxr  James  Ashburner 
xxxth  puer  abort  Xpofor  Taylior  fil :  Robti 


May  vijth  WillTm   Braythw1  &  Isabell   Dodgson 
July  xixth  Arthure  Dixson  &   Mabell  Penney 

code  die  Willim   Braythw1  &  Isabell  Braythwait 
August  ijth  Bartholomew  Dodgson  &  Alice  Troughton 

xvjth  Willim   Tayliore  &   Margaret  Woodburne 
September  ith   leonard  Rawlinsone  &   Mary  Wright 

vjth  Myles  ffiemeing  &  Ellin  Willson 
October  xxvth  Robert  Newtone  &   Dorathie  Braythw1 
November  iijth  Tho  :  Hodgson  &  Margaret  Braythwait 

xxiiijth  Xpofer  Walker  &  Anne  Tomlinsone 
code  die  leonard  Askew  &  Elsabeth  Taylior 
Januarie  xxiiijth  John  fforrest  &  Anne  Holme 

xxxth  John  Satterthw1  &  Margaret  Greenvpp 
xxxjth  WillTm  Jopson  &  Barbaric  Braythwait 
finis   hujus   Anni    1629 


BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOI     1630 

March   xxvth  Agnes  Rigg  fil  Jo : 
April  vth  Regnald   Holme  fil  :   Regnald 
xjth   Edward  Braythwait  fil  :  WillTm 
xijth  James  Tayliore  fil :  Robert 
xviijth  Dorathie  Braythwait  fil  :  Wm 
xxvth  Thomas  Satterthwait  fil  :  Edward 
xxvjth  Peter  Sands  alias  Townsone 
May    ith  John  Askew  fil :  James 

ixth  Willim  Dixsone  fil  :  Arthure 
xth   Margaret  Tomlinsone  fil :    Alex 
May  xjth  ffraunces   Bensone  fil :  Thomae  de  Skellwth 
xvijth   Barbaric  Braythwait  fil :  Willim 
xxxth  Anne   Braythwait  fil :  Thomae 
June  xxth   Edward  Mackereth  fil :  Regnald 

xxviijth  Christofer  Nicolson  fil  :  Nathaniel 
July  vth  Edward  Keene  fil  :  WilTim 

xijth  Edward  Macereth  fil  :  Bryam 
eode  die  Agnes  Coward  alias   Satterthwait 
xiiijth   Robert  Knype  &   } 

n/r  L.    ir  f     fil  :    Willim 

Margaret  Knype) 

xxijth  Tho  :  Rawlinsone  fil :  Thomae 
xxvth   Isabell  Knype  fil :  Geo : 
August  ijth  flemming  fil :  Myles  * 

xvjth  George  Knype  fil :  John 
eode  die  Willim   Satterthw1  fil  :  Wm 

September  viiith  Willim  Dodson  &  ) 

,,  \  fil  Thomae 

Margaret  Dodson    j 

xxjth  Thomas  Walker  fil :  James 
xxvjth  John  Nicolson  fil :  Allan 
October  xxijth  Agnes  Satterthwait  fil :  Charles 

xxvth  Elsabeth  Banke  fil:  Wm 
eode  die  James  Rigg  fil  :  Willim 
November  ith  Robert  Rigg  fil :   Jo  : 

xiijth  Elsabeth  Robinson  fil :  Thomae 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


xxviijth  Xpofer  Tayliore  fil :   Wm 
code  die  Dorathie  Sawrey  fil :  Mylonis 
December  xxvth  Thomas  Asheburner  fil :    Ricardi 

xxvijth  Clement  Rigg  fil :    dementi 
code  die  Margaret  Kirkby  fil :    Henric  : 
January  vjth  Dorathy  Braythw*   fil :    Edw : 
xjth  James  Taylior  fil:    Wm 
xijth  WillTm  Satterthw1  fil :    Wm  de  Newhouse 
xvjth  Dorathy  Satterthw1  fil :    RoTrti 
code  die  Isabell  Satterthw1 :  fil:   Jo: 
xvijth  Mabell  Macereth  fil :    Barnardi 
xviijth   Margaret  Towensone  fil :  Wm 

xxiiith  Margaret  et  Jane  ) 

[    fil :    Edwmi 
Mackereth  ) 

ffebruarie  xxvijth   Barbaric  Bateman  fil :   Wm 

xxviijth   Willim  Sawrey  fil :    Jo : 
March  vijth  Thomas  Braythwait  fil:   Wm  de  fould 
xiijth   Robert  Satterthw1  fil :    Edward 
xxth  Wm :    Satterthwait   fil :    Clement 
code  die  Agnes  Holme  fil :   George 


Aprill  xxth   Robert  Rawlinsone  de  Knott  in  the  church 

xxviijth  uxr  Edward  Dixsone 
eode  die  Robert  Braythw'  fil :   Wra 
May  iijth  James  Asheburner 

xiijth  George  Taylior  de  plowmegreene  in  templo 
xxxjth  uxr  Xpoferi  Satterthw1   de  pkamoore  in  templo 
June  vijth  Richard  Scale  de  Whaitehead  in  templo 
xxijth  uxr  Wm  Tyson  de  Grysedall 
xxvijth  uxr  Clement  Borrwicke 
July  vth  uxr  Edward   Holme 

xxiijth  Thomas  Rawlinson  and  his  son  Tho  : 
August  xvth  Michaell  Holme  fil :   Michaell 
xvjth  Edward  Braythwait  fil :    Edw : 
xxixth  Wm :    Dixsone  fil :    Arthure 


September  iijth  Isabell   Penington 

vth  Tho :    Holme  in  the  church 
xijth  uxr  Charles  Satterthwait 
code  die  Margaret  Knype  fil :   Wm : 
October  iiijth  uxr  Wm :   Jackson   de    Parke   in  the  church 

xxvjth  uxr  Wm  :   Rigg  de  Sawrey 
November  iijth  uxr  Wm  Braythw1  de  fould 
code  die  uxr  Jo :    Rigg  in  the  church 
vth  a  child  of  Jo  :    Suckmantle's 
vijth  uxr  Myles  Walker  de  Satterthw* 
ixth   Margaret  Braythw1  de  Sawrey 
xvjth  Agnes  the  wif  of  Richard  Burrey 
xvijth  Willim   Satterthw1  de  Newhouse  in  templo 
xxth  Willim  Braythw1  de  fould  in  templo 
December  iijth  Thomas  Townsone 

vth  Jo :    Asheburner  in  the  church 
xvijth  Georg  Holme  de  Waterhead  in  templo 
xxvjth  James  Hubersty 
xxxth  Agnes  Satterthwait  fil :   Charles 
Januarie  ith   Robert  Sands  of  Graythw*   in  templo 
vjth  Katherin  uxr  Thomas  Braythw1 
ixth  James  Jacksone  in  the  church 
xijth  Margaret  the  wif  of  Henry  Banke 
xiiij      Edward  Keene 
xvijth  George  Holme  in  the  church 
xxijth  Wm  :    Sands  de  fouleyeate 
xxvth   Margaret  Mackereth  fil :    Edwini 
xxvjth  uxr  Myles   Sands 
xxxth  Jane  Mackereth  fil :    Edwini 
ffebruarie  xxth  uxr  Edward  Barrowe 

xxijth   Myles  Tomlinson  in  the  church 
xxiiijth  uxr  Robert  Tomlinsone 
xxviiijth   Daniell  Pughpker  in  the  church 
March  vjth  uxr  Wm :   Jacksone  in  the  church 
vijth  Elsabeth    Scale    fil :    Robti 
xjth  Wm  Sawrey  fil :   Jo :    de  Sawrey 
xxth   Elsabeth  the  wif  of  Anthony  Banke 



May  vth  John  Sawrey  &  Agnes  Rigg 

ixth  Michaell  Borebanke  &  Agnes  Rigg 
xxiijth  fTrancis  Thwaite  &  Anne  Sawrey 
June  xxth  Adam  Asheburner  &  Margaret  Pykthow 
July  iiijth   Henry  Adison  &  Barbaric  Pykthow 

xxvth  Wm :    Atkinsone  &  Elsabeth  Dixsone 
August  ith  James  Crosfield  &  Agnes  Pennye 

viijth  John  Suckmantle  &  Hester  Dodgson 
xvjth  John  Holme  &  Elsabeth  Stewardsone 
September  vth  Edwine  Mackereth  &  Elsabeth  Greeneho 
Januarie  vijth  Thomas  Sands  &  Isabell  Bensone 
finis  hujus  Anni  1630 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DO  I     1631 

March  xxvijth  James  Towensone  fil :  Wm 

code  die   Elsabeth  Jacksone  fil :    Xpo : 
Aprill  iijth  Edward  Keene  fil  James 
code  die  Susanna  fifrearson  fil :    Row  : 

viijth   Isabell  Braythw1  fil:    Robti 
May  xvth  James  Braythw1  fil :   James  de   Braythey 
June  xijth  Willim   Braythw1  fil :    Willim  de  Grysdall 
xixth   Barbaric  Braythwait  fil :   Wm :   de  Sawrey 


xxvjth  Margaret  Mackereth  fil :  Anthony 
July  xxiiijth  Xpofer  Holme  fil :  Micha  .... 
August  ith  Clement  Holme  fil :  leonard 

xxviijth  Dorathie  Satterthw1  fil :   James 
September  vth  Jephthah  Satterthw1  alias  Gurnell 

xjth  James  Taylior  fil :   Xpo 
xviijth  John  Sands  fil :    Dauid 
code  die  George  Rigg  alias  Raven 
xxjth  Alice  Rawlinson  fil :   Wm : 
xxvth  Robert  Satterthw1    fil:   Thomae 
xxviijth   Mathew  Magson  fil :   ffrancisci 


October  xvjth  Margaret  Strickland  fil :   James 
code  die  Edward  Satterthw1  fil :    Thomae 

xxviijth   Agnes   Hopkin  fil :   Willim 
November  xiijth  Margaret  Dodgson  fil :  Thomae 

xiiijth  John  Rigg  fil :  Wm 
xxvijth  Ellin  ffrearsone  fil :  Wm 
December  xxiiijth  Edward  Sawrey  fil :   Wm 
January  ijth  Dorathie  Satterthw1  fil :   Jo : 
xxviijth  James   Braythw1  fil :   James 
ffebruarie  vjth   Jenett  Taylior  fil :    Wm  : 

xijth  Susana  Nicolson   fil :    Nathaniell 
xxth  Georg  Chamney  fil :   Wm 
eode  die  George  Asheburner   fil :   Adam 
xxvjth  Elsabeth  Satterthwait  fil :  Geo  : 
eode  die  Margaret  Satterthw1  fil :  Edw : 
xxvijth  WilTim   Mackereth  fil :  Edwini 
eode  die  Barbaric  Sawrey  fil  John 
March  xjth  Robert  Rawlinson  fil :  leonard 


March  xxvth  Margaret  Kirkby  fil :  Henry 
xxvijth  Isabell  Satterthwait  fil  John 
Aprill  vth  John   Hodgson 

ixth  Margaret  Taylior 

xixth    Richard   Banke  the  supposed  sonne  of  Jane 
May  ith  Robert  Satterthwait  fil:  Edw: 

iijth  uxr  Wm  :  Braythwait  fil :  Nichol 
viijth  Agnes  Braythwait  fil :  Wm 
June  viijth  Richard   Braythwait  de  Satterthwait 
July  xxijth  uxr  Xpo  :    Braythwait  de  Braythey 

eode  die  Richard  Rigg  de  Satterthw1  in  the  church 

xxvth  uxr  Xpo  :  Jacksone  de  Braythey 
August  xvijth  George  Sands  de  Satterthwait 
September  xxviijth  Isabell  Asheburner  fil :  Robti  in  the 


eode  die  puer  abort  Jo :   ffisher 
xxixth  puer  abort  Tho  :    Sands 


October  vjth  WillTm  Satterthwait  de  Newhouse  in  the 


xvjth  Willim  Sawrey  de  forse 
November  ixth  uxr  Edwyne  Rigge 

xth  Margaret  Scale  de  thwaitehead 
xixth  Jerome  Walker 
xxvth   puella  Jo  :    Suckmantle  abort 
xxxth  Abraham  Rigg  in  the  church 
December   iijth  uxr  Thomas   Scale 
eode  die  uxr  Thomas  Sawrey 
xxijth  Ellin  ffrearsone  fil :  Wm 
xxxth  Thomas  Keene  fil  :  James 
Januarie  xvth  Susana  ffrearsone 

xvth  Edward  Satterthw1  de  Coulthouse 

drowned  beneath  poole  stong 
ffebruary  xxijth  Dorathy  Satterthw1  fil :  John 
March  iijth  John  ffrearsone  de  Grysdall 

eode  die  a  daughter  of  Regnald  ffrearsone  in  templo 
xiijth  uxr  Richard  Kirkby  de  Hollinbanke 
xvijth  Barnard  Mackereth 
xxth  George  Townsone  de  Grysdall 


May  xvth   Rowland  Crosfield  &  Alice  Crowdsone 
June  xxxth  Edw :    Willsone  &  Isabell  Johnsone 
July  xxxjth  George  Rigg  &  Agnes  Robinsone 
August  vijth  Wm :  Chamney  &  Agnes  Sawrey 
xiiijth  ffrancis  Strickland  &  Agnes  Rigg 
September  iiijth   Wm  :   Jackson  &   Agnes  Walker 
November  vjth  Wm :   Chamney  &  Elsabeth  Rigg 
xxth  John  ffisher  &  Jenett  Atkinsone 
xxviijth  David  fflemeing  &  Margaret  Neelesone 
December  xxjth   M  William  Collyer  &  Alice  Holme 
Januarie  xvijth  Willim  Sawrey  &  Dorathie  Braithw1 
ffebruarie  ixth  Thomas  Barrow  &  Margaret  bigland 
eode  die  James  Braythwait  &  Jenett  Bigland 
Finis  hujus  Anni  1631 


BAPTIZATIONES     ANO     DOI     1632 

March  xxvth  Edward   Hirdsone  fil :  Jo : 
code  die  Thomas  Braythw1  fil :   Jo : 
code  die   Margaret  Kellatt  fil :    Xpo  : 
code  die  Edward  Braythwait  fil :  Wm 
code  die  John  Braythwait  fil :  James 
Aprill  xvth   Dorathie  Mackereth  fil :  Wm 
xvjth  Edward  Willsone  fil :  Edw : 
xixth  Josephe  Bentham  fil :  Geo  : 
xxiijth  Willim  Busher  fil :   Lanclott 
May  xth  George  Braythwait  fil :   Geo  : 
xiijtb  Edward  Rigg  fil :  Geo  : 
xxth   Margaret  Sawrey  fil :  Wm  de  Sawrey 
June  iiijth   Henry  Askew  fil :  James 

xjth  Lament  Banke  the  supposed  daughter  of  Geo : 
xvijth  Agnes   Satterthwait  fil :  Edw :  de  Braythey 
July  xxvijth  firancis  Sawrey  fil :  Anthonii  de  Hollinbanke 
August  vth   Mabell  Jacksone  fil :  Willimi 

xijth  Willim   Knype  fil :  Geo : 
code  die  Mabell  Mackereth  fil :  Geo : 

xxijth   Issabell  ffisher  fil :  Johis 
September  9th  Xpofer  Atkinson  fil :  Antho : 
code  die  Wm  Satterthw1  fil  :  Geo : 
code  die  Agnes  Taylior   fil :    Robti 
code  die  Margaret  Killner  fil :  Edw  : 

xjth  Henry  Vickares  fil :  Robti  de  Coniston 


xvjth  Thomas   Braythwait  fil :    Edw  : 
xxiijth  Rowland   Nicolson  fil :  Allani 
xxiiijth  Thomas  Townsone  fil :  John 
October  ith   Wm  Kirkby  fil  :  Henry 

vijth  Susanna  Sands  filia  Tho : 
xiiijth  wm  .  Satterthw1    fil :  Charles 
xxjth  Edward   Harrisone  fil :  Edwardi 
November  vth  James  Knype  fil :  Willim 

xjth  William   Sawrey  fil :  Willim  de  Sawrey 


xijth  Margaret  Knype  fil :  Jo : 
xxvth  Susana  Suckmantle  fil :  Jo : 
xxvjth  George  Knype  fil :    Peter 
December  3th  Jo :   Scale  fil :   Rowland  de  Whaitehead 

xxxjth  James  Braythw1  fil :  Wm  :  de  lonthw1 
January  xjth  Geo :  Kirkby  fil :   Mathew 

xiijth  Thomas  Washington  fil   Henry  an   Egiptian 
xiiijth  Isabell  Dixson  fil :  Johnis 
februarye  iijth  Elsabeth  Keene  fil :  Willimi 

xth  John  Knype  fil :  Arthuri 
code  die  Anne  Ashburner  fil :  Ric : 
xviijth  Agnes  Atkinsone  fil:  Xpo 
code  die  fTrancis  Banke  fil :  Ric  : 
eode  die  Margaret  Wattsone  fil :  Henry 

xixth  Margaret  Mackereth  fil :  Barnard 
March  iijth  Elsabeth  Dixsone  fil:  Arthure 

xjth  Charles  Satterthwait  fil :  dementi 
xvijth  Dorathye  Keene  fil :  James 
xxiiijth  Thomas  Banke  fil :  Willmi 
eode  die  Margaret  Sands  fil :  Willmi 


Aprill  ixth  puer  abort  Geo :  Rigg 

xxth  Geo :  Satterthwait  fil :  Edw  :  de  Coulthouse 
May  iijth  ffrancis   Middleton  fil  :  Ric 

vjth  Agnes  Taylior  fil :  Geo  :  in  the  church 
xjth  uxr  Richard  Sands  de  ffinsthwait 
xiijth  Myles  Bray th wait  de  hye  wrey 
xxvjth  Jenett  Tayliore  fil :  Willim 
June  ixth  Geo  :  Bray  th  wait  fil :  Geo  : 

xth  Thomas  Bray  th  wait  fil :  John 
xxth  Geo :  Asheburner  fil :  Adam 
July  vth  Edward  Willson  fil :  Edwardi 
xvjth   Mabell  Macereth  fil:  Barnard 
August  viijth   Dorathie  Sawrey  fil :  Myles 
September  6th  uxr  Jo  :  Taylior  in  the  church 
eode  die  Margaret  Dodgson   fil  :  Tho  : 


9th  Thomas  Robinson 
October  vth  Xpofer  Atkinson  fil :  Anthony 

xxijth   Margaret  Braythw1  de  Skellwth  in  the 

November  xth  William  Sawrey  de  Waterhead  in  the 


xxvjth  Wm  Walker  fil:  Regnald 
December  xiiijth   Susana  Strickland  fil :  Tho  :  in  the 


xxth  Mathew  Magson  in  the  church 
Januarie  iijth  Edward  Satterthw1  fil  :  Thomae 

xxth   Edward  Keene  fil :  Jacobi 
februarie  xxjth  Willim  Mackereth  fil :  Edwini 
March  iiijth  uxr  Wm  Mackereth 
xiijth   Nicholas  Turner 
xvjth  Dorathie   Walker 
xxiiijth  John  Magson  in  the  church 


Aprill  iiijth  William  Sands  &  Issabell  Poorrson 

Arthure  Richardson  &  Alice  Asheburner 
June  xxiijth  Wiflim  ffedder  &  Elsabeth  Garner 
July  14th  Robert  Lindow  &  Grace  Ayrey 
15th  ffrancis  Knype  &  Agnes  Sawrey 
22th  Richard  Pattison  &  Katherin  Troughton 
29'"  Robert  Walker  &  Ellin  ffawshood 
August  12th  Regnald  Walker  &   Isabell  Willson 

25th  Myles  Walker  &  Isabell  Sands 
Septembr  4th  Jo  :  Hunter  &  Elsabeth  Boulton 

13th  Anthony  Sawrey  and  Mabell  Jopson 
1 6th  Arthure  Knype  &  Rosamond  Tompson 

als  Sands. 
October  ith  John  Taylior  &  Agnes  Pennye 

iijth  Richard   Bower  &  Mabell  Dodgson 
February  xijth  Wm  Satterthw1  &  Agnes  Suert 
March  iijth  Christopher  Holme  &  Margaret  Walker 


BAP  1633 

March  xxvth   Thomas  Rigg  fil :  Robti 
xxxjth   Tho  :    Wright  fil :  Edw  : 
Aprill   xiiijth  Elsabeth   Holme  fil :  Georgii 

xvth   Elsabeth   Hodgson  fil  :   Jo : 
xxixth  John    Braythwait   fil :    Willim 
May  vth   Dorathie  Townsone  fil :  Jo : 
xixth  Christopher  Rigg  fil :    Clement 
xxth  Elsabeth  Ashburner  fil :  Adami 
June  ijth  Margaret  Tailior  fil :  Willim 
xth  Agnes  Borrwicke  fil :  George 
xvijth  Agnes  Satterthw1  fil  :   Clement 
July  xxjth  Dorathie  Satterthw*  fil  :  Willmi 
August  vth  Dorathie  Mackereth  fil :  Bryam 

xixth  Jo :    Braythw*  fil  :  Myles 
September  7th   Susanna  Dodgson  fil  :  Thomae 
xiijth   Robert  Braythwait  fi1  :  Ric : 
xxijth  Richard  Knype  fil :   ffrancisci 
xxvjth  Samuell  Sandes  fil  Miles  de  Grathw1 

Hall  * 

code  die  ffrancis  Satterthw1  fil :  Jo 
October  ijth  Jane  Rawlinsone  filia  Willimi 

ixth  Elizabeth   Rawlinson  fil :  Roberti 
xxijth  Elizabeth  Dodgson  fil :  Thomae 
xxiiijth  Ellin  Partingall  fil :  Emanuell 
xxviijth  Elsabeth  Sawrey  fil :  Anthonii 
xxxjth  Robert  Braithwait  fil:   Robert 
code  die  Ann   Braithwait  fil  Georgii 
November  xxjth  Margaret  Banke  fil :  Willim 
xxiiij*  Killner  fil  :  Wm  :  f 

xxviith  Margaret  Kirkby  fil :  Henrici 
xxxth   Dorathye  Nicholson  fil :  Nathaniel 
December  ixth   Siball  Taylior  fil :  Xpoferi 
xvth   Myles  Sawrey  fil :   Henrici 

*  "  de  Grathw*  Hall "  is  added  in  another  hand, 
f  No  Christian  name  given. 


code  die  Agnes  Satterthw*  fil :  James 
code  die  Elsabeth   Borrwicke  fil :  Geo  : 

xxxth  Agnes  Walker  fil  :  Xpoferi 
febr  xvijth  Wm  Satterthw1  fil:  Tho : 
March  xvjth   Margaret  Jackson  fil :  Wm 
xixth  George  Holme  fil  Michall 
xxiiijth  Thomas  Busher  fil :    Lanclott 

NUPTLE     1633 

July  7th  Edward  Scales  and  Agnes  Willsonn 
Septemb  15th  George  Dodshon  and  Agnes  Holme 
October  22  John  Rigg  and  Elisabeth  Braithw* 

xxxjth  Clement  Satterthw1  and  Katherine  Rigg 
November  xxjth  Robert  ffrearson  and  Issabell  Keene 
January  xixth   Robert  Garner  and  Margaret  Postlethwait 
xxiiijth   Martin  Penny  and  Alice  Naylor 
xxviijth  Anthony  Sawrey  and  Marie  Braithwait 
ffebruary  xiijth  William  Sands  and  Jenett  Borrwicke 

SEPULTURE     1633 

March  xxvj1*  John  Scales  fil :   Rowland 

xxxth  puell  abort  Robt  Walker  alias   Mackreth 
xxxjth  ux  George   Holme 
Aprill  xvth  William  Rigg's  wife 

xviijth   Issabell  Scale  fil :    Ric :   in  the  Church 
xixth  Edward  Benson  in  the  Church 
xxijth  puer  abort  George  Holme 
xxvth  George  Dodshon  fil :  George 
xxixth  Myles  Rigg  of  Sawrey 
eodem  die  Leonard  Oxenhouse  whoe  hanged  himselfe  in 

Nathaniell  Nicolsons  stable 
May  iijth  Issabell  Dixonn  fil :  John 
eodem  die  uxr   Thomas  Holme 
August  ixth  Agnes  Mackreth  fil   Bryan 

xxjth  ux  Richard  Tomlinson  de  Grysdall 
Septembr  xxth  ux  ffrancis  Banke  de  Coniston 
October  xxvijth  Clement  Townson  de  Satterthwait 


xxviijth  George  Kirkbye  in  the  Church 
Novembr  ith   Issabell  the  wife  of  Myles  Walker 

xxijth  puella  abort  George  Knype 
xxiiijth  ffrancis  Satterthwait  fil  Jo : 
xxxth  Joane  Atkinson  fil  Anthoni 
Decembr  viijth  puer  abort  Willm  Taylior 

xiijth  Katherine  Rigg  de  Churchstyle 
xxiiijth  Agnes  Rigg 
xxxjth   William  Penny  in  the  Church 
eodem  die  puer  abort  George  Rigg 
ffebruary  iiijth  Agnes  Holme  de  Grysdall 

vijth   Dorothie  Nicolson  fil  :    Nathaniell  in  the 

xxjth  puer   abort   Edward    Satterthwait   de 


xxiiijth  Thomas  Townson  de  Howe 
xxvjth  John  Sawrey  in  the  Chancell 
March  iijth  Myles  Sawrey  fil :    Henrie 

xth  ux  Thomas  Mackreth 
xvjth  Richard  Turner 
xxth  Thomas  Keene  de  Cowepke 
xxiijth   Issabell  the  wife  of  John  rfisher 


March  xxvth  William  Townson  fil :   Willm 
Aprill  xiiijth  Mabell  Crosfyeld  fil  James 

xxth  Dorothie  Townson  fil  William 
eodem  die  Katherine  Sawrey  fil :   Jo : 
Maye  xxvth  William  Rigg  fil   John 

xxvjth  Wiflm  Benson  fil  Robert 
June  ijth  John  Knype  fil  John 

xvth  Christopher  Wright  fil  Edward 
xxijth  Edwine  Mackereth    fil   Edwine 
July  ixth  Robert  Hirdson  fil  Robert 
xth  Marie  Walker  and  }  , 
Elisabeth  Walker  }  fil 
xiiijth   Marie  Dixonne  fil  Jo 


xxjth  Elisabeth  Hudleston  alias  Benson 
August  iijth  William   Braithwait  fil  Jo : 

xiijth  John   Hodshon  fil  Ric 
xviijth   Dorothie  Taylior  son   of  Xpofer  * 
xxiiijth   Dinah   Sands  fil  Thomas 

xxvth  Thomas   Mackreth  fil  Nicholas 
September  viijth   Sara  Benthan  fil  Geo 

xxvth  James  Braithwait  fil   Willm 
28th   Hester  Mackreth  fil  Robert 
xxixth   Dorothie  Rawlinson  fil  Robert 
October  viijth  William   Atkinson  fil  WilTm 
xijth   Marie  Sands  fil  David 
xixth  Agnes  Jackson  fil  Geo 
xxvjth   Elisabeth  Braithwait  fil   Will  junior  de 


code  die  Michaell  Suckmantle  fil  Jo  : 
November  ixth  John  Knype  fil  George 

code  die  Dorothie  Kellatt  fil   Xpofer 

xvjth  Christopher  Askewe  fil  James 
eodem  die  Margaret   Banke  fil  Willm  paup 
xxiijth  William    Satterthwait  fil   Clement 
xxxth  Rowland   ffrearson  fil  Robert 
code  die  Elisabeth  Braithwait  fil  Edw:  de  buske 
December  ith   Barbaric  Sawrey  fil  Willm 
code  die  John  Nicholson  fil  Thomas 
xxijth  Geo  :  Satterthw1  fil  William 
code  die  Robert  Nicholson  fil  Allan 
xxvij*  Ellin    Braithwait  fil  Willm 
January   vjth  Elisabeth  Rawlinson  fil  William 
code  die  Elisabeth  Knype  fil  Willm 
xixth  Hester  Sawrey  fil  Anthony 
xxvth  William  Braithwait  fil  James 
eodem  die  Ann   Strickland  fil  ffrancis 
ffebruary  ith  Geo  Satterthwait  fil  Edw  :  de   Braithey 
eodem  die  Willm   Mackreth  fil  Jo  : 

The  word  "son"  has  been  lined  out,  and  the  word  "fil"  written  above. 


xvjth   Ann   Braithwait  fil  Willm 
xxijth  Thomas    Braithwait   fil   Edw : 
code  die  George  Dixonne  fil  Arthure 
xxiiijth   Issabell  Mackreth  fil  Willm 
March  ith   Dorathye  Braithwait  fil  Geo : 
ijth  Elisabeth  Walker  fil  Willm 
ixth   Dorothye  fflemeing  fil  Myles 
xvjth   William  Satterthwait  fil :  Tho  : 
xvijth  Dorothye  Nicolson  fil  Nathaniell 
22    Agnes  Taylior  fil  Willm 

NUPTLE     1634 

May  ith   Rowland  Turner  and   Elisabeth   Braithw1 
June  vjth  William  Taylior  &  Rebecca  Arture 

xvth  Thomas  Dodshon  &  Issabell  Walker 
July  xxth   Edw :  Walker  and   Margaret  Willson 

August  xxxjth  Willm  Satterthwait  &  Elisabeth   Rawlinso 
Septembr   vijth  Willm  Braithwait  &  Elisabeth  Holme 
October  xxith  George  Braithwait  &  Ellin  Chanellhouse 

eodem  die  Robert  Bell  and  Jane  * 
November  vjth  William   Braithwait  &  Sibell  Mackreth 
ffebruary  ijth  Geo :  Holme  and  Agnes  Rigg 

March  xxvjth  George  Borwicke 
Aprill  ijth  William  Satterthwait  fil  Tho: 

viijth  ux  William  Rawlinson  in  the  Church 
xjth  William  Sawrey  in  the  Church 
xvth  ux  Edward   Mackreth  in  the  Church 
xxth  puell  abort  John   Sawrey 
xxjth  Ellin  Sawrey  fil  Myles 
xxiijth  Thomas   Studart  alias  Harrison 
xxixth  Elizabeth  Atkinson 
May  iijth  Katherine  Sawrey  fil  John 

xjth  Elisabeth  Dodshon  fil  Thomas 

*  No  surname  given. 


xxvjth   ux  George  Mackreth  de  Braithey 
xxviijth   Issabell  the  wife  of  Geo  :  Tomlinson 
June  iijth  John  Taylior  of  ffinstwait 

xxjth  the  wife  of  Edw :  Robinson  in  the  Church 
July  xth  ux   Robert    Hirdson 

xvjth   Issabell  Walker  fil  Myles 
xixth  Mary  Walker  fil  Myles 
August  ijth   Willm  Townson  fil  Willm 

xiijlh  Susanna  the  wife  of  Nicholas  Mac :  in  the 


xvijth  Jo  :  Jopson  son  of  Willm   in  the  Church 
xxvjth  puell  abort  James  Braithwait 
xxxth   Mabell  the  wife  of  Thomas  Strickland 
September  vijth   Elisabeth  Rawlinso  fil  Robert  in  the 

October  xijth  William  Rigg  of  Sawrey  in  the  Church 

xixth  ux  William   Rigg  de   Sawrey 
November  xxjth  ux  John   ffrearson  de  Grysdall 

xxxth  Clement  Rigg  de  field  head  in  the 

Decembr         Elisabeth   Hodshon  fil  Robert 

xjth  Alice  the  wife  of  Mr.    Willm   Collyer   in   ye 


xijth  John  Nicolson  fil  Thomas 
xiijth   Rowland  ffrearson  fil  Robert 
xxvjth  Christopher  Sands  de  fouldeyate  in  the 


eodem  die  Margaret  the  wife  of  John   Satterthw1 
January  vth  Anne  Townson 

xxth   puer  abort   Willm   Taylior 
xxiijth  Thomas    Rigg   de    Churchstyle   in    ye 


xxiiijth  Tho :  Mackreth  de  Satterthw1 
ffeb  :  iijth  Ric  Kirkbye  de   Hollinbanke 
iiijth  Geo :  Dodshon  fil  John 
xjth  Elisabeth  Braithwait  fil  Willm 
March  vijth   Richard  Parke  borne  in  Torver 


xth  Christopher  Rigg  fil   Clement  in  ye  Church 
code  die  puell  abort  William   Sands 

xx  Regnald  ffrearson  de  Grysdalle 
xxjth  puer  abort  sine  patre  noto 


March  xxvjth  Agnes   Satterthwait  fil  Edward 

xxxth  William   Dodshon  fil  Thomas 
code  die  Agnes  Braithwait  fil  Edw  : 
Aprill  vth  ffrancis  Bateman  fil  Willm 
code  die  Elisabeth   Mackreth  fil   Barnard 

vjth   Hester  Sawrey  fil  Henrye 
xiijth  Myles   Sawrey  fil   Myles 
xixth   Agnes   Penny  fil  Richard 
xxvjth  Geo :  Braithwait  fil   Willm 
xxvijth  Margaret  Dodshon  fil  George 
eodem  die  Jo  :  Harrison  fil  Edwardi 
May   ith   Robert  Taylior  and   j    fil  Robert 

Margaret   Taylior       ) 
ixth   Margaret    Braithwait  fil  Wiffm 
xixth  Richard  Wilson  alias  Hodshon 
June  iiijth  Elisabeth  Atkinson    fil   Anthony 

xiiijth  Elisabeth  Dodshon  fil  John 
eodem  die  Alice  Suert  fil  Jo  : 

xxiijth  Thomas  Willson  fil  John 
July  iijth  Mabell  Jopson  fil  William 

xixth  Geo:  Rigg  fil  George 
code  die  Geo  :  Braithwait  fil  Willm 

xxvijth   Laurence  Braithwait  fil  Tho  : 
eodem  die  Nathaniell   Magson  fil  ffranc 
August  iijth  Issabell  Rigg  fil  George 

code  die  Rowland  ffleemeing  alias  Rawlinson 

xth   Issabell  Keene  fil  Willm 
Septembr  xviijth  Agnes   Braithw  fil    Will 

xxiiijth  William  Knype  fil  Arthur 
xxxth   Michaell  Holme  alias  Knype 
October  vth  Geo :  Mackreth  alias  Richardson 


viijth  Agnes  Satterthwait  fil  Clem1 
xjth   Issabell  Mackreth  fil  Geo : 
xxij^  WiTim  Braithwait  fil  Wifilm 
code  die  Robt :  Walker  fil  Myles 
November  the  ixth  Margaret   Braithwait  fil  Geo  : 

xxixth  John  Tomlinson  fil  John 
eodem  die  Susan  Holme  fil  Geo : 
December  ith   Ellin  Mackreth   fil   Arthure 

Xth   Agnes   ffisher   fil   John 
xiijth  James   ffrearson   fil   Robert 
xxiiijth  Elisabeth  Sands  fil  Samuellis 
xxviijth  Agnes  Willson  fil  Richard 
January  xxvth  Myles  Walker  fil  Regnald 
xxxjth  Geo :  Atkinson  fil  Willmi 
ffebruary  vith  Thomas  Atkinson  fil  Xpofer 
vijth  Christopher  Sands  fil  Myles 
eodem  die  Willm  Satterthwait  fil  Ja: 
xiijth  Ann  Rawlinson  fil  Robert 
xvth  Agnes  Sands  fil  Willm 
xxvth  Agnes  Holme  fil  Regnald 
March  vjth  Ellenor  Braithwait  fil  James 

vijth  Dorothye  Asshburner  fil  Adam 
Xth  John  Asshburner  fil  Ric: 
xiiijth  Elisabeth  Strickland  fil  James 
xxth  Agnes  Holme  fil   Michaell 
xxjth   Margaret  Scales  fil  Rowland 
xxiijth  Elisabeth  Kirkbye  fil  Henrye 

NUPTLE  1635 

May  xxvth  John  Willson  &  Margaret  Brockbankc 

iiijth   Arthure  Mackreth  &  Margaret  Mackreth 
July  xijth  John  Woodburne  &  Elisabeth  Sands 

xxiijth  Edward  Braithwait  &  Issabell  Brathw 
eodem  die  James  ffell  &  Mabell  Satterthw1 
eodem  die  John  Holme  &  John  Woodburne  (sic) 
August  ijth  Edw:  Rigg  and  Agnes  Rigg 
xvjth  Regnald  Sands  &  Ellin  Scales 


Septembr  iijth   Willm  Benson  &  Agnes  Braithwait 
October  xvth   Thomas  Benson  &  Elisabeth  Sawrey 

xviijth  William  Sawrey  &  Thomasin  Strickland 
code  die  Richard  Willson  &  Agnes  Scales 
November  xxixth  Will :  Satterthw1  &  Mary  Rawlinson 
January  xxiiijth  John  Sawrey  and  Dorothy  Braithw* 
ffebruary  vijth  Will :  Geernodd  &  Agnes  Taylior 

xxvth   Mathewe  Banke  &  Elisabeth  Dodsho 


March  xxvjth  puer  abort  David  Sandys  yonger 

xxx      ux  Geo:  Sands  in  the  Church 
May  ijth  Robert  Taylior 

iiijth  William  Braithwait  in  the  Church 
eodem  die  Margaret  Taylior  fil  Robert 

vijth  John  Townson 
xiiijth  Alice  Watterson 
xxth  Agnes  Satterthw1  fil  Tho : 
xxijth  James  Holme  fil  Geo 
xxixth  William  Braithw1  de  Stotpke  in  Church 
June    iijth  William  Killner 

xixth  Jennett  the  wife  of  Thomas  Rigg 
xxvjth  Elisabeth  Rigg  fil  Willm 
July  xxvjth  ux  Thomas  Townson 

xxxth  Ric  Sands  of  ffmstwait 
August  xjth   Nathaniell  Magson  fil  ffranc  in  the  Church 

xijth  Richard  Burrey 
Sept  xxiijth  Geo:   Dixon  fil  Arthure 
October  ixth  William  Satterthw*  fil  Tho  : 

xiiijth  Robert  Brai :  of  Skellwith  in  ye  Church 
xxijth  Sibell  the  wife  of  Willm  Braithwait  in  the 


xxxth  puell  abort  Leonard  Askewe 
November  iijth  ux  Leonard  Askew  in  the  Church 

vth  William  Satterthw1  fil  Clem1. 
xvth  ux  Richard  Penny  in  the  Church 


xxvth  puell  Geo  :  Rigg 
xxixth  Rowland  fflemeing  alias  Rawlinson 
December  xiiijth  ux  William  Braithwait 
January  vij      Henrie  Banke 
ffebruary  vjth  ux  Geo  :  Braithwait  in  the  Church 

xjth  ux  Myles  Sawrey  in  the  Church 
xviijth  ux  James  Rigg  de   Sawrey 
xxvth   Henrye  Askew  fil  James  in  the  Church 
March  xijth  John  Askewe  fil  James  in  the  Church 

xiijth  Christopher  Taylior  eldest  in  the  Church 
xixth  Dorothye  Sands  fil  Tho : 
xxiiijth  Dorothye  Kellat  fil  Xpofer 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOM     1636 

Aprill  iijth  William  Rigg  fil  Clement 
iiijth  Elisabeth   Sawrey  fil  John 
xth  Thomas  Walker  fil  Xpofer 
May  ijth  John  Sawrey  fil   Anthony 
xxixth   Michaell  Willson  fil  John 
June  ijth  Agnes  Benson  alias  Dodshon 

xiijth  Elline  Taylior  fil  Xpofer 
xxvijth  Dorothy  Mackreth  fil  Nic 
July  iij     James  Braithwaite  fil  Edward 
iiij     Myles  Rigg  fil  Willm 
vjth  Margarett  Benson  fil  Willm 
xvijth  Emmott  Dodshon  fil  Thomas 
August  14     George  Benson  fil  Tho: 

xxijth  George  Braithwait  fil  Geo : 
xxvjth   Mary  Taylior  fil  Willm 
September  xiiijth  James  Satterthwait  fil  Willm 

xxvjth  Elisabeth  Kirkby  alias  fountaine 
October   xvjth  WilTm  Rigg  fil  Edward 

xxiiijth  Willm  Bowes  fil  Mr  Bowes 
Novembr     Cicily  Walker  fil  Gyles 
December  vth  Willm  Townson  fil  Jo  : 
xiiijth  Jennett  Knype  fil  fifranc 
xviijth  Edwyne   Sandys  fil  Samuell 


xxjth  Ann  Tompson  fil  John 
xxvth  Jane  Mackrth  fil  Arthure 
January    iijth  John  Suckmantle  fil  Jo  : 

xvjth  Myles  Braithwait  fil   Myles 
xviijth  Jane  Kellatt  fil  Xpofer 
xxixth  Agnes  Knype  fil  Geo  : 
xxxth  Grace  Knotts  fil  James 
ffebruary   vth  Robert  Braithwait  fil  WiUm 
code   die   Xpofer  Rigg  fil  George 
xxvijth  Elisabeth  and     ") 

Issabell  ffisher    )    ] 
xxviijth  Susann   Sands  fil  Myles 

NUPTLE     1636 

June   xxxth  William  Banke  and  Margarett  Ba  .  .  . 
July   iijth  John  Towers  and  Jennett  Dodshonn 
xth  William  Benson  and  Margarett  Rigg 
xvijth  William  Jackson  and  Elisabeth  Mackreth 
xxjth  ffrancis  Benson  and  Dorothy  Braithw1 
xxiiijth  George  Knype  and   Issabell  Walker 
October  xvjth  Bryann   Benson  &  Margarett  Mackreth 
xxiijth  Willm   Satterthw'  and  Ellene  Satterthw1 

November  xiijth  Anthony  Satterthw*  and  Elisabeth * 

xxxth  George   Turner  and  Elsabeth  Gurnell(?) 


Aprill  xvijth  Elisabeth  Kirkbye  fil  Henrye 
xixth  George  Killner  fil  Willm 
xxth  Marie  Braithwaite  fil  Thomas 
xxxth   Henrie  Kirkbye  wife  in  the  church 
eodem   die   George  Braithwait  fil  Willm 
May   iith  WilTm  Braithwaite  fil  WilTm 

vjth  Christopher  Sands  fil  Myles  in  the  Church 
eodem  die  puella  abort  John  Holme 

viijth  Margarett  Dodshon  fil  George 

*  Edge  of  leaf  frayed  away. 


ixth  Ann  Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
xijth  Thomas  Tomlinson  fil  John 
xviijth   William  Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
xxixth  Willm  Mackreth  fil  John 

June  ijth  Elisabeth  Sands  filia  Xpoferi  in  the  Church 
iiijth  Elisabeth  Townson  son  of  Willm 

xth  William  Rigg  son  of  John 
xijth  Elisabeth  Mackreth  fil  Barnard 
xixth  Willm  Townson  fil  John 
eodem  die  Edward  Harrison  filius  Edward 

xxth  puell  abort  Robert  Taylior 
xxijth  Agnes  Holme  fil   Regnald 
eodem  die  Agnes  ffisher  fil  John 

xxvth  Cicily  the  wife  of  Barnard  Mackreth 
xxvijth   Susanna  Suckmantle  fil  John 
July  iiijth  Thomas  Harrison  filius  Edward 
vjth   Michaell  Suckmantle  filius  John 
eodem  die  Willm   Satterthwait  fil  Clement 

vijth  ux  George  Walker  de  Coulthouse 
xjth  Elisabeth  Strickland  fil  James 
xijth  ux  Willm  Holme  in  the  Church 
eodem  die  puer  abort  Willm   Sawrey 

xvth  James  Taylior  fil  Richard  de  Lending 

drowned  by  a  boate  in  windermere  water 
xxiiijth  George  Holme  miller 
eodem  die   Myles  Braithwaite  de  Highe  wrey 

xxvth  Thomasin  the  wife  of  Willm  Sawrey  in  Church 
xxviijth  Edward  Willsonn 
August  iijth  uxr  George  Holme 

xvth   Christopher   Satterthwait  fil  James  in  Church 
xixth  Christopher  Holme  fil  Mic  in  Church 
xxth  John  Sawrey  filius  Anthony 
xxxjth  Agnes  Holme  filius  Michaell 
September  iijth   Hester  Walker  fil  Regnald  in  Church 
xviijth  ux  Richard  Taylior 
xxiiijth  Emmott  Bounas 


October  ijth  James  Satterthwait  fil  Willm 

iijth   Issabell  Jackson  in  the  Church 
vijth  ux  James  Knype 
ixth  Dorothye  Braithwait  fil  WilTm 
xvjth  Willm  Braithwait  de  Grysdall 
November  xjth  Mabell  Robinson  in  the  Church 

xvjth  ux  Thomas  Benson  in  the  Church 
xvijth  ux  Robert  Braithwait  de  Braithey 
xxviijth  George  Walker 
eodem  die  Dorothy  Mackreth  fil  Nic  : 
December  iiijth   Agnes  Satterthwaite  fil  Edward 
vth  George  Holme 

xth  ux  Rowland  Braithwaite  in  the  Church 
xjth  Agnes  Blumer  in  the  Church 
xxth  Richard  Hodshon  in  the  Church 
xxxjth  December  Margarett  ffisher 
January  5th  John  Suckmantle  films  John 

vjth  Richard  Taylior 
viijth  John  Holme  in  the  Church 
xijth  Myles  Sawrey  films  Willm  in  the  Church 
ffebruary  xth  Barnard  Mackreth 
March  ixth  George  Braithw  fil  Wifim 

xxiiijth   Issabell  the  wife  of  Mr.   Magson  in  the 


April  ixth  William  Holme  filius  John 

xth  Agnes  Mackreth  filius  Barnard 
xvijth  John  Braithwaite  fil  John 
May  ith  Elisabeth  Satterthwait  fil  Clement 

vij     George  Braithwait  fil  Willm 
xiiijth   Issabell  Townson  filius  WilTm 
xxjth  Robert  Harrison  alias  Lowkland 
June  xviijth  Jennett  Satterthwait  filius  Willm 
eodem   die   George  Dodshon  filius  George 
xxvth  Margaret  Mackereth  fil   Edwine 


July   ith  John  Askew  fil  James 

vth  George  et  Samuell  Mackreth  fil  Regnald 
xxth  William  Holme  fil  Michaell 
xxjth  Margarett  Sands  fil   Oliver 
xxiijth  ffrancis  Sawrey  fil   Willm 
xxiiijth  Willm  Hodshon  fil   Richard 
August  ixth  Elisabeth  Satterthwaite  fil  Edward 
xij*  John  Satterthwaite  fil  John 
xiijth  Ellene  et  Agne  Sands  fil  Dauid 
xxth   Issabell  fforrest  fil  Edward 
xxvijth  Rowland  Tomlinson  fil  Willm 
xxviijth  Edward  Braithwaite  fil  George 
September   xth  Margarett   Higgin  fil  Richard 
xxjth  Willm  Holme  fil  Edward 
xxvth  Jane  Holme  fil   Regnald 
eodem    die   Ann  Rawlinson  fil  Willm 
October  xvth  Ellene  Taylior  filia  Robert 

xxij     Thomas  Satterthwait  fil  Thomas 
xxixth   Barnard  Benson  fil  Bryam 
November  xxvjth  James  Braithwaite   fil  Willm 
eodem   die   Christopher  ffisher  fil  John 

xxxth  Samuell  Nicolson  fil  Nathaniell 
code   die   Barbary  Sawrey  fil  Henrye 
January   ith  Jennett  Knype  fil  George 
eodem   die   Ann  Taylior  fil  Willm 

ixth  Dorothye   Knype  filia  Petri 
xviijth  Clement   Satterthwaite  filius  Clement 
xxviijth  Jane  Rawlinson  filia  Robert 
ffebruary  iiijth  Agnes  fflemeinge  fil  John 
vth  John  Braithwaite  fil  WiUm 
xjth  Salomon  Sandys  fil  Samuell 
eodem  die  Willm  Taylior  fil  Willm 

xviijth   Robert  Braithwaite  fil  George 
March  vth  William  Knype  fil  Willm 

xjth  Christopher  Atkinson  fil  Willm 
xiiijth  Edward   Satterthwaite  fil  Clem1 
xvjth  Elisabeth  Strickland  fil  James 


Aprill  xxxth  John  fflemeing  &  Elisabeth  Barrowe 
May  vijth  Thomas  Satterthwaite  &  Margarett  Braithw1 
July  ijth   Thomas  Watson  &  Margaret  Benson 
August  vjth  George  Roberts  and  Elisabeth  Scales 
September  xvijth  James  Keene  &  Elisabeth  Dixonn 
October  xth  Willm  Braithwaite  &  Barbary  Sawry 

xvth  John  ffisher  &  Katherine  Braithw1 
xxixth  Roger  Walker  and  Dorothy  Holm 
November  ijth  Thomas  Benson  &  Issabell  Keene 
vijth   Robert  Taylior  &  Mary  Assburner 
ixth   Roger  ffell  &  Issabell  Taylior 
xxviijth  James  Birket  &  Hester  Sands 

Aprill  xvth  John  Braithwaite  de  Sawrey 
eodem  die  George  Satterthwaite  fil  Edward 

xxth  Towsie   or    Balthazer  Puthpker  in  the  Church 
xxjth  Willm  Rigg  in  ye   Church 
July  iiijth   Margaret  Banke  filia  Roberte 

xviijth   Robert  Satterthwaite  in  the  Church 
xxvth   Elline  Braithwaite  fil  James 
xxvijth  uxr  George  Taylior  de   Ploumegreene  in  the 

Church,  killed  by  a  bull 
Auguste  vijth  uxr  Charles  Taylior 

xiiijth  Alice  Robinson  fil  Edward 
xxxth   Elisabeth    Satterthwait   fil    Edward 
September  iijth  Agnes  Newtonn  de  Skellwith 

viijth  Edward   Taylior   de  Watersyde 
eodem    die   Agnes  Sandys  fil   Dauid 
xxjth  Ellene  Sandys  fil   Dauid 
xxvth  Elisabeth    Satterthwaite  fil  Clem1 
xxixth   Issabell    Rigg  fil  John 
October   vijth  Anthony   Walker 

xxijth   Margarett    Banke   fil    Richard 
November   ith  William    Holme   fil    Edward 
viijth  William    Sawrey   fil   Anthony 


xjth  uxr   fifrancis   Knype  de  Coniston 
xijth  puell  abort  George   Holme 
xxjth  puella   abort   George   Jacksonn 
xxvjth   wife   of  Edward    Braithw1   in   Church 
December    ith  Robert   Wilson   de   Crosslands 
January   ith  Edward  Mackreth  fil  Edwine 
ijth  queene  of  Clappersgate 
iijth  puell  abort  Richard   Penny 
vjth  John  Satterthwaite  filius  John 
xiijth   Sibell    Braithwaite   in   the   Church 
xxvijth  uxr   Edward    Satterthw1   in    Church 
xxviijth   Richard    Banke   of  Coniston 
ffebruary  vjth  Wilfm   Satterthw1  of  Sawrey  in  Church 
xvth  William    Taylor   fil   William 
xxth  a  Creple  from  ffieldhead 
xxjth  puella   abort   Thomas    Satterthw1 
March   jth   Samuell    Mackreth   fil    Regnald   in  Church 
iijth  Wilfm  Satterthwt  de  Coulthouse 
finis   hujus   Anni    1637 


March  xxvjth  Agnes  Harrison  fil  Edward 

eodem  die  Agnes  Holme  fil  George 
Aprill  ith  Dorothye  Sawrey  fil  Myles 
viijth  Ellener  Benson  fil  Robert 
xvth  Edward  Sawrey  fil  Anthony 
xvjth  William  Braithwaite  fil  Edward 
xxijth  Ellene  ffisher  fil  John 
xxxth   Grace  Mackreth  fil  Willm 
June  xxjth  John  Dodgson  fil  Thomas 

xxiiijth  John  Satterthwaite  filius  James 
July  xjth  Thomas  Keene  filius  James 
August  ixth  Thomas  Sands  filius  fifrancis 
eodem  die  Thomas  Assburner  filius   Adam 

xijth  George  Knype  filius  Arthure 
xxvijth  John  Satterthwaite  fil  Anthony 


September  ijth  Issabell  Holme  fil  George  de  Arnesyde 
xijth  Balthazer  Puthpker  films  Symond 
xvjth  Margarett  Sands  fil  Thomas 
xvijth  William  Wilson  fil  John 
xxixth  Dorothye  Braithwaite  fil  George 
October  xxjth   Issabell  Turner  filius  George 

xxijth  Margaret  Braithwaite  fil  James 
November  xxth  Will :  Jackson  filius  George 

xxvth   Hester  Walker  fil  Christopher 
December  ijth   Michaell  Dixonn  fil  Arthure 
eodem  die  Elisabeth  Sawrey  fil   Anthony 

xxvijth  Cicily  Mackreth  fil  George 
January  ith   Susanna  Satterthwaite  fil  John 
eodem  die   Elisabeth  Atkinson  fil  George 

vjth  Agnes  Rigg  fil  Edward 
eodem  die  Margaret   Satterthwaite  fil  Clem1 
ffebruary  iijth  George  Rigg  filius  Clement 
xxiiijth  Issabell  Tomlinson  fil  John 
xxvijth  Agnes   Benson  fil  Willm 
March  ijth   Marye  Warde  filia  Robert 
iiijth   Mabell   Benson  fil  Bryan 
vijth  Dorothye  Grigg  fil  Arthure 
xth  John  Suerte  fil  John 
March  xjth  Dauid  Walker  fil  Regnald 

xvijth  Gyles   Walker  fil   Gyles 
eodem  die  Elisabeth  Knype   fil  George 
eodem  die  Elisabeth  Walker  fil  Roger 
eodem  die  Agnes  Robinson  fil   Eduard 
eodem  die  Myles  Dickson  filius  John 
xxth  Thomas  Taylior  fil  Xpofer 
eodem  die  Xpofer  Sands  fil   Regnald 

NUPTI,E    ANNO     1638 

Aprill  xxijth  Arthure  Grigg  &  Jane  Keene 
June  xth  William  Sawrey  and   Hester  Sands 
xxiiijth  Edward  Robinson  &  Issabell  Tomlinson 
xxvth   Myles   Harrison   and   Emmott   Braithw 


xxvijth  Cuthbert  Dodgson  &   Dorothye  Benson 
July   viijth  Thomas  Sands  and  Ellene  Knype 

xjth  John  Satterthw  and  Dorothye  Benson 
November  xiiijth  George  Braithwaite  &  Margarett  Braithw 
xxvth  Charles  Williamson  &   Issabell   Holme 


March  xxvth  Robert   Braithwaite  fil  George 

xxvjth  puella  aborta  George   Holme 
A  prill  vjth   puer  et  puella  abort  Edward   Satterthwaite 
xiijth  Christopher  Kellatt 
xvjth  Margaret  Scale  fil  Rowland 
xvijth  George   Benson  fil  Arthure  in  ye  Church 
xixth  uxr  Edward   Barrowe  nup  de  Cartmell 
xxixth  George  Mackreth  fil   Regnald  in  ye  Church 
May   vth  John  Harrison  fil  John 

xxijth  uxr  Christopher  Holme  in  the  Church 
June   vjth  puella  abort  Willm  Braithwaite 
September   iijth  uxr  William  Taylior 
xxixth  uxr  Nicolas  Turner 

October   xxjth   Rowland    Scale   de   Thwaiteheade 
xxij      Thomas   Keene   fil   James 
xxixth   uxr  Clement   Rigg   in   the   Church 
November   xvth  uxr  William   Walker 

xxvjth  uxr  John    Blumer 
December   ith  John   Rigg   de   highewrey 

xxjth  uxr  Robt   Taylior   de  Ploumegreene   in 


January   iijth  Agnes   Townson   fil   Willm   in   templo 
ffebruary   xvjth  William    Satterthwaite   in   the   Church 

xixth  Ellene   Jopson 
xxvijth  uxr  Anthony   Higgin 
March   ixth   Richard    Higgin 

XXth   uxr  Christopher   Taylior   in   the   Church 
xxijth  puella   abort   Cuthbert   Hodgshon 
finis   hujus   Anni    1638 



Aprill   ith  William  Banke  fil  Wilfm 
eodem   die   Mary  Strickland  fil  Thomas 

ijth  Mabell  Atkinson  fil  Anthony 
xxjth  Margaret  Mackreth  fil  Regnald 
May   vth  William  Braithwaite  and   }         -     . 

Robert  Braithwaite  filii     j 
eodem  die  Thomas  Rigg  fil  John 
eodem  die  Barbary  Sawrey  fil  John 

xijth  Margarett  Sands  fil  Dauid 
June  ixth  John   Braithwaite   fil   Willm 

xviijth  Ellenor  Satterthwaite  fil   Edward 
xxxth  William   Braithwaite  fil   Willm 
eodem   die   Barbary   Benson  fil  Thomas 
July  xxijth  Samuell   Sands  fil   Oliuer 
August  vth  Katherine  Braithwaite  fil   Thomas 
xviijth  Edward   Braithwaite   fil   Willm 
xxiiijth  Myles  ffrearson   fil   Robert 
xxvth  Robert  Taylior  fil   Willm 
September  xvth  Elisabeth  Holme  fil   Michaell 
xvjth  Issabell  Knype  alias  Storie 
xxjth  William  Braithwaite  fil  Geo : 
xxiijth  Myles  ffisher  fil  John 
October  ijth  Elisabeth  Atkinson  fil  Xpofer 
vijth  Edward   Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
eodem  die  Hodshon  fil  Jeoffrey* 

xiijth  Issabell  Keene  fil  James 
xviijth  Anne  Wrighte  fil  Edward 

xxth  Thomas  Gamlion  fi  fTrancis 
xxviijth  William  Crosfyeld  fil  James 
November  xth  William  Dawson  fil  John 
December  vth  Susanna  Bowes  fil  John 
January  xijth  Thomas  Sands  fil   Samuell 
eodem  die  Issabell   Bateman  fil  Will : 
xxvjth  Agnes  Atkinson  fil  WilTm 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


ffebruary  ixth  William  Dodshon  fil  George 
xvjth  Anthony  Knype  fil  ffranc 
xxjth   Elisabeth  Banke  fil   Willm 
xxijth  Margarett   Braithwait  fil  John 
xxiijth  Elisabeth   Rawlinson  fil  Robert 
eodem  die  Myles  Mackreth   fil    Nicolas 
eodem  die  Agnes  Willson  fil  John 
March   ith  Thomas  Benson  fil  Willm 
eodem  die  Margarett  Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
viijth  Anthony  Sawrey  fil  Willm 
xvth  Edward  Sawrey  fil   Willm 
eodem  die  Agnes  Mackreth  alias  Dixonn 


June   xxxth  JeofTrey   Hodgson  &   Elisabeth   Holme 
September   xvth  Richard   Kellatt  &  Elisabeth  Townson 
October   xxth  Anthony  Higgin  &  Issabell  Wilson 
November   vth  John  Postlethwaite  &  Mary  Sands 

xxiiijth  Rowland  Townson  and   Barbary  Rigg 
January    xxvjth  John  ffrearson  &  Margarett  Sands 

xxixth  Thomas   Higgin  &  Katherine  Sands 
Md  that  in  the  said  yeare  in  Sumer  tyme 

John  Robinson  and  Margarett  Rigg 
William  Braithw1  and  Elisabeth  Sawrey 
John  Longmyre  and  Issabell  ffrearson 
were  all  marryed  oute  of  this  pyshe 

SEPULTURE     ANNO     DOMI     1639 

March  the  xxixth  Anthony  Satterthwaite  in  templo 
Aprill    ijth  uxr  George  Braithwaite  in  templo 
May   iiijth  William  Taylior  de  Satterthwaite 

viijth  Edward  Satterthwaite  in  templo 
eodem  die  uxr  John  Braithwaite  in  templo 
xth  Lyonell  *  Braithwaite  fil  Thomas 

xvjth  George  Satterthwaite  de  Thwaite  mosse 

xixth  Agnes  Rigg  fil  Robert 

*  "Lyonell"  is  inserted  in  another  hand. 


June   viijth  William  Taylior  de  finstwaite  in  templo 

1 6th  Thomas  Taylior  fil  Xpofer 
eodem  die  John   Suert  fil  John 

xxixth  James  Strickland  fil  Tho  :  in  templo 
July  iiijth  John  ffisher  fil  John 

xviijth  fil  aborta  Edward  Holme 
xixth  John  Satterthwaite  fil  Antho :  in  templo 
xxvijth  uxr  Rowland  Scale 
August  viijth  uxr  Christopher  Rigg  in  templo 

xxijth  puell  abort  Arthure  Mackreth 
xxiiijth  puer  abort  Robert  ffrearson 
September  ith  Robert  Taylior  fil  Wilfm 

xxvijth  John  Wilson  de  Crosselands 
October  xxvth  Elsabeth  the  wife  of  George  Braithw' 

de    Tockhowe   killd    with   the    fall   of  a 
November  xvijth  John  Satterthwaite  fil  George 

xviijth  Regnald  Walker  Junior  in  the  Church 
December  viijth  John  Dodgson  fil  Thomas 

xiiijth  uxr  John  Kirkbye  de  Rusland 
xxvijth  uxr  Rowland  Taylior  in  the  Church 
xxixth  ffrancis  Banke  in  the  Church 
xxxjth  George    Braithwaite    son    of  Geo :    in 

January  xvijth  William  Rigg  pyper 

xviijth  Robert  Braithwaite  fil  Wifim 
xxiijth  puer  abort  Willm  Taylior  de  finstwaite 
xxiiijth  Willm  Braithwaite  fil  George 
eodem  die  uxr  John  Taylior  de  ffinstw1  in  Church 

xxixth  Willm  Jackson  in  the  Church 
ffebruary  vth  Susanna  Satterthwaite  fil  John 
eodem  die  Jane  Banke  fil  Richard 

xijth  Jennett  Taylior 
xvijth  puell  abort  James  Braithwaite 
xxjth  puell  abort  Arthure  Mackreth 
March  vjth  Elisabeth  Sawrey  fil  Anthony 
xxth  Elisabeth  Mackreth 


eodem  die  Mabell  Turner 
xxijth  Margarett    Holme 

finis  hujus  Anni   1639 

Registered  by  George  Rigg  as  followeth  * 


March  xvth  Susana  Satterthwaite  fil  John 
Aprill  5th  Thomas  Townson  fil  Rowland 

vjth  Dorothye  Braithwaite  fil  William 
eodem  die  Richard  fforest  fil  Edward 

vijth  Agnes  Braithwaite  Suposed  fil  James 
xijth  Margarett  Rigge  fil  George 
xixth  Mary  Satterthwaite  fil  John 
May  ith  James  Mackreth  fil   Edwine 

xjth  George  Holme  fil  Geo :  de  Arnesyde 
June  xiiijth  Issabell   Mackreth  fil  Barnard 
xvjth  William  Rawlinson   fil  Willm 
xxth  William  Braithwaite  fil  George 
eodem  die  George  Satterthwaite  fil  George 
July  vtb  Samuell  Satterthwaite  fil  John 
xxvth  Richard  Hodgson  fil  Cuthbert 
August  xxvjth  George  Braithwaite  fil  Edward 
September  vjth  Margaret  Townson  fil  Willm 

xxjth  Henery  Askewe  fil  James 
eodem  die  John  Turner  fil  Willm 

xxvth  Thomas  Suckmantle  fil  John 
xxxth  John  Dixon  alias  Brockbanke 
October  vth  George  Braithwaite  fil  Willm 

xxiiijth  Issabell  Assburner  fil  Adam 
eodem  die  Elisabeth  alias  Hudson  f 

November  iijth  Thomas  Knipe  fil  Arthure 

eodem  die  Dorothye  Satterthwaite  fil  Thomas 
ixth  Margarett  Rigge  fil  George 

*  This  is  the  first  time  the  registrar  is  mentioned.     The  handwriting  changes 
here,  and  the  ink  is  much  faded, 
f  The  first  surname  omitted. 


xxth  John  Knipe  fil  Wi¥m 
xxijth  Edward    Harrison   fil   Edward 
November  xxvjth  Samuell  Wright  fil  Edward 

xxxth  Samuell  Sands  fil  ffrancis 
September  vjth  John  Nickolson  fil  Nathaniell 

vijth  Robert  Kellatt  fil  Richard 
eodem  die  Margarett  Dodshon  alias  Sands 

xxth  Ellenor  Benson  fil  Bryam 
xxxth  Rich  Holme  and  Thomas  Holme  fil 

January   vjth  William  Walker  fil  Gyles 

xxxjth  Margarett  Keene  fil  William 
ffebruary   vijth  Barbary  Braithwaite  fil  Willia 
xiiijth  Thomas  Tayler  fil  William 
xvjth  Issabell   Mackreth  fil  Arthure 
xxjth  George  Assburner  fil  Richard 
xxviijth  Thomas  Hodgson  fil  Richard 
March  xvth  William  Sawrey  fil  Anthony 
xxijth  Marye  Turner  fil   Henery 


June  xvjth  Christopher  Riggc  and   Elisabeth  Rigge 
July  xijth  William  Mackreth  and  Agnes  Benson 

xxvjth  Robert  Rigge  and  Elisabeth  Satterthwaite 
eodem  die  Robert  Rigge  and  Ann  Kirkby 
August   xxiijth  George  Rigge  and  Elisabeth  Satterthwaite 

eodem  die  James  Holme  and  Elisabeth  Sawrey 
December  viijth  Myles  Walker  and  Elisabeth  Rowenson 
ffebruary   vijth  John  Borwicke  and  Jane  Clarke 

xiiijth  John  Jackson  and  Elisabeth  Tomlinson 
xvjth  William   Tompson  and  Jane  Braithwaite 
married  at  Patterdall 


Aprill   iijth  Edwarde  Dixonne 

vijth  Margarett  Satterthwaite  fil  Edward 
xvijth  Issabell  Bateman  fil  William 


xxjth  Christopher  Sands  fil  Regnald 
May   vijth  Alice  Suert  fil  John 
xijth  uxor  Arthure  Grigge 
xvijth  Thomas  Assburner  fil  Adam 
xxixth  Agnes  Atkinson  fil  William 
xxxith  James  Walker  de  Daleparke 
June   vth  Anthony  Mackreth  in  the  Church 
vijth  Margarett   Rigge  fil  George 
xth  Mary  Satterthwaite  fil  John 
xixth  Lenard  Benson  fil  Tho :  in  the  Church 
xxjth  Myles  Sawrey  in  the  Church 
eodem  die  John  Russell  in  the  Church 
xxiijth  Myles  ffrearson  fil  Robert 
xxvijth  Edward  Wilson  de  Roger  Riddinge 
July    xxiiijth  Thomas  Hoodgson 

xxxjth  Margarett    Mackreth 
August   xviijth  uxor  Clement  Holme  in  templo 
September   xxth  James  Turner 

xxiijth  uxor  Willm  Turner  in  the  Church 
xxiiijth  Agnes  Braithwaite  suposed  fill  James  (?)  * 
October   vijth  Elisabeth  Greenuppe  fil  John 
eodem  die  puella  abort  John  ffrearson 

xth  Christopher   Tayler  fil  William 
xxixth  Joseph  Scale  fil  Edward  in  the  Church 
November  xiiijth  uxor  Willm   Mackreth  in  the   Church 

xxjth  John  ffisher  of  Haukeshead 
xxviijth  Alexander  Tomlinson 
December  xth  uxor  Rowland  Wilson 

xxviijth  Edward  Braithwaite  fil  George 

xxxth  puer  abort  Robert  Benson 
January  ijth  Thomas  Holme  fil  Regnald 

viijth  John  Robinson  in  the  Church 

ixth  John  Rigge  of  Haukeshead 
xvijth  Samuell  Wright   fil  Edward 
xviiijth  Edward  Tayler 

*  Leaf  bound  in. 


xxvth  Symond  Putpker  in  the  Church 
xxviith  Clare  Benson  h'l  Tho  :  in  the  Church 
xxixth  WilTia  Mackreth  fil  Michaell 
ffebruary  xvijth  William  Taylor  of  Satterthw1 

xviijth  Barbary  Braithwaite  fil  William  in  templo 
xxjth  James  Tayler  fil  Willm 
xxiijth  ffrances  Sands 
March  iijth  Lenord  Holme 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOM     1641 

March  xxviijth  George  Knipe  fil  George 
xxix'h  Willia  Walker  fil  Xpofer 
Aprill  iiijth  Issabell  Burnes  fil  Edward 
eodem  die  Jane  Bateman  fil  Willm 

vth  Ellenn  Warde  fil  Robert 
xijth  Willm  Penny  fil  Richard 
xxvjth  Robert  Braithwaite  fil  James 
eodem    die  Mary  Holme  fil  George 
May  ijth  Elisabeth  Robinson  fil  John  de  Dalepke 

ixth  Dorothye  Banke  fil  WilTm 
eodem  die  Ann  Sands  fil  Regnald 
eodem  die  Robert  Tayler  fil  Willm 
June  vijth  Myles  Suert  fil  John 

xiiijth  Agnes  Holme  fil  Edward 
xxvijth  Samuell  Atkinson  fil  Willm 

ith  John  Sawrey  son  of  Myles 
July  iiijth  Thomas  Mackreth  fil  WilTm 

xxvth  Grace  Sands  fil  Samuell 
August  xxiith  Margaret  Holme  fil  George 
xxixth  John  Mackreth  fil  John 
xxxjth  Margarett  Braithwaite  and  Agnes 
Braithwaite  fil  Willm  de  Sawrey 
September  xixth  Willm  Rigge  fil  George 

xxvth  Issabell  Higgin  fil  Thomas 
October  iijth  WilTm  Grigg  fil  Arthure 

xth  Susann  Strickland  fil  Thomas 


xjth  James  Braithwaite  fil  George 
xvijth  Dorothye  Satterthwaite  fil  Clement 
November  vijth  Ann  Holme  fill  Michaell 

xxjth  Thomas  Braithwaite  fil  WilTm 
eodem  die  Agnes  Rigge  fil  George 

xxviijth  Ellene  ffrearson  fil  Robert 
December  xixth  Willm  ffrearson  fil  John 
eodem  die  Ann  Russell 

xxjth  Elsabeth  Sands  fil  Oliver 
xxvijth  Mary  Rawlinson  fil  Robert 
January  xvijth  Dorothye  Wilson  fil  John 

xix^  Wright  fil  Edward* 

xxth  John  Atkinson  fil  George 
xxiijth  Thomas  Benson  fil  Willm 
xxxth  Barbary  Braithwaite  fil  WiUm 
eodem  die  Thomas  Banke  fil  Willm 
ffebruary  ijth  Cicily  Knipe  fil  George 

vjth  Elisabeth  Borwicke  fill  John 
vijth  Margarett  fflemeinge  fil  Myles 
ffebruary   xxth  Cuthbert  Hodgson  fil  Jeeffrey 
eodem  die  Agnes  Satterthwaite  fil  Clement 
eodem  die  Margarett  Satterthwaite  fil  Willm 
March  xjth  Elisabeth  Satterthwaite  fil  John 


July  xjth  Robert  Bare  and  Sara  Mitchell 
August  xth  George  Dickson  and  Ellene  Towers 
October  xth  Willm  Braithwaite  and  Agnes   Satterthw1 

xxxjth  James  Dodgson  and  Margarett  Sands 
November    xviijth    Willm    Braithw1    and    Margarett 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 



Aprill  xvth  Jane  Bateman    fil  William 
March  xijth  1640    Robert    Parke   of  Torver  drowned  hard 
beneath     Ambleside    and    found    at 
Windermer  Watterhead  and  brought 
to    Haukeshead    to    be    buryed    the 
ith  day  of  May    1641  : 
May  xxiijth  Issabell  Mackreth  fil  Arthure 

xxixth  John  Tayler  de  ffinsthwaite 
July  xxijth  Mary  Turner  fil   Henery 
August  xvth  Margarett  Holme 
October  iijth  Elisabeth  Strickland   fil   James 

xviijth  Elisabeth   Pennington 
xxviijth  James  Braithwaite  of  Crofthead 
eodem  die  Issabell  Higgin  fil  Thomas 
November  xth  Henery  Askewe  fil  James  in   the  Church 
December  xiijth  George   Holme  fil  Cuthbert 
January  xxxth  Xpofer  Rigge  de  Haukeshead  in  templo 
fTebruary  xxvth  uxr  Edward  Tayler 
March  iijth  Jacob  Sawrey 



ffebruary  xixth  Robert   Skoreinge  fil   Robert 
eodem  die  John   Braithwait  fil  William 
eodem  die  John   Benson  fil  Willm 
xxvjth  Hester  Sawrey  fil  William 
xxvijth  James  Keene  fil  James 
eodem  die  Rigge  fil  Edward  * 

March  iiijth  Lucie  Turner  fil  Henery 

xijth  John  ffisher  fil  John 
xixth  George  Benson  fil  Bryam 
xxth  ffrancis  Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
xxiiijth  George   Holme  fil  Cuthbert 
xxviijth  Willm  Braithwaite  fil  George 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


Aprill  iijth  Mabell   Benson  fil   Robert 
xjth  Mary  Rawlinson  fil  Willm 
May  viijth  Issabell  Jackson  fil  George 

xxth  Dorothye  Braithwaite  fil   Willm 
eodem  die  Robert  Dodgson  alias  * 

xxixth  Rigge  fil  Clementf 

July  xth  Jane  Jackson  fil  Thomas 

xvijth  Rowland   Braithw1  fil   Thomas 
August  ith  Willm  Holme  fil  George 
iiijth  Myles    Sawrey  fil  Willm 
xiiijth  Agnes  Todd  fil  Johannis 
September  vth   Elizabeth   Mackreth  fil  George 
xjth  Dorothy  Sands  fil   Samuell 
xijth  Margarett  Dixson  fil  John 
xiijth  Agnes  Holme  fil    Xpofer 
October   xxvjth  Willm  Sawrey  fil  John 
November   ixth    Ellene  Atkinson   fil  Anthony 

xxth   Ann  Bare  fil   Robert 
xxiiijth    Myles  Sav/rey  son  of  ffrancis 
xxviijth    Agnes  Dodgshon  fil   George 

xxxth    Margarett  Braithwaite  fil  Edward 
eodem  die    Ann  Bateman  fil  Willm 
December  iiijth    WiTTm   Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
eodem  die   Thomas  Townson  fil  John 

xjth    Thomas  Kellatt  fil   Richard 
xvjth   John  Walker  alias  Addison 
January  xjth   Dorothy  Mackreth  fil  Willm 

xxth  or  xvth  Agnes  Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
xxijth    Agnes  Johnson  fil  John 
xxxth   Willm  Townson  fil  Rowland 
ffebruary  viijth    Daniell  Mackreth   fil    Regnald 

*  The  alias  surname  omitted. 
f  No  Christian  name  given. 



June  vtb   John  Todd  and  Margarett  Braithwaite 
xxiiijth    Arthure   Rigge  and  Alice  Puthpker 
xxixth   John  Johnson  and  Agnes  Jackeson 
July  xvjth   Edward   Rigge  and   Ellene    Rigge 
August  iiijth    John  Braithwaite  and  Dorothie   Braithw1 
November  xxth   John   Knipe  and  Elisabeth  Rigge 

xxiiijth    Christopher  Tayler  and  Elisabeth  Walker 
December  xjth    Robert  Tayler  and   Katherine  Vicars 
January  xxijth   John  Garth   and  Elisabeth  Braithw1 


Aprill  vth   Barbary  Sawrey  in    the  Church 

xvjth    Regnald  Walker  of  Croslands  in   Church 
May  iiijth   uxor  Bryam   Braithwaite 

xvth   puell  abort  Willm  Dodgson 
xvjth    Agnes  Atkinson    fil   Robert 
xvijth    Robert  Knipe  in  the  Church 
xxvth   uxor   Thomas  Rigge  of  Churchsteele 
June  xijth   the  wife  of  Thomas  Rawlinson  in   Church 
July  xjth    Robert  Braithwaite  fil  James 
xvjth   Agnes   Braithwaite   fil   George 
xxvjth   Agnes  Rigge  of  Satterthw1 
George  Knipe  son  of  George 
xxxth   uxor  James  Jackson  in  the  Church 
xixth   Willm  Crosfield  fil  James 
December  vjth   uxor   Robert  Tyson 

xxjth    Jennet  Banke 
xxvjth    uxor  Christopher  Holme 
xxxth   George  Noble 

January  iijth  uxor  Christopher  Tayler  in  the  Church 
vijth  James  Braithw1  of  Tockhow  in  Church 
xijth  uxor  George  Dodgson 

eodm  die   uxor  Geo :  Satterthw1  de   Thwaite  mosse 
xvjth    Margarett    Satterthw1    fil    Charles    in    the 


ffebruary  jth   Elisabeth    Satterthw*  fil  George 

iijth    Issabell    Tayler     the    wife    of    WilTm     of 


vijth    Ellene  Scale  fil  Rowland 
eodm  die   Agnes  Braithw1  fil  Willm 

ixth   Agnes  Suert  fil  John 
March  iijth   Mary  Walker  fil  Wm  in  ye  Church 

vjth    Susan  the  wife  of  Allan   Nickolson    in    the 

xiiijth   George  Asburner   fil   Richard 


March  xxvth   Agnes  ffisher  fil  John 
Aprill  xijth    Ellene  Nicolson  fil   Nathaniell 
xvjth    Issabell   Dixson  fil  John 
xx      Mabell   Mackreth  fil  William 
xxiijth   William  Walker  fil   Roger 
xxxth   Ellene  Robinson  fil   Barnard 
May  xvth   Susann  Satterthwaite   fil  John 
xxijth    Alexander  Wright  fil   Edward 
xxjth    Elisabeth  Knipe  fil   Arthure 
June  xviijth  George  Knipe  fil  William 
xxvjth  Willm   Rigge  fil  Edward 
August  vjth   Agnes   Hodshon  fil  Cuthbert 

xxviijth    William  Sands  fil  Myles 
eodem  die   Thomas  Rawlinson  fil  Robert 

xxxjth    Thomas  Rigge  fil  Arthure 
September  xth   George  Borwicke  fil  John 

xvijth   Agnes  Knipe  fil  John 
eodem  die    Margarett  Penny   fil  Richard 
xviijth   William  Rigge  fil  John 

xxjth   Agnes  fforest  fil  Edward 
xxiiijth   Jane  Tayler  fil   Xpofer 
eodem  die    Regnald   Mackreth  fil   Edward 
October  vijth    Dorothie  ye  daughtr  of  Lancelott  Newton 

de  Munck  Conistone 
viijth   Ann  Pennington  fil   Robert 


xxixth   Elisabeth   Sawrey  fil  Anthony 
November  xvjth    Thomas  Benson  fil  Barnard 
eodem  die   George  Rigge  fil  James 
xxjth   Agnes  Rigge   fil  William 
xxxth   Elizabeth  Mackreth  fil  Barnard 
December  xvijth   Elisabeth  Russell  fil  Charles 

xxvijth    Margarett   Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
January  xth   George   Braithwaite  fil   George 
xiiijth   WilTm  Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
xxijth    John   Holme  fil   George 
ffebruary  ijth    Henery  Dixonne  fil  Arthure 

vth   Willm  Satterthwaite  fil  Thomas 
March  ith    Issabell  Sawrey  fil  Anthony 

iijth    Edward   Braithwaite  fil  William 
vjth    Margarett  Ashton  fil   George 
xvijth  Willm  Strickland  fil  Francis 
xxiiijth    Mary  Knype  fil  ffrancis 


May  xiiijth   John   Crossfield  and  Jennett  Satterthwaite 
June  xiijth   Willm   Rigge  and   Elisabeth  Sands 
July  xxvjth   Edward  Sawrey  and   Elisabeth   Braithwaite 
September  xixth    Edward  Jackson  and    Margarett  Sawrey 

xxvth    Edward   Rigge  and  Ellene  Sawrey 
November  xijth  Willm    Rigge  and  Ann  Sands 
January   xvijth    Willm  Tayler  and   Elisabeth   Rigge 
ffebruary  xixth   WiTTm  She... all  and  Margarett  Thornburgh 
xxth   Willm  Warde  and   Mabell   Braithwaite 


March  xxvth    uxor   Robert  Crosfield 
eodem  die   uxor  Peter  Knipe 
xxixth   William   Dodshon 
Aprill  iijth   Katherine  Williamson 

xjth    Dority    Braithwaite    the  wife    of    Willm    in 


xijth   uxor  Nathaniell  Nicolson  in  the  quire 
xxxth    Thomas  Aighton  fil  Robert 
May    xth   uxor  Edward  Rigge  in  the  Church 

xviijth   John   Braithwaite  of  Skwith  in   Church 
eodem  die  Thomas  Strickland  in   the  Church 

xixth  Agnes  ffisher  fil  John 
xxviijth  Clement  Holme  in  the  Church 
xxxth  Elisabeth  Mackreth  fil  George 
June  vth  Elisabeth  Jopson  fil  Willm  in  Church 

vijth  Ellene  ffisher 
xiiijth  puer  abort  Willm  Atkinson 

xxth  uxor  Robert  Wilson 
xxvth  Edward  Rigge  fil  Edward 
xxviijth  Margarett  the  wife  of  John  Jackson 
July  iiijth  uxor  George  Sands 

xxth  Robert  Crosfield 

xxxth  uxor  James  Braithwaite  of  Baraithey 
August  xixth  John  Walker  fil  Edward 
xxth  Thomas  Scale  fil  James 
September  xijth  puer  et  puella  abort  Georgii  Holme 

xixth  Thomas    Rawlinson   fil    Robert   in    the 


October  xxth  WilTm  Tayler  of  Daleparke 
November  ixth  Willm  Rigge  fil  John 

xiiijth  puella  abort  Robert  Satterthwaite 
xxvth  uxor  Charles  Rigge 
December  iijth  Willm   Tayler   of    Ploumegreen   in   ye 


iiijth  Arthure  Benson  in  the  Chancell 
xvjth  Willm  Walker  fil  William 
xviijth  George  Mackreth  de  Outyeate 
January  vth  uxor  Bryam  Mackreth 
ffebruary  ixth  Agnes  ffleminge  fil  Myles 
xjth  Willm  Scale  fil  Rowland 
xijth  John  Benson  fil  William  in  the  Church 
xxiijth  Issabell  Scale  fil  Rowland 
March  iiijth  John  Rigge  in  the  Church 


eodem  die  puella  abort  Willm  Tomlinson 
vth  John  Asburner 
vjth  John   Tayler 
vijth  Elisabeth  Satterthwaite  fil  John 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANO    DOM     1644 
July  xxviijth   Margarett  Hodshon  fil  Richard 

xxixth  James  Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
eodem  die  Margarett  Mackreth  fil  WiTIm 

xxxjth   Margarett  Braithwaite  fil  William 
August  xjth  James  Ashburner  fil  Richard 
xviijth   Willm  Sawrey  fil   Edward 
xxvth   Mary  Bare  fil  Robert 
September  ith  Christopher  Tayler  fil  Willm 
xvijth   WilTm  Tayler  fil   William 
xxijth  John  Rigge  fil  WiJfin 
xxiijth  Willm  Hohne  fil   Nickolas 
eodem  die   Margarett  Higgin  fil  Thomas 
xxixth  Thomas  Rawlinson  fil  Robert 
November  xvijth   Willm  Beck  fil  Willm 
eodem  die  Margarett  Wilson  fil  Richard 
xxiiijth   Robert  Tayler  son  of  Robert 
eodem  die  Elizabeth  Shenton  fil  Willm 

xxvijth   Christopher  Tayler  fil  Christopher  de 
December  viijth  Jane   Wilson  fil  John 
January  xiijth  George  ffisher  fil  John 
eodem  die   Hester  Sawrey  fil  Willm 

xxvijth  Jane    Braithwaite  fil  George 
ffebruary  xvjth  Thomas  Benson  fil  Robert 
eodem  die  Willm  Elletson  fil  George 
xxiijth  John  Braithwaite  fil  Wiflm 
xxvjth  George  Benson  fil  Robert 
xxviijth   Thomas  Satterthwaite  fil  Clement 
March  vjth  Agnes  Townson  fil  Rowland 
xxjth  Benson  fil  William  * 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


More  Christenings  added  to  the  prsent  yeare  1646 

Aprill   vijth   WiTTm  Sands  fil  Olivere 
ecdem  die  Elizabeth  Walker  fil  Gyles 
xiiijth    George  Rigge  fil  George 
xxijth   Elizabeth  Atkinson   fil   Willm 
xxiiijth  John  ffisher  son  of  John 
xxvjth  Elisabeth  Clarke  alias  Satterthw1 
xxixth   Ann  Satterthwaite  fil  Thomas 
xxxth   George   Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
May  ith   ffrancis  Banke  fil  Willm 
vjth   Thomas  Holme  fil  Michaell 
viijth   Barbary  Mackreth  fil  Willm 
May  xiith  Dorothye  Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
xiijth   Mary  Rigge  fil  Edward 
xixth  Willm   Mackreth  fil  Nickolas 
edem  die   Issabell   Atkinson  fil  Xpofer 
xxijth  Michaell   Holme  fil  Edward 
xxvjth  John  Satterthwaite  fil  George 
eodem  die  Elizabeth  Sands  fil  Willm 
June  vth  John  Braithwaite  fil  Edward 
vijth  Elizabeth  Sands   fil  Thomas 
xxijlh  Willm   Satterthwaite  fil  John 
xxxth  Mabell  Crosfield  fil  John 
eodem  die  Richard   Burro  we  fil  Richard 
July  xxjth  Ann  Rawlinson 


ffebruary  vjth  William  Mackreth  and   Margarett  ffell 
xth   Robert  Rigge  and  Margarett  Rigge 


Aprill  xijth  William  Sands  fil   Oliver 
eodem  die  Elizabeth  Walker  fil  Gyles 
March  xxvijth  James  Tayler  in   Church 
Aprill  iijth  Thomas  Rigge  fil  John 

xiiijth   Willm    Braithwaite   fil   Willm 


xxjth   Edward   Braithwaite  fil   Willm 
xxxjth  Willm  Robinson 
May  xixth   Margarett  Braithwaite  fil   William 

xxijth  Elisabeth   Banke  fil  Willm 
June  ith   Rowland  Scale  of  Lighthowe 
eodem  die  Elisabeth  Sands  fil  Oliver 

xiiijth   Elisabeth  Walker  fil  Willm   in  ye  Church 
xvth  puell  abort  Clement  Rigge   ") 
puell  abort  Clement  Rigge   ) 
xvj     Richard  Sawrey  fil  Jacob 
July  vijth    Issabell  Jackson  fil  George 
xjth  James  Knipe  fil   Peter 
xijth   Margarett  Braithwaite  fil  Edward 
xvth  John  ffisher  fil  John 
August  vijth   uxor  Jeefrey   Hodshon 

xvth  uxor  ffrancis  Banke  in  the  Church 
xvjth   Agnes  Burrowe  fil  Richard 
xxth  uxor  George  Satterthwaite 
xxjth  Thomas  Townson  fil  Rowland 
September  ith   Issabell    Dixonne 

xxxth   Thomas  Rawlinson  fil  Robert  in  ye  Church 
October  xiijth  Dorothie  ffleminge  fil   Myles 
November  vjth   George  Sands  in  the  quire 
xvth  Thomas  Townson  fil  John 
xxixth  John   Scale  fil   Thomas  vup'd  * 
December  viijth   Ed  wine  Mackreth 

xiijth  Willm   Satterthwaite  fil  John 
January  xxiiijth   John    Turner 
ffebruary  xijth   Wiflm   Mackreth  fil   Nicolas 

xxijth   William  Watterson 
March  xjth  uxor  Rowland  Townson 

xijth   uxor  Willm  Braithw*  in  the  Church 
xxviijth   George  Townson  fil  John 
xxiiijth  Robert  Asburner  in  ye  Church 

Probably  meant  for  "  supd  "  =  "supposed.' 


BAPTIZATIONES    ANNO     DOM:     1645: 

March  xxvjth  Elisabeth  Townson  fil  .  Willm 

xxxjth   Robert  ffrearson  fil  .  David 
Aprill  xth  Elisabeth   Jackson  fil  .  George 

xviijth  Margarett  Knipe  fil  .  George 
May  xjth   Agnes  Warde  fil  .  WilTm 
xxiijth  Alice  et 

i    fil  .  Clement  de  fieldhead 
Issabell  Rigge 

xxvjth   Margaret    Mackreth    fil  .  Willm 
June  ith   Agnes   Braithwaite  fil  .  Edward 

ixth  Thomas  ffrearson  fil  .  John 
July  xxvth  Clement  Rigge  fil  .  Robert 
August  iijth  Ellizabeth  Braithwaite  fil  .  John 

iiijth  Edward  Rigge  fil    .  Edward 
xvijth   Prudence  Tayler  fil   .  WilTm 
September  iijth  Jane   Braithwaite  fil  .  Adam 
iiijth   Elizabeth  Benson  fil  .  Bryam 
vijth    Myles  Walker  fil  .  Xpofer 
xxvijth   Ann  Addison  fil  .  John 
xxviijth   Willm  Sands  fil  .  Samuell 
xxixth  Daniell  Rawlinson  fil  Robert 
October  ith  Thomas   Knipe  fil  .  Peter 
ijth   Agnes  Benson  fil  .  William 
vth   Daniell  Knipe  fil  .  Arthure 
xth   Willm  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas 
xijth   Christopher  Pennington  fil  .  Edw :  de 


xxth   Daniell  Turner  fil  .   Henery 
xxiiijth  Margarett  Rigge  fil  .  George 
November  xxviijth   Dorothye  ffrearson  fil  .  Robert 
eodem  die  Agnes  *  Benson  fil  .  Thomas 
eodem  die  Issabell  Braithw1  fil  .  Willia 
December  xxvjth   Richard  Penny  fil  .  Richard 
January  iijth   Robert  ffisher  fil  .  John 

xjth  James  Braithwaite  fil  .  Willm 

"  Agnes  "  is  lined  through  and  "  Issabell "  written  above  in  another  hand. 


xijth  George  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Thomas 
xiijth   Margarett  Satterthw1  fil  .  Robert 
fTebruary  xiijth   Roger  Sands  fil  .  ffrancis 
March  xvjth  John  Tayler  fil  .  Xpofer 
eodem  die  Dorothye  Keene  fil  .  James 
xxjth   Ellene  Russall  fil  .  Charles 
eodem  die  Thomas  Banke  fil  .  John 


Aprill  xxiiijth   fTrancis  Sands  and  Ann  Borwicke 

xxvijth  John  Braithwaite  and  Dorothye  Rigge 
May  vth  Adam   Braithwaite  et  Margarett    Rigge 
August  xxxjth  Myles  Sands  and  Rebecka  Sands 
November  iijth  Thomas  Rigge  and  Elisabeth  Knipc 
September  viijth  Symond  Rigge  et   Margarett  Walker 


Aprill   iiijth  George  Satterthwaite  wife  whoe 

hanged  her  selfe  in  her  owne  house 
vijth  George  Knipe  fil  Willm 
ixth  Richard  Wright  in  the  Church 
xxjth  Braithwaite  fil  William  * 

xxiijth  uxor  James  Walker 
xxiiijth   Robert   ffrearson  de  Grysdall 
May  ith  uxor  Arthur  Grigge 

xxiijth  puella  abort  Clement  Rigge 
June  vth  uxor  John  Braithwaite  in  ye  Church 

vjth  Regnald  Holme 
eodem  die  Edward  Rigge 

ixth  filius  Willmi 

xxixth  Wm :    Walker  of  Hauxshead  feild  in  ye  Church 
July  xxvth  Barnard  Mackreth  of  ye  Outyeate 
August  vijth  William  Lindoe 
eodem  die  Thomas  Braithwaite  of  Brathey 

*  The  Christian  name  omitted, 
f  Neither  Christian  nor  surnames  given. 


xjth  Thomas  Satterthwaite  in  ye  Church 
xxixth  uxor  James  Walker 

September  xiijth  uxor  James  Rigge  younger  in  the  Church 
October  xijth   Prudence  Tayler  fil  WiTTm 
November  xviijth   uxr  Willm   Knipe  and  abort  in  the 

December  xjth   Willm   Scale  fil   Robert 

xviijth  uxor  WilTm  Lindoe  in  the  Church 

xxth  uxor  Christopher  Borowe  in  the  Church 
January  iijth  Willm  Braithwaite  fil   Myles  in  ye  Church 
viijth  uxor  Willm    Benson  in  the  Church 
xth  uxor  John  Dodgshon  in  the  Church 
fifebruary  vith  uxor  Adam  Banke  in  the  Church 

xviijth  Willm    Riddhead 
( xxiijth  uxor  John  Robinson  found  dead  | 
\  betwixt  Graythwt  and  Dalepke) 

finis  hujus  Anni   1645. 


March  xxviijth  Sybell  Rigge  fil .  Willm 
Aprill  ith   George  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Wifim 

Xth   Grace  Sands  fil  .  Adam 
xijth   James   Penington   fil  .  Robert 
May  xjth   Katherine  Robinson  fil  .  Barnard 
eodem  die  Dorothye    Sawrey  fil  .  John 

June  ith   Dorothye    Sawrey  fil  .  Willm 
eodem  die  Robert  Rigge  fil  .  Robert 
ijth  ffrancis  Benson  fil  Barnard 
xxvijth   Hester  Sands  fil  .  Myles 
July  xxijth  Elizabeth    Ellison  fil   .  George 
August  iijth   Agnes    Mackreth  fil  .  Willm 

vth   Agnes  Grigg  fil  .  Arthure 
xxiiijth   Anthony  Sawrey   fil  .  Anthony 
September  xiiijth   Agnes  Satterthw1  fil  .  Thomas 
eodem  die   Elizabeth  fforest  fil  .  Edward 
xviijth    Bryam   Braithw1  fil  .  Thomas 
eodem  die   Agnes  Walker  fil  .  Gyles 


October  iiijth  James   Braithwaite  fil  .  George 
November  ixth  Richard   Knipe  fil  .  George 
eodem  die  Dorothye  Bateman  fil  WilTm 
xvijth  Willm  Rigge  fil  .  William 
xxijth  William  Benson  fil  .  Robert 
xxxth   Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  Symond 
eodem  die  Ellene  Tayler  fil  Willm 
December  viijth  Agnes  Satterthw1  fil  George 

xxlh  Bryam  Mackreth  fil  .  William 
xxjth   Christopher  Tayler  fil  Robert 
xxiijth  Thomas  Rigge  fil  .  Thomas 
January  ith   Susann  Tayler  fil  .  WiUm 

xvijth  Ellene  Satterthw1  fil  .  Clement 
eodem  die  Agnes  Satterthw*  fil  .  John 

xxiijth  Willm  Rigge  fil  .  Arthure 
ffebruary  vijth   Edward  Braithw1  fil  William 
eodem  die  Thomas  Braithw1    fil    Willm 
viijth   Margarett  Braithw1  fil  .  John 
xiiijth  WflTm   Benson  fil  .  Thomas 
eodem  die  Katherine   Dodgshon  fil  .  George 
eodem  die  Anne  Rigge  fil  .  James 

xxjth  Thomas  Braithwaite  fil  .  George 
xxiiijth   Willm  Braithw1    fil  .  Adam 
March  vijth  Mary  Sawrey   fil  .  William 
eodem  die  George  Braithwaite   fil  .  Willm 

viijth  Willm    Braithw1  fil  .  John  de    Lancaster 
eodem  die  Issabell  Sands  alias  Strickland 

xvth  Thomas  Rigge   fil    Robert 
xxjth  Thomas  Rigge   fil   George 
xxijth  Ellene    Mackreth   fil   Willm 


ffebruary   xviijth    Willm    Kirkby   and    Issabell    Rigge 
March   ijth    Willm    Braithw1   and    Elisabeth    Sawrey 



Aprill    ith    Willm    Braithw1   de  howend   in   ye    Church 

ijth    Willm   Sawrey  Sone   of  Willm    in   ye  Church 
iiijth    ffrancis   Walker 

vth    uxor   George    Borwicke   in   the   Church 
vjth    George    Braithwaite   fil    George 
vijth    Ann    Turner   fil    Edward 
May   iijth    John    ffrearson 

vjth    Willm    Mackreth  of  Skelwith   in    ye    Church 
xjth    Thomas    Satterthw1   fil    Edward   in    Church 
xxiiijth    Arthure    Sands 
eodem  die   uxor   Thomas  Dodgshon 

xxix1*1    Thomas   Dodgshon 
June   viijth    uxor   Anthony    Higgin 

xvijth    uxor    Robert    Braithw1   in   the    Church 
July  xiiijth    uxor  Barnard    Benson   in   the   Chancell 

xxth    John    Tayler   in   the   Church 
xxiijth    Anthony    Higgin 

August   xxjth    puer   abort   Jacobi    Rigge   alias    Sands 
September   viijth    George    Mackreth 

xiiijth    uxor   Willm    Satterthw1   in    the  Church 
xxvth    Robert   Hodgshon   in   the   Church 
October   vjth    uxor   John    Addison   in    the   Church 

xxth    Anthy   Rigge  de    Highwrey 
November   xxvijth    uxor   Tho :    Satterthw1   younger   in    ye 


December   xxth    Edward    Satterthw1    in    the    Church 
January   ixth    Thomas    Satterthw1   in   ye    Church 

xth    Barnard    Benson   in   the   Chancell 
xxixth    George    Knipe   fil   John 
ffebruary   iijth    Rowland   Wilson   de    Rodger   Riddinge 

ixth    Margarett   Tayler   fil    Xpofer  in  ye  Church 
xth    George    Satterthw1    fil  Willm    in    Church 
March   ijth    Elizabeth   Jones   fil  Wm   in   ye    Church 
vijth    Ann    Rigge   fil   James   in   ye    Church 


xvth    uxor     George     Braithw1     de      Consey     in      ye 


xvijth    Edward    Harrison   fil    Edward 
finis   hujus    Anni   1646. 

BAPTIZATIONES    ANO    DOM:     1647 

Aprill   xjth    Jane   Knipe   fil  .  George 

xxvth    Agnes   Walker   fil  .  Richard 
June   vjth    Margarett   Wilson   fil  .  John 
xiijth    Robert    Russell   fil  .  Charles 
eodem  die    Elizabeth    Braithw1   fil  .  Willm 
July   xxvth    Willm    Penny   fil  .  Nicolas 

xxxjth    Elizabeth   Becke   fil  .  WiTlm 
August   ixth    Susann    Rawlinson    fil  .   Robert 
xxix1*1    Dorothye    Braithw1   fil  .  Edward 
eodem  die   Grace   Higgin  (?)   fil  .  Thomas  * 
September  vth  James  Crosfield  fil  .  John 
xxixth  John   Holme  fil   .  Edward 
October  xvijth  Elizabeth  Tayler  fil  .  Xpofer 

xxjth  Thomas   Barrowe  fil  .  Thomas 
November  ith   Sibell   Braithwaite   fil  .  Wifim 
viijth  John   Sawrey  fil  .  Edward 
xxjth  Ann  Tayler  fil  Xpofer 
December  vjth  Richard   Hodgson  fil  .  John 

xxth  George  Braithwaite  fil  .   Willm 
eodem  die  Elizabeth    Braithw1     fil    .    Willm 

xxvj     Margaret  Benson  fil  .  Thomas 
January  xvijth  Betteresse  Braithw1  fil  .   Robert 
xxiiijth  George  Brockbanke  fil  .   John 
xxxth  Margarett  Braithw1  fil  .  Willm 
xxxjth  Willm  Kirkby  fil  .  William 
ffebruary  vjth  Agnes  Benson  fil  Bryam 

xiijth  Willm   Mackreth  fil  .  John 
xxvijth  Issabell  Satterthw1  fil  Thomas 

*  The  writing  is  here  much  faded. 


March  vth  Edward   Braithw1  fil   Thomas 

xixth  Elizabeth  Knipe  fil  Peter 
eodem  die  Jane  Satterthw1  fil  Robert 
eodem  die  Ellenor  Sands  fil  .  Adam 
eodem  die  Agnes  Ashburner  fil  .  John 


May  xiijth   Richard  Taylor  and  Issabell  Tayler 
July  xxvijth   Samuell  Sands  and  Margarett  Rigge 
October  xixth  Willm   Braithw1  and  Issabell   Banke 

xxviijth  Adam   Rigge  and  Agnes  Rigge 
November  xxixth  Thomas  Braithw1  &   Elizabeth  Braithw1 


March  xxviijth  Dorothye   Sawrey  fil  William 
Aprill  vijth  uxor  Richard  Keene 

viijth  Agnes  Warde  fil  .  Willm 

xjth  Willm  Rigge 
eodem  die  James  Satterthw1  fil  .  James 

xxiijth  uxor  Willm  Braithw1  .  in  the  Church 
xxxth  uxor  Myles  Braithwaite 
May    xiijth  Margarett  Braithwaite  fil  .  George 

xxvijth  Michaell    Mackrethe    drowned    beneath 


June  xiijth  Edward  Tayler  fil  .  Clement  in  ye  Church 
July    xixth  Willm  Satterthw'  .  fil  .  Tho.  in  the  Church 
August  xth  Myles  Tayler  de  finstwhaite 
September  iijth  Margarett  Braithwaite  fil  George 

ixth  uxor   Willm  Dodgshon  in  the  Church 
xxvijth  Charles  Satterthwaite 
xxviijth  Willm  Jackson  of  pke  in  ye  Church 
October  xxviijth  uxor    Rich.  Walker  in  the  Church 
November  iijth  Susann  Sands  fil  Myles  in  Chancell 

iiijth  Elisabeth  Tayler  fil  Geo  :  in  ye  Church 

vth  George  Turner 
xvijth  Daniell  Rawlinson  fil  Robt :  in  ye  Church 


xxxth  uxor   Richard  Dixonne 
xixth  Elizabeth  Becke  fil  Willm 
December     vth  uxor  John  Townson 

vjth  Willm  Pennington  of  Lighthowe 
vijth  uxor   Tho  :  Wilson  in  the  Church 
eodem  die  ffrancesse  Tayler  in   Church 

xxvjth  uxor   George   Holme 
January  vjlh  Elene  Townson  fil  John 
xxiiij    uxor  Gyles   Mowson 
xxvth  Gyles  Mowson 

xxviijth  uxor  Willm  Sawrey  in  ye  Church 
ffebruary  iijth  John  Satterthwaite  fil  Clement 
drowned  in  the  Thirse  Gill 
iiijth  Agnes  Tayler  fil  .  Willm  in  ye  Church 
vth  uxor  Willm  Tayler  in  the  Church 
vjth  Thomas  Townson  fil  Peter 

killed  with  the  fale  of  a  greate  stone 
and  buried  in  the  Church 
xixth  Christopher  Tayler  fil  Willm 
eodem  die  Robert  Banke  in  the  Church 

xxvjth  Willm  Mackreth  of  Sawrey  in  the  Church 
March  ixth  John  Marre 

finis  hujus  Anni  1647  : 

BAPTIZATIONES  ANO  DOM  :    1648  : 

Aprill  ijth  Alice  Atkinson  fil  .  George 

ixth  Elizabeth  Benson  fil  .  Wiilrn 
xvjth  Agnes  Braithw1  fil  .  Adam 
eodem  die  Willm  ffrearson  fil  .  Dauid 

xxiijth  Margarett  Shentall  fil  .  Willm 
May  vijth  Clement  Rigge  fil  Clement 
eodem  die  Allan  Stones  fil  .  Robert 
xxviijth  Agnes  Braithw1   fil  .  John 
June  xviijth  George  Braithw1  fil  .  Willm 
xxvtb  Robert  Wilson  fil  .  Richard 
eodem  die  Elizabeth  Harrison  fil  .  Willm 


July  xvjth  Willm  Sands  fil  Samuell 
eodem  die  Richard  Scale  fil  .  Robert 
September  iijth  Robert  Knipe  fil  .  John 
xjth  Cicily  Rigge  fil  .  Adam 
xxj'h  Ann   Kirkby  fil  .  Willm 
October  ith  Nicolas  Turner  fil  William 
viijth  James  Becke  fil  .  Willm 
xvlh  Elizabeth  Keene  fil  .  James 
xxijth  Agnes  Satterthw1  fil  .  Wilfm 
November  vth  Elizabeth  Braithw1  fil  .  Willm 

xixth  Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  Robert 
December  xxiiijth  Robert  Rawlinson  fil  .  Robert 

xxvijth  Margarett  Satterthw1  fil  .   Willm 
xxxjth  Mary  Walker  fil  .  Gyles 
January  vijth  Margarett  Tayler  fil  .  Robert 
eodm  die  Agnes  Holme  fil  .  Clement 

xiiijth  John  Hirdson  fil  .  Willm 
eodem  die  John  Pennington  fil  .  Robert 
xvjth  Margarett  Bare  fil  .  Robert 
xxth  John  Rigge  fil  .  William 
ffebruary  vjth  John  Satterthw1  til  George 

xjth  Willm  Sands  fil  Myles 
xixth  ffrancis  Sawrey  fil  John  * 
o     eodem  die  ffrancis  Sawrey  fil  John  * 
eodem  die  Issabell  Benson  fil  Robert 
March  iijth  Willm  Satterthwaite  fil  Clement 

iiijth  Elizabeth  Sands  fil  ffrancis 
eodem  die  Willm  Benson  fil  .  Willm 
xviijth  Agnes  Braithwaite  fil  .  John 
xxvth  Christopher  ffisher  fil  .  John 
eodem  die  Willm    Mackreth   fil  Wilhn 

*  The  first  of  these  two  entries,  which  appear  identical,  has  been  at  some  time 
tampered  with,  scratched   out,    parts   re-written,    and  possibly   altered.     The  o  pre- 
fixed before  the  second  I  am  unable  to  explain.     It  appears  to  be  original. 



Aprill  xijth  George  Braithw1  and  Jane  Kilner 
May  xxxth  Myles  Sawrey  and  Jane  Braithwait 
June  xxixth  Regnald  Walker  &  Margarett  Atkinson 
July  xiijth  James  Braithw1  &  Katherine  Tayler 
November  xvjth  Willm  Pepper  &  Dorathye  Strickland 
December  vijth  Lenerd  Keene  &  Elizabeth  Satterthw1 
January  xxxth  Robert  Scale  &  Agnes  Mackreth 


Aprill  xiijth  Jennett  Holme  fil  WilTm 

xxiiijth  Thomas  Satterthw1  in  the  Church 
May  ixth  Agnes  Allason  widdow  in  the  Church 

xth  Margarett  Readhead 
xijth  William   Kirkbye 
xvth  uxor  Christopher  Tayler 
xvjth  uxor  William  Blumer 
xxijth  Allan  Stones  fil  Robert 
xxiijth  Mr.  William  Collyere 
June  ijth  Gawen  Birkett 

vijth  uxor  Robert  Benson  in  the  Church 
xvijth  John  Satterthwaite  fil  James 
xxvijth  Alice  Atkinson  fil  George 
July  vjth  John   Birkett 

xiiijth  uxor  Nicholas  Holme 

xvth  uxor  Willm  Simpson  in  ihe  Church 
xviijth  uxor  Samuell  Sands  in  the  Church 
August  xiijth  Adam  Banke  in  the  Church 
September  xxvjth  uxor  John  Hodgshon 

eodem  die  uxor  Xpofer  Wilson 
October  xxjth  Myles  Holme  fil  .  WilTm 

xxijth  Elizabeth  Wilson  fil  .  Xpoferi 
xxiijth  George  Wilson  fil  .  ffrancis 
xxixth  Edward   Mackreth  fil  Barnard 
November  xxvth  Lssabell  Rigge 

xxvijth  puell  abort.  Robert  Braithwaite 


December  xiiijth  Agnes   Braithw1  fil  .  WillnT 

xxijth  ffrancis  Braithwaite 
xxviijth  Rowland  Crosfield 

xxxth  uxor  Clement  Rigge  in  ye  Church 
January  xth  William   Dodgshon  fil  .  Thomas 

xjth  Thomas  Banke  fil  .  WiUm 
xvijth  Clement  Rigge  of  Rogerground 
xviijth  uxor   Tho :    Mackreth  in  the  Church 
xxxth  Agnes  Townson  fil  Rowland 
ffebruary  vijth  John  Satterthwaite  fil  George 

xth  uxor    Michaell    Mackreth 
eodem  die  uxor   John  Tayler  de  ffinstthwaite 
xvth  Sara  Bare  fil  .  Robert 
xixth  ffrancis  Sands 

March  iijth  uxor   Edward  Satterthw1    in  the  Church 
iiijth  Clement  Rigge  fil  Clement  in  Church 

vth  uxor   John    Sawrey 
vijth  George  Brockbanke  fil  .  John 
xviijth  Jane  Holme  fil   Allan 
eodem  die  uxor  Rowland  Wilson 
xxth  Thomas  Atkinson 

finis  hujus  anni  1648 : 

BAPTIZATIONES    ANO     DOMI     1649: 

March  xxvth  Christopher  ffisher  fil  .  John 
Aprill    xxijth  Barbary  Braithwaite  fil  George 

xxiijth  Robert  Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
eodem   die  Thomas  Braithw1  fil  .  Willm 
May  XXth  Wiflm  Walker  fil  .  John 
June  iijth  Agnes  Rigge  fil  Thomas 

xiiijth  Dorothy  Rigge  fil  .  Willm 
July    vth  Agnes  Braithwaite  fil  .  Willm 
August  xxvjth  Richard  Rigge  fil  Willm 
September  xxiijth  Regnald  ffrearson  son  of  Dauid 
October  jth  Dorothy  Wilson  fil  Robert 
xxviijth  Willm  Keene  fil  Lenard 


eodem  die  Willm  Sawrey  fil  Myles 
January    ith    1649    Willm    Jackson    son    of  James    of 

Parke  * 

November  xviijth  Issabell  Braithwaite  fil  George 
December  ijth  John  Scale  fil  Robert 

eodem  die  Edward   Braithwaite  fil  .  James 

ixth  Dorothye   Braithw1  fil  John 
xxiijth  Agnes  Mackreth  fil  .  Nicholas 
January    xxth  John  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Thomas 
ffebruary   iijth  John  Benson  fil  Thomas 

xijth  Bridgett  Sands  fil  Samuell 
xviijth  Willm  Pepper  fil  .  Willm 
March    xviijth  Issabell  Penny  fil  .  Richard 


June  xxvjth  Myles  Walker  and  Jane   Townson 

August  xxjth  Edward  Sawrey  and   Margarett  Satterthw 

December  iiijth  Joseph  Keene  and   Ann  Sands : 


March  xxvijth  Richard  Keene 
Aprill  vijth  uxor  Regnald  ffrearson 

xth  Willm  Sands  in  the  litle  Chancell 
eodem  die  Jeaffrey  Holme  fil  .  Nicholas 
xvjth  Margarett  Bare  fil  .  Robert 
xxjth  uxor  Richard  Dixonne 
xxviijth  Willm  Mackreth  fil  .  Willm 
May  viijth  Edward  Watterson 
xijth  James  Braithwaite 
xxxjth  Agnes  Ashburner  fil  John 
June  xxiiijth  Thomas  Sands  fil  Xpofer 

xxxth  uxor  Willm  Bateman 
July  ixth  Elizabeth  Braithwaite  fil  .  Willm 
eodem  die  Barbary  Braithw1  fil  George  in  the  Church 

*   This  entry  is  inserted   out  of    place,   but  in   the  same  hand   as   the  other 


eodem  die  Agnes  Dixson  alias  Mackreth 

xxiijth  Wilfm  Walker  fil  .  John 
September  xjth  uxor  Jeaffrey   Holme 
November  viijth  Mary  Walker  fil  Gyles 

xijth  Christopher  Tayler  in  the  Church 
xvijth  Robert  Tayler  fil .  Willm  in  the  Church 
December  xxiijth  Margarett  Turner 

xxvijth  uxor  Willm  ffrearson 
January  xiijth  Elizabeth  Holme  fil  Willm 
xxixth  George  Mackreth 
xxxjth  Barbary  Hodgson  fil  Cuthbert 
(February  vth  Willm   Braithw1  fil  .  Nic.  in  the  Church 
eodem  die  uxor  John  Marre 

vjth  Arthure  Knipe 
xxijth  Hughe  Marre 

March  xxjth  John  Jackson  found  att  Consey  nabb 
drowned  in  Windermeere  watter. 
finis  hujus  Anni  1649 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOM     1650: 

Aprill  xvth  Ellene  Wilson  fil  .  John 

xxjth  Issabell  ffrearson  fil  .  Myles 
xxviijth  Dorothye  Sawrey  fil  Anthony 
May  xijth  Elizabeth  Assburner  fil  .  John 
xxth  Edward  Mackreth  fil  .  Willm 
June  xvjth  Willm  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward 
eodem  die  Margarett  Braithw1  fil  .  Willm 
xxiij     John  Warde  fil  .  Willm 
xxiiij      Margarett  Rigge  fil  .  James 
xxxth  Willm  Mackreth  fil  Edward 
July  xxviijth  Myles  Sawrey  fil  .  William 
eodem  die  James  Braithwaite  fil  .  Willm 
eodem  die  Jane  Sawrey  fil  .  Henery 
August  iiijth  Willm  Walker  fil  Myles 

xixth  Wilim  Braithwaite  fil   Robert 
xxjth  George  Satterthwaite  fil  .  George 


September  ith  Agnes  Braithwaite  fil  .  Willm 
xxvijth  Willm  Rigge  fil  Georgii 
xxixth  Robert  Benson  fil  .  Robert 
xxxth  George  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Willm 
October  vjth  Anna  Sawrey  fil  .  Willm 

xxvijth  Willm  Wilson  fil  .  William 
November  xjth  Margarett  Rigge  fil  .  Symond 
xiijth  Hester  Hodshon  fil  .  Richard 
xvjth  Bryam  Braithwaite  fil  .   George 
xxvth  Issabell  Tayler  fil  .  Xpoferi 
December  viijth  Anthony  Atkinson  fil  .   Willm 

xvijth  George  Braithwaite  fil  .  William 
xxijth  James  Braithwaite  fil  .  Willm 
eod  die  Margarett  Sawrey  fil  .  Anthony 
January  vth  Thomas  Satterthwaite  et  Samuell 

Satterthwaite  fil  .   Thomas 
xijth  Willm  Benson  fil  .   Bryam 
xixth  Rebeccha  Russell  fil  .  Caroli 
xxxth  John  Knipe  fil  .  John 
ffebruary  xvjth  Edward  Braithwaite  fil  .  Edward 
eodm   die  Katherine   Banke   fil  Thomas 
xxiijth  Dorothye  Mackreth  fil  Willm 
March  ijth  Charles  Shenton  fil  .  Willmii 
eodm  die  Hester  Sands  fil  .  Adam 
ixth  Jane  Rigge  fil  Willm 
xth  John  Braithw1  fil   .   Willm  de  Briers 
xvijth  Agnes  Hodgshon  fil  .   Richard 
eodem  die  Thomas   Holme  fil  .   Clement 

xxiijth  James  Penny  fil  .  Nicholas 
eodm  die  John  Benson  fil  .  Thomas  : 


Aprill  xvijth  Willm  Rigge  and 

xxiijth  Rowland  Parke  and  Elsabeth  Harrison 

*  One  Christian  name  omitted. 


May  xxjth  George  Braithw1  and  Agnes   Braithwaite 
August  xvth  Thomas  Dodgshon  and   Agnes  Atkinson 
October  xth  George  Satterthw1  and  Dorothye  Satterthwaite 
November  xjth  Regnald  Holme  and   Issabell  Braithwaite  : 


March  xxxth  Richard  Tayler  de   Lendinge  in  the  Church 
Aprill  ith  James  Braithwaite  senior  in  the  Church 
viijth  uxor  James  Braithw1  senior  in  the  Church 
xiiijth  Margarett   Shenton  fil  .  Wilmii 

xxth  Robert  Rawlinson  fil  .   Willmi   in  the  Church 
eodm  die  Ellene  Wilson  fil  John 

xxijth  Robert  Wilson  fil  Richard 
May  xth  uxor   Willm   Braithwaite 

xijth  *jefifery    Dodgshon  fil  .  George 
eodm  die  Issabell  Strickland  alias  Sands 
xiiijth  Edward  Rigge  in  the  Church 
xixth  uxor  James  Keene 

xxiiijth  Agnes    Rownson    uxor    Willm    found    dead  at 
Estwhaite    intacke    yeat    &    buryed     in    ye 
Church : 
eodm  die  Willm  Rigge  of  Sawrey 

xxvjth  James  Tayler  fil  Willm  in  ye  Church 
July  xxviijth  Susanna  Satterthwaite 
August  xxth  uxor  Willm  Readheade 
October  vjtb  Margarett   Higgin    fil  .   Richard 

xijth  uxor  Myles  ffisher 

November  iijth  uxor  Edward  Tayler  in  the  Church 
xiiijth  Christopher  Tayler  in  the  Church 
xxth  uxor  Thomas  Braithwaite 
xxvth  ffrancis  Knipe 

January  vth  Richard   Penny  in  the  Church 
fTebruary  xth  Christopher  Tayler 
xvijth  Thomas   Mattison 

*  The  name  "Jeffery"  is  filled  in  by  a  different  hand, 


March  iiij*  Wlilm   Walker 

viijth  uxor  James  Tayler  in  the  Church 

xijth  Mr  Samuell  Sands  in  the  Chancell 

finis  Hujus  Anni  1650 : 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOMI     1651: 

Aprill  vijth  Christopher  Rigge  fil  Arthure 
eodem  die  Edw  :  Sawrey  fil  Edward  * 
eodm  die  Mabell  Rigge  fil  Edward 

xiij     Margarett  fforest  fil  Edward 
eodm  die  Willm  Holme  fil  George 

xxvijth  Margarett  Scale  fil   Robert 
eodem   die  Elizabeth  Dodgshon  fil  Thomas 
May  iiijth  Margatt  Braithwaite  fil  WilTm 
xjth  Dorothye  Braithwaite  fil  WilTm 
xij^  issabell  Walker  fil  John 
xviij     Dorothye  Keene  fil  Josephi 
eodem  die  Jane  Mackreth  fil  Wiflrn 

xxvth  Willm  Braithwaite  fil  .  George  de  Consey 
eodem  die  Cicilie  Braithw1  fil  Adam 
June  xvth  Dauid  Tayler  fil   Xpoferi 
xxijth  Robert  Bare  fil  .  Robert 
eodm  die  Issabell  Braithw1  fil  Willm 
July  vjth  Willm  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Robert 
eodem  die  Samuell  Keene  fil  .  James 
August  xxxjth  Agnes    Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas 
October  xxvth  John  Rawlinson  fil  Robert 
November   ijth  Clement  Satterthw1  fil  George 

xth  Margarett  Brockbanke  fil  .  John 
eodem  die  Elisabeth  Holme  fil  .  George 

xxijth  Willm  Braithwaite  son  of  James 
eodem  die  Robert  Rigge  fil  .  Myles 
December    xth  George  Rigge  son  of  Robert 
January  iiijth  Myles  Sands  fil  .  Myles 

*  "  Edw.   Sawrey  "  is  written  in  a  different  hand. 


eodem  die  Thomas  Keene  fil  Willm 
xxth  James  Tayler  fil  .  Robert 
xxvth  Willm  Addison  fil .  Willm 
ffebruary  ijth  Dorothye  Braithwaite  fil  Willm 

xvth  Edward  Sawrey  fil  .  Myles 
eodem  die  Margarett  Braithw1  fil  .  George 
eodem  die  Margarett  Braithw1  fil  .  Robert 

xvjth  Willm  Tayler  fil  .  Willm 
xxixth  Margarett  Mackreth  fil  Edward 
March  xiiij     Mary  Rigge  fil  Willm 

xxjth  James  Braithw1  fil  .  Willm 
eodm  die  Samuell  Strickland  fil  Rowland 


May  xvth  Willm  Keene  &  Agnes  Rigge 

xxixth  Myles  Braithwaite  and  Agnes  Dodgshon 


March  xxviijth  WilTm  Holme  de  Oxenfell 
A  prill  vjth  Adam   Assburner 

vijth  uxor  Edward  Sawrey  in  the  Church 
xiiijth  Mr  Myles  Sands  in  the  quire 
May  iiijth  uxor  Edward   Satterthwaite 

xviijth  Willm  Braithwaite  in  the  Church 
xixth  Jane  Mackreth  fil   Michaell 
eodem  die  Willm   Benson  fil  .  Bryam 
June  xth  Willm   Holme  fil  .  George 

xjth  Willm   Sawrey  fil  Edward  in  the  Church 
xijth  the  wife  of  William  Tayler 
xvijth  Agnes  Satterthw1  fil  .  James  in   ye  Church 
xixth  Margarett  Benson   fil  John 
xxth  James  Braithw1  fil  .  James  in  the  Church 
xxviijth  James  Watterson 
xxxjth  uxor  Richard  Hodgshon  in  the  Church 


July  xxiiijth  uxor  John  Wilson  in  the  Church 

xxvth  John   Mackreth  fil  .  William  in  ye  Church 
August  xvth  Willm  Braithw1  fil  George  in  ye  Church 
September  xxiijth  James   Wiggan  fil  .   Regnald 

xxvijth  Willm  Sawrey  fil  .  Myles  in  the  Churcl 
October  vjth  Edward   Braithw1  fil  James  in  the  Church 

xxjth  Robert  Benson  in  the  Church 
December  xxth  Alice  Satterthwaite  fil   Thomas 
January  iij  uxor  Robert  Hodgshon 

vth  William  Tayler 
xvijth  Edward  Satterthwaite 
xxvjth  uxor  John   Scale  in  the  Church 
xxvijth  WilTm  Mackreth  in  the  Church 
ffebruary  xjth  George  Holme  in  the  Church 

xxix  uxor  Edward  Mackreth  in  ye  Church 
March  ijth  abort  Regnald   Holme 

ixth  puer  abort.  Thomas  Braithwaite 
Finis   hujus   Anni   1651: 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANO     DOM     1652: 

March  xxviijth  Dorothye  Benson  fil  Bryam 
eodem  die  Jennet  Walker  fil  .  Richard 

Aprill  iiijth  Peter  Knipe  fil   Peter 

eodem  die  Edward  Becke  .  fil  Willm 
xviijth  Richard  Rigge  fil  Thomas 
xxvjth  Charles  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Willm 

May  ijth  Willm  Braithwaite  fil  Myles 
ixth  Edward   Rigge  fil  .  Willm 

June  vjth  Elizabeth  Kellatt  fil   Robert 
xiijth  Dorothye  Kirkbye  fil  .  Willm 
xiiijth  John  Sawrey  son  of  Edward 

July   ith  Myles  Sands  fil    Samuell  of  Graythwaite* 
xviijth  John  Sands  fil  :  Samuell  of  Roger  Ground  * 

August  xvth  Jane  Rigge  fil  .  Richard 
xxiijth  Willm   Rigge  fil  .  Wilfm 

*  The  localities  in  these  entries  are  added  in  another  hand. 


xxiiijth  Thomas  Keene  fil  Lenord 
eodem  die  Jane  Tomlinson  fil   Myles 
September  xixth  John  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Willm 

xxvj'h  Elizabeth  Walker  fil  .  Myles 
October  xiijth  James  Braithwaite  fil  .  Adam 
November  ijth  Hester  Mackreth  fil  .  Edward 

vijth  Elizabeth  Braithwaite  fil  .  John 
xiiijth  Richard   Hodgson  fil   Richard 

Margratt    Braithw1    fill    John    de    far 

Sawrey  * 
December  viijth  Issabell  Parke  fil  .  Rowland 

xvjth  Agnes  Scale  fil  .  Robert 
ffebruary  xxth  Ann  Mackreth  fil  .  Willm 

xxvijth  Willm  Keene  son  of  Willm 
March  vijth  Willm    Sawrey  fil  .  Willm 

xvth  Edward   Satterthwaite  fil  George 

July  xvijth  William  Sawrey  and  Elisabeth  Hodgshon 


Aprill  ijth  uxor  George  Braithw1  in  the  Church 
May     xth  Thomas   Satterthw*  in  the  Church 
vth  Thomas  Poole  fil  Thomas 
vjth  abort  Willm   Rigge 

June     ijth  uxr  Edward   Scale  in  the  Church 
July  xvijth  puell   abort  Thomas  Strickland 
August  xiiijth  Henery  Kirkby  in  the  Church 

xvth  Margarett  Holme  fil  George 
xxvth  ffrancis  Knipe  in  the  Church 
September  vijth  Agnes  Walker 

xxijth  Clement  Rigge  of  Haukshead 
eodm  die  Agnes    Skele  uxor  Rich :  de  Lighthowe 

xxvijth  uxor  Anthony  Rigge  in  the  Church 
eodm  die  Edward  Turner  in  the  Church 

*  This  entry  is  interpolated  in  another  hand. 


xxxth  James   Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
October  ith  uxor  Richard  Knipe  in  the  Church 
vijth  John  Bancke 

xth  John   Sawrey  fil.  Edward  in  the  Church 
xiijth  uxor  Charles  Satterthwaite 
eodm  die  Dorothye  Braithwaite  fil   Willm 

xvth  Willm  Mackreth  fil  .  Edward  in  ye  Church 
xixth  John  Hodgshon 
xxijth  William  Holme 
xxiiijth  Margarett  Satterthwaite 
November  ith  George  Rigge  fil  James  in  the  Church 

xxvth  Thomas  Dodgshon  in  the  Church 
December  xxjth  Willm   Rigge   of  Roger  =  Ground 

xxij     Margarett  Gilpin  in  Sands  quire 
January  xiiijth  Issabell   Benson  fil  .  Thomas 

xxjth  uxor  Willm  Braithw1  in  the  Church 
xxijth  Mabell  Holme  in  the  Church 
xxiijth  Clement  Satterthw4  in  the  Church 
xxvijth  Agnes  Scale  fil  .  Robt  in  the  Church 
xxxjth  Issabell  Wilson 
ffebruary  ith  Willm  Knipe  in  the  Church 
eodem  die  ffrancis  Walker  fil  Richard 

iijth  uxor  George  Rigge  in  the  Church 
vjth  uxor  Myles  Mackreth 
viijth  uxor  Arthure  Benson  in  the  Chancell 
ixth  uxor  Rowland   Strickland 
eodm  die  uxor  Robert  Speight 
March    iijth  Marie  Dixonne 
iiijth  William  ffrearson 
vjth  puell.  abort.  John  Mackreth 
xvth  uxor  William  Rigge 
xviijth  William  Keene 

xxth  Elene  the  wife  of  George  Braithw1  fil   Nic. 
Finis  hujus  Anni   1652 


BAPTIZATIONES     ANO     DOMI :     1653: 

March  xxvijth  WilTm  Braithw1  fil  .  Willm 
Aprill  xvijth  Jane  Rigge  fil  .  Edward 
May  viijth  Issabell  Scale  fil  .  Rowland 
eodem  die  Dorothye  Benson  fil  Willm 
eodem  die  George  Braithw1  fil  George 
June  xvijth  Marie  Turner  fil  .  Willm 
July  xth  James  Pepper  fil  .  Willm 

xvijth  Agnes  Braithwaite  fil  Willm 
eodem  die  Agnes  ffisher  fil  .  John 

August  xxviij  Richard  Braithw1  fil  .   William 
September  iiij  John  Russell  fil  .   Charles 

vth  James   Braithw1  fil   .  Willm 
eodem  die   Margaret  Braithw'  fil  WilTm 

xjth  George  Knipe  fil  George 
October  iijth    (Joseph  Sands  et 

~      ,        fil  Adam 
&  Peter  Sands    J 

ixth  Myles  Sawrey  fil  .   Edward 
eodem  die  Edward  Braithw1  fil  .  George 

xxiijth  Thomas  Strickland  fil  .  Thomas 
eodem  die  James  Braithw1  fil  .  Willm 
January  viijth  Christopher  Benson  fil  Wiflm 
xvjth  George  Braithwaite  fil  .  Myles 
xxijth  Margarett  Jackson  fil  James 

new  regesten    vth  Elizabeth   Mackereth  fil  .  Willm 
begins      / 
ffebruary  xiijth  James  Benson   fil  .  Robert 


Aprill  xvth  uxor  Anthony  Atkinson  in  the  Church 

xxth  Edward  Satterthwaite  fil   George 
xxvijth  Willirn  Walker  of  Grysedall 

*  "  Joseph  &  Peter  "  is  inserted  in  another  hand. 


May  ixth  uxor  Clement  Rigge  in  the  Church 

xjth  Alice  the  wife  of  John  Russell  in  the  Church 
xijth  Willm  Atkinson  fil  .  Anthony  in  ye  Church 
xvjth  Thomas  Satterthw1  in  the  Church 
xxjth  puer  abort  Willm  Rigge  fil  .  Alexander 
June  vth  Thomas  Barrowe 

xth  uxor  Mathew  Kirkebye 
eodem  die  Dorothye  Assburner  fil  Adam 
July  iith  George    Braithw1    son    of   Willm    of   the 

fould   Supposed  to  be  slaine  by  they  fale 
of  a  horse  Backe 

July  vijth  Martine  Suerte  in  the  Church 
eodem  die  uxor  Charles  Satterthw1  in  Church 

xxth  uxor  Robert  Tayler  of  Satterthwaite 
August  xiijth  George  Rigge  in  the  Church 

xxiiijth  uxor  Robert  Assburner  in  the  Church 
xxxth  Thomas  Knipe  in  the  Church 
eodem  die  Regnald  Wiggan 
September  vijth  uxor  Willm  Braithw1  in  the  Church 

xvth  Roger  Borrwicke 

October  ijth  Issabell  the  wife  of  Tho :  Strickland  in  Church 
xviijth  Willm  Braithwaite  of  Parke 

xxth  uxor  Richard   Hodgshon 
eodem  die  Robert  Hirdson 

xxviijth  Willm  Kirkbye  of  Rusland 
November  xvjth  Elizabeth  Brockbanke  fil  .  John 

xvijth  Willm  Mackreth  of  Bulclose  in  the  Church 

xxth  Jane  Mackreth  fil  .  Willm  in  the  Church 
xxiijth  Edward  Braithw1  fil  .  Wilfm  in  Church 
xxvth  Agnes  Rigge  of  Roger  Ground 
December  ijth  John   Hirdson 
eodem  die  a  Childe  Willm   Scales 

vjth  Anthony  Sawrey  in  the  Church 
January  ixth  uxor  Bryam  Mackreth  in  the  Church 

xiiith  Willm  Braithw1  of  Lowwrey  in  ye  Church 


[xixth  James  Braithw1  of  Lowwrey  in  ye  Church 

ffebruary  iiijth  the  wife  of  James  Braithw1  in  ye  Church 

vth  Thomas  Benson  of  fieldheade  in  Church 
xijth  Issabell  the  wife  Richard   Harrison  of 

xiiijth  Margarett  ye  wife  of  Clement  Rigge  in 

xvth  Margarett  the  wife  of  John  ffrearson  of 


xxth  Willm  Sawrey  elder  of  Wattehead  in  Church 
March  xxijth  the  wife  of  John   Atkinson  in  Church 
Finis  hujus  Anni  1653 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANO     DOM:     1654: 
Aprill  ijth  Samuell  Sawrey  and  Daniell  Sawrey 

both  sons  Willm   Sawrey  son  of  ffrancis 
ixth  Dorothy  Sawrey  fil  Henery  of  Waterhead 
xvijth  Mary  Holme  fil  .  Clement  of  Daleparke 
xxjth  Richard   Briggs  fil  .  Richard  of  Dalton 
xxxth  Dorothy    Braithw1   fil  .  Wm :    ye    Smith    of 

May  vijth  Elizabeth   Braithw1  fil  .  Willm  of  fould   in 

far  Sawrey 

June  iiijth  Elizabeth  Rigge  fil  .  Symond 
vth  Edward  Tayler  fil  .  Clement 
xjth  Daniell  Rawlinson  fil  .  Robert 
xviijth  Willm  Shenton  fil  .  Willm 
eodem  die  Christopher  Rigge  fil  .  Robert 

code  die  Thomas  Scales  fil  .  Edward 
July   xvjth  Willm  Braithwaite  fil  .  George 
eodem  die  Margarett  Knipe  fil  .  John 

xxijth  Margarett  Satterthw1  George  (sic) 
xxiiijtb  Willm  Holme  fil  George* 
xxxth  Margarett  Keene  fil  James 

*  "  Willm  "  is  inserted  in  another  hand. 


August  xiijth  James  Keene  fil  .  Thomas 
xxth  Agnes  Sawrey  fil  .  Myles 

September  iijth  James  Satterthw1  fil  .  George  Satt : 
xxiiijth  Samull  Sands  fill  Samuell  of  Roger 

October  viijth  Benson  fil  .  Bryam  * 

xjth  Willm  Sawrey  fil  .  Willm 
eod  die  Mary  Atkinson  fil .  Willm 
xxiiith  Issabell  Rigge  fil  .  Adam 
xxxth  Thomas  Walker  fil  Myles 
November  vth  James  Braithw1  fil  John 

xijth  George   Kellatt  elder  fil  .  Robert 
xxvjth  Willm  Atkinson  fil  .  Richard 
December  iijth  Agnes   Brockbanke  fil  .  John 

xxxjth  Christopher  Tayler  fil  .  George 
January  xth  Edward  Mackreth  fil  .  Edward 

xxviijth  Ann  Parke  fil  .  Thomas 
eodem  die  Jane  Wilson  fil  .  William 
ffebruary  xijth  Braithwaite  fil  .  John  * 

xxvth  Samuell  Sands  fil  .  Myles 
March  iiijth  Agnes  Rigge  fil  Myles 
eodem  die  Elisabeth  Braithw1  fil  .  Thomas 

MARRIAGES     1654 

Jully   the    8th    1654:    Robert    Satterthwait    &    Agnes 

Scale  t 


March   xxvth  Margarett   Rigge   fil   Thomas  of  Roger 


xxxjth  Thomas  Benson  of  Oxenfell  in  the  Church 
Aprill  viijth  Ellene  the  wife  of  Emmanuell  Portingall 
xxijth  Margarett  fforest  fil  .  Edward 

*  The  Christian  name  omitted, 
f  This  entry,  with  its  heading,  is  inserted  in  another  hand. 


xxvjth  Thomas    Mackreth   of  Bull    Close   in   the 


Md  that  William  Braithwaite  of  Skellwith  departed 
from   his  owne   house  in    Skellwith  on  Wednes- 
daye  the  5th  of  Aprill  and  was  found  drowned 
in   the    water   att    Arthure    Benson    field    foote 
neare    or    aboute    the    Dubb  =  Ings :    and   was 
brought  to  be  Buried  att  Hauxheade  on  friday 
the  28th  of  this  present  Aprill  1654  :  as  above 
May   ixth  Agnes  Braithw'  fil  .  Willm  in  the  Church 
xxijth  ye  wife  of  Willm  Rigge  son  of  Alexander 

in  Church 

xxiiijth  Myles  Sawrey  of  Waterhead  in  the  Church 
June  xvth  Arthure  Mackreth 

xxth  Samuell  Satterthwaite  fil  John 
xxvijth  uxor  Edward  Tayler  in  the  Church 
July  xxth  James  Rigge  elder  of  the  Highwray 
August  xvijth  uxor  George  Holme  in  the  Church 

xxvjth  James  Addison  in  the  Church 
September   xxvth   Xpofer   Tayler   of  Dalepke  in   the 

November  xxijth  Willm  Atkinson  in  the  Church 

xxiiijth  uxor  Clement  Satterthw1  in  ye  Church 
December  vjth  Agnes   Benson  fil .  William 

xiijth  uxor   Clement   Satterthw1   of  Coulthouse 

in  ye  Church 

xxiiijth  George  Holme  fil  Michaell  in  ye  Church 
xxixth  Clement   Satterthw1    of    Coulthouse    in 

ffebruary  vth  uxor  James  Keene 

xijth  George  Holme 

xxiijth  uxor  Peter  Tomlinson  in  the  Church 
xxvijth  William  Hirdson  pyper 
March   xxjth  uxor  Charles  Braithwaite 
finis  hujus  Anni  1654 : 


BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOMI  :     1655 

Aprill  xijth  Elisabeth  Walker  fil  .  Richard 
xxvth  Anthony  Mackreth  fil  .  Willm 
xxixth  Clement  Rigge  fil  .  Willm 
May   vth  Ann  Rigge  fil  William 

xxvijth  Robert  Holme  son  of  Clement 
June  xvijth  Richard   Bancke  fil  .  ffrancis 
July  ith  John  Jackeson  fil  .  James 
codem  die  Elizabeth  Tomlinson  fil  .  Myles 
xxxth  Thomas  Braithwaite  fil  .  James 
eodem  die  Elizabeth  Rigge  fil  .  Robert 
August  vth  Agnes  Dodgshon  fil  .  Thomas 
eodem  die  Willm   Knipe  fil  .  Robert 
eodem  die  Ellene  Robinson  fil  .  Willm 

xixth  Jane  Braithwaite  fil  .  George 

September  ixth  Margarett   Russell  fil  .  Charles  of  Consey 
eodem  die  Willm   Braithwaite  fil  .  George 

xvjth  George  Walker  fil  .  Richard 
October  xxjth  John  Mackreth  fil  .  Edward  * 
November  xjth  James  Rigge  fil  .  Willm 

eodem  die  John  Brockbanke  fil  .  Edward 
December  xixth  Barbaric  Braithwaite  fil  .  Willm 

xxxjth  George   Braithw1  fil  .  George 
ffebruary  xxiiijth  Ann  Tayler  fil  .  George  de  Daleparke 
March  iijth  Thomas  Sawrey  fil  Anthony 

xixth   Dorothye  Braithwaite  fil  .  Willm 
xxiijth  William  Pepper  fil  .  Willm 
eodem  die  Thomas  Braithwaite  fil  .  Myles  : 
March  ye  2Oth   1655   Margrett  Satterthwaite  fil  Robt  de 

Satterth  .  .  .  f 

*  Opposite  this  entry,  and  those  above  and  below,  is  written  in  another  hand, 
"October  the  12th  1655  Wm  Kirkby  fil  Wiifm  de  Satterthwaite" 

f  This  entry  is  inserted  in  another  hand  in  a  space  which  has  been  left  blank 
for  marriages.  Similar  spaces  are  left  in  1653  and  1654. 



March   xxviijth  Richard   Hodgshon 
Aprill  iiijth  Dorothye  the  wife  of  John  Rigge 
xixth  John  Tompson 

xxth  John   Rawlinson  fil   Robert  in  the  Church 
May   ijth  uxor  John   Satterthwaite 

xijth  Willm    Tayler  in  the  Church 
xvijth  Issabell  Walker  fil  .  John 
June  xvth  Margarett  Townson  fil  Willm   Ideot 
July  xvijth  William  Bownas 

xviijth  Margarett  Sands  fil  .  Oliver 
August  viijth  Agnes  Braithw1  fil  .   Edward  drowned 

betweene  Sawreys 
xvth  Rowland  Stillinge 
September  ixth  John  Benson  of  Outyeate  in  the  Church 

xxijth  uxor  Willm  Sands  of  ffouldyeate 
November  xxvjth  uxor  Willm  Pepper  in  the  Church 

xxvth  Thomas  Walker  fil  .  James 
December  vijth  Thomas  Wilson  in  the  Church 

xiijth  Willm   Braithw1  hatter  of  Sawrey  in 

xvjth  uxor  Willm  Kirkebye  in  the  ye  (sic) 

January  ixth  Willm  Atkinson  fil  .   Robert 

x*  William  Becke 
eodm  die  uxor  James  Satterthw1  of  parkamore  in  ye 

Church  f 

eod  die  Pepper  fil  .  Willm  in  Church  J 

ffebruary  ijth  Rowland  Braithwaite  of  Brathey 

viijth  Pepper  fil  Willm  in  the  Church  \ 

xvth  Thomas  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas 

*  The  superfluous  "  ye "  is  inserted  in  another  hand  by  someone  who  has 
gone  through  many  pages  of  the  Register  about  this  date,  and  inserted  "ye"  in 
entries  where  "the"  or  "ye"  is  wanting. 

f  "In  ye  Church  "  inserted  as  above. 

\  No  Christian  name  given. 


xxth  Edward  Braithwaite  in  the  Church 
xxvth  Issabell  Townson  fil  .  Willm 
last  day  Thomas  Satterthw1  fil  Tho :  in  Church 
March    viijth  uxor  James  Strickland  in  the  Church 
xjth  uxor  William  Sawrey  in  the  Church 
finis   hujus  Anni    1655 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANO     DOM:     1656: 

April  vjth  James  Keene  fil  Josephe 

vijth  Elizabeth  Rigge  fil  Thomas 
xxvijth  Willm  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Charles 
eodem  die  John  Walker  fil  .  Thomas 

June  ith  Agnes  Willmson  fil  .  Henery 
eodem  die  Elizabeth  Rigge  fil  .  Thomas 
July  vijth  Elisabeth  Keene  fil  .  James 

xiijth  Elizabeth  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward 
August  iijth  Sawrey  fil  Anthony  of  Watterhead  * 

viijth  Jane  &  Margarett  Knipe  daughters  of  Peter 
xxiiijth  Jane  Holme  fil  .  Regnald 
September  xjth  Elizabeth   Benson  fil  .  Willm 
November  vth  Samuell  Sands  fil  .  Samuell  de  Graythwaite 
xjth  Willm  Mackreth  fil  .  Edward  de  Nar  Sawrey 
xxjth  Willm  Braithw1  fil  .  John  de  Crofthead 
xxvth  Barbary  Harrison  fil  .   Robert  de  Lowrey 
October  viijth  Ellin  Asskewe  fil  .  Willm  de  Dalepke 

eod  die  Willm  Brockbanke  fil  .  John  de  Tarnhows 

xvth  Elsabeth  Knipe  fil  .  James  de  Grysdall 
xxijth  Margarett  Keene  fil  .  Lenord  de  Keen- 
January  viijth  George  the  base  childe  of  Dorothye 


xixth  John  Rigge  fil  .  Thomas  de  Rogerground 
ffebruary  ijth  Mary  Jackson  fil  Mathew  de  Hill 

iiijth  WilTm  Rawlinson  fil  .  Robert  de  Grysdall 
viiijth  Myles  Sawrey  fil  .   Myles  de  Narr  Sawrey 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


eod  die  Robert  Rigge  fil  .  WilTm  de  Satterthw1 
eod :  die  Tho :    Sands  fil  .  Samuell  de  Rogerground 

xxth  Ellen   Banke  fil  .   ffrancis  de  Coniston 
March  viijth  Edward  Benson  fil  John  de  Haukeshead 
eod  die  Agnes  Sands  fil  .  Adam  de  fouleyeate 

xvth  Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  Edward  de  Narr  Sawrey 
eod  die  Margarett  Marr  fil  .  Tho  de  Dalepke 
xxiijth  John  Walker  fil  Myles  de  Keenground 
eodm  die  Alice  Keene  fil  Tho :  de  Rogerground 
June  xxiijth  :    1656:    Agnes   Crosfield  fil  .  Robert  de 


December  xijth  I  sac  Bateman  and  Agnes  Satterthwaite 
January  xxvjth  Robert  Rigge  and  Sibell  Mackreth 

eodm  die  James  Tayler  and  Issabell  Mackreth 
ffebruary  iijth  John  Hodgshon  and  Alice  ffleminge 
March  xv  Robert  Turner  and  Margarett  Turner 


March  xxxth  uxor  John  Warde  of  Sawrey 
Aprill  xth  uxor  Richard  Rigge  in  the  Church 

xijth  uxor  Willm  Satterthw1  in  the  Church 
xvijth  James  Becke  fil  .  Willm 

May  ijth  Elisabeth   Braithwaite  fil  .  John  in  the  Church 
June  xvth  Edward   Mackreth  fil  .  Bryam 
eodm  die  Elisabeth  Rigge  fil  .  Thomas 
July    xvth  Willm  Braithwaite  fil  .  Myles 
eodm  die  Townson  fil  Myles  * 

August   xxvijth  Anthony   Sawrey  of  Hollingebancke  in 


September  iijth  uxor  Regnald  Holme  in  the  Church 
vijth  Thomas  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Clement  in 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


ixth  Marie  Rigge  fil  :  William 
xth  uxor  Josephe  Keene  in  the  Church 
xxiijth  Ann  Holme  fil  Michell  *  in  the  Church 
November  ijth  Thomas  Skelldinge  fil  .  Tho  :  who  dyed  at 


vth  John  Satterthw1  .  Clarke  of  the  parish 
viijth  Barbary  Braithw1  .  fil  Willm  de  Highwrey 
xijth  Thomas  Braithwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de  far  Saw- 

rey  in  Church 

xiijth  Agnes  Holme  fil  .  Clement  de  dalepke 
xviijth  Daniell  Braithw1  :  fil  .  John  de  hyewrey 
xixth  Ann  Tayler  fil  .  George  de  Dalepke  in  ye 


xxviijth  Willm   Braithw1  fil  .  James  de  fieldhead 
December  xvth  Ester  the  suposed  daughter  of  Willm 

Knipe  of  Grysdall 

xvijth  Ellin  Wilson  fil  .  Rowland  de  Chroslands 
eodm  die  James  Satterthw1  de  Parkeamoore  in 


xxvjth  James  Penny  fil  .  Nicholas  de  Parkmoore 
xxviijth  Samuell    Sands   fil  .  ffrancis  who  dyed  at 


January  vjth  Ellen  Scales  fil  .  Robert  de  Satterthwaite 
eod  die  Charles  Braithwaite  de  Skellwith 
xijth  WilTm  Braithw1  fil  John   de  Croftehead 
xvijth  Anthony  Sawrey  fil  .  John  de  Coniston 
xxijth  WilTm  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Clemt.  de  Skinerhow 
xxiiijth  Ann   Rigge  fil  .   Robert  de  Consay 
eod  die  Elisabeth  Benson   fil  .  Willm  de  fieldhead 
xxviijth  Mathew  Braithwaite  de  lonethwaite 
eod  die  Elisabeth  ye  wife  of  Willm  Walker  of 

Hauxehead  field 

ffebruary  xxvijth  Cicely  Rigge  fil  Adam  de  Hauxhead 
March  jth  Willm  Sawrey  of  Crofthead  in  the  Church 

vth  Edward  Braithw1  fil  .  Edward  de  Low:  wrey 

f  This  name  was  originally  written  "Nichol"  and  altered. 


eodm  die  Elisabeth   uxor  Willm   Braithw1  de   fieldhead 

in  Church 

vjth  John  Satterthw1  fil  .  Thomas  de  Narr  Sawrey 
xijth  Jane  Knipe  fil  .  Peter  de  Coulthouse 
xxtb  Edward  Scales  de  Thwaithead  in  ye  Church 

reodem  die  Barbary  Braithw1 
xxjth  Jane  Braithwaite 

and  Sybell  Braithwaite 

All  three  children  of 

Willm   Braithw1 
of  Narr  Sawrey  and 

dyed  of  the  pocks. 
xxiijlh  Willm  Rigge  of  hye  wrey 
Finis  hujus  Anni  1656. 

BAPTIZACONES     ANO    DOM     1657 

Aprill  vtb  Ester  Atkinson  fil  Thomae  borne  in   Satter- 
eod  die  Agnes    Satterthwaite    fil    Robert    de    Satter- 

thwaite  * 

May  iiijth  Ann   Braithw1  :  fil  .  Tho  :  de  Thompson  ground 
November    1657  xjth  Cement   (sic)    Rigge   fil    Christopher 

de  ffeildhead 
May  xjth  Christopher  Rigge  fil  .  Symond   de  Haukeshead 


xvijth  Anthony  Sawrey  fil  .  Anthony  de  Oxenfell 
xviijth  Jane  Braithwaite  fil  .  Willm  de  Satterhowe 
eod  die  Dorothye  Tayler  fil  .  Christopher  de  dalepke 
August  ijth  Margarett  Knipe  fil  Robert  de  Grysdall 
eodm  die  James  Keene  fil  .  Tho :  de  parkrhoore 

xvijth  Thomas  Benson  fil  .  Barnard  de  Tockhowe 

eodm  die  Agnes  Satterthw1  fil  Charles  de  Coulthouse 

Septbr  xxjth  James  Strickland  fil  Tho  :  de  Satterthw1  : 

October  iijth  John  Rigge  fil  .  Thomas  de  Roger-ground  * 

Octobr  vth  Robert   Braithwaite  fil  .  Robert  de  Outyeate 

xjth  Mary  Tayler  fil  .  George  de  Dalepke 
Novembr  ith  John  Braithw1  .  fil.  Willm  de   ffarr   Sawrey 
Bapt.  at  Windermere 

*  These  entries  are  interpolated  by  another  hand. 


Decembr    vth    Edward    Banwell    fil  .  Richard   borne  in 


vjth  Ann   Holme  fil  Clement  de  Dalepke 
March   xiiijth  James  ffrearson  fil   Myles  de  Grysdall 
xxjth  Issabell  Rigge  fil  .  Edward  de  Hyewrey 


May  xxth  Willm  Sawrey  and  Alice  Strickland 
xxixth  Willm  Rigge  and  Elisabeth  Benson 
eodem  die  Willm  Jackson  and  Jane  Walker 

xxxth  Edward  Rigge  and  Elisabeth  Dixeson 
June  xth  Thomas  Keene  and  Margarett  Satterthwaite 
July  xjth  Willm  Braithwaite  and  Agnes  Jackson 
xvjth  Thomas  Jackson  and  Agnes  Mackreth 
August  iiijth  Edward  Walles  and  Judeth  Tayler 

vjth  Luck   Peareson  and  Elisabeth  Rawlingson 
viijth  Richard  Hodgshon  and  Agnes  Dawes 
September  xxiiijth  John  Knipe  and  Agnes  Satterthwaite 
November  iijth  George  Rigge  and  Jennett  Askewe 
ffebry  xvij      James  ffrearson  and  Jane   Rawlingson 
eodem  die  Richard  Townson  and  Margarett  Kirkeby 


March  xxvjth  Elisabeth  Braithw1  :   fil  .  Willm  de  ffould 

in  Sawrey 
Aprill  ijth  Willm :    Braithw1   fil  .  George  de  ffarr  :   Sawrey 

vjth  Myles  Sawrey  fil  .  Henery  de  Hollin  bancke 
viijth  Margarett  the  wife  of  Mathew  Braithw1  de 


xiiij     Margarett  Rigg  fil  :  WiTTm  de   Narr-Sawrey 
xxijth  Jane  Braithw1  fil  .  George  de  farr-Sawrey 
xxixth  (or  xixth  )  Willm  Hirdson  fil  .  Willrn  de  Dalepke 
May  xiijth  Elsabeth  the  wife  of  Thomas  Walker  de 


xxth  Agnes  the  wife  of  Balthazer  Puthpker  in  the 


June  xvjth  Edward  Benson  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead 

xviijth  Willm  Satterthwaite  of  ffarr-Sawrey  in  the 


July  iiijth  Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  Edward  de  Narr-Sawrey 
viijth  Thomas  Towneson  fil  .  Myles  de  Grysdall  in 

the  Church 
August  viijth  Willm  Shentan  de  Consey 

xxvth   Issabell  the  wife  of  Edward  Robinson  de 

Satterthw1  in  ye  Church 
xxvjth  Cuthbert  Holme  de  Holme  ground 
Sept  iijth   Margarett  the  wife  of  John  Wilson  de  Russland 

xjth  Alice  the  wife  of  Willm   Holme  de  Coniston 
xxiiijth  Margarett  the  wife  of  Tho :  Hodgshon  who 

dyed  at  Braithey 
Octobr  ith  Edward  Walker  de  Crosselands 

xxiiijth  Elisabeth  the  wife  of  Willm  Townson  de 

Coniston  in  the  Church 
27th  George  Benson  fil  Robert  de  Skellwith 
Novbr  xijth  Emas    the    wife    of   Myles    Harrison    in    the 


xxixth  Regnald  Mackreth  de  Sawrey  in  the  Church 
Decbr  vijth  Ellin  Burnes  uxor  Symond  who  dyed  at 


xxjth  Mathew  Kirkbye  de  Coniston 
June  iijth   Issabell  ye  wife  of  Wm  :  Braithw1  de  fould  in 

ye  Church 

xxijth   Issabell  ffisher  fil  .  John  de  Grysdall 
decembr  xjth   1657  Elsabeth  the  wife  of  Wm  Braithw1  of 

ffarr-Sawrey  in  ye  Church  * 

ffebry  vjth  Anthony  Sawrey  fil  .  Henery  de  Coulthouse 
xxvth  the  wife  of  Xpofer  of  Dalepke  in  the 

Church  t 

March  xjth  An  abortive  son  of  Robert  Scales  de 

*  This  entry  inserted  in  a  different  hand, 
f  Name  omitted. 


xiijth  Two  abortive  Children  of  Willm  Jacksons  of 

xxjth  Elisabeth  the  Daughter  of  Wifim  Hodgshon 
of  ffieldhead  a  younge  Childe  under  three 
yeares  ould  whoe  went  with  her  brother  from 
Borwicke  ground  where  they  lived  till 
Willm  Mackreths  house :  And  as  Shee  was 
gooinge  home  againe  by  her  Selfe  shee 
lost  her  way  and  wandered  to  the  Hye 
greene  and  their  was  Stervd  to  Death ; 
And  could  not  be  found  though  sought  by 
many  untill  foure  dayes  after  that  Shee  was 
lost,  the  day  first  menconed  beinge  the  day 
on  which  Shee  was  found  and  Buried 
finis  hujus  Anni  1657 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANO     DOMI :     1658: 

Aprill  iiijth  Alexander  Rigge  fil  Willm  de  Narr-Sawrey 
eodem  die  Elisabeth  Braithw1  fil  .  Adam  de  Loane- 

xjth  Edward  Braithw1   fil  George  de  Howe  in 

haukeshead  field. 

xviijth  Alexander  Rigge  fil  .  Edward  de  Narr-Sawrey 
xxvth   Dorothye  Braithwaite  fil  .  John  de  Crofthead 
May  iijth  Willm  Dodgshon  fil  .  Thomas  de  dixson  ground 
xvjth   George    Braithwaite  fil  George  de  ffarr-Sawrey 
xxxth  John  Knipe  fil  .  John  de  fieldhead 
eodem  die  Willm  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Crofthead 
June  vjth  Robert  Rigge  fil  .  Anthony  de  loanethwaite 

xiijth  Ester  Rigge  fil  .  Willm  de  Churchsteele 
eodm  die  Cicily  Braithw1.  fil  .  John  de  Churchsteele 
July  xviijth  Willm  Townson  fil  .  Myles  de  Grysdall 

xxvth  Ambrose  Hodgshon  fil  .  Richard  de  Tockhowe 
xxvijth  Adm  Rigge  fil  .  Willm  de  Haukeshead  field 
August  ith  Richard   Braithw1.  fil  .  Thomas  de  Narr-Sawrey 
viijth  Willm  Kirkbye  fil  .  Willm  de  Coniston 


Septembr  xijth  Willm   Benson  fil  .  John  de    Haukeshead- 

eodem  die  Edward    Mackreth    fil  .   Barnard   de   out- 


xiij  Thomas  Braithw'e  fil  Will  de  ffould  * 
xixth  Willm  Sawrey  fil  .  Myles  de  loanethwaite 
xxvjth  Anthony    Kellatt    fil  .  Robert    de    Rawes 

October  xth  Willm  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Willm  de  Satter- 


xxiijth  Ann  Sands  fil  .  Myles  de  Graythwaite 
eodem  die  Issabell    Braithw1.  fil  .  Willm  de   Narr-Sawrey 
December   xixth   Dorothye  ffrearson  fil  James  de  Grysdall 
eodem  die  Elisabeth  Braithw1  fil  .  Myles  de  Skiner- 


xxvjth  John  Braithwaite  fil  .  George  de  Consey 
January  xxxth   Mary  Scales  fil  Rowland  de  Dalepke 
March  xiijth  Willm  Sawrey  fil  .  Henery  de  Coulthouse  t 


June  first  Barnard  Macreth  and  Alice   Ottley 

viijth  Regnald  Holme  and  Elisabeth  Vickars 
Septemb1'  ijth  George   Mackreth  and  Margarett  Mackreth 

xxiiijth  Willm  Benson  and  Jennett  Longmyre 
Novembr   xviijth  Willm    Braithwaite  and   Elisabeth  Long- 

xxvijth  Edward  Keene  and  Mabell   Mackreth 
Decemb1"  ixth  Willm   Satterthwaite  and   Issabell  Tompson 

*  Interpolated  in  another  hand. 

f  There  are  three  entries  in  another  hand  in  the  margin  of  the  paper : 

December  8th  Wm  Mabreth  son  of  W'n  of  Hauxhead  field 
November  5   1658,  David  Sands  fil  Adam 

Nober  3rd  Wm  Robinson   son  of  William   de   Hollin  banke  chrisened 
at  Coniston 



March  xxxth  Ellin  the  wife  of  Richard  Burrowe  de  Stot- 

Aprill    vjth    Elisabeth    Sawrey    Ml    .    Henry    de    Coniston 


xjth    Richard  Burrowe  de  Sott  Parke 
xvjth    Rowland    Tayler    de    Thwaite    mosse    in    the 

xixth  the  wife  of  Willm  Tayler  de  Plowme- 

greene  in  ye  Church  * 
xxiiijth    Robert    Satterthw1    of    Narr    Sawrey    in    the 


May  viijth  Peter  Knipe  of  Coulthouse 
June    ith    Agnes   the   wife   of    John    Satterthw1   Clarke   of 


iith  Scales  fil  Willm  de  Thwaitehead* 

vjth    Margarett    the    wife    of    Barnard    Mackreth    de 


July    vth    Nicholas  Holme  de  Holmground 
xxiijth    Peter  Towneson  de  Grysdall 
xxiiijth   Charles  Satterthwaite  elder  of  Narr  :  Sawrey 
August   ith   Agnes  the  wife  of  Willm  Satterthw1  of  Saw- 
rey in  the  Church 
Septbr    vjth    Elsabeth    the    wife    of    Willm     Braithw'    de 

Sawrey  ground 
xxixth   John     Sawrey     of    Narr-Sawrey    in    the 


October   ixth    John    Blumer   de   Coniston   Waterhead 
xth    Mathew  Kirkby  younger  de  Coniston 
xjth    Elisabeth    the    wife    of    Willm    Sawrey    de 


xxth    Susana  Arter  de  ffarr  Sawrey 
November  iiijth  John  Warde  de  ffarr  Sawrey 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


viijth  Jennett  the  wife  of  Willm  Benson  of 
Brow  in  Church  whoe  lived  but  Six 
weeks  &  three  days  after  shee  was 

xviijth  Willm  Townson  de  Grysdall  in  the  Church 
xixth  Elsabeth  the  wife  of  Regnald  Holme  de 

Decembr  iiijth  Cicily    Braithw1    fil  .  John   de   Haukeshead 

in  ye  Church 

vijth  Willm  Sands  de  ffinstthwaite  in  the  Church 

eodem  die  Edward   Mackreth  fil  .  Barnard  de  outyeate 

xxiiijth  Margarett  the  wife  of  Regnald  Braithw1  in 

the  Church 

Jann :  ith  Willm  Satterthw'  :  fil  .  Willm  de  Narr  Sawrey 
ffebr :  xth  James  Keene  fil  .  Thomas  de  Parkamoore 
eodm  die  James  Benson  fil  Bryam  de  Skellwith 
eodm  die  Agnes  the  wife  of  Edward  Rigge  de  hyewrey 
a  Quaker  which  was  buryed  at  Coulthouse  in 
George  Braithw1  packe  ( ?  parrocke)  the  same 
beinge   an    Intended    buryinge   place  for  that 
Sect  and  shee  the  first  Corps  which  was  layde 
xvth  Elsabeth  the  wife  of  John  Walker  who  dyed  at 


xxth  Agnes  Kirkby  fil  George  de  Coniston 
March  vth  An  abortive  son  of  Michaell  Holmes  of  Roger 


vijth  Dorothy  Sawrey  fil  .  John  de  Narr  Sawrey 
xviijth  Clement  Tayler  fil  Clement  de  Ploomegreene 
finis  hujus  Anni  1658 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOMI :     1659: 

March  xxvijth  Ellin  Satterthw1  fil  George  de  Haukeshead 

Dorathy  Braithw1  fill  John* 

*  This  entry  is  inserted  in  a  different  hand. 


Aprill  xxvth  John  Rigge  fil   Robert  de  Rogerground 

May  ith  Agnes  Jackson  fil  Willm  de  hyewrey 

June  xijth  Agnes  Mackreth  fil  .  Edward  de  Narr-Sawrey 

xxvijth  Thomas  Mackreth  fil  :  George  de  Outyeate 
July  iijth  Jane  Braithwaite  fil  .  James  de  ffarr  Sawrey 
August  xxviijth  Margarett  Braithw1  fil  .  Tho :  de 

Tompson  ground 
Septembr  iiijth  Janne  Tayler  fil  George  de  Dalepke 

eodem  die  Margarett  Keene  fil   Edward   de  Outyeate 
xjth  John   Dawes  fil  .  Cristofer  who  was  borne 

at  Haukeshead 

Octob :   ijth  Dorothy  Satterthw1  fil  .  Charles  de  Greenend 
xvth   Dorothie   Walker  fil  .  Richard  de  Arneside 
xvjth  Sybell    Satterthwaite  fil  .    Robt   de    Satter- 

thwaite  * 

Novbr  xxviijth  Ann  Atkinson  fil   Myles  de  Consey 
Decmbr  xjth  Agnes    Rigge  fil  .   Christofer  de  Haukeshead 

field  head 

xviijth   Mary  Sands  fil  Adam  de  fouleyeate 
Jann :  ith  Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  Edward  de  hyewrey 

viijth   Ann   Strickland  fil  .   Thomas  de  Dalepke 
eodm  die  Agnes  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Willm  de  Crofthead 

xxijth  George  Walker  fil  .  Myles  de  Keeneground 
eodm  die  Elisabeth  Keene  fil  .  Lenord  de  Keenground 
ffebr  xijth  Ellin  ffrearson  fil  James  de  Grysdall 

xxvjth  Ellin  Kirkby  fil   :  George  de  Coniston 
March  vth  Willm  Keene  fil  .  Joseph  de  Keeneground 
ffeb  2th   1659    Thomas   Satterthwaite   fil   Charles   de  Narr 
Sawrey  * 


Aprill  xvijth  Joseph  Keene  and  Elisabeth  Satterthwaite 
....    Balthazer  Puthpker  &  Katherine  Harrison 
July  xxiijth  Clement  Holme  and   Ellin  bancke 
Septbr  xijth  Willm   Benson  &  Ellasabeth   Holme 

*  This  entry  is  inserted  in  another  hand. 


Jann  :  ith  Christopher  Holme  &  Dorothye  Bancke 
xvijth  Daniell   Nicolson  and  Brigett  Pennington 
xixth  Christopher  Nicolson  and   Elline  Knipe 
xxxith  Thomas  Auericke  and  Margarett   Holme 


March  xxvjth    Edward     Sawrey    de    Narr-Sawrey    in    the 


xxviijth    Margarett  Knipe  fil  .  Peter  de   Coulthouse 
xxxth  Jane  the  wife  of  Alexander  Rigge  of  Narr- 

eodm  die   Alexander  Rigge  fil  Willm  of  Narr  Sawrey 

Aprill  vj^  Edward  Rigge  fil  Edward  of  the  same  Sawrey 

xijth   Margarett    the   wife    of  ffrancis    Sawrey    of   ye 

same  Sawrey 

xvth  Thomas  Satterthw1  fil  Tho  :  of  the  same  Sawrey 
xvjth  Willm  Sands  of  Lowsonpke  in  the  Church 
xxvjth  George  Borwicke  de  Coniston 
May  iijth    John  Rigge  fil  .  Robert  de  Rogerground 

vth  Joseph  Wilson  fil  .  John  de   Barr-yeate 
viijth   Mary  Scales  fil  .  Rowland    de  Dalepke 
xiijth  Katherine  the  wife  of  John  ffishcr  de  Grysdall 
xvth  Mabell  ye  wife  of  Henery  Kirkbye  de  Satterthw1 

in   Church 

xxxjth  Elline  Rigge  de  outyeate 
June  xviijth   Margarett  the  wife  of   John   Sawrey  of  Narr 


xxvjth   Elisabeth  Braithw'  fil  .  Tho  :  de  Braithey 
July  iijth  Mr.  Thomas  Benson  de  Skellwith  in  the  Chancell 
xvth  Agnes     the     wife     of    Richard     Assburner     of 


xxth  James  Satterthwaite  de   greene  =  end 
August  ith  Jennet  uxr    John   Addison    of  Newbybridge  in 

ye    Church 

vth  Jennett    Bancke   fil  .  George   de  Crosslands  in 


xvijth  An    abortive  daughter*  of  George  Braithwaite 

of  hill 
eodm  die  Elisabeth  Braithwaite  fil  .  Adam  de  Coulthouse 

xixth    Elline  Satterthw*  fil  Geo  de  Haukeshead 
Sept  xixth    Elisabeth    the    wife    of    Anthony    Walker    de 

Waterson  ground 
xxth   Willm     Braithwaite    late    of    fouleyeate    who 

dyed  att  Coulthouse 
xxvth  Agnes  the  wife    of   Willm    Rigge   who   dyed 

at  Hauxhead  hall 

xxixth  Elisabeth  Sands  who  dyed  att  Holm  ground 
October  iiijth  Robert  Kellatt  fil  Robert  de  Rawes  ground 

xxvth  George  Pepper  fil  Willm  de  Satterthw1 
Novembr  ijth    An     abortive     son     of    Willm     Riggs     of 

vjth  James    Braithw1  fil  .  Wm    de  hye   wrey   in 

the  Church 
xiiijth  Elisabeth    uxor  John  Assburner    de  Narr- 

xixth   fTrancis    Sawrey    of    Hollin   banck   in   the 


xxth  Charles  Tayler   of  ffinsthwaite 
eodem  die  Robert  Scales  de  Dalepke 
eodm  die  Margarett  the  wife    of  George  Jackson  de 


Decembr   iijth  Ann  borne  of  the  wife  of  Robert  Satterthw1 
of   Narr-Sawrey     without    any     knowne 
viijth  Myles    Sawrey   de    Narr-Sawrey    in     the 

xxjth  Elisabeth  wife    of  Rowland  Townson   of 

Coniston  in  Church 

xxixth  Alice  the  wife  of   Rowland    Crosfield  de 

*  "daughter"  has  been   written  in  another  hand,   above  the   original   "fil," 
which  has  been  crossed  out. 


Jann  vijth   Willm  Sawrey  of  Hollinbancke  in  the  Church 
xiijth   Katherine    the  wife    of  Wm    Baithw1    of    fould 

in  ye  Church 
xxjth  Elisabeth  uxor   .  Rowland  Turner  de  Consey  in 


ffebr  xxth  Jane  uxor  Myles  Sawrey  of  Sawrey  in  ye  Church 
March  vth   An  abortive  son  of  Wm :  Riggs  of  Narr  Sawrey 
xth   Margarett  Kirkbye  fil  .  George  de  hollinbancke 
xiiijth  Edward  Rigge  de  hye  wrey 
xxiijth  An  abortive  sone  of  James  Jacksons   of  Parke 
finis  hujus  Anni  1659 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO    DOM    1660.* 

March  xxvth   Willm   Knipe   fil  .  James  de  Grysdall 

eodem  die  Elsabeth    Benson   fil  .  Barnard  de  Tockhowc 
Aprill  viijth   Willm  Rigge  fil  .  Symond  de  Haukeshead  hill 

25  Myles  Walker   fil  .  James  de  Satterthwaite  t 
June  iijth  Agnes  Braithw1  fil  Willm   de  Satterhowe 

xxiiijth   Margarett  Satterthw1  fil  Charles  de  Coulthouse 
July   ith  Robert   Benson  fil  .  Willm  de  brow  in  Skellwith 

xxijth  Cicily  Satterthw1  fi-1  .  George  de  Coulthouse 
August  xixth  Elsabeth   Benson  fil  .  Robert  de   Skellwith 

xxvjth   Robert   Holme  fil  .  George  de  Oxenfell  pke 

Septbr.    xvjth  Willm  Braithwaite  fil  .  Adam  de  Coulthouse 

eod  die  Barbary   Jackson    fil   .   Thomas   de   Sawrey 


xxiijth   Clement   Satterthw1.   fil  .  Thomas   de   New- 
xxxth   Thomas    Braithw1  .    fil    Willm    de    bries    in 

ffar  Sawrey 

eod  die  Barbary      Hodgshon     fil     .     Richard     de 

*  The  writing  changes  in  character  somewhat  here  ;  but  it  is  difficult  to  say 
if  it  is  a  new  hand.  The  old  hand  is  certainly  renewed  at  Marriages  1661  :  but 
is  again  changed  at  Baptisms  1662. 

t  Seems  to  be  an  insertion  in  another  hand. 


October  vijth   John    Atkinson    fil  .  Richard    de    Muncke 


eod  die  Willm    Braithw1  fil  .  George  de  ffoule  yeate 
xvijth   Befvis  Nicolson  fil  .  Daniell  de  Haukeshead 


xxiiijth   Willm  Knipe  fil  .  Robert  de  Grysedall 
November    *xjth  Thomas  Pepper  fil .  Willm  de  Satterthwaite 
xviijth  Agnes  Knipe  .  fil  John  de  ffieldhead 
xxvth    Margarett  Rigge  fil  Willm  de  Satterthwaite 
Decembr    iijth   Ellin  Rigge  fil  .  Clement   de  Dalepke 

xxxth  Joseph  Keene  fil  .  Thomas  de  Keeneground 
January  xxth   Margarett  Keene  fil  .  Willm   de   Birkery 
ffebT  xvijth  George  Braithw1  fil  .  Myles    de  Keeneground 
eod  die  Willm  Rigge  fil  .  Robert  de  Roger  ground 
xxvijth  Willm   Banke  fil  .  Willm  de  Watersyde 
March  xth  Thomas  Turner  fil  .  John  de  Nar-Sawrey 

xvijth  Myles  Sawrey  fil  .  Anthony  de  Waterhead 
eodem  die  Agnes  Sawrey  fil  .  Henery  de  Dixeson  ground 


Aprill  xxxth  William  Banke  and  Agnes  Wilson 
May  xiiijth  James  Strickland  and  Jennett  Taylor 
July  ijth  James  Towneson  and    Mary  Strickland 
ixth   Willm  Ashburner  and  Ann  Braithwaite 
August  iiijth  John   Holme  and  Elsabeth  Jackeson 

xvjth  John  Jackson  and  Jennett  Knipe 
Septbr  xxvijth  Richard  Knipe  and  Jane  Bownas 
Decmbr  xth   Myles  Sands  and  Ellin  Tayler 


March  xxvth  Willm   Braithw1  de    fould  in   Sawrey  in  the 

xxixth  John  Rigge  of  Roger  ground  in  the  Church 

*  In  the  margin  opposite  this  and  succeeding  entries  : 

13  :  Edward  Braithwaite  fil  James  de  Lowwrey 


Aprill  iijth  John  Robinson  son  of  Henery  a  poore  younge 
child  who  dyed  by  the  highway  side  in 
Claife  in  his  mothers  armes 

iiijth  Agnes  Satterthw1  fil  .  Charles  de  Green  =  end 
vth   Issabell    ye   wife   of    Willm    Sands    of   Gray- 

thwaite  in  Church 
xth  Elisabeth  Rigge  ye  Daughter  of  Rigge  pipper 

(piper)  who  dyed  att  Consay 
xxviijth  David   Sands  eldr    de   Graythw1    in    ye    little 


June  ith   Henery  Sawrey  de  Coulthouse  in  the  Church 
June  iijth   Myles  Mackreth  de  Outyeate 
eod  dei  Willm  Braithw1  fil  Willm  base  begotten 

xjth  Ester  Braithwaite  fil  .  George  de  Stottpke 
xxiijth  Agnes   Rigge  fil  .  Edward  de  Hyewrey 
xxiiijth  Edward   Holme  de   Hodge-close 
xxviijth  Thomas  Brockbancke  fil  .  John  de  fieldhead 
July  vjth  Regnald  Holme  de  Grysedall 
August  ijth  George  Satterthw1    Smyth  de  Coulthouse 

xvijth  James  Tayler  fil  .   Christopher  de    Dalepke 
Septbr  ith   Mary    uxor   Anthony   Sawrey  de  Satt :  in   the 


xvjth   Margarett  Mackreth  fil  .  Anthony  de  fieldhead 
October  xviijth  Elsabeth   the    wife   of    Wilhn   Walker    of 

November  ijth  Myles  Townson  of  Grysedall 

xxijth  Ellin  the  wife  of  Myles  ffieminge  de  field- 

xxvijth  Willm  Sands  of  Graythwaite  in  the  Church 
Decembr   xjth  Christopher  Sands  who  dyed  at  Green-end 
xvijth  Jennett  uxor  John  Turner  de  Satterthw    in 

ye  Church 

xxjth  ffrancis  Sawrey  de  Nar-Sawrey 
xxxjth   Margarett  Rigge  de  Narr-Sawrey 
January  xvth  Myles  Walker  younger  de  Satterthw1  in  the 


ffebruary  xiijth  the  wife  of  Christopher  Sands  who 

dyed  at  Coulthouse  * 
xxviijth  Willm    Satterthwaite    de    Ash-Slacke    in 

the  Church 

March  vjth  Barnard  Braithw1  de  Skellwith  in  the  Church 
xijth   Percivell   Holme  de  Oxenfell  pke 
xxjth  Mabell  uxor  Arthur  Dixson  of  Dixson  ground 
xxiijth  Jane  Braithwaite  daughter  of  Adam  de  Coult- 
Finis  hujus  Anni  1660 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOMI  :     1661  : 

March    25th  Mary    Robinsone    fil   .    Wm    de    Hollinbanke 

Chrisned  at  Coniston  f 
March  xxxjth  George    Kellatt   younger    fil    .    Robert    de 

Raws  ground 

eod  die  Margarett  Townson  fil  .  James  de  Grysdall 
Aprill  vijth   Mary  Sands  fil  Adam  de  Graythwaite 

xiiijth   Edward    Rigge  fil  .  Edward  de  Narr=Sawrey 
May  vth  Elisabeth  Benson  fil  .  John  de  Haukshead  hill 
xixth  Adam  Ashburner  fil  .  Willm  de  ffoule  yeate 
xxxth  Elsabeth  Braithw1  fil  .  George  de  Haukeshead 


June  xvjth  Willm  Braithw1  fil  .  John  de  Crofthead 
July  xvth  Barbary  Mackreth  fil  Edward  de  Narr  Sawrey 
August  xviijth  David    Kirkby    fil    .    George    de    Hollin- 


Septbr  viijth  George  Mackreth  fil  George  de  Mosse-foote 
xxijth  Agnes  Holme    fil   John   borne   att    Sawrey- 

Octobr  vth   Edward  Keene  fil  Joseph  de    Keen-ground 

xiijth  Agnes    Cowperthwaite     fil   .    Geo   .   borne    att 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 
*  This  entry  is  inserted  in  another  hand. 


Novembr  iijth   Margarett  Braithwaite  fil  .  George  de  Consey 

xvijth  Robert  Atkinson  fil  .  Myles  de  Consey 
eodem  die  Jane  Poall  fil  .  Willm  de  fTorsse-Mill 
xxiiijth  David   Sands  fil  .  Myles  de  Graythwaite 
Decembr  viijth  James  Walker  fil  .  Myles  de  Keene-ground 
xxijth   Henery   Williamson   fil  .   Henery  de    ffarr : 

xxvijth  John  Greene-howe  fil .  John  de   Haukeshead 

xxixth  John  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  Tompson 

eod  die  Christopher  Jackson    fil  .  Willm   de  Low- 


January  xxvjth  Willm    Dixeson    fil  .  Richard   de  brow    in 

eod  die  Willm   Braithwaite    fil  Wm  :  ye  smyth  de 


eod  die  Issabell   Braithw1  fil  John  de  Sawrey  infra 
ffebruary  xxth    Agnes     Knipe    fil  .  Richard    de     Munck 

xxiijth  Agnes  Rigge  fil .  Willm  de  Skellwith 

eod  die  Agnes  Benson  fil  Will  de * 

March  ijth  James  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Charles  de  Green  end 
xvijth  John   Braithwaite  fil  .  Robert  de  Outyeat 


May  vjth  Alexander  Rigge  and  Elsabeth  Deys 
xxiijth  Adam  Rawlinson  and  Agnes  Towers 
June  ith     Thomas  Atkinson  and  Jane   Atkinson 
July  vjth  Richard  Dickson  and  Ellin  Robinson 
October  viijth   Christopher  Harrison  and  Mabell  Benson 
November  vijth   Anthony  Sawrey  and  Susan  Strickland 
December  vth  George  Mackereth  and  Barbary  Sawrey 

xvjth  Joseph  Taylor  and  Margarett   Taylor 
ffebruary  iijth  William  Walker  and  Jane  Carter 

*  Writing  very  faded. 



Aprill  ith  Emas     uxor    Edward    Wilson     who    dyed     att 


viijth  John  Hodgson  of  Tarne  howes 
xvjth  Lenord  Keene  de  Keene-ground 

eodem  die  Susan  the  wife  of  Willm  Bordley  in  the  Church 
xviijth  Ellin  the  wife  of  Wm  Braithw1  elder  of  Satterhowe 
xixth  Wm  Browne  a  poore  criple  borne  at  Newcastle 

upon  Tine 

xxvijth  John  Wilson  of  Russeland 

xxixth   Agnes  uxor  Christopher  Sands    of  ffoulle  yeate 
May  xvth  Elsabeth  uxor  Geo  :  Braithw1  de    ffarr    Sawrey 

in  ye  Church 

xxth  Jennett  uxor  John   Harrison  of  Thwaite  head 
xxvijth  Margarett  uxor  Christopher  Tayler  de  dalepke 
eod  die  Christopher  Rigge  fil  .  Symond  de  Haukeshead 

xxviijth  Agnes  uxor  Richard  Walker  of  Arneside  in  ye 

eod  die  An    abortive     son     of     Christopher    Holme     of 


June  ith  Elsabeth  Braithw1  fil  .  George  de  Haukshead  hill 
ixth   Margarett  uxor  Willm   Turner  de    Satterthwaite 
xijth  Ellin  uxor  John   Brockbanke  who  dyed  at  Skell- 


xiiijth  Ellin   Sands  fil  .  Adam  de  ffoule= yeate 
xixth   John   Holme  fil  .  Regnald  de  Oxenfell 
July  xxvjth   Issabell  Tayler  fil  .  Willm  de  Thwaite  head  in 

the  Church 
August  ith  Arthur  Rigge  de  Coniston  in  the  Church 

xth  Maudlan    Tayler  uxor    Christopher   de    Narr= 


xvth  Thomas   Braithwaite   de   Braithey 
xxviijth   Issabell  uxor  Peeter  Knipe  of  Coulthouse 
Septbr  xxth  Elsabeth    uxor  Willm    Sawrey  de    Crofthead 
in    the  Church 


xxiiijth  Jennett    uxor    Edward     Wilson    de     Roger- 

xxvjth  Mary  uxor    Tho :  Strickland    de    Satterthw1 

in  the  Church 

xxviijth   Agnes   Tayler  fil  .  Rowland  de  Crosselands 
xxixth  George     Satterthw1     fil    .    Christopher     de 

Octobr  ixth   Edward  Keene  fil  .  Joseph  de  Keeneground 

xxixth   Christopher  Tayler  de  Dalepke  in  the  Church 
eod  die  Dorothy    Braithw1    fil  .  Willm    de    Sawrey  in 

ye  Church 
xxxth  Thomas  Strickland   fil  .  Thomas    de  Dalepke 

in  ye  Church 
Novembr  ijth   uxor  Willm   Walker  de  Dalepke 

xjth  Ann    Strickland    fil  .  Tho :    de    Dalepke    in 

the  Church 
xxth  Edward  Braithw1  fil  .  Wm  de  fould  in  Sawrey 

in  the  Church 

xxijth   Myles  Harrison  of  Skellwith  in  the  Church 
Decembr  iiijth  Mabell   Benson  fil  .  Bryam  de  Tockehowe 

vth  John  Benson  de  Haukshead  hill 
vijth  Barbary    uxor  Willm  Walker  who  dyed    at 

xiijth   uxor  John    Benson    de     out    yeat     in    the 

Janny  ijth   Myles  fifrearson  de    Grysdall 

iijth  Willm    Rigge   de    Haukeshead   field    in   the 


xviijth  George  Turner  Collyer 
ffebrY  ixth  Ann   Braithwaite  fil  .  Willm  de  fieldhead 

xth   Ellin    uxor   Willm    Penny    de    Tarnehowes    in 

the  Church 
xijth  Willm  Sawrey  fil  .  Wm :  de  Sawrey  infra  in  the 


xxiijth  Ester     uxor     Willm      Sawrey     de     Coniston 
Waterhead  in  ye    Church 


March  xxth  John  Rigge  fil  .  Robert  de  Rogerground 
Finis  hujus  Anni  1661:* 

.  .  .  .  1 66 1   Robert  Atkinson  son  of  Myles  de  Conseyt 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOMI :     1662  + 

March  xxxth  Thomas    Keene    fil  .  James   de    Tompson  = 


Aprill  xiijth  Thomas  Styth  fil  .  Thomas  de  Satterthwaite 
May  xjth   Margarett  Holme  fil  .  Regnald  de  Oxenfell 

xiijth  Judith  Nicolson  fil  .  Daniell  de   Haukeshead  hall 
eodem  die  John  ffisher  fil  .  Christopher  de  Haukeshead 

June  ith  William  Hodgson  fil  .  Richard  de  Tarnehowes 
eodem  die  Charles  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Willm  de  Narr  =  Sawrey 

July  xxvijth  Robert  Tayler  fil  .  George  de  Dalepke 
the  Last  day  Thomas  Banke  fil  .  Willm  de  Waterside 
August  iijth  Elizabeth  Rigge  fil  .  Christopher  de  rfieldhead 
xth  Agnes  Satterthwaite  fil   .   William    de   Coult- 

xxjth  George     Holme    fil   .    Michaell    de    Keene  = 


xxiiijth          Kirkby         George  Chrisned  att  Coniston  § 

Septbr  vijth  Margarett  Mackreth  fil  .  Bernard  de  outyeate 

xiiijth  John     Braithwaite    fil    .    Thomas    de    Narr  = 


Octobr  xijth  Myles  Strickland  fil  .  Thomas  de  dalepke 
code  die  Robert  Taylor  fil  James -de  Dalepke 
eod  die  Agnes  Satterthwaite  fil  Charles  de  Coulthouse 
eod  die  Agnes  Johnson  fil  .  Robert  de  Keene = ground 
xixth  William  Rigge  fil  .  Thomas  de  Roger = ground 
November  ixth  John  Parke  fil  .  Rowland  de  Skellwith 
December  xxjth  Jane  Ashburner    fil   .    William  de  ffoule- 

*  In  the  flourish  (which  comes  at  the  end  of  every  batch  of  births,  deaths,  or 
marriages)  are  inserted  in  this  instance  the  initials  W.  T. 
f  Is  inserted  in  another  hand. 
J  The  handwriting  changes  here. 
§  The  Christian  name  omitted. 


eod  die  Agnes     Postlethwaite     fil    .    Thomas    de 

xxviij*  Issabell     Satterthwaite    fil    .    Charles    de 


January  iiijth   Margrett  Rigge  fil  .  Robert  de  Roger-ground 
ffebruary  the  firste  John    Benson    fil    .    Bernard   de  Tock- 

eod  die  Mary    Satterthwaite    fil    .    Robert    de 

March  the  firste  William  Sawrey  fil  .  Anthony  de  Sawrey 


xijth  Agnes  Mackereth  fil  .  Thomas  de  Skellwith 
xvth   Samuell  Strickland  fil  .  Myles  de  Roger = 


eod  die  Agnes  Towneson  fil  .  James  de  Grysdall 
eod  die  Agnes  Jackson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Sawrey 

NUPTIE     ANNO     PREDICTO :     1662: 

May  xvth  Thomas  Mackereth  &  Margrett  Jackson 

xxiiijth  George  Roberts  &   Mabell   Holme 
June  viijth  Thomas  Braithwaite  &  Ann  Tompson 

24 :  John  Williamson  &  Elsabeth  Ashburner 
August  13th  William  Newby  &  Grace  Mackereth 

19th  Edward  Braithwaite  &  Margrett  Sands 
Novembr.  4th  John    Scale  &  Margrett  Gayteskell  married 

with  lysence 

1 8th  John  Sewarte  &  Ann  Troughton 
26  :  John  Towneson  &  Agnes  Braithwaite 
29 :  Richard     Chattburne     &     Ann    Rawlingson 

married  with  lysence 

January  27th  Thomas  Braithwaite  &  Margrett  Robinson 
31  :  Edward  Sawrey  &  Margrett  Sawrey  married 

by  lysence 
ffebruary  iijth  Symond  Grysdall  &  Agnes  Moore 

vth  Robert  Braithwaite  &  Marrgrett    Mackereth 
xxiijth  Thomas  Braithwaite  &  Elsabeth  Rigge 


SEPULTURE     ANNO     PREDICTO :     1662: 

March  28th  Charles  Rigge  of  the  Outyeate 

Aprill  6th  Jennett  the  wife  of  Thomas  Bibbie  de  fforsse  = 


xxijth  Elsabeth  Sawrey  fil  .  Anthony  de  Oxenfell 
May  firste  Agnes  the  wife  of  John  Knype  of  fieldhead  in 

the  Church 
xxijth  Ann  the  wife  of  Thomas  Styth  of  Satterthw1 

in  the  Church 
June  ijth  Thomas    Styth  fil  Thomas  de  Satterthw1  in  the 

Jully  5th  William  Braithwaite  fil  William  Smyth  of  Sawrey 

15th  Thomas  Keene  fil  James  de  Tompson  ground 
August  24     a  Childe  of  Richard  Townesons   of  Grysdall 

who  dyed  unchrisned 
26th  George    Braithwaite   fil   .    Wm.  de  Sawrey  in 

the  Church 
31  :  an  abortive    Childe  of   George  Braithwaits  of 

September  21  :  James  Strickland  of   Satterthwaite   in   the 

October  1 5  :  Keene  fil  Thomas  de   Parkeamoore  * 

eod   die  Thomas  Braithwaite  elder  of  Tompson  ground 
November  ijth  Edward  Rigge  of  Narr  Sawrey 

21     Jennett  the  wife  of  John  Crosfielld 
November  22th  uxr    Robert    Satterthwaite   who    dyed    att 


xxvjth  William  Rigge  of  hyewrey 
Decembr  iijth  two  Abortive  Children  of  Myles  Townesons 

of  Grysdall 
vjth  uxr   John   Braithwaite  de    Haukeshead  field 

in  the  Church 
xijth  Cicily  Satterthwaite  fil    .    George    de  Coult- 


20  :  Arthur  Benson  fil  .  Arthur  de  Skellwith    in 
the  Chancell 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


January  firste  Robert  Jackson  fil  .  George  de  Braithey 
iijth  uxr  Edward  Sands  de  ffinsthwaite 
vth  uxr  Alexander  Rigge  de  Narr  =  Sawrey 
vjth  Samuell  Braithwaite  de  ffarr  =  Sawrey 
xijth  ffrancis  Trough  ton  of  Roger  =  ground 
xxth  uxr  John  Locke  de  Grysdall  in  the  Church 
xxvth  uxr   John   Knype  de  fieldhead 
ffebruary  ijth  Agnes  Jackson  fil  .  George  de  Braithey 
iijth   Issabell  Rigge  who  dyed  at  Watterson 


xth  Thomas  Sands  of  Rogerground  in  the  Church 

xijth  George  Braithwaite  of  Consey  in  the  Church 

15  :  uxr    William    Sands    de    ffinsthwaite    in   the 

eod  die  Elline    Mackereth   fil  .   Wm  de   Skellwith  in 

the  Church 
March  vth   Issabell   Strickland  de  Russland 

1 8     William    Sawrey  son    of   Anthony   de    Sawrey 
ground  in  the  Church 
finis  hujus  Anni  1662 


March  29th   Margrett  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  fieldhead 
Aprill  5th   Bryam  Braithwaite  fil  .  Myles  de  fouleyeate 
eod  die  Daniell  Banks  fil  .  Adam  de  Skellwith 
eod  die  Elsabeth  Walker  fil  .  William  de  Dalepke 
19:  Willm  Mackereth  fil  .  Edward  de  Narr=Sawrey 
May  iijth   Henery  Williamson  fil  .  John  de  foule=yeate 
ioth  Jane  ffreareson  fil  .  James  de  Grysdall 
17th  Agnes  Kirkby  fil  .  William  de  Coniston 
Jully  5th  William  Holme  fil  .  Clement  de  Coniston 

19th  Ann   Maybcrry  fil  .  Richard  de  Mosse  =  foote 
August  ijth  Elsabeth   Penny  fil  .  Willm  de   Keeneground 
5th   Arthur    Dixeson    fil  .   Richard     Chrisned    att 


1 6th   Issabell   Keene  fil  .  Edward  de  Church  style 
30th  Jane  Attkinson  fil  .  Richard  de  Coniston 


September  2  Ith        Satterthwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de  Satterthwaite* 
eod  die  Dorothy  Rigge  fil  .  Willm  of  the  same 
27 :    John      Braithwaite     fil    .    Edward     de 

October  iiijth  Clement  Holme  fil  Clement  de  Dalepke 

xjth   Dorothy    Mackereth    fil  .  Edward    de    Narr 


1 8th  Emas  Rowneson  fil  .  George  de  Coniston 
November   the    firste    George    Attkinson    fil  .  Thomas    de 


8th   William  Braithwaite  fil  .  Robert  de  Skellwith 
eod  die  Thomas  Knypef  fil  .  James  de  Grysdall 
xvth   Dorothy  Sawrey   fil  .   John    de    Haukeshead 

22  :  John  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  Haukeshead 


29  :  Issabell  Holme  fil  .  George  de  Oxenfell  pke 
December  6    John  Turner  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey 

eod  die  Margrett  Braithwaite  fil  .  James  de  low  wrey 
2Oth  James  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  hye  =  wrey 
27th  George  Braithwaite  fil  .  William  de  Hye  = 


January    iijth   Margrett  Pepper  fil  .  Wm  .  de  Satterthwaite 
ioth   Samuell  Sands   fil  .  Adam   de  ffoule-yeate 
17th  Joseph  Keene  fil .  James  de  Tompson  ground 
24th  John  Sands  fil  .  Myles  de   Graythwaite  field 


eod  die  John  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Hollin  =  banke 
ffeb  ye  firste  Mary       Satterthwaite      fil     .    Robert     de 


ffebruary  7th  Edward  Braithwaite  fil  .  John  de  Crofthead 
14th  Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  James  de  Skellwith 
21      Ann  Rigge  fil  .  Anthony  de   Narr  Sawrey 
29     Nicolas  Turner  fil  .  William  de  Satterthwaite 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 

f  The  name   "ffrearson"  has  been   first   written,   then   scratched  out,   and   a 
blurred  name,  apparently  "  Knype,"  written  above. 


March  6th  John  Towneson   fil  .  Myles  de  Grysdall 

ioth  George    Benson   &    Margrett    Benson   children 

of  William  Benson   of  browe 
eod  die  Dorothy  Rowneson  fil  .  Wm  de  Skellwith 
2Oth  John  Hodgson   fil  .  Richard  de  fieldhead 

NUPTI^E    ANNO    PREDICTO  :   1663  : 

May  xxvjth  Thomas    Mackereth  &  Margrett  Mackereth 
June  vjth   William  Penny  &  Ellin  Dixeson 

xjtb  Willm  Sawrey  &  Issabell  Sawrey   married    with 


25th  William  Woodburne   &  Agnes  Rigge 
August  vjth  Rowland  Towneson  &  Ann  Brockbanke 
1 8th  John  Braithwaite   &  Margrett   Harrison 
31th  Thomas   Sands  &  Agnes  Robinson 
Jannuary  the  last  Edward  Harrison  &  Jane  Walker 

SEPULTURE    ANNO    PREDICTO  :  1663  : 

Aprill  3d  Elsabeth  the  wife  of  Samuell  Sands    of    Roger 

8th  Joseph  Sands  fil .  Samuell  ibm 

26  ffrancis  Banke  of  Coniston  in  the  Church 
May  10  :  Henery  Williamson  fil  :  John  de  foule  yeate 

13  :  Christofer  ffisher  fil  .  John  de  Grysdall 

24  :  Agnes  Hodshon  fil  .  Cuthbert  de  Tarne  =  howes 

27  :  Regnald  Sands  of  Satterthwaite    in    the  Church 
June  the  firste  :  uxor  George  Satterthwaite  of  Cragg 

3d    Richard   Kellatt  of  howe  in   Haukeshead  field 
5  :  Issabel  Relsle  who  dyed  att  Narr  =  Sawrey 
1 8  :  George  Braithwaite  of  ffarr= Sawrey  in  the  Church 
Jully  the   ffirste  Daniell   Banke  fil   Adam  de  Skellwith 
22'h   An   abortive    Childe    of   Willm    Riggs    of  Narr 

17th  An  abortive  son  of  Symond  Riggs  of  Haukeshead 

1 8th  Katherine  Godmunt 


August  9th    Thomas  Rigge  of  Rogerground 

23  :    An  abortive    daughter   of  Thomas    Keene    of 

September  9th  :  Edward   Scales   of  Crosselands 

i  Ith  :  An   Abortive  daughter  of  John  Scales  of 

Roger  Rydding 

12th  :  Margrett  Mackereth  fil  .  Wm.  de  Haukes- 
head field 
24th  .  uxr    Myles   Attkinson    de   Sawrey   in   the 

25th  .  Henery  Sawrey  de   Coniston    Water-head 

in  the  Church 
October  8th  .  Robert  Kellatt  of  Skinerhowe 

ioth  .  Ann   Mayberry  fil  .  Richard  de  Mossefoote 
29th  .  Postlethwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de   Satter- 

thwaite  * 
December    i;th  .    Alice    the    wife    of    John    Sawrey    of 


22th     Ellin  Gurnall  of  Satterthwaite 
23th  .    William  Rigge  of  Narr  Sawrey 
24th  .    An   Abortive   Childe  of  George  Braith- 

waite  of  hill 

3ith  .    David  Dixeson  of  Tarne  howes 
Jannuary   iijth   Margrett   the   wife   of  Tho :    Braithwait   of 

fould  in  ye  Church 
5th  .  John  Turner  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey 
12th  .  John     Satterthwaite     de    Parkeamoore     in 

the  Church 
2ith  .  uxr    George    Braithwaite    de    Haukeshead 

hill  in  ye  church 
ffebruary    4th  .  Margrett  Braithwaite  fil  .  WiTTm  de  Satter- 


25th  .  Elsabeth   Holme,  alias  Blinde  Bessee 
29th  .  Margrett    ye    wife    of    Wm.    Turner    of 
Satterthw1  in  ye  Church 

No  Christian  name  given. 


March  22th  Elsabeth  the  wife  of   Christofer  Rigge  in  the 
finis  hujus  Anni   1663 


March  the  27th   Ester    Sands    fil    Adam    de    Graythwaite 

Aprill  the  3d  Myles    Sawrey    fil    .    Anthony    de    Sawrey 


24 :  Dauid  Dixeson  fil  .   Dauid  de  Tarnehowes 
eod  die  Joseph  Dixeson  fil  .  George  ibm 
eod  die  Margret  Williamson    fil    Henery  de  Sawrey 
May  the  8th   William  Towneson  fil  Richard  de  Grysdall 
eod  die  Ann    Greenhowe    fil    .  John  de  Haukeshead 


xvth   Elizabeth  Braithwaite  fil  .  Willm  de   Satterhowe 
June  24  :  Adam  Walker  fil  Myles  de  Haukeshead  Church 


26  :  Thomas  Keene  fil  Willm  de  fieldhead 
eod  die  Sarah  Mackereth  fil  George  de  out  (yeate  ?) 
Jully  24 :  Ruth  Sands  fil  .  Thomas  de  Satterthwaite 
August  2d  .  Elizabeth  Towneson  fil  Rowland  de  Muncke 


14:  Jane  Towneson  fil  John  de  Grysdall 
28  :  Jennett  Keene  fil  .  Thomas  de  Haukeshead 
eod  die :  Elizabeth  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Charles  de  Coult- 

Septembr  4th  ffrancis  Knype  fil  .  Richard  de  Muncke 

eod  die  William  Taylor  fil  .  George  de  Dalepke 

xviijth  George  Braithwaite  fil  .  Willm  de  Brathey 
October  2d  Margrett  Williamson  fil  .  John  de  field  =  head 
ixth  George  Mayberry  fil  .  Richard  de  Mosse-foote 
eod  die  Mary  Keene  fil  .  Joseph  de  Keeneground 
xvjth  Thomas   Braithwaite  fil  Thomas  de  Tompson 


November  6th  Thomas  Braithwait  fil  .  Thomas  de  field 


13  :  William  Rigge  fil  .  Myles  de  Satterthwaite 
17th  Adam  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Wm  .  de  Green  = 


December  iiijth  Mary  Postlethwaite  fil  .  Tho :  de  Satter- 

January  viijth   Bryan  Robinson  fil  Willm  de  Hollin=banke 
22 :  Ann    Braithwaite    fil    .    John    de    fould    in 

Sawrey   extra 

29 :  William  Mackereth  fil  .  Thomas  de  Skellwith 
ffebruary  5  :  John  Ashburner  fil  .  William  de  Rogerground 
eod  die  Ann  Warriner  fil  Mathew  de  Tarne  howes 
7  :  William  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Wm  de  Coulthouse 
27  :  Thomas  Jackson  fil  .  John  de  Grysdall 
eod  die  Margret  Braithwait  fil   .   Edward    de   Satter- 


May  the  14th     George  Holme  and  Jane  Bownas 

21  :      Alexander  Rigge  and  Elizabeth  Killner 
June  4  :  Thomas  Braithwaite  &  Elizabeth  Bornes 

27  :  William  Towneson  and  Dorothy  Satterthwaite 
Jully  the  7  :  George  Waller  and  Margrett  Rigge 

12  :  James  Braithwaite  and  Margrett  Braithwaite 
19  :  Charles  Russell  &  Margrett  Scotson  married 

with  lysence  att  Coulton 

August    the    ii  :    James    Dixeson    and    Margrett    Braith- 
waite : 
October    3 :    George    Rigge    &    Elsabeth    Rigge   married 

with  lysence 
18:    Ralph  Drinkald  and  Issabell  Bornes  maried 

with  lysence 
November  3d  John  Dixeson  and  Agnes  Rigge 

17 :  William    Bordley    and    Agnes    Burrow 

maried  with  lysence 
22  :  Lancelott  Benson  and   Sarah  Edmondson 


24 :  Thomas  Casson  and  Mary  Knype 
December  ye  firste  William  Towneson  and  Alice   Rigge : 
Jannuary    ye    last    Thomas    Strickland    and    Elizabeth 


Aprill  ye  4th  1664 :  Md  That  their  was  a  man  drownd  in 
Thurston  =  water  which  was  found  Casten  upp  att  the 
water  =  head  neare  to  the  yeate  in  the  high  =  way  who 
hadd  layde  soe  long  in  the  sayd  water  untill  the 
haire  was  comd  of  his  head  and  his  face  was  sore 
eaten  and  disvigered  with  fishes :  hee  beinge  a 
stranger  and  not  knowne  by  any  was  broughtc  to 
Haukeshead  Church  by  a  horse  in  a  Carr  and 
buried  in  his  Close  in  the  Church = yard  att  the  north 
syde  of  the  Steeple  the  day  and  yeare  firste  men- 
tioned and  expressed : 
May  ye  17th  Jennett  Gurnall  of  the  howe  in  Haukeshead 

29  :   Alice  the  wife  of  George  Braithwaite  of  Sawrey 

June   3  :  Thomas  Wilson  who  dyed  at  Skellwith : 

6  :  Robert  Rawlingson  of  Haukeshead  in  the  Church : 
Jully  2  :  James  Towneson  of  Grysdall  in  the  Church 
6  :  uxr  Anthony  Rigge  de  Sawrey-infra : 
9  :  Robert  Kellatt  fil  .  Robert  de  Watterson-ground 
cod  die  Thomas  Keene  fil  .   Thomas  de  Parkeamoore 
August  28  :  Elsabeth  Braithwaite  fil  Willm  de  Satterhowe 
September  5  :  James  Rigge  of  Skellwith 

18:  an    Abortive    daughter    of   Symond    Riggs    of 

Haukeshead   hill 
19 :  an  Abortive  son  of  George  Kirkbys  of  Hallin  = 


23  :  Agnes  Johnson  fil  .  Robert  de  Grysdall 
October  19:  Daniell  Sawrey  fil  .  Wm  de  Coniston  Waterhead 
November  8  :  Rowland   Scale   in   the   Church 

12  :  Jane  ffrearson  fil :   James   de   Grysdall 


1 6  James   Braithwaite  son  of  Wm  de    Skellwith 

17  :  John    Wilson  of  Barr-yeate 

eod   die  :  James  Crosfield   of  Satterthwaite 

28  :  Dorothy  Rigge   fil    Willm    de    Satterthwaite 
29 :  John   Dixeson    de    Satterthwaite 
December  27  :  William   Rowneson  de  Skellwith  : 
Jannuary  ye  firste :    Rowland  Turner  of  Consey 

8 :  An    Abortive    son  of   Michaell    Holmes    of 

ffebruary  10 :  uxr   William    Rigge   of    Rogerground   in    the 


14  :  Willm  Kirkby  of  Satterthwaite  in  the   Church : 
20:  Mabell  Rigge  fil  .  Edward  de   Sawrey  =  Infra : 
finis   hujus   Anni    1664 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANO     DOMI :     1665: 

March  27  :  Margrett    Sawrey   fil   .   Myles  de  Coniston  Water- 

Aprill  ijth  George  ffisher  fil  .  Christopher  de   Skinerhowe 
23  :  Robert   ffrearsone  son  of  James  de  Grysdall 
30 :  Wm   Braithwaite  son  of  Robert  de   Outyeate 
May  14:  Agnes   Rigge  fil  Robert  de  Roger  =  ground 
June  4  :  Charles  Russell   son  of  Charles  de  Consey 
Jully  8  :  William  Turner  fil  John  de  Sawrey 

30  :  Margrett  Walker  fil   .  John  de  Dalepke 
August  27 :  Susan  Braithwaite  fil   .   William  de  briers. 
Septembr   10  :  William   Rigge  fil  .  Wm  de   Satterthwaite 

17  :  Margarett  Scale  fil  .  John  de  Grysdall 
October  the  firste  Margrett  Holme  fil  .  George  de  Hodge  .  Close 
8  :  Thomas  Dixeson  fil  .  Richard  de  browe  in  Skellwith 
eod  die  Richard  Penny  fil  .  Wm  de  Holme  ground 

15:  Rachell   Kirkby  fil.  George  de  Muncke  Coniston 
eod  die  Elsabeth   Banke  fil  .  Willm  de  Water-Syde 
November  5  :  James  Kirkby  fil .  William  de  Muncke  Coniston 
15  :  Bridgett     Bordley     daughter     of    Willm     de 


19  :  Elisabeth  Knype  fil  .  Robert  de  Grysdall 
26  :  Robert  Townesone  fil  .  Willm  de  Grysdall 
December  3d  Thomas  Johnson  fil  .  Robert  de  Grysdall 

eod  die  Willm   Sawrey  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead  hill 
27  :  Anthony  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Hollin  banke 
29  :  Thomas   Satterthwaite   fil  .  Robert   de   Satter- 


31  :  Thomas  Holme  fil  .  Reginald  de  Oxenfell 
eod  die  Mabell  Holme  fil  .  Christofer  de  Skellwith 
Jannuary  the  firste  Elsabeth  Harrison  fil .  John  de  Satterthwaite 

7  :  William  Rigge   fil  .  Christofer  de  fieldhead 
24  :  Margrett  Sawrey  fil  .  Henery  de  Dixeson  ground 
February  18  :  Margrett    Tounsone    fil  .  Rowland    de     Muncke 


25  :  John  Jackson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Sawrey-infra 
eod  die  Willm  Pepper  fil  .  George  de  Sawrey  infra 
March   xjth  Charles  Satterthwait  fil  .  Charles  de  Sawrey  infra 
eod  die  John   Mackreth  fil  .  George  de  Skellwith 
1 8  :  Thomas  Strickland  fil  .  John  de  Dalepke 


Aprill  4  :  Myles  Rigge  and  Issabell  Tyson 

May  20  :  John  Strickland  &  Elsabeth  Pennington 

28  :  William  Wilson  &  Jennett  Greave 

30  :  Rowland  Wilson  &  Elsabeth  Braithwaite 
June    8  :  George  Mackereth  &  Ann  Attkinson 

13  :  George  Braithwaite  &  Issabell  ....  * 
June  24  :  Myles  Walker  and  Agnes  Robinsone 
Jully  8  :  Richard  Dixeson  and  Ann  Strickland 

10 :  Henery  Barrowe    and   Elsabeth    Braithwaite    married 

by  lysence 
eod  die  :  James  Braithwaite  and  Mary  Rigge 

xvth  George   Pepper   and  Jane  Braithwaite 
Septembr  24th   Adam  ffieeminge  and    Issabell  Dixeson 
October  26th  William  fBeeminge   and  Agnes  Rigge 

*  Ink  very 



March  29th   Thomas  Kirkby  de  Russland 

May  6th  uxr  Edward  Satterthwaite  who  dyed  at  Skellwith 

26th  uxr  Anthony  Sawrey  de  Robert  Banke  pke  in  Church 
Jully  30  :  Issabell  Tounsone  who  was  brought  out  of  Cartmell 

August  the  firste  An  Abortive  Childe  of  John  Scales  of  Roger 


8     Elsabeth  Rigge  daughter  of  Robert  de  field  head 
21  :  Elsabeth  Knype  fil  .  Peter  who  dyed  at  Watterson 

September  9th  Elsabeth  Benson  fil  .  Robert  de  Skellwith 

20  :  John  Dodgson  of  the  hill 
eod  die  ffrancesse    ffletcher    who    dyed    at    Haukeshead 

24 :  Thomas     Strickland    de     Satterthwaite    in    the 

October  i/  :  An  Abortive  Childe  of  George  Kirkbys  of  Hollin 


November  2d  Richard    Penny  son  of  Willm  de  Holme  ground 
17th  Margrett  Rigge  fil  .  Anthony  de  Sawrey = infra 
22th  Robert  Rigge  de  Sawrey  =  infra 
December  the  firste  An  Abortive  Childe  of  Tho  :  Strickland  of 


4th  Ann  Askewe  daughter  of  William  in  the  Church 
29  :  John  Jackson  fil  .  John  de  Grysdall 
Jannuary  xth  uxr  John  Sawrey  who  dyed  att  Green  =  end 
eod  die  Bridgett  Bordley  fil  .  Willm  in  the  Church 
i6th  Jane  Townsone  called  Dwarke  in  the  Church 
22     ux1'  Thomas  Benson  late  of  houmes  head  in  the 


24  :  Richard   Mayberry  de  Strickland  wife  houses 
eod  die  uxr  Henery   Sawrey   de   Dixeson   ground  in  the 

*  Leaf  bound  in. 


25th  Charles  Satterthwaite  of  Coulthouse  drowned   in 
the    pool    as    hee    was    goeinge    home    from 
Haukeshead   and   buried   in   the   Church 
28th :  John   Scale  fil  .  John  de  Whaitehead 
ffebruary  13  :  Margrett  Sawrey  fil  .  Henry  de  Dixeson  =  ground 

21  :  George  Rigge  who  dyed  at  Hollin  =  banke 
March  5  :  uxr  Willm  Benson  de  Coulthouse  in  the  Church 
9  :  uxr  David  Sands  de  Graythwaite  in  the  Church 

1 6  :  Arthur  Dixeson  de  Dixeson  ground 

17  :  John  Dodgson  de  ffieldhead  in  the  Church 
20 :  uxr  Dauid  Sands  elder  in  Sands  quire 

finis  hujus  ani.   1665  : 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANO     DOMI  :  1666  : 

Aprill   8  :  Elizabeth  Braithwaite  fil  .  John  de   Sawrey-infra 
10 :  Elizabeth  Scale  fil  .  Wm.  de  Whaite-head 
15  :  William  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  hye  =  wrey: 
eod  die  Dorothy  Braithwaite  fil  .  Robert  de  Skellwith 

22  :  John  Wilson  fil  .  Willm  de  Oxenfell 
May   6:  Willm  Dixeson  fil  .  George  de  Tarne  =  howes 
eod  die  Elizabeth  Atkinson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Keene-ground 
eod  die  Jane  Brockbanke  fil  .  John  de  fieldhead 

21  :  Issac  Attkinson  fil  .  Richard  de  Muncke  Coniston 
eod  die  Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  Myles  de  Hye  =  wrey 
June  io  :  Agnes  Capeland  daughter  of  Robert  de  Parkemoore 

17  :  Thomas  Benson  fil  .  Willm  de  Skellwith 
Jully  22  :  Elizabeth  Braithwait  fil  .  John  de  Narr-Sawrey 
August  iQ  :  Dorothy  Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  Sand-ground 
Septembr    i  Ith.    Katherine   Benson   fil  .  Lancelott   de    Haukes- 
head : 
October    14:    Margrett    Braithwait   fil  .  Geo :   de   Haukeshead 

November  1 1  :  Agnes  Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  Crofthead 

25  :  George  Rigge  fil  .  Thomas  de  Roger-ground 
eod  die  Margrett  Penny  fil  .  Wm.  de  Holmeground 
December    16  :  Mary  Kirkby  fil  .  George  de  Hollin-banke 
eod  die  Robert  Pepper  fil  .  Wm.  de  Satterthwaite 


23  :  Jane  Rigge  fil  .  Anthony  de  Narr  Sawrey 
Jannuary  6  :  Henry  Sawrey  fil  .  Anthony  de  Sawrey-ground 
20 :  Thomas  Knype  fil  .  John  borne  at  Water-head  : 
24  :  Willm  Bordley  fil  .  Willm  de  Haukeshead : 

27  :  Willm  Greenhowe  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead 

28  :  William  Braithwaite  fil  .  Willm  de  Hye-wrey  * 
ffebruary  :  3  :  Issabell  Braithwaite  fil  .  Edward  de  Satter-howe 

eod  die  Agnes  Sands  fil  .  Thomas  de  Roger-ground 
e5d  die  Debora  Mackreth  fil  .  George  de  outyeate 
March  24  :  Thomas  Knype  fil   .   Richard  de  Muncke  Coniston 
eod  die  Dorothy  Sands  fil  .  Myles  de  Graythwaite 

June   13 
Jully    5 

eod  die 


John  Knype  and  Agnes  Sawrey  married  with  lysence 
Robert  Tayler  and  Issabell  Kirkby 
Thomas  Benson  and  Sybell   Rigge 
Richard  Readhead  and  Elizabeth  Nicolson 
Rowland  Braithwait  &  Agnes  Rawes 
Richard  Hodgshon  and  Elizabeth  Braithwaite 
George  Borwicke  &  Issabell   Benson 

October  31  :  William  Turner  &  Elizabeth  Wilson 
November  7  :  John  Ashburner  &  Elizabeth  Knype 
ffebruary     7  :  Thomas  Douer  &  Agnes  Benson 


Aprill  the  firste  of  the  outyeate  :  f 

22  :  An  Abortive  Childe  of  Berard  Benson's  of  Tock- 


26  :  uxr  Charles  Wilson  who  dyed  at  Arnesyde 
eod  die  Ruth  Rownsone  fil  .  George  de  Coniston 
May    3  :  William  Braithwaite  de  loane  =  thwaite 

7  :  Anthony  Sawrey  taylor  who  dyed  at  Hollinbanke 
9  :  Dorothy   ye    base    Childe   of    Issabell    Satterthw1. 

*  "  William  "  is  filled  in  in  another  hand, 
t  The  name  is  omitted. 



eod  die  John  Sands  of  Graythwaite  field  head 

20  :  Susana  Howard  fil  .  John  who  dyed  at  graythwaite 
June  3  :  Ellin  Scale  fil  .  John  de  Roger  Ryddinge 
1 6  :  John  Jackson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Sawrey  infra 
Jully  the   24 :     a     liveinge     daughter    of    Willm     Braithwaite 
youngest    of  Satterhowe   who    dyed    imme- 
diately after  she  was  borne 
30:  Agnes  Rigge  fil  .   Myles  de  Hye^wrey 
August  7  :  Richard  Washington  Schoole  Master  of  Sawrey 
15  :  uxr  Robert  Banke  de  Crosselands  in  ye  Church 
23  :  Wm  Pepper  fil  .  George  de  Sawrey  =  extra 
30:  Dorothy  Benson  fil  .  Bryan  de  hye  =  wrey 

September  n 



October  ye  firste  Margrett  Keene  fil  .  Thomas  de  Parkeamoore : 



November      3 


Margrett  ye  wife  of  Tho :    Mackreth  of  browe 

in  ye  Church 
John  rftsher  de  Grysdall 
William  ffisher  de  dalepke  : 
Elizabeth  Braithwait  fil  John  de  Crofthead 

Nicolas  Turner  fil 
Issabell  Keene  fil 

Willm  de  Satterthwaite 
Edward  de  Church  =  style. 

Ann  Greenhowe  fil  .  John  de  Church  =  style. 
Ann  Kirkby  fil  .   Wm  de    Satterthwaite  in  ye 


Ann   Holme  fil  .  Clement  de  Dalepke 
Katherine   Benson   fil   .   Lancelott    in   ye 

Myles    Sands   fil    .    Adam    de  Graythwaite    in 

December      8 

Sands  quire 

Jannuary  firste  Robert  ffreareson  fil  James  de  Grysdall : 
23:  Alexander  Rigge  de  Narr  =  Sawrey: 
24 :  Margrett   Rigge  fil  .  George  de  Satterthw1 : 
28:  Edward     Mackreth    de    Sawrey=infra    in    ye 

29 :  An   abortive   Childe  of  Michaell  Holmes  now 

of  Estwhaite 

ffebruary  6:  uxr  Myles  Walker  who  dyed  att  low  =  wrey: 
8  :  Jane  Richardson    who  dyed  at  birkrey  : 


1 1  :  Thomas  Rooke  who  hanged  himself  in  a  hollinge 

in  Robert  Satterthwaite  Allan    Ryddinge 
25  :  Symond  Rigge  fil  .  Anthony  de  Narr  =  Sawrey 
March  6 :  uxr  Clement  Rigge  de  field  head  in  ye  Church 

8  :  uxr  Wm  Braithwaite  de  Eltarwater  pke 
eod  die  Agnes  Taylor  fil  .  Rowland  de  Crosselands 
17:  George  Dixeson  de  Tarne  =  hous 
finis  hujus  ani   1666 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANO     DOMI  :      1667 : 

March  3th  Agnes  Knipe  fill  .  Robert  de  Grysdall  * 
Aprill  xiiijth   Mary  Parke  fil  .  Thomas  de  Keene  ground 
edd  die  Issabell  ffisher  fil  .  Christofer  de  Haukeshead 
eod  die  Thomas  Braithwaite  fil  .  Rowland  de  Braithey 
xxviijth  Thomas  Townsone  fil  .  Myles  de  Grysdall 
eod  die  Jane  Keene  fil   .   William   de  fieldhead 
eod  die  Ester  Strickland  fil  Myles  de  Roger  ground 
May  5  :  John  Williamson  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead  fieldhead 
eod  die  Ann  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de   Sand  ground 
June  ixth  James  Knype  fil  .  James  de  ffoule=yeate 
eod  die  Thomas  Jackson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Sawrey  extra 
eod  die  Mary  Rownson  fil  .  George  de  Munke  Coniston 
Jully  17th  Alice  Jackson  fil  .  Mathew   de    Haukeshead  hill  (or 

August  4th  Nicolas  and  Margarett  Turner  Children  of  Nicolas 

de  Satterthwaite 

25  :  John  Holme  fil  George  de  Oxenfell  pke 
1 5  :  Issac  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  Tompson  (ground) 
September  29  :  Ann  Ashburner  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead 
October  6  :  John  ffreareson  fil  .  James  de  Grysdall 

27  :  William  Satterthwaite  fil  Wm  de  Narr=  Sawrey 
eod  die  Margarett  Keene  fil  Joseph  de  Keen = ground 
November  17  :  Ann  Dixeson  fil  .  Richard  de  Dixeson = ground 

24  :  Jane  Sawrey  fil  .  WilTm  de  Haukeshead  hill 
December  the  firste  Margrett  Braithwaite  fil .  James  de  Lonethw1 

";'  This  entry  is  inserted  in  another  hand. 


Jannuary  5  :  Agnes  Benson  fil  .  Bernard  de  Tockhowe 

19  :  George  Attkinson  fil  .  George  de  Outyeate 
eod  die  Wm  Townsone  fil  .  Rowland  de  Munke  Coniston 

23  :  Edward  Sawrey  fil  .  Willm  de  Narr-Sawrey 
March  15  :  Richard  Parke  fil  .  John  de  Skellwith 

22  :  John  Scale  fil  .  John  de  Grysdall 
May  22  :   1667  :  Thomas  Towneson  fil  .  Wm  borne  in  Ireland 


May  27  :   Henery  Sawrey  and  Elizabeth  Keene  : 
June   16  :  William  Braithwaite  &  Issabell  Ottley : 

24  :  George  Attkinson  &  Margrett  Mackreth  : 
26  :  John  Knype  and  Barbary  Braithwaite  : 
Jully  7  :  John  Parke  and  Margrett  Braithwaite  : 

9  :  William  Sawrey  and   Dorothy  Braithwaite  : 
14  :  William  Sawrey  &  Margrett  ffleeminge  : 
17  :  Cuthbert  Hodgsone  &  Dorothy  Townsone  : 
October  the  firste  William  Sawrey  &  Agnes  Penny  : 

3  :  James  Mackreth  &  Cicily  Mackereth  : 

November  14  :  Bryam  Mackreth  &  Agnes  Tyson 

30  :  John  Sawrey  &  Margrett  Rigge  : 


May  ixth  John  Coate  of  the  pishe  of  Boutle 

12  :  Margrett  Walker  de  Watterson  =  ground 
1 5  :  Elsabeth  Braithwaite  de  Braithey : 
eod  die  John  Satterthwaite  who  dyed  att  Sawrey : 

June  2  :  Willm  Braithwaite  of  Sawrey  extra  in  the  Church 

Jully  12 

Thomas  Benson  fil  .  Robert  de  Skellwith 
Issabell  ffisher  fil  Christofer  de  Haukeshead 

August  the  firste  Robert  Harrison  of  Low-wrey  in   the  Church 
7     Johnathan  Wilson  de  Russland 
9     John  Sawrey  who  dyed  att  Tarne  =  hows 
12     Thomas  Satterthwaite  of  Cragg  in  the  Church 
26     John  Kirkby  of  Russland 

31      An  abortive  Childe   of  George    Peppers   of   Sawrey 



September  II  :  uxr  Myles    Sawrey   de   Water   head   in   the 

15  :  Barbary  Sawrey  fil  Anthony  de  Waterhead 

1 6  :  Richard  Newton  of  Lendinge 

17  :  The  wife  of  the  sayd  Richard  Newton 

1 8  :  William  Knype  son  of  James  of  ffouleyeate 

20  :  uxr  James  Satterthwaite  de  Parkamoore 
October  5  :  Issable  the  wife  of  Edward  Taylor  in  the  Church 

8  :  Thomas  Holme  son  of  Michaell  in  the  Church 
November  3     Rowland  Turner  de  Russland 

8     Christofer  Holme  de  field  head  in  the  Church 
26     An     abortive     Childe     of    Adam     Sands     of 


November  28     William  Jopson  of  Clappersgate  in  the  Church 
December  1 1  :  John  Sawrey  son  of  Edward  de  Hollin  banke 

21  :  Jane  Kirby  daughter  of  George  de  Hollin-banke 
23  :  An    abortive    daughter    of   George  Borwicke  of 

29  :  Dorothy    Harrison    a   younge    child    of   Dauid 

Harrison  who  dyed  at  Hollin  banke 
Jannuary  u  :  Richard  Walker  de  Arnesyde 

eod  die     Willm  Penny  fil  .  Nicolas  de  Parkamoore 
24  :  John  Newton  fil  .  Richard  de  Lendeing 
31  :  Margrett  Hyrdsone  fil  .  John  de  Satterthwaite 
{February  12     uxr  George  Knype  de  Hodge  close 

3  William  Sawrey  de  Sawrey  ground  in  the  Church 

4  George  Attkinson  fil".  George  de  Outyeate 

16  Dixeson  fil  .  Richard  de  Dixeson  ground* 

17  Margrett   Satterthwaite   fil  'Robert  de   Sawrey- 


23     uxr  George  Rigge  de  Satterthw1  in   the  Church 
29     Edward  Sawrey  fil   William   de  Sawrey-infra 
March  22  :  Adam  Ashburner  fil  .  Wm  de  Roger  ground 
finis   hujus  Ani  1667 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 



October  20:   1668  Margrett  Taylor  fil  .  James  de  Dalepke 
May  3  :  Barbary  Braithwaite  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  extra 
June  7  :  Margrett  Wilson  fil  .  William  de  Oxenfell 

14  :  George  Hodgson  fil  .  Cuthbert  de  Tarnehowes 
eod   die  John  Sawrey  son  of  William  de  Sawrey  infra 
Jully  15:  Henery  Sawrey  fil  .  Henery  de  Hye  =  house 
September  20  :  George  Mackreth  fil  .  James  de  Outycate 

eod  die  John  Banke  fil .  Willm  de  Eastthwaite  watersyde 
eod  die  Ann  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  hye  =  wrey 
27 :  Jane  ffisher  fil  .  Christopher  de  Haukeshead 
October  8  :  Ann   Benson  fil  .  Lancelott  de  Haukeshead 

18:  Thomas  Rigge  fil  :  Robert  de  Roger  =  ground 
November  22  :  John  Williamson  fil  .  Henery  de  Loanethwaite 
December  13  :  William  Mackreth  fil  .  George  de  Skellwith 
Jannuary   24 :    Dorothy    Dixeson    fil    .    Richard    de    Dixeson 

March  7 :  Mary  Sawrey  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead  hill 

eod  die  William  Satterthwaite  son  of  Charles  de  Sawrey  .  . 
14:  John  Borwicke  fil.  George  de  Haukeshead  field  head 
eod  die  George  Braithwait  fil  .  Rowland  de   Braithey 


May  xixth  Thomas    Mackreth    and    Jane    Rigby    maried    att 


September  12  :  John  Massicke  and  Margrett  Benson 
15:  John  Jackson  and  Elizabeth  Sands 
29 :  Anthony  Knipe    &    Dorothy   Jackson    married 

at  Langda(le) 

Nober  12:  John  Attkinson  and   Margrett  Rigge 
Jannuary  26 :  John    Bell    &   Agnes    Wilson    married    at 
Coul(thouse)  f 

*  From  this  point  the  edges  of  leaves  have  been  much  worn  away  by  con- 
tinuous thumbing,  and,  consequently,  the  last  words  of  many  of  the  entries  are 
missing.  These  have  been  restored  only  where,  from  the  context,  the  true  termina- 
tion is  a  matter  of  comparative  certainty. 

f  Or  Coul(ton). 



March  27 

Aprill    2Q 





Thomas  Banke  of  Coniston  in  the  Church 
Thomas   Braithw*.   fil   Willm    de    fould    in   the 


uxor  John  Crosfield  de  Grysdall 
Agnes  Banke  fil  .  Adam  de  Skellwith 
George  Holme  of  Oxenfell  pke 

Satterthwaite  fil  .  Wm  de  Satterthwaite  * 
May  3  :  uxr  Robert  Rigge  de  Sawrey  =  infra 
5  :  Edward  Braithwaite  of  buske 
6:  Willm  Rigge  son  of  Edward  de  Sawrey  =  infra 
1 1  :  Brockbanke  fil  John  de  Hawkeshead  field  * 

1 8  :  An   Abortive   son  of  Christofer  Holmes  of  Skellwith 
27  :  Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  George  de  Satterthwaite 
30  :  Richard  Rigge  de    Haukeshead  in  the  Church 
June  6  :  Elline  the  wife   of  Richard   Rigge   of  Rogerground 
1 6 :  Thomas    Benson    of  Birkrey   in   the    Church 
18:  Jennett  Asskewe  fil  .  Wm.  de  Dalepke  in  ye  Church 
29 :  Barbary   the   wife  of  John    Knype   de    Sawrey  extra 

in   ye  Church 
Jully  3  :  Agnes  Kirkby  fil  .  Wm.  de  Muncke  Coniston 

9  :  Edward  Taylor  wife  de  Ploomegreene 
August  2  :  William  Crosfield  fil  .  John  de  Grysdall 
3  :  Christofer  Taylor  de  Ploome  =  greene 
9  :  An  Abortive  Childe  of  Bryam  Mackreths  of  browe 
12:  Richard  Asshburner  de  Annykin  syke 
15  :  Elsabeth  Banke  who 'dyed  at  Rogerground 
18:  Robert  Braithwaite  fil  .  Robert  de  Outyeate 
September  3  :  Edward  Taylor  de  Ploomegreene  in  the  Church 
6 :  Agnes    the    wife    of  Thomas   Jackson    of   ffarr 

9  :  Issabell  the  wife  of  Wm  Braithw1  hatter  in  the 


September  1 1  :  George  Attkinson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Keen  ground 
in  ye   Church 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


22  :  uxr  Joseph  Keene  de  Keene  =  ground 
eod  die  Thomas  Keenc  fil  Leonard  de  Keeneground 

25  :  John  ffisher  younger  de  Hawkeshead 
October  24  :  Elsabeth  Knype  fil  .  John  in  the  Church 
November  18:  Robert  Rigge  de  Sattcrthwaite  in  the  Church 
19 :  Katherine    the    wife    of    William    Rigge    de 

Sawrey= infra 
20 :  Elline  the  wife  of  Willm  Kirkby   de  Russland 

in  ye  Church 

27  :  Elline  the  wife  of  John  Birkett  de  Grysdall 
December  8 :  Dorothy    Sawrey    fil    .     Anthony    de    Coniston 

eod  die  George  Satterthwaite  of  Cragg 

1 6  :  William  Satterthwaite  of  Satterthwaite 

23  :  Christofer  Walker  de  Dalepke  in  the  Church 

25  :  William  Jackson  de  Low=wrey 

28 :  uxr  Leonard    Holme    who    dyed    att    Muncke 

eod  die  uxr  Willm    Sawrey    de    Sawrey    ground    in    the 

Jannuary  5  :  ffrancis  Strickland  de  Satterthwaite  in  the  Church 

17  :  uxr  William   Satterthwait  de  Satterthwait  in  the 


1 8  :  John  Lindoe  de  Dalepke  in  the  Church 

20:  uxr  Wm    Satterthwaite   de   Sawrey = infra    in   the 

26  :  uxr  George  Rigge  who  dyed  at  Crofthead 

27  :  John  Rigge  fil  .  Wm  de  Satterthwaite 

30  :  Agnes  Rigge  my  ant 

31  :  George  Rigge  de  Hyewrey  in  the  Church 
ffebruary  the  firste  uxr   Willm   Townsone   de   Grysdall  in  the 

3  :  Thomas    Satterthwaite   fil    .    Charles    de   Sawrey 


6:  Willm  Sawrey  Junior  de  Sawrey=infra 
7  :  Ambrose  Hodgson  fil  .  Richard  de  fieldhead 


Marche  the  firste  Regnald  Walker  son  of  Myles  de  Crosslands 
3  :  William  Turner  de  Satterthwaite 

5  :  Charles  Wilson  of  Arnesyde  found  dead  att 

Elterwater  pke 

6  :  George  Rigge  of  the  Outyeate 

finis  hujus  Anni    1668. 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANO     DOMN  :  1669  : 

Aprill  4 :  Elizabeth  Attkinson  fil  .  George  de  Mosse  foote 

1 1  :  Elizabeth  Satterthw1  fil  .  Wm  de  Croft-head 
eod  die  Oliver  Sands  fil  .  Samuell  de  Sawrey  =  infra 
eod  die  Elizabeth  Sawrey  fil  .  Wm.  de  Sawrey  =  infra 
18:  Robert  Braithwaite  fil  .  James  de  Crofthead 
eod  die  Rigge  fil  .  Anthony  de  Sawrey-infra  * 

26:  Patience  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Church  — steele 
May    16:  William  Keene  fil  .  Edward  de  Church  =  steele 
19:  Dorothy  Braithwaite  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  =  infra 
20 :  George  Knype  fil  .  John  de  fieldhead 
31  :  Margrett  Rigge  fil  .  Thomas  de  Rogerground 
June      6 :  Dorothy  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  Lowwrey 
1 5  :  ffrancis  Knype  fil  .  Anthony  de  Hodge-close 
27  :  Issabell  Braithwaite  fil  Robert  de  Outyeate 
Jully    18:  William  Wilson  fil  .  George  de  field-head 

25  :  Willm  Braithwaite  fil  .  George  de   Haukeshead  hill 
August  29:  Thomas  Attkinson   fil  .  Thomas  de  Keen  =  ground 

eod  die  John  Sawrey  fil  .  Willm  de  Church  style 
September   14 :  Elizabeth  Sands  fil  .  Thomas  de  Roger-ground 
October  3  :  Margrett  Ashburner  fil  .  John  de  Anykin-syke 
November  ye  firste  Issabell   ffrearson  fil  .  James  de  Grysdall 
22 :  Agnes  Greenhowe  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  extra 
January  29 :  Elizabeth  Williamson  fil  .  John  de  Outyeate 
fTebruary  6:  Thomas  Mossocke  fil  .  John  de  fTors  =  forge 

9 :  John  Braithwait  fil  .  Thomas  de  Haukeshead  field 
22 :  Bridgett  Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  Sandground 

*  Christian  name  omitted. 


March  6 :  George  Rownson   fil  .  George  de  Muncke  Coniston 
14:  William  Penny  fil  .  William  de  Arnesyde 
13:  Elline    Tomlinson    fil  .   Wm.    dc    Grysdall    chrisned 

att  home 
21  :  Mary  Mackreth  fil  .  George  de  Outyeate  . 


May    2 :  James    Rawlinson    and    Mary    Rawlinson    married 

att  Coulton 

20 :  Laurence  Harrison  and  Mary  Attkinson 
June  15:  Willm  Satterthwait  &   Mary  Braithwaite 

20 :  William   Walker  and   Margrett  Townsone 
Jully  25  :  Thomas  Hodgson   &   Issabell  Winder 
August  5  :  William   Braithwaite  &  Mary  Hadwen 

8 :  George  Rigge  and   Agnes   Sands 
October  i8  :  William  Braithwaite    &   Agnes  Rigge  maried  by 


28:  William   Strickland  &   Elizabeth  ffountaine 
Jannuary  23  :  Thomas   Holme  &  Agnes  Wilson 
ffebruary    8 :  Richard   Banke  and  Dorothy   Sands 
9 :  Myles   Harrison   &   Mary  Braithwaite 


Aprill  3  :  Agnes  Taylor  fil  .  Edward  de  Ploome  greene 

5  :  Christofer  Attkinson   de  Muncke  Coniston  in  the 

7 :  Mabell  the  wife  of  John  Addison  of  Newby  bridge 

in   Church 

10 :  Edward  Braithwaite  de  fieldhead 
22 :  Elizabeth  Braithwaite  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  infra 
code  die  Ann    Braithwaite   the    Relict   of    George    Braithw*. 
(de  ?)  Bristoe  found    drownd   in   the   Oas    in  the 
foote  of  Easthwaitc  water   where  the  ffbrd  lyes 
betweene  Esthvvaite  and  nearer-Sawrey 
24 :  George  Braithwaite  hatter  de  Sawrey  extra 
25  :  Myles  ffleeminge  de  field  head 
May  3:  Thomas  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  Low  =  wrey 


6  :  Mr  Solomon   Sands  in  the  Chancell 

code  die  Margrett  the  wife  of  Robert  Braithw*  in  Ch. 
9 :  Mary  Rigge  fil  .  Thomas  de    Roger-ground 

14  :  Charles  Russell  de  Consey  forge 

18:  Elline   the  wife  of  Thomas  Sands  de  Coulthouse 
eod  die    Barbary  Hodgson  fil  .  Richard  de  fieldhead 

24 :  Mawdlin  Rigge  de  Hye-wrey 

25  :  uxr  George   Head  de  Cragg 

29  :  Issabell  the  wife  of  Robert  Taylor  de  Satterthw1 

30 :  John  Taylor  fil  .  Rowland  de  Crosslands 
June  3  :  John  Braithwaite  fil  .  Edward  de  Sawrey  extra 
5  :  Dorothy  Braithwaite  of  Braithey 

7  :  Braithw'  fil  .  Robert  de  Skellwith  in  Church  * 
1 8  :  uxr  James  Crosfield  de  Satterthwaite 

21 :  Elline    the   daughter   of   Edward    Sawrey  de  Holling 


25  :  Thomas  Satterthw1  de  Satterthw1  in  the  Church 
Jully  12  :  Thomas  Rigge  fil  .  Robert  de  Hawkeshead  fieldhead 
1 5  :  Edward  Sawrey  fil  .  Wm  de  Waterhead  in  the  Church 
August  14 :  uxr   Cuthbert    Hodgson    de    Tarne-hows     in    the 


18:  uxr  William  Bordley  in  the  Chancell 
29 :  George  Braithwait  fil  .  Nicholas  de  Sawrey  extra 
21  :  uxr  William  Braithwaite  senior  de  Briers 
September  6 :  An    Abortive     son     of    Thomas    Keens    de 

8  :  uxr  Wm  Sands  who  dyed  at  Grysdall  in  the 


13  :  Thomas  Braithwaite  de  Sawrey-extra 
14 :  Bridgett  ye  wife  of  Wm  Braithwait  de  Sawrey- 

17  :  Wm  Braithwait  husband  to  the  sayd  Bridgett 
eod  die     uxr  Wm  Satterthwaite  de  Crofthead 

20 :  Robert     Braithwait     de    Oxenfell    pke     in    the 

*  No  Christian  name  given. 


28:  uxr     Myles     Walker     de     Satterthw1     in      the 

October  3  :  Mary  Keene  fil  Joseph  de  Keene-ground 

eod  die     William    Sawrey    junior    de    Waterhead    in    (the 


6  :  Elline  Marr  de  Sawrey-extra 
10 :  uxr  William  Killner  de  Sawrey-extra 
ii  :  William     Wilson     fil  .   George     de     fieldhead    in 


eod  die     Edward  Robinsone  who  dyed  at  Roger-ground 
1 6  :  John  Sawrey  fil  .  Wm  de  Sawrey-infra 
20  :  William    Braithw1  senior  de  briers  in  the  Church 
November  6  :  Elline  Scale  fil  .  Rowland  de  Whaite-head 

15  :  An  Abortive  son  of  Myles  Sands  of  Graythw1 
December  2  :  John  Knype  of  Haukeshead  Church-style 

13  :  uxr  Robert  Knype  de  Grysdall  in  the  Church 
19 :  uxr  Thomas  Keene  de   Keene-ground 
21  :  uxr  Nicolas   Penny  de  Satterthwaite 

25  :  Mackreth  fil  .  Bryan  de  Browe  t 

eod  die     uxr  Myles  Sands  de  Graythwaite  in  the  (Church  ?) 

26  :  William  Dixeson  de  Oake  =  howe  in   Langdale 
Jannuary  12  :  Issabell  ye  wife  of  Regnald  Walker  de  Whaite 


19  :  James  Sawrey  fil  .  Willm  de  Waterhead 

20  :  Richard     Oxenhouse     de     hollinbanke    in    the 


31  :  Thomas  Mackreth  de  Skellwith 
ffebruary  5  :  Myles  Sawrey  fil  .  William  de  Water-head 

21  :  Issabell  ye  wife  of  George  Satterthwait  de  green 


28  :  Willm  Sawrey  fil  .  Willm  de  Haukeshead 
March  5  :  Mabell   the  wife  of  George  Roberts   of  hall  garth 
14  :  Rebecha  the  wife  of  James  Kirkby  de  Satterthwait 
finis  hujus  anni  1669 . 

*  Leaf  frayed  away. 
f  Christian  name  omitted, 



March  27  :  Mary  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Hollin  =  banke 
Aprill   3  :    George  Holme  fil  .  Clement  de  Muncke  =  Coniston 
5  :    William  Knype  fil  .  Richard  de   Muncke  =  Coniston 
II  :    Ester  Rigge  fil   Myles  de  hye=wrey 
17  :    Samuell  Knype  fil  .  James  de  ffoule  yeate 
eod  die   Ester   Sawrey  fil  Anthony  de  Robert  Bankepke 
eod  die    Agnes   Hodgson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Sawrey  extra 
19  :    Wm.    Sands  fil  .  Willm  de   fould  in   Haukeshead 


May    29  :    Thomas  Walker  fil  .  William  de  Dalepke 
August    14  :   James   Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  Loanethwaite 
21  :    Elizabeth  Rigge  fil  .  George  de  Skellwith 

28  :   John  Robinsone  fil  .  Wm.  de  Hollin-banke 
30  :   John  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de  Coulthouse 

September   ye   firste    Bridgett    Benson    fil   .    Lancelott    de 

27  :   Grace  Wilson  fil  .  George  de  Haukeshead 


November  21  :    Susana  Postlewhaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  Satter- 

27  :    Dorothy  Sawrey  fil  .  Wm  de  Sawrey-infra 
Jannuary  ye  -firste  Dorothy  Pepper  fil  .  George  de  Sawrey  = 

15  :   Agnes  ffisher  fil  .  Christofer  de  Haukeshead 

1 6  :   Willm  Braithwait  fil  .  John  de  fould  in  Sawrey 


29  :   Edward    Dixeson   fil  .   James   de   Watterson  = 

ffebruary    14  :   Edward    Strickland    fil  .  Mathew    de    Tarrie- 


27  :   Elizabeth  Kirkby  fil  youngr  George  de  Hollin- 
March    12  :   Edward    Mackreth  fil  .  James  de  Outyeate 


NUPTLE    ANNO    DOMIN  :   1670  : 

Aprill    4th   John    Taylor  &  Elline  ffreareson  maried  at  Olver- 

12  :    Richard    Scale    and    Sybell     Benson    maried    with 


26  :    Myles  Sawrey  and  Agnes  Banke 
June    2  :   John  Newton  and  Jane  Dowthall 

23  :   John   Knype  and   Elizabeth  Ashburner 
30  :    George  Towers  and   Elizabeth  Townsone 
August   28  :    Richard   Penny  and  Elizabeth  Wattson 
November   2  :   James    Kirkby    &    Elline    Turner    maried   at 


ffebruary   20  :    William  Walker  and  Margrett   Penny 
March   2  :    Myles   Sands   and    Dorothy  Sawrey 

SEPULTURLE     ANNO     DOMINI  :  1670  : 

Aprill   6th  Ester  Sawrey  fill  :  Wm.   de  Coniston  Water-head 
13  :   John    Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas   de    Haukeshead 

eod  die   An  Abortive  son  of  Tho  :  Strickland  of  Dalepke 

19  :    Willm   Robinsone  fil  .  Wm.  de  Hollin  =  banke 
May    ii  :    George  Braithwait  son  of  George  de    Stottpke 

13  :    Richard  Hodgson   de   Haukeshead  field  =  head 

15  :    Bryam    Mackreth    youngr   de    Skellwith    in    the 


Jully  ye  firste  William  Wilson  fil  .  Edward  de  Roger  Ryd- 

3  :  Mary  Rigge  fil  .  Wm.  de  Satterthwaite 

4  :    Bryam  Mackreth  de   browe   in  the  Church 

1 6  :    Thomas  Knype  fil  .  Richard  de  Muncke  Coniston 
eod  die  William   Satterthwaite  of  Haukeshead 

23  :   Thomas  Braithwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de  Satterhowe  in  ye 

August   13  :    William    Sands   fil  .  Adam   de   Graythwaite 

17  :   John  Scale  of  Thwaite-head  in  the  Church 



1 8  :   Ellinor   Nicolson   fil  .  Daniell   buried   in   the 


19  :    Robert  Taylor  de  Stottpke  in  the  Church 

25  :    Sybell  ye  wife  of  Richard   Scale   in  the    Church 

29  :    William   Benson  of  Coulthouse 

30  :    Wm.  Braithw1.  son  of  John  who  dyed  att  Satter- 

how  in  the  Church 
September  2     James   Pennington  of  Satterthwaite 

3  James    Braithw1   fil  .  George   de   Low=wrey  in 

the  Church 

4  uxr  Thomas  Satterthw1  de  Cragg  in  the  Church 

5  Robert    Rigge    elder   de    Roger   ground    in    the 


8     George  Benson  fil  .  William  de  Skellwith 
12     Margrett  Taylor  de  Russland  in  the  Church 

15  George  Holme  fil  .  Clement  de  Coniston 

1 6  Henery  Williamson  de  Loanethwaite 

1 8  Margrett  Williamson  daughter  to  the  sayd 


19  uxr   Rowland   Turner   who    dyed   att   Sawrey 


eod  die   Margrett  Harrison  fil  .  Lawrence  de  Stottpke 
21  :  uxr  ffrancis  Troughton  de  Roger  ground 
27 :  Issabell    Taylor   fil    .   Christofer    who   dyed    att 

October  :     2 :  Rowland    Townsone   de    Howe    in    Haukeshead 


5  :  Bernard  Robinsone  de  Skellwith 
eod  die  Willrn    Braithwaite  Junior   de  fould  in  Haukes- 
head field 

7  :  Agnes  Keene  fil  .  Thomas  de  Parkeamoore 
12  :  Ann  Harrison  fil  .  John  de  Grysdall 

17  :  Regnald    Strickland  de  Russland  in  the  Church 
eod  die :  An  unchrisnd   childe  of  which  was 

base = begotten  and  dyed  at  Oxenfell  * 

*  No  name  given. 


November :  2  :  uxr  Christofer   Taylor    de    ffinsthwaite    in    the 

12  :  A  liveinge  childe  of  Myles  Strickland  of 

Roger  ground 

19 :  uxr  Robert  Crosfield  de  Satterthwaite 
20  :  Edward  Mackreth  fil  .  Wm.  de  Haukeshead  field 
24 :  Issabell     Braithwait    de    Satterthwaite    in     the 


26 :  John  Mackreth  de  Sawrey 

eode  die  Theofilus  Edmondson  fil  Chr :  in  the  Chancell 
28  :  Elizabeth  Sawrey  widdowe  de  Hollin  banke  in 

the  Church 

29 :  uxr  Bernard  Robinsone  de  Skellwith 
December  2 :  Barbary    Braithwait   fil    .    John    de   fould   in   ye 


6  :  Thomas  Collison  de  Sawrey = extra 
9:  Robert  Clarke  who  dyed  att  Sawrey  =  extra 
II  :  Thomas  Benson  fil  .    William  de  Skellwith 
1 6  :  George   Dodgson  who   dyed  att   Holme  ground 
Jannuary  20  :  Jennett  Walker  fil  .  Richard  de  Arnesyde 

23  :  George  Head  of  Coulthouse 

ffebiuary  5  :  Lydia  Sawrey  fil  .   Wm.  de  Coniston  Waterhead 
8  :  John  Townsone  de  Grysdall  in  the  Church 
10 :  Wm.    Scale   fil  .  Rowland   de    Roger   Ridinge    in 


14  :  John  Williamson  fil  .  John  de  Outyeate 
eod  die  An  Abortive  son  of  Mathew  Stricklands 
March  1 5  :  Katherine  the  wife  of  Jeofiry  Hodgson : 

17:  William  Bellman  son  of  John  de  Braithey. 
finis  hujus  Anni  1670: 


April  2 :  James  Knype  fil  .  Robert  de  Grysdall 
eod  die  Thomas  Borwicke  fil  .  George  de  fieldhead 
9  :  Ann  Sands  fil  .  Adam  de    Graythwaite 
23  :  William  Wilson  fil  .  William  de  Oxenfell 
30:  Agnes  Knype  fil  .  John   de  Sawrey  =  extra 


eod  die  Elizabeth   Hodgson  fil  .  Cuthbert  de  Tarn  .... 
October  8  :  James  Attkinson  fil  .  George  de  Mossefoot 

29  :  Richard  Sawrey  fil  .  William  de  Haukeshead 
November  21  :  William    Sawrey    fil    .    William    de     Sawrey  = 

(infra  ?) 

26  :  Jennett  Scale  fil  John  de  Grysdall 
December  7  :  Christofer  Banke  fil  .  William  de  Watersyde 

10 :  Thomas  Strickland  fil  .  Myles  de  Roger  ground 
26  :  Margrett  Braithwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de  Hye  =  wrey 
31  :  John  Ashburner  fil  .  John  de  Annykinsyke 
Jannuary  21  :  Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  Anthony  de  Sawrey = infra 
ffebruary  15  :  Thomas  Sands  fil  .  Thomas  de  Eastwhaite 

1 8  :  Dorothy  Braithwaite  fil  .  Edward  de  Satterhowe 
eod  die  Issabell  Sands  fil  .  Thomas  de  Roger  ground 
March   10  :  John  Sawrey  fil :  John  de  Haukeshead  hill 
eod  die  Thomas  ffell  fil  .  Thomas  de  Grysdall 
eod  die  Leonard  Keene  fil  .  William  de  Cragg 

24 :  Ann  Dixeson  fil  .  Richard  de  Satterthwaite 

NUPTLE     ANNO     DOMINI     1671  : 

Aprill  25  :  William   Keene  and  Agnes  Walker 
May     24  :  William   Taylor  and   Agnes  Braithwaite 
Jully       8  :  Thomas  Walker  &  Agnes  Holme 

1=9*  :  George  Knype  &  Margrett  Collison 
November  9  :  John  Warde  and  Ann   Towers 

20  :  Chr :   Jackson   and    Agnes    Suerte   maried    in 

ffebruary  13  :  Edward  Watterson  &   Issabell   Braithwaite 

SEPULTURE     ANNO     DOMINI     1671  : 

Aprill  9th  Issabell  ffreareson  fil   Myles  de  Grysdall 

10  :  An  Abortive  Childe  of  Charles  Russell  of  Consey 
22  :  George    Braithwait    son    of   George   de   Consey    in 
the    Church 

*  Date  given  thus. 


May  the  10  :  Myles  Townsone  of  Grysdall  in  the  Church 
12  :  John  Townsone  of  the  Crosse  in  Grysdall  in 

the   Church 

19  :  Jennett   the  wife  of  Robert  Scale  de  dalepke 
24  :  Robert  Benson  fil  .  Robert  de  Skellwith 
28  :  Mr  George  Wilson  of  field  =  head  in  the  Church 
June  17  :  William  Penny  of  Tarne=howes 

eod  die  Margrett  Braithwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de  Braithey 
Jully   15  :  Willm  Braithwait  fil  .  Wm.  de  Braithey 

26  :  William  Jackson  fil  .  Richard  de   Stevenson  ground 
August  2  :  Henery  Kirkby  de   Hollin  =  banke  in  the  Church 
17  :  An    Abortive    Childe    of    Thomas    Stricklands    of 

eod  die  a   Childe   unchrisned   of  Wm.    Sawreys   of  Satter- 

20  :  Issabell   Mackreth  who  dyed  att  Cragg 
September  the  first  Christofer  Taylor  de  dalepke 

II  :  Robert  Wilson  de  Roger  Ryddinge 
eod  die  John   Bellman  de   Braithey 

21  :  William   Bateman  de  Sawrey  infra 
23  :  uxr  Christofer  Attkinson  de  Coniston 
October  2  :  Agnes  Dixeson  of  Cockley=becke 

8  :  uxr    Willm    Satterthw1    de    New-house    in    the 


9  :  William  Becke  who  dyed  att  Hye=wrey 

19  :  Elizabeth   Braithw1  fil  .  John  de  Hyewrey  in  the 

21  :  John  Rigge  de   Haukeshead  field  in  the  Church 

November  2 

Michaell  Russell  son  Tom  :  base  begotten 
Mabell  Sawrey  widdow  who  dyed  att  Crofthead 
Grace  Reaper  who  dyed  att   Hyewrey 
Margrett    the    wife    of   Tho :    Lancaster   in    the 


An    Abortive   son   of  Wm.  Taylors  of  Haukes- 

Agnes  ye  wife  of  the  sayd  Wm.  Taylor  in  the 



who  dyed  at  Crosselands* 
Jane   Reaper  who  dyed  at  Rogerground 
Thomas  Sands  of  Rogerground 

December  the  firste  Mr  Daniell  Nicolson  in  the  Chancell 

21  John  Knype  of  Haukeshead  field  head 

22  Wm.  Braithwait  de  fould  in   Haukeshead  field 

in  ye  Church 

24     uxr  William  Harrison  de  Tarnehowes 
eod  die  Elline    Satterthwaite    de    Haukeshead    in    ye 


28  :  uxr  John   Greenhowe   de   Haukeshead 
January  4  :   uxr  Robert   Braithwait  de  Oxenfell  pke  in  ye 

5  :   Agnes  ye   wife   of  Wm.    Robinsone   de    ffield  == 

15  :   Jennett  the  wife  of  Thomas  Parke  de  Keen  =* 


30  :   Thomas   Ashburner  de  Annykin  syke 
eod   die  John   Townsone   de   browe   in   the   Church 
february   the   firste    Henery    Coward    who   dyed   att   Parkea- 


4 :  Thomas   Walker  fil  .  Richard   de   Tarne  howes 
8 :  William   Rigge  younger  de  Haukeshead 
1 1  :  George   Knype   de   Coniston   in   the   Church 
1 3  :  Elline  Knype  de  Keene  ground 
1 5  :  Margrett   Knype  de  Keeneground 

27  :  John  Braithwait  de  Sawrey  infra  in  ye  Church 

28  :  Wm  Braithwait  de  Satterhowe  in  the  Church 
March  15  :  James  Knype  fil  .  Robert  de  Grysdall 

finis  hujus  Anni  1671  : 


May  ye   14th  Gawine  Sands  fil  .  Willm  de  fould  in  Haukes- 
head field 
20 :  Margrett  Hyrde  fil  .  Edward  de  Outyeate 

*  The  name  is  omitted. 


26 :  George  Taylor  et  )  -.      ~  ,     ~  .     , 

\  fil  .  George  de  Dalepke 
Margrett  Taylor     ) 

eod  die  Rachell  Russell  fil  .  Charles  de  Consey  forge 
June  2  :  Thomas  ffreareson  fil  .  James  de  Grysdall 

14 :  Thomas  Towneson  fil  .  Rowland  de  Muncke  Coniston 
Jully  28  :  James  Attkinson  fil  .  Richard  de  Muncke  Coniston 
September  the  firste  :  John  Hodgson  fil  .  Tho :  borne  at  Keene 


3  :  Ann  Warde  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey = extra  * 
22  :  Ann   Cocken  fil  .  Thomas  de  Roger  =  ground 
29:  William  Braithwait  fil  .  Wm.  de  Sawrey  =  infra 
eod  die  Willm  Rigge  fil  .  Myles  de  Hye=wrey 
October  13  :  Ann  Walker  fil  .  James  de  Satterthwaite 
No.ber  24  Benjamin  Braithw1.  fil  .  Wm.  de  Towne-end  in 

December  22th  John  Russell  fil  .  Robert  de  fforsforge 

eod  die  John  Wattersone  fil  .   Edward  de  Watterson 


ffebruary   16  :  John   Mackreth  fil  .  George  de  Outyeate 
eod  die  Elizabeth  Mossocke  fil  .  John  de  Howe 
March  22  :  John  ffisher  fil  .   Robert  de  Sawrey = infra 
March  the  firste  1672 :  Jane   Macreth  fil  .  Thomas  de  browe 

in  Skellwith 

NUPTLE    ANNO     PREDICTO     1672: 

Aprill  9.  Robert  Russell  and  Elline  Taylor  married  att 


17  :  William  Walker  and  Agnes  Rigge 
May  27  :  Robert  ffisher  and  Agnes   Braithwaite 
October  3  :  George  Jackson  &  Elizabeth  Satterthwaite 
eod  die  Christofer  Langbayne  &  Elizabeth  Edmondson 
6  :  Robert   Braithwait  &  Mary  Sawrey  (?) 
8  :  William  Kirkby  and  Dorothy  Kirkby 

*  Opposite  this  and  succeeding  entries  is  written  in  the  margin  : 

Md  that  Tho  :  Kirkby  son  of  James  de  Satterthw*.  was 
chrisoned  ye  21  :  day  of  September  1672 


November  28  :  William    Rigge   &    Grace    Sands    married  at 

eod  die  Edward  Sawrey   &   Elline   Dixeson  married  at 

January  7  :  William   Strickland  and    Alice  Rawlinson 

SEPULTURE     ANNO     PREDICTO     1672  : 

Aprill  2  :  Thomas    Parke  of  Keene  =  ground 

3  :  Jane  Benson  who  dyed  at  fould  in  Loughrigg 
8  :  Thomas  Lancaster  who  for  poysonninge  his  owne 
family  was  Adjudg't  att  the  Assizes  att  Lan- 
caster to  bee  carried  backe  to  his  owne  house 
att  Hye  =  wrey  where  hee  liv'd  :  and  was  there 
hang'd  before  his  owne  doore  till  hee  was  dead, 
for  that  very  facte  then  was  brought  with  a 
horse  and  a  carr  into  the  Coulthouse  meadows 
and  forthwith  hunge  upp  in  iron  Chaynes  on  a 
Gibbet  which  was  sett  for  that  very  purpose  on 
the  south  =  syde  of  Sawrey  Casey  neare  unto 
the  Pooll  =  stang  :  and  there  continued  untill 
such  tymes  as  hee  rotted  everye  (?)  bone  from 
other  .  .  . 

10  :  An  Abortive  Childe  of  Richard  Dixesons  of  Dixe- 
son ground 

1 6  :  Margrett  Taylor  fil  .  Chr  :  de  ffinsthwaite 
19  :  uxr  James  Keene  de  Tompson-ground 
eod  die  uxr  George   Jackson  de  Braithey 

23  :  uxr  William   Townsone   de   Muncke   Coniston   in 

the  Church 

24  :  Willm   Sawrey   fil  .  Wm.   de   Waterhead   in   the 


May   4 




William  Ashburner   de   Roger  =  ground 
Thomas  rfell  fil  .  James  de  Grysdall 
Agnes  Bellman  fil  .  John  de  Braithey 
Anthony  Banke  de  Haukeshead 
Samuell   Nicolson  buried  in  the  Chancell 
William  Townsone  de   Muncke  Coniston 



26  :  uxr  George  Braithwaite  de  Stottpke  in  the  C(hurch) 
29  :  James  Braithwaite  de  Sawrey  =  extra  in  the  C(hurch) 
31  :  John  Wilson  of  Oxenfell  in  the  Ch(urch) 
June    6      uxr    Thomas    Satterthw1    de    Satterthw1    in    the 

8  Issabell   the   wife   of  Geo  :    Braithw1  de    Haukes- 


9  Samuell   Keene   de   Tompson  =  ground 
14      Myles  Walker   nup   de    Keene  =  ground 

1 6      John    Warde   de    Sawrey   extra   in    the   Church 
25      Thomas  Townsone   fil    Rowland   de  Coniston 
Jully    7      John    Satterthwaite  de  Narr  =  Sawrey 

10  Elizabeth    Braithw1  fil    .    Thomas   de    Tompson 


11  William    Sawrey   balife   in   the    Church 

19      Elsabeth  Braithw1  fil .  Tho :  de   fould  in  ye  Church 
23      Margrett   the   wife  of  Anthony  Banke   de    Haukes- 

25  Alice   the   wife   of  John   Dodgson   de    Haukeshead 


26  Samuell  Sands  fil  .  Adam  de  Graythwaite 

29  Myles   Sawrey   Schoolemaster   at    Haukeshead   in 


30  uxr  William   Rigge  de  Hye=wrey 

31  uxr  Thomas   Braithw1  de  Tompson  ground 
August    II  :    Thomas  Walker  de  Holmeground 

1 6  :    uxr   Henery   Sawrey   de    Waterhead    in   the 

25  :    Margrett   the   wife  of  Edward   Sawrey  in  the 


29  :    Agnes  Jackson  fil  .  Thomas  de   Sawrey  =  extra 
September  5  :    Elsabeth    Dixeson  de  Dixeson  =  ground 

6  :    Leonard  Jackson  who  dyed  att  Sawrey  ground 
edd  die    Wm  Walker  who  dyed  att  Dalepke 

9  :    An    Abortive   Childe   of  Richard   Penys   of 

Tarne   Hows  (?) 
15  :    Willm   Pepper  de  Satterthwaite  in  the  Church 


September    17  :   John  Killner  who  dyed  in  Haukeshead  field 
eod  die   Mr  Christofer  Gilpin  in   the   Chancell 

1 8  :   Jennett  the  wife  of  James  Strickland  in  the 

22  :   John    Wilson   of  Arnesyde 

28  :    Katherine   ffisher   who   dyed   at    Howe   in 

Haukeshead  field 

29  :   James   ffairebanke   who   dyed   att   the  Out- 


October   20  :   uxr  George   Satterthwaite   de   Satterthwaite 
23  :   James  Benson  son  of   Robert  de  Skellwith 

uxr  John  Williamson  de  Outyeate 

John  Jackson  who  dyed  att  fTorsforge 

Agnes   Scale   fil  .  John   de   Whaitehead 

Mr  Edwine  Sands  buried  in  the  Chancell 

uxr  Edwine  Mackreth  de  Out  =  yeate 

uxr  ffrancis   Sands    who   dyed   att   Skellwith 

November  16 

December     7 





Jannuary   i8  :   uxr  Edward   Braithwaite   de   Sawrey   in   the 

29  :   uxr  Richard   Scale   de   White   stock  =  howe  in 

the  Church 
ffebruary   5  :   Ann   the   wife   of    Hugh    Marr   who   dyed   at 

eod  die  Thomas    Banke   fil  .  Geo :  de  Crosselands  in  the 

8  :   uxr  Anthony   Mackreth   de   Haukeshead  field 


1 6  :   Ann   Ellatson  fil  .  base  begotten  * 

19  :    Mary  Postlethwaite  who  dyed  at  Skinerhowe 
March  5  :   William    Walker  fil  .  Roger  de  Tarnehows 

7  :   uxr  Christofer  Walker  de  Dalepke  in  the  Church 
eod  die   uxr  George   Mackreth  de  Out=yeate 

1 8  :    Hugh  Lowder  who  dyed  at  Loanethwaite 
22  :    An    Abortive    son    of    Thomas    Stricklands    of 

finis   hujus   Anni    1672 

*  The  name  is  omitted. 



March   3Oth  George  Rigge  fil  .  Anthony  de  Sawrey  =  infra 
eod  die  Issabell   Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  Sand  =  ground 
eod  die  Agnes  Walker  fil  .  Wm  de  Haukeshead  field  head 
Aprill     13  :    Robert  Knype  fil  .  Robert  de  Grysdall 

20  :   Ann   Braithwaite  fil  .  George  de  Low=wrey 
May    1 8  :    Mary  ffell  fil  .  James  de  Grysdall 
June     8  :   John   Knype  fil  .  Richard  de   Muncke  Coniston 
eod  die  Samuell  Sands  fil  .  Samuell  de  Sawrey  infra 

15  :   John  Dixeson  fil  Richard  de  Dixeson= ground 
eod  die  William  Braithw1  fil  .  James  de  Loanethwaite 
eod  die  Mary  Braithwaite  fil  .  Tho  :  de  Low=wrey 
August  6  :   Willm   Sands  fil   Samuell  de  Graythwaite 
17  :   Job  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de   Haukeshead 
eod  die   Jane  Benson  fil  .  Lancelott  de  Haukeshead 
eod  die   Elizabeth  Braithwait  fil  .  Robt.  de  Outyeate 

24  :   Thomas  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de  Coulthouse 
eod  die   Geo :  Kirkby  fil  .  Wm.  de  Muncke  Coniston 
September  7th  John  Coward  fil  .  John  de  Parkeamoore 
21  :   Jane   Rowneson   fil  .  George  de   Muncke 

October    5  :    Mathew  Kirkby  fil  .  George  de  Haukeshead 


November  2  :   Agnes  Douer  fil  .  Thomas  de  Birkrey 
23  :   John   Hobson  fil  .  John  de  Coulthouse 
29  :   Elizabeth  Braithwait  fil  .  Robert  de  Skellwith 
December  14:    Margrett  Borwicke  fil.  Geo:  de  Haukeshead 

eod  die   Elizabeth  Knype  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey = infra 

28  :   Samuell  Sawrey  fil  .  Wm  de  Sawrey = infra 
eod  die   William  Kirkby  fil  .  Wm  de  Grysdall 
Jannuary  4  :   James  Stubbs  fil  .  James  de  Satterthwaite 
eod  die    Mary  Dixeson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Coulthouse 
ffebruary  the  firste  Elizebeth  et      ")  fil .  Wm  de  Haukeshead 

Margret  Sawrey)          field 
8th  Mary  Mackreth  fil .  James  de  Outyeate 


£    fil  .  Wm  de  Watersyde 

IIth  Elizabeth  Jackson  fil.  Mathew  de  Haukeshead 


24  .    Mathew  Banke 
et  Lucy  Banke 
March  the  firste  William  Tyson  fil  .  William  de  Grysdall 
8  :   John  Rigge  fil  .  George  de  Hye  =  wrey 
14  :   Joell  Russell  fil  .  Charles  de  Consey 
22  :   John   Braithw*  fil  .  John   de  fould    in   Sawrey  =  extra 
eod  die   Mary   Sawrey  fil   Anthony  de   Sawrey  ground 
September  21  :   1673  Thomas  Kirkby  fil  .  James  de  Satter- 


NUPTLE     ANO     PREDICTO     1673: 

Aprill   4  :   John  Williamson  and   Margrett  Braithwaite 
June    12:    William  Knype  and   Agnes  Hodgson 
Jully      7  :  Willm    Braithwaite  and  Ann   Rigge 
August  5  :    Thomas  Rigge  and  Elizabeth  Sawrey 
October   9  :    Thomas   Jackson  and  Elizabeth  Walker 

SEPULTURLE     ANNO     PREDICTO  :     1673 

March  3<Dth  Bryam  Mackreth  de   Haukeshead  field 
Aprill    1 8  :    George  Holme  Taylor  de  Muncke  Coniston 
May  4  :   uxr  John   Taylor  de  Whaite  Mosse   in   the   Church 
13  :   John   Harrison   S  wilier  who  dyed   at    Grysdall 
25  :    Issabell  Rigge  who  dyed  att  field  head  called 

greate  Ibee  ...(?) 
June  6  :   Elline  Newton  fil .  Richard  who  dyed  att  Ploome- 

eod  die   Gawine  Sands  fil  Willm  de   Haukeshead  in  Sands 


8  :    George    Rigge   son   of  Anthony   de    Sawrey = infra 
12  :   Elizabeth  Kellatt   de   Watterson  =  ground 
Jully  12:  uxr   Willm  Sands  de  Satterthwaite 

13:  Elizabeth  Satterthwaite  who  dyed  att  Roger = ground 
23 :  John  Walker  de  Dalepke  in  the  Church 
August    18:    Ann   the   wife   of  Mr.    Samuell    Sands   buried    in 
Sands  quire. 


23:   Willm  Warde  de  Sawrey= extra  in  the  Church 
24:  Samuell  Sands  fil  .  Samuel)  de  Sawrey= infra 

eod  die   uxr   Willm    Satterthw1   de  Coulthouse  in 

the   Church 
September    15  :  Dorothy    Braithw1  fil  .  James   de   browe   in 


24 :  Adam  Sands   of  Graythwaite  in  the   Church 
30 :  John    Hodgson    fil  .  Richard   de    Haukeshead 

field  head 
October    27 :    Elizabeth    Jackson    widowe    who    dyed    att 

November    16:    Edward    Taylor   de    Ploome  =  greene   in    the 

24 :   George  Taylor  fil  .  Wm.  de  Ploome  greene   in 

the  Church 
December   13:  Jeoffrey  Hodgson  de  Tarne  hows 

14 :   Robert  ffisher  de  Sawrey-infra  in   the   Church 
Jannuary  the  firste  Elizabeth  Braithw'  fil  .  Rob1  de  Skellwith 
5  :  George  Braithwaite  of  Haukeshead  hill 
7  :  Joseph  Keene  fil  .  Thomas  de  Haukeshead 
8:  uxr   John  Corker  de  Ash  =  Slake  in  the  Church 
10:  Wm.  Askewe  de  Dalepke  in  the  Church 
20 :  uxr  James  Rigge  de  Hye  wrey 
ffebruary    14:    Margrett   Braithwaite   de    Sawrey   infra   in    the 

March   6 :   uxr  John  Watterson  of  Watterson    grounde   in  ye 


8 :   William   Ashburner   de  ffinsthwaite 
10 :   Willm  Mackreth  of  field-head  in  the  Church 
12:   Wilfm   Keene  fil  .  Thomas  de  Haukeshead 
24 :   An    Abortive    Childe    of  Tho :    Stricklands    of 

finis   hujus   Anni    1673. 


March  29:  William   Walker  fil  .  Wm.  de  Keene  ground 
May  3 :  Thomas  Rigge  fil  .  Thomas  de  Haukeshead  field  head 


31  :   Agnes   Sawrey  fil  .  John  de  Muncke  Coniston 
Jully  5  :    Margrett  Keene  fil  .  William  de  Keene  ground  * 

eod    die    Dorothy   Jackson    fil  .  Thomas    de    Sawrey 


19:   Ann  Braithwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de  Hye  wrey 
August  4:  Dorothy  Sands  fil  .  Willm  de  Esthwaite  water  syde 
23  :  Margrett    Hodgson    fil  .   Thomas    de    Haukeshead 

f  .  .  . 

September  20:  Wm  Braithwaite  fil  .  Edward  de   Satter=howe 
eod    die    Cuthbert    Hodgson    fil    .    Cuthbert   de 

Tarne   (Hows) 

October  4:  John   Sawrey  fil  .  Wm   de   Narr   Sawrey 
November  8:  Willm    Sawrey   fil  .  Edward   de  Narr  =  Sawrey 

eod  die  Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  Wm.  de  Hye  wrey 
December    20 :    Wm.    Wattersone   fil  .  Edw :    de    Watterson  = 

25:    Thomas    Braithw1   fil   Tho :    de    fould    in 

Haukeshead  (-field)? 

Jannuary  10:  Mary  Hyrde  fil  .  Edward   de   Outyeate 
17  :  Margrett  ffrearson  fil  James  de  Grysdall 

eod   die    James    the    base    begotten    son    of 
Dorothy   Dodgson   suposed   to   bee  the  son   of 
one  James  Martin   a   Scotchman 

24  :  ffrancis  Knype  fil  .  Wm   de  Coniston  Water  head 
31  :  Ann   Sawrey  fil  .  John   de   Haukeshead  hill 
ffebruary  28  :  James   Braithwait   fil  .  James  de   Brears 
November  28    1674   Sarah   Sawrey  fil   .   William   de    Satter- 

November  29  Jane  Crossefield  fil  Robert  de  Satterthwaite 

NUPTI.E    ANNO     PREDICTO     1674: 

May   22 :   William   Taylor  and   Elizabeth  Hodgson 
Jully  29:   Richard   Burscough   and  Agnes   Braithwaite 
August  4:  Robert  Braithwaite   and   Elizabeth  Rigge 

*  In  the  margin  opposite  this  and  the  succeeding  entry  is : 
21  :  Rob1  Russell  fil .  Rob1  de  fforsforge 




March    28  :    uxr  Wm  Pepper  de   Satterthwait  in  the  Church 
Aprill      3  :   John  Rigge  fil  .  Thomas  de   Haukeshead  field 


9  :   uxr  Willm  Braithwaite  de  Loanethwaite 
17  :   uxr  Wra  Sawrey  de  Sawrey  in  the  Church 
May  the  firste  George   Satterthwaite  fil  .  Wm  de  Satterthwaite 
May    14      Thomas  Bellman   fil  .  John  de  Braithey 

17      James  Capeland  who  dyed  att  Parkeamoore 
20      George  Satterthwaite  younger  of  Satterthwaite 
27      John  Bellman  fil  John  de  Braithey 
31      Elizabeth   Sawrey  fil  .  Wm  de  Haukeshead  hill 
June    1 6      Elizabeth  Jackson  fil  .  Mathew  de   Haukeshead  hill 

17      Willm  Walker  fil  .  Wm  de  Keeneground 
Jully    ii      William   Keene  of  Keeneground 
24      uxr  Clement  Holme  de  Dalepke 
29      Mary  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  Low=wrey 
September  4  :    Sarah  ye   wife  of  Robert   Bayre  of  Haukes- 
head hill 
October   6  :   Ann   Braithwait  fil  .  William  de   Hye  wrey  in 

the  Church 

12  :    Elizabeth  Rigge  who  dyed  at  Watterson  =  ground 
15  :   Charles  Williamson  who  dyed  att  Elterwater  pke 
17  :    William   Sawrey  fil  .  ffrancis  de  Sawrey  infra 
19  :    William    Dixeson    who    hang'd    himself    in    his 
dwellinge    house    att    Braithey    and    did    lye 
three    dayes   dead   in   the    sayd   house    before 
that   hee   was  buried 
November   8  :   Ann   the   wife   of   James  Satterthwaite   de 

Green = end 

ii  :   Dorothye  the  wife  of  Wm  Sawrey  of  Saw- 
rey =  infra 
21  :    Elizabeth    the   wife   of    Rowland    Townsone 

of  the  Howe 
December  12  :  William  Turner  of  Satterthwaite 

14  :  Charles  Satterthwaite  de  Sawrey  infra 



Jannuary   the   firste   uxr  William    Mackreth   de   Sawrey  infra 

in  the  Church 

10 :    Margrett  Penny  fil  .  Wm  de  Tarnehows 
13:   John   Sawrey  de  Waterhead  in  the  Church 
14 :   uxr  Edward  Walker  de  Russland 
17  :    uxr  James  Braithwaite  de  Browe  in  Skellwith 
22 :   John  Benson  fil  .  Tho  :  de  Birkrey  in  the  Church 
23  :   uxr  John  Mackreth  de  Sawrey  infra 
30 :   David  Sands  de   Graythwaite   field  head   in   the 


ffebruary  the  7  :  Jane  the  wife  of  George  Wilson  de  field  head 
in  templo 

10  :  Elizabeth  Penny  fil  de  Tarne  hows  * 

1 1  :  uxr  Mathew  Jackson  de  Haukeshead  hill 
14:  Mary  Sawrey  fil  .  John  de   Haukeshead  hill 
20  :  Margrett  Borwicke  fil  .  Geo  .  de  field  head 
28  :  Agnes   Walker  fil  .  Wm.  de  Arnesyde 

March  6 :  uxr   Roger  Walker  who  dyed  att  Tarnehows 
1 1  :  Myles  Dixeson  fil  .  Richard  de  Satterthwaite 
eod  die  Wm    Satterthw1   who   dyed    att   Whitstocke    how   in 


13:  Elizabeth  Scale  fil  .  Wm  de  Whaitehead  in  templo 
14  :  Cuthbert  Hodgson  de  Tarne  hows 
21  :  James  Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  Brears 
finis   hujus   anni    1674. 


Aprill  4th  Robert  Braithwaite  fil  Robert  de  Skellwith 
May  4 :  Issabell  Walker  fil  .  James  de  Satterthwaite 
June  6  :  William  Dixeson  fil  .  Richard  de  Satterthwaite 
Jully  4 :  John  Knype  fil  James  de  fTouleyeate 
August  8 :  William  Turner  fil  .  Wm  de  Satterthwaite 
October  4 :  Agnes  Walker  fil  .  Willm  de  Keene  ground 
January  16:  Willm  Knype  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  infra 

The  name  of  the  father  omitted. 


eocl  die  George  Borwicke  fil  .  George  de  Haukeshead  field 


30 :  Mary  Hobson  fil  John  de  Cragg  att  Coulthouse 
March  5  :  Hester  Dixeson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Coulthouse 

14  :  Elizabeth  Braithwait  fil  .  Wm.  de  Sawrey-extra  * 
19  :  Jane  Capeland  fil  .  Robert  de  Parkeamoore 
August  the  firste  1675  :    Obedience  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de 


NUPTI^E     ANNO     PREDICTO     1675: 

May  5th  Myles  Sands  and   Margrett  Robinsone 

June   3  :  George   Braithw1   &   Agnes   Williamson  married  with 

Jully  15  :  William   ffleeminge  and   Margrett  Attkinson 

SEPULTURLE    ANNO     PREDICTO     1675  : 

March  5 


eod  die  Agnes  Knype  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey-infra 

Aprill    6 


Regnald   Holme  of  Oxenfell 

uxr  Henery  Holme  de  Oxenfell 

Samuell   Sawrey  fil  .  Wm.  de  Sawrey  =  infra 

uxr  Willm   Walker  de  Tarnehows  in  the  Church 

Thomas  Braithwaite  of  Grysdall 

Braithwaite  fil  .  James  de  Brow  in  Skell- 

with  t 

William  Dixeson  fil  .  George  de  Oxenfell  pke 

uxr  Robert  Hodgson  de  Tarne=hows 

uxr  George   Knype  de    Muncke   Coniston   in  the 

Daniell  Mackreth  fil  .  Edward  de  Sawrey-infra 


eod  die  uxr  Wm  Penny  de  Tarnhows 
eod  die  Agnes  Scale  fil  Robert  in  the  Church 
May     15  :  An   Greenhowe  fil  .  John   who  dyed  att  Green = end 

29  :  William  Rigge  of  Hye  wrey 
eod  die  Thomas  Sands  of  Coulthouse 

*  In  the  margin  opposite  this  and  following  entries  : 

(Md)  that  James  Knype  fil  Anthony  de  Hodgeclose  was  chrisned  the   15th 

day  of  ffeb  :  1675 
f  The  Christian  name  is  omitted. 


June  3  :  Mr.  Christofer  Edmundson  in  the  Chancell 

9 :  William  Watterson  fil  .  Edward  de  Watterson  ground 
Jully  20  :  Issabell   Satterthwait  widdow  :  alias   ould   how  =  wife 
August  the  firste  Edward  Addison  fil  .  John  de  Newby Abridge 
28 :    Elizabeth    Dixeson    who    dyed    att    the    house 

belonginge  to  the  schoole 

24 :    Margrett  Satterthwaite  fil  .  John  de  Satterthw1 
October   8 :    Belthazer   Puthpker   de   Muncke    Coniston    in   the 

10 :    uxr     Regnald    Strickland   de    Russland    in    the 


14 :    uxr    Edward  Braithwaite  de  buske 
November  13:  John  Brockbanke  de  Haukeshead  field  head 
21  :  Bryam  Mackereth  of  Skellwith  in  the  Church 
22 :  Christofer   Taylor  of  fifinsthwaite  in  the  Church 
December  2 :  uxr   Jacob  Sawrey  who  dyed  att  the  outyeate 
3  :  James    Jackson    of   Eltar    Water    pke    in    the 


Jannuary  27 :  Henery  Holme  de  Oxenfell 
ffebruary  2 :  William  Rawlinson  fil  .  Robert  de  Haukeshead  in 

the  Church 

March  15  :  uxr   John  Knype  de  Haukeshead  field  head 
22 :  Cuthbert   Hodgson  of  Tame  hows 
finis   hujus    anni    1675 


March    26:    Edward    Watterson  fil  .  Edward    de    Watterson  = 


May  8  :  John  Turner  fil  Christofer  de  Satterthwaite 
June  4 :  Issabell  Taylor  fil  .  Wm.   de  Haukeshead 

1 1  :  Susana  Coward  fil  .  John  de  Parkeamoore 
Jully  9  :  John    Cocken  fil  .  Thomas  de  Haukeshead  field 
Auguste   13  :  John  Rigge  fil  .  Anthony  de  Sawrey = infra 
September    17 :    Barbary    Braithwaite    fil   .   James   de    Loane- 


26 :    Richard    Harrison  fil  .  Lancelott  de    Coniston 
water  head 



October   8 :  Richard  Ashburner  fil  .  John  de  Annykin   syke 
eod  die  Margrett  Kirkby  fil  .  Wm.  de   Grysdall 
17:  William  Russell  fil  .  Charles  de  Consey 

December  15 
Jannuary    16 





James  Knype  fil  .  Richard  de  Muncke  Coniston 
Robert   Sands   fil  .  W™  de   Easthwaite    Water- 


Charles  Russell  fil  .  Robert  de  fforsfforge 
Samuell   Sawrey  fil  .  Wm.  de  Sawrey  =  infra 
Elizabeth  Dixeson  fil  .   Richard  dc  Dixeson 

John  ffell  fil  .  John  de  Grysdall 

eod  die  Elizabeth  Rigge  fil  .  Thomas  de   Haukeshead 
field  head 

NUPTLE     ANNO     PREDICTO     1676: 

Aprill  4  :  Richard   Hodgson  and   Elizabeth  Holme 
6  :  Thomas  Borwicke  and  Mary  Rawlinson 
eod  die  William  Satterthwaite  &  Maryan   Bellman 
June  the  firste  Gawine   Ray  and  Ellin  ffisher  married  att 

15  :  Thomas  Dixeson  and  Agnes  Satterthwaite 


Aprill  Ist  Joseph  Wilson  fil .  Rowland  de  Russland 

12  uxr  Edward  Mackreth  de  Sawrey  infra 

May      5  Edward   Mackreth  de  Sawrey  infra 

23  Bryan   Benson  of  Consey 

June      3     Susana  Attkinson  fil  .  Richard  de  Muncke  Coniston 

15  Margrett  Mackreth  widowe  de  Outyeate 

1 6  Agnes  Tyson  de  Sawrey  =  infra 

22     uxr  Hugh  Lowther  de  Loanethwaite 
Jully   the   firste    Thomas   Attkinson   of   Sandground   in    the 

1 8  :  William    Dodgson  of  Roger = ground  in  ye  Church 

24  :  uxr  William   Keene  de  Haukeshead  fieldhcad 
September    14  :    John    Cocken    fil  .    Thomas   de    HaukesheacJ 



1 8  :    An   Abortive   Childe   of  Thomas  Strickland 

of  Dalepke 

19  :    Agnes   ye   wife   of  Wm.    Banke   of   Low  = 

wrey  in  the  Church 
23  :    John  ffisher  of  Haukeshead 
October  5  :  Ann  Davis  who  dyed   att  the  Outyeate 

14  :  Jane    Braithwaite    fil   .   Wm.   de    Sawrey   in   the 


1 8  :  uxr  Robert  Braithwaite  who  dyed  att  Outyeate 
December    3     uxr  William   Sawrey  hatter  in  the  Church 
27     Margarett  Madder  fil  .  Edward  de  Braithey 

30  Rowland   Taylor  de  ffinsthwaite 

31  Margrett   Williamson  fil  John  de  Outyeate 
January     14     Clement    Satterthwaite   de    Skinerhow   in   the 

{February    10     uxr  John   Tompson  who  dyed   att  Low  =  wrey 

12     uxr  Arthur  Knype  de  Haukeshead 
March  13  :  Samuell   Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Sawrey = infra 
finis  hujs  anni   1676 : 


Aprill    15  :  John   Hyrdson  fil  .  John  de  Bowker  =  stead 

29  :  William   Sawrey  fil  .  Anthony   de   Sawrey  =  ground 
June  20  :  Thomas  Braithw1  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey = extra 
Jully  firste  Daniell   Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Haukeshead 

eod  die  James  Hall  fil  .  Anthony  de  Hye=wrey 
August  5  :  Mary  fTrearson  fil  .  James  de  Grysdall 
September  17th:  Ellinor  Hyrde  fil  .  Edward  de  Outyeate 
21  :  Margrett  Walker  fil  .  Wm  de  Coulthouse* 
26  :  John    Holme   fil  .  Thomas   de   Graythwaite 

field  head 

30  :  Knype   fil  .  Thomas   de   Sawrey  infra  f 

eod  die  Margrett    Braithwait   fil  .  Robert   de   Sawrey 

*  Opposite  this  and  following  entries  is  written  in  the  margin : 

Edwd  Sawrey  fil  W'n.  de  Sawrey  infra  baptised  June  the  3Oth  1677 
f  No  Christian  name  given. 


October  14  :  Thomas  Dixeson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Coulthouse 
eod   die  William   Turner  fil  .  Xpofer  de  Satterthwaite 
November  4  :  Elizabeth   Rigge  fil  .  Wm.  de   Hye-wrey 

15  :  George  Banke  fil  .  William   de  Low  =  wrey 
25  :  Wm  Jackson  fil  Thomas  de  Sawrey  extra 
January   27  :   Thomasin   Joanes   fil  .  Thomas   borne   att  ffoule- 


ffebruary  12 :   Robert  Knype  fil.  Wm.  borne  at  Holme   ground 
15:  Robert  Benson  &")  Children    of   Wm    Benson    of 

Edward  Benson     j      Skellwith 

24  :  John    Sawrey  fil  .  John  de  Coniston    Waterhead 
eod  die  Alice  Cocken  fil  .  Thomas  de    Haukeshead  field 
March  3 :    Henery    Borwicke  fil  .  George   de    Haukeshead    field 

eod  die  Margrett  Attkinson  fil  George  de  Mossefoote 

NUPTI^:    ANNO     PREDICTO     1677: 

May  16  :  Thomas  Holme  and  Agnes  Marshall 
June  28 :  William  Benson  &  Elizabeth  Brockbanke 
Jully  10 :  William  Banke  &  Dorothy  Dodgson 
October  30:  William  Keene  &  Elizabeth  Lowther 
November  15  :  James  Braithwaite  &  Agnes  Dixeson 
Jannuary  22 :  Wm  Braithwaite  &  Issabell  Rigge 

24:  Wm  Braithwaite  &  Agnes  Kirkby 

27 :  James  Walker  &  Ester  Walker 
ffebruary  4:   Wm.  Rigge  and  Jane  Rigge 


March  30:  James  ffrearson  son  of  Myles  de  Grysdall 
eod  die  John  Pennington  de  Lighte=howe 

31  :  George  Satterthwaite  de  Satterthwaite 
Aprill   15  :  Elline   the   wife  of  George    Braithwaite  of  Braithcy 


22 :  Alice  Rigge  fil  .  Clement  de  Haukeshead  field  head 
May  2 :  David  Sands  fil  .  Myles  de  Graythwaite  field  head    in 


5  :  Elizabeth   ye   wife  of  George  Rigge   de    Haukeshead 

in  templo 
21th.  Ann   ye  wife   of  Edward   Walker   de   Crosselands   in 


29:  An    Abortive  Childe   of  Mr.  Myles    Sands   in    Sands- 

June  9 :  Mary  Dixeson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Coulthouse 
August  5  :   Jane   the    wife   of  James   ffrearson   of  Grysdall   in 


14  :    Willm  Braithw1  eldest  of  Satterhowe  in  the  Church 
September    23  :    Elizabeth    Dixeson    fil  .  Richard    de    Dixeson 

26  :    An  Abortive  Childe  of  Tho :  Holme  of  Gray- 

thwaite  field  head 
October  1 1  :  Ester  Dixeson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Coulthouse 

17:  Margrett   the   wife   of  Robert   Wilson   of  Roger 


20:  John  Sawrey  de   Haukeshead  hill  in   the   Church 
25  :  uxr  Richard  Taylor  de  Watersyde  in  the  Church 
29 :  John   Holme  fil  .  Tho :  de  Graythwaite  field  head 
November  7  :  A   son    of  Myles  Sands   of  Russland  who  dyed 

15  :  Margrett  the  wife   of   Myles  Sands  of  Russland 

in  the  Church 
January  5  :  William  Wilson  de  Lighthowe  in  the  Church 

10  :  Henery  Williamson  fil  .  Henery  de  Loanethwaite 
ffebruary  1 8  :  Robert   Benson   fil  .  William  de  Skeilwith 
March  8 :  Margrett  Attkinson  fil  .  George  de   Mossefoote 
9 :  George  Tyson  of  Youdall   in  the  Church 
24 :  Eliz  :  the  wife   of  Alexander  Rigge  in    the  Church 
finis  hujus   Anni    1677  : 


1678  * 
Aprill   ioth  Wm    Braithwait  fil  .  Wm.  de  Sawrey-extra 

*  The   handwriting  changes  here    for   two   pages :    but   the   first   three  entries 
are  partly  filled  in  and  added  to  in  the  old  hand. 


Aprill  9th   James  Harrison  fill  Lanclott  de  Watterhead 

9  Edwin  Sandys  fil  of  Thomas  de  Esthw* 
May  1 5  :  Wiliam  Harrison  fill  Will  de  Sawrey  infra 
July  7 :  John  Benson  fil  .  John  de  Skelwith 
eod  die  Margret  Mackereth  fil  .  James  de  Outyeat 
eod  die  Dorothy  Mackereth  fill  .  Tho :  de  brow  in  Skelwith 
August  15   Ann   Pennington  fil  .  James  de  Satterthw1 

1 8  Agnes  Hobson  fill  John  de  Green  end 
September  8  :  James   Braithw1.  fill  Will  de  Sawrey  infra 

22  :  Daniell  Sawrey  fil  Edward  de   Sawrey  infra 
Octob  I  :  Isabell  Knipe  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  infra 

10  :  John  Braithw1  fil  .  Thomas  de  Haukshead  field 
20  :  William  Rigge  fil  Will  de  Haukshead  field 
November   6  :  Ann  Sandys  fil  Myles  de  Esthwait  &  Grandau 

ghtr  of  Sam :  de  Graythw1  gent : 
24  :  Henery  Coward  fill  .  John  de  Haukshead  Hill 
Deceber     22  :  John  Sawrey  fil  Edward  de  Haukshead 
January      14  :  Agnus   Hale  fil  .  Anthony  de  Heighwray 
february        2  :  William  Rigge  fill  Thomas  de  Lonthwait 

9  :  Mary  Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  Sandground 
eod  die  Jennett  Russell  fil.  Robert  de  ffors  =  forge  * 

12  :  Myles  Walker  fill  Will  de  Coulthouse 
eod  die  Jennatt  Russell  fill   Robert  de  forse  fourge 

15  :  Jane  Stubs  fill  James  de  Sattcrthw* 
March  2  :  Edward  Atkinson  fill   George  de  Mosefoote 

9  :  Elizabeth  Tayler  fil  Will  de  Haukshead 
eod  die  Thomas  Holme  fill  Thomas  de  Graithw* 

1 6     Mathew  Braithw1  fill  James  de  Lonthwait 
eod  die  William   Sawrey  fil  John  de  Rogerground 

NUPTI^E    ANNO     PREDICTO     1678 

Aprill     7  :  John   Sawrey  and  Ann  Mackereth 
ii  :  Thomas  Garnett  and   Mary  Tayler 
May       4  :  John  Berkett  and  Barbory  Parke 

*  This  entry   is   interpolated   in   the  old    hand,   and    apparently  refers  to  the 
same  child  as  the  second  entry  below. 



June     13  :  John   Holme  and  Margret  Wilson 
27  :  Robert  Bownas  and  Agnes  Rigge 
Octob  14  :  John  Braithw1  and  Ann  Braithw1 
Novemb  28  :  Thomas  Rigge  and  Elizabeth  Sandes 

30  :  William  Sawrey  and  Agnes  Kirkby 

code  die  George  Bancke  and  Margret  Keene 

February     2  :  Thomas  Roberts  and  Elline  Bancke 

16  :  William  Nickolson  and  Margret  Keene 


May     9     An  Abortive  sone  of  Wm  Robinson  of  feild  head 
17     Susan   Walker  de  Daleparke  in  the  Church 
25     A  childe  of  Christopher  ffisher  of  Haukeshead 
June     3     uxr  Richard  Dixon  de  Satterthw1  in  the  Church 
6     Isabell  Denison    who  died  at  Muncke  Coniston 
25     ffrances  Cowperthw1  who   died  at  Miller  bridge  in 

ye  Church 
July      5     William    Harrison    fil   Wm  de  Sawrey  infra  in  ye 

August  23  :  An    Abortive   sone   of  Thomas    Strickland    de 

Septemb  8  :  uxr  William    Braithw1   de    Sawrey  infra  in  the 

code  die  An    Abortive   sone   of   William   Keene   de   feild 

Octob  4  :  Margret  Ashburner  fil  .  John  de  Hanikin  sicke 

1 6  :  Robert  Tayler  fil  .  Rowland  de  Croslands 
Novemb     3  :  Anthony  Sawrey  de  Satterthwait  in  ye  Church 

28  :  Agnes  Braithwait  fil .  James  de  Braythey 
Deceber  20  :  Jenat  Knipe  fil  George  de  Muncke  Conyston 
January     4  :  Agnes  Sands  fil  .  Adam  de  fould  yeat 

5  :  An   Abortive   sone   of   Robert   Coupland   de 

Prkmure  (?) 

1 6     John  Braithwait  fill  Tho  :  de  fould  in  Haukes- 
head field 
8  :  Agnes  Hurdson  de  Dalepke 


fcbruary    10  :  Edward    Braithw1    dc    Sawrey    extra    in    yc 

March   12  :  uxr  Edward  Madder  dc  Braythey 

13  :  Christopher  Longbone  fill  Christo  in  ye  Church 
22  :  Edward  Sandes  de  ffinsthwaite 
finis  hujus  anni  1678 


March  30 :  Elizabeth  Dixon  fill  Thomas  de  Crag 
Aprill  6 :  Hanna  Rigge  fil  Anthony  de  Sawrey  infra 

15  Thomas  Satterthw*  fill  John  de  Graithw1 
May  1 8   Agnes  Sawrey  fill  Wm  de  Sawrey  extra 

31    Isabell   Braithw1  fil  John  de  Sawrey  infra 
June  3  Judeth  Nickolson  fil  Henery  de  Walker  ground 
July  17  Agnes  Braithw1  fill  Wm  de  Satterhow  in  Sawrey  extra 
October    5  Will  Nickolson  fil  Wm  de  Keenground 

28  John  Braithw1  fill  Robert  de  Sawrey  infra 
Decembr  21  Wm  Ashburner  fill  John  de  Hannikin  sicke 

27  Zuriell  Russell  fill  Charles  de  Consay   fourge 
ffebruary  22  Ann  Kirkby  fill  .  Wm  de  Grysdall 

23  Lanclot  Harrison  fill  Lanclot  de  Watterhead 

24  Margret  Turner  fil  Christo  :  de  Satterthw* 
August  17:  1679:  Wm  Mackreth  fil  .  Wm.  borne  at  Lowrey 

NUPTLE    ANNO     PREDICTO     1679 

Aprill  27  :  Stephen  Nickolson  &  Isabell  Hodgshon 
May  12  John  Hutchinson  &  Elizabeth  Tayler 

1 8  John  Turner  &  Elizabeth  Turner 

20  Richard  fforest  &  Elizabeth  Walker 
June   17  John  Walker  &  Elizabeth  Keene 

24  Edward  Sawrey  and  Mary  ffleming 

30  Clement  Rigge  &  Elizabeth  Knipe 
Octob  7  William  Watterson  &  Margret  Benson 

March  28th  Edward  Hurdson  de  Daleparke 
May  15  Myles  Walker  de  Sattcrthw'  in  the  Church 


1 8  Anthony  Atkinson  de  Elterwatter  prk  in  Church 

20  uxr  Robert  Braithwait  de  Outyeat 

22  John  Dixon  de  ploume  =  greene 

28  Wm    Braithw1    de    lone  =  head    in    Sawrey    extra    in 


July  3  uxr  Edward  Keen  de  Haukshead 
August  20  Ye  dead  borne  Childe  of  Tho  :  Kinge  Sawrey  infra 

22  Elizabeth  Dixon  fill  Tho :  de  Cragc 
Setemb  20  Edward  Benson  fill  Wm  de  Skelwith 

30  Myles  Sands  de  Graithw1  feildhead  in  ye  Church 
October   9   uxr    Thomas    Strickland    de    Ruseland    in    ye 


ii    Dorothy  Walker  who  died  at  lonthwait 
27   James    Atkinson    fill    Richard    de    Conyston     in 

No:   15  uxr   John  ffisher  de  Haukshead 

26  Isabell  Rigge  de  Haukshead 
Decemb  5    John  Adison  de  Nuby  bridge   end  in  ye  Church 

6  uxr   Adam    Braithw1  de  Watterson   ground 

7  Wm  Wilson  de  Oxonfell  in  ye  Church 

1 6   Agnes  Braithw1  fill  Edward  de  lonehead  in  Church 
22    Mary  ffreerson  fill  James  de  Grysdall 
January    23   Elizabeth  Brockebanck  de  feildhead 
Feb  :   10  :  Elizabeth    Strickland  fil  Rowland   de  leighthow 
finis  hujus   Anni    1679 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANO     DOMI  .     1680* 

March  28th  Elizabeth  Walker  fil  John  de  Keene  =  ground 

May  23:  Myles  Sawrey  fil   Edward  de  Muncke  =  Coniston 

June  12:  Anthony  Banke  fil  Wm  de  Lowrey 

1 6  :  Ann  Turner  fil  John  de  Satterthwaite 
20 :  t  May  keene  fil  .  Wm  de  Haukshead  hill 

Jully  12:  Martha  Scale  fil.  Richard  de  White  Stocke  =  hall 
18:  Wm  Dixeson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Coulthouse 

*  The  old  handwriting  is  resumed  here. 
f  Or  Mary. 


20 :  Roger    Borwicke   fil  .  George    de    Haukeshead   field 


eod  die  John  Rigge  fil  Thomas  de  Haukeshead  field   head 
Jully   25    Edward   fforeste   fil   .   Richard   de   Haukeshead   field 


eod  die    Wm  Knipe  fil  .  Thomas  de  Sawrey  =  infra 
November   IIth    Barbary    Braithwaite   fil    James    de    Sawrey  = 


23  :    Sarah  Hall  fil  .  Anthony  de  Hye  =  wrey 
December  12:  Myles  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Sawrey-infra 

eod  die  Elizabeth  Hutchison  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  extra 

19:  Elizabeth  Holme  fil  .  Clement  de  Dalepke 
Jannuary    16  :    Clement  Rigge  fil  .  Clement  de  Haukeshead 
23  :  Dorothy  Hobson  fil  .  John  de  Coulthouse 
25  :    Wm.  Pepper  fil  .  Wm.  Chrisned  att  Satterthwaite 
eod  die    Margrett  Braithwaite  fil  .  Wm  de  Sawrey   extra 

30  :   Wm.  Walker  fil  .  Wm.  de  Dalepke 

31  :   Susana    Sawrey    fil  .  Edward    de    Haukeshead 

Church  Style 
ffebruary  20 :    Edmond    Tompson    fil  .  John    de    Haukeshead 

field  head 

March   1 3  :  John  Rigge  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  infra 
20 :  Henery  Douer  fil  .  Thomas  de  Birkrey 
ffebruary  25  :  1680  :  James  Russell  fil  .  Robert  de  fforsforge 
Memorand~u    that    Issabell    Sawrey    fil   .   Wm.    de 
Sawrey-infra  was  baptised   the  thirde  day   December 
Ano   Domi   1680. 

ffebruary  8th  1680 :  James  Strickland  fil  Tho  :  Strickland 
de  Satterth .  baptized  suertyes  Jac  Strickland 
Righi  Rigge  &  Sibil  Satter  (thw1)  ?  * 

NUPTI.E    ANNO     PREDICTA     1680. 
Aprill  25  :  John  Tompson  &  Ester  Rigge 
May  10  :  Nicolas  Penny  &  Ann  Turner 

1 3  :  Richard  Rigge  &  Agnes  Satterthwaite 

31  :  Roger  Peareson  &  Mary  Powe 

*  This  entry  is  in  another  hand. 


June    3  :   John  Rigge  &  Agnes  Braithwaite 
1 3  :    George  Taylor  &  Elizabeth  Penny 
17  :    Wm  Benson  &  Margrett  Braithwaite 
20:    Edward  Madder  and  Jane  Dickenson 
October    26 :    Wm    Harrison    and    Elline    Bessbrowne    married 

with  lysence 
November    the    firste    James    Harrison    &    Dorothy    Walker 

maried  with  lysence 
January  20 :  Roger  Grigge  and  Agnes  Dixeson 

SEPULTRI-dE     ANNO     PREDICTA     1680. 

March  30 :  An  Abortive  Childe  of  Wm.  Watterson  of  Birkrey 
Aprill  29 :  Ann   Jackson  who  dyed  att  Grysdall 
May  26 :  Rowland  Taylor  de  Crosselands 

28  :  James    Braithwaite   fil  .  Wm.  de    Sawrey  infra  in   the 


June  17:  Margrett  Turner  fil  .  Wm.  de  Satterthwaite 
Jully  19:  Issabell  Townson  fil  .  Rowland  de  Muncke  Coniston 
August  13:  Anthony  Banke  fil  .  Wm  de  Low=wrey 
September    10:    Mr  Wm.    Rawlinson    of  Graythwaite   in    the 


18:    Thomas  ffrearson  fil  .  James  de  Grysdall 
30 :    Richard  Dixeson  of  Dixeson-ground 
October  3  :  Issabell  the  wife  of  John  Penyson  a  poore  woman 

that  beg(ged)  her  meate 
12:  John   Braithwaite  of  hye  =  wrey 

November  21  :   Elizabeth  Walker  fil  .  John  de  Keene  ground 
December  the  firste  uxr  John  Satterthwait  de   Parkeamoore 

in  the  Church 
Dec.   5  :   Robert  Crosfield  of  Satterthwaite 

21  :  Robert  Walker  of  ffinsthwaite 
January  2 :  Elline  Walker  his  wife 

4:  William  Wilson  of  Rusland 
30 :  Thomas  Jackson    who  dyed   att    Newhouse  in    the 


fifebruary  16  :  George  Jackson  who  dyed  att   brow  in  Skellwith 
in  the  Church 


March  12:  Jane  the   late   wife   of  Charles  Russell  of  Consey- 

forge  in  the  Church 
21  :  Issabell    the    late    wife    of    Regnald    Walker    of 


24:  Issabell    late    wife   of   Tho :    Sands    Elder    in    the 

finis  hujus  Anni  1680  : 

CHRISNINGS     IN     1681 

January  25  :    1681  Christofer   Turner   fil   Christofer   de    Satter- 


ffebruary  5  :  Hannah  Russell  fil  .  Charles  de  Consey  forge 
ffebruary  25  :  George  Braithwaite  fil  .  James  de  Loanethwaite 
March    12 :    1681  :  John  Sawrey  fil  .  John    de    Haukeshead-hill 
Memorandum  that  Edward  Braithwaite  son  of  John  of 
fould  in   Sawrey    extra  was   chrisened  the  3  Ith  day    of 
may  Ano  domi  1681 


Aprill   1 7th  Richard  Holme  fil  .  Thomas  de  Dalcpke 

cod  die  Margrett  Jackson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Sawrey-extra 
29 :  George  Rigge   fil  .  William  de  Haukeshead  field 

May  8 



June  5 



Elizabeth  Hyrde  fil  .  Edward  de  Outyeate 
George   Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  fould  in    Haukes- 
head field 

Susana  Sawrey  fil  Anthony  de  Sawrey  ground 
James  Watterson  fil  .  Edward  de  Watterson  ground 
Mary  Braithwaite  fil  Thomas  de  Tompson  ground 
John  Watterson  fil  Wm.  de  Outyeate 

August  14:  Susana  Sands  fil  .  Myles  de  Sawrey-extra 
21  :  Allan  Coward  fil  .  John  de  Parkeamoore 
28  :  Wm.  Sawrey  fil  .  Wm.  de  Sawrey-infra 
September  1 1  :  Agnes    Sawrey   fil  .  John    de   Coniston    Water- 

15:  Samuell    Sandys    fil  .  Myles    de    Easthwaite 
grand  childe   to    Samuell    Sandys   of  Gray- 
thwaite  gentleman 


October  9 :  Daniell  Mackreth  fil  .  Wm.  de    Hyewrey 

20  :  Elizabeth  Harrison  fil  .  James  de  Muncke  Coniston 
23 :  Richard    Cocken    fil   .    Thomas    de    Howe   in 

Haukeshead  field 

November  9  :  Agnes  Scale  fil  .  John   Scale  de  Dalepke 
eod  die  Agnes  Walker  fil .  Myles  de  Dalepke 
13  :  Wm  Rigge  fil  .  William  de   Hyewrey 
eodem  die  Elline  Taylor  fil  .  Wm.  de   Haukeshead 
December  26 :  Margrett  Benson   fil  .  Wm.  de  Haukeshead  field 

WEDDINGS    1681 

April  18:  Wm  Sands  and  Agnes  Saiterthwaite 
May  1 2 :  Christofer  Dixeson  &  Margrett  Rigge 
August  4 :  Rowland  Wilson  &  Jane  Mosse  married  with 

September   22 :   George   Rigge   &    Margrett   Taylor   married 

with  lysence 

October    10:  George  Rigge  &  Elizabeth  fforeste 
November  16 :  Adam  Ashburner  and  Susana  Rawlinson 
Jannuary  13  :  Mr  John  Sadler  and   Issabell  Myre  married  with 


19:  George  Rigge  Clarke  and  Dorothy  Satterthwaite 
ffebruary  2  :  William  Satterthwaite  and  Bridgett  Towneson 

9  :  Thomas  Townson  &  Alice  Borwicke  married  with 

BURIALS     1681 


ij°  die  Willm   Keene  of  Hawkshead          Cicily  Mackereth     ^ 

Affidavit     Margaret  Nicholson] 

vij  die  John  Braithwaite  of  Sawrey  Margaret  Rigg 

Margaret  Brait 
Margaret  Braithw1 

infra    AfT    Margaret  Braithw1  j 

ix  die  Elizabeth  Jackson  of  Skellwith  Aff  ^ 

Eliz.  Jackson 

Sarah   Pennington    , 
xv  die  Robert  Scale  of  Satterthwaite  AfT  _..     TT      . 

Eliz   Hyrdson 


xix  die  Willm  Banks  of  Waterside  Aff    J53. 

Sybell  Rigg  j 

(xxij)   die  Ester  Scale  of  Satterthwaite     An  Turner  \ 

Aff    Eliz  Hyrdson 

/Lr\  j*     T  t.    '•*  A  fr  Jennett  Taylor         i 

(vij)  die  John  Turner  of  Russlands.    Aff 

Elizabeth  Wilson     ) 

.  .  .  viij  die    Elizabeth    Braithwaite    of      Agnes  Rigge  ) 

Outyeate  Aff  Cicily  Mackreth 

_  Elizabeth  Braithw1   \ 
(xx,x)  d,e  George  Rigge  of  Hyewrey  Aff  . 

eod  die  Judeth   Nicholson  of  Keene          Jenett  Holmes 

ground  :  Aff  Agnes   Keene 

xxx  die  Agnes  Hodgson  of  fieldhead       Margrett  ffisher        ) 

Aff.  Margrett  Knype       > 

3  die  Jennett  Russell  de  fforsforge  in     Eliz.  Willson  \ 

templo.     Aff.  Eliz.  Stillin  J 

4  (?)  die  Margrett  Satterthw1  \ 

fil  Clement  buried  __ 

V  Margrett  Knype  Ellmor  Holme 
att  buryinge   place 


19  :  Robert  Russell  de  fforsforge  in  Eliz  Braithwaite       ^ 

templo  Aff:     Agnes  Satterthwait  J 

30  :  Issabell  Christoferson  of  hyewrey   j  Elizabeth   Rigge          » 

Aff.    'Elizabeth  Braithwaite) 
eod  die  Rachell  Walker  de  ffellfoote  Aff:  Agnes  Braithw'  & 

Eliz  :  Wilson 

1  Margrett 

6  :  James    Hall  fil   Anthony  in  the     (Elizabeth  Rigge          \ 

Church  Aff.   ^  Elizabeth  Braithwaite  1 



8  :  Agnes  the  wife  of  Tho  :  Satterthw1  (Jane  Borwicke 

of  Sawrey  infra  Aff  ^Elizabeth  Rigge 
13    Elinor  Pennington  of  Haukes-         (Ellinor  Sawrey 

head  Aff:   ^Jane  Attkinson 
16:  Elizabeth  Hyrde  fil  Edward   de      /  Margrett  Williamson 

Outyeate  Aff  (Agnes  Rigge 
29  :  Christofer  Tayler  fil  .  George  de     ( Margrett  Tyson 

Grysdall   Aff:    ^Susana  Rawlinson 
2 1  :  Elizabeth   Rigge  fil  .  Wm    de  j  Elizabeth  Rigge 

Hyewrey  Aff:    ^ Agnes  Braithwaite 
25:  Issabell  Braithwaite  de  Ickor-         (Mary  Dixeson 

thwaite  Aff:    *  Dorothy  Burnes 

3:  Agnes  Braithwaite  fil  .  James  de    /Mary  Jackson 

hill  Aff:    (Agnes  Sawrey 

18:  Agnes  Braithwait  fil  :  Rowland       ,  Margrett  Braithwt 
de  Braithey  Aff:    (Elizabeth  Jackson 
23:  Dorothy  Satterthw1  fil  .  Edward      [Dorothy  Satterthwaitej 

de  Coulthouse  Aff:    (Elizabeth  Dixeson 

31  :  William  Sawrey  fil  .  John   de  i  Agnes  Sawrey  ) 

Hill  Aff:    (Mary  Jackson  ) 


18:  Robert  Taylor  de  Satterthw1  in     J  Issabell  Taylor  * 

the  Church  Aff:    I  Dorothy  Postlethwaite) 

25:  Eliz:  uxr  Wm.  Scale  de  Whaite-      ,  Issabell   Scale  | 

head  in  the  Church  Aff:    (Mary  Taylor 
2  :  Agnes    Howgill   fil   :  James   de     jRegnald  Braithwait     \ 

Pull-barne  Aff:    (James  Howgill 
1 8  :  Mary:  uxr  Wm.  Taylor  de  Ploome  greene  in  the  Church 

(William  Taylor  \ 

Aff:  {.         _ 

lAnn   Turner  ) 

24  :  Elizabeth   Kellatt   de   Howe   in      [Jane  Knype  ^ 

Haukeshead   field  Aff:    (Alice  Banke 

(Barbary  Birkett  \ 

29  :  Edward  Parke  de  Skellwith  Aff:    (Margarett  Rigge  } 

HAWKSHEAD    PARISH  REGISTER.                323 


2  :  Rowland  Townson  de   Haukes-  j  Elizabeth    Holme         \ 

head  hill  Aff  (Agnes  Sawrcy 

9  :  Agnes  Sawrey  fil  .  John  de  Con-  Elline  Holme 

iston  Waterhead   Aff:  Agnes  Sawrey 

28  :  Elizabeth   Turner   de   Satterthw*  Dorothy  Postlew1 

Aff:  Mary  Strickland 

12  :  Patience  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  (Margrett   Benson          } 

Haukeshead  Aff:    ( Dorothy   Satterthw* 
of  Muncke         j  Elizabeth  Holn 
Coniston  Aff:    (Ellinor  Holme 

17  :  Christofer  Holme  of  Muncke         (Elizabeth  Holme          j 

13  :  George  Holme  de  Holme  ground    (Margrett  Evericke 

Aff:   Bennett   Wilson 

eod  die  Eliz.  Sands  de  Graythwaite  Hall  in  Sands  quire 

(Rebecca   Sands 
^Dorothy  Braithw1 

Aff:   11™™   ~~    .          } 

24  :  Margrett  Wilson  de  Crosslands     (Mary  Wilson  J 

in  the  Church  Aff:    I Ellen   Wilson 
5  :  1 68 1    Agnes    Satterthw1   of  Graythwaite  field  head   in   the 


Aff     .Ellin  Walker 

(Dorothy  Postlew1 
14:  Mary  ffell  fil  .  James  de  Grysdall    (Mary  ffell  and  ) 

Aff:    (Dorothy  Townson 

22 :  Barbary    Braithwaite    de    fould    in    Sawrey    extra    in    the 

(Dorothy  Braithw1         ) 

I 1ssabell   Hodgson 
4  :  George  Braithwaite  de  Coulthouse  jlssabell  Hobson  j 

Aff:    (Ellinor  Satterthw1 
10:  Issabell    Sawrey   who    dyed    at    Neddar    Newton    in    the 


(Margrett  Braithw'         | 

Aff:   1  Issabell  Braithw' 


13  :  Agnes  Corker  fil  .  John  de  Ash=slacke  in  the  Church 

Aff-   P°hn  Corker 

^Elizabeth   Hyrdson 

finis  hujus  anni  1681. 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANO     DOMI     1682. 

Aprill  3  :  Ester  Knype  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  infra 

30  :  Elizabeth  Nicolson  fil  .  William  de  Keene  ground 
May    14  :  Edward  Braithwaite  fil  .  Robert  de  Sawrey-infra 

eod  die  Mary  Hodgson  fil  .  Cuthbert  de  Tarne-hows 
June  5  :  Samuell  Sands          |fil  .  Samuell   de   Haukeshead-hill 

and  Bridgett  Sandslchrisned  at  home 
Jully  23  :  Mary  Hugill  fil  .  James  de  Pull-barne 

eod  die  Agnes  Attkihson  fil  .  George  de  Mosse-foote 
August  20:  Issabell  Borwicke  fil  .  George  de  Haukeshead  field 

22  :  James  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  fould  in  Sawrey 


September  10  :  Edward  Rigge  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  infra 
October  8  :  Abraham    Banke  fil  .  William   de    Haukeshead  hill 
eod  die  Jennett  Walker  fil  .  William  de  Coulthouse 
eod  die  Elizabeth  Hall  fil  .  Anthony  de  Hye  wrey 
November  7th.  William    Attkinson  fil  .  Anthony  de   Eltarwater 


8  :  Dinah  Knype  fil  .  James  de  ffoule  yeate 
December  3  :  Roger  Sawrey  &)  sons    of    Edward    Sawrey    de 

James  Sawrey      '  Haukeshead 
5  :  John  Benson  fil  .  Wm.  de  Skellwith  chrisned  att 

Jannuary  21  :  Margrett  fforest  fil  .  Richard  de  Haukeshead 

field  head 

28  :  Ann  Tompson  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead 
ffebruary  1  8  :    William    Sawrey    fil   .    Edward    de    Muncke 

March    22  :   Robert  Pepper  fil  .  William  de   Satterthwaite 


MORE     CHRISNINGS     IN     THIS     YEARE     1682 
September  24 :  John  Taylor  fil  .  George  de  Satterthwaite 
October  22 :   William  Coupland  fil  .  Robert  de   Parkeamoore 
Jannuary  21  :  Jane  Satterthwaite  fil  .  William  de  Satterthwaite 
ffebruary    1 1 :  James  Kirkby  fil  .  William  de  Grysdall 
March    17 :    1682    Bathsheba    Sands   fil    Myles   de   Eastwhaite 
grand  childe  to  Samuell  Sandys  de  Graythwaite 
hall  gent. 

finis   hujus   Anni    1682 

NUPTI^E    ANNO    DOMINI     1682 

Aprill   1 8  :  Richard    Rawlinson    and    Mary   Knype    married 

with  lycense 
May     4  :  George    Mackreth  and   Agnes  Rigge  married  with 


8  :  John  Bownas  and  Dorothy  Jackson  * 
June  17  :  William  Dodgson  and  Ann   Rigge 

25  :  ffrancis  Braithwaite  and  Alice   Benson 
October  23  :  Joseph  Santon  &  Agnes  Braithw1  married  with 

30  :  Wm.  Jackson  and  Agnes  Sawrey  married  with 


November  13  :  Wra.  Holme  and   Margrett  Grigge 
Jannuary     30  :  William   Kirkby  and    Mary  Pennington 
finis  hujus  Anni   1682 


Aprill     5th.  Thomas  Satterthwait  de  Sawrey  infra 

(Elizabeth  Jackson  and) 
t  Elizabeth  Sawrey 

Aprill     8th.  William  Walker  fil  .  Edward  de  Crosselands 

j  Edward  Walker  and  ^ 
;   1  Agnes  Taylor  } 

Aprill  17th.  George  Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  Loanethwaite 

*  In  the  margin  : 

June  15'    Wm.  Frears  &  Agnes  Taylor  Lie 
eod  die     Mr.  Sam  Sands  &  Beatrice  Nicholson 


(Issabell  Watterson       ) 
Aff:   (Issabell   Hodgson 

Aprill  2Oth.  Katherine    Edmundson    de    Haukeshead   in   ye 

I  Agnes  Sands  and        ) 
Aff:    (Elizabeth   Braithwt 
Aprill  3Oth  John  Taylor  de  Ploome  =  greene  in  the  Church 

I  John  Taylor  and          \ 
Aff:   1  James  Addison 

3  :  die  .  Ester  Sawrey  fil  .  Anthony  de  Sawrey  ground  aff: 

(Elline  Dixeson  &        ) 
^Margarett  Knype 

12:  die.  Dorothy  Nicolson  de  Low-    i  Susanna  Capeland  and) 

son  pke  Aff:   \ Elizabeth  Redhead       > 
13  die  .  Rowland    Scale  of  Roger-Ryddinge  in  ye  Church 

jjohn  Scale  and  ) 

Aff:    (Rowland  Scale 
27  :  Abraham   Rawes  de  Thrang  in      (Dorothy    Harrison       \ 

Langdale    Aff :    I  Ellin    Greaves 
6  :  Samuell    Sands   fil  .  Samuell   de   Haukeshead  =  hall   in 

Sands  quire  Aff:    (Ann   Gilpin  &  ) 

(Rachell  Nicolson 
Robert  Pennington  fil  .  James        (James  Pennington  &  ) 

de  Satterthwaite  Aff:    (Margaret  Rigge 
fe  of  David  Dixeson    (Dorothy  Hod^ 
de  Tarne-hows  Aff:    (Jane  Dixeson 

26  :  Ester  ye  wife  of  David  Dixeson    ( Dorothy  Hodgson        ) 

ii  :  Agnes  Holme  de  Muncke  Con-     (Agnes  Sawrey 

iston  in  the  Church  Aff:    (Issabell    Atkinson 
eod  die  Willm  Wilson  of  Langdalle  Chappell  steele 

I  Dorothy    Harrison 
A  ff  •   \ 

'    (Margrett   Tyson 

22  :  George  Townson  fil  .  John  de  Grysdall  in  the  Church 


I  Elizabeth   freares(on) 

( John    Townson 


23  :  Susana  Sawrey  fil  .  Anthony  de  Sawrey  ground 

(Anthony  Sawrey         \ 
Aff:  *  Ellin  Dixeson  * 

Ist:  Jennett    Kirkby    elder    de  (Ralph  Drinkald  * 

Russland  Aff:    lEHine  Scale 
17  :  Agnes  Towneson  de  Muncke  Issabell  Attkinson        ) 

Coniston  Aff:     Elizabeth  Holme 
10:  Agnes  Braithw1  de  Holme = ground  in  the  Church 

(Agnes  Dixeson  } 

;   I  Issabell  Holme 

17:  Willm  Hyrdson  of  Dale  pke  slayne  with  a  stone  which 
fell  on  his  head  out  of  the  higer  end  of  that  house  in 
Haukeshead  in  which  Rosamond  Knype  lately  dwelled 

(Mary  Taylor  } 

^Dorothy  Saterthw*.      ' 


Coniston  Aff:    ( Agnes  Attkinson 

24:  Dorothy  Attkinson  de  Muncke       (Agnes  Banke  \ 


Rigge  d 

the  Church  Aff:  ^Cicily  Mackreth 

8  :  George  Rigge  de  field  head  in      f  Agnes  Robinson  j 


31th  Elizabeth  Strickland  de  Oxenfell  (Elizabeth  Hodgson      ) 

Aff:  ^Ann  Strickland 

2th  John  Braithwaite  de  Sawrey  =  (Dorothy  Satterthw1      \ 

infra  Aff:  ^Margrett  Turner 

19th  Elizabeth  Rigge  de  Coulthouse  (Issabell  Hobson  ) 

Aff:  ^Ellinor  Satterthw' 

firste  George  Braithwait  of  Braithey-  (Margarett  Braithw1       ) 

brigg  Aff  ^Jane  Madder 

2 :  William  Holme  of  Holme  =  Jane  Holme 

ground  Aff:  Dorothy   Hodgson 


1 2  :  Samuell  Sands  fil  .  Myles  de  Easthwaite  in 

Sands  quire  Aff  j  Agnes  Birkett  ) 

^Hanna  Nicolson 

1 3  :  Roger  Sawrey  & )      fil  .  Edward  de     j  Agnes  Keene  &     ) 

James  Sawrey      J  Haukeshead    Aff.    t  Elizabeth  Taylor    f 
17:  George  Holme  de  Oxenfell :  f  Jennett  Wilson  ) 

called   Hote   George:   Aff.    lEliz:    Hodgson 
20:  Dorothy  Ashburner  fil  .  Adam  de  Grysdall  in  the  Church 

(Adam   Ashburner         j 
Aff:    (Dorothy  Postlethw1 
eod  die  uxr  Bryam  Benson   who  ( Margrett  Tyson  ) 

dyed  att  Grysdall    Aff:    *Eliz:  Freareson 
26 :  Agnes  Braithw1  de   Hye  wrey        ( Agnes  Braithwaite       ) 

in  the   Church  Aff.    I  Jane  Rigge 
30:  Mary  Willson  fil  Rowland  de        (Mary  Willson  ) 

Roger  Riddinge  Aff:   1  Margrett  Scales 
15  :  William    Satterthwaite    de  (Elline  Satterthwaite 

Crofthead  Aff:   Ussabell    Hobson 
.  .  .  t  Margrett  Ashburner  de  i  Margrett   Williamson  ) 

Outyeate  Aff:    <Cicilly  Mackreth 

.  .  .  .  f .  .  .  abell  Holme  de  Arne  (Margrett  Benson          ) 

syde  Aff:    ICicilly  Mackreth          1 
....  f  Christofer  Attkinson  de  (Cicilly  Mackreth          | 

Outyeate   in  the  Church  Aff:   t  Agnes  Mackreth 
eod  die  Regnald  Walker  de  ffell=       (Agnes  Braithwaite       ) 

foote  in  Langdalle  Aff:    i  Elizabeth   Willson 

4  :  An  abortive  daughter  Christofer  Taylor's  of  Ploomegreen 

Jennett   Dixeson 
Mary  Taylor 
23  :  Elizabeth  Nicolson  daughter  of  Wm  de  Keene  ground 

(Eliz:  Walker  , 

Aff:  ^Hy  Nicolson 

*  Added  in  another  hand:  "&  Grandson  of  Sam:  de  Graythwl  : " 
f  Leaf  frayed  away. 


16  :  Issabell  Turner  who  dyed  att  Holme  ground 

(Dorothy   Knype  > 

:    I  Issabell  Holme 
finis  hujus  anni   1682. 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANO     DOMI     1683: 
Aprill   17th  Adam   Sadler  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead 
May  20  :  th  Issabell  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  Sawrey  infra 
June  4th  John   Braithwaite  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey-extra 

eod  die  Robert  Braithwaite  fil  .  James  de  Loanethwaite 
9th  Edward   Rigge  fil  .  George  de  Hye  wrey 
17  :  James  Dixeson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Crofthead 
Jully  14  :  Jane  ye  daughter  of  Hugh  Readman  fil  .  Gyles  de 


August  26  :  Dorothy  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Sawrey  =  infra 
September  2  :  William   Ashburner  fil  .  Adam  de  Grysdall 
October  7  :  Issabell   Watterson  fil  .  William  de  birkrey 

21  :  Mary  Walker  fil  .  John  de  Keeneground 
November  25  :  Wm.  Braithwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de  Satterhowe  in 

December  20  :  Jane  Jackson  fil .  Wm.  de  Eltarwater  pke 

26  :  Thomas   Asshburner  fil  .  John  de  Anykin  syke 
January      20  :  Issabell  Rigge  fil  .  Anthony  de  Sawrey-infra 
30  :  Margrett  Scale  fil  John  de  de  (sic)  Dalepke 
february  5  :  Hugh  Cowpthwaite  fil  .  Wra.  de  Haukeshead  field 


24  :  Agnes  Mackreth  fill  .  John  de  Sawrey  =  infra 
eod  die  Katherine  Harrison  fil  .  James  de  Muncke 

March  16  :  Barbary  Sawrey  fil  .  William  de  Sawrey-infra 

23  :  Agnes  Dawson  fil  .  William  borne  in  Haukeshead 

finis  hujus  anni  1683 
March  9  :  1683  :  Ellinor  Turner  fil  .  Christofer  Chrisned  att 


May  first  :  1683  John  Strickland  son  of  Tho :  of  Satterthw1 
baptized  * 

*  This  entry  is  inserted  in  another  hand. 


NUPTI.E     ANO     DOMI  :  1683. 

Aprill  4th :  William  Rigge  and  Agnes  Sawrey 
June     5th :  George  Asshburner  and  Ann  Ottley 
eod  die  Peter  Knype  and  Agnes  Crosfield 

ioth  John  Mackreth  and   Barbary  Harrison 
December  20  :  John   Braithwaite  and  Mary  Birkett  married 
by  lysence 
finis  hujus  Anni  1683  : 

SEPULTURE     ANO     DOMI:     1683: 

March  28th.  Bridgett  Sands  fil  .  Samuell  de  Haukeshead  hall 
in  Sands  quire 

Rachell  Nicolson 
Aff      Ann  Gilpin 
7  :  Daniell  Mackreth  fil  .  Wm.  de  Elizabeth  Rigge 

Hyewrey  Aff  :     Dorothy  Mackreth 
eod  die  William  Benson  de  fieldhead  in  the  Church 

Agnes  Mackreth 

A  ff  • 

Cicily  Mackreth 
12  :  Robert  Russell  fil  .  Robert  de  fforsforge 

Mary  Dixeson 
Aff  :     Eliz  :  Benson 

14  :  Agnes  Cowpthwait  fil  .  Wm.  de  fieldhead  in  the  Church 

Agnes  Robinsoi 
Margrett  Tyson 
21  :  Edward  Scale  who  dyed  att  Agnes  Scale  ^ 

Consey  Aff:     Issabell   Taylor 

27  :  George  Rigge  son  of  George  de     George  Rigge  ^ 

Satterthwaite  Aff:     Dorothy  Postlethwaitej 
29 :  An  Abortive  son  of  Wm.  Braithwaite  of  Sawrey  extra 

(Margrett  Rigge  ) 

Aff:    *Ann  Braithwaite          ! 

Agnes  Robinsone 
Aff  • 

'     Margrett  Tvson 



William  Pepper 
Dorothy  Postlethw1 


10 :  Thomas  Rigge  of  Watterson  Cicilly  Mackreth 

ground  Aff:     Issabell   Hodgson 

13:  Agnes  the  wife  of  Michaell  Holme  de  Holmes  head  in 
ye  Church  Aff:     Margrett  Rigge 
Margrett  Parke 

27  :  Jane  ffleeminge  de  Amblesyde        Agnes  Ellis 

in  Sands  quire  Aff:     Jane  Hodgson 
30:  Robert   Pepper    fil  .  Wm.    de 

Satterthwaite  Aff: 
23  *  Elizabeth  Rawlinson  de  Russland  in  the  Chancell 

i  Ann  Scale 
A  ff  •    \ 

'    (Margrett  Chatburne 

21:  "'Elizabeth    Dodgson    de 

Dixeson  =  ground  Aff: 

1 8  :  Dorothy  the  wife  of  John    Bownas  de  Eltarwater  pke 
ye  Church 

Dorothy  Harrison 
Agnes  Grigge 

28  :  An  Abortive  son  of  Myles  Walkers  of  Dalepke 
29:  Mary  Walker  fil  .  John  de  Keene= ground 

John  Walker 

Margrett  Nicolson 

13:  Richard  Knype  de  Muncke  Coniston  in  the  Church 

(Katherine  Ashburner 

Ellin  Dixeson 
Agnes  Braithw1 



14  :  Jennett  Willson  de  Oxenfell 


16 :  Issabell  Attkinson  de  Parkea- 

(December)    2ith    1683: 

Agnes   Banke 
Jennett  Willson 
Agnes  Grigge 
(Elizabeth  Addison 
moore  Aff:    ( Margrett  Nicolson 
Edward  (Jane  Borwicke 

Patricke  of  Sawrey  Aff:    iMary  Borwicke 

These  dates  are  illegible,  but  are  supplied  from  the  woollen  certificates. 



12  :  Ann   the  wife  of  Nicolas  Penny  de  Holme  ground   in  ye 

Dorothy  Knype 
•An  :     f^,.       TT    , 

JtLliz  ;  Hodgson 

13:  An  Abortive  son  of  John  Birkett    [Margrett  Parke  ) 

of  Skellwith  Aff:   ^Mary  Hodgson 

14:  Eliz  :  Dodgson  de  Rogerground        Sybell  Rigge  \ 

Aff:     Jane  Asshburner 

!  Margrett 
8  :  Mr  Samuell  Sands  of  Haukeshead-hall  in  Sands  quire 

j  Mary  Muncaster 
Aff:   lAnn  Gilpin 
1  3  :  Elizabeth  Mackreth  widdowe  de  fould  in  Haukeshead 

field  Aff:   |Jane   Holme  \ 

^Dorothy  Sawrey 

12:  James  Braithwaite  fil  .  Tho  :  de  fould  in  Haukeshead  field 
in  the  Church 

(Dorothy  Sawrey 
^Dorothy  Cocken 
20  :  Samuell  Knype  fil  .  James  de  ffouleyeate  in  the  Church 

(Elizabeth  Rigge 
;    lEline  Holme 
finis   hujus   anni    1683. 

NUPTLE    ANNO    DOMINI    1684. 

June  2  :  James  Towers  and  Jennett  Willson  of  Lowicke  green 
Jully  8  :  John  Brockbanke  &  Dorothy  Braithwaite  of  Skellwith 

15:  James  Higgin  &  Sarah  Penington  of  Crake 
August  1  1  :  John  Braithwaite  &  Margrett  Harrison  of  Holme 

16:  John  Willson  &  Jennett  Dixeson  of  Langdale 

(Dorothy  Sawrey          ) 
^Doroth     Cocken 


November    18:   Leonard    Youdall   &    Elizabeth    Wilkinson   of 


eod  die  Mr.  John  Copley  &  Mrs  Batrice  Sands 
January  19:  William  Brockbanke  &  Agnes  Idle  of  fieldhead 
30:  David  Tyson  &  Agnes  Penny  of  Tilberthwaite 
ffcbruary  5  :  George  Rigge  &  Margrett  Idle  of  fieldhead 
finis   hujus  Anni    1684 


Aprill  3  :  Elizabeth  Satterthwaite  widowe  of  Crofthead 

21  :  Agnes  Dixeson  of  Youdall  in  the  pishe  of  Ulverston 
28 :  Elizabeth    Webb    a    poore    childe    who    dyed    att 

May   2 :  John  Rigge  son  of  William  de  Haukeshead  f .  .  . 

4 :  William  Taylor  of  Ploome  greene 
21  :  Edward  Rigge  of  Sawrey-infra 
June  10 :  Jane  wife  of  Thomas  Knype  of  Sawrey  infra 

23  :  John  the  son  of  William  Braithwaite  of  Sawrey 
25  :  Hugh  Addison  of  Broughton 

Jully  18:  Christofer  Dixeson  son  of  Christofer  de  Stottpke 
26 :  John  Braithwaite  of  Sawrey-extra  in  the  Church 
August  22  :  George  Rigge  of  Hye-wrey 
September  15  :  Mary  the  wife  &  a  son  Abortive  of  John 

Braithwts  of  Outyeat  (?) 
22 :  A    son    Abortive    of   John    Attkinsons    of 


25  :  Robert  Rigge  of  fieldhead 
27 :  John  Britch  of  Grysdall 
October  22 :  Margrett  Braithwaite  of  Braithey 

30:  William  Banke  of  Eastwhaite  water-syde 
November  18  :  Margrett  Taylor  fil  .  George  de  Dalepke 

eod  die   Theophilus   Myres   de    Haukeshead   in   the 


25  :  Issabell  Walker  de  Watterson  ground 
December   18:  George  Taylor  of  Lendin  in  the  Church 
March  20:  James   Braithwaite  of  Hye==wrey  in  the  Church 
finis   hujus  anni   1684 


Aprill   1684 
i    die  Agnes   the   daughter   of  Richard    Hodgson    of  Oxen 

eod  die  Agnes  daughter  of  William   Holme  of  Oxen  Fell 


xx  die  William  son  of  John   Hobson  of  Colthouse 
eod  die  Agnes  daughter  of  Anthony  Sawrey  of  Sawrey  ground 
xxvij  die  John  son  of  William   Rigg  of  Hawkshead   Field 
eod  die  Elizabeth    Sandys   fil    Myles  de   Eastthwaite  grand- 

childe  to   Samuell  Sandys  de  Graythw1  t 
May   1684 
xviij  die  William  son  of  Thomas  Dover  of  Birkrey 

June  1684 

j°  die  Jane  daughter  of  Cuthbert  Hodgson  of  Tarne  house : 
x  die  Margaret  daughter   of  Thomas    Knipe   of  Sawrey   infra 


vj°  die  William  son  of  Willm  Benson  of  the  Wood 
xx°  die  Hester  daughter  of  John   Sawrey  of  the  Hill, 
xxvij  die   Margaret  ye  daughter  of  Willm  Rigg  of  ye  Hill 
19:   1684   James  Kirkby  fil  :  William  de   Satterthwait  f 

xxxj°  die  Miles  son  of  Miles  Sands  of  Sawrey  infra 

viij    die  Susanna  the  supposed   daughter  of  Sam.    Strickland 


xxviij  die  Richard  son  of  William  Kirkby  of  Low  wrey 
eod  die  Edward  son  of  William  Mackereth  of  High  wrey 


v°  die  Adam  son  of  William  Taylor  of  Hawkshead 
xix  die  William  son  of  Thomas  Rigg  of  Fieldhead 
25  :  John  Satterthwait  fil  .  William  de  Satterthwait  t 

ix  die  Margaret  daughter  of  Wm  Nicholson  of  Keenground 

*  These  "christenings,"  with  the  exception  of  three  interpolations,  and  a  few 
at  the  end,  are  in  a  new  hand, 
f  Inserted  in  the  old  hand. 



xxvij  die  Tho :  son  of  William   Braithwaite  of  Sawrey  infra 

xiij  die  Alice  daughter   of  Edward  Watterson  of  Watterson 

xv    die  Ellinor  daughter  of  Anthony  Atkinson  of  ye  Parke 

viij  die  .   Margaret   daughter   of  Tho  :    Cocken    de    How   in 

Hawkshead  Field 

xxij  die  Sarah  daughter  of  John  Walker  de  Keen  ground 
eod    die  John  son  of  John  Knipe  of  Sawrey  infra 
cod    die  Agnes  daughter  of  Thomas  Braithwaite  of  Sawrey 

Finis   hujus  anni  1684 

DOM  I     1684:* 

September  17th  Jane  Woodburne  fil  .  John  de  Parkamoore  . 

19  :  Robert  Rigge  fil  .  Richard  de  Satterthwaite  . 

22  :  Susana  Mossocke  fil  John  de  fforsforge 
November    18  :  Agnes  Taylor  fil  .  George  de  Satterthwaite  . 
finis  hujus  Anni  1684 


Aprill  5  :  Anthony  Hall  fill  .  Anthony  de  Hye  =  wrey 
May      3  :  Jane  Sawrey  fill  .  Edward  de  Muncke  Coniston 
eod  die  Issabell  Knype  fil  .  William  de  Tarne  =  hows 
5  :  James   Benson  fil :  William  de  Skellwith  . 
12  :  Issabell   Sadler  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead  . 
17  :  John  Brockbanke  fil  .  Willm  de  Haukeshead  field 

eod  die  William   Borwicke  fil  .  George  de  Haukeshead  field 

June  14  :  Edward   Brockbanke  fil  John  de  Skellwith 

24  :  Elizabeth   Rigge  fil  .  William  de  Haukeshead  field. 

*  The  old  handwriting  recommences  here. 


Jully    7  :  Issabell   Braithwaite  fil  John  de  Holme  ground. 

9  :  Mary  Sandys  fil  .  Myles  de  Haukeshead  grand- 
childe  to  Samuell  Sandys  of  Graythwaite 

August  1 6  :  Margrett  Braithwaite  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey-extra 
September  20  :   Tymothy   Ashburner   fil  .  John   de   Keene- 

27  :   Agnes  Robinson  fil  .  Henry  de  Haukeshead 

field  head 
October  8     Ann  Copley  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead  hall 

1 1      Margrett  Rigge  fil  .  George  de   Haukeshead  field 


1 8     John  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Sawrey-infra 
30     Naamah   Russell   fil  .  Charles   de   Consey  forge 

Chrisned  att  home 
January   6     John   Kirkby   fil  William  de  Grysdall  Chrisned 

att  home 

24     Christopher  Dixeson  fil  Thomas  de  Crofthead 
ffebruary  14  :  James    Braithw*  fil  .  James   de    Satter-how   in 

Sawrey   extra 

eod  die  Adam  Walker  fil  .  George  de  Haukeshead 
1 6  :  George    Rownsone   fil  .   William    de   Coniston 

Chrisned  att  home 

28  :  Alice  Watterson  fil  .  William  de  Birkrey 
March  9  :  Mary  Jackson  fil  .  William  de  Eltarwater-pke 

14  :  Issabell  Braithwaite  fil  .  James  de  Loanethwaite 
eod  die  Richard    Rigge    fil   .    George    de    Satterthwaite 
chrisned   att   home 

finis  hujus  anni  1685 

ANNO    DOMINI    1685. 

March  28  :  Richard  Ashburner  of  Muncke  Coniston 
Aprill      7  :  Jennett  Keene  of  Keene-ground 
23  :  Joseph  Keene  of  Keene-ground 
May      30  :  William   Braithw*   Smyth  of  Sawrey-extra 
June        6  :  George    Banke   younger   of  Crosselands   in    the 


24  :  Margrett  Euericke  of  Holme-ground 
Jully        2  :  John  Watterson  of  Watterson= ground 
September  18  :  Agnes   the  wife  of  Myles  Towneson  of  Grys- 

dall  in  the  (church) 

October  3  :  Two  sons  of  John  Atkinsons  of  Crosselands  who 
dyed  unch(risned) 

7  :  Margrett    Keene   who  dyed  att   Haukeshead   field 


8  :  Elline   Kirkby  de  Satterthwaite  in  the  Church 
28  :  George  Mackreth  of  Skellwith  in  the  Church 

November  7  :  Dorothy  Sands  fil  .  Adam  de  foule-yeate 
27  :  Adam  Sands  of  foule  yeate 
30  :  Issabell  the  wife  of  Wm  Greave  of  Tock  howe 

in  the  Church 
December  20  :   Richard    Scales   of  White   Stocke   hall  in   the 


28  :  William  Hodgson  of  Skellwith 
January   the   firste   George   Roberts   who  dyed   att  the   Out- 

3  :  Alice  the  wife  of  George  Taylor  of  Lendin  in  the 

8  :  John  Sands  fil  .  Myles  de  Graythwaite  field  head 

in  the  Church 
14  :  Margrett   ffisher  of  Haukeshead 

21  :  John    Hyrdson    fil  .  John   de    Bowker-stead    in 


22  :  Symond     Rigge    of    Haukeshead  =  hill     in    the 

eod  die  Agnes   the   wife  of  Willm   Banke  elder   in    the 

30  :  Dorothy  the  wife  of  John  Borwicke  of  field  head 

in  the  Church 
ffebruary  27  :  An  Abortive  son  of  Robert  Willsons  of  Roger 


28  :  Elsabeth  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de  Croft  head 
March   the  firste  :  Elisabeth    Sawrey    of  Sawrey    infra   called 

lame   Bessee 


4  :  John  fforreste  of  Tocke  howe  in  the  Church 
12  :  Elsabeth   Gayteskall   fil  .  Edward   de   Keswicke 
who  dyed  at  Estwait 

14  :  John   Corker  of  Ash  =  slacke  in  the  Church 

15  :  Beatrice    Pennington   fil  .  Thomas   de    Haukes- 

heade  quatr  (?) 

finis  hujus  Anni    1685 

NUPTLE     ANNO     DOMINI     1685. 

Aprill  20 :  Daniell  Denison  and   Margrett  Braithwaite 
May  4:  George  Walker  &  Jane  Pattison 
14 :  John  Attkinson  &  Jane  Towneson 
19  :  Henery  Robinson  &  Elizabeth  Willson 
21  :  John  Braithwaite  &  Jane  Attkinson 
June  18:  William  Kirkby  &  Agnes  Knype 
22 :  Daniell  Knype  &  Jane  Denison 
25  :  John  Bownas  &  Elizabeth  Ellis  maried  at  Grasmyre 
Jully  13  :  William  Rownson  &  Agnes  Jackson 

27 :  James   Braithwaite  &  Elizabeth  Harrison   married 

with  lysence 
August  10:  George    Harrison   &   Agnes   Attkinson    married 

with  lysence 
September  21  :   John    Braithwaite   &    Dorothy   Attkinson 

married  with  lysence 
27 :  Myles  Sawrey  &  Margrett  Satterthw1  married 

with  lysence 
28:  Isaac  James  &  Julia  Willan  married  with 

October  27:  Richard  fforeste  &  Margrett  Bownas 

29:  John   Braithwaite  &  Agnes  Braithwaite 
November  12:  William   Mackreth  &  Margrett    Mackreth   with 


23  :  John  Noble  &   Dorothy  Mackreth  with  lysence 
24 :  Thomas  Knype  &  Agnes  Kellatt 
January  26 :   James  Banke  and  Susana  Smyth 

28  :    William  Satterthwaite  and  Issabell  Braithwaite 
finis   hujus   Anni    1685. 



March  28th    1686  .  Mary  Knype  fil  .  Daniell  de  Roger  =  ground 
Aprill  the  firste  Richard  Attkinson  fil  .  John  de  Arnesyde 
4:  Myles  Sawrey  &j  Children  of  John   Sawrey  de 

Anthony  Sawrey  J      Water-head 
1 8  :  George   Hodgson  fil  .  Cuthbert  de  Tarne  hows 
27 :  Elizabeth  Braithwaite  fil  .  Tho  :  de  fould    in 

Haukeshead  field 

May   19 :  Thomas    Braithwait   fil  .  John  de    fould    in    Haukes- 
head field. 

20 :  Agnes  Benson  fil  .  Robert  de   Skellwith 
25  :  Robert   Bownas  fil  .  John  de  Eltarwatcr  pke 
Jully  24 :  Myles  Walker  fil  .  Myles  de  Dalepke 
Jully  25  :  Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey-infra 
September   19 :  Issabell   Mackreth  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  infra 
October   10  :  Margrett  Holme  fil  .  George  de  How  in  Haukes- 
head field 
26  :  William    Satterthwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de   Bccksyde  att 

August  15th   1686  Tho:  Strickland  son  of  Tho:  of  Satterthw1 

babtiz  * 

December  19:  James  Braithwaite  fil .  William  de  Sawrey-infra 
26  :  Margrett   Braithwaite   fil  .  Thomas  de   Sawrey- 
January   4 :  Dorothy  Braithwaite  fil  Gawine  de  Braithey 

15:  Agnes   Brockbanke  fil  .  William  de   Haukeshead- 

field  head 
23 :  William   Mackereth  fil  .  Wm.  de  Newhouse  in 

Haukeshead  field 

25  :  John   Robinson  fil  .  Henery  de   Arnesyde 
28 :  Rebeccah    Sands  fil  .  Myles  de    Graythwaite   field 


30:  William  Hodgson  fil  .  Cuthbert  de  Gallow  =  barrow 
ffebruary   17  :  James  Walker  fil  William  de  Coulthouse 

20 :  John  Lancaster  fil  Lancelott  de  Raws  ground 

*  This  entry  is  inserted  in  another  hand. 


March  7  :  Katharine   Sands  fil  .  Myles  de  Haukeshead 

grand  childe  to  Samuell  Sands  of  Graythwaitc 

1 5  :  Robert   Scale  fil  .  John  de  Dalepke 

finis   hujus   Anni    1686 : 

NUPTI^E    ANO     DOMINI     1686 

Aprill  26th  Lancelott  Lancaster  and   Ann  Tyson 
May        5  :  Henery  'Peareson  and  Elline  Robinson 

13  :  Cuthbert  Hodgson  and   Mary  Sands 
June       3  :  William  Knipe  and  Susana  Gilpin 

7  :  John  Dixeson  and   Elizabeth  Braithwaite 

14  :  Christofer  Besbroune  and  Agnes   Jackson 
17  :  George  Taylor  and  Margrett  Rigge 

August   5  :  John    Sutton   &  Elizabeth   Stainton  married  with 

November  7  :  Thomas  Burnes  and  Grace  Willis 

25  :  George  Braithwaite  &  Issabell    Sinkinson 
Jannuary     4  :  Edward  Robinson  &  Ruth   Sands  married  with 


20  :  John  Braithwaite  and  Ann   Braithwaite 
finis  hujus  Anni  1686. 

S-dEPULTURLE     ANNO     DOMINI     1686 

March  27  :   1686  :  Richard    Rigge   of  Satterthwaite    in   the 


28  :  Edward   fToreste  of  Tockhowe  in  the  Church 
Aprill      2  :  Elizabeth  Sands  fil  .  Myles  Sands  gentleman  in 

Sands  quire 

13  :  An   Abortive  Childe  of  Wm.  Kirkby's  younger 
of  Muncke  Coniston 

1 6  :  Mary  Gilpin  of  Haukeshead  hall  in  the  Church 
May       22  :  John   Scale  of  Grysdall  in  the  Church 

30  :  John   Hyrdson  of  Bowker= stead  in  Satterthwaite 
eod  die  Mabell  Warde  of  Sawrey= extra  in  the  Church 
June         5  :  Mary  Jackson  fil  .  Wm.  de   Eltarwater  pke 


eod    die    Agnes    the    wife    of    Richard    Willson    of 

Light =howe  in  the  Church 
14  :  Margrett  Satterthwait  widowe  de  Coulthouse  in 

the   Church 
1 8  :  Naamah  Russell  fil  .  Charles  de  Consey  forge  in 

the   Church 

Jully  the  firste  Elline  Turner  fil  .  Christofer  de  Satterthwaite 
8  :  Elline  Townsone  fil  .  William  de  Grisdall 
ii  :  Mary  the  wife  of  Adam  Sands  de  ffoule  yeate 
August  23  :  John  Knype  of  Muncke  Coniston 
September  3  :  A  daughter  Abortive  of  Myles  Sawreys   of 


7  :  George   Nicolson  of  Lowson  pke 

October   12 :  William  Jackson  of  Eltarwater  pke  in  the  Church 
1 3 :  Elizabeth  Rowneson   de  Muncke  Coniston  in   ye 


December  5  :  Christofer   Sands   fil  .  Dauid  de   Graythw1   field- 
head  in  ye  Church 

15  :  Issabell  Williamson   widdowe  de  Oxenfell 
30 :  William  Harrison  de  Tarne  hows 
Jannuary  2  :  Jennett  the  wife  of  Tho :   Mackreth  of  brow  in 

Skellwith   in  ye  Church 
20:  John   Sawrey  of  Sawrey-infra 
29 :  William    Mackreth  fil  .  Wm.   de   Newhouse   in   the 

ffebruary  9 :  Agnes  the  wife  of  Thomas  Keene  of  Haukes- 


19:  James  Walker  fil  .  William  de  Coulthouse 
22 :  Edward  Sawrey  fil  .  Wm.  de  Sawrey-infra  in   the 


27  :  Margrett   Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas  de  Sawrey-infra 
March  4:  Roger  Peareson  de  Haukeshead  in  the  Church 
13:  William  Sawrey  de  Grysdall 
16:  Agnes  Scale  who  dyed  att  Stocke  =  brandan 
17  :  Issabell  the   wife  of  Rowland   Scale   of  Whaitehead 
in  ye  Church 

finis   hujus    Anni    1686. 



March  27  :  Dorothy  Braithwait  fil  .  John  de    Sawrey-extra 
April  7  :  Thomas  Allattson  fil  .  John  de  Oxenfell 

24  :  Margrett    Kirkby   fil  .  Wm.    Junior   de    Muncke 


25  :  James  Braithwaite  fil  .  Robert  de  Skellwith 
May  8  :  Dorothy  Hall  fil  .  Anthony  de  Hye  wrey 

12  :  Sarah   Banke  fil  .  William  de  Haukeshead  hill 
15:  William  Rigge  fil  .  William  de  Haukeshead  hill 
June  8 :  Margrett  Knpe  (sic)  fil  .  William  de  Grysdall 
14:  Agnes  Jackson  fil  .  William   de  Eltarwater  pke 
1 8  :  Robert  Copley  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead  Hall 
26  :  Dorothy  Borwicke  fil .  George  de  Haukeshead  field 


August  14:  Richard  Newby  Thomas  de  Satterthwaite  * 
September  4  :  Agnes   Brockbanke  fil  .  John  de    Skellwith 

1 1  :  Elizabeth   Rownson   fil  .  William   de   Muncke 

27  :  Agnes  Attkinson  fil  .  Anthony  de   Eltarwater- 

October  2  :  Mary  Dover  fil  .  Thomas  de  Birkrey 

9 :  Margrett  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Muncke  Coniston 
14 :  Elizabeth  Benson  fil  .  William  de  Skellwith 
November  the  firste  Sollomon  Sands  fil  .  David  de  Graythwait 

field  head 
14 :  Barbary    Braithw1.    fil  .  Wm.    de    Sawrey-extra 

Chrissned  att  home 

15  :  Hodgson  fil  Richard  de  Oxenfell  f 

December  28 :  Mary  Walker  fil  .  George  de  Haukeshead  hill 
29 :  Clement   Satterthwait  fil  .  Clement  de   Haukes- 
head Church   style 

31  :  Katherine  Bownas  fil  .  John  de  Eltarwater  pke 
January   6 :  James  Brockbanke  fil  .  William  de  Roger-ground 

*  Above   the  line  between   Newby  and  Thomas  is  the  word   "  Satterthwait ; " 
"fil"  is  omitted. 

t  The  Christian  name  is  omitted. 


eod  die  Ester  Mackreth  fil  .  William  de    New  =  house  in 

Haukeshead  field 

1 5  :  Oliver  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Sawrey-infra 
ffebruary   12:  Robert  Rigge  fil  .  George  de    Haukeshead  field 


eod  die   Issabell    Shacklocke  fil  .  William  de   hye-wrey 
14:  William   Braithwait  fil  .  John  de  Satter-how   in 

1 6  :  William    Braithwait  fil  .  James   de    Satterhow   in 

Sawrey  extra 

eod  die  Issabell  Taylor  fil  .  Robert  de   Satterthwaite 
Chrisened  att  home 

NUPTI^E    ANNO     DOMINI     1687 

March  29 :  John  ffisher  and  Mary  Stevenson  married   att 

April  23 :  John  Jackson  and  Emmas  Jackson  married  with 


May     23  :  Thomas   Mackreth  and  Katherine  Suerte 
June     1 8  :  Thomas  Strickland  and   Mary  Robinson  married 

att  Coulton 
Jully      7  .  John  Tomlinson  and  Margrett  Rigge 

12  :  Clement  Satterthwaite  and  Margrett  Keene 

15  :  William    Braithwaite  and  Jane  Wattson   married 

att  Grassmire 
January  30  :  Leonard  ffleeminge  and  Jane  Tomlinson  married 

with  lysence 

ffebruary   4  :  Richard   Robinson   and    Margrett   Townson 
married  with  lysence  (?) 

S^EPULTURI^E    ANNO     DOMINI     1687. 

Aprill  8  :  William  Dixeson  who  dyed  att  Watterson  ground 

May  31  :  An  Abortive  son  of  William  Bensons  of  Haukes- 
head field  head 

June    12  :  Jane  Borwicke  de  Sawrey-infra 

Jully  1 8  :  Dorothy  Benson  fil  .  William  de  Haukeshead  field- 



August  19  :  William   Braithwaite  de   Haukeshead  field  head 
26  :  Mr  William   Sands  who  dyed  att  Amblesyde  & 

buried  in  Sands  quire 
28  :  Elizabeth   the  wife  of  Robert    Benson   of  Skell- 

with  in  the  Church 
September  8  :  Dorothy  Hodgson  widowe  de  Tame  hows 

1 6  :  An  Abortive  son  of  Myles  Sawreys  of  Croft- 

23  :  An  Abortive  son  of  Dorothy  Kirkbys  of  Satter- 

30  :  Myles  Walker  of  Satterthwaite  who  dyed  att 

Thorfin  =  sty  in  the  Church 
eod  die  Agnes   the   wife   of  Robert   Scale  of  Whaite- 

head  in  the  Church 
October     2  :  John  Williamson  fil  .  Henery  de  Loanethwaite 

30  :  Robert  Knype  fil  .  Peter  de  Satterthwaite 
November   3  :    An    Abortive    son    of  Adam    Ashburners    of 


8  :  John   Coward  de  Parkeamoore 
10  :  James  Taylor  fil  .  George  de  Grysdall 

17  :  William  Ashburner  fil  .  John  de  Annykin  syke 
December  18  :  Elizabeth  Knype  widdow  de  Muncke  Coniston 

19  :  Dorothy    Pennington   fil  .  James   de    Satter- 
January    2  :   William    Rigge   fil  .  Richard   de    Satterthwait    in 

the  Church 

7  :  Rowland  Willson  of  Crosselands 
10  :  Agnes  Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  Crofthead  in  the 

12  :  Elline   the   wife  of  Clement    Holme  de  Coniston 

15  :  Issabell   Sadler   fil  .  John   de  Haukeshead  in  the 

17  :  uxr    ffrancis    Strickland    de    Satterthwait    in    the 

21  :  James   Braithwait  of  Sand-ground  in  the    Church 


eod  die  Dorothy  Strickland  fil  .  Thomas  de  Russland  in 

the  Church 

31  :  Elizabeth  Benson  fil  .  William  de  Skellwith 
fiebruary   1 3  :  Elizabeth   Holme   fil  .  Clement  de  dalepke 

17  :  Robert  Copley  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead  hall  in 

the  Chancell 
24  :  An    Abortive    daughter    of    Peter    Knypes    of 

29  :  Margrett    Rigge  widdowe  de   Haukeshead  hall 

in  the  Church 

March   18  :  William  Satterthwaite  de  Whaite  mosse 
finis  hujus  Anni  1687. 


March  25  :   1688  :  Leonard  Cowperthwait  fil  .  Wm.  de  Haukes- 
head field  head 

26  :  Agnes  Abbay  fil  Martin  de  Bonin=yeate 
Aprill   firste    Margrett   Braithwaite   fil   .   John    de    fTould    in 

Haukeshead  field 

4  :  Jane  Martin  fil  .  Robert  borne  att  Walkerground 
17  :  Rosamond  Knype  fil  .  Daniell  de  Roger = ground 
29  :  Agnes  Attkinson  fil  .  John  de  Arnesyde 
May       4  :  Betrice  Braithwaite  fil  .  George  de  High  wrey 
10  :  Jennett  fftsher  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead 
23  :  John   Strickland  fil  .  Thomas  de  dalepke 
eodem    die  William  Braithwait  fil  .  Thomas  de  Sawrey  infra 
June  5  :  William  Townsone  fil  .  John   de  Grysdall 
July  8 :  Elizabeth  Braithwait  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  extra 
eod  die  Agnes  Scale  fil  Thomas  de  Stocke  brandon 

12:  James  Harrison  fil  .  James  de  Muncke  Coniston 
eod  die  Agnes  Knype  fil  George  de  Muncke  Coniston 

24 :  Elizabeth  Braithwait  fil  .  Wm.  de  Oxenfell 
August  5  :  William    Hodgson  fil  .  Cuthbert  de  Gallow  =  barrow 

12:  William  Braithwait  fil  .  George  de  Sawrey=infra 
October  firste  Margrett  Mackreth  fil  .  Thomas  de  Roger- 
6 :  John  Braithwait  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  extra 


November  13  :  Agnes  Braithwaite  fil  .  Gawine  de  Braithey 


18:  Edward  Mackreth  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey   infra 
December  4  :  John  ffleeminge  fil  .  Leonard   borne  att   Grysdall 

5  :  John  Holme  fil  .  Michaell  de  Hodge  Close 
January  3  :  Jane  Rigge  fil  .  Wm.  de  Haukeshead  field 

20  :  Dorothy  Sawrey  fil  .  Myles  borne  att  Crofthead 
eod  die  Agnes  Braithw1  fil .  James  de  Loanethwaite 

22  :  ffrancis  Benson  fil  .  William  de  Skellwith 
March  10 :  Elizabeth  Hodgson  fil  .  Cuthbert  de  Gallow-barrow 
June  6 :  1688 :  Issabell  Satterthwait  fil  .  Wm.  de  Satterthwait 
September   9:   1688:  Robert  Turner  fil  .  Christofer  de  Satter- 

September  30:  1688:  Dorothy  Kirkby  fil  .  Wm.  de  Lowson  pke 
October    24:     1688:  Issabell    Rigge   fil  .  George   de  Satter- 

December  19:   1688:  William  Taylor  fil .  George  de  Grysdall 
Jully  II  :   1688:  Cornelius  Robinson  fil  .  Edward  de  Roger- 
ground  who  was  borne  att  Backe  Barrow 

NUPTLE     ANNO     DOMINI     1688. 

Aprill  1 8  :  Martin  Abbey  and  Barbary  Braithwaite  married 

with  lysence 
24 :  Garnett    Penigton    and    Margrett   Rigge    married 

with  lysence 
June  16 :  William  Sawrey  and  Ann  Rigge 

18:  Myles  Gurnall  and  Susan  Penington  married  with 

9:  Robert  Taylor  &  Jane  Richardson  married  with 

.  .  .  Daniell  Rigge  &  Margrett  Braithwait  married  with 


November  28  :  Anthony  Banke  and  Margrett  Sawrey 
December   31  :  William  Townsone  and  Margrett  Scale  married 

with  lysence 
Jannuary  26  :  Anthony  Sawrey  and  Elline  Banke 


S^PULTURI^E    ANNO     DOMINI     1688. 

Aprill  2  :  1688 :  Henery  Mossocke  fil  .  John  de  ffors  fforge 
10:  Richard  Willson  de  Lighte-howe  in  the  Church 
16:  Margrett  Willson  fil  .  Robert  de  Roger-Ridinge 
19.  William  Rigge  de  Satterthwaite  in   the  Church 

May    5  :  John  Strickland  de  Dalepke  in  the  Church 

9  :  Katherine   Sands  fil  .  Myles  Sands  gentleman   in 
Sands  quire 

1 1  :  Jennett  ffisher  fil .  John  de  Haukeshead 
eod  die  Anna  Rigge  fil  .  Anthony  de  Sawrey  infra 

1 2  :  Robert  Benson  de  Skellwith   in  the  Church 

17  :  Thomas  Clarke  fil  John  de    Satterthwait  in  the 


26:  William  Hodgson  fil  .  Cuthbert    de  Gallow  =  barrow 
June  14:  Elizabeth  Gilpin  widdowe  de   Haukeshead  hall  in 

the   Church 

1 5  :  Margrett  fToreste  widdowe  de  Tockhowe 
19 :  Two  children  of  James  Braithwaite  of  high  wrey 

who  dyed  as  soon  as  they  was  borne 
28 :  William  Walker  of  Tarne-hows 
July  5  :  William   Sawrey  fil  .  William  de  Sawrey  infra 

10 :  Issabell  Turner  wife  of  John  Turner  of  Satterthwaite 
17:  Richard  Taylor  who  dyed  att  Ploome  greene  in  the 


19:  Myles  Walker  of  Satterthwaite  in  the  Church 
30 :  Robert  Coward  fil  .  John  de  Parkeamoore 
August  8 :  William  Townsone  fil  .  John  de  Grysdall 
21  :  John  Walker  de  Landend  in  the  Church 
September  2  :  Samuell  Herbert  a  Scholar  that  dyed    in 

Haukeshead  in  the  Church 
13:  William   Satterthwaite  of  Green    end 
14:  Issabell  the  wife  of  John  Ashburner  of  Sawrey 


eod  die  Agnes  the  wife  of  James  Braithwait  of  Braithey 
October   20  :    Margrett   the  wife   of    Richard    Townsone    of 


November    14  :    An    Abortive    son    of    Wm.    Watterson   of 


21  :    George    Holme  of  Muncke   Coniston 
December   the  firste   Issabell  the  wife  of  Wm.  Satterthwait  of 

Whaite  Mosse 
January  u  :  Margrett  Walker  widdowe  de  Land  end  in  the 

17  :  Samuell  Strickland  fil  .  Thomas  de  Satterthw* 

in   the  Church 
eod  die  Thomas  Strickland  of  Russ-  1   both  in  the 

land  and  Mary  his  wife  J       Church 

28  :  Elizabeth   Braithwaite  fil   William  de    Oxenfell 
31  :  Jane   Dixeson   widowe   de  Satterthwaite 
eod  die  Myles  Strickland  of  ffouleyeate  in  the  Church 
ffebruary  10  :  Margrett    Rigge  widowe  who   dyed   at   Sawrey 

in   the   Church 
1 6  :  William  Taylor  of  Ploome-greene  in  the  Church 

23  :  Elinor    Attkinson   fil  .  Anthony    de    Eltarwater 

pke  in   Church 

24  :  Margrett  ye  wife  of  Clement  Taylor  of  Ploome 

greene  in  the  Church 

March    16  :    Elizabeth    Strickland   widowe   de   Dalepke  in  the 

finis  hujus  Anni   1688 


Aprill  7  :  Edward  Sawrey  fil  .  John  de  Coniston  Water(head) 
May    12:  John  Pooll  fil  .  William  de  Haukeshead  hall 
June      2  :  Agnes  Knype  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey = infra 
eodem  die  Ann  Sawrey  fil  .  William  de  Coniston  Waterhead 
1 6  :  Elizabeth  Robinson  fil   Henery  de  Arnesyde 
1 8  :  John  Braithwait  fil  .  William  de  Sawrey  infra 
25  :  Bryam  Walker  fil  .  Myles  de  Dalepke 
30 :  Christofer  ffisher  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead  Church 
August  17:  Edward  Satterthwait  fil  .  Clement  de    Haukeshead 
18:  Margrett  Braithwait  fil  .  John  de  Town  — end  in 
Sawrey  extra 



September  the   firste  Clement  Rigge  fil  :  William   de  Haukes- 

head  hill 

29  :  George  Dixeson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Crofthead 
October  24  :  Myles  Sandys  fil  .  Myles  Sandys  de  Haukeshead 
grandchilde  to  Samuell  Sandys  of  Graythwaite 
hall  gentleman 
November  7  :  Anna   Benson  fil  .  Robert  de   Skellwith 

17  :  Elizabeth  Mackreth  fil  .  Thomas  de  Roger- 
18:  John  Satterthwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de  becke-syde  att 

19:  John   Martin  fil  .  Robert  de  Haukeshead  Church 


20 :  Issabell  Braithwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de  Oxen-fell 
24 :  Susan   Hobson  fil  .  John  de   Coulthouse 
December   8 :  Margrett    Brockbanke  fil  .  Wm.  de    Eastwhaite 

water  syde 

10:  Elizabeth  Swaineson  fil  .  Laurence  de  Gray- 
thwaite fieldhead 

12:  Jane  Rigge  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey-infra 
18:  Margrett   Holme  fil  .  William  de   Oxenfell  pke 
22 :  William  Watterson  fil  .  Edward  de  Watterson 


October  1 1   John  Mabreth  (?  Makreth)  son  of  Wm.  of  Hawks- 
head  field* 
January  8 :  1689 :  Ann   Sands  fil  .  Dauid  de  Graythwaite   field 


January  8 :  Agnes  Bownas  fil  John  de  Eltarwater  pke 
ffebruary  9 :   John    Cowpthwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de  Haukeshead    field 

NUPTLE    ANNO    DOMINI    1689. 

Jully  4 :  Thomas  Todhunter  and  Mary  Kirkby 
18:  William  Dixeson  and  Ann  Braithwaite 
October  15  :  Thomas  Clarke  and  Ann  Tyson  married  att 

*  This  entry  is  inserted  in  another  hand. 


November  14:  John  Benson  and  Agnes  Satterthwaite 
20 :  John  Buly  and  Alice  Banke 
23  :  Myles  Sawrey  and  Margarett  Taylor 
January  14:  George  Harrison  and  Jane  Holme  married  att 

16:  William  Tomlinson  and  Mary  Postlethwaite 

SjEPULTURI^E     ANNO     DOMINI     1689. 

March  25  :  James  Braithwait  fil  .  Thomas  de  Hye-wrey 

26 :  George  Rownsone  de  Muncke  Coniston   in  the 


Aprill  3 :  William  Braithwait  elder  of  briers  in  the  Church 
eodem  die  Elizabeth  ye  wife  of  Wm  Strickland  in  the  Church 
10  :  Anthony  Knipe  of  Hodge  Close  in  the  Church 
1 5  :  Christofer  Walker  of  dalepke  in  the  Church 

25  :  Joseph  Taylor  of  Whaitehead  in  the  Church 

26  :  Margrett  Rigge  spinster  de  fieldhead  in  the 


eod  die  Thomas  Satterthwaite  de  Haukeshead  in  ye  Church 
May  8 :  Agnes  the  wife  of  Wm.  Knype  of  Tarnehows  in  ye 


1 2 :  Elizabeth  Hodgson  widdow  de  Tarne-hows 
June  2 :  A   base  childe  of  Margrett  Peppers  who  dyed 

eod   die  Ann  ye  wife  of  Wm.   Sawrey   of  Waterhead   in 

the  Church 

20 :  Elizabeth  Rownson  widdow  de  Coniston  in  ye  Church 
21  :  William  Ashburner  of  Parkamoore 

Jully  4:  Margrett  Benson  widdow  de  field  head  in  ye  Church 
22 :  Elizabeth  Barrow  widdow  de  Skellwith 
30:  Agnes  ye  wife  of  George   Harrison  of  Outyeate  in 

ye  Church 
August  8 :  Agnes  Turner  fil  .  Christofer  de  Satterthwaite 

21  :  Samuell  Strickland  de  ffoule  yeate  in  the  Church 
September  12 :  Richard   Hyrdson  of  dalepke 
November      2  :  Dorothy  the  wife  of  Christofer  Dixeson  of 



5  :  Thomas  Dixeson  of  Dixeson  ground 
20 :  Ann  the  wife   of  Anthony    Sawrey   de   Satter- 

thwait  in  the  Church 

(Decc)mber  ?  4 :  Christofer  ffisher  fil  .  John  de   Haukeshead 
ii  :  Elline  the  wife  of  Robert  Benson  de 

Skellwith  in   the   Church 

13  :  William  Taylor  of  Haukeshead  in  the  Church 
1 5  :  Elizabeth  Robinson  fil  .  Henery  de  Arnesyde 
December  16  :  Bernard  Swaineson  who  was  Edward  Braith- 
waite  Apprentice  went  with  William  Stamper 
a  greate  while  within  nighte  into  William 
Braithwaite  shopp  in  Haukeshead  for  to 
beare  him  Company  a  little,  and  att  there 
meeteinge  these  three  younge  youths  were 
all  very  sober  and  in  good  health :  and 
Aboute  twelve  o'th  Clocke  o'th  nighte  ;  they 
made  a  Bett :  that  if  this  Bernard  Swaine- 
son coulde  drinke  of  nyne  noggins  of 
brandy  :  then  William  Braithwaite  and 
William  Stamper  was  to  pay  for  them  ;  but 
if  Bernard  fayld  and  Coulde  not  drinke  of 
nyne  noggins  of  brandy  then  hee  was  to 
pay  of  his  owne  Charges  for  that  hee 
drunke  :  now  this  Bernard  drunke  of  those 
nyne  noggins  of  brandy  quickly :  and  shortly 
after  that  fell  downe  upon  the  floore :  and 
was  straight  way  carried  to  his  bed  where 
hee  layde  two  and  Twenty  houres  :  dureinge 
which  tyme  hee  coulde  never  speake :  noe 
nor  never  did  knowe  anybody  though  many 
Came  to  see  him  and  soe  hee  dyed 

December  27  :  Richard  Tomlinson  of  Grysdall  in  the  Church 
January  firste  Agnes    Brockbanke  fil  .   William  de  Easthwaite 

water  syde 

8  :  An    Abortive   Childe   of  John    Bulys   of  Estwaite 
water  syde 


15  :  John     Barbar     a     poore     servant     that     dyed     at 


20  :  Agnes  the  wife  of  Adam  Rigge  of  Haukeshead 
{February  14  :  George   Rigge   elder   of  Haukeshead   field   head 

in  the  Church 

21  :  Dorothy  Hodgson  widdow  de  Tarnehows 
23  :  Susan    Hobson   fil  .  John   de   Cragg   att   Coult- 


eod  die  George  ffisher  de   Haukeshead  in  the  Church 
March   14  :  Mabell   Holme  widdow  de  Hodge  Close 
22  :  Mary  Ashburner  fil  .  Adam  de  Grysdall 
finis  hujus  Anni  1689. 


Aprill    20th   William    Holme   fil  .  Richard   borne   att   Haukes- 
head hall 

27  :    Hannah    Rownsone    fil   .   William    de    Muncke 

June  8 
eod  die 

Jully  6 

Thomas  Watterson  fil  .  William  de  Birkrey 
Agnes   Banke  fil  .  Anthony  de   Muncke  Coniston 
George  Alexander  fil  .  James  de   Sawrey-ground 
Dorothy  Lancaster  fil  .  Lancelott  de  Keene-ground 
Robert  Knype  fil  .  William  de  Grysdall 
Mary  Braithwaite  fil  .  Robert  de  Skellwith 
George  Walker  fil  .  George  de  Haukeshead  Church 


eod  die  Agnes  Knype  fil  .  Daniell  de  Roger-ground 
August  3  :  Thomas  Braithwaite  fil  .  James  de  Sawrey  extra 

10 :  William  Braithwait  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey-extra 
September  21  :  Jane  Braithwaite  fil  Thomas  de  Sawrey  infra 
28  :  Jane  Kirkby  fil  .  William  de  Muncke  Coniston 
October  5  :  Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  George  de  Haukeshead  field  head 
14 :  Jane  Braithwaite  fil  .  Gawine  de  braithey 
1 6  :  Dorothy  Harrison  fil  .  James  de  Muncke    Coniston 
19:  Dorothy   Braithwaite  fil  .  William   de    Satterhow 

Sawrey  extra 
26 :  John  Scale  fil  John  de  Dalepke 


29:  John  Copley  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead  =  hall 
November  5  :  John  Towneson  fil  .  William  de  Grysdall 
1 1  :  Thomas    Strickland  fil  .  John  de   Dalepke 
18:  Edward  Braithwaite  fil  John  de    Satterhow  in 

Sawrey  extra 

30  :  Thomas  Newby  fil  .  Thomas  de  Satterthwaite 
December  14 :  Margrett  Satterthwait  fil  .  Clement  de    Haukes- 

head  Church  steele 
January  6  :  Thomas  Rigge  fil  .  William  borne  att    Haukeshead 


18:  John  Walker  fil  .  William  de  Haukeshead-hill 
27  :  John  Mackreth  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey-infra 
eod  die  Barbary  Mackreth  fil  .  Wm.  de  Sawrey-infra 
December  28:   1690:  Agnes   Rigge   fil  .  Richard   de    Satter- 
Jannuary  20:   1690:  Thomas  Scale  fil  .  Thomas  de  Stocke- 


Jannuary  25  :  1690  :  William   Clarke  fil  .  Thomas   de  Satter- 

NUPTI^E     ANNO     DOMINI     1690. 

March  30  :  Richard  Holme  and  Madlan  Gilpin 
May  the  firste  :  ffrancis  Knype  and  Agnes  Rigge 
June  9 :  Michaell  Mackereth  and  Elizabeth  Kellsecke 

28 :  John  Rowneson  and  Elizabeth  Kirkby 
Jully  1 5  :  John  Woodburne  and  Elizabeth  Satterthwaite 
ffebruary  4 :  Johnathan  Willson  and   Dorothy    Higgin 

5  :  Charles  Middlefell  and   Mary  Satterthwaite 
15:  John  Crosfield  and  Dorothy  Sands 

S^EPULTURLE     ANNO     DOMINI     1690. 

March  30 :  An    Abortive   daughter   of   Thomas    Burnes   of 

Aprill   13:  William  Rigge  fil  .  William  de  Haukeshead  hill 

19:  James  Mackreth  of  the  Outyeate 
May     13  :  Ralph  Trinkall  of  Russland 

21  :  Robert  Turner  fil  .  Christofer  de  Satterthwaite 


June     13  :  Elline  Dixeson  widdow  de  Dixeson-ground 
eod  die  Ellinor  Turner  widdow  de  Satterthwaite 
Jully     10:  Katherine  Hodgson  spinster  de  Oxenfell 
August    12  :    Willm    Attkinson    fil  .  Anthony    de    pke    in    the 


17:    Margrett  Hyrde  fil  .  Edward  de  Outyeate 
29  :    Tomasin  the  wife  of  George  Braithw1  in  the 


31  :    Agnes  *  Penington  fil  James  de  Russland 
September  6 :  Robert    Penington    fil    Thomas    buried    att 

buryinge  place 

1 3  :  Edward  Brockbanke  de  Skellwith  in  the  Church 
23  :  Zuriall    Russell    fil    Charles    de    Consay    in    the 

eod    die    John    Scale   fil  .  John   de   Whaitehead  in 

the   Church 

24 :  Issabell  Mackreth  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey-infra 
29  :  Issabell  Harrison  widdow  de  Sawrey-infra 
Jully  27:   1690:  Agnes  Benson  fil.  Robert  de  Skellwith 
Jully  28:   1690:  Adam  Ashburncr  de  Grysdall 
October   17:  Mary   Macksfield  a  poore  childe  who  dyed    in 


22  :  William   Braithwaite  of  Braithey 
November  16  :  William  Keene  of  Haukeshead  field  head 
December    1 3 :  Margrett    Braithwait    widdow    who    dyed    att 

28 :  An    Abortive    childe   of   John    Attkinsons    of 


29 :  Ellin   Crowdson  widdow  de  Parkeamoore 
fTebruary    the    firste    Bathsheba    Sands    fil  .  Myles    buried    in 

Sands  quire 
13  :  William   Mackreth  of  Newhouse   in    Haukshead 


22  :  Agnes    Mackreth    widdow   de    Skellwith    in    the 

*  Penington  is  generally  spelt  Pemington. 


23  :  Robert  Attkinson  of  Crosselands  in  the  Church 
26 :  James  Knype  of  ffouleyeate  in  the  Church 
March  4  :  Myles   Rigge  of  Satterthwaite  in  the  Church 
5  :  Katherine  Mackreth  fil  .  Thomas  de  ffors-mill 

10  :  Dorothy  Braithwait  widow  who  dyed  att  field  head 

in  ye  Church 

1 1  :  John   Borwicke  de  Haukeshead  field  head 

15  :  An  Abortive  Childe  of  John  Hobsons  of  Coulthouse 
finis   hujus   Anni    1690 : 


June  14th  Anthony  ffisher  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead 

1 6  :  Ester   Scale  fil  John  de  Bowker-stead 

17  :  William   Satterthwaite  fil  .  Wm.  de  Satterthwait 
August  23  :  James  Taylor  fil  .  Robert  de  Satterthwait 

25  :  Dorothy  Braithwait  fil  .  Wm  de  Sawrey-infra 
September  7  :  Richard    Hodgson   fil  .  Cuthbert   de   Gallow 


22  :  Agnes   Benson  fil  .  William  de  Skellwith 
October  25  :  Thomas  Turner  fil  .  Christofer  de  Satterthwait 
November  the  firste  Myles   Sawrey  fil  .  Myles  de  Crofthead 

8  :  Thomas  Townsone  fil  .  William  de  Grysdall 
December  7  :  Mary  Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  loanethwaite 
January  4  (?)  *    ( Issabell  and  ")  twins  Children  of  Robert 

(Elizabeth  Braithw*  )          de  Sawrey  infra 
26  :  Jane  Jackson  fil  .  John  de  Eltar-water-pke 
ffebruary  4  :  Edward   Bownas  fil  .  John  de  Oxenfell  pke 

7  :  John   Benson  fil  :  Wm.  de   Howe   in   Haukeshead 


16  :  Jennett   Dixeson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Oxenfell 
21  :  George   Godfrey  fil  .  William  de  Keene-ground 
March  the  firste :  George  Robinson  fil  .  Henery  de  Arnesyde 
eod  die  Daniell  Pooll  fil  .  William  de  Haukeshead 


20  :  Thomas  Braithwait  fil  .  William  de  Sawrey 

*  The  date  obscured  by  a  blot. 


NUPTI^E     ANNO     DOMINI     1691 

Aprill   13  :  John   Studdam   and   Agnes   Dawson 

28  :  Roger   Robinson  and   Agnes  Townsone 
May      14  :  Anthony  Harrison  and  Agnes   Mackreth 
June        9  :  William   ffisher  and   Margrett   Nicolson 
22  :  Robert   Holme  and   Elizabeth  Hodgson 
August  17  :  William   Benson  and  Jane   Cowper 
November  2  :  James  Greaue  and  Jennett   Scale 

SjEPULTURI^E     ANNO     DOMINI     1691: 

March  30  :  Elline  Strickland  fil  .  Samuell  de  Russland 
Aprill    18:  Easter  Rownsone  fil  .  John  de  Muncke  Coniston 

27  :  James  Keene  who  dyed  att  Tarnehows 
May  10:  John  Attkinson  of  Arnesyde  in  the  Church 

15  :  Clement  Holme  who  was  cuttinge  downe   a  tree  att 

Coniston  water-head  &  slayne  by  the  fall  of  it. 
16:  Agnes  Holme  fil  .  George  Holme  fidler 
June  the  firste  Issabell  Satterthwait  fil  .  Charles  de  Sawrey 

20 :  Dorothy    Harrison  fil  .  James  de    Muncke   Coniston 

in  ye  Church 

Jully  19:  Mr  John  Sadler  in  the  Chancell 
August  23 :  John    Harrison    who    dyed    att    Haukshead  field 


24 :  Robert  Dickenson  who  dyed  att  Braithey 
September  2 :  Elizabeth    ye    wife    of    George    Jackson    of 

12  :  Mary  ye  wife  of  Cuthbert  Hodgson  of  Gallow- 


19  :  Richard  Hodgson  fil  .  Cuthbert  de  Gallowbarrow 
October  2 :  James  Newby  fil  .  Thomas  de  Satterthwait 

4  :  Agnes  Mackereth  the  widdow  de  Cragg  head  in 

Skellwith  in  templo 

1 1  :  Elizabeth  Hodgson   fil  Cuthbert  de    Gallowbarro> 
October   12:   Margrett  Satterthwait  widdow  de  Green-end 

22  :  Agnes  the  wife  of  William    Braithwait  of  busk< 
in  the  Church 


November  27  :  Robert   Tennan  a  poore  younge   Childe   which 

dyed  att  Skellwith 
December  13:  George  Rigge  of  Haukeshead  field  head  in  the 

1 6  :  Robert    Rigge    fil  .  Richard   de  Satterthwait    in 

the  Church 
17:  Madlinge  Holme  who  dyed  att  Haukeshead   ip 

the  Church 

22  :  Richard  Scale  of  Bowker-stead  in  the   Church 
January  20 :  William  Sawrey  who   dyed  att  Graythwait   field 

head  in  the  Church 

ffebruary   16:  Margrett  ye  wife  of  John  Willson  of  Russland 
finis  hujus  Anni   1691. 


Aprill  5  :  Thomas  Braithwait  fil  .  Gawine  de  Braithey 

17:  William    Harrison  fil  .  James  de  Muncke   Coniston 
24:  Mary  Mackreth  fil  .  Wm.  de  New  =  house  in  Haukes- 
head field 
June  5  :  John   Rownsone  fil  .  John  de  Muncke  Coniston 

27  :  George  Townsone  fil  .  de  Docker-gards  * 
Jully  17:  William   Satterthwait  fil  .  Clement  de  Haukeshead 
August  9  :  Robert  Martin  fil  .  Robert  de  Haukeshead 

21  :  Elizabeth  Attkinson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Sandground 
24:  Elizabeth  Rigge  fil  .  William   de  Haukeshead  =  hall 
28 :  Susana   Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Sawrey-infra 
3  :  George  Holme  fil  .  Robert  de  Holme-ground 
September  t  6:  Agnes  Greave  fil  .  James  de    Haukeshead 

ii  :  John  Rigge  fil  .  William  de   Haukeshead  hill 
19  :  William   Sawrey  fil  .  Anthony  de  Muncke 

fovember   14:  James  Taylor  fil  .  George  de  Grysdall 

20  :  William  Knype  fil  .  Daniell  de  Roger-ground 
27  :  Elizabeth  Sherran  fil  .  Thomas  de  Dalepke 

*  The  Christian  name  of  the  father  omitted. 

t  "  September  "  ought  probably  to  stand  against  the  entry  preceding. 



Jannuary  the  firste  Thomas  Clarke  fil  .  Thomas  de  Grysdall 
22  :  John  Tomlinson  fil  .  William  de  Grysdall 

ffebruary  5  :  Myles  Hobson  fil .  John  de  Coulthouse 

13  :  George  Mackereth  fil  .  Thomas  de  Roger = ground 
14:  George  Kirkby  fil  .  David  de  Hollin  =  banke 
1 5  :  George   Braithwait  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey-extra 
26 :  Robert   Braithwait  fil  .  Thomas  de   Sawrey-infra 
28  :  Agnes  Sawrey  fil  .  Myles  de  Coniston   water-head 

March   12  :  Tamar  Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  Sawrey   extra 
19:  Myles  Townson  fil  .  John  de  Grysdall* 

NUPTI^E     ANNO     DOMINI     1692  - 

March  28     William   Taylor  and   Dorothy  Sands 
Aprill    21 






Thomas  ffereon  and  Agnes  Knype 

Myles  Sawrey  and  Mary  Jackson 

David    Kirkby    &    Elizabeth    Sawrey    married 

att  .... 
John    Townson    &    Mary    Turner    married    att 


Thomas   Sherran  and  Jennett   Hyrdson 
Richard  Jackson  and  Dorothy   Braithwaite 

August  1 6  :  Richard  Comptone  &  Jane  Walker  marr 

20  :  Chr :  Swaineson   &  Agnes  Jackson  married  with 


September  8  :  William  Rigge  &  Jennett  Stainton 
21  :  Thomas  Ellis  and  Agnes  Kellsecke 
November  26  :  George   Braithwait  &  Ann   Airey  married  att 


27  :  Benjamin  Taylor  &  Dorothy  Braithwait 
December    12  :  Edward  Troughton  &  Sarah  ffleeminge 
Jannuary  23  :  James  Braithwait  &  Elisabeth   Scale 

William  Braithwaite  &  Ester  Strickland 
William  Dodgson   &  Jane  Lindow  of  ye  psh 

of  Urswick 
20  :  John  Tyson  and  Elsabeth  Gunson 

ffebruary    1 1 


*  Opposite  this,  in  the  margin  under  "  March,"  is  written  in  another  hand — 
Clement  Satterthwaite  Bap. 

March  29 

Aprill    10 

May  3 


June  14 
Jully  19 


/EPULTURI^     ANNO     DOMI     1692- 

Margrett  Braithwait  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  extra 

in  ye  Church 
Issabell    the    wife    of    Thomas    Benson    of    the 


William  Kirkby  of  Russland 
Thomas  Higgin  of  Satterthwait 
Elizabeth  Patrigge  widdow  de  Sawrey-infra 
Robert  Denison  who  dyed  att  Roger-ground 
William  Sawrey  fil  .  John  de  Coniston  Waterhead 
Rowland    Strickland    of  Lighte-howe 

September  5  :  Elsabeth    Hyrdson    widdow  de   Bowker-stead 
7  :  Alice   the   wife   of  John   Bewley  of  Esthwaite 

water  .... 

October  27 :  Jane  the  wife  of  William  Braithwait  of  Oxenfell 
November  8 :  An    Abortive    son    of  George    Riggs    of  Satter- 
14 :  An    Abortive    daughter   of    George    Taylors   of 

December  3  :  Robert  Martin  fil  .  Robert  de  Haukeshead 

6  :  Joseph  Sharpe  de   Kirkby-Ireleth  who  dyed  '  att 

ffoule  yeate 
23  :  Dorothy    Rawlinson   widdow   de  Grysdall  in   the 


29 :  George  Mackereth  of  Skellwith  in  the  Church 
Jannuary    2  :  John  Ashburner  of  Sawrey-infra 

7  :  William  Knype  son  of  Daniell  de   Roger-ground 
10:  Edward  Keene  of  Haukeshead 

17:  Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  Richard  who  dyed  att  Haukes- 
head fieldhead  in  the  Church 
26 :  Dorothy   the    wife   of    Thomas    Satterthwait    of 

ffebruary    14    Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  Richard  de  Satterthwait  in  the 


1 8 :  Elizabeth     Braithwait     de     Satterhowe     in     the 


March  1 1  :  John  Mackereth  of  Skellwith  was  drownd  in 
Skellwith  dubs  and  a  boate  was  fetcht  from 
Bownas  and  putt  on  the  sayd  dubs  for  men 
to  seeke  him ;  and  when  he  was  found  he 
was  drawne  out  of  the  water  into  Gawine 
Braithwait  lyifee  (?)-Knott 

March  ye  i6th  Thomas  Satterthwait  of  Newhouse 
finis   hujus   Anni    1692  . 


Aprill   16  :  William    Kirkby   fil  .  William  de    Muncke-Coniston 
23  :  Joseph  Dixeson  fil  .  Robert  de  Oxenfell  pke 
eod    die    Elsabeth    Braithwait    fil  .  John    de    fould    in 

Haukeshead  field 
May  5  :  Christofer  ffullthrop  fil  de  Gallowbarrow  * 

7  :  Barbary  Mackreth  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey   infra 
June    1 1  :  Ann  Watterson  fil  .  Edward  de  Watterson  ground 
Jully  10:  Daniell  Mackreth  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  infra 
August  17:  Robert  fil   James  de  Braitheyt 

August  7  :  John  Turner  fil  .  William  de  Sawrey-infra 

23  :  Jane  Attkinson  fil .  Thomas  de    Haukeshead   field- 

September  24 :  William  Walker  fil  .  George  de  Haukeshead 
October    the    firste  :    Rachell    Richardson    fil  .  Thomas    de 

15  :  John   Braithwait   fil  .  John    de    Satterhowe    in 

19:  William   Braithwait  fil  .  George  de   hye-wrey 

21  :  James  Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  Sawrey-extra 

22  :  Mary  Knype  fil .  John  de  Sawrey  infra 

24:  John  Taylor  fil  .  William  de  Ploume  =  greene 
29 :  Thomas  Godrey  fil  .  William  de   Haukeshead 
November  5  :  George   Hodgson  fil  .  Richard  de  Oxenfell 
7  :  John   Jackson   fil  .  John  de   Satterthwait 
14:  Elizabeth  Knype  fil  .  William  de  Grysdall 

*  No  Christian  name  of  the  father  given, 
f  No  surname  given. 


December    2  :  George    Rigg   &    Elsabeth    Rigg   fil  .  George   de 

Haukeshead  fieldhead 

Jannuary  3  :  John  Taylor  fil  .  Benjamin  de   Sawrey-infra 
ffebruary   6 :  William  Jackson  fil  .  John   de  Eltarwater  pke 

7  :  Richard  Rigge  fil  .  Richard  de   Satterthwait 
20 :  Elline   Rigge  fil  .  John   de  Sawrey-infra 
March  4:  Thomas   Holme  fil  .  Robert  de   ffors  =  mill 
September   10:    1693:    Rachell    Knype  fil  .  Peter   de   Satter- 

NUPTLE     ANNO     DOMINI     1693: 

May  20 :  William   Mackreth   and   Mary   Hall 

25  :  John  Dawson   and   Elline  Casson   of  the   pishe   of 

June     8  :  John   Lancaster   &    Issabell    Tyson    of   Crossethw1 

married  with  lysence 

19:  Thomas   Braithwait  and   Elizabeth   Russell 
Jully  the  firste  Edward  Knott  and  Agnes  Satterthwait 

1 5 :   William    Sherran    &   Jennett    Tyson    marrjed    with 


October  23  :  Henery   ffleeminge  and   Ester  Tompson 
November  27 :  Leonard   Parke  and  Rachell  Russell 
ffebruary   the   firste  William   Jacksone   &    Agnes   Tayler 

married    att    Satterthwait 

12  :    Leonard    Parke   &   Agnes    Strickland  married 
with    lysence 

S^EPULTURI^E    ANNO    DOMINI    1693: 

March  27 
Aprill      9 



Rowland  Scale  of  Thwaitehead 

Christofer  Taylor  of  Ploume-greene 

Elsabeth    Rigge    a    poore    servant    that    dyed    att 


Elsabeth  Knype  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey-infra 
John  Crosfield  of  Grysdall 
ffrancis  Braithwait  of  Haukeshead  fieldhead 

*  Day  of  month  omitted. 



12:  John    Satterthwait    a   younge    lad    which    was    a 


1 8  :  Dorothy  Sawrey  de  Howe  in  Haukeshead  field  . 
28 :  Ann  Tompson  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead  . 
30 :  Ann  the  wife  of  William  Rigge  of  Haukeshead 
June      18:  Ann  the  wife  of  Christofer  Jackson  of  Braithey 

30 :  Agnes  Dodgson  widdow  de  Tarne-hows 
code  die  Michaell  Nolon  a  workeman  which  wrought  in  the 
mynds    on    Coniston  fell    that  was  slayne   when 
hee  was  burstinge  a  Cragg  with  Gun  pouder 
July  12:  William  Kirkby  fil  .  William  de  Muncke  Coniston 

1 3 :  Dorothy    the    wife    of   Myles    Sands    of  Graythwait 

fieldhead  in  the  Church 
25  :  Elizabeth    Dixeson    wife   of   Thomas    Dixeson    of 

Eltarwater  pke 
August  16:  Jennett  Pooll  of  Sawrey-extra 

26  :  Elizabeth  Hodgson  de  Gallow-barrow 

27 :  George  Jackson  who  dyed  at  Skellwith 

31  :  Elizabeth    the    wife    of    Edward    Braithwait    of 

Haukeshead  in  the  Church 
September  9  :  Jane  Jackson  widdow  of  Tockhowe 

14:  ffrances  Brockbanke  widdow  de  Skellwith  in  the 

1 8  :  Margrett   the   wife  of  John    Williamson   of  the 

19:  Two    Abortive    sons    of    William    Riggs    of 

November  28 :  An    Abortive    son    of    William    Braithwaits    of 


Jannuary  4 :  Susan  the  wife  of  Robert  Capeland  in  the  Church 
1 1  :  William    Satterthwait  son   of  William  de    Satter- 
eod   die    Edward    Taylor   son    of  Robert    de    Ploume 

greene  in  the   Church 

14:  Myles  Sawrey  son  of  Myles  de  Crofthead 
17:  William  Satterthwait  son  of  Clement  de  Haukes- 


26  :  Ann    Sands  fil  .  Adam  who   dyed  att    Hye   wrey 

in  the  Church 

31  :  William   Strickland  of  Lighthowe 
ffebruary    8  :  John  Lindall  of  Dalepke  in  the  Church 

21  :  Samuell    Attkinson    fil  .  Anthony   de    Klterwater 

pke   in   the  Church 
23  :  Susan    Strickland   widdow   dc   ffbuleyeate    in    the 

eod  die  John  Cowperthwait  fil  .  Wm  de   field  head  in    the 

27 :  Mary  the  wife  of  Robert  Braithwait  of  Skellwith 

in  ye   Church 
March  2  :    Dorothy    Mackreth    widdow    de    Sawrey    in    the 


1 1  :    Mary   Jackson  fil  .  Xpofer   de  Braithey 
17:    Thomas  Harryman  of  Haukeshead  field-head 
finis   hujus   Anni    1693. 

BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOMINI     1694  - 

March  25    1694  :  George  Braithwait  fil  .  William  de  Satterhowe 
28  :  Sarah  Scale  fil  .  John  de    Bowker-stead    in    Satter- 


Aprill  3  :  Mary  ffisher  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey-extra 
May      8 :  Gawine  Braithwait  fil  .  Gawine  de  Braithey 

13:  Myles   Sawrey  fil  .  William  de    Coniston   water-head 
eod  die  Lancelott  Lancaster  fil  Lancelott  de  Walker  ground 
20 :  William  Newby  fil  .  Thomas  de  Satterthwait 
29 :  William  Townson  fil  .  John  de  Grysdall 
July  firste  Elsabeth  the  base  begotten  Childe  of  Edward  Hall 


8  :  Mary  Martin  fil  .  Robert  de   Haukeshead 
August  14  :  George   Holme  fil  .  William   de  Oxenfell  pke 

eod  die  Margrett  Mackreth  fil  .  William  de   Skellwith 
16  :  Barbary  Banke  fil  .  Anthony  de  Muncke  Con- 

21  :  Elsabeth  Braithwaite  fil  .  William  de  Sawrey 


October    4  :  William   Benson  fil  .  Robert  de  Skellwith 

16  :  Ester  Attkinson  fil  .  Thomas  de   Sandground 
27  :  Elline   Mackreth   fil  .  William  de  Newhouse 
November  the  firste   George  Kirkby  fil  .  William   de   Muncke 


6  :  Sarah   Braithwait  fil  .  William   de  Sawrey  extra 
1 1  :  George     Satterthwait    fil   .   William    de     Satter- 


Jannuary  the  firste   Elizabeth  Townson   fil  John   de  Grysdall 

March    3  :  Margrett  Rownson  fil  .  John   de  Muncke  Coniston 

eod  die  Margrett  Britch  fil  .  John  de   Grysdall 

NUPTI^E     ANNO     DOMINI     1694 

Aprill   1 6  :  Myles   Sands  and   Mary   Sands 

19  :  John   Britch  and  Ellinor   Taylor 
May        7  :  John  ffisher  and   Margrett   Braithwait 

10  :  Christofer  Jackson   and  Jane  Thexton 
June      19  :  Thomas   Braithwait   &   Susana   Braithwait 

September  11 

October         7 

November      8 



Cuthbert   Hodgson  and  Alice   Pattison 
Thomas  Walker  and  Agnes  Sawrey 
John  Braithwait  &  Margrett  Braithwait 
John   Vickars  and  Margrett  * 
James  Kirkby  and  Margrett   Braithwait 
Edward  Benson  and  Agnes  Mackreth 

December  the  firste  Thomas  Townson  &  Elizabeth  Lowther 

22 :  David  Dixeson  and  Margrett  Jenkinson 
January       20 :  William  Dixeson  and  Mary  Sawrey 

SEPULTURIE    ANNO    DOMINI    1694  • 

Aprill  7 :  Richard  Hodgson  of  Oxenfell 

9 :  Thomas    Braithwait  son  of  Thomas  de  fould  in    the 


1 1  :  William  Turner  fil  .  Christofer  de  Satterthwait 
15:  Myles  Sawrey  of  Water = head  in  the  Church 
May  10 :  John    Braithwait   fil  .  John    de    Sawrey   extra   in   the 

*  The  surname  is  not  given. 


15  :  Elline  wife  of  Edward  Hyrde  of  the  Out=yeate 
20 :  John  Braithwait  fil  .  John  de  fould  in  the  Church 
26 :  Margrett  Jackson  fil  .  Christofer  de  braithey 
28 :  John  Ashburner  of  dale  pke 
June    2i :  Margrett    Mackreth    widow    who    dyed    at    Raws 


Jully  14:  Michaell  Holme  of  Holmshead  in  the  Church 
17:  Agnes  Mossocke  fil  .  John  de  fforsforge 
19 :  Mary   wife   of  Edward    Sawrey   of  Coniston    in   ye 

20 :  Agnes    wife   of    John    Dixeson    of   Langdale    in    ye 


August  8  :  Jane  Holme  widow  de  How   in    Haukeshead   field 
September   15:  Jane  Bancke  spinster  de  Muncke  Coniston 

28  :  Agnes  Taylor  widow  de    Ploome  =  green    in   ye 


October     1 1  :  Thomas  Braithwait  of  Hyewrey 
November  6 :  Mary  Wright  fil  .  John  de  Roger  ground 

10 :  John    Sawrey    fil  .  Anthony    who    dyed    att 

eod  die  Elline    Mackreth   fil  .  Wm.  de    Newhouse   in   ye 


1 3  :  Robert  Braithwait  of  Skellwith  in  ye  Church 
17:  James  Walker  of  Tarnehows 
20:  Agnes  Brockbanke  fil  John  de    Skellwith  in   ye 


24 :  Thomas  Benson  of  Outyeate  in  ye  Church 
eod  die  An  Abortive  son  of  William  Riggs  of  Skellwith 
25  :  Issabell  Hodgson    widow  de    Watterson    ground 
*  16:  a  boy  of  Roger  Dixesons  which  dyed  unchrisned 

30  :  Christofer  Turner  of  Satterthwait 
(December)  20:  Issabell  Crowdson  who  dyed  att    Haukeshead 


23 :  Margrett    ye    wife    of    Tom  :    Keene    of 

*  The  burial  in  woollen  certificate  shows  that  this  should  be  in  December. 


28 :  Issabell  wife  of  John   Hobson  of  Hye  wrey. 
January  9:  William  Willson  of  Barr  =  yeate 

10:  John  Browne  who  dyed  att  Tarne  =  hows 
1 3  :  William  Rigge  of  Haukeshead 
27  :  Jane  wife  of  William  Rigge  of  Outyeate 
ffebruary  8  :  Edward  Sawrey  fil  .  John  de  Waterhead 

13  :  Margrett  Tyson  spinster  de  Grysdall 
March      13:  William  Nicolson  of  Haukeshead  field 

19  :  Jane  Jackson  fil  .  Christofer  de  Braithey 

20  :  An    Abortive    daughter    of   Myles    Sawreys    of 


finis    hujus    Anni    1694  • 


March  31  :   1695  '•  Dorothy  Kirkby  fil  .  Dauid  de  Hollin  =  banke 
Aprill      7  :  Elizabeth  Braithwait  fil  .  Wm.  de  fould  in  Haukes- 
head field 

10:  Issabell  Ellatson  fil  .  Emanuell  de  Consey  fforge 
24 :  Myles  Gilpin  fil  .  Myles  de  Satterthwait 
May   16:  John  Wilson  fil  .  John  de  Oxenfell 

21  :  William  Rigge  fil  .  William  de   Haukeshead-hall 
28  :  William  Braithwait  fil  .  John  de  Tock-howe 
June    2  :  Jennett    Greaue   fil  .  James   de    Haukeshead    Church 


7 :   j  Willm  Hodgson  &  John  Hodgson  children    \ 
(    of  Cuthbert  Hodgson  de  Gallow= barrow     / 
23  :  Robert  Mackreth  fil  John  de   Sawrey   infra 
Jully    9 :  William  Taylor  son  of  Benjamin  de  Sawrey-infra 
August  18:  Agnes  Rigge  fil  .  William  de  Haukeshead  field 
September  8 :  Mary  Sawrey  fil  .  Myles  de  Coniston  Waterhead 

30 :  John   Knype  fil  .  Daniell  de  Roger   ground 
October  6 :  Robert  Kendall  fil  .  Robert  de  Coniston  Waterhead 

21  :  Elizabeth  Borwicke  fil  .  William  de    Consey 
27  :  Agnes  Ashburner  fil  .  John   de   Roger-ground 

31:  Myles   Taylor   fil    .    William    de    Graythwait    field 

November  21  :  Edward  Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  Sawrey-extra 


19:  Mary  Strickland  fil  .  Thomas  de  Dalepke 

23  :  Margrett  Riggc  fil  .  William  de   Skellwith 

24  :  Myles  Townson  fil  .  Thomas  dc  Grysdall 

25  :  Johnathan  Braithwait  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead 


December    17:  William  Brockbank  fil  .  John  de  Skellwith 
January  5  :  William  Sawrey  son    of  William  de   Coniston 

Aprill  30 
May      21 

June      16 


1 1 

ANNO    DOMINI     1695. 

ffrancis  Jurnall  and  Elizabeth  Williamson 
Daniell   Mackreth   and   Margrett  Mackreth 
George   Satterthwait  and  Dorothy  Keene 
John   Asshburner  and  Margrett  Banke 
John   Walker  and   Elizabeth  Robinson 
William   Holme  and   Issabell    Taylor 
Edward  Parke  and  Elizabeth  Capeland 

September  26  :  William  Braithwait  &  Agnes  Penny 
28 :  John  Borwicke  and  Jane  Allason 
9 :  Mr  Thomas  Sands  &  Mrs  Ann  Sands   married 

att  Crostwaite  Church 
Noumber     6 :  Henery  Coward  and  Margrett  Braithwait 

21  :  William  Braithwait  and  Mary  Cookeson  married 

att  Grassmyre 

28  :  Robert  Wattson  and  Ann   Braithwait 
January     14:  John   Robinson   and   Issabell   Benson 
{February     8  :  Robert  Tomlinson  and  Issabell  Dixeson 
19:  Mr  Richard  Archer  and  Beatrice  Copley 


Aprill   15  :  Mary    Taylor  fil  .  Robert  de  Ploome-greene   in    the 


30  :  George  Benson  fil  .  Wm  de  Hackerd  in  litle  Landale 
eodem  die  Dauid  Dixeson  de  Tarnehows 
May       6  :  Elizabeth  Rigge  de  Haukeshead  fieldhead  in   the 

20 :  An  Abortive  son   of  Thomas    Sherrans  of  Dalepke 









George  Walker  of  Tarne  —  hows 

Dinah  Knype   widdow  de   ffoule^yeate  in    the 

2 :  George  Mackreth  of  the  Outyeate 

William    Hodgson  fil  .  Cuthbert  de  Gallow-barrow 
Margrett  Rigge  fil  .  William  de  Haukeshead  hill  in 

ye  Church 

Anthony  Sawrey  of  Coniston  Water-head 
17  :  William  Newby  fil  .  Thomas  de  Satterthwait 
18:  John  Hodgson  fil  .  Cuthbert  de  Gallow  =  barrow 
25  :  George  Rigge   son   of  George    de    Haukeshead 

edd  die  Robert   Scale  of  Thwaite  had  a   son    buried 

wch  wag  not  baptizd 
26 :  the  sayd  Robert    Scale   had  another   son  buryed 

which  was  not  baptizd 

6 :  An   Abortive  girle  of  John  Wrights  the  Scotch-man 
12:  Ester  Mackreth  widdow  de   New-house  in  Haukes- 
head field 
August  7 :  Jane    Sawrey   fil    Edward   de    Muncke   Coniston   in 

the   Church 

Bernard   Benson   of  Tockhowe  in  the  Church 
Issabell  the  wife  of  James  Taylor  of  Satterthwait 
Elizabeth   Rigge   fil  .  George   de    Haukeshead    field- 

30 :  Jennett  the  wife  of  Robert  Martin   of  Haukeshead 
September  20 :  Nicholas  Penny  of  Grysdall 

Myles  Rigge  of  Hye-wrey  buried  att  buryinge 

Elizabeth    Dixeson    of   Dixeson-ground    buried 

att  buryinge  place 

John  Benson  thrower  de  Walker  ground 
Jannuary  the  firste :    An    Abortive   son  of  James    Kirkby's   of 

Muncke  Coniston 

4 :  James  Braithwait  of  Crofthead  in  the  Church 
6 :  Ann   the   wife   of  William    Satterthwait   of 
Coulthouse  in  the  Church 



October        16 




9:  Margrett  the  wife  of  James  Kirkby  of  Muncke 


10  :  Mary  Taylor  widdow  de  Stottpke  in  the  Church 
14:  An  Abortive  son  of  Myles  Sawreys  of  Coulthouse 
17  :  Agnes  daughter  of  Wm.  Grigge  Sarah  Mackreth 

28 :  Adam    Braithwait    Taylor    which    dyed    att 


29 :  William  Walker  fil  .  George  de  Haukeshead 
ffebruary  10 :  William  Rigge  fil  .  Wm.  de  Haukeshead  hill 
March  23 :  John  Braithwait  which  formerly  livd  att  Holme 

March      9    Alexander  Tubman  de  Crosselands 

eodem  die  William  Tayler  of  Stottpke  in  the  Church 
14:  Anthony    Sawrey   son    of  John    de    Coniston 

Water  .  .  . 

15  :  John  Wilson   de    Arnesyde   buried  att   Grassmyre 
20:  Ann  Crosfield  widdow  de  Grysdall 
22 :  Thomas  Turner  son  of  William  de    Sawrey-infra 

MORE    CHRISNINGS    IN    THIS    YEARE    1695  . 

Jannuary  6  :  1695  :  Thomas  Satterthwait  fil  .  William  de  Coult- 

eod  die  Wm  Attkinson  quaker  Chrisned  his  son    William 
14 :  Thomasin  Twentyman  fil  .  Thomas   a  White- 

21  :  Margrett  Attkinson   fil  .  Anthony  de   Eltarwater 

29 :  Elizabeth  Mackreth  fil  .  William  de   Haukeshead 


30 :  Mary  Benson  fil  .  Robert  de  Skellwith 
ffebruary  1 1  :  John    Dixeson  fil  .  William   de  Haukeshead    hill 

1 6  :  Thomas  Turner  fil .  William  de  Sawrey-infra 
March  6  :  Margrett  Mackreth  fil  .  Daniell  de  Skellwith 

15  :  Agnes   ffisher   fil  .  John    bright    Anthony   daughters 

19:  John  Braithwait  fil  .  Gawine  de  Braithey 

finis  hujus    Anni    1695  - 


BAPTIZATIONES     ANNO     DOMINI      1696  : 

March  26 :  Samuell   Sandys  fil  .  William  de  Dalepke 

Aprill     5     Dorothy    Satterthwait  fil  .  Clement   de   Haukeshead 

21     Agnes   Braithwait  fil  .  William  de  Oxenfell 
May      22     George  Borwicke  fil  .  John  de  Haukeshead  fieldhead 
June     27     Mary    Braithwait    fil  .  James    de   Satterhow   in 

Sawrey  extra 

June     20     Myles  Sandys  fil  .  Thomas  de  Easthwaite 
Jully     22     James    Braithwait   fil  .  John    de    Satterhow   in 

Sawrey  extra 
August  2     George  Walker  fil  .  John  de  Tarnehows 

12     Ann  Ellattson  fil  .  Emanuell  de    Consey   forge 
September  13:  George  Rigge  fil  .  Wm.  de   Haukeshead-hill 

14  :  Josuah   Mackereth  fil  .  William  de  Sawrey-infra 
27 :  Mary  Hodgson  fil  .  Cuthbert  de  Gallow-barrow 
eod  die  Deborah   Rownson   fil  .  Wm.  de  Tarnehows 
October  27  :  John    Holme  fil  .  William  de  Oxenfell   pke 
December  6 :  Benjamin  Tomlinson  fil  .  Robert  de  Grysdall 

9  :  Beatrice  Archer  fil  .  Richard  de  Haukeshead  Hall 
16:  Jane  Jackson   fil  .  John  de  Eltarwater  pke 
January    28  :  Thomas  Braithwait  fil  .  George  de    Hye-wrey 
ffebruary     2  :  George   Braithwait  fil  .  John  de  Tockhowe 
eod  die  Joseph   Jackson  fil  .  John  de  Satterthwait 
17  :  Margrett  Rigge  fil  Gebeye  (?)  de  Satterthwait 
23  :  James   Greenuppe  fil  .  John   de  Satterthwait 
March  2  :  James   Rigge   fil  .  Richard  de  Satterthwait 
January   10  :   1696:  Agnes  Tomlinson   fil  .  William  de  Grysdall 
finis   hujus    Anni    1696 

NUPTI^E     ANNO     DOMINI     1696: 

May  23  :  Peter  Lickbarrow  and  Jane  Dixeson 
June  22 :  Thomas  Braithwait  and  Dorothy  Sharpe 

29  :  Robert   Dixeson   and   Mary  Sawrey 
September  21  :  Edward  Mackreth  and   Agnes   Rigge 

eod  die :  James   Mackreth  and   Elizabeth  ffisher 
November  5  :  William  Troughton   and  Bridgett   Townsone 


19  :  Nicolas  Turner  &  Jennett  Lindoe  married  att 


24  :  George  Dixeson  and  Sarah   Sawrey 
30  :  John   Benson  and  Agnes  Dixeson  married  with 


ffebruary  the  firste  William   Hyrdson  and  Issabell  Braithwait 
finis   hujus  Anni  1696. 

S.EPULTURLE    ANNO     DOMINI     1696  : 

March  27  :  Margrett    the   wife   of  Daniell    Mackreth    in   the 

29  :  William  Rigge  son  of  Wm  de  Haukeshead  hall  in 

the  Church 

30  :  Agnes    ffisher    alias    Rigge    bright    Anthony 

daughters  bastard 

Aprill  the  firste  Margrett  Tyson  widdow  de  Grsdall 
2  :  John  Rigge  fil  .  Thomas  de  Roger = ground 
5  :  Daniell  Knype  de  Roger-ground 
eod  die  Agnes  the  wife  of  Robert   Satterthwait  in  the 


8  :  An  Abortive  son  of  Thomas  Sherans  of  dalepkc 
27  :  George   Hodgson  fil  .  Cuthbert  de  Tarnehows  in  the 


eod  die  Agnes  Rigge  of  Light =howe 
May  10  :  Elline  Tubman  widdow  de  Crosselands 

n  :  Issabell   Ellattson  filia  Emanuell  de  Consey  forge 
eod  die  Dauid  Walker  de  Crosselands 
20  :  Margrett  ye  wife  of  Robert  Knype  in  the  Church 
26  :  George  Banke  of  Crosselands  in  the  Church 
30  :  William   Braithwait  baliffe  of  Green-end 
June     4  :  Myles    Gilpin    fil  .  Myles    de    Satterthw1.    in    the 

10  :  Elline  the  wife  of  John  Britch  of  Grysdall 

11  :  Agnes  Bayly  widowe  de  Russland 

17  :  An  Abortive  son  of  George  Riggs  of  ffieldhead 

24  :  John  Braithwait  of  Stott  pke  in  the  Church 

26  :  An  Abortive  daughter  of  Anthony  Sawreys  of  hill 


Jully   16:  William  Kirkby  younger  de  Muncke  Coniston  in  ye 

1 8  :  Dorothy   the  wife   of  George  Rigge   Clarke  in   the 


24  :  Thomas   Rigge  elder  of  fieldhead 
August   15  :  two   Abortive   daughters  of  Wm  Mackereths   of 


17 :  Jane    Attkinson    fil  .  Thomas    de    Haukeshead 
fieldhead  in  the  Church 

30  :  Edward  Walker  who  dyed  att  Sawrey  extra 
September  1 1  :  Ann  Ashburner  fil  .  John  de  Anykin   Syke 

15  :  James  Taylor  of  Dalepke  in   the   Church 
20 :  Mary  Sawrey  filia  Myles  de  Water-head 

October   19:  Easter  the  wife  of  John  Wrighte  of   Haukeshead 
29  :  Elizabeth  Rigge  widowe  de  loanethwaite. 

31  :  Margrett  the  wife  of  Tho  :  Mackreth  of  Bull  Close 

in  ye  Church 

November   10:  William  Sawrey  son   of  Anthony  de    Sawrey 

1 6  :  Myles  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Muncke  Coniston 
21  :  Issabell   Sawrey  de  Keene  ground 

24 :  Robert    Cherry    fil  .  John    a    poore    childe 

drowned  in  Consey  forge 
December     9  :  Elizabeth  Rigge  widowe  de  Haukeshead  field 


22 :  Katherine  Higgin  widdow  de    Satterthwait 
eod  die  Agnes  Braithwait  widdow  de  Coulthouse 
Jannuary  8  :  William  Braithw*   hatter   de   Sawrey-infra   in    the 

19:  Mary  the  wife   of  James  ffell   of  Grysdall  in 

20 :  Margrett   Braithwait  fil  .  John   de   ffould   in   ye 


23  :  An  Abortive  daughter  of  John  ffishers  of  H auks- 

29 :  Henery  Sawrey  of  High  house  in  the  Church 
30 :  Elsabeth  the  wife   of  George  Taylor  of  Grysdall 


ffebruary   2  :  Margrett  Benson  widowe  de  How  in  Haukeshead 
17  :  Henery  Sawrey  fil  .  John  de  Coniston   waterhead 
March      22  :  Elizabeth  the  wife  of  Richard  Penny  in   the 


23  :  Josuah  Mackreth  fil  .  Wm.  de  Sawrey-infra 
24 :  Robert  Hodgson  of  Tarne  hows  in  the  Church 
January   15:   1696:  this    day    and    yeare    was    George    Taylor 
son    of   John    de    Lendinge    buried    in    the 

finis   hujus    Anni    1696 : 


Aprill  7:   1697:  Elinor  Kilner  daughter  of  Wm.  Kilncr* 

8  :  Jane  Braithwait  fil  Willm  de  Sawrey  infra  deceased 
29 :  Thomas  Attkinson  fil  .  Thomas  de  Sandground 
May  16  :  John   Harrison  fil  .  James  de   Muncke  Coniston 

eod  die  Elizabeth  Braithwait  fil  .  Thomas  de  Graythwait 
Jully  20:  Thomas   Mackreth  fil  .  Wm.  de  browe  in   Skellwith 

25  :  Anthony  Sawrey   fil  .  Myles  de  Coniston  Waterhead 
August   8  :  Edward  Madder  fil  John  de  Braithey 
Jully   9:   1697:  Myles  Tompson  fil  John  de  Satterthwait 
August  31:   1697:  Jennett  Wilson  fil  John  de  Oxenfell 
September  13   1697:  Agnes  Knype  fil  ffrancis  de    Muncke 


October   12 :  Margrett   Braithwait  fil  .  William  .  de  .... 
October  24  :   Agnes   Godfrey  filia    William  de  ffbule   yeate 
Jannuary  30:  George  Kellatt  fil.  George  de  ffbule  =  yeate 
ffebruary    23  :   Elsabeth  Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  Sawrey  extra 
27  :   Margrett  Kirkby  fil  .  James  de  Muncke  Coniston 
March  the  firste  William  Braithwait  fil  .  James  de  Hye  =  wrey 
10 :  Agnes   Taylor   filia   Wm.    de   Graythwait    field 


1 5  :  Ann    Benson  filia  Robert  de  Skellwith 
20 :  William  Kirkby  fil  .  Dauid  de   Hollinbanke 

*  This  entry,  except  the  date,  is  in  another  hand. 



November  ig :  1697  :  Thomas   Dixeson   fil  .  George   de  Satter- 


28:  William  Townson  fil  .  John  de  Grysdall 
December  1 5  :  Mary  Barker  filia  William  de   Grysdall 
Jannuary     30:  William   Turner  fil  .  Nicolas  de   Satterthw1 
ffebruary      13:  Susan  Knype  filia  William  de  Grysdall 

finis   hujus    Anni    1697  . 

{February  22 :  Elsabeth  Braithwait  filia  James  de  Sawrey  extra 
March   23  :    1697  :   John    Scale   fil  .  John   de    Bowkerstead   in 

NUPTLE     ANNO     DOMINI     1697 

May   6  :  Thomas    Mackreth    and    Jane    Peareson    married    att 

25  :  George    Greeneod    and    Ester    Sawrey    married    with 


Jully  17  :  John  Wrighte  &  Mary  Hyrde  married  att  Kendal* 
James    Kirkby   and    Dorothy    Kirkby    married    with 

lysence  f 
October    18  :   John   Garner   and    Patience    Braithwait   married 

with  lysence 

November  ye  firste  John  Woodell  and  Agnes  Willson  married 
with  lysence 

22  :  Robert  Knype  and          married  att  Broughton  $ 
January  6  :  Jeremiah    Strickland   and   Jane    Lancaster    maried 

with  lysence 
15  :  William  Satterthwait  &  Jane  Crosfield 

John  Britch  § 

March  7  :  John  Strickland  and  Jennett  Willson 
finis   hujus   Anni    1697. 

*  "  lysence  "  inserted  in  another  hand  after  the  entry. 

t  Before  this  entry,  in  another  hand,  "not  at  Hawkshd  neither." 

J  The  name  of  the  woman  not  given. 

§  Entry  incomplete. 



Aprill   12  .  Wm.  Barker  &  Sarah  Fell  of  Grysdall 

Sept    17  :  Charles  Satterthwaite  &  Ellinor   Beethom    of 

Sawrey   Geo    Rigg    forgott   these &c 

tho  pd  (?)  * 

SjEPULTURI^E     ANNO     DOMINI     1697. 

March  27  :   1697 :  Issabell  Turner  widow  de  Satterthwait 

30  :  Clement  Rigge  fil  .  William  de  Haukeshead  hill 
Aprill  the  firste  Margrett  daughter  of  John  Britch  of  Grysdall 
8  :  Anthony  Sawrey  fil  .  Edward  de  Hollin   banke 

in  the  Church 

18:  Samuell  Strickland  de  Light  =  howe 
21  :  Issabell  the  wife  of  John  Strickland  of  Russland 

in  the  Church 

28  :  Ellinor  Killner  fil  .  William  Killner 
May  3  :  Jennett  the  wife  of  Thomas  Sherran  of  Dalepke 

25  :  Samuell  Sands  de  Sawrey-infra  in  the  Church 
June   15:  Robert  Bayly  de  Russland 

29  :  Isaac  Braithwait  de  Haukeshead  hill 
Jully     8  :  John  Kirkby  fil  .  Wm.  de  Muncke  Coniston  in  the 


eod  die  William  Hall  Collyer 

19:  Mary  Martin  fil  .  Robert  who  dyed  att  Satterthwait 
August  2  :  Agnes  Knype  widowe  de    Muncke  Coniston    in 

the  Church 

3  :  Agnes  Braithwait  fil  .  William  de  Oxenfell 
13:  Henery  Sawrey  de  High  House  in  the  Church 
21  :  Elizabeth  Walker  de  Satterthwaite  in  the  Church 
September  13  :  Agnes  the  wife  of  ffrancis  Knype   of  Coniston 

in  the  Church 

1 6  :  James  Braithwait  late  of  Crofthead  did  goe  to 
the  water    foote    for    a   boate    load    of   lyme 

*  These  two  entries  and  the  note  are  in  another  hand,  in  which  the  remainder 
of  the  registers  from  burials,  November,  1697,  to  the  end  of  the  volume  are  kept. 
The  omitted  word  appears  to  be  "yet." 


stones  for  William  Braithwait  of  briers  ;  and 
as  hee  was  comenge  backe  Againe  was 
drownd  in  Windermeere  water :  and  three 
men  that  was  with  him  by  Gods  greate 
mercy  gott  all  out  of  the  water  and  savd 
there  lives ;  the  boate  which  they  were 
in  beinge  loaden  with  lyme  stones  was  lost 
&  did  sinke  into  the  bottom  of  the  sayd 
water  :  and  hee  was  buried  the  day  of  the 
moneth  first  mentioned 
October  the  firste  Agnes  Knype  fil  .  ffrancis  de  Muncke 

Coniston  in  the  Church 
12:  Myles   Tompson  fil.  John  de    Satterthwait   in 

the  Church 

1 6  :  Elline  Rigge  widowe  de  Sawrey  infra 
23  :  Thomas  Days  who  dyed  att  Satterthwait 
29 :  Richard  Asshburner  of  Anykin   Syke 
3<Dth  Dorothy  the  wife  of  Thomas  Clarke  of  Grysdall 
November  1 5  George  Kirkby  fil .  William  de  Muncke-Coniston* 
26  :  Jennett  Attkinson  widdow  de  Crosslands  in  the 

December  6  :  William    Braithwaite   de  ffould  in    Sawrey  extra 

in  the  Church 
II  :  Jane   the   wife  of  George    Pepper  of  Sawrey  in 

the  Church 
19  :  Barbary    Mackereth   fil  .  Edward   wch   dyed   att 


21  :  Thomas  Keene  de  Parkeamoore 
28  :  A  liueing  Boy — of  William  Mackeths  of  Sawrey 

infra,  wch  dyed  before  he  was  Christned 
January  9  :  Elline  Satterthwaite  de  Cragg 

14  :  Elizabeth   Pennington  widdow  de  Light  howe 

23  :  Elizabeth    Benson    widdow    de    Skellwith    in    the 


February  I  :  Daniell  Sawrey  Fili  :  Edwarde  de  Sawrey  infra 
9  :  Ann  Coward  fil  John  de  High-Wrey 


22  :  An  Abortive  Daughter  of  Wm  Braithw1  de  ffoule 

28     An    Abortive    Child    of    William    Herdson    de 


March  4  :  Agnes  Taylor  Widdow  de  Grasslands 
ffinis  hujus  Anni  1697. 

Aprill  3  :  Samuell  Sandys  Fil  Oliver  de  Sawrey  infra 
3  :  Mary  Mackereth  Fili  John  de  Sawrey  infra 
26 :  Jennett  Wilson  Fil  .  William  de  Munck  Conistone 
May      8 :  Thomas  Walker  ffil  .  George  de  Haukshead 
June     5  :  William  Turner  ffil  .  William  de  Sawrey  infra 
July    19 :  Mary  Wright  ffil  .  John  de  Haukshead 
May    18:  Jane  filia  Johannis  Braithw*  de   Sawrey  extra 
June  10:  Elline  Scales  filia  Robert  de  Whatehead 
September  25  :  Agnes  Rigge  filia  William  de  Hawkshead  Hall 
October  2  :  Jane  Assburner  filia  John  de  Roger-ground 
9  :  George  ffisher  ffil  .  John  de  Haukshead 
19  :  Henry  Swenson  son  of  Christopher  of  High  House 
30 :  Dorothy  Hodgeon  fil  .  Cuthbert  de  Gallabarrow 
6:  Margarett    Dobson    fil  James   de    How   in  Hawks- 
head  ffield 
November    24 :    Regnald    T  .  .  .    sons  of  Gawine    Braithw1   of 

25  :    (Margarett  &|Son  and  Daughter  of  Benjamine 

v  Joseph  '  Taylor  of  Sawrey  infra. 

27  :  William  Townson  son  of  Robert  de  Grisdall 
December     I  :  William  Rownson  fil  .  John  de  Muncke-Coniston 
i:    (Miles  &|Sons   of  Richard    Archer  gent  1m    of 

^Daniell   'Haukshead  Hall 
22:    (Ester  &)  Daughters    of    William    Dixon    of 

t  Elline     I  Holm    Bank 
January  4  :  Issabell   Dixon  filia  James  de  Sawrey  infra 

8  :  John  the  Bastard  son  of  John  Scale  of  Grisedall 

*  A  new   handwriting   is   commenced   here,    and,    with   a   few   exceptions,    the 
remainder  of  the  volume  is  kept  in  it. 


8 :  Thomas    fil  .  Thomas    Shield    of    Graithw1    by 

Mr  Stubb(s)  * 

17  :  John   son  of  George  Braithw1  of  Skelwith 
22  :  James  son  of  Edward  Mackreth  of  th  Outyeate 
24:    (John   &\Son  and  Daughter  of  John  Berwick   of 

^Ann        'ffield  head 
February  5  :  Jane  Daughter   of  Myles    Sawrey  Taylor   of 

eodem  die  Margarett  Daughter  of  Thorn   Braithw1  of  the 

H  ... 

12:  James  the  Son  of  Oliver  Sandys  of  Sawrey  infra 
19:  William   son   of  Clement    Satterthw1   of  Hawks- 
March  2  :  George  son  of  Richard   Penny  de  Ewe-Tree 

4 :  William  Son  of  Tho :  Holme  of  Cunsey  Forge 
1 5  :  Robert  Son  of  Robert  Knipe  of  Grisedall 
21  :  George  Son  of  William   Mackereth  of  Skelwith 
December  7 :  John  Son  of  John  Greenup  of  Consey  mill 
December  1 1  :  Agnes    Daughter    of  Thorn :    Strickland    of 


These   brought  by  Mr    Stubbs  *   after   ye   book   was   fill'd    up 
for   the   year    1698. 

Finis   hujus    Anni    1698 

NUPTI^E     ANNO     DOMINI     1698 

May  19  :  Richard  Penny  &  Deborah  Mackreth 
June  21  :  Thorn  •    Braithw1   and  Agnes  Walker 
July    12:  Thomas  Sheild  and  Alice  Tyson 
September  I  :  William   Satterthw1    and   Mary  Braithw1. 

8 :  William  Tyson   &   Mary  Jolly   Ambleside 
October  u  :  Francis   Knipe  and  Isabell  Park  Coniston 
November  27  :  John  Wilson  and  Agnes   Lindow  of  Rusland 
December  24 :  William  Walker  &  Jane  Tomson  of  Arn(side)  ? 
January  29  :  James  Fell  .  .  &  Margrett  Ashburner 
Finis   hujus   Anni    1698 

*  Mr.    Stubbs    was    probably   the   lay    reader    at    Satterthwaite.      The    list    of 
incumbents  there  commences  1766,   the  same  year  as  the  Register. 


SEPULTURE     ANNO     DOMINI     1698 
March  27 :  Jennett  Walker  widdow  de  dale-park 

May  i 


June  8 

July    i 


Ann   Kirkby  fili    William  de    Lawson  park    in   ye 


Jennett  Greaue  Daughter  of  James  de   Haukshead 
Hannah  Atkinson  fili  Antonii  de  Eltarwater  park 
William  Holm  son  of  Michal  wch  dyed  at  Skelwith 
William   Braithw1   de  High  Wrey  in  the  Church 
Charles   Satterthw1  de  Sawrey  infra 
George   Satterthwait  of  Thwaitmosse 
John  Braithw1  of  Fould  in  Sawrey  extra  In  ye  Church 
Thomas  Berwick  of  Sawrey  infra 

August  6  :  Robert  Knipe  de  Grisdale  in  the  Church 
7  :  Joseph  Robinson  who  dyed  at   Hauxhead 
Septemb  :   16 :  Ester  Atkinson  de  Crosslands  in  the  Church 
October  24 :  James  Townson  fifil  .  John    de  Grisedall 
November  17:  Ann  Colthurst  widdowe  de  Lending  in    the 


December  i  :  An  Abortive  son  of  John  Rawnsons  of  Coniston 
9  :  William  Rawnson  fil  .  John  de  Munck   Coniston 
eodem  die :  James  Kirkby  of  Satterthw1 

26 :  An    Abortive  child   of  John  Garners   of  Hauks- 
head Hill 

January     13:  Mary  Daughter  of  John  Townson  of  Grisedall 
19:  Marjory  wife   of  Will"1    Rawlinson  of  Graithw1 

February  3 :    An    Abortive    son    of  Thorn  :    Atkinson    of 


9  :  Jane  daughter  of  John  Ashburner  of  Roger-ground 
16:  Margarett  Tyson  widdow  of  Tarnhows 
21  :  Miles  son  of  Miles  Sandys  Esqr  of  Graithw1  Hall 
March  4  :  John  son  of  Elizabeth    Mason  &  the  supposed  son 

of  John  Scales   of  Grisedale 

March  19:  Issabell  Daughter   of  John   Braithw1  of  Sawrey 

fBnis   hujus    Anni    1698 



Aprill  30:  Elizabeth    Daughter   of   Wm.    Herdson    of  Force 

30 :   Elizabeth    Daughter    of    John    Walker    of    ye 

Ewe  Tree 
May        3  :  Margrett  Daughter  of  John  Townson  of  Satterthw1 

7  :  Thomas   son  of  Lancelot  Lancaster   of  th  Out-yeat 

8  :  John  son  of  Jonathan  Strickland  of  Dale-park 
14:  Mary  daughter  of  John   Braithw1  of  Buckle  yeat 


28  :  Thomas  son  of  William  Braithw1  of  Foul  yeat 
June      1 1  :  Elizabeth    Daughter   of  James  Braithw1  of  Sawrey 


13:  William  son  of  George   Dixon  of  Satterthwait 
16:  Thomas  Braithwait  ffil  .  John  de  Sawrey  extra 
25  :  Elizabeth    Kirkby  ffil  .  James   de    Munck    Coniston 
July  4  :  Elizabeth  Rigge  daughter  of  George  de  Feild-head 

1 6  :  Henry  Robinson   son  of  Henry  de  Arnside 
Septembr    5  :    Ann    Daughter    of   Wm.    Rigge    Taylor   of 


October  22 :  Elizabeth  daughter  of  Wm.  Walker  of  Arnside 
December  4th :  Agnes  Townson  fill  John  de  Grisdale  * 
January  23  :  Elizabeth  Joyce  Daughter  of  William  Joyce 
February  14 :  Daniell  son  of  Barbery   Hind  John    Longstreat 

supposed   ffather   in   Crosthw*  parish 
25  :  Ann  Sandys  daugter  of  Oliver   of  Sawrey  infra 
March  3  :  Thomas  the  son  of  John  Garner  de  Haukshead  hill 
10 :  Issabell  Atkinson  ffil  .  Thomae  de  Sandground 
24:  Edward  Mackreth  son  of  Daniell  de  Sawrey  infra 
ffinis   hujus   Anni   1699 

NUPTI^E     ANNO     DOMINI     1699 

May  1 1  :  Thomas  Cockan  &  Catherine  Ellis  of  Outyeate 
June     6 :  Henry    Holm   and    Elizabeth    Robinson   married    at 

*  This  entry  is  in  another  hand. 


12:  Edward  Jackson  &  Ellin  Borrinscale  of  Ambleside 
July  25  :  Thomas  Jopson  and   Agnes   Robinson 
August  3 1  :  Matthew  Redhead   &  Ellin   Hyrde 
Novemb  2  :  James   longmire  and   Jane  Sawrey 
January  22  :  Joseph    Keen    and    Mary    Mackreth 

30 :  Christopher  Briscow   and  Margrett  Dover   de 


February  5  :  Arthur  Jackson  &  Ann  Dixon  de  Ambleside 
ffinis   hujus   Anni    1699. 

SEPULTURE     ANNO     DOMINI     1699 

Aprill   13  :  William   Wilson   son  of  William    dc   Coniston 
20 :  Ellin  wife  of  Laurence  Harrison   of  Stotparke 
30 :  Mary  wife  of  Wm.  Satterthw1.  of  Sawrey  Carrier 

May      26  :  John  Tayler   of  Finstead 

May      27 :  Margarett    Daughter   of   Benjamin    Taylor    Sawrey 

June       4:  Agnes  wife  of  William  Rigge  of  Hill 

8  :  Thomas  son  of  Robert  Satterthw1.  of  Satterthwaite 
23  :  Anthony  Hall  of  High-wrey  in  the   Church 

26 :  Robert    Scale  of  Whaite-head 
27  :  William  Satterthwaite  of  Colthouse  In  the  Church 
July        7  :  Esther  Chamley  widdow  de  Grisedall 

9  :  John    Satterthwait  de   Sawrey  extra   who  hang'd 

himselfe  in  his  own  house 
18:  John    Watson   of  Oxenfell 
31  :  Rowland   Wilson  of  Russland 
August  19  :  Issabell   Braithwaite  widdow  de  Greenend 
Septemb.  5  :  Mary  wife  of  Edward   Sawrey  de  Sawrey-infra 
10  :  Margarett  wife  of  George  Knipe   de  Sawrey 


14 :  George  Knipe  of  Sawrey  extra  her  husband 
eodem  die  John    Knipe  son  of  Richard  de  Munck-Coniston 
19   John  Benson  son  of  William   dc  Skelwith  in  ye 


October  24 :  John  Harrison  who  dyed  att  Oxenfell 
27  :  Jennet  Wilson  widdow  de  Arnside 



November  9 :  James  Taylor  son  of  George  de  Grisedall 
December  3  :  Dorothy    daughter   of  Thomas    Postlethw1    de 

1 6 :   Margarett  wife  of  Willm.   Mackreth  de    Scelwith 

In   Church 
28  :  Ellin    Mackreth    de    Scellwith    widdow  in    ye 


25  :  An   Abortive  son   of  Anthony    Sawreys  de    Hill 
January    21  :  Agnes   Sawrey  widdow  de  Grisedall 
February    7  :  Susan    wife  of  Wm  Knipe  of  Grisedall  in    the 


20 :  John  Sattcrthwaite  of  Colt-house  in  the  Church 
eodem  die  Barbary  Hind  of  Oxenfell  in  ye  Church 

25  :  George   Robinson  son  of  Henry  de  Arnside 
27  :  Mary  Braithwaite  de  Sawrey  extra 
March   I  :  Jane   Harrison  wife  of  George  of  Loanthwaite 

6 :  Robert    Hodgeon   de   Oxenfell 
eodem  die  An  Abortive  child  of  John  Britch's  de  Grisedall 

9  :  An  Abortive  child  of  Thorn  :  Cockans  de   Berkrey 
ffinis  hujus    Anni    1699 


Aprill  23     Joseph  son   of  John  Jackson  of  ye   Park 

25     Dorethy    daughter    of    William    Mackreth    de 

May     26     Issabell  Daughter  of  John    Rigge   de  Sawrey   infra 

30    Robert  Braithw*  son  of  William  de    Scelwith 
June      4     John  son  of  Richard  Rigge  de   Satterthw1 

5     Robert  son  of  Robert  Taylor  de  Dale-park 
20     Jane  Daughter  of  Mathew  Redhead  de  Haukeshead 
August  20 :  Annas  Daughter  of  George    Braithw1   beyond 

25 :  Margarett   Daughter   of   Miles   Sawrey   de    Water 


October  6 :  Mary  Daughter  of  Edward  Powe  de    Haukeshead 
13:  William  son  of  Henry  Holm  of  Haukshead-hill 
22 :  Robert  son  of  John  Rigge  of  Sawrey  infra 


24 :  Allice  Daughter  of  Robert  Benson  de  Holms  Head 

28:  George   son  of  Clement  Satterthw'  of  Hawkshead 

November  17  :  Thomas    Braithw1.    son    of  Thomas  de    Hauks- 

head  Hill 

26 :  Thomas   Sandys  fil  .  Thomse  de  Easthwaite 
December  29 :  Elizabeth    Keen  fil  .  Joseph   de  Haukshead 

31  :  John    Massack    filius   Thomae  de   Consey-Forge 
January      26 :  William    Rawnson    son    of    William    de    Tarn- 

19:  Nicholas  son  of  Nicholas  Turner  de  Satterthw' 
ffebruary       2  :  John  Ashburner  son  of  John  de  Roger  ground 
5  :  Agnes  Daughter  of  John  Scale  of  Bowkerstead 
9:  Issabell    Daughter   of    Robert    Townson    of 

1 1  Margarett    Daughter   of  George    Dixon    of 


12  William  son  of  James  Kirkby  de  .  .  . 
eodem  die  Elizabeth  Kirkby  fil 

ffebruary     25  :  Elizabeth    Swenson    daughter   of  Chri(stopher) 
ffebruary     19:  William  son  of  Oliver  Sandys  de  Sawrey  infra 
23  :  Thomas  son  of  Thomas  Daniell  of  Haukshead 

Gauger  ? 

March   18:  Agnes    Daughter   of  George    Braithw'   of  Scelwith 
20 :  John   son  of  Christopher  Briscow  of  Berkrey 

SEPULTURE     ANNO     DOMINI     1700. 

March  29 :  Issabell  Rigge  widdow  de  Satterthw1  in  ye  Church 

Aprill    13:  An  Abortive  child  of  Thomas  Midlefell  de  Oxefell 

29:  Mr  Samuell  Sandys  of  Graithwaite   who  dyed   att 


May  9 :  A   child  of  William  Townsons  of  parkamoore 
12  :  Jane   Rigge  widdow  de  Sawrey  in  the  Church 
eodem  die  Issabell   Jackson  Daughter  of  Mathew  de  Hill 
May  20 :  Thomas  Garner   son  of  John  de   Haukshead    Hill 

23  :  Rowland  Wilson  de   Light  how 
June    2  :  John   Schales  de  Whaite-head  in  Church 

7 :  Elizabeth  Braithwaite  wife  of  John  de  Sawrey 



17:  William  son  of  William   Kirkby  de  lowson  park 
eodem  die  William   Kirkby  of  Satterthwaite 
July     5  :  James   Threason  of  Grisedall 

19:  Margarett  Rigg  widdow  de  fTeild-Head 
August  i 


October  I 


William   Dixon  de  Hollin-Bank 

Margarett  wife  of  Robert  Rigg  of  Sawrey 

Edward  Sawrey  of  Oxenfell 

Cuthbert  Hodgeon  of  Tarn  =  hows 

Dorothy  wife  of  William   Tovvnson    of  Grisedall 

Mary  daughter  of  Edward   Pow  de   Haukshead 

George  son   of  Clement   Satterthw1   de    Haukshead 

Novembr  3  :  Jennet   Bcsbrown  of  Tarnhows 

eodem    die  :  William  Benson  of  Hackett    Forge   in  Grasmeere 

January     I  :  An    Abortive    child   of  William    Herdsons    Force 


17:  David  Kirkby  of   Hollin   Bank  in  the  Church 
ffinis   Anni    1700 

NUPTLE     ANNO     DOMINI     1700 

May  2  :  Robert   Rowlinson   &  Elizabeth   Tyson 

23  :  William  Sharpe  &  Agnes  Hall 
June  3  :  Francis   Knipe  and  Agnes   Hind 
November  30  :  George    Harrison  and  Margarett  Braithwaite 
January  23  :  Robert  Leek  and  Ann  Pennington 
February  2 :  George  Dixon  and  Dorothy  Sawrey 

3  :  Thomas  Bell  and   Jane  fforest  married  .... 


March  25  :  John   Holme  fil  .  Michael  de   Hodge-Close 
Aprill    1 6  :  Dorythy  Taylor  fil  .  Benjamin  de  Sawrey-infra 

27 :  William  Mackereth  son  of  Edward  Outyeat 
May        6  :  Margarett  Turner  filia  William  de  Sawrey  infra 

18:  Margrett    Dixon    filia    George    of   the    parish 

21  :  James  Braithwait  son  of  Gowen  de  Braithway 
June      12  :  Elline  Braithwait  filia  James  de  Satterhow 
July      15  :  Jennet  Strickland  filia  Thomas  de  Sawrey  extra 


30 :  John   Greaue   fil  .  James   de   Haukshead   Church 

September  2  :  Esther  Daughter  of  John  Wright  dc  Haukshead 

7  :  John  son  of  John  Braithwaite  of  Bucle  yeat 
November    2    Elsebeth    daughter    of   Cudbert    Hodshon   of 

November    9  Margret  Atkinson  filia  Edward  de  Watterson 


.  .  .  ember   17   Margret  Mackereth   filia  Daniel  de   Sarew   infra 

.  .  .  mber     25    Antony  Atkinson  fil  .  Antony  de  Elterwater  pkc 

eodem  die  Thomas  ?  Berwick  son  of  John  de  feild  head 

....  Rigge  filia  William  de  Fowl  yeate 
8 :  Elsebeth  Townson    fila   William  de   Grisdale 
Jannuary    18:    Christofer   Attkinson    filia   Thomas   de    Hauks- 
head fild  head 

Jannuary   25  :    Margeret  Massocke  filia  John  de  Consey  Forge 
February    26 :    Edward   Readhead  fil  .  Matthew  de   1 1  aukshead 
March     I  :  Hannah  Hogard  filia  Joseph  de  Hollinbanke 
March  12:  Beniamin  Cocken  fill  Thomas  de  Haukshead 
October  28 :  Thomas  Rigge  fil  .  George  de  field  head  * 

NUPTLE    ANNO    DOMINI     1701 

May  3 :  Edward  Atkinson  &  Elsabeth  Atkinson 

27 :  Rowland son  t  &  Jane  Pearson 

June  16:  John   Richardson  and  Cicill  Knipe 

19 :  Joseph   Hogert  and  Obedience  Sawrey 
28:  William  Akenson  &  Elsabeth   Sawrey 
July     6:  John  Massacks  and  Agnes  Grigge 
September  30:  Wm.    Braithw1  &   Margarett   Harrison   married 

at  Cartmell  Church 

November  29:  John  Rigge  &  Agnes  Dodshon 
December     6:  Ather  Mackereth  &  Elizebeth  Hodshon 
December     9:  Thomas  Braithwaite  &  Jane  Holm 

*  This  entry  in  a  different  hand. 

f  This  name  has  been  originally  written  Wilkenson,  and  the  first  two  syllables* 
have  been  scratched  out  and  something,  perhaps  Dauid,  written  above, 



December  20:  Robert  Satterthwaite  &  Margret   Stephenson 
Jannuary    20:  John  Shepard  &  Dorothy  Braithwaite 
Feberuary  firste  William  Rigge  &  Elsabeth  Sawrey 
eodem  die  John  Rigge  &  Elsabeth  Hanson 

SEPULTURE     ANNO     DOMINI     1701 

March  26  :  Thomas  Keen   de   Haukshead  Church    Style 

29 :  Adam   Bank   de   Skelwith 
Aprill      2 :  William    Sawrey    son    of    Edward    de    Munck 


6 :  Elsabeth  ffrearson  widdow  de   Grisedall 
9  :  William   Braithw*  de  Stot-park  in  ye  Church 
14 :  Mary  Satterthw1  filia  Robert  in  ye  Church 
23  :  William  Kirkby  son  of  James   de  Munck-Coniston 
May   4 :    Elsabeth    Atkinson   de    Munck   Coniston   in   the 


20:   John  Holme  de  Munck-Coniston 
26  :    Beltris   Braithw'  filia  George  de  High  wrey  in  the 

Church  (?) 

June  13  :  Richard  Atkinson  of  Munck  Coniston  in  the  Church 
July   25  :  Margarett  Turner  filia  Wm.  de  Sawrey  infra 
August  3  :  Jennet  Strickland  filia  Thomae  de  Sawrey  extra 
19 :  Elsabeth  Hodgeon  widdow  de  Oxenfell 
20 :  Margarett  Braithw1  filia  John   de   Sawrey  extra 
October  19 :  Mary  Mackereth  filia  John  de  Foulyeat 
October  27 :  Jane  ye  wife  of  James    Hdgson  of  Newby  brigde 

in  Church 
October  28  :  An  Abortive   son   of  William    Dickinson   of 

October  29:  Marget   filia   John   Satterthw1    deceased  in   the 

November  3 :  Elsabeth    the    wife    of   Thomas    Jackson    of 

Sarewy  extra 

November  19 :  Margret  Mackreth  filia  Daniel  de  Sarey  extra 
December    10  :  Clement  Holm  Colier  de  Dealpark 
January     9 :  William  Braithw1  de  How   in   Haukshead  field 
January  13  :  Jabel  Burns  filia  Edward  de  Boukerstead 


January  16 :  Mary  Janson  filia  Matthew  de  Haukshead  hill 
Feberuary  19:  John  Knipe  son  of  John  of  Sawrey  infra 
27  :  An  Abortive   Child  of  Anthony  Knipe   of 

Hodge  Close 

March   12 :  Katherine  the  wife  of  Thomas  Cocken  de  Hauks- 
head hill 

March   14 :  Tho :  Mackreth  of  Skelwith  in  the  Church 
Finis   hujus   Anni    1701  : 


April  7th.  Margret   Braithw'   fil  .  John  de  Satterhow 
April  8th.  Bridgett  Sewell  fil  .  Sam  :   de   Hawkshead 
April  1 5th.  Esther  Bownes  fil  .  Thorn :  de  Elterwater  park 
April  29th.  Betteras  Sandys  fil  Oliver  de  Sawrey  infra 
June     7th.  George  Braithw*.  fil  Will  .  de  ffoulyeat 
June   23th.  Agnes   Mackreth  fil  .  Tho :  de  Brow  in    Skelwith 
June   3<Dth.  Elizabeth  Pool  fil  .  Edward  de  Hawkshead 
July   23.  William  &  Ann  children  of  Edward  Dixon  of 


August  6.  James  Satterthw1  fil .  Clement  de  Hawkshead 
August  9th.  Isabel  Keen  fil  .  Joseph  de  Hawkshead 
August  IIth.  John  Johnson   baptixed  at  Saterthw1 
Septembr.  27th.    Dorathy  Satterthw1  .  fil  .  Will  .  de   Sawrey 

Octobr.  6th.  John  Braithw1  .  fil  .  WilTi  de  fould  in   Sawrey 


Octbr.  7th.  Josua  Braithw1  .  fil  .  John  de  Sawrey  extra 
Octobr.    ioth.  Wm.   Braithw1  .   fil  .  Thorn :   de  Hawkshead  hill 
Octobr.   13th.  Mathew  Braithw1  .  fil  .  George  de  Skelwith 
Octobr.   i6th.   Isabel   Holm  fil  .  Henry  de  High  house 
Octobr.  22th.  Ann   Strickland  fil  .  Tho  .  de  Sawrey  extra 
Novembr.     3th.  John    Benson  fil  .  Robert  de  Skelwith 
Novembr.    17th.  Elizabeth  Rownson  fil  .  John  de  Monk  Coniston 
Novembr.  25th.  John   ffisher  fil  .  John   de   Hawkshead 
Decembr.     9th.  Mary  Sands  fil  .  Thomas  de  Esthwaite 
Decembr.     20.  Wm.  Godfrey  fil  .  Will  .  de  fieldhead 
Decembr.    29th.  Anthony  Rigge  fil  John   dc  Sawrey  infra 


January  5th.  John  Townson  fil  .  Robert  de  Grisedall 
January  2 Ith. /George  Dixon  fil  .  George   de   Satterthw1  . 

jeod  die  Elizabeth  Sawrey  fil  Myles  de  Coniston 
I  waterhd 
Jan.   26th.  (James  Braithw1  fil  .  Wm  de  Skelwith 

Uod  die  Jane  Dickinson  fil .  Wm.  de  Skelwith 
ffebruary  24th.  Robt.    Satterthw'  .  fil  .  Robt.  de  Satterthwaite 
March.  3th.   Martha   Stubbs  fil  .  James  Curate  de  Satterthw1  * 
March .  4th  James   Rigge  fil  .  John  de  High  wrey 
March.  14th  James   Atkinson  fil  .  Edwd.  de   Watterson  ground 
March .  22th.  Richard  Archer  fil  .  Richard  de  Hawkshead  Hall 

NUPTI^E    ANNO     DOMNI     1702 

April  .  27th.  Thomas  Clark  &   Mary  Kirkby 

May  .  5th.  Wm  Braithw1  .  &   Mary  Robinson 

June  .  Ith.  Edward   Sawrey  &  Agnes  Sawrey  of  Coniston 

June  .  2th.  Clement  Holm  &  Agnes  Kilner  marryd  at  Ulverston 

June  .  6th.  John   Mackreth  &  Mary  Partridge 

July  .  19th.  Job  Sawrey  &  Mary  Dixon 

Septembr.  29th.  Edwd  Herd  &  Mary  Berwick 

Octobr.   14th.  James  Noble  &  Mary  Dawson 

Octobr.   I5thf  Wm.  Braithw'.   & 

Decembr.  3th.  Robert  Birket  &  Elizabeth   Rigge 

January  2  Ith.  Benjamin   Taylor  &  Alice  Hall 

ffebruary  2th  (John  Mackreth  &  Agnes  Walker 

Uod  die  .  John  Hodgson  &  Alice  Jackson 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOMNI     1702 

March  3  Ith  Margrett  Dixon  fil  .  George  de  Satterthw1 

April  7th.  An  abortive  child  of  Tho :  Sherron  de  Dalepke 

April  3Oth.  Margret  Taylor  of  Whaithead 

May    IIth.  George  Kirkby  of  Holinbank 

May   23th.  John  Scale  of  Rodger  Ridding 

June  15th.  Agnes  Ashburnr  widdow  of  Rogerground 

*  See  note  to  Baptisms  Jan.  8th,  1698. 
The  name  of  the  woman  is  omitted, 


June  1 8th    Margret  Suerte  widdow  of  Rogerground 

22th.  George    Kellet  fil  .  George  de  Hawkshead  * 

Dorathy  Kirkby  of  Holin  bank 

James  Woodburn  fil   Nicholas  de  Grisedale 

br  .   8th    James  Stubbs  Curate  att  Satterthw1. 

Octobr.    25th.  George  Taylor  of  Dalepark. 
Octobr     31th    George  Rigge  of  Satterthw'. 
Novembr  13th.  Tho  :  Mackreth  fil  .  Will  .  de   brow  in   Skelwith 
Novembr.  2Oth.  Agnes  Pool  fil .  Edwd  de   Hawkshead 
Novemb1".  25th  Edwd.   Sawrey  of  Monk  Coniston 
Decembr .  9th  Jennet  Rigge  widdow  of  ffield  head 
Decembr.   22*  Miles  Walker  fil  Will  de   Hawkshead  Hill 
January  2th.  Wm.  Townson  fil  .  John  de  Grisedale 
Jan:  18  .  Ann  Benson  widdow  of  How  in  Hawkshead  field 
ffebruary  Ith.  Dorathy  Mackreth  fil  Will  .  de  brow  in   Skelwith 
ffeb  :   1 2th.  Thomas  Vicars  a  bastard  died  att  Lowrey 
March  14th  .  Agnes  Knipe  uxor   ffrancis  do   Hodgeclose 
March  i8th  Allice  Bank  fil  .  George  de  Croslands 
ffinis  Anni    1702 


March  3Oth  .  Isabel  Holme  dauther  of  Clement  de  Consey  forge 
eodem  die  .  Dorithy   Tompson    dauther   of   Thomas   de 

Lowson  pke 

Aprill  first  .  Elisabeth  Graenap  fill  John  de  Consey  Mill 
Aprill  :  2Oth :  Thomas    Birkett   fil   Robert   de    Haukshead    field 


Aprill  :  22th :  Joseph  Briskawe  fil  Christopher  de  Birkrey 
Aprill  :  28th  :  George    Taylor    fil    Wm :    de    Graythwaite    field 


May  :  22  :  Mary  Kirkby  fil  .  James  de  Munck  Conistone 
June  :  8 :  Wilkinson  Braithw1.  fil  .  Gaun  de  Braithway 
June  :  20 :  Agnes  Hoggard  fil  Joseph  de  Holin  Banke 
Jully  :  13:  John  Braithw1.  fil  James  de  Satterhow 
Jully  :  14:  George  Braithw1.  fil  .  George  Beyon  field  att  wrey 

*  Page  worn  away. 


Jully  :  18:  George  Mackreth  fil  Edward  de  Outyeat 
August  :  3  :  Barbary  Sarey  fil  Job  .  de  hollinbank 
September  :  14 :  Agnes  Jackson  fil  John  de  Elterwater  park 
September  :  28 :  Jane  Rigge  fil  John  de  Haukshead  field  head 
October  :  6 :  Margrett  Sands  fil  Oliver  de  Sarey  infra 
Octobr  :  31  :  William  Ashburner  fil  John  de  Roger  ground 
December  :  28 :  William   granchild  of  Wm  Sarey  Hatter 

Bastard  unknown  f(ather)? 
January  :  25  :  Ruth    Braithwt  fil  John   de  fould  in    Haukshead 

ffebruary  :  8 :  Roger  Barwick  fil  John  de  field  head 

eodem  die  William  Massick  fil  John  de  Consey  forge 
March  5  :  Isabell  Turner  fil  .  Wm.  de  Sarey  infra 

NUPTI^E    ANNO     DOMINI     1703 

A  prill  12:  Christopher  Philipson  &  Margrett  Saull 

May  ye  first:  John  Ashburner  &  Issabell  Berwick 

June  26th  James  Holme  &  Alice  Scale  married   att  Ulveston 

Octobr  1 8 :  Thomas  Warriner  &  Margrett  Rigge 

Novembr  1 5  :  Charles  Shenton  &  Ann  Parke 

Novembr  16 :  John   Atkinson   &    Hannah   Wilson   married    at 

T  ...  re  * 
Novembr   1 8  :  John  Macketh  &  Elsabeth  Benson 

eodem  die :  William  Higgin  &  Margret  Benson 
January  :  18  :  William  Knipe  &  Agnes  Sarey 
ffebruary  :  10 :  Edward  Dixson  &  Agnes  Robinson 

eodem  die :  Jonathan  Postlethw1 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOMINI     1703 

March  :  26th :  Edward  Walker  of  Crosslands 
Aprill  :  25th.  John  Tovvnson  fil  .  Robert  de    Grisdalle 
May  :  27 :  Agnes  wife  of  John  Coward  of  wrey 
June  :  9:  Thomas  Wilson  de  Oxenfell 
June  :  17  :  John  Walker  of  Tarnhows 

*  Torver? 



June  :  23  :  William  Rigge  fil  .  W™.  de  Haukshead  field 
August  :  3  :  Mary  wife  of  Edward  Hyrde  of  Outyeat 
August  :  4 :  Issabell    Taylor    fil    Rowland    de    Whait   Moss    in 


August  :  7  :  John  Rigge  of  High  wrey 
Septembr  :  9 :  Mary  Pattison  of  Haukshead 
Septembr  :  17:  Margret  Harrison  widdow  de  Satterthw1 
Octobr.   1 5  :  An  Abortive  child  of  Christopher  Swainsone 
October  :  88  :  (sic)  Margret    Braithw1   widdow  de    Briers  in   ye 

Novembr  :  7 :  Agnes   wife   of  Christopher    Swainson   of   High 


Novemb'  :  II  :  William  Walker  of  Haukshead   Hill 
November  :  19  :  Elin  Kirkby  widdow  de  Satterthw1. 
December  :  2 :  Agnes  Hodgshon  who  dyed  at  fieldhead 
December  :  16:  Thomas  Turner  fil  .  Christopher  de  Satterthw1. 
Decembr  :  27 :  Margret  Braithw1  fil  .  John  in  the  Church 
January  :  3  :  John  Sarey  fil  .  John  de  Conistone  water  head 
January  :  12:  Elisabeth  Walker  widdow  de  Tarnhows 
January  :  17  :  An  Abortive  Child  of  John  Hodgsons  of  Newby 


January  :  21  :  Isabell  Wilson  widdow  who  dyed  att  Haukshead 
February  :  7  :  Jane  Attkinson  widdow  de  Sandground 
February  :  9 :  Agnes    Bank  widdow   who  dyed  at   Clapassgate 
February  :  18  :  Jane  Jackson   widdw  of  Parke  in   the  Church 
February  .  28  :  William    fil  .  of   Agnes    Sarey    without    any 

known  fathr.  .  .  a  bastard 
March  18:  Thomas  Sherran  of  Dale  parke 
Finis   Anni  1703 


March  ye  3Oth  Elsabeth  Hodgson  fil  John  de   Oxenfell 
May  ye  2  John  Rigge  son  of  Thomas  de  fieldhead 
May  ye  16  :  Thomas  Norish  Son  of  Gilbert  born  in  Sarey 
May  ye  20:  John  Christerson  fil  John  born  at  Lonthwaite 
May  ye  24:  Elsabeth  Coupland  fill  James  de  Parkamoore 
July  ye  26:  Thomas  Jackson  son  of  James  a  Traveller 


August  ye  6 :  John  Turnr   son  of  Nicolas  de   Satterthwaite 
Octobr   ye  3  :  Elizabeth  Gilpin  fill  of  Myles  de  Satterthw* 
Octobr  ye  7 :  Saray  Benson  fil  of  Robert  de  Skellwith 
Decembr  ye  19  :  George  Warriner  fill  Thomas  de  ffieldhead 
Decembr  ye  30 :  Agnes  Scale  fil  .  John  de  Sattrthwaite 
January  ye  14 :  Elizabeth   Holme  fil  Agnes  de    Daleparke 
January  ye  18  :  Agnes  Greenop   fill  .  John  de  Consey 
February  ye  4:  Jack  Braithwaite  fil  .  Thomas   de   Haukshead 

NUPTLE     ANNO     DOMI     1704 

May  ye   26 :  Henery  Sawrey  &  Dorothy  Mackreth 
June  ye  24  :  William  Sawrey  &    Margrett   Cowperthwaite 
June  ye  29  :  Richard  Harrinson  of  Waterhead  &  Agnes  Scale 
....  ye  3  :  Thomas  Attkinson  &  Gennett  Dickeson 

mbr   21  :  Jeremia  Grave  &  Margrett  Braithwaite 
. .  mbr. .  . .  Fisher  &  Ann  Dixson 

Katherine    Moor  (?)    Marryd    at 

Ha  . . h .  .  * 

Roger  (?)   Casson  &   Issabell  Woodburne  in  ye  year    1704 
15:  Francis  Knipe  &  Elsabeth  Rigge 

SEPULTURE    ANNO     DOMI     1704 

March  ye  2 :  Esabeth    Wilson    wife    of    Robert    de    Roger 


Aprill  ye   16 :  Isabell  Turner  fil  .  Wm.  de  Sarey  infra 
April    ye    2i :  Dorithy  Posthlwaite  wife  of  Thomas  de  Satter- 


May  ye  2  :  Dorithy  Freareson  fil  .  James  de  Grisdale 
May  ye  6 :  Agnes  Sarey   wife  of  Miles  de  Munck  Coniston 
June  ye  19th  Isack   Burnes  de  Sattrthwaite 
June  ye  28  :  John  Townson   of  brow   in    Grisdale  in   the 

July  ye  :  6  Elisabeth  Rigge  de  Outyeat 

*  Leaf  worn  away  and  the  entry  an  insertion  in  another  hand. 


July  ye  25  :  James   Kirby   son   of  William   de    Lowson   parke 

in  ye  Church 
August  ye  1 1 :  William  Cowprthvvaite  of  Tockhow  in  ye 

August  ye  25  :  Elsabeth   the  wife   of  Thomas  Rigge  de   field 


Septembr  ye   1 8  :  William  Jackson  of  Sarey  extra 
Septembr  ye  20:  An    Abortive  Childe   of  John    Attkinsons  of 

High   wrey 
Octobr  ye  1 8 :  John   Tompson  who    dyed    att   Troutbeck    & 

buried  at  Hawkshd 

Octobr  ye  24 :  Adam   Rigge  of  Haushead  in  ye   Church 
Novembr  first  James  Rigge  son  of  John  de   High  wrey 
code  die  Agnes    the    wife    of    John    Braithw1    in    ye 

Decembr  ye  12 :  Katherine   Ashburner   widdow   de    Monk 


Decembr  ye  24 :  Jane  Nicoson  widdow  de  farr  Coniston 
ffebru  :  ye   16  :  George  Taylor  of  Grisdale 

March  12:  Margrett  Sawrey  widdow  de  Hollin  =  banke  in  the 
Church  * 

OUR    LORD    GOD    1704 

October  :  30:  1704:  George  Rownson  son  of  John  de  Muncke 

January  :  23  :   1704 :  Margrett  Taylor  fil  .  Benjamin  de  Sawrey- 

ffebruary  :  22  :  Ann  Satterthwaite   daughter  of  Robert   de 


March:  4:    1704:    George    Attkinson    fil  .  Thomas   de    field 

*  The  handwriting  here  changes.  Since  the  burials,  November,  1697,  it  has 
been  scrawly  and  coarse,  and  apparently,  but  not  certainly,  written  by  the  same 
hand.  The  new  handwriting  is  very  similar  to  that  previous  to  the  above-men- 
tioned date. 


March:  6:  1704:  Ann  Braithwait  fil  John   de  Satterhowe 
March  :  10 :  1/04:  Barbary  Sands  .  fil  Oliver  de  Sawrey=infra 
March:  18:  1704:  James    Keene  son    of  Joseph   de    Haukes- 

finis  hujus  Anni    1704 


Jane  Rigge  ffill  :  Clement   de   Hawkeshead  born 
ye    19  June   &   baptized   ye    ioth  of  July    1706  . 

*  This  entry  is  written  on  the  last  page  by  itself. 

Gbe  "Burial  in  Woolen"  Certificates. 

THESE  certificates,  already  alluded  to,  are  one  hundred  and 
ninety-four  in  number,  and  in  the  following  pages  a  list  of 
them  is  printed.  It  has  not  been  thought  necessary  fo  give  the 
names  of  the  persons  making  oath,  but  the  reader  will  find  some 
information  which  is  not  contained  in  the  register  itself :  thus 
there  are  among  the  certificates  a  considerable  number  of  persons 
who  are  not  entered  at  all  in  the  register,  and  these  are  printed  in 
italics.  In  the  others  there  are  often  points  of  information  not  in 
the  register,  and  sometimes  slight  discrepancies  in  dates  and  other 
matters,  which  the  reader  can  examine  for  himself.  It  should  be 
remarked  that  the  two  persons  making  oath  for  each  certificate  are, 
in  the  majority  of  cases,  women,  and  nearly  always  they  were  illiterate, 
making  their  mark  instead  of  signing  their  names.  There  are,  how- 
ever, exceptions,  for  in  twenty-seven  cases  there  were  male  witnesses, 
and  in  thirteen  instances  we  find  signatures  instead  of  marks.  Of 
these  thirteen,  no  less  than  seven  are  men.  The  women  occasionally 
were  relations  of  the  deceased :  some  were  widows,  but  it  is  common 
to  find  others  styled  "  spinster,"  or  "  wife "  of  so  and  so.  The 
names  are  so  varied  that  it  is  evident  that  they  were  not  professional 
attendants  of  the  dead,  or  "  streekers,"  as  is  suggested  in  an  editorial 
note  to  a  paper  on  Hawkshead  Church  Registers  in  volume  iv.  of 
the  "Transactions  of  the  Cumberland  and  Westmorland  Archaeolo- 
gical and  Antiquarian  Society." 

The  following  is  the  usual  form  of  the  certificate,  but  the  parts 
included  in  brackets  are  in  many  cases  omitted: — 

"We  Isabell  Hobson  wife  of  John  Hobson  of  Coulthouse  & 
Ellinor  Satterthwaite  of  the  same  spinster  make  oath  that  the  corps 
of  George  Braithwaite  Late  of  Coulthouse  Interred  within  the  pish 
of  Haukeshead  in  the  County  of  Lancaster  the  ffourth  day  of  March 
Instant  was  nott  put  in  wrapt  or  wound  up  or  buryed  in  any  shirt 
shift  sheet  or  shroud  made  or  mingled  with  fflax  hempe  (silke  haire 



gold  or  silver),  or  other  then  what  is  made  of  sheeps  wooll  onely 
(or  in  any  Coffin  Lined  or  ffaced  with  any  cloth  or  stuffe  or  any 
other  thing  whatever  made  or  mingled  with  fflax  hempe  silke  haire 
gold  or  silver  or  any  other  materiall  but  sheeps  wool  onely)  Acording 
to  an  Act  of  Parliemt  entituled  an  Act  for  burying  in  woolen  onely 
In  wittnes  whereof  we  have  hereunto  sett  our  handes  £  scales 
this  tenth  day  of  March  Ano  Domi  1681  Ano  Regni  etc. 

Capt  et  Jurat  decimo  die  Isabell  Hobson 

Mensis  Martii  coram  me  her  +  marke 

Ricardum  Rawling  curatum 
de  Coniston  Anno  Dom   1681 

Ellinor  Satterthwaite 
her  +  marke  " 

1680.      1 8  CERTIFICATES.      23  ENTRIES  IN  REGISTER. 


Date  of  Burial. 

Sworn  before. 

Date  of  Oath. 

Rowland  Taylor,  Crosland... 

25  May  ... 

Myles  Doddinge... 


James     Braithwait     son     of 

28  May  ... 

Dan  :  Fleminge... 

30  May. 

William,   Sawrey,   hatter 

Isabel  Townson,  Monk  Con- 

19 July  ... 

»         » 

3i  July. 

iston  spinster 

Anthony     Banke,    Lowwrey 

13  Aug:... 

Myles  Doddinge... 

19  Aug. 


William     Rawlinson     Gray- 

10  Sept.... 

Dan  :  Fleming  ,  .  . 

10  Sept. 

thwaite  gent. 

Curwen  Rawlinson 

Thomas  ffrearson  infant  son 

18  Sept.... 

Myles  Doddinge... 

20  Sept. 

of  James,  Grysdall 

Richard    Dixeson,    Dixeson 

30  Sept.... 

Dan  Fleming      ... 

i  Oct. 

ground  waller. 

Jno  :    Braithwaite    Hyewrey 

12  Oct.  ... 

Curwen  Rawlinson 

19  Oct. 


Eliz  :  Walker  dau  :   of  Jno. 

21  Nov.... 

Dan.  Fleminge  ... 

23  Nov. 

Keene  Ground  infante. 

Dorothy  Satterthwaite,  Parke- 

i  Dec.    ... 

William   Kirkby 

2  Dec. 



Robert  Walker,  Finsthwaite... 

21  Dec.  ... 

Curwen  Rawlinson 

2  2  Dec. 

Elline  Walker  Finsthwaite  ... 

2  Jan.     ... 

Tho:  Preston    ... 

4  Jan. 

William  Wilson,  Rusland  ... 
Thomas  Jackson 
George  Jackson  Skelwith   ... 

4  Jan.     ... 
30  Jan.  ... 
16  Feb.... 

Myles  Doddinge... 
Dan  Fleminge    ... 

4  Jan. 
17  Feb. 

Jane  Russell            

12  March 

W™'  Wilson  Rector 

13  Mar. 

of  Windermere 

Isabel  Walker         

21  March 

Jno.    Armstrong 


Isabel  Sandys          

24  March 

Richard   Rawling 

29  Mar. 



1 68 1.      45  CERTIFICATES.      48  ENTRIES  IN  REGISTER. 


Date  of  Burial. 

Sworn  before. 

ate  of  Oath. 

William  Keene         

2  Ap  :     ... 

Ric:  Rawling  Min- 

5 Ap. 

ister  Coniston 

John  Braithwaite 

yAp:     ... 

»             »» 

10  Ap: 

Eliz:  Jackson           

9Ap:     ... 

Dan  Fleming     ... 

12  Ap: 

Robert  Scale            

15  Ap:  .. 

Ric  Rawling 

19  Ap: 

William  Bancks       

19  Ap:  ... 

)>         »              *  •  • 

20  Ap  : 

Easter  Scale             

22  Ap  :  ... 

»         ») 

25  Ap: 

John  Turner 

7  May    ... 

John  Armstrong... 

no  date 

Elizabeth  Braithwt  

8  May    .. 

Ric  :  Rawling    ... 

14  May. 

George  Rigg            

29  May  ... 

»             » 

30  May. 

ludeth  Nicholson 

last  day 


Agnes  Hodgson 

30  May  ... 

»>             j> 


Margarett     Satterthwaite 

4  June    ... 

»             » 

5  June. 


Robert  Russell         

19  June  ... 

j>             u 

20  June 

Isabell  Kasterson     

30  June... 

}>             » 

2  July. 

Rachell  Walker  Psh  of  Gras- 

30  June... 

»>             »i 

5  July- 


Edward  Atkinson    ... 

2  July     ... 

>»             »> 

3  July 

James  Hall  ... 

7  July    ... 

»             » 

IT  July. 

Agnes   Satterthwt.    ... 

8  July     ... 

»             » 

12  July. 

Elizabeth  Hird        

16  July  ... 

»»             » 

27  July. 

Christopher  Taylor... 

20  July  ... 

>»             »> 

22  July. 

Eliz  Rigg      

21  July  ... 

»             » 

20  July. 

Isabell  Braithwt  

25  July  ... 

Myles  Dodding  ... 

no  date. 

Agnes  Braithwaite  ... 

3  Aug     ... 

Ric  Rawling 

6  Aug. 

Agnes    Braithwaite    dau    of 

18  Aug.  ... 

Dan  Fleming     .. 

1  8  Aug. 

Rowland  Brathay 

Dorothy    Satterthwaite    dau 

23  Aug.... 

»            f> 

27  Aug. 

of  Edw.  Satterthwt 

Will™  Sawrey            

31  Aug.... 

Ric  Rawling 

last  day 


Robert   Taylor         

18  Sept  .. 

»            » 

23  Sept. 

Elizabeth  Scales       

25  Sept... 

»            »         •• 

last  day 


Agnes  Howgill 

2  Oct.       .. 

Dan  Fleminge    .. 

2    Oct. 

Mary  Taylor 

18  Oct.  .. 

Jno.  Armstrong.. 

20  Oct. 

Elizabeth  Kellett     

24  Oct.  .. 

Ric  Rawling 

25  Oct. 

Edward      Parke,      Skelleth 

29  Oct.  .. 

Dan  :   Flemming. 

i  Nov. 


Rowland  Townson  ... 

2  Sept.   .. 

Ric  Rawling 

3  Nov. 

Agnes  Sawrey,  Conyston   .. 

9  Nov.   .. 

»             » 

13  Nov. 

Eliz  Turner,  Satterthwt      .. 

28  Nov.  .. 

}5                            J> 

4  Dec. 

Patience  Sawrey  Hawkshead 

12  Dec.  .. 

U                            J>                   " 

5  Dec. 

Christopher  Holme  Coniston 

1  7  Dec.  .  . 

})                         )? 

28  Dec, 




Date  of  Burial. 

Sworn  before. 

Date  of  Oath. 

Geo  :  Holme  Holme  ground 

13  Jan    ... 

Ric  Rawling 

25  Jan. 

Elizabeth  Sandys  Graithwt.... 
Margaret  Wilson,  Crosland... 

13  Jan    ... 
24  Jan.  ... 

Curwen  Rawlinson 
John  Armstrong... 

1  6  Jan 
no  date 

Annas    Satterthwaite    Field- 

5  Feb.    ... 

Ric  Rawling 

7  Feb 


Barbary  Braithwaite   Sawrey 
George  Braithwaite  ... 

22  Feb.  ... 
4  March... 

j)             it 
j)             » 

24  Feb. 
10  March 

Issabell      Sawrey,      Neddar 

10  March 

»             )> 

1  2  March 

Newton,   Cartmell 

Agnes  Corker,  Ashlacke    ... 

13  March 

>•>             » 

19  March 

1683.      9  CERTIFICATES.       29  ENTRIES  IN   REGISTER. 

Geo:    Rigge    son    of   Geo: 

27  June... 

Roger  Atkinson... 


Curate  of  Torver 

Thomas     Rigge,     Waterson 

10  July.  ... 

j»                 }> 

20  July. 


Robert    Pepper   S.  of   Wm., 

30  July.  ... 

Thomas    Thomp- 

4 Aug. 



Eliz  Rawlinson  Rusland.    .... 

23  Sept.... 

Tho  :  Myers  Min. 

23  Sept. 

of  Coulton 

Eliz  :  Dodgson  Dixon  ground 

21  Oct.  ... 

John  Byrkett  clerk 

24  Oct 

of  Coniston 

Dorothy  Bownas 

1  8  Nov.  ... 

Jo:  Byrkett 

20  Nov. 

John     Birkett's     son    born 

13  Jan.  ... 

Dan  :  Fleming  .  . 

1  6  Jan 


Eliz  :  Dodgson  Roger  ground 

14  Jan.  ... 

Jo  :  Byrkett 

17  Jan. 


Ellene  Scale  Wid.  of  Roger 

25  Jan.  ... 

John  Armstrong 

28  Jan 


1684.      i  CERTIFICATE.       23  ENTRIES  IN  REGISTER. 

George  Rigj 

;  Hye  Wrey     ... 

22  Aug.... 



22  Aug. 

1685.       i  CERTIFICATE.      32  ENTRIES  IN  REGISTER. 

Ric.  Ashburner  Monk  Conis- 

28  March 

Jo  :  Byrkett 

29  March 


1686.       23  CERTIFICATES.       34  ENTRIES  IN  REGISTER. 


Date  of  Burial. 

Sworn  before. 

Date  of  Oath. 

Rich  Rigge,  Satterthwt.      ... 

27  March 

Jo:  Byrkett 

31  March 

Edwd.  Forrest,  Tockhowe  ... 

28  March 

Roger  Atkinson... 

29  March 

Eliz  :     Tyson,    Stonythwaite 

24  Ap  :  ... 



in     Ulpha     burd.     at     a 

'*  buryinge      place       near 

Hawkside  " 

Mary     Gilpin,      Hawkshead 

16  Ap  :  ... 

Jo  :  Byrkett 

19  Ap. 


Geo    Bay  ley    Russland 

i  May.  ... 

Joh  :  Armstrong 

3  May. 

Agnes     Atkinson     dau.     oj 

2  May.  ... 

Joh  :  Byrkett      ... 

6   May 

Geo  :  Fieldhead. 

John?  Scale,  Grysdall 

22  May  ... 

It                           » 

27  May 

John    Hyrdson,    Satterthwt. 

30  May  ... 

»             » 

31  May 

Mabell  Ward,    Sawrey-extra, 

30  May  ... 

„             ,, 

2  June 


Agnes     Wilson,     Lighthowe 

5  June  ... 

„             „ 

7  June 

W.  of  Ric. 

Mary  Jackson  of  

5  June  ... 

ii             >» 

5  June 

Ellin  Turner  Sattrthwt. 

i  July    ... 

»i             >» 

i  July. 

Mary  Sandys,  Fouleyeat     ... 

1  1   July  ... 

Roger  Atkinson 

12  July. 

Cur.   of  Torver 

Abortive     son      of      Myles 

3  Sept.  ... 

Jo  :  Byrkett 

6  Sept. 


Eliz  Rowneson  Coniston    .. 

13  Oct   ... 

»          i. 

15  Oct 

One   with    name   torn    away   sworn   to   Dec.   i7th,   probably   that   of 

Isabel  Williamson. 

Christopher     Sandys     Gray- 
thwt  Fieldhead. 

5  Dec:  ... 

Jo:  Byrkett 

10  Dec. 

\Vm  Harrison,  Tarne  Hows 
Jenett    Mackreth,    Skellwith 
Wm  Mackereth  S.  of  Wm.  ... 
James  Walker,  Coulthouse... 
Edwd.   Sawrey,    Sawrey-infra 
Isabeil    Scales,    Whaitehead 

30  Dec  : 
2  Jan.    ... 
29  Jan.  ... 
18  Feb.  ... 
.22  Feb.  ... 
17  March 

Jo  :  Byrkett 

2  Jan 
3  Jan. 
3°  Jan. 
20  Feb. 
28  Feb. 
21  March. 

1687.       21  CERTIFICATES.       34  ENTRIES  IN  REGISTER. 

Jane   Tyson  dau   of  
of    Eskdale     Co  : 

15  April... 

Dan  :  Fleming  .  .  . 

20  Ap: 


Abortive  son  of  W™  Benson 

31    May... 

Jo:  Byrkett 
curat     Coniston 

4  June 

Jennett     Borwicke,    Sawrey- 

12  June... 

M                        »•       ••• 

13  June 




Date  of  Burial. 

Sworn  before. 

Date  of  Oath. 

/?f  Dixson,  Dixeson  ground 

2  1  June  .  .  . 

Jo  :  Byrkett 

27  June 


curat  Coniston 

Dorothy     Benson     Haukes- 

18  July  ... 

M                               » 

24  July. 

head  fieldhead 

William    Braithwt.    ditto.    ... 

18  Aug.  ... 

»                               >!         "• 

21  Aug. 

VVillm  Sands            

26  Aug.  ... 

»                               J1 

i  Sept. 

Eliz  :  Benson,  Skelwith 

28  Aug.... 

J>                               >» 

r  Sept. 

Dorothy      Hodgson,     Tarn 

8  Sept    ... 

»                               J>         '  '  ' 

ii  Sept. 


Abortive  son   Myles  Sawrey 

16  Sept.... 

J»                               » 

17  Sept. 


Myles    Walker,    Satterthwait 

30  Sept.... 

Curwen  Rawlinson 

2  Oct. 

Agnes  Scale  wife  of  Robert 

30  Sept.... 

Jo  :  Byrkett 

3  Oct. 


John     Williamson,     Loane- 

2   Oct.      ... 

»>           »> 

9  Oct. 


Robert  Knype  son  of  Peter, 

30  Oct.  ... 

James  Stephenson 

last  day 



John    Cowerd     Parkamoore 

8  Nov.  ... 

Jo  :  Byrkett 

12  Nov. 

James  Taylor  Graysdale     ... 

10  Nov.... 

»          »> 

13  Nov. 

Willm    Ashburner    Annykin 

17  Nov.... 

i>          >» 

20  Nov. 


Rliz  :  Knype,  Coniston 

18  Dec:... 

»          » 

20  Dec. 

Dorothy  Pennington 

19  Dec.  ... 

»»          >» 

24  Dec. 

William  Rigge,  JSatterthwaite 

2  Jan. 

2  Jan. 

William  Grave 

14  fan.... 

u          »» 

17  Jan. 

1688.      5  CERTIFICATES.      41    ENTRIES  IN   REGISTER. 

Agnes   Braithwaite,    Brathay 

14  Sept.... 

Jo  :  Byrkett 

20  Sept. 

Rebecca      Benson,      d.      of 

27  Dec.  ... 

»          » 

31  Dec. 

Barnard,  Loughrigge. 

Margret  Walker  wid.  Cross- 

ii  Jan    ... 

Jacob    Pickthall 

13  Jan. 


cur  :  Lowick 

Thomas    Strickland,     Russ- 

17  Jan.  .. 

i>             »» 

19  Jan. 


Mary     Strickland     wife     of 

17  Jan.  ... 

»»             »i       ••• 

19  Jan. 


1689.      4  CERTIFICATES.      40  ENTRIES  IN   REGISTER. 

James  Braithwait,  Hye  Wrey 
George      Rownsone     Monk 

25  March. 
26  March 

Jo:  Byrkett 
»          » 

i  Ap. 
31  March 

Mabell  Holme,  Hodgclose... 
Mary   Ashburner,    Grysdale 

14  March 
22  March 

Myles  Sandys    ... 

M                   » 

17  March 
24  March 


1690.       32  CERTIFICATES.     36  ENTRIES   IN  REGISTER. 


Date  of  Burial. 

Sworn  before. 

Date  of  Oath. 

James    Mackreth,    Outyeate 

19  Ap:  ... 

Myles  Sandys    ... 

21    Ap. 

Robert  Turner,  Satterthwaite 

55         )> 

55           55 

21  May 

Barbary  Braithivaite  Loane- 

30  May  ... 

55           ») 

31  May 


Elianor    Turner,    Satterthwt 

13  June... 

55                        55 

13  June 

Elline      Dixeson,      Dixeson 

13  June  . 

55                        5  >                   •  •  • 

13  June 


Catherine  Hodgson,  Oxenfell 

10  July  ... 

Jo:   Byrkett 

14  June 

Agnes  Benson^  Skellwith    ... 

^  July  ... 

Myles  Sandys    ... 

28  July 

Adam    Ashburner    Grysdall 

2%  July  ... 

5»                       )5 

2%  July 

William  Attkinson  Eltarwater 

12  Aug.  ... 

>»                       >5 

12  Aug 


Margrett  Hyrde,   Outyeate... 

17  Aug.... 

»                      »» 

28  Aug. 

Tomasin  Braithwt,  Hye  Wrey 

29  Aug.... 

»>                      55 

3  Sept. 

Agnes  Penington,  Rusland... 

i  Sept.   ... 

Myles  Sandys    ... 

i  Sept. 

Robert   Penington,    Haukes- 

6  Sept.  ... 

55                       J» 

6  Sept. 


Edward   Brockbancke,  Skel- 

12  Sept.... 

55                        51 

13  Sept. 


Zuriall  Russell,  Cunsay 

23  Sept.... 

5  »                        5' 

29  Sept. 

John  Scales,  Thw1.  Head  ... 

23  Sept..., 

5  '                          »  J 

29  Sept. 

Jsabell    Mackereth,    Sawrey 

24  Sept.... 

55                        »5 

24  Sept. 


Isabell     Harrison     Sawrey 

29  Sept.... 

,,                        ., 

29  Sept. 


Mary  Macksfield,  a  stranger 

17  Oct.  ... 

•  >                         J  5                    *  •  • 

23  Oct. 

William  Braithwt,  Brethey... 


»5                        5»                  •  •  • 

28  Oct. 


William  Keene  Haukeshead 

1  6  Nov.  ... 

J1                        5  »                   •  •  • 

17  Nov. 


Margaret  Braithw1.  Fieldhead 

13  Dec  ... 

5'                        >5 

19  Dec. 

Margrett   Sawrey^    Coniston 

23  Dec.  ... 

11                       v 

24  Dec. 


Elline  Crowdson  Parkamoore 

29  Dec  :.. 

55                       *> 

29  Dec. 

An     abortive    child    of    J?.° 

28  Dec:... 

>5                          55 

2  Jan 

Attkinson  Arnesyde 

Rowland  Parke,    Skelwith.. 

55                        55 

28  Jan. 

Bathsheba    Sandys,    Hawks- 

i  Feb.    ... 

55                        51 

4  Feb. 


Wm  Mackereth,    Hawkshead 

13  Feb.  ... 

55                        51 

13  Feb. 


Myles  Rigge,  Satterthwt.    ... 

4  March. 

55                        55 

4  March. 

Catherine    Mackreth,    Force 

5  March 

55                        55 

5  March 


Dorothy  Braithwaite,   Field- 

10  March 

55                        55 

12  March 


*  John    Borwick,    Fieldhead 

1  1  March. 

55                       55 

1  6  March 

The  name  of  the  deceased  is  filled  up  from  the  Register. 




1691.       1 6  CERTIFICATES.       27  ENTRIES  IN   REGISTER. 


Date  of  Burial. 

Sworn  before. 

Date  of  Oath. 

Robert     Greene,     Easedale 

I  Ap\       ... 

Jo  Byrkett 

6  Ap. 


Mary  Penington  Hawkeshead 

54*:     ... 

Miles  Sandys     ... 

8  Ap  : 

Sarah    Satterthwt.    dau.    of 

\4&p\  ... 

Mylcs  Sandys     ... 


Clemt.  Scinrhow. 

Easter  Rawlinson,  Conyston 

18  Ap  :   ... 

,.            ,. 

18  Ap. 

James  Keene,  Tarnehows.... 

28  Ap:  ... 

,,            ,. 

4  May. 

John  Atkinson,  Arnesyde  ... 

i  o  May  .  .  . 

>  -            i  >         '  '  ' 

ii  May. 

Clement  Holme,  Coniston... 

15  May  ... 

,,            , 

15  May. 

Agnes  Holme,  Roger  ground. 

1  6  May  ... 

)1                           !» 

1  6  May. 

Issabell   Satterthwt.    Sawrey. 

i  June    ... 

,,                            ,, 

i  June 

Dorothy  Harrison,  Coniston 

20  June  ... 

,.                            ,, 

20  June 

Robert  Dickinson,   Braithey 

24  Aug  ... 

»1                            •  > 


Richd.     Hodgson,     Gallow 

19  Sept.... 

'?                         J> 

22  Sept 


Agnes  Braithwait,  Tockehow 

22  Oct.    ... 

!>                          '5 

26  Oct. 

Madling  Holme  *    ... 

17  Dec.  ... 

»»                          »»                    '  *  * 

1  8  Dec. 

Richard  Scale,  Bowkerstead 

22  Dec  :... 

,1                          ,, 

24  Dec. 

Charles  Satterthwt  

2$  Jan:... 

•J                          ») 

24  Jan  : 

l&93'       5   CERTIFICATES.       40  ENTRIES  IN   REGISTER. 

Francis  Braithwt.  Fieldhead. 

4  May.  ... 

Myles  Sandys    ... 

4  May 

J?.°  Satterthwt,    Satterthwaite 

12  May  ... 

11           i) 

12  May 

Dorothy  Sawrey,  Hawkshead 

18  May  ... 

11            M 

1  8  May 


Agnes  Dodgson,  Tarne  Hows 

3°  June... 

i>           »» 

3  July- 

Elizabeth  Dixon,  The  Parke 

25  July  ... 

«i           u 

i  Aug. 

1694,       42  CERTIFICATES.       41  ENTRIES  IN   REGISTER. 

Richard  Ho(lme)  ?  Oxenfell. 

7Ap:     ... 

Myles  Sandys     ... 

ii  Ap. 

Thos.  Braithwt.  son  of  Thos, 


i)         11 

12  Ap. 



\Vm.  Turner  Satterthwt:     ... 

ii  Ap  :  ... 

33                       33                            *  *  * 

ii  Ap  : 

John  Parke,   Skelwith 

14  Ap:  ... 

9)                  ,,                      •  •  • 

14  Ap  : 

Myles    Sawrey,     Coniston  * 

15  Ap:  .. 

53                    JJ                          *  *  " 

14  Ap 


John  Braithwt.  Sawrey 

10  May  ... 

JJ                    )>                          *  *  ' 

10  May 

Ellen    wife    of  Edw  :    Hird, 

15  May  ... 

JJ                    JJ 

1  8  May 


John     S.    of    Jo    Braithwt, 
Hawkshead  field 

20  May  ... 

JJ                    JJ 

23  May 

Gilpin  "  first  written,  then  erased,  and  "  Holme "  substituted. 




Date  of  Burial. 

Sworu  before. 

Date  of  Oath. 

Margaret  Jackson,    Braithey 

26  May  .. 

Myles  Sandys     .. 

26  May. 

John   Ashburner,   Dalepke... 

28  May  .. 

>>         '> 

28  May 

Margaret    Mackereth    Raws- 

21  June  .. 

?>         »'            '  *  • 

26  June 


Agnes  Braithwt  wife  of  Geo  . 

T  July    .. 

}5                       5? 

9  July 


Michael      Holme,      Holme 

14  July  ... 

J1                      J»                            *  '  ' 

1  6  July. 


Robt  Penington 

Hjuly  ... 

•1                      »>                           .." 

1  6  July. 

Agnes  Mossocke  Force  Forge 

17  July  ... 

1>                      »«                           •  '  * 

17  July 

Mary  Sawrey,  Muncke  Conis- 

19  July  ... 

11                      »»                           ... 

19  July 


Agnes   Dixon,  Langdale     ... 

20  July   ... 

f>                      »» 

23  July 

Tymothy   Harrison  ... 

2  Aug     ... 

Jo:  Byrkett 

6  Aug  : 

Jane   Holme,  Hawkshd  Field 

8Aug     ... 

Myles  Sandys     ... 

9  Aug: 

Will™  Sandes  Roger  ground 

10  Aug:... 

i  *         i  >           «  .  . 


Sarah  Sandes 


»  '         »  >           •  «  • 

last  day 

of  Aug  \ 

Jane  Bancks,  spinster,  Conis- 

15  Sept. 

i»         »» 

14  Sept 


Agnes  Taylor,  Ploome  greene 

28  Sept.... 

>i         >  »           «  •  • 

28  Sept 

Thomas  Braithwt,  High  Wrey 

ii  Oct:  ... 

11         ii           ... 

ii  Oct  : 

Jane    Walker:   Grysdale     ... 

29  Oct  :  ... 

»         j> 

5  Nov. 

George  Braithwaite  

30  Oct:... 

j»         » 

last  day 


Mary  Wright,  dau.  of  John 

6  Nov:  ... 

>'         » 

ii  Nov. 


John  Sawrey,  Rusland 

10  Nov.  ... 

»         j> 

10  Nov. 

Eliz:  Benson,  Stang  end    ... 

13  Nov.... 

»>         jj 

13  Nov. 

John  Lupton 

15  Nov.  ... 

.  ,         ,,           ... 

15  Nov. 

James  Walker,  Tame  Hows 

17  Novr... 

n         »» 

17  Novr 

Thomas  Benson,  Fieldhead.. 

24  Nov.  ... 

5)                   » 

26  Nov. 

An  abortive  dau  :  Wm  Rigge 

24  Nov.... 

••                   » 

26  Novr 


Issabell  Hodgson,  Watterson 

25  Nov.... 

»                   »»                       ." 

26  Nov. 


Christofer  Turner,  Satterthwt, 

30  Nov.... 

)>                   J»                        *•* 

30  Nov. 

Thomas  Harrison    ... 

10  Dec  :  ... 

J>                   >l 

ii  Dec 

An  unchrisned  child 

16  Dec  ... 

Jo:  Byrkett 

1  8  Dec. 

Issabell    Crowdson,     Hawks- 

20  Dec.  ... 

Myles  Sandys     ... 

20  Dec. 

head  Hallf 

Margaret  Keene,  Parkeamoore 

23  Dec.  ... 

Jo  :  Byrkett 

26  Dec. 

Isabel  Hobson,  High  Wray... 

28  Dec.  ... 

Myles  Sandys     ... 

last  day 


John  Browne,  Tame  Hows... 

10  Jan  :  ... 

Jo  :  Byrkett 

13  Jan: 

W7!      Nicholson      of      How 

13  March 

Myles  Sandys    ... 

1  8  March 

Hawkshead  Field 

*  Date  of  oath  prior  to  date  of  burial. 

f  This  certificate  is  now  in  the  possession  of  Mrs.  Taylor  of  Hawkshead. 
the  Register  date  of  burial  is  November  2Oth. 






Date  of  Burial. 

Sworn  before. 

Date  of  Oath. 

John  Dixon  ... 

10  Ap       ... 

Myles  Sandys     ... 

15  Ap: 

George      Benson,      Hackett 

30  Ap:  ... 

JJ                      5) 

last  day 



Eliz  :     Rigge     Hawkshead 

6  May    ... 

))                      »                  *•* 

6  May 


Dinah    Knype,    ffouleyeat.  ... 

24  May  ... 

55                         55 

25  May 

Geo:    Mackereth,    the    Out- 

2  June    ... 

J5                       55 

3  June 


Margaret  Walker     ... 

10  June  ... 

55                        '5 


Barbara  Satterthwt.  Greenend 

1  6  June  ... 

)5                        51 

1  7  June 


Wm    Newby   son    of    Thos: 

17  June... 

)5                        55 

17  June 


John  Hodgshon,  Gallowbarrow 

18  June  ... 

55                        55 

19  June 

Geo  :    Rigg.    son    of    Geo  : 

25  June  ... 

»5                        55 

T  July 


An  unbaptised  son  of  Robt 

25  June... 

»;                  5J 

26  June 

Scales  Thwt.  head 

An   unbaptised  son  of  Robt 

26  June  ... 

)»                       »> 

26  June 

Scales  Thwt.  head 

A  daughter  abortive  of  John 

6  July     ... 

»»                       » 

12  July 


Jennett   Walker 

10  July  ... 

no  name  ... 

1  2  July 

George  Holme 

10  July  ... 

Myles  Sandys     ... 

17  July 

Ester  Mackreth,  Haukeshead- 

12  July  ... 

>>          >> 

12  July 


Jane    Sawrey,   Muncke   Con 

7  Aug:  ... 

Jo  Byrkett 

ii  Aug. 


Bernard  Benson  Tockhowe  ... 

12  Aug:  ... 

Myles  Sandys     ... 

T2    Aug 

Isabell  Taylor,  Satterthwt.    .. 

25  Aug:... 

Anth  :  Turner  vie. 

26  Aug. 

de  Dalton 

Eliz:  Rigg,  Fieldhead 

26  Aug  :  ... 

55                         » 

26  Aug. 

Jennett  Martin,  Haukeshead 

30  Aug  :  ... 

Jo  Byrkett 

5  Sept. 


Miles  Rigge  

16  Oct:... 

Myles  Sandys    ... 

21    Oct. 

John  Benson,  Walker  Ground 

29  Oct.  ... 

9*                        9  J                     •  •  • 

i  Nov. 

Eliz  :  Dixon... 

21  Nov.... 

3  '                         99                     *  *  * 

2  Dec. 

Robt.     Rigge    son    of    Ric  : 

\6Dec\  ... 

35                         M                     *  *  * 

21  Dec: 


James  Braithwait,   Crofthead 

4  Jan 

99                         99                     *  *  * 

6  Jan. 

Ann  Satterthwt,  Coulthouse.. 

6  Jan 

99                        99                    *  *  * 

6  Jan  : 

Margt  :  wife  of  James  Kirkby 

9  Jan      ... 

Jo  :  Byrkett 

14  Jan. 


Mary  Taylor,  Stott  pke 
Agnes  Grigge,  Tarnhows 
Adam  Braithwait,  Hawkshead 

10  Jan  :  ... 
17  Jan:  ... 
28  Jan    ... 

Myles  Sandys     ... 
Jo:  Byrkett 
Myles  Sandys     ... 

10  Jan. 
22  Jan. 
28  Jan 





Date  of  Burial. 

Sworn  before. 

Date  of  Oath. 

William  Walker,  Haukeshead 

29  Jan  :  .. 

Myles  Sandys    .. 

i  Feb. 

John     Rigge,*     Haukeshead 


>»          » 

10  Feb. 


Wm.  Atkinson,   Coniston 

23  Feb\  ... 

»          " 

24  Feb. 

Alexander    Tubman,    Cross- 

9  March... 

>»          » 

9  March 


William  Taylor,  Stottpke      ... 

9  March... 

»>          )j 

9  March 

Anthony  son  of  John  Sawrey, 

14  March 

Jo  :  Byrkett 

15  March 


Ann  Crosfield,  Grysdall 

20  March 

Myles  Sandys     ... 

20  March 

Thomas  Turner,  Sawrey  infra 

22  March 

ji         »« 

23  March 

John  Braithwaite^  Hawksheaa 

'    23  March 

»>         j> 

23  March 


1696.      32  CERTIFICATES.       53  ENTRIES  IN  REGISTER. 

Margrett  Mackreth,  Skellwith 

27  March 

Myles  Sandys    ... 

27  March 

William  son  of  William  Rigge, 

29  March 

»>           » 

30  March 

Hawkshead  Hall 

Margaret  Tyson,  Grysdale... 

i  Ap  :    ... 

}»           ») 

i  Ap  : 

John    Rigg,    S.    of  Thomas 

2  Ap  :    ... 

»           » 

4  Ap: 

Roger  ground 

Agnes     Satterthwait,     Satter- 

4Ap:    ... 

»           »> 

4  Ap: 


Daniell  Knipe,  Roger  ground 

4  Ap  :    ... 

»           »j 

4  Ap: 

Eliz   Benson   dau  :  of  Geo  : 

26  Ap  :  ... 

j)           » 

27   Ap\ 


George  Hodgson,  Tarnehous 

27  Ap  :  ... 

)»                       )5 

27  Ap: 

Agnes  Rigge,  Light  How    ... 

27  Ap  :  ... 

»           » 

27  Ap: 

Isabell    dau  :    of    Emanuel 

ii  May  ... 

5J                      )) 

ii  May 

Ellertson,    Forge 

David  Walker,  Croslands    ... 

ii  May  ... 

no  name 


Margaret      Knipe     wife     of 

20  May  ... 

Myles  Sandys    ... 

20  May 

Robert,  Grisedale 

Geo  :  Banke,  Crosselands  ... 

26  May  ... 

j>           j) 

30  May 

William    Braithwait,     Coult- 

30  May  ... 

»           j»         •  •  * 

30  May 


Joseph  Benson  son  of  George 

Zjune    ... 

Jo:  Birkett 



Myles  Gilpin  son   of  Myles 

4  June    ... 

Myles  Sandys 

7  June 


Wilm  Kirkby,  Monk  Coniston 

1  6  July  ... 

Jo  :  Birkett 

21  July 

Dorothy  Rigge,  Haukeshead 

18  July  ... 

Myles  Sandys     ... 

23  July 


Thomas  Rigge,  fieldhead    ... 

24  July... 

55                       )5 

29  July 

*  William  in  Register. 




Date  of  Burial. 

Sworn  before. 

Date  of  Oath. 

Jane  Attkinson  Haukeshead 


Myles  Sandys    ... 

17  Aug. 


Edw  :  Walker,  Sawrey-extra 

3oAug:  ... 

5)                       |»                    '  •  • 

3°  Aug- 

Ann  Ashburner,  Anykin     .  . 

1  1  Sept.  ... 

}>                       )J 

ii  Sept 

James  Tayler,  Dalepark 

15  Sept  ... 

)'                       JJ 

21  Sept. 

William    Sawrey,    Sawrey- 

10  Nov.  .. 

5J                       J) 

1  1  Nov. 


Myles  Sawrey,  Coniston 

1  6  Nov.  . 

J)                       )> 

1  6  Nov. 

Isabell  Sawrey,  Keen  ground 

21  Nov.  ... 

))                       JJ                    "  '  ' 

2  I     NOV. 

Eliz  :  Rigg,  Field  Head      ... 

9  Decr    ... 

JJ                       »J 

1  4  Dec  : 

Agnes   Braithwaite,  Coult- 

22  Dec  :... 

J)                       » 



Wm  Braithwaite,  Sawrey 

8  Jan  :    ... 

)>                       ?J 

1  1  Jan 

Ruben  Satterthwaite 

i3>«    ... 

>>                       J) 

19  Jan 

George  Tayler  ;  Lendinge 


)>                       »>                    •  •  • 

15  fan: 

Henery  Sawrey,  High  House 

28  Jan:  ... 

>»                       J5 

i  Feb 



Abbaye,  Abbey,  Agnes,  345 

Martin,  345,  346 
Acldison,  Adison,  Ann,  217 

Edward,  308 

Elizabeth,  331 

Henry,  176 

Hugh,  333 

James,  241,  326 

Jenet,  255 

John,  147,  217,  221,  255,  287, 
308,  316 

Mabel,  287 

William,  56,  233,  233 
Aighton,  Thomas,  213 

Robert,  213 
Airey,  Ayrey,  Ann,  358 

Grace,  181 

Henry,  35 
Alexander,  George,  352 

James,  352 

Allason,  Allatson.     See  Ellatson 
Arbure.     See  Arture. 
Archer,  Beatrice,  370 

Daniel,  377 

Miles,  377 

Richard,  367,  370,  377,  388,  388 
Arture,  Arbure,  Arter,  Agnes,  119 

Barbary,  104 

Francis,  94,  161 

Hester,  99 

Hugh,  94,  99,  104,  1 10,  119 

Rebecca,  no,  186 

Susannah,  104,  252 

Ashburner,  Asshlmrner,  Asheburner,  Ass- 
burner,  Essburner,  Esburner,  etc. 

Adam,  148,  171,  176,  177,  180, 
182,  189,  197,  203,  205,  233, 
238,  260,  282,  320,  328,  328, 

329.  344,  352,  354 
Agnes,   108,   118,  223,   228,  255, 

366,  388 
Alice,  75,  181 
Ann,  1 80,  280,  372 
Arthur,  52,  52 
Barbary,  73 

Catherine,  86,  96,  331,  393 
Dorothy,   17,   96,    102,   189,  238, 


Abhburner,  etc.  (contd.) 
Edward,  28 
Elizabeth,  17,  25,  40,  45,  64,  in, 

130,   13',  182,  229,   256,  265, 


Ellen,  57,  69 
Emmas,  19,  120 
George,  14,  24,  43,  43,  52,  64,  73, 

86,  88,  96,  96,  177,  1 80,  204, 

211,  330 

Isabel,  5,  177,  203,  347 
James,  33,  in,  in,  121,  131,  136, 

140,  148,  149,  172,  174,  214 
Jane,  264,  352,  377,  379 
Jenet,  3,  14,  23 
Joan,  39 
John,  7,  24,  39,  54,  97,  99,  101, 

no,  118,  138,  147,  160,  175, 

189,  214,  223,  228,  229,  256, 

272,  278,  280,  286,  294,  294. 

309,  3'4t  315,  329,  336,  344, 

347,  359,  365,  366,  367,  372, 

377,  379,  383,  383,  390,  390 
Margaret,  46,  66,   120,    144,   147, 

149,  168,  314,  328,  378 
Marian,  25 
Mary,  19*,  286,  352 
Myles,  26,  45,  140,  150 
Richard,  7,  28,  167,  168,  174,  180, 

189,  204,  211,  214,    255,   1:84, 

309,  336,  376 
Robert,  5,  69,  101,  136,  138,  160, 

177,  216,  238 
Rowland,  9 

Thomas,  174,  197,  205,  296,  329 
Timothy,  336 
William,  3,  61,   61,  61,  96,  118, 

121,    143,    171,   258,   260,   264, 

272,   282,   298,   303,   315,   329, 

344,  35°,  390 
Ashton,  George,  212 

Margaret,  212 
Askew,  Asskewe,  Askewe,  Ann,  145,  276 

Arthur,  38 

Christopher,  185 

Ellen,  244 

Henry,  179,  191,  203,  208 

James,   144,    145,    152,    158,   158, 

165,   173,    !79,    !85>    I91.   !9», 
195,  203,  208 



Askew,  etc.  (contd.) 

Jenet,  248,  284 

John,  71,  173,  191,  195 

Leonard,  172,  190,  190 

Mary,  165 

William,  72,  152,  244,  276,  284, 


Atkinson,  Atkinsone,  Attkinson,    Aken- 
son,  Attinson. 

Adam,  38,  40,  46,  56,  84,  85 
Agnes,  38,  40,  50,   50,   85,  164, 
1 80,  200,  205,  210,  231,   324, 

327,  338,  342,  345 

Alice,  224,  226 

Ann,  254,  275 

Anthony,  26,  39,  42,  96,  IOO,  152, 
154,  162,  170,  179,  181,  181, 
184,  1 88,  200,  209,  230,  237, 
238,  316,  324,  335,  342,  348, 

354,  363,  369.  379,  385,  385 
Christopher,    55,    124,    164,    165, 

179,   180,   181,   189,   195,  200, 

215,  287,  295,  328,  385 
Clement,  44 
Dorothy,  327,  338 
Edward,  313,  321,  385,  385,  388 
Eleanor,  161,  325,  348 
Elizabeth,  100,  119,  170,  186,  188, 

198,  200,  215,  277,  286,    357, 

385,  386 
Ellen,  209 

Ester,  247,  364,  379 
George,  21,  50,  55,  65,  102,  116, 

146,    156,    170,   189,   198,   207, 

224,  226,   268,   281,  281,  281, 

282,   282,    284,  286,   294,   311, 

312,  313,  324,  393 
Hannah,  379 
Isaac,  277 
Isabel,  87,  1 10,  133,  215,  326,  327, 

331,  38o 
Jane,  261,  267,  322,  338,  360,  372, 


James,  294,  297,  316,  388 
Jenet,  18,  47,  78,  87,  376 
Joane,  184 
John,  16,  44,  83,  108,  no,  116, 

'24,   135,   137,   150,  207,   239, 

258,  283,   333,  337,  338,  339, 

T  345,  354,  356,  390,  393 
Leonard,  47 
Mabel,  200 

Margaret,  26,  28,  77,  102,  133, 
152,  169,  226,  307,  311,  312, 

Mary,  240,  287 

Michael,  122 

Myles,  251,  254,  261,  264,  270 

Richard,  240,  258,  267,  277,  297, 

309,  3i6,  339,  386 
Robert,  129,   153,    155,  2io,  243, 

261,  264,  355 
Roger,  321 

Atkinson,  etc.  (contd.) 

Samuel,  206,  363 

Susannah,  309 

Thomas,  83,  137,  142,  189,  227, 
247,  261,  268,  277,  284,  286, 
286,  309,  357,  360,  364,  372, 
373,  373,  379,  380,  385,  392, 

William,  27,  65,  95,  96,  102,  119, 
127,  127,  133,  135,  142,  162, 
165,  176,  185,  185,  189,  195, 
200,  205,  205,  206,  213,  215, 
230,  238,  240,  240,  241,  243, 

324,  354,  369-  369,  385 
Auerwicke.     See  Ewericke. 


Ba .  .  .  .  Margaret,  192 
Bank,  Banke,  Banks,  Bancks. 
Abraham,  324 

Adam,  45,  65,  69,  77,  114,  121, 

131,    141,    152,    153,    154,   162, 

169,   170,    171,   219,   226,   267, 

269,  284,  386 

Agnes,  35,  63,  131,  284,  291,310, 

327,  33i,  337,  352,  391 
Alice,  127,  170,  322,  350,  389 
Anne,  Ann,  27,  48,  63,  151 
Anthony,  51,  52,  53,  53,  63,  84, 
85,  88,  121,  149,  165,  166,  175, 
298,  299,  316,   318,   346,  352, 


Barbary,  117,  363 
Catherine,  230 
Christopher,  29,  45,  69,   115,  126, 

126,  126,  153,  1 66,  294 
Clement,  6,  65,  131,  139,  149 
Daniel,  267,  269 
Dorothy,  206,  255 
Ealse,  5,  26 
Eleanor,  153 
Elizabeth,   15,  41,  45,   113,   130, 

134,   173,    175,  201,  216,   274, 


Ellen,  8,  122,  245,  254,  314,  346 
Francis,  17,48,  53,  65,  74,  82,  88, 

130,   134,   139,   1 80,  182,    183, 

202,  215,  216,  242,  245,  269 
George,  £i,  45,  47,  50,  50   63,  78, 

79,  82,  112,  146,  169,  179,  255, 

300,  311,  314,  336,  371,  389 
Grace,  154 
Henry,  14,  77,  92,  104,  113,  175, 


Isabel,  112,  158,  223 
James,  82,  149,  152,  338 
Jane,  i,  65,  177,  202,  365 
Jenet,  5,  22,  85,  210,  255 
John,  42,  92,   123,   127,  139,  141, 

142,  142,  218,  236,  283 
Lament,  179 



Bank,  etc.  (contd.) 
Leonard,  160 
Lucy,  302 
Margaret,  I,  4,  5,   17,  37,  74,  77, 

131,    136,   139.   152,    171,    I75» 

182,  185,  196,  196,  299,  367 
Mary,  101,  154 
Mathew,  104,  190,  302 
Richard,  47,  82,   139,    149,    150, 

152,   171,   177,   180,   196,   197, 

202,  242,  287 
Robert,  7,  120,  157,  166,  196,  224, 


Sarah,  342 
Thomas,  13,    77,   126,   141,  149, 

152,   162,   180,  207,  218,  227j 

230,  264,  284,  300 
William,  3,  29,  75,  78,  126,  139, 

149,  152,   154,   157,   158,   165, 

170,   171,   173,  180,  182,   185, 

192,    200,    200,    201,    206,    207, 

215,   216,  227,  258,  258,  258, 

264,    274,    283,    284,    294,    302, 
310,    311,    311,    316,    318,    324, 

333,  337,  342 
1,  Edward,  248 


Richard,  248 
Barbar,  John,  352 
Barbon,  Robert,  152 

William,  141,  152,  161 
Bare.     See  Bayre. 
Barker,  Mary,  374 

William,  374,  375 

Barrow,  Barrowe,  Edward,  116,  118,  142, 
149,  150,  156,  156,  175,  199 

Elizabeth,  116,  196,  350 

Henry,  275 

John,  149,  150 

Robert,  132,  142,  222 

Thomas,  158,  178,  222,  222,  238 

William,  118,  156 
Barwick.     See  Berwick. 
Bateman,   Agnes,   89,    125,    136,     167, 

Anne,  Ann,  83,  147,  209 

Barbary,  174 

Christopher,  101,  154 

Dorothy,  220 

Elizabeth,  103,  150,  172 

Francis,  188 

Gilliane,  59 

Henry,  108 

Isaac,  200,  245 

Isabel,  164,  200,  204 

Jane,  206,  208 

Margaret,  92 

Myles,  83,  89,  92,  101,  IO2,  102, 
103,  125,  143,  156 

Renald,  12 

Richard,  68,  83 

William,  164,  167,  174,  188,  200, 
204,  206,  208,  209,  220,  228, 

Baylife,  Bayly,  Agnes,  371 

Robert,  375 
Bayre,  Bare,  Ann,  209 

Margaret,  225,  228 

Mary,  214 

Robert,  207,  209,  214,  225,  227, 
228,  232,  232,  305 

Sarah,  227,  305 
Beck,  Becke,  Edward,  234 

Elizabeth,  222,  224 

James,  225,  245 

William,  214,  214,  222,  224,  225, 

234,  243,  245,  295 
Beethom,  Eleanor,  375 
Bell,  John,  283 

Nicholas,  51 

Richard,  106 

Robert,  72,  186 

Thomas,  104,  384 
Bellman,  Agnes,  298 

John,  293,  295,  298,  305,  305,  305 

Marian,  309 

Thomas,  305 

William,  293 
Benson,  Bensone,  Bensonne. 

,  214,  240 

Adam,  74 

Agnes,  6,  38,  75,   120,  131,  191, 

198,  204,  217,  217,    222,  241, 
261,  278,  281,  339,  354,  355 

Alice,  325,  383 

Ann,  133,  147,  283,  349,  373,  3§9 

Anthony,  170 

Arthur,  22,  50,68,  74,   112,  125, 

199,  213,  236,  266,  266 
Barbary,  200 

Barnard,  13,  14,  17,  30,  57,  81, 
91,  100,  109,  144,  H9,  161, 

172,     195,    212,    219,    221,    221, 

247,  257,  265,  278,  281, 368 

Bridget,  290 

Bryan,  Bryam,  6,  37,  48,  50,  61, 
84,  1 1 8,  128,192,  195,  198,  204, 
208,  217,  222,  230,  233,  234, 
240,  253,  263,  279,  309,  328 

Catherine,  71,  93,  161,  277,  279 

Charles,  9,  81 

Christopher,  237 

Clare,  206 

Dorothy,  48,  106,  no,  116,  125, 
132,  168,  199,  199,  234,  237, 

279,  343 
Edward,  99,  183,  245,  249,  311, 

3i6,  364 
Edwin,  54 

Eleanor,  137,  197,  204 
Elizabeth,  25,  34,   38,    119,   121, 

152,    185,  217,  224,   244,  246, 

248,  257,   257,  260,   276,  330, 
342,  344,  345,  376,  390 

Ellen,  33,  39,  100,  351 
Francis,    64,   98,    173,    192,   219, 



Benson,  etc.  (contd.) 

George,  5,  10,  68,  104,  108,  109, 
109,  1 10,  113,  116,  121,  130, 
135,  '43.  191,  '99,  208,  214, 
249,  269,  292,  367 

Hugh,  93 

Isabel,  17,  27,  28,  92,  113,  176, 
225,  236,  278,  359,  367 

James,  7,  237,  253,  300,  335 

Jane,  29,  298,  301 

Jenet,  2,  3,  18,  69,  106,  253 

John,  8,  22,  65,  108,  109,  120, 
122,  137,  145,  161,  208,  213, 
228,  230,  233,  243,  245,  249, 
251,  260,  263,  263,  265,  306, 
313,  313.  324,  350,  355,  368, 
381,  387 

Lancelot,  272,  277,  283,  290,  301 

Leonard,  86,  96,  97,  123,  156, 
170,  205,  279 

Mabel,  6,  24,  40,  40,  58,  71,  90, 

98,  104,  113,  116,  122,  141,  156, 
198,  209,  261,  263 

Margaret,  7,  21,  23,  24,  54,  55, 
71,  92,  95,  101,  no,  145,  154, 
156,  191,  196,  222,  233,  269, 

283,  3 '5,  320,  323,  328,  350, 
373,  390 

Mary,  369 

Michael,  8,  42,  98,  101,  104,  113, 
116,  119,  120,  128,  131,  133, 
137,  156,  169,  172 

Nicholas,  33,  43,  98,  104,  109 

Oliver,  71 

Robert,  10,  57,  105,  119,  130, 144, 
156,  184,  197,  198,  205,  209, 
214,  214,  220,  225,  226,  230, 
230,  234,  237,  249,  257,  276, 
281,  295,  295,  300,  311,  312, 
339,  344,  347,  349,  35',  354, 
.364,  369,  373,  383,  387 

Sibel,  291 

Thomas,  19,  22,  49,  50,  90,  92, 
97,  104,  no,  128,  130,  130, 
137,  152,  161,  168,  173,  190, 
191,  194,  196,  200,  201,  205, 

206,  207,  212,  214,  217,  220, 
222,  228,  230,  236,  239,  240, 
247,  255,  276,  277,  278,  28l, 

284,  293,  3o6>  359j  365 
William,  17,  21,  25,  26,  34,  37, 

So,  54,  55,  64,  83,  84,  86,  92, 

99,  105,    117,    118,    118,    118, 
"9,   123,   135,  135,  137,  H3, 
'49,  155,   156,   157,   184,  190, 
191,  198,  201,  207,  208,   213, 

214,    217,    219,    220,    220,  224, 

225,       225,       230,        233,  237, 

237,    241,    244,    246,    251,  251, 

253,    254,    257,    257,    26l,  277, 

292,    292,    293,    311,    311,  3I2, 

3i6,  318,  320,  324,  330,  334, 
334,  335,  342,  343,  343,  345, 

Benson,  etc.,  William  (contd.} 

346,  355,   355,  356,  364,  307, 
38i,  384 
Bentham,  George,  179,  185 

Sarah,  185 

Joseph,  179 
Besbroun,  Besbroune,  Bessbroune, 

Christoper,  340 

Ellen,  318 

Jenet,  384 

Nicholas,  130 
Bewley,  Buly,  Alice,  359 

John,  350.  351,  359 
Bibbie,  Jenet,  266 

Thomas,  266 
Bigland,  Jenet,  178 

Margaret,  178 

Birket,     Birkett,     Berkett,     Birkheade, 

Agnes,  53,  328 

Barbary,  322 

Christopher,  167 

Cuthbert,  18,  47,  53,  56.  72,  73, 
76,  78,  79,  85,  86,  89,  89 

Ellen.  285 

Elizabeth,  95,  167 

Gawin,  226 

Gregory,  78,  79 

Isabel,  40,  43,  85,  86 

Jane,  72,  73,  144 

James,  196 

John,   19,  43,  47,   147,  226,  285, 

313,  332 

Mabel,  86,  89 

Margaret,  29,  167 

Mary,  330 

Robert,  388,  389 

Roger,  154 

Thomas,  51,  389 
Bland,  Catherine,  61 

Jenet,  40 

Margaret,  34 
Blealelme,  Edward,  108 
Bleamore,  Agnes,  16,  77 
Bleamoore,  Christopher,  106 

Richard,  102 

Mary,  108 
Blighe,  John,  98 

Blumer,  Agnes,  16,  27,  43,  65,  72,  136, 

Christopher,  49 

Cuthbert,  14 

Dorothy,  14 

Edmund,  13,  55,  58,  64,  66 

Edward,  II,  13 

Elizabeth,  18,  30 

Emmas,  14 

Hugh,  6 

Isabel,  54,  61,  85,  120,  139 

Jenet  (Jenatt),  12,  25,  108 

John,  33,  42,  85,  90,  91,  115,  122, 

Mabel,  19,  119 



Blumer,  etc.  (contd. ) 

Renald,  25,  26,  67 

Richard,  56 

Robert,  3,  64 

Simon,  16,  24 

William,  29,  52,  54,  58,  108,  119, 

139,  157,  226 
Boonson,  Barbary,  83 

Dorothy,  96,  99 
Bordley,  Bridget,  274,  276 
Susan,  262 
William,  262,  272,  274,  276,  278, 


Borebank,  Michael,  176 
Borrinscale,  Boronskell,  Ellen,  381 

John,  77  ^ 

Borwick,    Borwicke,     Borrwicke,    Boor- 
wicke,  Barwick,  Barwicke, 
Agnes,  157,  182 
Alice,  320 
Ann,  42,  42,  108,  115,  124,  130, 

218,  378 
Anthony,  93 

Christopher,  101,  137,  138 
Clement,  41,   54,  56,  58,  60,  68, 

79,  1 66,  174 

Dorothy,  68,  131,  132,  337,  342 
Edwin,  26,  31 
Elizabeth,    14,    28,    31,    35,    142, 

1 60,  183,  207,  284,  366 
George,  2,  31,  31,  60,  60,  91,  112, 

160,   161,   167,  170,   182,    183, 

186,  211,  221,  255,  278,  282, 

283,  293,  306,   307,  307,    311, 

317,  324,  335,  342,  370 
Henry,  168,  311 

Isabel,  38,  56,  108,  120,  324,  390 
Jane,  322,  331,  343 
James,  60,  108 
Jenet,  3,  167,  183 
John,    124,    136,   204,   207,   211, 

283,  337,  355,  367,    370,  371, 

378,  378,  385,  390 
Mabel,  35 

Margaret,  32,  77,  169,  170,  306 
Mary,  79,  154,  331,  388 
Myles,  32,  105 
Richard,  31,  31,  54,  58 
Robert,  10,  91,  95,  101,  124,  136, 

156,  157 
Roger,    33,    104,    105,    108,    115, 

119,   124,  131,    137,   138,    142, 

148,  161,  168,  238,  317,  390 
Thomas,  95,   148,   293,   309,  379, 


William,  23,  119,  335,  366 
Bouer.     See  Bower. 
Boulton,  Elizabeth,  181 
Bousher.     See  Busher. 
Boutkinge,  Robert,  26 
Bower,  Boner  (?),  Agnes,  118 

Richard,  181. 

William,  118 

Bowes, ,  191 

George,  151 

John,  21,  200 

Susannah,  200 

William,  191 
Bownas,  Bownes,  Boonas, 

Agnes,  314,  349 

Bernard,  no 

Catherine,  342 

Charles,  130 

Dorothy,  331 

Edward,  8,  355 

Elizabeth,  112 

Emmott,  193 

Esther,  387 

Isabel,  141 

Jane,  109,  258,  272 

John,    107,    150,    325,   331,    338, 

339,  342,  349,  355 
Margaret,  338 
Robert,   83,   107,    109,    110,    130, 

3'4,  339 
Thomas,  14,  387 
William,  161,  243 
Bragge,  Thomas,  38 

Braithwaite,   Braithw1,  Braithw,  Brayth- 
wait,  Bra:,  Brait : 

88,  88,   in,   124,  128, 

159,  206,  218,  240,  288,  307 
Adam,  115,  116,  217,   218,   220, 

224,  232,  235,   250,   256,   257, 
260,  316,  369 

Agnes,  7,  12,  12,  12,  13,  18,  28, 

30,  30,  33,  33,  34,  35,  35,  3$, 
37,  38,  48,  50,  55,  55,  56,  58, 
58,  64,  66,  74,  81,  82,  84,  86, 
86,  89,  89,  90,  92,  94,  95,  95, 
97,  97,  100,  104,  104,  1 10,  1 10, 
114,  116,  120,  128,  132,  134, 

134,  135,  HI,  HI,  H2,  H3, 
144,  144,  145,  146,  147,  151, 

154,  155,  155,  '59,  167,  177, 
1 88,  1 88,  190,  203,  205,  206, 
209,  210,  211,  217,  224,  224, 

225,  227,  227,  230,  231,  232, 
237,  241,  243,  248,  257,  265, 
277,  294,  297,  304,  314,  315, 
316,  318,  321,  321,  322,  322, 
322,  325,  327,  328,  328,  328, 
33i,  335,  338,  344,  346,  346, 
347,  356,  370,  372,  375,  383, 

Alice,  15,  20,  36,  273 

Ann,  2,  29,  61,  97,  119,  142,  154, 
173,  182,  186,  193,  247,  258, 
263,  272,  280,  283,  287,  301, 
304,  305,  3H,  330,  340,  349, 
367,  394 

Annas,  382 

Anthony,  142,  144 

Badger,  91 

Barbary,  38,  53,  93,  120,  12 1, 154, 
172,  173,  176,  204,  206,  207, 



Braithwaite,  etc.,  Barbary  (contd.) 

227,  228,  242,  246,   247,  281, 
283,  293,   308,   317,  323>  342, 


Barnard,  24,  55,  94,  "5,  I25»  26° 
Beatrice  (Betteresse,  Bettris),  222, 

Beltris,  386 

Benjamin,  297 

Bridget,  286,  288,  288 

Bryam  (Brya),  18,  26,  43,  50,  70, 
80,  85,  95.  99,  102,  125,  125, 
141,  210.  219,  230,  267 

Catherine  (Cathren),  16,  19,  23, 
27,  28,  35,  36,  48,  55,  62,  82, 
84,  107,  123,  133,  148,  167,  175, 

196,  200,  257 

Charles,  14,  24,  40,  154,  241,  246 

Christopher,  33,  36,  46,  47,  48, 
52,  54,  60,  60,  60,  60,  65,  66, 
73,  73,  73,  74,  77,  81,  82,  84, 
84,  94,  96,  98,  118,  119,  131, 
177,  179 

Cicily,  232,  241,  253 

Daniel,  246 

Dorothy,  68,  73,  86,  IIO,  no, 
in,  120,  128,  130,  133,  134, 
138,  140,  149,  161,  162,  164, 
165,  168,  172,  173,  174,  178, 
186,  190,  192,  194,  198,  203, 

2O9,    2IO,    212,    215,    22O,    222, 

228,  232,    233,    236,     239,    242, 
250,    253,    263,    277,     277,     28l, 

286,  286,  288,  294,  303,  323, 
323,  332,  339,  342,  352,  354, 
355,  355,  358,  358,  386 

Ealse,  95 

Edward,  26,  31,  42,  42,  45,  50, 
50,  51,  58,  63,  69,  70,  77,  79, 
82,  84,  86,  86,  89,  93,  94, 
101,  104,  105,  no,  114,  114, 
130,  130,  134,  136,  137,  140, 
141,  142,  142,  148,  148,  151, 
151,  153,  157,  158,  159,  162, 
165,  167,  168,  169,  171,  171, 
173,  174,  174,  174,  179,  179, 
185,  186,  188,  189,  191,  195, 

197,  197,  200,   200,  203,   205, 

209,  212,   215,  2l6,  2l6,  217, 

220,  222,    223,  228,  230,  230, 

234,  237,    238,  243,  244,  246, 

246,  250,    263,  265,  268,  268, 

272,  277,    277,  278,  284,  287, 

288,  294,    300,  304,  308,  315, 

3i6,  319,  324,  35i,  353,  362, 

Eleanor,  I,  5,  87,   189 

Elizabeth,  11,  20,  21,  26,  28,  30, 
3i,  33,  35,  38,  38,  51.  55,  57, 
75,  75,  81,  83,  89,  91,  91,  93, 
97,  99,  101,  103,  105,  108, 
no,  112,  113,  125,  134,  134, 
137,  147,  160,  183,  185,  185, 

Braithwaite,  etc.,  Elizabeth  (contd.} 

186,    187,  189,   202,  210,   212, 

217,  222,    222,  223,  225,  228, 

235,  239,    240,  245,  247,  248, 

249,  250,    251,  252,  255,  256, 

260,  262,    262,  271,  273,  273, 

275,  275,    278,  279,  28l,  287, 

295,  299,    299,  301,  303,  307, 

321,  321,    321,  321,  321,  326, 

329,  340,  345,  345,  348,   355, 

359,   36o,  362,   363,  366,   373, 

273,   374,  380,   383 
Ellen,   5,   45,    48,    50,    113,    130, 

185,    196,   236,   262,    311,    384 
Emmott,   198 

Ester,  Hester,   103,   167,  259 
Francis,   148,   150,  208,  227,  325, 


Gaun,  389 
Gawine,  339,  346,  352,  357,  363, 

363,  369,  377,  384 

Geoffrey,  18,  88,  96 

George,  2,  4,  7,  16,  17,  19,  37, 
45,  45,  55,  59,  59,  65,  69,  70, 
78,  81,  81,  90,  92,  97,  97,  99, 
loo,  101,  104,  107,  in,  in, 

117,     120,    121,     121,    130,     132, 

133,  134,  136,  138,  139,  139, 
140,  142,  146,  147,  148,  150, 

151,  151,  151,  154,  155,  i<6, 

J59,  !59,  '59-  162,  162,  168, 

168,  168,  169,  169.  180,  180, 

182,  1 86,  1 86,  1 88,  1 88,  189, 

191,  191,  191,  192,  194,  194, 

I95»  J95,  198,  199,  200,  201, 

202,  202,  202,  2O2,    2O3,    2O3, 

203,  2O5,  2O7,  2O8,    2IO,    212, 
212,  214,  215,  220,    220,     22O, 
221,  221,  222,  222,    223,     223, 
224,  226,  227,  228,    228,    230, 

230,  231,  232,  233,  234,   235, 

236,  237,  237,  237,  237,  238, 

239,  242,  242,  242,  242,  248, 

248,  250,  250,  250,  251,  253, 

256,  258,  258.  259,  260,  261, 

262,   262,  266,   266,  267,   268, 

269,  270,  270,  271,  273,  275, 

277,  283,  286,  286,  287,  287, 

288,  291,  291,  292,  294,  294, 

299,  299,  301,  303,  307,  311. 

319,  319,  323,  325,  327,  340, 

345,  345,  354,  358,  358,  360, 
363,  370,  370,  378,  382,  383, 
386,  387,  387,  389,  389 

Henry,  46,  52 

Hugh,  4 

Isabel,  2,  2,  3,  6,  7,  7,  10,  11, 
17,  17,  20,  24,  25,  29,  33,  33, 
33,  35,  40,  5°,  54,  56,  57,  62, 
68,  71,  73,  74,  77,  82,  84,  85, 
87,  87,  92,  99,  100,  103,  104, 
104,  107,  108,  no,  114,  116, 
118,  120,  120,  125,  130,  130, 


Braithwaite,  etc.,  Isabel  (eontd.) 

131,  132,  138,  142,  143,  147, 
154,  156,  158,  164,  165,  171, 
171,  172,  176,  189,  217,  228, 
231,  232,  249,  251,  261,  275, 
278,  284,  286,  293,  294,  299, 
301.  3i5»  322,  323,  329,  336, 
336,  338,  349,  355,  37i,  379, 

Isaac,  280,  375 

Jack,  392 

Jacob,  114,  119,  120,   127 

James,  3,  6,  8,  15,  18,  20,  21, 
21,  30,  37,  41,  42,  44,  44,  62, 
64,  78,  79,  79,  82,  82,  92,  95, 
99,  99,  101,  103,  1 06,  no, 
in,  114,  116,  116,  119,  128, 
128,  129,  134,  139,  140,  142, 
143,  149,  154,  156,  156,  156, 
156,  162,  162,  167,  167,  168, 
176,  176,  177,  177,  178,  179, 
180,  185,  185,  187,  189,  191, 

195,  J96,  198,  202,  203,  205, 

206,     207,    208,     210,   213,  214, 

217,    22O,    226,     228,    228,  229, 

230,     231,    231,    232,    233,  233, 

233,    234,     235,    236,    237,  237, 

239,    239,     240,    242,     246,  254, 

256,    268,     268,    272,    274,  275, 

277,    277,     280,    286,    286,  288, 

290,    290,     292,    301,    301,  303, 

304,    304,     306,    306,     306,  307, 

308,    311,     313,    313,     313,  314, 

317,    318,     319,    322,    324,  325, 

329,  332,   333,  336,  336,  336, 

338,  339,   342,  343,  344,  344, 

346,   347,  347,   350,  352,  355, 

358,   358,  360,  360,  366,  368, 

370,   370,  373,   373,  374,  375, 

380,   384,  384,   388,  389 

Jane,    113,    115,    145,  160,  204, 

214,   217,  226,   242,  247,  247, 

248,    254,  260,   275,  299,  310, 

352,   352,  359,   373,  377 
Jenet,  3,   10,   11,    13,   14,  14,    15, 
15,  25,  25,  29,  33,^  38,  43,  60, 

62,  70,   76,    88,    91,  96,    105, 
115,   141,    155,  159,    170,  172 

John,  5,  6,  9,  13,  16,  28,  33, 
37,  39,  42,  45,  49,  57,  60,  63, 

63,  64,  66,  66,  71,  74,  78,  80, 
81,  81,  82,  84,  86,  91,  92,  93, 
96,  96,  97,  101,  102,  103,  103, 
106,    109,   114,    118,  119,   125, 
126,   127,  132,    132,   134,    134, 

134,  135,  135,  135,  136,  138, 

138,  140,  143,  145,  145,  145, 

151,  151,  152,  152,  153,  153, 

153,  154,  154,  154,  154,  155, 

159,  159,  161,  162,  162,  163, 

168,  168,  171,  177,  179,  179, 

180,  182,  182,  185,  194,  195, 

196,  2OO,    2OI,    2OI,    2O8,     2IO, 

Braithwaite,  etc.,  John  (contd.) 

213,  214,  215,  217,  218,  218, 
220,  220,  224,  225,  228,  230, 
235,  235,  240,  240,  244,  245, 
246,  246,  247,  250,  250,  251, 
253,  253,  260,  261,  261,  261, 

264,  266,  268,    268,  268,   269, 
272,   277,  277,   279,  283,   286, 

286,  287,  288,   290,  291,   292, 
293,    295,  296,   302,  302,    310, 
313,    314,  314,    315,  315,  318, 

319,  320,  327,    329,  329,   330, 

332,  333,  333,   333,  336,  336, 
338,   338,  338,   339,  340,  342, 
343,   345.  345,   345,  345,  348, 
348,  352,  353,   358,  359,   36o, 
360,  360,  364,   364,  364,   365, 
365,  366,   367,  369,   369,  370, 
370,  37i,   372,  377,   378,  379, 
379,   38o,  380,  383,   385,  385, 

386,  387,   387,  387,   389,  390, 
39i,  393,  394 

Johnathan,  367 

Josuah,  387 

Laurence,   6l,   65,    70,    88,    153, 


Leonard,  18,  66,  88,   102,    166 
Lionel,  201 
Mabel,    13,   22,    24,   25,   30,   48, 

57,  68,  72,  88,  91,  212 
Mary,  Marie,   131,   148,  183,   192, 

287,  287,  301,    305,  313,   319, 

333,  355,  363,    370,  378,  380, 

Margaret,  I,  2,  2,  2,  2,  6,  7,  8, 
8,  II,  15,  15,  16,  23,  29,  34, 
35,  39,  4i,  42,  45,  5i,  58,  60, 
60,  62,  62,  63,  65,  66,  68,  68, 
7i,  77,  79,  79,  80,  83,  88,  88, 
89,  92,  93,  93,  95,  96,  98, 
102,  102,  106,  1 08,  114,  115, 

124,  124,  125,  126,  127,  127, 

127,  137,  138,  141,  141,  145, 
146,  147,  147,  147,  157,  162, 

164,  164,  167,  168,  168,  172, 
175,  181,  188,  189,  196,  198, 

199,  2OI,    2OI,  2O6,    2O9,  2IO, 

212,  214,    2l6,  2l6,    220,  222, 

223,  223,    229,  232,    233,  233, 

235,  237,    248,  253,    254,  261, 

265,  267,    270,  270,    272,  272, 
272,  277,    280,  28l,    294,  295, 
302,  303,    310,  317,    318,  320, 

320,  322,  323,  327,  333,  336, 
338,  339,  34i,  345,  346,   348, 
352,  354,  359,  364,  364,   364, 
367,  372,  373,  378,  384,   386, 

387,  39i,  39i,   392 
Matthew,  43,   113,  134,  141,  143, 

151,  165,  246,  248,  313,  387 
Michael,  56,  60 
Myles,  17,  20,  21,  39,  44,  45,  45, 

46,  46,  50,  55,  55,  58,  60,  62, 


Braithwaite,  etc.,  Myles  (contd.) 

62,  63,  68,  69,  70,  71,  72,  73, 

73,  74,  74,  76,  76,  78,  79,  79, 
85,  86,  87,  91,  91,  115,    n6, 
125,  140,  171,  180,   182,   192, 
192,  193,  219,  223,  233,  234, 
237,  242,  245,  251,  258,  267 

Nicholas,  46,  62,   in,    160,   164, 

177,  229,  236,  288 
Patience,  374 
Reginald,  101,  102,  113,  129,  130, 

132,    149,   153,    163,    168,  253, 

322,  377 
Renald,   12,   50,   55,  60,  73,   74, 

74,  75,  77,  77,  79,  86,  86,  88, 
89,  92,  95,  97,  ioi 

Richard,  36,  42,  42,  57,  57,  63, 
70,  83,  84,  85,  86,97,  115,  119, 

120,     120,    124,     130,    139,    142, 

144,  145,  146,  152,  152,  153, 

155,  156,  161,  170,  177,  182, 
237,  250 

Robert,  i,  20,  35,  38,  39,  43,  43, 
47,  5°,  55,  57,  61,  62,  69,  73, 
82,82,  84,  92,93,  97,  104,  no, 
116,  119,  123,  126,  129,  130, 
130,  132,  133,  134,  134,  135, 
139,  140,  141,  142,  143,  143, 
144,  145,  145,  146,  146,  149, 
149,  157,  159,  163,  164,  164, 
171,  171,  174,  176,  182,  182, 
182,  192,  194,  195,  199,  200, 

2O2,  2O6,    2IO,    221,    222,    226, 

227,  229,    233,    247,    247,    26l, 

265,  268,    274,    277,    284,    284, 

286,  286,    288,    288,    288,    296, 

297,  301,    301,    303,    304,    306, 

306,  310,    310,    315,    316,    324, 

329,  342,  352,  355,  358,  363, 

365,  382 

Roger,  98 

Rowland,  10,  II,  41,  42,  64,  123, 
124,  134,  142,  144,  194,  209, 
243,  278,  280,  283,  322 

Ruth,  390 

Samuel,  162,  267 

Sarah,  364 

Sibel,  46,  190,  197,  222,  247 

Susan,  274 

Susannah,  364 

Tamar,  358 

Thomas,  8,  26,  33,  40,  44,  45,  47, 
50,  64,  70,  73,  77,  78,  82,  82, 
85,  93,  ioo,  104,  1 10,  119,  119, 
119,  123,  128,  130,  132,  147, 
148,  151,  154,  159,  160,  161, 
162,  162,  162,  173,  174,  175, 
179,  179,  1 80,  185,  1 86,  1 88, 
192,  200,  201,  207,  209,  217, 

2l8,    219,    220,    220,    223,    223, 

227,  231,  232,  234,  240,  242, 
242,  243,  243,  246,  247,  250, 
251,  254,  255,  257,  261,  262, 

Braithwaite,  etc.,  Thomas  (contd.) 

264,  265,  265,  265,  266,  267, 
268,  270,  271,  271,  272,  272, 
272,  277,  280,  280,  280,  283, 
284,  286,  286,  287,  288,  291, 
291,  299,  299,  299,  299,  301, 
304,  304,  305,  307,  310,  313, 
3*4,  319,  319,  324,  329,  332, 
335,  335,  339,  339,  339,  34', 
345,  350,  352,  352,  355,  357, 
358,  361,  364,  364,  364,  365, 
370,  370,  373,  377,  378,  380, 
380,  383,  383,  385,  387,  392 

Thomasin,  354 

Wilkinson,   389 

William,  4,  11,  18,  20,  28,  29, 
36,  38,  40,  42,  43,  43,  45, 
46,  47,  48,  48,  50,  50,  50, 

52,  54,  54,  55,  55,  57,  58, 
60,  60,  60,  60,  61,  63,  63, 
63,  64,  64,  65,  65,  65,  66,  67, 
68,  68,  68,  68,  68,  68,  69,  70, 
70,  70,  72,  74,  74,  74,  74,  75, 
79,  79,  80,  80,  82,  82,  82,  82, 
82,  82,  83,  84,  84,  84,  84,  84, 
85,  85,  87,  88,  89,  89,  90,  91, 
92,  92,  93,  94,  95,  95,  96,  97, 
97,  97,  ioo,  102,  104,  104, 
104,  105,  105,  106,  108,  no, 
no,  113,  113,  113,  113,  114, 
115,  116,  119,  119,  119,  119, 

119,  I2O,  I2O,  121,     124,  124, 

125,  125,  126,  126,    126,  127, 

127,  128,  128,  128,    128,  128, 

130,  131,  132,  132,    133,  133, 

133,  133,  134,  134,    134,  134, 

136,  138,  138,  139,     HO,  140, 

140,  140,  140,  141,    142,  142, 

142,  143,  143,  143,     143,  143, 

144,  147,  147,  I48,    148,  148, 

150,  150,  151,  15',  IS1.  'Si. 

152,  154,  154,  155,  155,  156, 

J59,  159,  160,  160,  162,  162, 

162,  163,  164,  164,  164,  165, 

165,  167,  167,  167,  168,  170, 

171,  171,  172,  172,  172,  173, 

173,  173,  174,  175,  *75,  176, 

176,  176,  177,  177,  179,  1 80, 

182,  185,  185,  185,  185,  185, 

1 86,  1 86,  1 86,  187,  1 88,  188, 

188,  188,  189,  189,  190,  190, 

190,  190,  191,  192,  192,  192, 

192,  193,  193,  193,  194,  194, 
194,  194,  195,  195,  196,  197, 

199,  200,    200,    200,    200,    2OO, 

200,  2OO,    2OO,    2O I,    2O I,    2O2, 
202,    203,    203,    203,    204,    206, 

207,  207,    207,    207,    208,  208, 

208,  209,    209,    209,    209,  211, 
212,    212,    212,    212,    212,  214, 
214,    214,    215,    215,    215,  215, 

216,  216,  216,  217,  217,  217, 

2 1 8,    219,    220,    220,    220,    22O, 


Braithwaite,  etc.,  William  (contd.} 

220,  220,  221,    222,     222,    222, 

222,  222,  223,    223,    224,    225, 

227,  227,  227,    227,    228,    229, 

229,  229,  229,    230,    230,    230, 

230,  231,  232,    232,    232,    232, 
232,  233,  233,    233,    234,    234, 

236,  236,  236,    237,    237,    237, 

237,  237,  237,    237,    238,    238, 

238,  238,  238,    239,    239,    239, 
241,  241,  242,    242,    242,    243, 
244,  245,  246,    246,    246,    246, 

247,  247,    247,    247,  248,    248, 

248,  249,    249,    251,  251,    251, 
252,  256,    256,    257,  257,    257, 
257,  258,    259,    259,  260,    26l, 
26l,  262,    263.     263,  263,    266, 
266,  266,    268,    268,  270,    271, 
271,  273,    274,    274,  274,    277, 

•      278,  278,  278,  279,  280,    28l, 

28l,  284,  284,  286,  288,    288, 

288,  289,  290,  291,  292,    292, 

294,  295,  295,  295,  296,    296, 

297,  297,  297,  301,  302,    304, 

304,  305,  305,  307,  310,    311, 

311,  312,  312,  312,  313,    314, 

315,  316,  317,  318,  329,     329, 

330,  333,  335,  336,  339,  342, 
343,  343,  343,   344,   345,  345, 
345,  348.   348,   349,  350,  35i, 
35',  352,  352,  354,  355,  355, 
356,  358,  359,  36o,  362,  363, 
363,  364,  366,  366,  367,  367, 
370,  37i,  372,  373,  373,  373, 
375,  376,  376,  377,  379,  380, 
382,  385,  386,  386,  387,  387, 
387,  388,  388,  388 
Bret.     See  Holme,  alias  Bret. 
Brings,  Richard,  239,  239 
Briscow,  Briskawe,  Burscough, 

Christopher,  381,  383,  389 

John,  383 

Joseph,  389 

Richard,  304 
Britch,  Ellen,  371 

Margaret,  364,  375 

John,  333,    364,   364,    371,   374, 

375.  382 
Brockbanke,  Brockebank,   Brocksbanke, 


Agnes,  240,  339,  342,  351,  365 

Ann,  269 

Edward,  63,  242,  335,  354 

Elizabeth,  238,  311,  316 

Kllen,  262 

Francis,  362 

George,  24,  57,  222,  227 

James,  25,  57,  342 

Jane,  277 

Jenet,  16 

John,  203,  222,  227,  232,  238, 
240,  242,  244,  259,  262,  277, 
284,  308,  332,  335,  335,  342, 
365,  367 

Brockbanke,  etc.  (contd.) 

Margaret,  189,  232,  349 

Sibil,  20 

Thomas,  259 

William,  244,  333,  335,  339,  342, 

349,  351,  367 
Brooke,  Alice,  104 

John,  104 
Browne,  George,  157 

Isabel,  107,  108 

John,  366 

Robert,  108 

William,  262 
Bullfull,  Thomas,  153 
Burges,  Burgoase,  Alice,  85 

James,  85 

Jenet,  43 

Burnes,  Bornes,  Christopher,  39.  49,  So, 

Dorothy,  322 

Edward,  46,  46,  206,  386 

Eleanor,  80 

Elizabeth,  272 

Ellen,  249 

Isabel,  158,  206,  272 

Isaac,  392 

Jabel,  386 

Margaret,  22 

Myles,  57 

Simon,  249 

Thomas,  36,  340,  353 

William,  22 
Burney,  Jenet,  84 

Richard,  84 
Burrey,  Agnes,  175 

Richard,  78,  127,  157,  166,  175, 

Burrowe,  Borowe,  Borrowe, 

Agnes,  216,  272 

Bryam,  49 

Christopher,  219 

Ellen,  252 

James,  56 

Margaret,  30 

Nicholas,  49,  64 

Oliver,  41,  49 

Richard,  73,  215,  215,  216,  252, 

Robert,  17 
Busher,  Bousher, 

Lancelot,  159,  162,  170,  179,  183 

Margaret,  170 

Mary,  162 

Susannah,  159 

Thomas,  183 

William,  179 
Buttler,  Robert,  68 


Canny,  Isabel,  32,  34 
Carter,  Jane,  261 
Capeland.     See  Coupland. 



Chamley,  Esther,  381 
Casson,  Ellen,  361 

Roger,  392 

Thomas,  273 
Chamney,  Champney,  Agnes,  15,  15 

Arthur,  68,  74,  87,  88 

Christopher,  130 

George;  16,  177 

James,  52 

Jenet,  16 

John,  28 

Margaret,  98 

Robert,  74,  88 

William,  177,  178,  178 
Channelhouse,  Ellen,  186 
Chatburne,  Margaret,  331 

Richard,  265 
Cherry,  John,  372 

Robert,  372 
Christall,  Margaret,  45 
Christallson,  Jenet,  84 
Christerson,  Christopherson,  Isabel,  321 

John,  391,  391 
Clarke,  Dorothy,  376 

Elizabeth,  215 

Jane,  204 

John,  146,  347 

Robert,  293 

Thomas,  347,  349,  353,  358,  358, 
376,  388 

William,  353 
Clocker,  Christopher,  104 

Gaspa^  104 
Coate,  John,  281 
Cockan,  Ann,  297 

Alice,  311 

Benjamin,  385 

Catherine,  387 

Dorothy,  332 

John,  308,  309 

Margaret,  335 

Richard,  320 

Thomas,  297,  308,  309,  311,  320, 

335,  38o,  382,  385,  387 
Coke,  Jenet,  18,  52 
Colker,  Agnes,  101 

Ellen,  113 

Thomas,  101,  113 
Collison,  Margaret,  294 

Thomas,  293 
Collyer,  Collyere,  Alice,  187 

William,  178,  187,  226 
Colthurst,  Ann,  379 
Comen,  John,  136 
Comptone,  Richard,  359 
Cookes,  Christibel,  102 
Cookson,  Mary,  367 
Copley,  Ann,  336 

Beatrice,  367 

John,  333,  336,  342,  345,  353,  353 

Robert,  342,  345 
Corker,  Agnes,  324 

John,  303,  324,  324,  338 

Coupland,  Capeland, 

Agnes,  277 

Elizabeth,  367,  391 

James,  305,  391 

Jane,  307 

Robert,     277,      307,     314,     325, 

Susan,  362 

Susannah,  326 

William,  325 
Coward,  Agnes,  173,  390 

Allan,  319 

Ann,  376 

Henry,  296,  313,  367 

John,    301,    301,    308,    313,    319, 

344,  347,  376,  390 

Susannah,  308 

Robert,  347 
Cowper,  Jane,  356 

Jenet,  58 
Cowperthwaite,  Cowperthwait,  Cowpthw1, 

Agnes,  260,  330 

Francis,  314 

George,  260 

Hugh,  329 

John,  349,  363 

Leonard,  345 

Margaret,  392 

Stephen,  126 

William,  329,  330,  345,  349,  363, 

Creakell,  Creaskell,  Agnes,  in 

Elizabeth,  80 

Crosfield,   Crosfielde,    Crosfyeld,  Crosse- 

Agnes,  139,  140,  245,  330 

Alice,  256 

Ann,  369 

George,  23,  91,  104 

Isabel,  86 

Jane,  304,  374 

James,  35,  91,  92,   132,  155,  176, 

184,  200,  210,  222,  274,  288 

Jenet,  266 

John,    130,    212,    215,    222,    266, 

284,  284,  353,  360 
Mabel,  184,  215 
Margaret,  114,  114 
Richard,  11,  91,  101,  104 
Robert,  87,  92,  104,  114,  114,  116, 

130,  212,  213,   245,    293,   304, 

Rowland,  23,   129,   132,  139,  140, 

144,  178,  227,  256 
William,  11,  116,  200,  210,  284 
Crowdson,  Crowdsone,  Croudson, 
Alice,  178 
Elizabeth,  81,  132 
Ellen,  354 
Isabel,  365 
John,  45 



Dalton,  Ann,  74 

Cuthbert,  74,  91 
Daniell,  Thomas,  383,  383 
Davide,  Robert,  7 
Davis,  Ann,  310 
Dawes,  Agnes,  248 

Christopher,  254 

John,  254 
Dawson,  Agnes,  329,  356 

Christopher,  132 

John,  200,  361 

Mary,  388 

Nicholas,  170 

Roger,  144 

William,  170,  2OO,  329 
Days,  Deys,  Elizabeth,  261 

Thomas,  376 
Denison,  Denyson,  Dennyson, 

Daniel,  338 

Isabel,  314 

Jane,  338 

Mabel,  132 

Myles,  128 

Robert,  359 
Dickinson,  Jane,  318,  388 

Robert,  356 

William,  386,  388 

Dickson,    Dixonn,     Dixonne,    Dixeson, 
Dixsone,  Dixson, 

-  133,  282 

Agnes,  9,  50,  58,  62,  77,  159,  161, 
201,  229,  295,  311,  318,  327, 

333,  365,  37i,  385 
Ann,  43,  280,  294,  381,  387,  392 
Anthony,  3,  32,  39 
Arthur,  92,   172,   173,    174,   180, 

1 86,    190,   198,  212,  260,  267, 


Barnard,  2,  136 
Christopher,   140,  320,  333,  333, 

33.6,  350 
David,  270,  271,  271,  326,  364, 


Dorothy,  283,  350 
Edward,   68,  68,   152,    174,  204, 

290,  387,  390 
Elizabeth,  62,  163,  176,  180,  196, 

248,  299,  308,   309,  312,   315, 

316,  322,  362,  368 
Ellen,  269,  298,    326,    327,    331, 

354,  377 

Ester,  307,  312,  326,  377 
Gawine,     no,     in,     116,     124, 


George,  4,  17,  19,  39,  in,  114, 
116,  132,  133,  138,  158,  186, 
190,  207,  271,  277,  280,  307, 
349,  37i,  374,  38o,  383,  384, 
384,  388,  388,  388 

Henry,  112,  212 

Hester.     See  Ester. 


Dickson,  etc.  (contd.) 

Isabel,  1 8,  74,  1 80,  183,  211,  216, 

275,  367,  377 

James,  66,  203,  272,  290,  329,  377 
Jane,  326,  348,  370 
Jenet,  61,  68,  328,  332,  355,  392 
John,   50,   54,   62,   87,    1 10,    140, 

147,  170,   171,   180,   183,   184, 

198,  209,  211,  272,  274,  301, 

316,  340,  365,  369 
Joseph,  271,  360 
Mabel,  37,  260 
Margaret,  33,  87,  164,  166,  209, 

283,  284,  388 
Mary,  82,  184,  236,  301,  312,  322, 

330,  388 
Michael,  198 
Myles,  12,  198,  306 

Richard,  33,  43,  58,  62,  68,  74, 
82,  92,  140,  148,  148,  152,  153, 
153,  153,  155.  159,  164,  171, 
224,  261,  261,  267,  274,  275, 
280,  282,  283,  294,  298,  301, 
306,  306,  309,  312,  312,  314, 

Robert,  10,  12,  360,  370 

Roger,  365 

Thomas,  68,  75,  274,  301,  307, 
309,  311,  311,  312,  315,  316, 
316,  329,  336,  349,  351,  355, 
362,  374 

William,  90,  124,  150,  152,  153, 
157,  171,  173,  J74,  180,  261, 
277,  289,  305,  306,  307,  316, 
343,  349,  364,  369,  377,  380, 
384,  387 
Dobson,  James,  377 

John,  158 

Margaret,  377 

Dodgson,  Dodgshon,  Dodshon,  Dodsho', 


Agnes,  12,  20,  34,  44,  48,  48,  48, 
60,  76,  92,  119,  133,  148,  191, 
209,  233,  242,  362 

Alice,  3,  38,  70,  72,  76,  299 

Ann,  87,  99,  100,  112,  125 

Anthony,  4,  14,  159 

Bartholomew,  no,  172 

Benjamin,  143 

Catherine,  13,  107,  112,  113,  172, 


Clement,  34 

Cuthbert,  35,  36,  199 

Dorothy,  13,  62,  63,  79,  95,  131, 

Ealse,  150 

Elizabeth,  11,  II,  15,  15,23,  25, 
42,  43,  58,  63,  64,  83,  90,  90, 
93,  98,  100,  109,  132,  140,  147, 
169,  182,  186,  188,  190,  232, 

331,  332 
Emmott,  191 


Dodgson,  etc.  (contd.) 

Francis,  23,  116 

Geoffrey,  231 

George,  5,  6,  24,  24,  24,  41,  41, 

42,  44,  65,  65,  66,  71,  72,  77, 

82,  84,  90.  92,  92,  95,  96,  98, 

99,  99,  104,  107,  107,  109, 

no,  no,  112,  114,  116,  117, 

118,  124,  133,  135,  !37,  138, 

150.  J55,  155,  159,  164,   183, 
183,   183,  187,  188,  192,   194, 
194,  201,  209,  210,  220,  231, 


Grace,  82,  84 
Gyles,  10 

Hester,  101,  161,  176,  161 
Isabel,    5,    16,   37,    43,    75,    87, 

90,    98,    120,    128,    132,    164, 

James,   112,    175,  180,  180,    180, 

181,    198,  199,    104,  109,    112, 

112,   207 

Jane,  3,  40,  48,  ill,  128,    158 
Jenet,  16,  19,  22,  90,  192 
John,  31,  67,   81,    85,  101,    114, 

128,    146,  147,    187,  188,    197, 

202,   219,  276,   277,  299 
Leonard,  5,  7,  9,  38 
Mabel,  7,  18,  18,  75,  no,  181 
Margaret,  n,  19,  34,  37,  53,  77, 

99,   108,    119,    123,    131,    136, 

151,  170,  173,    177,  180,    188, 
192,   204 

Mary,  165 

Michael,  64,  65 

Myles,  12,  42,  119,  128,  146, 
148,  159 

Richard,  28,  34,  41,  47,  48,  48, 
58,  58,  60,  61,  63,  64,  66,  67, 
67,  70,  71,  72,  72,  75,  76,  78, 
79,  82,  84,  85,  87,  88,  88,  89, 
148,  169 

Robert,  22,  34,  37,  44,  47,  59, 
63,  64,  64,  65,  69,  71,  80,  92, 
101,  119,  128,  132,  138,  150, 
153,  155,  157,  209 

Roger,  72,  74,  75,  78,  79,  79, 
101,  113,  118,  124,  125,  133, 
166,  172 

Rowland,  18,  25 

Samuel,  152,  162 

Sander,  43 

Sarah,  133 

Susannah,  124,  182 

Thomas,  6,  41,  42,  43,  45,  48, 
48,  54,  59,  63,  66,  70,  71,  72, 
74,  75,  79,  82,  99,  100,  117, 
127,  131,  140,  143,  144,  147, 

197,    202,    221,    221,    227,    231, 

232,  236,  242,  250 

Dodgson,  etc.  (contd.) 

William,  13,  13,  34,  37,  41,  45, 
53,  60,  61,  62,  63,  63,  64,  66, 
66,  70,  70,  71,  71,  76,  76,  77, 
79,  80,  80,  84,  87,  90,  91,  98, 

IO4,  IO4,    IO5,  IO7,    112,  114, 

120,  120,    131,  139,    151,  156, 

156,  173,    188,  201,    210,  212, 

223,  227,    309,  325,    358 

Douthwaite,  Margaret,  100 
Dover,  Douer,  Agnes,  301 

Henry,  317 

Margaret,  381 

Mary,  342 

Thomas,  278,  301,317,  334,  342, 

William,  334 
Dowthall,  Jane,  291 
Dracke,  William,  4 
Drinkald,  Ralph,  272,  327 
Dwarke,  Jane,  276 


Edmundson,  Edmonson,  Catherine,  326 

Christopher,  293,  308 

Elizabeth,  297 

Sarah,  272 

Theophilus,  293 

Ellatson,     Elletson,     Ellison,     Allatson, 

Agnes,  226 

Ann,  300,  370 

Elizabeth,  219 

Emmanuel,  366,  370,  371 

George,  214,  219 

Isabel,  366,  371 

Jane,  165,  367 

John,  141,  342 

Thomas,  342 

William,  214 
Elleray,  Stephen,  71 

William,  139 
Ellis,  Ellice,  Agnes,  331 

Catherine,  380 

Elizabeth,  338 

John,  161 

Thomas,  358 
Euericke,  Everwicke,  Auerwicke, 

Margaret,  323,  337 

Thomas,  255 


fifarrebanke,  James,  300 
ffawshood,  Ellen,  181 
ffedder,  William,  181 
ffereon,  Thomas,  358 
ffell,  Fell,  Agnes,  170 

George,  29,  147,  151 

James,   189,   298,  301,   323,   372, 



ffell,  etc.  (contd.} 

John,  309,  309 

Margaret,    2,   27,   37,    103,    151, 


Mary,  301,  323,  323,  372 
Leonard,  n 
Richard,  29,  103,  122 
Roger,  196 
Sarah,  375 
Thomas,  294,  294,  298 

Fisher,  ffisher,  ,  137,  392 

Adam,  136,  138 

Agnes,  20,  25,  43,  116,  148,  151, 

189,    193,   211,  213,  237,   290, 

369,   371 

Alice,  30 

Ann,  77,  85 

Anthony,  355,  371 

Catherine,  255,  300 

Christopher,  102,  109,  138,  195, 
225,  227,  264,  269,  274,  280, 
281,  283,  290,  314,  348,  351 

Daniel,  106 

Dorothy,  57 

Elizabeth,  77,  192,  370 

Ellen,  197,  213,  309 

George,  34,  214,  274,  352,  377 

Henry,  78 

Hugh,  6 1 

Isabel,  9,  83,  98,  99,  ill,  142, 
5,  179,  184,  192,  249,  280, 



Jane,  283 

Jason,  98,  99,  106,  135,  162 

Jenet,  345,  347 

John,  18,  43,  60,  67,  92,  96,  102, 
106,  106,  114,  124,  132,  136, 
138,  138,  145,  151,  155,  158, 
161,  168,  169,  177,  178,  179, 
184,  189,  192,  193,  195,  197, 

200,    202,    202,    2O5,     2O8,    2O8, 
211,    213,    214,    215,    215,    216, 

216,  217,  225,  227,   237,  249, 

255,    264,    269,    279,    285,    297, 

310,  316,  343,  345,  347,  348, 

35i»  355.  363,  364,  369,  372, 

377,  387,  387 

Mabel,  24,  32,  34,  109,  168,  169 
Margaret,     2,     5,     55,    85,    104, 

114,  124,   132,  161,    194,    311, 


Mary,  363 
Myles,   60,    105,    109,    116,    119, 

H9,   137,  138,    142,   145,   H8, 
169,   200,  231 
Robert,   n,  60,  60,  80,  85,  109, 

217,  297,  297,  303 

Roger,  14,  28,  48,  48,  55,  60,  85, 

85,  99 
Rowland,  40,  51,  67,  72,  72,  77, 

92,  94,  109,  144 
Thomas,  157 
William,  44,  279,  356 

ffleminge,   fflemeing,    ffleeminge,   ffleem- 

,  173 

Adam,  43,  68,  76,  77,  275 

Agnes,  9,  195,  213 

Alice,  245 

David,  178 

Dorothy,  13,  186,  216 

Elizabeth,  18,  76,  77 

Ellen,  259 

Henry,  361 

Isabel,  19,  35,  68,  132 

Jane,  331 

John,   20,   46,   52,   52,  179,    192, 

195,  196,  346 
Leonard,  343,  346 
Margaret,  7,  49,  77,  207,  281 
Mary,  29,  76,  77,  315 
Myles,    50,    132,    145,    147,    154, 

172,    173,   186,  207,  213,  216, 

259,  287 
Richard,  6 
Rowland,  188,  191 
Sarah,  358 
Thomas,  23,  39 
William,  36,  41,  275,  307 
ffletcher,  Francis,  276 
fforest,  fforrest,  Agnes,  85,  21 1 

Edward,  195,  203,  211,  219,  232, 

240,  317,  340 
Elizabeth,  219,  320 
Isabel,  195 
Jane,  384 

John,  76,  122,  172,  338 
Richard,  203,  315 
Margaret,  122,  232,  240,  324,  347 
Richard,  317,  324,  338 
Robert,  46 
Rowland,  47,  53 
Sibell,  36 
Thomas,  76 

ffountaine,  Elizabeth,  191,  287 
ffoxe,  Jane,  86 
ffrears,  William,  325 
ffrearson,  ffreareson,  ffrearsone, 
Agnes,  33 
Alexander,  95 
Ann,  105 

David,  217,  224,  227 
Dorothy,  160,  162,  217,  251,  392, 
Elizabeth,  14,  58,  70,  71,  75,  76, 

79,  80,  84,  326,  328,  386 
Ellen,  53,  80,  87,  141,  177,  178, 

207,  254,  291 
Grace,  13,  15 

Isabel,  113,  201,  229,  286,  294 
James,  45,   67,  71,   86,   87,    102, 

118,  122,  189,  248,  248,  251, 

254,  267,  273,  274,  279,  280, 

286,  297,  304,  310,  311,  312, 

3i6,  318,  392 

Jane,  164,  166,  267,  273,  312 
Jenet,  17,  93,  100,  108 



ffrearson,  etc.  (contd.) 

John,  14,  58,  59,  60,  70,  79,  80, 

95,     121,     122,     177,     187,    201, 
205,    207,    217,     221,    239,    280, 

Mabel,  9 

Margaret,  65,  144,  239,  304 

Mary,  310,  316 

Myles,   65,   70,    75,   76,    79,    93. 

100,     102,    145,     156,    200,    205, 

229,  248,  263,  294,  311 
Reginald,  105,  113,  118,  178,  188, 

227,  227,  228 
Renald,  69,  70,   71,   86,   87,   89, 


Robert,  ir,  62,  79,  100,  137,  183, 
185,  187,   189,  200,  202,  205, 
207,  217,  217,  218,  274,  279 
Rowland,  5,  45,  81,  84,  122,  123, 

164,  166,  176,  185,  187 
Susannah,  176,  178 
Thomas,  89,  217,  297,  318 
William,  60,  80,  81,  81,  120,  121, 
137.   145,   160,    177,    178,  207, 
224,  229,  236 
ffullthrop,  Christopher,  360 


Gamlion,  Francis,  200 

Thomas,  200 
Garner,  Christopher,  58 

Elizabeth,  181 

John,  374,  379,  380,